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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 16, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>> the demonstration included hundreds also marching for a d.c. statehood. they were led by mayor vincent gray and presidential candidate. it started at freedom plaza. the event was timed for the very same weekend as the m.l.k. memorial dedication. >> this is the last colony. this is the jurisdiction that has been blocked from having its voice in congress. >> d.c. voters elect two shadow senators and a shadow who have no voting rights. they can vote in committee and draft legislation but not full voting rights. the district is getting ready for a big day at celebration tomorrow with the martin luter king dedication memorial but for some thefestivities couldn't hold off another day. one group has already begun planning a tribute. what's going on out there? >> reporter: bruce, call it a kickoff party, an early kickoff
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party leading up to the ceremony tomorrow. a lot of washingtonians gathering at joe's restaurant for chicken and to pay tribute to the man who defined civil rights in this country. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: food, music and a promise to keep the dream alive brought several people out to jamaica joe's. many people spent saturday marching through d.c. they were embracing quality for all in honor of king. >> dr. king was a friend to washington, d.c. he and others in the early '60s came here. >> the dedication of the memorial means a lot to the people of the district of columbia. he had some of the seminal moments of his career here in washington. of course, his speech on the i have a dream speech on the mall is just one of many speeches he gave in the city. >> although the official dedication for the martin luter king memorial isn't until
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tomorrow, this group saw it fitting to use the opening night of jamaica joe's as a celebration spot one day early. >> this is a dream for me as well. dr. king means a lot what he stands for. having a place that stands for love and unity and the faith that we have. >> reporter: and the memorial will open up tomorrow to the public at 11:00 a.m. of course, you can count on wusa 9 to have live coverage of all the events. >> ken, thanks a lot for that. freedom plaza is located across from city hall has gotten pretty crowded with a lot of diverse people and a lot of different issues. brittany morehouse reports on how everybody's getting along. >> reporter: with cursive writing etched in cement at freedom plaza. >> the idea you and i are now talking like this is just common. you approach me and ask could
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you interview me. that would be something that would be real unique back then. >> reporter: not today. you can see that everywhere. these demonstrators for d.c. statehood stand side by side with those against moore and occupy d.c. protesters. their causes different, but their connections the same. dan anderson is here on a one- way ticket. he finds himself tearing up after this man asks for a photo and then embraces him off camera. >> i've had more flags right here today welcoming me home than white people in the last 45 years. >> reporter: just like color, compassion comes in different shades as well. just ask fred, a homeless man embraced by the protesters here at freedom plaza. >> i came by here last night and some people wanted me to stay for a while. and i wanted to find cover, because i thought that it might
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rain. >> reporter: unlike protesters here at mcpherson square, protesters at freedom plaza have a permit to camp out. they said when they agreed to that they knew they would have to accommodate groups like people celebrating martin luther king. >> they were gracious enough to give us a four-month permit and told us there were other groups having functions already permitted here, too, if we could work with them. seems like we can work with them. that's a good sign. >> reporter: speaking of signs, you can have your pick here. >> it's all tied in with the martin luther king dedication. and i'm a product of what martin luther king talked about. >> reporter: she's definitely not alone. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> a footnote on tomorrow's mlk dedication. if you're not able to deal with the big crowds at the dedication, you can watch the entire event right here on wusa
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9. leslie foster will host the live coverage at the memorial dedication. it begins tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. as for our normally scheduled programming on sunday morning, no worries. you can still see this week in defense news or the group, those shows will now be broadcast on sunday at 1:00 and 1:30 in the afternoon. turning elsewhere, fire gutted a clarksburg maryland home today. nobody was hurt but the two- story residence was engulfed when firefighters arrived at timber creek lane. the cause of the fire is under investigation. damage is set at a half million dollars. now a story that has gotten our news room upset. stealing the social security number of a child who has died of cancer and claiming that child as a dependent on your own tax form. an arlington county family that lost a 4-year-old girl to brain cancer made that very discovery thursday. within hours, found it has happened to families of at least five other children who died of cancer.
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as gary nurenberg reports tonight, when families dealing with a loss of a child with cancer, then try to claim medical expenses on their tax returns, the irs bounces the return and lets the parents know that somebody somewhere has already claimed that dead child as a deduction first. >> reporter: little alexis fought the tumor wrapped around her brain stem for 33 months before dying two weeks short of her fifth birthday. the little painter left hundreds of drawings behind and enormous medical bills for her parents. >> we are expecting money back from our tax returns. >> reporter: but when they got a call from their accountant thursday. >> there was an error in his filing because somebody else had used our daughter's social security number to file and use her as a dependent. >> this is the last thing that we needed right now. we're going through enough, and it's just so despicable and immoral and horrible that someone could, you know, think
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to do this. >> it's bad enough that you have to deal with a child who has cancer and then watch them die in your house, but then to find out that somebody is trying to profit off of your deceased child, it's just beyond belief. >> reporter: alexis' medical journey created a long trail. hospitals up and down the east coast, her medical records with her social security number extensive. >> whether somebody inside a hospital, whether somebody researching online, you know, we could speculate all night long. >> reporter: so he searched his daughter's online trail and found her social security number in social security records on the website. we wanted to see how easy it could be. within a couple of cliex, sure enough, there's her social security number. he thought he should warn the parents of other children who have died of cancer. >> so i posted something on my page just to give people a
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head's up about what happened. and within less than 24 hours, five other parents have come forward telling us that the same thing happened. >> i want them to pay. i want them to go to prison. i would love a few moments alone with them. you know, it's just -- i can't really even fathom that someone would do this and they need to be held responsible. >> i hope they rot in hell. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9 news now. >> the irs tells 9 news now it cannot talk about individual cases, but it does have procedures to investigate fraud and help families revolve these issues. meantime alexis' parents have started a foundation to help fund research on the type of cancer little alexis fought. they're sponsoring a race against the odds on november 6th. details available on our website, next on 9 news now, this
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saturday night, what would dr. king think about u-street today? 43 years after the riot there that followed his asass taigs. we're going to talk to some people who should know when we come back. a great weekend it's shaping up to be. a little on the breezy side. it's cooling down this evening. our current temperatures in the 50s, in and around the beltway, but we're expecting to drop down into the 40s later on in the early morning hours outside the beltway. so get set for a chilly start and then we push our temperatures back up into the 60s and 70s for tomorrow. i'll let you know what
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43 years ago when word reached d.c. that martin luther king, jr., had been murdered in memphis, riots erupted on some of the streets of the nation's capitol. it would be years before 14th and u-streets, 8th street accident and georgia corridors would recover. what would dr. king say about it today? we talked with some people who
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would know, because they never left. >> this is in from where? >> san diego. >> reporter: any given day, the counter and warm botts inside ben's chilly bowl have become a melting pot of different people. these could be the very images dr. king had in mind. >> change is inevitable and we are now a very diverse community. >> reporter: this is the image beginning on april 4, 1968, as word of king's murder in tennessee spread, crowds began to form. by 11:00 that night, widespread looting had begun. it would get a lot worse after the next five days. >> dr. king would have been heartbroken. >> reporter: virginia ali, owner of ben's, says community organizers put the word out ben's chili bowl was not to be touched. >> the first brick was thrown in the window of 14th and u, two blocks up the street. then it escalated. >> reporter: all around 14th and u, crowds as big as 20,000
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overwhelmed local police. nearly 14,000 national guardsmen were dispatched by the vice-president. >> what would dr. king have said? >> i don't think he would have appreciated it, you know, but i think it was necessary. >> reporter: richard lee was in his early 20's during the riot and working at the flower shop his father founded on u street. >> we put that soul brother sign on our windows, which all african-american businesses did. they bypassed us. >> reporter: april 8th, at least 12 people had been killed, more than 1,000 injured, more than 6,000 arrested. now there was nothing new on 14th street to talk about. between v and w, that's where the junkies hung out to pick up their heroin several times a day. if you look south, there was nothing but pimps and prostitutes, so many in fact that they actually became a tourist attraction. >> 43 years after the riots and u street is bustling. if you're not already here, you
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might not be able to get in. it's a far more diverse community, integrated, or so it seems. you look on u street, you see packs of white folk, packs of black folk walking up and down and what not, but you don't see them mingling. >> reporter: but 43 years after martin luther king, jr., was assassinated and some of the riot corridors of d.c. has yet to see this kind of change. >> u street recently called one of the country's great corridors. can weeing keep the great weather around? updated forecast when
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>> you say it was windy? it wasn't that big. >> we whipped it up at times this afternoon but i think things are starting to calm down just a little bit right now. there's a bit of a breeze though, so we're dealing with a wind chill that will feel a couple of degrees lower than right now. we're definitely looking at a cool forecast. right now, temperatures are already starting to bump down. we're basically in the 50s in and around the beltway. we should stick to about 50 degrees for the overnight low in the city center. out into the suburbs, be prepared for some of the early morning chill, especially if you're heading out early to
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walk the dog or take that morning run. it's definitely going to be into the 40s and feeling a little bit lower than that. satellite and radar still clear for much of the mid-atlantic. we're still dominated by high pressure, but an abrupt change will be coming to our forecast in the middle of the week. over the next 24 hours, breezy and cool. if you set out early tomorrow morning, very nice weather on your sunday. more sunshine tomorrow. we'll warm it up more. it will be great for the redskins game at 1:00 tomorrowafternoon. those changes are on the way and we will be introducing another rain chance in our extended forecast. here we go. looking at our low forecast temperatures for the overnight tonight, basically around the beltway, we're talking about the middle range in the upper 40s, close to 50 degrees. i'm expecting to hit about 46 from manassas through leesburg and 50 for dca. as we get up toward the northern portions toward the
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mountains, things are much, much chillier at those higher elevations. mostly sunny and breezy, cool start tomorrow. you need that jacket stepping on out. look at our winds tomorrow. only 5-10 miles per hour winds by later on in the afternoon. things will start to improve later in the day but be prepared for a little bit of briskness to the morning start. tomorrow's high temperatures are looking great. we'll warm it up again with the southwest winds. mainly the middle range 70s for most. i don't think anyone will top 75 degrees. we'll come very close to those middle 70s by late afternoon. the futurecast forecast model is basically trying to mix in a few clouds. most of the day tomorrow sunny. by late afternoon, a few clouds pass on through. notice even monday morning, we're keeping that moisture well out of our way. we will see the opportunity to begin to pull in some more of that cloud cover, not necessarily on sunday, but definitely as we get into monday. and the cloud cover will hold our temperatures down to start the week and then on the late in the evening, though, we might see an overnight sprinkle
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or two for monday. by tuesday, things are really shifting. enjoy those middle 70s, because once that front passes on through, we're stirring up our rain chances and thunderstorm opportunities. and yes, it will definitely feel like fall behind it all. >> thanks a lot. the maryland alum are not taking this as a win. i mean, although they played tough. >> they played tough, they kept it close. it was their home coming, though, too. to lose at home coming makes it tough, even though it is a sixth ranged team. >> good game, lot of points. >> in w in the win column, let's put it that way. some thought maryland didn't stand a chance but they showed true great tonight. the caps back home tonight. kevin durante putting on a show. next coming up in sports.
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i'm feeling sorry for the new coach. he needed a signature win tonight. he almost had it. >> that would have been huge to upset sixth-ranked clemson. i was absolutely at the basketball game today, so i didn't catch the game until the last quarter, but my producer, tom, texted me when they were up 18 points. they were up 18 points twice, and then one mistake, a bad kick to the wrong person -- a good kick, but to the wrong person. >> we heard your producer, tom, screaming throughout the day. >> yes. i called him after the basketball game, how are they doing? he was like, i'm not happy right now. not a good night for terps fans unfortunately. the maryland terrapins came in putting under 23 points a game. that was good enough for last in the acc. it could have been the same
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situation tonight against sixth ranged clemson, except i don't think either team's defense bothered to show up tonight. brown getting his first career start at quarterback for maryland. terps up 7-3. throws the ball to chisholm. defense a little bit there. he takes it back the other way 46 yards for the score. terps up 11 early. but second quarter, time for the c.j. brown show. he calls his own number, runs 21 yards diving into the end zone for the score. just like that maryland up 18. the tigers needed to win badly, and they played like it in the second half. they scored 39 points, including that 89 on kickoff we were talking about. at sammy watkins, his third score of the game, giving clemson the win, 46-45 overmaryland during -- over maryland during home coming.
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virginia up 7 first quarter. wide-open for an easy six points, 14-0 uva. game tied at 14 the second. richardson says virginia fans, this one is ours. he runs through the defense, races 22 yards for the score. virginia stuns georgia tech 24- 21. >> a lot of times you've got to circle the wagons and believe in what you do and who you have in the field. say we're going to get this done. my hat goes off to the coaches and the players who executed a great game plan. the guys are playing hard. that's the difference. we played hard. hokies in winston-salem visiting wake forest. fourth quarter with a pass to marcus davis. a 30-yard catch and score. that was two t.d. passes for logan tonight. hokies win 38-17. midshipmen in new jersey today facing ruckers: the pump fake and plenty of time.
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look at that. eventually finds tim for the 20 yard score. rutgers edges out navy 21-20. the capitals bringing their hot streak back home tonight. undefeated, all wins decided in overtime. a chance to tie the record with a 4-0 start. if you tuned into the game tonight a little bit late, then you missed all the excitement. bruce and the capitals hosting the senators of the plenty of scoring in the first period. less than 9 minutes in. wide-open and 1-0 caps. three minutes later a strong move, goes behind the net, wraps it in the net for the goal. 2-0 caps. less than a minute left in regulation. a mad scramble in front of the net. the caps win 2-1. >> we're the only team right now that's 4-0. it's a tough league. you know. whoever you play, they were very -- you can say what you want about ottawa, but they were a very motivated club
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tonight and they played very hard. another great night for him, he stopped 33 shots and gave up one goal. he hasn't had any competition for the starting gig last couple of games, but the way he's playing, he's probably going to be staying there. as the nba lockout rolls o the guys found other ways to stay in shape and keep playing some ball. some have gone to europe. others have extended the summer leagues into the fall. and what has become the players' loss is now the fans' gain. they got to see the superstars up close and personal tonight. fans packed into calvin coolidge high for a showdown between the chocolate city and the city of brotherly love. d.c. went down. as much fun as these games are, though, the guys say they want to get back to playing games that matter. >> it's tough, but i'm just working out and playing games. you want to get back to a regular season and be with your
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coaches, your teammates and all those guys and traveling on the road. >> i love this game. i worked hard all my life to play in the nba, and now i can't play, it's kind of, you know. >> so, unfortunately, d.c. will not be feeling on the hard word, but there's still a chance on the grid iron tomorrow. the eagles are not a team to gloss over. it's still mike vic and the eagles and they're coming in here with their backs against the wall. >> i think we're still very tough and a group, going to keep working hard, keep fighting to be the best. and i think we've just got to, you know, go out there and play the game. >> there's no quit in us at any time. we're not really worried about the playoffs right now. we're worried about washington. i think that's the way you get better each week. >> i'm thinking this will be a good game tomorrow. you've got philly. if they can lose, their post- season, they can kiss it goodbye. they have a lot to play for. >> i'm hoping the defense can step up. >> from what we saw against the
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rams it was a great defense and they need to force mike vick to force those turnovers. >> we'll see news on ashton and demi after his alleged mistress breaks her silence. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> we all got in hot tub. we were all naked. >> the headline, the alleged other woman speaks. >> there is some sort of attraction. we ended up being alone. that's when we -- he kissed me. >> and demi's new photo shoot for the holidays without ashton after their attempted reunion. amanda knox out of hiding. >> the all-new exclusive photos. did she flee the country? "the insider" and news about the
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man on her side. >> she was standing up so proud. >> backstage with chaz on his mom before this week's elimination. >> would you work again with your husband? >> oh, i hope so. he's so great. >> one-on-one with julia roberts. her words for young hollywood. >> i don't envy the 20-year-olds. >> paul mccartney's wife before nancy. "backstory." >> what does it feel like to be married at last? >> it feels fine, thank you. >> after linda, her breast cancer battle and the amputation. >> the quality of the leg you can get. >> feels like a leg. >> yeah. >>. and the death of william shatner's wife. why it haunts him 12 years later. >> i'm in shock and the next thing i know, the tabloids say i have something to do with it. >> my new interview. why we're arm wrestling. i've got a grip, right? >> you do have a grip. get a grip. >> now from hollywood "the weekend insider" is on. pictures of demi and ashton together. but just how together are they? as a woman


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