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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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home. their worst fear, lopez might have killed the boy and dumped his body nearby. i hope they don't find him in the woods. i hope he is somewhere and he can find his way back, you know? >> reporter: how worried are you about him? a lot worried. >> reporter: detectives are grasping at anything to find william. they typically check cell phone records, gps tracks, tips from friends. they have cadaver dogs out sniffing through woods in clarks bug and damascus, but they have declined to say why they have focused on these particular places. >> it is not a hunch or a guess, but it is based on investigative leads, and information that detectives have that brought us here. >> reporter: lopez is not talking. he has hired a lawyer in charlotte, but the lawyer is not talking either. but none of william's friends say they have seen him him in more than two weeks. and the montgomery county attorney says that is a bad sign.
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>> do we hope he is alive? absolutely. are we realistic in the passage of time? it is not a good thing. >> reporter: friends still hold the faintest hope. >> if anybody out there can help the police, please come forward and help them. he was a beautiful little boy. and she was a beautiful person. beating and stabbed to death, she didn't deserve that. >> reporter: over the years, prosecutors around the country have had to make hundreds of murder cases without a victim's body. the more time that goes by with no sign of william, the more they are going to have to consider that here. anita? bruce, let's hope there are some changes. thank you so much. gary giardano has failed his latest bid to get out of a jail in a ruby aabout. police are investigating -- in aruba. this is year dawn know's second failed appeal. he claimed robyn gardner was
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swept out to sea while snorkeling. opening argues have been made in the trial of a montgomery county teacher up on charges. susan lee burks, accused of kicking, choking and hitting her students. andrea roane was the only reporter in the courtroom. >> reporter: derek, it is all playing out in montgomery county. but this is the kind of trial every parent and every teacher may want to watch closely. what it comes down to is whether the jury will believe the seven children, who say they were abused, or their teacher, who denies it. 36-year-old susan leeburg is facing two counts of -- lee burks is facing child abuse charges. she was a first grade teacher in silver spring, until her arrest. the parents of a seven-year-old boy allegedly witnessed their happy child back so anxious he
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bit his nails until they bled and started wetting his bed. they repeatedly asked if he was bullied. all he did share, according to prosecutors, was that he wanted to switch to a different class. he finally confided in a school counselor and administrator that he had been physically assaulted byburg. that led to by burke. six others said they were choked, kicked, punched and scratched by their teacher when she was angry about their behavior. >> why would you want to choke a six-year-old child? >> reporter: burke has three children of her own, had been going through a divorce, and that police were called to the home for reports of domestic disturbances. the side yard appeared scattered with children's toys, the front littered with trash. now the defense argued there are inconsistencies with the children's story. he likened it to the old game of telephone. one child saying i was punched. the next one saying i was choked and so on. this trial is expected to last
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five days. we could hear testimony from the seven children as early as tomorrow morning. we are live in rockville, andrea mccarron, 9news now. published reports or the weekend say a -- over the weekend say a federal grand jury has stepped up its probe into the alleged irregularities into dc mayor's vincent gray's run for office. unnamed people have been fingerprinted and some are cooperating with investigators. our own bruce johnson has been all over this story and in addition getting exclusive details only on 9. >> reporter: this investigation is taking off. the investigation was launched after vincent gray defeated the incumbent mayor this year. a third candidate for mayor, brown, was hired by the gray administration, only to be fired later. brown, you might recall, claimed he was promised that job and given money by the gray campaign in exchange for his criticism of the mayor during the political
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debates. brown testified before a dc council commit tee and processed money -- committee and produced money orders. today mayor gray agreed to talk with us and other reporters about the stepped up grand jury probe. he repeated what he has always said. if there were payments and other irregularities, they were done without his knowledge. >> reporter: has your attorney talked to prosecutors? is there anything you can share with the public on this. >> i have not been called. and i don't know the extent to which my attorney has discussed any of this with the united states attorney's office. >> reporter: have you drawn any conclusions in your mind, as to possible irregularities? >> no. that is why we called for the investigation. >> reporter: lorraine green, the chairman of the gray campaign, has also denied any wrongdoing. the one person 9news now has not been able to talk to directly in all this is howard brooks, the
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great campaign staffer. but our sources say he not only is talking with federal prosecutors, he is now fully cooperating with this investigation into the gray campaign. we have learned brooks has agreed to wear a wire and leslie, we are going to get more into that at 6:00. this is big, we'll talk more at 6:00. see you then. our health alert is about the controversy over mammograms. most doctors still recommend annual mammograms for many women after age 40. but there is new information about the results of those tests, as karin brown shows us, many are getting false positives. >> reporter: fran levine is a breast cancer survivor. >> i was going every year. and they found something on that mammogram. >> reporter: she says her annual screenings helped catch the disease early. but getting screened every year can also have a downside. according to a new study, more than half of women who get annual mammograms will get false positive results, at least once in ten years.
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and as many as 9% of those women will have an unnecessary biopsy. >> i think most women would rather suffer with a little bit of anxiety than have a cancer that's caught later. >> reporter: but most doctors still recommend that all women have an annual mammogram starting at age 40. and this study confirms there is some risk to not being screened every year. >> a small percentage of women will have later stage cancers detected. >> reporter: 61-year-old fran levine still gets an annual mammogram. she feels, in her case, the test saved her life. >> i know there is anxiety. i had anxiety, obviously until my biopsy came back. and then i had even more anxiety. i just think it is part of the process that we have to go through, in order to protect ourselves. >> reporter: it's been 15 years and she's still cancer-free. karin brown, cbs news, los angeles. >> so many women going through this. what can you do? there is one thing. you can bring your previous
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mammograms with you each year to reduce the chances of being called back, or get them done at the same place so they can track t make sure the radiologist has previous images to refer to. the same engineers who rapelled down the side of the washington monument are doing exactly the same thing, but at the national cathedral, which was also damaged in the august 23rd earthquake. peggy joins us to talk about what they are looking for out there. >> reporter: the cathedral has been closed since august 21st because of that earthquake, which did damage it. it is structurally sound. but they are worried some of the stone carvings, both inside and outside, may have become unstable and may fall. so today, engineers began inspecting the facade outside, way up there. >> it is a good thing it is not windy today. >> reporter: the beautiful weather is why the start of this inspection process was moved to today. you wouldn't want to be
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rapellings 230 feet down the side of the cathedral today. kati francis on the left, here with her camera, and emma here on the right,. >> you can't keep a good woman down. >> reporter: frances and card are engineers with the access team of w je. how is rapelling down the cathedral different from the monument? >> it is relatively stark up there on the side of the building. there is not a whole lot to look at. and this, with all the ornament tation we are crawling around, just is more entertaining for us. >> reporter: the women engineers are looking for any instability in the stone carvings and pedicles. the earthquake crashed down three pinnacles in the winds of hurricane irene. pieced back together on the ground, this stone structure weighs 7 tons.
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this piece, with the pin, about 50 pounds. >> this is the type of ornament we are looking at. we want to make sure if we zero tation in these pieces, we are less concerned with the stability. >> reporter: they don't expect to find any problems, given what they have seen through binoculars. but up close, kati and emma, armed with cameras, ipod and hammers, are giving it a good once over. now this week the engineering company is planning to finish up work on those two towers, and then next week, get to the bell tower, which has all that scaffolding on top. that is where most of the damage was done. they are planning to reopen the cathedral november 12th. that is when they will welcome a new bishop, who happens to be a woman. peggy fox, 9news now. i love it peggy. thank you so much. maryland's governor is asking drivers to shell out 15 cents more per gallon of gas to
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help pay for schools and roads. but will that fly in the general assembly? another spectacular evening. we'll show you temperatures just about on the button in terms of averages. upper 60s, low 70s, 68 in bethesda. 70 in rock falls. we'll talk about big changes on the way in the middle part of the week. there are 23 people that lost their homes after a devastating fire. wait until you hear what one woman did after she allegedly started this fire. coming up.
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traffic moving once again tonight following a tractor trailer accident. look at all of that. a big rig carrying all that lumber struck a bridge this morning on allentown road and lost that load. it shut down the area for much of the morning rush hour. the driver of the tractor trailer though was able to walk way the from accident. traffic also tied-up this morning on 295 south after a massive pothole opened up overnight. the slow lane was shut down throughout the morning rush as crews worked to repair the roughly six foot-wide hole. the road below, south capital street, also was closed. no one was hurt but several cars sustained minor damage. why would anybody set that
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own house on fire? the fire marshal said a 28-year-old woman did just that in her apartment and now 28 other folks are out of a place to live. >> this started at 7:00 a.m. at the sunny gate apartments on woodbury drive. >> reporter: this firefighter started so early in the morning people were asleep. two women went door-to-door, knock and go getting everyone out. one of those women is being called a hero, the other is under arrest. >> this woman was wandering around and she comes to my door and says my room's on fire, call the fire department. >> reporter: barbara berry says that was this woman. tanisha bates. she even asked her for a pair of shoes. >> she didn't have any shoes and it was wet outside. >> i found my son and called 911. after that i started knock go on doors. >> reporter: berry's daughter and grandson were upstairs asleep. >> i grabbed my son, put a
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jacket on him. i ran, i saw her standing in the foyer in my house, i just walked right by her. >> reporter: the fire was captured on camera and upload today facebook. neighbors saw intense smoke and flames. >> all i could do was drop to my knees and pray. i knew little ones lived in these houses over here. >> six apartments and town houses were destroyed. there is 600,000th of damage. 23 people are without a home. including 12 children. ranging in age from one to 12 years old. >> why would someone do that? she is harming her and everybody else. >> reporter: little is known about bates. she is charged with setting the fire in her bedroom on purpose. berry said she had just moved in. the fire marshal won't speculate as to why bates allegedly did what she did. and that is one question people here want to know. >> she started the fire and came and let us know. that was unexpected. i mean it is a lot to think about, but you don't really
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know what to think about. >> maybe she started feeling guilty about all of us in there, i don't know. >> reporter: berry says the red cross has been helping her family out, as well as the other families that lost their homes. but they say that they still need some other items, like clothes for their children here, diapers and they are hoping people will donate toys to all the children that live here, so this can feel at home in a different place. reporting live, lindsey mast, back to you. a suspect arsonist is in jail tonight accused of setting a fire that destroyed an apartment complex in boston. the six alarm fire trapped people. firefighters rescued 15 of them from third floor windows. investigators the suspect showed up at a nearby hospital with third degree burns. he told medical personnel that he blew up his house. >> hanging out of the windows,
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heavy smoke conditions, they had to get long ladders to get them out. they literally took people out of the windows. >> investigators are still trying to find out why this all happened. as you were watching the game yesterday, you knew in the third quarter when rex grossman threw that fourth ridiculous interception, he had to come out. sure enough, coach mike shanahan pulled him. the only question is will he be back under center next week? we can only hope not. >> reporter: hey derek, grossman had to fight for the starting job before the season began. against john beck and now he has to fight to keep t mike shanahan said today he won't make a decision on who will start the next game until wednesday. no coach or team wants the quarterback changed in the middle of game or season, it can derail a team. but grossman left shanahan no
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choice but to bench him. john beck came in, so what to do now? shanahan addressed the situation at his press conference today. >> reporter: i believe in both these guys. both these guys can play. i have been around quarterback in the nfl for a long time. i know these guys have got what it takes and whichever direction we go, that guy is going to get an opportunity to show us what he can do on game day. >> we'll wait and z our redskins experts will join us a little later in sports to grade the game breaking down what went right and what else went horribly wrong. coming up later in sports. come on now. you know mike has been than's lying. both guys can play? let's be real. >> maybe he needs to do something. but this was the test right? the eagles were the test. >> if the cowboys weren't the test, then another test. >> the real tipping point of the season. >> kudos on this weekend.
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wow. >> three in a row if you got today. >> weekend in his a row. oh yeah. >> you know we have great fall color and i think we are going to have a vibrant fall, i really do. some colors down in southern married. great color the good color in the suburbs montgomery county 66. in fact i think this is the weekend. to plan the trip to skyline drive if you want to see the fall colors. there you go. chris is going to do that. you go past the divide, the party had their autumn glory open. they are near peak or just a little bit past peak. we have a couple more weeks. temperatures about average. 70 in downtown. 72 in leesburg and 72 in fredericksburg. now the satellite picture radar combined we do find showers in parts of the midwest. that is not of a huge concern right now. what we are looking at is this system in the gulf of mexico. howard talked about this at noon. it has tropical characteristics
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and the national hurricane center is monitoring it. this is going to kind of race up the coast and really give us a good dousing of rain on wednesday. get ready for a wet morning and evening commute on wednesday. a cold front went through this afternoon. we would be hard pressed to prove it didn't really change temperatures and that is a good thing. so here's the deal. midweek changes, cooler tonight, a light jacket, probably a good idea in the early morning hours and still mild though on tuesday. big rains coming on wednesday. for tonight, partly cloudy, cool winds will diminish. low 46 to 56. winds becoming light after midnight. so if you are downtown or inside the beltway, we are still talking 50s. a smattering of 40s now. 48 in rocksville. 4 in college park. 40s westward sterling 47. leesburg 46 and tuesday morning, partly cloudy and cool. grab your sunglasses. temperatures in the 40s and 50s.
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by afternoon, a very nice day partly cloudy and mild. some high clouds come in late, high temperatures around 70. next seven days like this. again nice tomorrow. big rains, thunderstorms too on wednesday and windy. 69 much cooler on thursday and maybe some left over showers. temperatures struggle to get to 60 on thursday and friday. we had the walk for autism speaks on saturday at the mall. beautiful low temperatures, low 60s. the weekend is going to be nice too. mid-60s on wednesday. >> you gave and you take away. last friday you told us wednesday was going to be in the 80s. >> no. it was tuesday. no, it was tomorrow. >> we were all excited. >> back down to 70. still dry. >> we'll take it. coming up next folks. sesame street's youtube site back online after hackers shut it down by loading porn onto the web page. good grief. up next, a shocking confession from the mother of a
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missing baby in missouri. first we take you outweigh list of the luckiest cities. based on true measures of luck such as lottery winners or lightning strikes. san diego, luckiest town in the world, followed by baltimore number two, phoenix number three, wilmington delaware, and richmond, our town, washington, d.c., number 52. we'll be right back. [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne.
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man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. some startling new information out of the case of a missing baby in kansas city. the mom of little lisa irwin now admits she was drunk when her baby disappeared. this, as the missouri national guard joins in the search for this 10-month-old. in a tearful tv interview, debra bradley denied she did anything to hurt baby lisa the day she vanished. bradley said she last saw lisa when she put her to bed at 6:40 p.m. earlier she told police she last checked on the baby at 10:30 p.m. it was exactly two years ago today that morgan harrington just disappeared. her parents marked the occasion by returning to charlottesville, the last place she was seen alive. she was a student at virginia
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tech and disappeared while attend august concert on the campus of uva. -- attending a concert on the campus of uva. >> we will leave no stone unturned. that is what you do when you are looking for the filth and slime that festers in the dark. once we pick those stones up, we will hurl them as hard as we can. >> reporter: sadly, police still have no suspects in harrington's death. however, they have released a sketch of a man, and authorities say this guy's dna has evidence linked him to the murder of harrington, as well as a rape in fairfax county. the michael jackson trying is on hold. today's testimony was postponed because the father of one of the witnesses died over the weekend. prosecutors say the testimony from the anesthesiologist is crucial in proving dr. conrad murray's gross negligence led to michael jackson's death. dr. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. the trial is expected to resume
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wednesday. sel sesame street's youtube site is back online after being taken down yesterday because hackers posted porn. porn, on the web page. users said it had been shut down due to repeated or severe violations of community guidelines. sesame street's executive producer says it appears the x-rated videos were online for less than an hour and sesame street had received no viewer complaints. a message posted on the page before its removal claimed responsibility for the explicit videos in the name of youtube users, one of whom denies responsibility. coming up on 9news now, one month into the occupy wall street protest demonstrators are vowing to keep up the cause. also ahead, vans pull of palestinian prisoners arrive at an israeli jail as they prepare to set inmates free in exchange for one soldier.
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i'm scott broom at the state house in annapolis. coming up, governor martin o'malley reveals some of his ideas about putting unemployment marylanders back to work and the taxes he will consider, to pay for it.
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we are back now with breaking news in silver spring where a young boy has fallen out of an
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apartment window. what happened? >> reporter: we have to give you good news first. this little boy is going to be okay. that is remarkable, because we are told he fell nearly 30 feet from a third floor window. here's what a family friend told me happened. it was around 3:00. the boy and his dad were moving into a new apartment at the tangle wood apartment building in silver spring. when, i'm told, the four-year-old was running up and down the stairs, apparently getting in the way of the move. that is when the friend picks up the rest of the story from there. >> when we came down the step, at the same time he have to pick this boy from the school. he told me he was going to get the boy from the school and i was getting the stuff from the truck and the boy jumped off the window. >> reporter: so technically, the father was not here at the time. the family friend was downstairs, moving furniture in whether that little boy fell from the window. family crimes unit is now on the
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scene investigating. we can tell you know, the good news, the boy is expected to be okay. his injuries non life threatening. derek? >> you never get too much good news, thank you so much for that one. maryland's governor now calling for a huge job program. he is lining up behind the big hike in the state gas tax to pay for all that. >> reporter: today the governor began to lay down his markers for what promises to be a titanic battle in the legislature. scott broom is in annapolis to explain. >> reporter: we are talking about a 15-cent gas tax hike in maryland, which would bring the tax here to 38.5 cents per gallon. >> i think all of us need to consider it. i'm certainly considering it. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley talking gas taxes today to cover what he calls an investment deficit in roads, bridges, school construction and jobs. >> it is not a democratic idea or republican idea that in order to create jobs modern economy requires modern investments. if you look we suffer as a
5:33 pm
nation from a tremendous investment deficit. >> reporter: unemployment in maryland stands at over 7%. o'malley called on legislators today to hold immediate hearings to prioritize a long list of capital projects, like road and school construction jobs to get people back to work. by building state funded infrastructure. and taxing gas to pay for it. >> reporter: what are we willing to do in order to get people back to work more quickly? >> and enough's enough. >> reporter: outraging republican leaders in the state senate. there are, indeed, a lot of people in pain. the idea they are going to be able to afford additional taxes in this time of economic struggle is wrong. >> reporter: maryland's capital budget for infrastructure projects this year stands at 3. $1 billion. governor o'malley says he wants to grow it next year as much as possible, to create jobs. in annapolis, scott broom 9news now. the battle ahead indeed. hearings on the need for big
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capital projects begin tomorrow. >> we have got an update now on the aof the of cornell west, a prominent civil rights activist author and philosopher. prosecutors say they will not press charges against him and 18 others arrested with him for protesting outside the supreme court. west was in washington for the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. he and others took part in a stop the machine protest against corporate influence in politics. he had been charged with refuseing to leave the grounds. today marks one month for wall street demonstrators occupying downtown manhattan with the start of the work week the crowd in new york city may be smaller but the movement continues to catch on worldwide. manuel gallegos joins us live from wall street and manuel, protesters there? they say they are going it keep up this cause? >> reporter: absolutely leslie. one month strong and many of them are dedicated for staying as long as they can indefinitely really. it seems to me that with good weather, which we had mild
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weather today in new york, we are getting more demonstrators. there were several hundred in the private park behind us. a couple of blocks away from the stock exchange here in downtown manhattan. we have people most don't spend the night, they go home at night and come back during the day. it is going strong here again today. it seems we haven't heard much about anybody getting thrown out of the park the private company wants to remove demonstrators for now this is going strong and here to stay. we have seen these protests across the country. we have a lot of protesters here in the washington, d.c. area. did the protesters have an idea that this movement would really strike a chord worldwide? >> reporter: that is certainly what they were hoping for. i think we saw that this weekend with demonstrations around the world. it is tied in with international day of protest. people here do feel like their message is being heard. we talked to people in the wall street area. people are paying attention to the protesters, they do feel
5:36 pm
like they are wrongfully targeted, it is not all their fault, so to speak. it is a valid message. the general message seems to be the shrinking middle class the disparity between the rich and poor seems to be growing. that is according to the folks here owise you have a lot of different groups with a lot of different ideas about what could happen. there is this one unified force here, but definitely several small groups that come together in this park to try to make that one message heard, if you will. >> manuel gallegos, certainly a movement that continues to evolve. derek? leslie, iran now hinting it just may decide to cooperate in the investigation regarding a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador right here in washington. iran's foreign minister said his government will look into charges that his government was involved in the plot. that is if the united states provides enough information about it at the same time though, another official from iran is blast not guilty country. iran's parliament speaker says american officials are quote playing a chilled's game and have insulted his nation with
5:37 pm
accusations. israelis and palestinians now preparing for tomorrow's controversial prisoner swap. israel agreed to free more than 1000 palestinian inmates in exchange for one captured israeli soldier. the poll shows most back the swap, however a group of opponents were marching through the streets of jerusalem today carrying white flags. they say israel is surrendering to hamas militants who have held him captive for more than five years now. >> it is a disaster to israel. it is a surrender to terrorism. >> reporter: some of those prisoners are responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against israelis. the israeli prisoner says saving one jewish soul is like saving the soul of all israelis. palestinians consider the inmates heroes in their fight for a palestinian state. first lady michelle obama
5:38 pm
and jill biden banded together today to help renovate a home for a wounded veteran. they worked with the organization rebuilding together at the dc home of army sergeant johnny ag by. he was wound in afghanistan. dozens of volunteers are working to make the house wheelchair accessible for him. drivers remember indy race champion dan wheldon one day after a fiery crash claimed his life. up next, a consumer alert. the days of opening your cell phone bill and being shocked at what you see may soon be coming to an end. and don't forget, we are always on at wusa stay with us. we'll be right back.
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the days of cell phone bill shock, well, let's just say they are numbered. wireless carriers announced a new program that will send you alerts to warn you if you are about to go over your monthly talk, text or data plan limits. the carriers voluntarily agreed to a deal after a study found one in six of us saw unexpected overages in our monthly bill. those notifications will start by october of next year. analysts say the alerts may
5:42 pm
give you more protection, but there is no guarantee it will eliminate the extra charges. a year? going to take them a year? >> blackberry apologize for his massive outages. but this time they are extendingal an olive branch with free apps and a month of technical support free. the apps are available in the coming weeks. the offer runs until the end of the year. last week's blackout impacted millions around the world and left the company struggling to keep pace with competitors. some of those blackberry customers said see you, we are going to buy an iphone. apple stores were jam packed. it is estimated that four million of the matter phones were sold earning apple $1.2 billion in revenue. you have a digital assistant. >> i wonder if we could answer your questions. >> what would you be willing to do to win a season pass to your
5:43 pm
local amusement park? >> season veterans were willing to chow down on cockroaches over the weekend to do it. anybody who successfully ate a hissing cockroach won a 2012 season pass to six flags over georgia. six flags said they were assured these roachs are safe to eat. they are two or three inches long and it is among the largest species of cock row roach in the world. i don't want to ride the roller coaster that bad. >> topper ate stink bugs. >> he did. >> right. so maybe since you ate a stink bug, you should get the free pass to six flags here. >> that is as far as i'm going with stink bugs. cockroach not happening. although the great american steam machine is a great roller coaster down there. everything is low, mold spores in the medium or moderate range. we'll come back and talk about big changes heading our way, midweek.
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plus one day after a tragic crash claimed indy champ dan wheldon's life, people are questioning the safety of the vegas track where he died
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a fiery crash during an indy car race killed driver dan wheldon over the weekend. >> one week later people are questioning the safety of that las vegas track. others remember wheldon as a great man on and off the circuit. >> randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: dan wheldon's car, number 77, went air board and slammed into a fence. as he was trying to avoid a 15-car pileup just minutes after the race started. emergency crews rushed the 33-year-old british driver to a local hospital where he later died. three other drivers were injured. speeds at the indy 300 in las vegas exceed 220 miles per hour. >> you are able to sustain that speed and build momentum and so you know, you have them the fact
5:48 pm
that they run three or four wide and the domino effect the track basically got blocked. drivers were concerned about high speeds at the las vegas motor speedway. we all had a bad feeling about this place. in particular just because of the high banking and how easy it was to go flat. we knew it could happen but it is just really sad. five time nascar champ jimmie johnson was in an accident of his own at charlotte motor speedway saturday. but he is okay. the driver is calling for an end to indy car racing on oval tracks. wheldon's father spoke outside his home in england. >> johnny was born to be a racer. >> reporter: news of don's death spread quickly. fans created a memorial outside the gate. >> he was a great ambassador of the sport. honestly as a gun, he was one of the nicest guys i have ever
5:49 pm
met. >> reporter: wheldon leaves behind a wife and two small children. randall pinkston, cbs news. this is the first indy car death in five years. derek? an ocean city landmark that was swept away during hurricane irene is making a bit of a come back. the coast guard says it will replace the tower that used to sit at the entrance to the ocean city inlet. the plan is to replace the tower with a newer model of the same design. many people in the boating business have been relying on that tower's fog horn especially from the bad weather, speaking of which, it is coming. >> is it? nothing like that. >> no, great today. great tomorrow. then we have the change. let's start with the day planner. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 60s by noon. tuesday is going to be terrific really. 68 to 72 by evening. the next three days, wednesday get ready. showers, thunderstorms, rain, possibly heavy rain. maybe even one to two inches. temperatures around 70 and much cooler behind the front.
5:50 pm
left over showers thursday. temperatures around 60. the next seven days it stays cool. friday, saturday and sunday. we have another nice weekend. i want to see everyone out there for autism speaks on the mall. mid-60s on sunday with sunshine. thanks a lot tom. still ahead. helping kids cope with the trauma of temporary housing. we'll be right back. president obama launches a three day bus tour. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up, why he is talking jobs in two battleground states.
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right now at wusa everybody talking about this photo from sunday's skins game. we have asked you what you thought quarterback grossman was saying to coach shanahan. rob diaz came up with what do you mean i'm out of the game? i still have two interceptions in me. how about coach please, i really want to play. don't take me out of the game. >> no. no, that is a better one. >> i tried.
5:54 pm
i tried. >> good job. all right. we all know the redskins lost 20-13 to philly yesterday. >> that was part of the story late in the game. mike shanahan made the big decision. that decision has everybody talking today. dave owens is with our redskins insiders to fill us in. it was ugly dave. i'm with geniuses here. surrounded by greatness here in washington, d.c. it is our monday breakdown guys. dave you are in the locker room today, you are in the locker room and you wrote an article about it. >> santana moss is strong about wanting rex to keep his job. he felt like one bad game doesn't deserve, which could be true, except rex has had several bad games. imsorry that does not fly with me. you are key in and locked in with a lot of players.
5:55 pm
do you get the sense some of them feel differently than santana moss? >> the guys are discussing the fact you know john came in and gave us it was a spark. the guys want to see what he can do. you can't see what he can do on the sidelines. but with santana moss, you understand. they don't know which way the coaches are going. they are trying to play a political game. bullet fatly, they cannot be happy with a guy after throwing four picks. second worst pass rate not guilty football. >> put on your prediction hats. who starts against carolina? >> kerry collins is he still alive? >> got to be john beck. he is the inevitable choice. it is a 1-5 team. if you don't play him now, when do you ever play him? >> john beck is that. rex grossman proved to us in dallas he cannot run. yeah, you talk about that offensive line. how devastating was that? to the running game as well? >> i think very much.
5:56 pm
when you look at trent williams, guys who have been there since last year. every time had he ran the ball a lot they went to the left side. both of those guys are missing and in the same game. i think it is going to truly hurt them. it is a breakdown monday, guys. time to grade the game. here comes the music. grade the offense yesterday. did anybody watch that? they were absolutely mobile are horrible. can't get in the end zone, four turnovers. >> 14 rush ago tempts. dave? >> d. i think they showed a little something with john beck in there and fred davis had a decent game. >> defense? >> i think. dave, what about you? >> c. sort of for the same reason. they couldn't stop the run. they were better against the pass i can't you were critical to the coaching. some of the decisions.
5:57 pm
talk about it. grade the offensive coordinator and the head coach. >> okay. well. f. you have a guy supposed to be an expert, when it comes down to being a running game and passing game and they had two weeks to prepare for this game and they both sucked in the game. >> they weren't motivated. that is a lot on the coach. >> can't wait to see you guys on thursday for your predictions. we'll be talking about chris cooley as well. all right guys. that is grade the game. back to you. dave, thank you. play time. it is where homeless parents often find it difficult to nurture and develop a healthy childhood. j. c. hayward introduces us to the homeless children play time project. an organization that specialize in his reducing the trauma of being in temporary housing. >> reporter: each week loretta jones brings her son and daughter to the northwest church family network on new york avenue. they go for recreational activities, and the opportunity
5:58 pm
to interact with other youngsters. for two hours, children can relax and play like normal children. >> my kids wouldn't go. my son didn't want to come and now he screams when it is time to go. he wants to stay. that is exciting now that he really don't want to be around other kids. >> eight years ago, larson and a friend started the volunteer program, to help homeless children succeed. their belief was that youngsters in shelters suffer from emotional, behavioral, and learning problems. their answer structured play. >> when children are traumatized, and children who become homeless have gone through multiple traumas in their lives, ranging from domestic violence to eviction to losing their belongings, losing their family members. one of the most powerful ways to heal from trauma with children is powerful play.
5:59 pm
>> volunteers are creating a child with memories not often found in transitional housing. >> we have had field trip, we have had pretend sleepovers and slumber parties for children who aren't allowed to have slumber parties. we bring the pajamas and the popcorn to them and let the kids experience what it is like to live a normal childhood. >> reporter: there are more than 120 volunteers working at five shelters in dc. as unemployment increases, and housing options for the poor decline, the need for the play time project becomes greater. >> i'm j. c. hayward. 9 news now. what a great program. the homeless play time project plans to distribute 300 costumes for halloween parties at each of their sites they still need costume donations to learn how to give. go to our website wusa tonight only on 9, we have learned a key figure is cooperating with a federal investigation into dc mayor


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