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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 4, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: we've got to go. we talked to too much. good night, everybody. say good night. [cheers and applause]
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. this is 9news now. >> in conclusive. that's the result from the most recent health department investigation of a suspected cancer cluster right near fort diederich in maryland. >> although they found no solid evidence of higher than expected
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cancer rates. some cancer survivors say the methodology is sadly wanting. gary nurenberg brings us up-to-date. >> reporter: here is the issue, anita. the health department relies on the cancer registry which began compiling in 1992. they said fort detrick was polluting decades before that, so they should look back decades more than it does. residents have long noted what appears to be greater incidents of cancer among neighbors of fort detrick which is the air, land and water. >> well, there is no abnormal amount of cancer for any of those cancer types. >> reporter: an ongoing department study near the fort is based on the maryland cancer registry that began compiling data in 1992. it did find some evidence of slightly higher cancer rates in general for a six year period in the early 2,000. >> compared with the u.s. rate and the maryland rate and this
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is -- this shows age adjusted rates of all cancers in maryland and in frederick county. >> reporter: but all totaled. >> at the end of the day, none of these appear to be statistically significant evidence of cluster. >> reporter: going back to 1992 statistics only is not good enough for one cancer survivor who attended nearby waverly elementary school. >> they were still burying stuff in the 70s. the cluster i'm aware of growing up here my whole life happened 70s, 80s, maybe even late 60s. i sent out a response to my school mates, i had 23 responses of people in my age group that had cancer all under 40. some of them have died. some are struggling with it now.
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i've had it twice. >> reporter: she is still hanging on. there are lawsuits and investigations and more studies to come on this story that has lasted for years and will last for years more. with some of the cancer patients, anita, dying before the question is resolved. >> but why not go back before 1992 for it seems like a very good reason. >> they would really like to, but the cancer registry only started in 1992. and that's kind of like the deadline for how far they can go back. and do you know how important it would be to be able to do that. >> absolutely. because some of these malignancies can take year to develop after exposure and you can see some of the victims don't buy it. >> exactly. >> thank you. new at 11:00, the supreme court has decided it will not hear a maryland man's argument that the second amendment allows him to carry a gun outside his home for self defense. in 2007, charles williams junior was arrested for having his legally purchased handgun outside his home but without a safe permit. now, some advocates say people do have the constitutional right to carry their guns outside the
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house as well as inside for self-protection. but today the court refused to take up william's case. imagine this. a small plane carrying you and your elderly mother goes down in the chesapeake bay. you try to help her swim to safety but after a mile in the water the waves are too much. you survive but she does not. that's what 48-year-old lanson ross is forced to deal with. he was forced to ditch his plane. his mother was on board with him, 78 years old. today police recovered a body that they believe is, in fact, hers. well, some residents in montgomery county say they are paying for the mta's progress. a new bigger purple line proposal threatens to divide their neighborhood in half destroying dozens of businesses. and delia gongalves is here to tell us more about what the residents are concerned about. >> big concern is they feel like metro didn't put them in the process. they were totally left out of the process. and they weren't involved at
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all. so they said that they approved one plan with a rail yard in an industrial area and now all of a sudden without any notice they say this new plan brings a 24-hour, seven day a week maintenance facility closer to their homes. >> the light rail option for the purple line. >>. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: the governor made the announcement among cheers from the community but now the purple line is causing concerns. >> there is no hope for us to keep our business -- our building. >> reporter: they stand to lose a 30-year-old rental property and the air conditioning wholesaler. in fact, the shop is just one of dozens of businesses along brookville road that may be destroyed to make way for the new purple line. >> this is what they call progress. >> progress. >> reporter: here is why. the purple line light rail project started out in 2003 as a four-mile trolley. now the commuter line has grown to 16 miles. >> as a result of that, the number of passengers increased
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significantly. >> reporter: and as a result, mta says the rail yard and maintenance facility proposed for liptonville had to expand too. >> the yards of some homes will be taken in the development of the purple line in our neighborhood. >> we wanted to keep the neighborhood a neighborhood. >> reporter: new they're trying to convince metro to scale back the project but business owners rnted too hopeful. >> the -- aren't too hopeful. >> the community can't do anything. i think as far as the property is concerned, i think it's done. >> some frustrated residents there. the proposal also relocates the capitol trail to brookville road which is further away from the neighborhood they say cutting off their access and they are quite upset. but a lot of business owners like we just spoke to said there's not much we can do at this point. >> so this is all a done deal then? >> it's not a done deal. and that's why i'm a little surprised that they just kind of threw in the towel in some ways. the governor, however, did sign off on the plan.
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but according to metro, the final phase of this project, the final development plan doesn't come in until 2015. >> so there could be some changes? >> there could be some changes. thank you. the eyes of the world were on a courtroom in italy late this afternoon after deliberating for more than 11 hours. an appeals court announced the verdict in the case against convicted killer amanda knox. matt jablow has details. >> both are acquitted. >> reporter: with those three words, the case that captured the world's attention was over. and a man do knox and her former boyfriend were re -- amanda knox and her former boyfriend were released from custody. knox's sister said this day was a long time in coming. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. >> reporter: the 24-year-old knox was convicted two years ago for the 2007 murder of her roommate 21-year-old meredith kercher who prosecutors say was killed during rough sex.
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but the appeals sex agreed with knox's lawyer that the case against knox which was built largely on dna evidence was inconclusive at best, deeply flawed at worst. >> she suffered for a crime she did not commit. >> reporter: in the end they agreed with knox herself who just before her conviction was tossed out in perfect italian proclaimed her innocence. [ speaking foreign language ] >> e returned to the prison where she had been held for four years to collect her belong tions. it's expected -- belongings. it's expected she'll return home to seattle just as soon as possible. >>. the defense in the carmela dela rosa is trying to paint a picture of a severely depressed woman who didn't know what she was doing. the rangers testified about finding her mini van down a
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mountain after she drove it off sky line drive. one of her four previous suicide attempts. her psychiatrist said they believed she was spiraling down but she admitted she had never diagnosed her as psychotic or bipolar. it appears that michelle bachmann's campaign can be in more trouble. more of her top aids are quitting. the senior advisor has returned to minnesota. back man's dep see -- bachmann's deputy secretary. new jersey governor kris christie is on the verge of announcing whether he will seek the 2012 republican president nomination and several sources say that decision could be announced wednesday. some of his gop colleagues are advising christie don't do it. >> it's late. it's 90 days perhaps from the iowa caucus beginning. ultimately it's up to him. i think we have a strong field
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already. but chris will be an immediate impact on the race if he decides to join. >> and that decision will have to come soon as governor mcdonald mentioned. iowa and new hampshire may bump up their voting to the turn of the new year. south carolina and florida will follow weeks later. race has become an issue among the republican candidates vying to challenge president obama. it all has to do with this piece of land in texas. a hunting camp long leased by governor rick perry's family. now, the name of the camp once included a racial slur. it was painted over years ago but republican candidate herman cane, the only african-american running, says perry was insensitive for not acting sooner to remove the offensive name from the camp. >> the name of the place was called [ bleep ] . that is very insensitive. and since governor perry has been going there for years to hunt, i think it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that
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rock and renaming the place. it's just a basic case of insensitivity. >> today cane said he is not going to talk about this further. mitt romney is quoted as saying he's been following the controversy from a far. he thinks it is offensive and has no further comment. the rock was covered over by perry's father in 1980. there was someone missing from monday night football tonight. you know him. hank williams junior. espn dropped hank from the show tonight and it's all over how he described the president. >> you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> oh, yes. yes. and biden yes, uh-huh. >> what did you not like about it? it seems to be a pivotal moment for you. >> come on. it would be like hitler playing golf. not hardly. in the country this shape is in, the shape this country is in, i mean, no. >> so -- >> there wasn't --
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>> i don't get the ideology. >> i'm glad you don't, brother, because a lot of people do. they're the enemy. they're the enemy. >> who is the enemy? >> obama. and biden. are you kidding? the three stooges. >> whoa. okay. williams had sung that opening song for monday night football for 20 years now. and, by the way, hank says he may be running for the republican senate seat in tennessee in 2012. all right. we're going fo get a break in the pat -- to get a break in the pattern. you're still going to need an umbrella and a jacket. some clouds to start. 45-52. and finally a few breaks by 9:00. 48-56. we'll come back and talk about when real fall weather finally returns. still ahead tonight, taking a test drive. grocery shopping and buying old books have one thing in common. >> they can help you make some money. our list of whacky ways to earn
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back on 9 news now, the so-called occupy wall street protest are picking up steam and spreading across the country. demonstrators are demonstrating big bangs. financial inequality among them. another rally is now planned for wednesday. so while republicans have blamed president obama for trying to start class warfare with his proposal to tax the rich, derek says don't look now but the class battles may already have begun. >> anita, this is not the face of class warfare in america. however, this, this may be an early salvo in the war. i put these wall street ok pierz on about the -- occupiers. ultimately ineffective. in this country it goes against the grain to believe the game is rigged. we know the rich have it easier but if we work hard enough, we might one day become one of them.
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that was then, this is now. now too many americans are working really hard but still find themselves going backwards. folks are asking embarrassing questions like how come the banks were too big to fail but regular folks were too small to help. it's enough to make a guy pick up a sign. two years ago, it was a tea party sign. now -- well now progressive's desperately hope this will be the tea party anecdote. but let's be real, it's not a political jug. not quite yet. beside, have you heard the one about the tea partier and the wall street man sitting at a table. the rich guy grabs four of them and says you better look out, the wall street protestor has his eye on your piece of cake. anita. well, no question with today's challenging economy. there is need for help. and we at 9news now are committed to helping find ideas to make things easier for you and your family. tonight lindsey mastis looks at ways to make extra money some
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would say in whacky ways. >> reporter: jonathan turner is on the hunt for used books not to read but to resell. >> i have an app on my iphone and i'm able to scan the ibm number on it and actually pull up and it tells me right there how much is that book worth. >> reporter: there are lots of websites that will buy used books. jonathan uses book scouter. he knows on the spot if he'll make a profit buying a book at the yard sale price. that is just one of many whacky ways to make money these days. kyle taylor with penny suggests starting with your frig. the nielson company is one that keeps track of tv ratings now wangts to know what -- wants to know what you buy at the grocery store. >> they'll give you a scanner and they'll ask that you buy groceries you buy and then it transmits the data to them and companies use that feedback to tell them what brands are popular. >> reporter: you can also rate
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music for money. >> sites like hit and slice the will let you listen to music, rate it and then send you a small check for your efforts. >> reporter: and if you're the creative type, you can be paid to help come up with company names. >> there are websites online that hold naming contests. and the person who comes up with the best name wins anywhere from 50 bucks to $500. >> reporter: jonathan's love of cars also pays off. >> i'm getting paid anywhere between 50-$70 a pop to go out and test drive a vehicle, have fun in it. and then able to come back, write up a report. >> reporter: you're not going to get your entire ride doing any of the extra money making things, but it's a good way to bring in a little extra cash. lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> so a word of caution from lindsey. you shouldn't have to pay these sites for any work you do. compare sites for what they are willing to pay. for example, with used books, jonathan found one site would give him $8 for a used cook book while another site was only
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offering one buck. october is here and it's breast cancer awareness month. to promote the cause jill biden along with secretary and actress jennifer aniston toured the new breast care center. more health care plans now encourage regular screening for all women. pink all lit up for breast cancer awareness month. the vice president's residence also lit with rosy lights this evening. there may be sunshine tomorrow morning. maybe not. >> it's eventually going to get here. earlier i talked about snow that fell over the weekend. if you want to go find more about that, go to my website and check out the blog. i have pictures and good stuff. we're going to start with live doppler. we still have some showers on radar. everything is light. and really not very well organized. also some showers south of town
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in through much of prince george's county and parts of charles county. i think still 90% of us are going to have a dry commute tomorrow. you can see this swirl, though. much like remnants of lee and then the storm after this. these storms can't move. they get cut off in the upper level of the atmosphere. this is going to swirl and a piece of energy is going to come around the base of it tonight and then finally begin to lift out tomorrow which is going to be fantastic. so here is the deal. sun returns tomorrow morning. maybe late but it's going to be here. turning milder also. now, given what we've been through, it's going to be milder. it's still below average in terms of what we should expect this time of year. but we're going to take it. it's going to feel pretty good. grab your sunglasses as well and wonderful on wednesday. probably the best day of the week on wednesday. and we're looking at a pretty good week. all right. overnight we're going to keep it mostly cloudy and chilly. a shower still possible. low temperatures in the hoz and winds north -- 40s and winds northwesterly at about ten. now, tomorrow morning returning partly sunny. breezy and cool.
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probably need a jacket and your sunglasses. temperatures in the 40s and 50s to start. winds northwest 10-15. and then by afternoon, really all things considered a pretty good day. partly cloudy, breezy and milder. a big improvement. high temperatures 65-69 and winds continue out of the northwest at about 10-15. all right. high temperatures then probably no 70s tomorrow. but at least mid to upper 60s. 66 in gaithersburg. maybe 69 in arlington. and down towards springfield. 67 in bowie. 65 up in bwi. we're looking at 69 at waldorf and mid to upper 60s in reston, sterling. maybe 65 out in leesburg. so we'll break it down for you. tomorrow morning clouds to start. 40s. and then we're looking at 60s by noon with some sunshine and partly cloudy by evening. 64-69. you need a jacket. and then your shades. good deal. dust them off. wednesday is almost perfect. sunshine and 74. i did knock thursday down one
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degree. kind of psychological. a little cooler. friday still very nice. sunshine around 70. and look at the weekend. haven't touched this. upper 70s saturday and sunday. almost 80 on sunday. and 80 with sunshine on monday. that will certainly help us forget the past weekend and if you follow us on twitter, you would have that link already and you can see the snow picks already. >> we're ready to forget the last weekend. >> yes. but the snow was cool. >> all right. so redskins won. so controversy? >> well, you know, i would like to compliment the redskins on having a controversy-free training camp so you knew the other shoe had to drop. it could be falling now. there has to be some kind of controversy and the redskins may have two brewing. running back and quarterback. did they both change hands? plus in baseball the rays in trouble down in texas and the extra point that ref
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i know fans were not thrilled with yesterday's
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victory, but the only thing worse than barely winning a game is not winning the game. and while the fans were diskurnld, the redskins -- discouraged, the redskins let the rams hang around. take notice that last year the skins would have found a way to lose. perhaps the most present surprise was terrain coming out of nowhere to run for 135 yards. he didn't touch the ball at all the first three weeks of the season. yesterday he touched it a bunch. 20-yard touchdown with his highlight. coach shanahan are you going to bench me again? >> he has big playable. i hope he can stay healthy. i think everybody saw what he did when he did came in. and he made some excellent runs, big time runs. hopefully he can do that the remainder of the season. >> that's where the controversy question comes in because now shanahan has to choose between terrain and hightower. whom will start, i don't want to screw up the gam march my last week. -- grammar my last week.
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shanahan said the best player will play. let's reveal our list of the game of the week candidates. we have the menu for you. we have some early games this friday. take note of of the times. roosevelt at wilson among the games at 4:00. cast your vote at baseball playoff continued tonight and the problem with tampa's dramatic season coming down from seven down to beat the yankees on the final day is their tank may be empty now for the playoffs. game three tonight. nolan ryan doesn't seem very happy. that would change with this swing. mike napoli topped six. the rangesers lead 2-1 and the ryan express is in a much better mood. and six batters later it would improve. the rangers win 4-3. all four series will pay tomorrow.
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alex ovechkin left the capitals today where he will attend the funeral of his uncle. a team official said they hope to have him back on saturday. finally tonight, this is lewis and clark college taking on pacific. lewis and clark gets their extra point blocked there. so everybody heads to the sideline to get ready for the kickoff. until they figure out that the ball is alive and pacific ryan mill scoops it up and runs and keeps running and breaks a couple tackles as is the stanford band coming on the field. 100-yard -- you want to say touchdown but it's not a touchdown. it's two points. >> really? >> you think it might be one point because it's a kick but it turns into a conversion. a lot of rules there. >> i didn't know about that. >> a lot of


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