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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he was in the hospital but died just before midnight. relatives tell us it was less than a month before his first birthday. >> unresponsive child to now a suspicious death. >> i never knew there were any young children there, babies like that. >> no stroller, no car seats, no sign of a baby in. >> no. i didn't know it. they never mentioned a baby. >> reporter: the baby's body is undergoing an autopsy at the d.c. medical examiner's office. police say they have no one in custody, no suspects yet. they are interviewing many people in this case. we are live in vienna. i'm britany morehouse. 9news now. >> thank you. derek? anita, surprise new republican front runner was in town today. herman cain. he was taking swipes at occupy wall street protestors. out signing books today at the
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costco in arlington just one of day after a nationwide poll of likely republican voters put him ahead of mitt romney by a stunning 20 points. now, scott broom was out there with the candidate today and he says it is not just that they don't like romney. he thinks he is the man now. >> but it is a big hurdle for him because we have this dramatic rise and fall of rick perry, michele bachmann. cain says he is not another flash in the pan. this one is going to stick. >> reporter: a month ago you couldn't get a news crew to chase herman cain. today in arlington he was mobbed. >> i have offered specific solutions. >> reporter: a day after his dramatic leap to front runner status, 20 points ahead of mitt romney, the former pizza company executive promised this is for real. >> one of the things we have learned about cain supporters they don't defect because we have a lot of substance to go with the message.
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>> reporter: critics calling it little more than a book tour but cain has rapidly filled the voids after republicans quickie affair with rick perry by trashing occupy wall street protestors saying if you're unemployed blame yourself and calling the tax code 21st century slavery and today he called on northern virginia sarah palin supporters to take a careful look. >> take a look at herman cain and his campaign, many would see a lot of similarities. >> he is kind of like her. says it like it is and means what he says. >> seems a lot of pretty straight forward stuff. >> northern virginia is a tough crowd but i think once people get to know him and educate them service, read the book, eleven more about him, they will be as excited as i am. >> reporter: not one person in line today was talking about mitt romney or rick perry. >> he used to run godfather's pizza. but he has a 9-9-9 plan out there. what is that.
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>> reporter: basically a modified flat tax is what he is talking about. a flat 9% personal income tax. 9% corporate tax. 9% national sales tax and get rid of all the deductions and loopholes. that's what he is talking about when he is talking about it. the pundits say he will need a lot more than that to move forward. >> the race heats up and gets more exciting every day. thanks for that let's go back to andrea. longest war in history. 1800 u.s. service members have been killed in the conflict, thousands more wounded. right now about 100,000 american troops remain in afghanistan. president obama has said he will pull 10,000 troops out of afghanistan this year and 23,000 more by next september. and many of the troops already home are still dealing with the mental scars after a decade of war. coming up we will take a look
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at copying with post-traumatic stress disorder. well, it has been just beautiful outside this week, but the best could still be in store for this weekend. meteorologist o weekend. >> reporter: forecast looking pretty good. warm temperatures. a dropoff after midnight tonight. we have had a calm to light wind. that has kept things fairly nice into the afternoon hours. sitting in the 70s right now. tomorrow warming it up even more. we had definitely see the opportunity for warmers temperatures over the weekend. i will have more details coming up. we are looking pretty good for the overnight forecast for tonight. we will keep it clear and cool as our temperatures will get down into the upper 40s and lower 50s with those calm to light wind which i mentioned.
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derek? >> we have new details tonight about just what amanda knox went for in her four years in prison. 48 hours mystery received a letter written by amanda knox saying she was sexually harassed writing the man would take her up to his office at night alone and there he would say inappropriate things to her. things that left knox terrified. well, knox is now back home in seattle after her murder conviction was overturned by an appeals court. you can hear much more about this story including reaction from her father saturday on "48 hours mystery." it airs here on 9news now at 10 p.m. two people are under arrest tonight accused of shooting a man in temple hills and stabbing two others. it happened in the 3400 lock of dallas drive. police believe the violence stemmed from a fight inside a
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restaurant. a freight train derailment and fire prompted evacuation of an entire town in illinois today. the pictures really tell this story. it all happened early this morning about 100 miles west of chicago. several tanker cars containing ethanol and other chemicals literally exploded. the flames and smoke could be seen for miles away. >> well, i just heard the terrible explosion. it was a little after 2 a.m. of course i jumped out of bed. almost knocked me out of chair. i could tell then it was the train. >> investigators are now trying to find the cause of the derailment. ten virginia middle school students were in a bus accident and had to be taken to the hospital. it happened in charlottesville. a vehicle rear ended the bus. 35 students were on the bus at the time. the ten who went to hospitals were just checked out for some minor injuries.
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that bus driver has been charged with wreckless driving. well, some positive news about the economy today. the labor department says employers added 103,000 jobs last month but that is still not enough to lower the unemployment rate. that stayed the same at 9.1%. employers then need to add 125,000 jobs each month for that to drop. many of the protestors occupying wall street in new york and freedom plaza here in d.c. are pushing for a big government jobs program to put people back to work. bruce leshan is live on the plaza. this is somewhat of an unusual protest? >> reporter: it is. d.c. has had larger protests than this. plenty of them. but the big difference is these folks say they will be encamped in freedom plaza on pennsylvania avenue and will be here day and night, a bit like
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the bonus army back in the depth of the great depression saying they are going to stay right here until the country starts changing for the better. >> reporter: waving flags carrying a giant banner with the preamble to the constitution hundreds of protestors left freedom plaza to march across the national mall. >> i am here to protest all of the violence in the world right now. and since my time in vietnam it won't stop. >> reporter: this is the very first protest for some of them. >> i was a medical transcriptionist for 30 years. >> an unemployed worker from kansas city. >> what are you doing now? >> nothing. this. >> reporter: a few invading the washington offices of general atomic. but there have been no arrests. the police are going out of the
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way to escort the marches. even some people caught in traffic are supportive. >> free speech, right? >> it is great. >> help people. >> you like what they are doing? >> yes, i like it. >> activists who have struggled for decades to create a left wing populous movement say they have never been so excited. >> people are out of the chairs off the sofas, organizing principles not a candidate. >> reporter: even ralph nader is impressed. >> they think the corporate state is unfair. >> reporter: protestors are convinced this is the way to change things. back now live. the protestors seem to have a million different agendas. just look at the time. occupy earth. we are america. peace is possible. topple the top. but you know, both ben bernanke
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at the federal reserve and president obama at the white house have mentioned the occupy protestors in the last few days. it is going to be seeing how this out. >> very interesting. getting the attention i guess they were seeking. thank you so much, bruce leshan, reporting live from freedom plaza. coming up. controversy continuing to swirl in the medical community after a government panel gives a thumb's down on that blood test that checks for prostate carn. jurors in the michael jackson doctor murder case trial may hear from the accused.
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law enforcement officers are conducting a new search tonight looking for that missing kansas city, missouri, baby. this is a scene over a johnson county kansas land fill. the child's mother debra bradley say police believe she is responsible for the disappearance of her 10-month- old baby lisa. the baby disappeared from her crib four days ago. police have said that the parents are no longer
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cooperating with authorities but the parents insist that they have never stopped cooperating. we have an update on a story we brought you first last. police stepped up their investigation after a man was attacked with a crow bar breaking his jaw near dupont circle. the victim tells his story to our delia gonclaves only on 9. >> a lot of blood coming out of my mouth. >> reporter: a crow bar beating that shattered his jaw. >> guy jumped out and he struck me with something and it kind of became a blur after that. he hit me so hard but he said pray for your love. >> reporter: the assault happened saturday at 3 a.m. and took just minutes on the 1700 block of conneticut avenue. the family complained detectives did little to follow up on the crime. that is until our story aired on 9news now. the victim's mother tells us two detectives came to their
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home just this morning. the first face-to-face visit nearly a week after the attack. >> i felt we were left hanging and that this was just not a priority. >> reporter: the owner tells me in the past two days alone detectives have made several visits here to the restaurant trying to get their hands on that surveillance video and today he made a copy for that investigation. >> that is our delia gonclaves reporting. though it hasn't been confirmed the victim and his family still believe this attack was gang related. a police spokesperson says the investigation is continuing. though she couldn't explain why detectives didn't reach out to these victims sooner. prosecutors in the trial of dr. conrad murray have start to played before a never before heard recording of the doctor talking to police. dr. murray lays out what happened in the final hours of michael jackson's love. here is the latest from the courthouse in los angeles.
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>> reporter: the court had a relatively short day planned today because of the jewish holiday and the prosecution has gone from focusing on forensics to exactly what dr. murray told detectives in those days after michael jackson's death. >> full name. >> conrad robert murray. >> reporter: jurors are hearing a police interview with dr. conrad murray conducted two days after michael jackson died. it begins with murray detailing how he first met jackson and signed on to be michael jackson's doctor during the tour. >> i was going to be part of the trip and to be there for part of the concerts. >> reporter: he detailed what he did in the hours before michael jackson's death. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter for causing
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michael jackson's overdose but murray said jackson himful administered the fatal dose. propofol was found in jackson's blood and urine. the defense tried to poke holes in the prosecution's case focusing on the iv bag found in jackson's bedroom. >> was it found to contain any drugs whatsoever? >> no. >> reporter: michael jackson was rehearsing for a series of comeback concerts when he suddenly died at the age of 50. dr. murray told detectives after jackson's death he was afraid the singer was addicted to propofol and was trying to wean him off. >> reporter: monday there is no court because of the columbus day holiday, legal experts expect the prosecution to wrap its case within the next week. reporting from los angeles, back to you. >> dr. murray may eventually take the stand in his own defense. >> thank you very much, andrea.
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aftershocks still rattling central virginia. the tremor happened last night centered five miles southeast of mineral. mineral was the epicenter of the quake a month ago. out to you guys on the terrace. >> we have the best job in the world. the weather is wonderful. second best job in the world telling folks it will be like this all weekend. >> people like to get that good news. had a good taste during the workweek but now if we don't have to work we can get out on the weekend and enjoy. at least we are not at chilly as we were yesterday. this time yesterday most of us stayed in the 60s but now we are headed towards 70 degrees. tomorrow most of us will make it there and then some. even in the afternoon tomorrow i think you will be quite pleased with the way things
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shake out. overnight temperatures taking us down quite a bit. so be prepared for that chilly start tomorrow morning especially if you're getting up and heading out early. here's what you need to know to plan that holiday weekend. we are looking at a pretty good forecast. again, high pressure is in control and it is going to continue. cool start in the morning but then sunny and warm in the afternoon and, yes, it looks like we are going to see some nice weather continuing throughout the holiday weekend. so overnight tonight, yeah, you want to bundle up a little bit if you have some late night plans, some evening plans, but think we will be pretty good. winds are calm to light. that's a good thing t will keep our temperatures fairly low though. many areas outside the beltway down into the 40s. won't satisfy those middle range 50s inside the beltway. here are the forecast lows coming up this evening. manassas one of our chillier spots. after sunrise that sun is definitely going to kick in. we will have a chilly start but we will warm up nicely into the afternoon. i'm forecasting a high tomorrow
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of about 77 degrees. not bad for the first week and a half of october. we will see some winds out of the southeast but they will be light so it is not going to cause us too much of a problem. in fact, many of us will sit comfortably and even push those upper 70s by late day. things are going to remain the same at least for the short term. here is is that day planner for the early morning hours. if you are going through the middle portion of the day well you might want to have a sweater nearby but as we get into the afternoon and evening things will improve. the seven-day forecast does take us from the 70s into the 80s. notice no rain drops so far but the seven-day forecast of course we are going to bring back a little bit of that moisture as we head in toward wednesday and thursday. we pushed it back a hill bit. front is moving a little bit more slowly than we anticipated first but we are going to have that shift, that change back to reality eventually. >> don't even want to any that. >> no. no. >> enjoy. >> we sure will. the ntsb releases a
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preliminary report on that helicopter crash in new york. what they have found out. the wars of the world aren't always visual. i'm sandra hughes with that story. rolling stone magazine out with its list of the worst songs of the 1980s and believe me there was plenty to choose from. number 10, rick ashley's never going to give you up. putting on the ritz by taco. mickey by tony basel. the safety dance by men without hot. wake me up before you go-go. that would be wham. lady in red by chris deburgh. the worst song of the 1980s. ♪[ music ] >> we built this city by starship. let the debate begin and weigh
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in with your opinions on our wusa 9 facebook page.
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for many troops who calm home from the war in afghanistan the mental wounds are worse than the physical one. >> sandra hughes has the story of one vet that made it off the battlefield to almost die at home. >> reporter: jennifer crane's first day of army basic training was september 11th, 2001. two years later the 20-year-old was on the ground in afghanistan. >> you basically make the sign of the cross and just drive and pray and hope you don't get blown up that day. >> reporter: the images of war quickly wore her down. >> we would see trucks of bodies just come to the base with brain matter hanging out of their heads and missing limbs and a lot of blood. >> reporter: crane became addicted to crack cocaine and lived in her car many suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. a just released survey finds she isn't alone. 31% of veterans say they have
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post-traumatic stress disorder. >> a trigger could be a sound, site, will literally trigger an experience as if the person is once again in that horrific situation. >> reporter: last year 295 veterans committed suicide and a department of defense study found one third of them had asked for help before taking their life. volunteer programs aim to fill in the gaps of government programs. >> over 6000 mental health professionals throughout the country are now stepping up. >> i spent three years using drugs, hurting myself, wanting to end my life and it didn't have to be that way. >> reporter: now the married mother of a young taur, jennifer crane is a spokesperson sharing her story to give hope there is life after war. sandra hughes cbs news, los angeles. >> they also offer free services to the family of veterans. derek, coming up on 9news now remember the hawkin dove, it closed its doors after 44
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years just for a remodel though on sunday. still ahead we will tell you how you can buy a piece of that history. we will tell you why you need to watch what you post on facebook. that's coming up. but next, new advice from a federal panel that men can skip those psa tests for prostate cancer. the controversy and what a local expert has to say. we will be right back.
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tonight's health alert is all about men. doctors have been debating for years the screening for prostate cancer. now a panel is weighing in and many don't agree with him. >> reporter: this 56-year-old gets screened for prostate cancer every year but this time when he got that routine blood test it turned up higher psa levels than usual so his doctor did a biopsy. >> three came back cancerous. >> reporter: now they are recommending healthy men should not get the psa tested every year saying the test does not save lives. research found that psa testing doesn't reduce prostate cancer deaths and can lead to more testing and treatment that can be harmful and unnecessary. >> pss is not very accurate in
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terms of its abilities to differentiate men who have cancer and don't have cancer. >> reporter: the task force says routine screening can lead to biopsy, surgery and radiation which may not be needed which can cause issues. even the american cancer society has questioned the accuracy of the test, but many doctors feel without some kind of baseline screening more men will die. >> no doubt. >> there are limitations of ps a screening but there is also no doubt, psa screening does save lives. >> reporter: doctors told michael the psa test saved his life. >> i'm happy where i'm at. >> surgeons removed michael's prostate gland and he is now cancer free. this task force the same panel that triggered a firestorm controversy back in 2009 when they recommended most women can wait to start getting those regular mammograms until age 50
5:31 pm
instead of age 40. a lot of people disagreed with that. and you have to ask is this recommendation just as controversial. joining me to talk about that is a urologist with george washington medical faculty associates. is it time to get rid of these regular psa tests? what do you think? >> i think ongoing research is looking for the perfect test. >> the psa is not perfect? >> it is a good test for prostate health but it is not good for detecting prostate cancer. we like to check every year because there are some changes that can tell us something is going on there like a high increase. >> what about african american men have more tumors with this
5:32 pm
aggressive disease. >> african-americans have a higher rate of prostate cancer and they also have more aggressive prostate cancer when it is found. they would benefit although that group isn't teased out in any of that research that was done. >> what are you telling patients now. they are talking about the limitations of the test. but will you still recommend that men get regular psa tests until something better comes along. >> what i will do is discuss the risks and benefits of the test. and then with the patient i will come to a decision with them in terms of what is in their best interests. >> that makes sense. doctor, thank you for your insights on what we will surely be talking about for quite some time. i appreciate it. >> tomorrow at 9 we will air a
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one-hour health special. cutting edge. looking at ways to fight both these diseases. that's tomorrow night. >> very important, anita. federal safety investigators say they found no evidence of the engine stalling. investigators questioned the pilot for hours. >> the combination that there was no engine many case rupture and the absence of the iron tip is a good indication that there was no engine failure. >> the pilot, paul dudley, was able to free himself after the crash and pull out two passengers. he tried desperately to rescue a third person but the helicopter was sinking too quickly. the woman inside was killed. an effort to block alabama far reaching immigration law. it is considered the strictest immigration law in the country.
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a federal appeals court is being asked to block enforcement of it. the legislation allows authorities to question people suspected of being in the country illegally and to hold them without bond. the law would also let officials check the immigration status of students in public schools. >> sources tell the "wall street journal" steve jobs' family held a small private funeral for him today. the apple founder died on wednesday. the company says there is no public service planned but a letter to employees says it does plan to hold a celebration of jobs' life at some point soon. heads up now for metro riders in the commonwealth. expect disruptions this weekend on the orange line because they are working on that dulles rail project. three bus shuttles will replace the chains between the east and west falls church. leaving vienna 17 minutes earlier than usual beginning tonight and through the holiday weekend.
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should be smoother sailing starting this weekend. the flyover bridge is about to open. the first major phase of work on the 11th street project. the flyover bridge rises 68 feet in the air. the opening will occur in starting at midnight tonight. southbound traffic will be shifted from the current lanes to the new flyover best of my knowledge. a new push is being made to make sure parents know how to install those child safety seats the right way. an organization saying three out of four child safety seats are not put into cars right. aaa also points out that four out of five children hurt in crashes are either improperly restrained or not restrained at all. still to come, the head of a youth football program under arrest charged with embezzlement. we will have more on that investigation in a couple minutes. but next, rabbits, rabbits everywhere. why one county has a bunny overload and how you can get one. >> don't forget we are always
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on at stay with us. we and the bunnies will be right back.
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we have breaking news coming in from fairfax county.
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right now we are getting video fed into the 9news now newsroom. surveillance video used in a case. some of the imagines may be very disturbing. it shows a fairfax county woman throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter off a platform at tyson's mall. the woman was convicted yesterday and the jury recommended a 35-year prison sentence for her crime. right in our our peggy fox is reviewing this videotape as well as the interrogation. peggy will have a live report coming up at 6 p.m. the fairfax county animal shelter says it has got a flood of rabbits ready to be adopted. seems last month's heavy rains left rabbit cages in area homes filled up with water, therefore the owner could no longer take care of the animals. there are 15 of them. i'm assuming there soon may be more. each rabbit has its own cage
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and its own water bottle. you know what happens if you put them together. pet owners with limited means are getting help from the humane society. 50-dollar vouchers that can be used for a vet exam and vaccines for their pets. there is concern people are skipping shots for their dogs because they are so expensive and they want to change that. imagine getting a wash, rince and dry in a matter of minutes. we are not talking about your hair. this is a new doggy washerette. it opened on washington avenue in the district. city's first state-of-the-art self-serve dog wash machine. i don't think i could get my black lab in there. i don't think she would go down there. sipping wine and floating down the river. celebration of virginia wine months. the wines come from vin yards all over the states and the cruises are 90 minutes long and
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also feature virginia peanuts and cheese. didn't realize there was virginia cheese. >> maybe virginia peanuts and cheeses. >> i like the wines and the potomac cruise. very nice. still to come on 9news now. building underwater robots. sounds like the job of the u.s. native. but navy. we are looking at temperatures right now in the 60s. upper 60s. lower 70s. but as you head into the overnight though temperatures are going to begin to drop down starting out tomorrow morning in those cool 40s and 50s but then we will get back to the middle and upper 70s by saturday. more to cosm in your full forecast. >> sounds nice. but first you might want to be careful. your next tweet could send your insurance premiums sky rocketing. that's up next. [ screaming ]
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[ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. in tonight's consumer alert the next time you post
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something on your facebook or your twitter account you may want to ask yourself, what would you my insurance company think about this? that's because we found they may be monitoring your social media pages and they could even use what you post to raise your premium or even deny your claim. kurt nordman never imagined these pictures he put on facebook would create such huge problems. the pictures show him drinking on the beach with his buddies on the beach. the insurance company cut off his medical payments and kurt had to delay surgery to repair his shoulder. >> i was extremely surprised they could just go on your facebook and pull these pictures out. >> more and more insurance companies are social media mining. depending on your privacy settings they could see every tweet, facebook photo or my face update and if they think you are a risky type of person then you could find yourself
5:46 pm
paying higher premiums or as in kurt's case if they think you are faking an injury you could face coverage cancellation. >> insurance fraud costs the insurance industry and consumers about $30 million each year. >> private investigator steve davis is hired by insurance companies to root out suspicious claims. first place he checks is social media accounts. he has found pictures of this guy apparently pulling kids around on an atv while collecting disability insurance for an injury. and this woman is tagged in photos taking helicopter flying lessons yet she was claiming to be severely injured. >> if you are going to claim that you have a severe injury and you post pictures of you doing something crazy then shame on you, you shouldn't have those pictures on there and shame on you for committing insurance fraud. >> this is my m.r.i. report. >> meanwhile kurt fought his insurance company and won, but he does have this warning. >> have to be real careful. >> you have to be real careful.
5:47 pm
there are a a couple of things you need to do. first of all, don't lie, don't fake an injury. but secondly make sure that your privacy settings are up-to- date on your social media sites and if you've got tips we have got them for you on our website on >> never know who is checking it out. this is your chance to own a piece of history from one of capital hills best known bars. we are talking about the hawkin dove which closed after 44 years of business. furniture, fixtures and declarations on the bar from pennsylvania avenue are being auctioned off online. you can buy everything from the dartboard to bar stools. the new owner is reportedly planning a full scale renovation before they reopen. >> we will miss the old version but we will not miss the old version of the weather. this week has been spectacular. >> but repeating the sunny day after sunny day never gets old. >> no. >> we will keep it for now. things are looking pretty good in and around the metro region. today's highs made it into the 70 for many of us but we are starting to drop off a little
5:48 pm
bit. it is cooling down somewhat. with our calm winds it really means we will see some chilly temperatures overnight tonight once again we will slowly start to get a little bit warmer in toward the holiday weekend. more details on that in a second or two. looking region wide you can see how warm it is even off toward our west. 72 degrees for winchester. pretty good for this time of october and we are definitely looking at the 70s a little bit further down toward the south. the forecast is going to stay fairly uniform. we are under what we call a ridge of high pressure. it continues to build in at least for today in through saturday and sunday. we had see some subtle changes by monday afternoon but still looking at a nice forecast all the way into sunday. or monday that is with some warm temperatures. there is some rain noon our forecast with that next system. we will at least hold that off until we head back to work and school. overnight tonight make sure have you a light jacket with you as you step out during the evening hours. we will see these temperatures drop off into the 50s inside
5:49 pm
the beltway for overnight lows. 40s for those out in the suburbs with those light winds. 49 should be the overnight law out towards manassas. we will keep it to about 50 for gaithersburg. baltimore close to 49 degrees. in all though, pretty good start to our weekend, an extended weekend for most of us. we will warm up very well. out of the 40s and 50s during the early morning hours we will take it all the way into the middle and even push those upper 70s by late afternoon. by the time the weekend is out i think the rest of us will get a great opportunity for that. 75 off towards gaithersburg tomorrow and 77 in the city. so here's that day planner. very important as you get out and about on this holiday weekend. cool to start in the morning with temperatures into the 60s pushing those middle 70s through much of midday and then topping out around 79 degrees for the city center. the seven-day forecast is going to feature plenty of sunshine. not only for the next three days ahead with that slight warm up i mentioned but the
5:50 pm
extended seven-day forecast even keeps sunshine around into monday, tuesday and as we head into wednesday that's our transitional day as the cold front gets a little bit closer. holding out until the second half of day on wednesday. once it returns it will stick around. >> thank you. more to come on 9news now including details how a group of kids were robbed. embezzling thousands of dollars of their money. punished for praying on the job and have no paychecks coming in as a result. but first. you know what this emblem means and you know what time of year it is. we are going to talk about. that i'm dave owens. i'll have that story.
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no need to hold your breath for this week's cool schools report. students are literally taking us underwater on something they built themselves and had some pretty impressive people helping them. . >> reporter: they may not look like navy engineers but these seventh graders have already been trained by them in
5:54 pm
underwater robotics. the two designed and bullet this remote sub. the coolest thing for joyce. >> how it was waterproof and you could still actually make it move around without getting it wet. i thought that was really interesting. >> reporter: making science sizzle. that's what that's schools in rockville, maryland, ar all about. >> learning about design and how to make things stable. >> the workforce that are the engineers now are going to retire very soon. so we really need them in the workforce in a few years. >> reporter: that includes underwater design. the naval research center sponsors this program and their engineers help the students with their design.
5:55 pm
how cool is that? the assistance was invaluable because as first -- >> those motors, they wouldn't go down. and our floating was off by a lot. >> everybody finds their own way of kind of making it work. >> reporter: through trial and error the future engineers got it down and up and wherever they wanted them to go. now that's cool. >> way to go, girls. now, if you have a cool school e-mail mike at maybe we will see you on t.v. next week. police in pennsylvania are looking for heavy duty thieves. they say the crooks managed to sneak away with a bridge. >> it was sitting along a railroad line about 60 miles north of pittsburgh. this bridge is made of corrugated steel and state police say it is worth about $100,000. they figure the bridge bandits will probably try to sell it for scrap.
5:56 pm
>> when you think about the most successful high school programs around here -- >> ten players went on to play at the college level. let's go to that story. >> reporter: josh wilson and byron westbrook. one of the most well known programs in the country. when head coach bill mcgregor resigned last spring after 29 years the school looked long and hard and hired a guy just four years out of college. dave owens introduces us to elijah brooks in dc >> trying to fill big shoes. >> great experience. >> one of prep footballs creme de la creme.
5:57 pm
>> there is added pressure here where the standard of excellence is so high. >> reporter: but it is his show now and he is doing it his way. feisty. high energy. not that much older than his players. >> he jokes with us. listens to the same kind of music. >> reporter: he played and then was an assistant under billy mack but just six years removed from college already shepparding one of the nation's elite football programs. >> it is very humbling. >> reporter: a tilt with crosstown rival good council. >> we have had some epic games. >> reporter: saturday will be the same. especially when you consider what's on the line. now. always holding the lofty perch of the best. exhibit a, good council's 42-3 thumping in the championship last year. >> we all know what happened. we all got it posted in our locker room, our weight room. >> reporter: so is the
5:58 pm
sunsetting on their rain? not if he can help. alumni like the westbrook brothers and josh wilson have already sent out the word. represent the stag nation. >> everybody in the program wants to have a great showing on saturday. >> reporter: we will see. dave owens, 9sports now. >> mcgregor was real supportive of brooks getting the job and the two stay in touch but he wants to give brooks room to put his own stamp on the program. that big game against good council is tomorrow. back to you guys. >> well, a night camped out on freedom plaza but no dampening of the emotions of the d.c. protestors that have been out there for a few days now. they plan to stay there day and night until "the country starts changing for the better." our own bruce leshan is down there and we want some answers to what that means. >> reporter: it means a whole lot of things to different people. just take a look at all of the
5:59 pm
signs down here. please don't feed the fears is over here. my sister needs a job. and health insurance. up a little bit further. human need not corporate greed. end the war. and then over here silence is for suckers. 99% we are too big to fail. imagine, act, create. then i want to go on down over here because a lot of this is antiwar stuff and over here we have all these books and these are supposed to represent some of the troops that have been killed in iraq and afghanistan. and over there, there are more shoes. those are for the civilians killed in iraq and afghanistan. waving flags carrying a giant banner with the preamble to the constitution. hundreds of protestors left


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