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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tornado just adds to the list of natural disasters that slammed the area, beginning when the quake hit in late august. >> it's not been good. definitely hasn't been good. they just received word that the fema denied any assistance to residents down here. so after that, and then it happens. >> reporter: 9news now. we want to know if you have had any flooding or damage in your area. let us know by going to wusa click on weather and choose the mixed storms report. a person of interest is in custody this morning in charlotte, north carolina in connection with a murder in germantown. 45-year-old curtis lopez is the estranged husband of -- mcqueen. mcqueen's body was found. witnesses saw lopez removing things from mcqueen's apartment and there is no sign of 11-year-old william mcqueen. today marks the start of
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another chapter in the murder case. the family of 17-year-old ali mohammed is expected to file a lawsuit against owners of a nightclub. >> mohammed was believed to have thrown a brick through the front window of dc 9 after he was thrown out. witnesses say he was chased by club employees and a struggle began. mohammed died in the struggle. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide and several employees were charged. but a later autopsy found mohammed had a heart condition which the medical examiner said contributed to his death. >> mr. ali was alive before they detained him. they killed him. >> after the family files the lawsuit the defense will have some time before they respond. the entire case could take several weeks. president obama heads to
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lake ryan, in michigan today. he is taking the president of south korea for a ride. the two will tour the general motors plant and talk about jobs. senate republicans try to build support for their own jobs plan. susan mcginniss has more. >> reporter: just a day after praising a new trade deal with south korea. >> we believe it will create up to 70,000 jobs. >> reporter: president obama will show how he thinks it will put americans to work. he will tour a gm plant today with the president of south korea. thursday the president said the united states auto industry along with american farmers and manufacturers will benefit, in particular, from the new agreement. he also used it to prove compromise is possible on capitol hill. >> this trade deal we just passed shows that we are happy. to work with republicans. where they are willing to put politics behind the interests of the american people. >> reporter: but, when it comes
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to creating jobs, president obama and the gop are still far apart. senate republicans are now floating their own jobs plan and it doesn't include a single item from the president's bill. >> the president's plan does nothing new. ours is the way to go. >> the gop proposal calls for repealing the president's healthcare law and requiring a balanced budget. it would also lower corporate and individual tax rates and ease government regulations on businesses. >> this is a bill that can pass if the democrats will open their eyes and work with us. >> reporter: president obama is willing to work with republicans but he is not giving up on his own plan just yet. monday he will kickoff a three day bus tour to promote it. susan mcginniss, for cbs news, washington. hundreds of okay paid protesters camped out at new york city park have been told to clear the site by in morning. the owners say it needs to be
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cleaned because of unsanitary conditions. demonstrators claim the clean up is an attempt to end their nearly month long movement. president obama is taking a tough stance against iran. it has to do with allegations iran plotted to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states. the president says iran will have to quote pay a price for what he calls dangerous and reckless behavior. with. >> we don't take any options off the table in terms of how we operate with iran. >> president obama wouldn't offer any specifics on what measures the white house might take nor would he say he believes iran's supreme leader or president ahmadinejad personally knew about the plot. at least one suspect is in custody. there are conflicting reports coming from libya. revolutionary fighters say they have one of the sons of moammar gadhafi in custody. but a military commander, loyal to the libyan leader, denies
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it. troops are still battling for control where gadhafi fighters are making a last stand. >> they believe the city will fall by the weekend, paving the way to democratic elections. the memory of eight people killed at a southern california hair salon, there was a candlelight vigil in seal beach, california. the alleged killer scouted mccrary is in custody. his ex-wife, michelle forney, is one of the victims. jurors in connecticut have convicted a second man in the 2007 home invasion, sexual assault and murders of a woman and her two daughters. joshua shows no sign of emotion when the verdict was read. jurors must now decide if he will spent the rest of his life
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in prison. his codefendant, steven hayes, is already on death row. a service disruption with a popular dc area mobile device is finally repaired. prepare for travel delays if you plan on riding metro this weekend. and we are back with your weather first in two minutes. you are watching 9news now.
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a lull in the rain this morning, but there is more on the way. for later this morning, into the early part of the afternoon, some showers and storms, temperatures will get toward 70, maybe the low 70s, winds go
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south and west 10 to 15. we finished the day with sunshine. that will lead to a nicer weekend. monica, over to you. >> reporter: howard we are looking at 95 southbound south from laurel. overnight tractor trailer accident right before the beltway finally cleared. took five hours to do so, but you are good to go in this area. more coming up in my next report. andrea and surae. jessica doyle is here with headlines. >> reporter: good morning, wall street focusing in on the profit picture for a lot of companies out there. jp morgan chase the first bank to report quarterly earnings. a slow down in its investment banking business that pushed profits down 33%. it is considered one of the industry leaders, so bad earnings could be a sign of other upcoming financial company results. checking the numbers on this friday morning the dow stands
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at 11400, dropped another 4 points in trading yesterday but that was better than a triple-digit loss from earlier in the session. the nasdaq rose 15 and the s&p 500 was down more than 3.5. you hate the debit card fees and now they could become the subject of an investigation. the justice department is being asked to investigate whether bank of america and other major banks improperly worked together to charge customers fees for their cards. they have asked attorney general eric hold tore see if big banks violated antitrust laws. the founder of the gallian group hedge fund has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. he was fined $10 billion. he made more than $50 billion in illegal profits. and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell slightly last
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week to 404,000. applications need to stay under 375,000 to signal job growth. the number hasn't been that low since february. hey blackberry users. they are buzzing again. we had the 3-day outage that interrupted service for millions of customers. blackberry maker research in motion says customers whose phones have been out of touch, you may have to take your battery out, stick it back in, reboot the device. they promise all the e-mails are waiting for you. >> that is what i was doing. turning it off, turning it on, all of a sudden you get 20 e-mails. hopefully it is over. >> and it is friday. what more can you ask for? thank you, jessica. all right. work on the national cathedral is complete with a crowd of onlookers. and we'll be back.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. i have to say good morning to the people i met last night at the family crisis center in
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prince georges county. celebrating their 30th anniversary of helping women, families and children who are victims of domestic abuse. i met a lot of people who say they start their mornings at 4:30 with us. i said where are you at 4:25? we'll take them anytime they tune in. >> the pasadena mom's club is having a big fundraiser 5-k. registration is 8:00. little girl's got cancer so they are going to raise money for her. please help them out. make a donation if you don't want to run. walk a mile. at the kinder form park. the weather should be good for that. it will be breezy but the sun will be out. today more showers and storms but hopefully nothing like yesterday afternoon. check out this picture. we have this one, that is likely that tornado that was confirmed on video by around triangle just around the quantico area around
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5:30. you see the lowering of the cloud during the ground -- to the ground. >> reporter: during rush hour? >> oh yeah. lots of problems. you saw ken's report, farther to the south. your bus stop forecast this morning, there is some areas of fog far north and west of town and showers will be returning over the next couple of hours. rumbles of thunder as well. sun veriwise track & trace not until 7:16. these are the areas of rain that we are looking at. still looking at showers. not that much lightning, an occasional bolt. that is going to be moving toward us. temperatures in the mid-60s in town. upper 50s in winchester, mid-60s, bowie, prince frederick right now both reporting 65 degrees. there have been a few breaks in the cloud cover now but the
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rain is coming back. winds are south at six. the dew point still. we'll be watching the area of showers and storms that will be rotating through this. look to the west. we start to clear out. that will be the trend for the weekend, so let's get rid of it. looks like the rain will be knocking on our doorstep. 1:00, 2:00, it starts to sweep on out of here. look at this evening though, 7:00 p.m. rains are up toward new york. the winds are picking up out of the west this afternoon and evening. they, at times, could be gusting over 20 miles per hour. clear to cloudy. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 60s for highs. could be isolated 7-degree -- 70-degree readings. sunshine and lighter winds, looks really nice with highs in the low 70s. today 60s north and west. low to even mid-70s to go far enough south and east of town.
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richmond a high of 75. showers and storms will be diminishing by the afternoon. tomorrow we'll be around upper 60s to low 70s. mid-60s here. i got these backward. 66 saturday, 72 on sunday. there we go. we'll fix it for you. by monday we are 72. looking good for the weekend. >> reporter: if you went to bed last night at around 11:15 and heard about a tractor trailer accident, it was only just cleared up at about 4:00 this morning. if you are one of those that head south on 95 through laurel, and the beltway, you are going to be all clear right now. let's look at the beltway the stretch is fine no problems on the american legion bridge on the south side of town. 270 on the shady grove road coming into frederick also
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fine. and virginia doing well on 95, 366 and as well. coming up a look in the district at 4:56. you need to add extra sometime in your commute if you plan on riding metro this weekend. crews will be working on every line except the green line. blue and morning line trains will do the same between eastern market and stadium armory, as well as between vienna and west falls church. on the blue and yellow lines it will be on a one track system from national airport to braddock road. there is new debate in virginia over whether guns belong on college campuses. it comes after a legal opinion by the state's attorney general. he said a university would need specific regulations in order to restrict holders of concealed weapon permits. students and local activists are divided on the issue. >> you need them on campus really. there has never been a time when i have needed a gun on campus.
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>> we believe concealed handgun permit holders should be allowed to carry then on campus. there is nothing magic about a campus. >> reporter: that is the president of the virginia citizens defense league. his organization is threatening to protest at any university that restricts permit holders. a massive chunk of the what washington national cathedral is now 30 stories below where it rested at this time. >> reporter: britney more house reports the lowering of the damaged pinnacle was quite a sight to see. >> reporter: a ten minute construction job with two-way radio direction. >> you are good on your cable. swing left. >> reporter: but this baby weighs two tons and is part of the highest, most visible points in our nation's capital. the gothic washington national
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cathedral. >> the majority of the damage are the slender pinnacles way up at the top. all that just shook and boom. >> reporter: boom when three pinnacle tops on the central tower were knocked off during the august 23rd earthquake. the slender pieces in between all four row kate. >> where they have row stated, those are two courses of stone that are damaged. but there is about ten pieces of stone above it that have to come off. in order to get to the two courses of stone that have done this. >> reporter: just like this chunk of three pieces facing removal today. three of 45 that will be removed on all four pinnacles that is not counting the additional 160 pieces that must come off from the tower itself. >> reporter: once we get this stabilized, we can catch our breath and start totaling up exactly how many stones have been damaged. >> reporter: joe alonso is the ca need drail's headstone maintenance. >> the crane operator can't see what is going on anyway, even
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on a sunny day. he is working blind. the way he is sitting, all he sees is the transseptember. >> reporter: so we are talking him down with two-way radios. >> reporter: communication that safely lands this cathedral portion with one swing of a crane in the rain. britney moorehouse, 9 news now. the same rapellers who inspected the washington monument will climb the cathedral next week to check it out. they will be inspecting damage on the west facade. the dc government says it will do a better job of communicating with the public during an emergency. it is a renewed effort to avoid the gridlock we saw after the august earthquake, as well as that huge snowfall in january. traffic was snarled for hours as people tried to leave the district. emergency management leaders said they streamlined the process forgetting messages out to the public and during future emergencies their first message
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likely will be a recommendation to stay put until more information is available. the american academy of pediatrics says race is a factor in how children are treated in trauma situations. a recent study found white children who suffer minor head trauma are more likely to receive a ct scan than minority children. researchers say the risk of brain injury from minor trauma is low and cts may be overused when it comes to white children. the authors say this highlights the need for strong treatment guidelines to assure equal care. there is now new hope in the fight against epilepsy. nearly half the patients who had surgery for the disease ten years ago are seizure free today. doctors in england who conducted the study also warn surgery is not for everyone with epilepsy. they also add most patients who are seizure free are still taking an antiepileptic drug.
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if you are married, a married man, your spouse may be doing more good than you think. unmarried men are more likely to die from cancer than married men. researchers in norway say married men are generally healthier at the time of diagnosis. that is because wives often make sure their husbands go to checkups and follow-up appointment with doctors. back in the 90s there was a slogan called screen together live together because they knew this was the case. >> because sometimes men are reluctant to go to the doctor. >> absolutely. we all need that little push. >> it is 4:53. before we head to break here is our first look at the question of the morning. >> among all canned fruit and vegetables what is considered to be the best source of vitamin a? carrots, pumpkin or asparagus? we'll have the answer coming up in the 6:00 hour. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. while we may have not much going on right now, it will be more showers and storms returning in the next few hours. temperatures will slowly climb back toward that 70-degree mark as winds go from south to southwest to westerly this afternoon. by mid-afternoon from west to east, we start to clear out. it should be a much better drive home than the morning will give us. >> reporter: we are going to take a live look howard on new york avenue at north capital street. if you are planning to head into the district right now, everything is fine here in this
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corridor. no problems. coming up in my next report we'll look into virginia. back to you andrea. i'll take it. thank you. now for just $35,000 and some change, you can now enjoy the world's most expensive dessert. mark gilbert works at a hotel in the uk. his inspiration came from a fabber jay egg and includes gold, champagne, caviar, and a two carat diamond. the egg is glazed with an edible gold leaf. >> are we eating this diamond or something just to decorate? >> remaking the classic 1984 film foot loose meant dancing a fine line.
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>> that's right. we have foot loose we are talking about. sandra hughes has all the latest in your entertainment news. >> reporter: remaking the toe tapping "foot ross loose ." couldn't have been easy. but director craig brewer struck a new tone right off the top. >> to have that accident happen, i think, changes the way you look at the parents. you look at them with a little more understanding. >> reporter: the town preacher loses a son, and plugs the plug on dancing. "dancing with the stars" julie an huff plays his taughter. the role made kevin bacon a star. comparisons are inevitable. >> it is okay if they do that. but i think we did it justice. >> reporter: the dancing was amazing. but there were other favorite scenes. >> i think, just like being able to step out of the dancer box for a second and do some of the really dramatic scenes were fun
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for me. like working with dennis quaid. >> i know you have to do what you have got to do. >> reporter: what is it like to it play a high schooler when you are not anymore? >> it is fun. >> reporter: there is a lot that is the same. and while the beat is updated, the part of this foot loose stays true to the original. sandra hughes. hollywood. we are talking about what the 1984 movie was like. >> she was a preacher's daughter. >> she should have been the good girl. >> yeah. she has some moves on her, done she? thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> happy friday, everybody. i'm surae chinn. we have issues? >> we did have an issue. >> yeah, did we have some issues. >> reporter: we have showers and storms in the next few hours.
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