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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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past the air force base. no problems to report at university boulevard heading from 95 through silver spring. you are okay on 95 through laurel coming in from frederick coming up another look around the area at 6:12. back to you guys. thank you monika. here's a look at what's happening today. the trial of dr. conrad murray enters its fourth week this morning. defense attorneys will try to show michael jackson did not die as a result of murray giving him propofol. prosecutors spent the last three weeks asserting that dr. murray operated outside the realm of medical ethics while treating jackson for a sleep disorder. murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. the jury could get the case next week. the search resumes this morning for 11-year-old william mcquain. he is the child who has been
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missing for weeks. the boy's stepfather is charged with his mother's death. he is scheduled to have an extradition hearing later today in north carolina. church members are searching for the missing boy. police have shutdown the south capital street bridge after a collapse early this morning. >> several cars were damaged when parts of the bridge fell down on them amazingly, no injuries are reported. 9 news now reporter kristen fish soldier there. no a real collapse but something else right? >> reporter: this is actually more of a really huge pothole. we are not talking about the south capital street bridge. where i'm at is south capital street right underneath 295 southbound. this happened on 295 southbound, not the can't street bridge. you can see where it happened where that white truck is. you can see crews working on this hole. described as being between
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three feet and six feet wide. just massive. no injuries to report although several cars did sustain some flat tires and minor damage after hitting this whole it is in the right most lane of 295 southbound. right now these road crews are working to repair it as fast as possible. the good news, of course, it is the southbound lanes not the northbound lanes, heading into dc. now if you just pan down a little bit, you'll see this is happening right underneath south capital street where you can see that the roadway has now opened back up, south capital street has been closed just a few moments ago. the last police car just pulled away south capital street now back open. it had been closed because keep in mind, this is a huge hole on 295. the workers are working to repair it. some debris would fall down on
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south capital street. the fear has been wiped away. but this road work is going to continue. back to you. thank you. this morning maryland state police will resume their investigation into a deadly crash last night. 31-year-old steven beck log of waldorf, maryland was struck and killed. authorities say he was walking in the median when he was struck by an suv. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far no charges against the driver had been filed. a 28-year-old woman is under arrest who is charged with setting fire to an apartment building. it happened just after 7:00 yesterday morning. firefighters were called to the 10,000 block of woodbury drive. they found a fire in the second store apartment with flames shooting through the roof of the building. all six apartments were damaged. 28-year-old tanisha bates was
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being held. the fire displaced 11 adults and 12 children. it wasn't the crowd that had been expected in august but thousands did his come out from all parts of the country for the king dedication. some had been on the mall for dr. king's i have a dream speech in his 1963. a few demonstrations were on the mall sunday. >> the message was in his speeches and was felt by the thousands whose attended. >> it is overwhelming. wanda gadsden brought her daughters. >> so they can continue to carry out his dream and what it entails for all of us. so many of the speakers today within even born. to show them who they were, not only king but other people as well. it was amazing. i'm overjoyed. i think it will inspire us to
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really remember what dr. king stood for. we should try to fulfill and carry out his dreams it doesn't stop here. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up. >> i hear my father saying as we dedicate this monument. >> when my father died, i was brought here by my mother, who drug me here. that started my life. >> doing great things for civil rights. we need to unite the country and the world. >> diane gomez has been looking forward to this trip since the august dedication was postponed because of hurricane irene. now that she is here, she says it is far more than just a trip. it is an inspiring experience.
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>> i will share this experience with everyone back home. >> >> reporter: the day is done. but the work has just begun. many folks that we talked to said they will take the inspiration from today and bring it home with them to motivate others. our coverage of the martin luther king memorial dedication continues on the web at w author and activist and princeton university professor cornell west was arrested sunday while protesting on the steps of the supreme court. the demonstrators are part of the stop the machine protest against corporate influence in politics. earlier in the day dr., the doctor attended the martin luther king dedication of the memorial. thank you andrea.
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it is monday and that means we are helping you get hired. this morning i'm joined by john, you are here to talk about a specific job that is available. we are not going to tell the name of the company right now, because you are going through the specific screening process. but why don't you tell us what the position is? >> sure. we are looking for individuals for a senior auditing position. what it entails is performing operational, financial and compliance audits, interacting with the many as well as testing and testing of the controls it make sure the internal controls are adequate and effective. >> reporter: why are auditors in such demand in the washington area in these are pretty good jobs to start with for folks out there in the community with the skill sets to potentially get them through the door. >> unemployment nationally is
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9. 1%. for auditing positions it is below 3.5%. in terms of an auditor, a salary range, again that could vary. could be a little higher for some but that is a typical range. for folks at home interested in applying for this specific position, how do they do this? >> call us at robert half. we are at 202-626-0280. that is our washington, d.c. office number. we have other office locations in northern virginia and the montgomery county areas.
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>> quick qualifications? >> definitely a bachelors in accounting as well as three plus years of public accounting experience either with a large regional cpa firm or big four type of firm. additionally, having an mba or cpa, or plans to sit for your cpa exam are huge pluses. this is a great opportunity. we appreciate you coming in to tell us about it, thank you. our time right now is 60:00. coming up next a preview of this saturday's diabetes walk. even if you can't participate, find out how you can help. plus we have a blow by blow of yesterday's crushing defeat at fedex field. the redskins as you know played the eagles. but first, howard is up next with your back to work forecast.
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6:12 on this monday morning. a few clouds out there now but we'll get rid of them becoming partly to mostly sunny. that is about the high for the day, a very nice afternoon with southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. when i come back in about three minutes, we'll be talking about the rest of the week and what you can expect. there is some rain in store for us. right now monika santani with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: thank you howard, we are going to look at a plan south of town where allentown road is completely blocked at branch avenue where the tractor trailer accident happened in the last hour or so. ail have more on that and other area roadways, coming up in my
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next report. in the meantime, jessica, back to you. >> reporter: thank you monica. this saturday thousands are expected to tie up their walking shoes and raise funds and awareness for diabetes. we are here at wusa tv have our own workers taking place in this saturday walk. alexis mcdowell is with the event. monica and i will emcee this event. tell us what is going to happen on saturday. >> on saturday, everybody in the dc area will come together to raise $450,000 for the american diabetes association. all the money raised will go toward local efforts to help stop diabetes with awareness, education and research. but locally, we have a research project going on that we support at georgetown university for diebold beatic research. so more ways to support local efforts to stop diabetes. >> tell us about the event itself. where is it being held, what
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should we expect saturday? >> reporter: it is at nationals park downtown off the green line navy yard. 8:00 is registration. 9:30 the program begins you will be emceeing. and at 10:00 the walk starts. it is a for -- a two or four mile route. now it is not too late for folks to get involved with us, is it? how can they reach out and potentially sign none. >> go to astep out, support a team, start a team. we have friends and family teams, clubs and organizations. and in terms of events that are happening there, you are going to be doing testing, stuff for the kids? >> we will have vendors there doing on site blood sugar testing, blood pressure, other local vendors that are health related that you can stop by and visit from 8:00 to 93:00 after
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the walk as well. also kids have the ton to do the virtual batting cages. if you don't register you can show up on the day of as well. we will all be there. we'd love for you to come out and join us. andrea? yes, it may be a little too early, but i think howard can give us an idea of what the weather will be like. >> reporter: i think it will be sunny but chilly. probably in the 40s that morning the way things are lacking right now. but dry. so optimistic for you. let's talk about your start of the day on this monday. we have our bus stop forecast. you know it is not too bad this morning. a stray sprinkle in the mountains. temperatures relatively mild between 57 and 6 #r. 71:96:78 got a few more weeks
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until we go back to daylight savings time. the day planner today, we start mostly cloudy. but by the middle of the day we are mostly sunny. winds start northwest and turn toward the southwest this afternoon at 8 miles per hour. the 5:00 p.m. temperature 72. highs between 70 and 75. frontal boundary coming through. behind it a few sprinkles. look at what's been happening in the last few hours, especially. the rain has been fizzling out there. other than a stray sprinkle, there is not much going on. oakland 3. cumberland 5. 695 at southern maryland, charlie is at 56 degrees, we have 61 in fredericksburg and also 61 here in the nation's capital. right at reagan national. winds out of the north at 13 and a dew point in the upper 40s. we will continue to see this
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nice air mass today and tomorrow behind this storm system. our problems for the middle of the week though, a two part system. part a, in the rockies. as this comes across, it is going to drag out a storm system. lots of rain. some of this rain is actually rather heavy as you can see. some of this rain is coming right toward us wednesday, maybe wednesday evening. again quiet today as we get rid of the front and the sprinkles. tonight partly cloudy. tomorrow partly to mostly sunny again as we go through the day on tuesday. back in the low 70s for highs and watch what happens tuesday night into wednesday morning as this moisture comes up from the south. some of this rain on wednesday potentially could be on the heavy side. we'll have to watch the exact track of where this low pressure goes. highs today enjoy it. it is going to be a good october day with 71 in annapolis and 75
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down in orange. 76 in washington. today sunny, 50s tonight, maybe a couple of upper 40s. there is your wet weather on wednesday. cooler too. in fact, kind of breezy to windy wednesday and thursday. clearing out thursday, 60. look at friday and saturday, highs in the upper 50s. night time lows 40s in town, 30s in the suburbs. and monika santani, we have roads falling apart and accidents. a bad monday morning. >> reporter: that is my traffic report in a nutshell today. it has been really tough. actually it is no laughing matter, especially if you have to deal with the detours set up. here's what we are talking about. first of all allentown road is blocked with an accident involving a tractor trailer right at branch avenue. it hit a bridge abutment and lost its load of lumber.
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25, huge hole in the right lane, detours in place there as well. live picture inbound 66 slowing down in centerville. if you are taking 95 it is heavy, and will end with a live look at the american legion bridge. university boulevard to georgia avenue looks good here across the potomac river. coming up a report at 6:25. back to you guys. before we head to break, it is time to look at the question of the morning. >> and that is, on average women tend to do this five times more than men. talk on the phone, send texts, or post pictures on facebook. >> our friend cody is alleging his bets. at first he said d, all of the above. >> who knows? >> coming up, we are going to share the correct answer for you in the next half hour.
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bell -- welcome back. a couple of clouds this morning agent good start to the week. tomorrow looks good too, before we have wet weather on wednesday. say that five times fast. sunshine coming after a few clouds this morning. by 11:00, we'll be in the mid-60s, pushing 70 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon and north to northwest winds this morning become southwest this afternoon and that will boost temperatures between 70 and 75. right now we toss it over to kristen with a look at this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it was a rough night for the redskins. the turnovers that have plagued rex grossman his entire career showed up. getting bent in the middle of the game doesn't help with team energy or confidence. rex grossman had four interceptions.
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that makes 11 turnovers in five games. thankfully the skins defense showed up. fans were booing, chant fog don beck to come in the game. they haven't. ly got him. here's what grossman had to say after the game. >> it is what it is. it was a bad game. got to forget about it and move on and keep getting better. ultimately, i'm responsible for the football. >> you have i good day or not. can try to talk about the mistakes and reads. everybody knows if you have four picks in a game good things aren't going to happen. regardless. >> to be honest i have that sick feeling after a loss. because honestly when i went in, my initial mind set was a couple of scores. for me right now i have that sick feeling. i feel like i played the whole
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game and in the end we didn't win. >> we'll have to see who will be the starter going forward. they get back to work today and start preparing for cam newton and the carolina panthers. have a great monday. allentown road is closed at branch avenue. with a tractor trailer accident. i'll have more details coming up in my next report. you are watching 9news now. stay with us. çñ
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we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at the united states capital. beautiful morning, cool morning but it is going to be a great day. thank you for starting your monday with us. i'm andrea roane. and i'm jessica doyle. meteorologist howard bernstein is live nice day out there howard? >> reporter: nice day. compared to the 40s we had over the weekend. 61 in washington feels comfortable. if you can get by without a jacket early, as we are going into the low 70s in most areas. here's a look at our day
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planner today. expecting temperatures to be climbing as the sun returns into the upper 60s at noon. should be fairly comfortable. we did have showers earlier up to the north and west. look how this line is fizzleling as it is coming out of the mountains. quiet and chilly. 39 in oakland, 50 in cumberland. scott, over at andrews, watches us every morning. culpepper 5. and the shenandoah valley, we have temperatures down in the 50s. our highs today with sunshine, 71 in annapolis. 72 cambridge. winchester 70, frederick 72 and fredericksburg 76. enjoy. we'll be back in a few minutes and talk about the rest of the week. you'll need the rain gear in a couple of days. right now monika santani with the latest. >> reporter: thank you, howard.
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good morning, everybody. we have lots of problems outside and just got word of an accident blocking route 355 out of frederick. you want to use 85 instead. i'll keep you posted on that. south of town, allentown road has been closed for awhile now, about an hour and a half at branch avenue. this tractor trailer hit a bridge abutment and lost its load of lumber. over to 295 southbound, there is a huge hole in the right lane at south capital street. the left lane remains open and northbound 295 you are good to go leaving the beltway past the scene here. 14th street downtown at constitution avenue right on the mall, just got word of an accident, so be aware of that. let's take a live look at the 14th street bridge itself. no problems here as you leave 95 up to the 14th street bridge, your normal traffic through the
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landmark area. here's what it looks like in tysons in problems, no problems on the dulles toll road from the airport. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look around the area at 65:00. as monika was just talking about this huge pothole opened up causing serious problems for drivers this morning. several cars were damaged but amazingly, no injuries were reported. good morning. >> reporter: it is incredible there were in injuries. especially when you think this pothole we are talking about is between three to six feet wide, really huge, and sitting just here on the roadway on the right most southbound lane of 25. you can see that big, white truck up there. crews are right now working to repair it. it is going to be awhile. it opened up overnight as crews were working to repair the road deck. they say the vibrations of all the cars, going over the
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bridge, shook the roadway loose and that caused the pothole. you can see south capital street is just beneath where this pothole is. it is now back open, but throughout much of the early morning this roadway south capital street was shutdown as these crews got to work. because they were afraid that the debris, some chunks of cement, asphalt and what not could actually fall down from 295 and land on the car. trying to go underneath on south capital street. unfortunately, that never happened. as i said no injuries from the people who hit the pothole on 25. there were several cars that got flat tires because of it. these road crews are going to be working throughout the morning to trying to get it -- to try to get it fixed. jessica, andrea? >> thank you very much. now to the investigation of what happened to a maryland woman
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missing in aruba. gary jury dawn know -- gary giardano is being held by prosecutors who are investigating the presumed death of his is traveling companion, robyn gardner. giardano has hired the lawyer who represented two security guards in the natalee holloway case. you scare me. those words delivered by a prince georges county judge as she sentenced marcus shipman to life without parole. the murder happened last august and stems from a dispute over the custody of a one-year-old son. judge beverly woodward told shipman you have no right to walk freely in society again no now to kansas city, missouri and another scandal facing the catholic church. prosecutors have charged bishop robert finn with failing to
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report suspected child abuse. they say bishop finn had evidence a priest under his supervision had a laptop computer containing hundreds of inappropriate images of children, but he never reported it as was required by law. bishop finn pleaded not guilty. he became the high he have ranking priest to face charges in a child sexual abuse case. this is a picture of a man wanted in connection with several breaking and entering cases. we have a picture of his accomplice. we are going to show that to you in a second. there he is. surveillance pictures were taken in new carlton. if you have any information on the men, prince georges county police would like to hear from you. >> racing fans are in mourning. from the tragic news from the indy car championship last night. indy car driver dan wheldon
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died from his injuries sustained on the track. the 33-year-old racer was a two-time indianapolis 500 winner, including this year's race. >> very, very sad. you never want to see that happen. car wrecks and everything, those are exciting. you never want to see somebody pass away. because of that. >> to be here and see it definitely we are all kind of touched to think about his family definitely makes you think a the lot about your life and you never know. >> after his death the race was cancelled and fellow drivers ran a five lap tribute in wheldon's honor. his family was there including his wife and two small children. there is a proposal to raise the basic taxi fare by 25 cents
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and there would be an extra 50 cents for each passier 12 or older. this would be the first fare hike since 2008. in return cabs would be required to accept credit cards starting next april. dollar bills could soon be out, and dollar coins could be in. if one lawmaker gets his way, arizona congressman david zoe gert is pushing for legislation. the move could save billions of dollars because coins last longer than paper money. many americans just don't like the change. police in scranton, pennsylvania are studying surveillance tapes, hoping they will help them capture two men who stole a jar of money. >> the money was taken from a pizza shop on sunday. the video shows one man grabbing a jar while the workers are distracted. then the other man uses a shirt to hide the jar. then they take off. the money was supposed to go to
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little caton o'donnell. >> i have leukemia, we have had that jr. there for a year and a half. >> the donations were meant to defray the cost of her medical bills. there is no economic times so tough that you steal from a sick child. no. this morning president obama kicks off a three day bus tour that will take him from north carolina and virginia, the white house insists the trip is about pushing the president's job plan. but as soon as susan mcginniss reports, it could also be critical for his reelection campaign. president obama heads to north carolina this morning to turn up the pressure on congress. >> that is what is at stake. putting people back to work. i'm going to travel all over the country over the next few weeks. so we can remind congress that that is the most important thing. he will visit the state as part of his three day bus tour
6:39 am
aimed at building support for his jobs plan. not having voted in the affirmative. >> senate republicans blocked the $447 billion package last week, forcing democrats to fight for the bill in pieces. the president will urge lawmakers to pass the first part $35 billion in aid to help states save jobs this week. american people support every single plank that have bill. we are going to vote on every single one of them. >> reporter: the white house insists the trip is about the president's jobs plan, not his reelection campaign. still the tour will take him through north carolina and virginia, two states the president won in 2008, but could lose in 2012. we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop the campaigning. >> sunday house majority leader and virginia congressman eric cantor urged the president to find common ground with republicans. >> i guess a lot of folks on the other side of the aisle want to boil this down to personality and it is really not about that. the differences we have with
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this president are policy based. but president obama will try to convince conservative voters that his ideas are the best solutions for everybody. vice president joe biden will also hit the road this week to push the president's jobs plan. tuesday he will visit pennsylvania, another battleground state. it is 6:40. and time for another your money report. nasa is booking a flight with virgin galactic. the company has built a spaceport in new mexico and is working to become the world's first commercial space line. the contract includes option for his two additional flights no dc-based online deal site living social is launching an invitation only service aimed at food lovers.
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the gourmet deals will be offered with fine dining restaurants, ranging from 100 to $200 a person, the service will be available first to select living social members here in washington, d.c. it appears when the counting stops apple will have met or exceeded the expectations of predictions. with the sales of the new iphone. it will top previous versions. howard's up next with your back to work forecast and monika is checking the roads. plus we are going to have more of your responses and the correct answer to today's question of the morning.
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welcome back to 9news now. howard is along with a look at our weather. it is looking pretty good
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today. today,ton, tomorrow are fine. it is wednesday that we are going to have wet, windy weather around here. that is going to be the crummiest day of the week. today looks pretty good. your bus stop forecast, no real problems. it is kind of comfortable out there. low 60s in town. a bit of a chill here and there. mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. our day planner today, temperatures in the upper 60s by noon. we'll get rid of the clouds, turn sunny. low temperatures between 70 and 75. a couple of sprinkles in northern frederick county. washington county a quiet morning and a cool morning. not too bad. 61 in washington with mid-50s.
6:47 am
winchester. 39 in revoke land. 60 off to the south. north winds at reagan national. 61 degrees. the cold stuff up here in the northern plains. lower elevation. it is going to bring this moisture up for us. for wednesday, that moves in. today, tonight, tomorrow, are actually looking pretty good. today 73. nice out there. southwest winds 5 to 10. 50s tonight, night tomorrow, 72. by wednesday wet, cooler, 60s, maybe breezy, windy conditions as well. as the storm system pulls away. almost chilly friday and saturday. lows in the 40s in town, 30s
6:48 am
in the suburbs. and highs staying in the 50s. has been a very busy monday on the roads. here's monika santani. >> reporter: we have been telling you about a tractor trailer accident since early this morning where it is blocking allentown road here at branch avenue here right now andrews air force base. your alternate is branch avenue. the truck hit a bridge abutment and lost its load of lumber. go over to 295-6789 i just got off the phone for an update. southbound 295, the right lane is still closed at south capital street. a huge hole in the road there. now we'll take you over to 270. looking good at route 121 where the lanes divide. the debris on the road south at i-70, you want to watch out for that. now over to your trains, mark brunswick lines 872 is running up to 30 minutes late. keep that in mind.
6:49 am
coming in my next report. a look at the big picture. >> thank you monica. how is this for, getting a big bang for your buck? one area hotel is listening to the call of its customers by offering a few hours of free pampering. again you can take advantage of this and to learn more about it, i am joined by emily lancaster with the liaison capitol hill. where is the hotel located? >> it is at 415 new jersey avenue, literally right next to the capital. >> not too far from union station so you can get there by train. >> absolutely. this is an offer open to the public today. >> from 3:00 to 6:00 we have a comfort zone of kinds. the liaison is out of new york, miami and chicago. this is all about customizing
6:50 am
your stay. even to the pillows. i have wonderful pillows, an ipod pillow, buck wheat pillow, cloud pillow. any kind of pillow up, you don't need to bring your own pillow from home. >> i understand the yoga and mat and slippers, but explain the guitar. >> it gets a lot of play. it is actually surprising. if you have a sweetheart and up to serenade them in the hotel, we have that available. every guest is different. comfort level is different. that is what we are trying to do here. this was actually a study. of 80% of american travelers would rather sleep on the floor of a hotel than stay with their in-laws. >> so this way, you can see what you can give your in-laws when they come into town that will keep them at the hotel and not under your hat. >> reporter: yes. a lot of the guests don't have a chance to stay at our hotel.
6:51 am
since they do live here. today free to you from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the liaison capitol hill. thank you so much. thanks andrea. before we head to break, it is time to look at the question of the morning. on average women tend to do this five times more often than men. talk on the phone, send sects or post pictures on facebook. facebook friends michelle norris rights i'm going to say b. turns out though the correct answer is c. facebook pictures. monika does a lot. took pictures. we are going to be right back. ñññ
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low 70s at 5:00 today. highs today 70 to 75. the search resumes this morning for 11-year-old william mcquain. his mother jane mcquain was found murdered. her estranged husband goes to court this morning in north carolina for stan an extradition hearing. we'll be back.
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welcome back. we have a nice day today. we'll get rid of the clouds early. 73,ton we are in the mid-50s. before we turn wet on wednesday. southbound allentown road blocked at branch avenue. here's a look at southbound 295 at south capital street. right lane still blocked with the huge hole in the roadway. westbound route 50, watch out for the accident. this is the way we want to start our week. right now "the early show" is next. more on the president's road trip, push being his jobs bill and the start of week four of the conrad murray trial. and remember, you can always get any news, weather traffic updates


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