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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> burning the candle at both ends right? >> the spaceship lands today. >> the severe weather alert are. that will be this afternoon and this evening more the severe threat. we have concerns of strong storms, gusty winds, even maybe spinners out of that. let's get you going for this tuesday. we have temperatures climbing to the mid-60s by noon. 65 to 70 for a high. at time lulls in the rain other times, it will be coming down at a good clip. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. rain pushed in overnight moving up toward the east. shenandoah valley, even the moon dimly visible. the areas in yellow, this is where we are seeing the moderate rain showers. out toward our north and west as
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you get past frederick and leesburg, west of route 15. baltimore embedded here through dc and fairfax county. down 95 as you head toward quantico as well. as you get ready to step outside, temperatures mid-50s, north to mid-60s south. monika santani, we have power lines down, accidents, wet roads. if you get an early start, i think you should be okay. here's what it looks like on the beltway all around town. lines here, a bit of slow traffic because of the rains right now. i think a lot of people are trying to get an early start. let's take a closer look to the south side of town. if you are planning to head over to huntington, that is the big story are of the morning. just before midnight a car hit a pole t came across the roadway. authorities tell us hopefully by 6:00 on south kingshighway on route one, they should reopen
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the roadway. in the meantime you can get through but you might want to use telegraph road or route 1. 270, no problems coming in from frederick. here's what it looks like at gateway and 395 at edsel road looking good to the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report i'll give you an update around the area at 5:09. this morning montgomery county police plan to release more details about an arrest in a child murder case dating back to may. >> the victim was a 12-year-old girl and now police say a family member is responsible. 9news now reporter is live with more on this -- kristen fisher is live with more. >> reporter: we are awaiting an 11:00 a.m. news conference with montgomery county police. we already know an arrest has been made. we are talking about the victim's stepfather. that is the suspect in this case.
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he was arrested, and we are talking about 42-year-old david king of gaithersburg. he is now behind bars and being held without bond. he has been charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing his stepdaughter, 11-year-old jessica, nearly five months ago. her body was found with multiple stab wounds in the basement. according to the washington post, which obtained the charging documents in this case. it was dna evidence that led to this arrest and it came to the sheath of a small sword next to the girl's body. police swabbed the sheath and tested everyone in the home but nobody matched. but something changed between then and now, because dna tests later showed the man arrested was quote included as the major contributor to the genetic
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material found on the sheath. hopefully we will be getting more details on the arrest and on exactly what type of evidence they have against him when we hear the police chief speak at this news conference. pack to you. kristyn fisher reporting live from montgomery county police headquarters. a murder suspect being brought back to montgomery county for prosecution will face charges in a second murder. officers found human remains which appear to be those of 11-year-old william mcquain found yesterday. police had been searching for the boy since his mother, 51-year-old jane, was found murdered last week. mcquain's estranged husband, curtis lopez is accused of both murders. you won't be arrested in dc for having expired tags any more. the district may be the only city in the country that treated expired tags as a criminal, rather than civil offense. now drivers whose tags are less than 30 days out of date will
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be fined $100. more than a month overdue the fine doubles and your car could be towed. aaa says they would prefer fines for drivers of expired registrations under six months. prince georges county voters have chosen a replacement for leslie johnson. democrat derrek lee-on davis won yesterday's special election with 91% of the vote leading out to republican -- beating out republican gardner. time for the latest your money report this morning. jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. nice to see the numbers close to 12,000 again. >> reporter: absolutely. we'll have to see if we get close they are morning. there is a lot of fresh optimism about europe out there, maybe they are finally getting the act together in terms of a bailout for their problems. so far today we have seen european and asian stocks higher
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today. today investors will have to deal with a rare earnings disappointment from apple. there are a lot of earnings and economic reports on the docket. the dow standing at 11577, added 180 points in trading yesterday. a gain of 1.6%. the nasdaq rose by 42 and the s&p 500 was up by 24 points. the nation's biggest banks are feeling the slow economy. investment banking giant goldman sachs posted a rare loss. bank of america and jp morgan chase reported earnings of $6.2 billion on the sale of a stake in a chinese bank. that offset lower revenue and income in its credit card, real estate and investment banking businesses. stamp prices are going up again. the price of a first class stamp is going up by 1 cent next year. the postal service forever
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stamps will cost 45 cents. the change goes into effect january 1. after the holidays? >> all the christmas cards can get out. good what do you have in the next half hour? the give for the person who has really everything. these are kind of amazing. amazing price tags, too. sounds good. i'm so bad at buying gifts. anyway, we'll move on. republican presidential candidates will not be debating for another month now. the gop contenders took some of their harshest shots last night in las vegas. that story, coming up. police are looking for dozens of exotic animals that are now roaming free.
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coming up on 5:09 on this wednesday morning. the concern for strong to severe storms later on this afternoon and this evening. some of the rain has been moderate at times. yellow showing up, we get the yellow, that starts to become moderate rainfall in spots. toward i-85, quiet in spots. the threat for strong thunderstorms this afternoon. mid-60s by noon. 67 at 5:00 p.m. highs today between 65 and 70. we'll talk about the upcoming weekend, here's monika talking morning traffic. we have a couple of incidents on the roadway with wet road conditions. you want to take it nice and slow this morning. word of an accident in quantico on the left shoulder catching some attention. we'll have more on virginia roadways coming up at 5:16.
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back to you hike no thanks monika. making news now at 5:10. 25 death in his 12 states. now linked to listeria in cantaloupe. this is the deadliest outbreak of a food-borne illness in the united states in 25 years. as of tuesday 123 people have gotten ill. there could be more illnesses. police in ohio are trying to round up exotic animals, including lions, cheetahs and bears. the owner of the animals was found dead in his home and the fences were unsecured. officers shot a dozen animals before vets arrived with tranquilizing shots. the republican presidential debate took place in sin city overnight. herman cain taking the heat for his 9-9-9 economic plan. mitt romney and rick perry sparred over immigration and who would be the better leader. this is the last gop debate
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this month. we'll hear more from that debate coming up in our next half hour. an expert photographer offers her tips on getting the best pictures of spectacular fall foliage. 5:23. another local team not named the redskins will change quarterbacks this weekend. howard has more on our severe weather alert day. grab the umbrella, we'll be right back. state farm. this is jessica.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. you see it the on screen, severe weather alert day. it is 5:14. what does that mean for us later today? >> it is going to be a problem because it will slow your commute. later today, we get a cold front to approach, we get enough spin in the upper level of the atmosphere. that could translate into spinning thunderstorms. strong, gusty winds and potentially isolated tornadoes. we are going to watch that for this afternoon and this evening. for this morning though, we are going to start off with the regional radar and satellite. you look down back toward north carolina on the last frame, there are breaks toward i-81. i expect moderate rain for the
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next two, tree hours, we'll get breaks with the potential for this line of showers. this afternoon and this evening, for those strong to severe thunderstorms. you get west of route 15 from frederick to leesburg, up toward i-81 in the shenandoah valley. there is not much going on. we have all sorts of breaks prince charles, st. mary's, calvert county. we have light to even moderate rains falling from baltimore right now down the i-95 corridor. in culpepper county seeing some of that. we'll start north and east. right along i-95 coming down through beltsville, silver spring toward the american legion bridge. heavier rain through tyson's corner as well. another band through southern fairfax county going right down
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route one there toward dale city over to quantico. notice the yellow back here from warrenton, midland, and calvert, moving off toward the north northeast. coming back in fairfax county, you are going to get more of that. montgomery county, potentially some of that even a little bit later. obviously rainy in many areas, mild. temperatures running in the mid-50s to mid-60s. sunrise 7:21 so a dark morning. will stay dark for awhile. low 60s at 9:00. some lulls in the rainfall at time and then later on this afternoon and this evening, we could be seeing a strong to severe thunderstorm as temperatures warm to the upper 60s northeast with winds gusting over 20 at times. 67 in the mid-50s up to the north. here in washington humidity is high at 97% and a northeast wind at 7. one more shot at the satellite.
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this is the upper shot athis. that is what we are concerned about for later this afternoon and this evening. today 69 with the showers and storms at times. tomorrow windy and cooler. after startling in the 40s, -- after starting in the 40s, sunday a little milder. 62. a nice way to start next week. temperatures warm into 70 by tuesday. monika. get the good stuff out too howard right? if you are planning to head over into virginia an overnight problem ongoing in huntington. right here a pole down on south kingshighway at route 21. they are waiting on virginia power to set up a temporary pole and open up the lanes for you. it is slower than normal south kingshighway, and let's head over now to the area of i-95. quantico, there is an accident sitting on the shoulder. it is attracting some attention. plus you have the wet road
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conditions. expect that to be a little slow through there. here through dale boulevard. we'll take you over to the wilson bridge. up ahead on the outer loop at telegraph road an accident blocks the right lane. on the bridge span itself, no problems in oxen hill or new carrollton and college park. now look at your trains if you are planning to arrive metro mark or br e, everything running on time. mike and andrea? today is decision today at redskins park. who will be the starting quarterback this sunday? plus the caps are off to their best start in team history. highlights, coming up in sports. let's take another close look at the question of the day. every year roughly 6000 auto accidents are caused by drivers distracted by this. is it texting, changing clothes or picking up dropped food? >> robert wrote on our facebook
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page i was behind a guy who kept stopping and waving. when i passed i finally saw he was reading mail on his phone. log onto the wusa facebook faint page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the next hour. 
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welcome back. potential for strong storms
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later on this afternoon and this evening. the rain is moving along i-95 and montgomery and heavier stuff down to warrenton and down i-95 and toward fredericksburg as well. the futurecast today showing the showers and storms scattered about. sometimes there will be a lull. mid-60s at noon. near 70 for a lie. we'll be watching for late this afternoon and this evening. andrea and mike. tonight the world series gets underway with the texas rangers at the st. louis cardinals. here at home caps fans have a lot to be excited about right now. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. here's your first look at sports. the consensus throughout the caps locker room was we have one four straight. and we are undefeated. we are not happy with the way we played. last night we took a step in the right direction as they put on
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a pretty good darn performance. johansen sneaks the puck under the goalie. 1-0. the pass to the other alex, stemmons. second goal of the season and he passes the puck to jason who deposits it. caps win 3-0. go to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. they are still not satisfied. >> they are just going to keep going. i think it is a good feed. we haven't played the way we want to. tonight was a little better than we were playing. we have to keep on going. how about this guy. thomas has gotten better every week since coming to washington. solid play last night. stopping all 20 shots to blank his former team. the weekly press conference yesterday freshman quarterback brown will be the starter when
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the terrapins travel to tallahassee on saturday. brown has put some life back into the terrapins offense. he ran for 162 yards and threw three touchdown passes. today we'll find out who will be the quarterback for the redskins this sunday. rex grossman or john beck? we'll have to wait and find out. a quick look at sports this morning. have a great wednesday. more children take the stand today in the trial of their teach or abuse charges. that story is coming up. plus the iphone 4f posted record sales. but did apple's profits perform? jessica doyle has more on that in your money. we are going to take a live look here on 279 where we are just getting word of an accident at i-370 blocking the lane with authorities on the scene. no problems now. we'll take another look at maryland roadways, coming up in
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my next report. you are watching 9news now. stay with us. çñ
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boom. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika santani. >> good morning,. we joke a little now, but this morning is not going to be the problem. it is going to be this afternoon. we have problems with the rain this morning. the severe threat will be later this afternoon and this evening. strong to severe thunderstorms with gusty winds and even an isolated tornado, can't be ruled out. we are expecting rain at times today. at times, as opposed to all day. we'll have a batch this morning. i think some breaks and on and off showers and storms later this afternoon, with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 67. some spots are going to make a
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run toward 70 with northeast to southeast winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. all the rain moving up over the past three hours. as we get into southern virginia, the shenandoah valley. you get the picture, we should get into some breaks. much of prince georges, northern calvert counties. we have some breaks there. you'll see the rain up and down from i-95 through baltimore to howard woundty through the district right up and down 95 here. and heavier rains also, in and around chantilly. toward montgomery county. not just the rain jacket this morning. maybe the rain jacket this morning as temperatures are running in the low 60s. here here's monika with more. >> it was coming down pretty hard. you want to be aware of that. give yourself the extra time
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you need to deal with that. there was an accident here on the outer loop of telegraph road. generally speaking the beltways got a bit of traffic forming. zooming into 279, there is an accident here on the southbound side here at 370. let's take a live look at 270. over on frederick. that is the one incident, here at falls road the volume you can see heading down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll take a last look if you are planning to head to the beltway. really the entire east side of town between college park and oxen hill. looking into the district at 5:38. more children are expected to take the stand today in the abuse trial of a former montgomery county elementary school teacher. yesterday four boys testified teacher susan burke choked, punched and scratched them, as did the boy's mothers.
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the teacher had been working at greencastle element friday school in silver spring before her arrest. burke attacked them after they misbehaved. the defense spent the day trying to poke holes in their stories. human remains were found in clarksburg, which they believe appear to be 11-year-old william mcquain. they have been searching for mcquain since his mother was found murdered in their germantown home last week. curtis lopez, is already charged with his estranged's wife's murder and he is expected to be charged in william's death as well when he is extradited in north carolina. it has been nearly five months since a gaithersburg girl was found murdered. 9news now reporter kristyn fisher has more on the story.
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>> reporter: good morning, you can't help but notice this chase bears an eerie resem ambulance to the story of william mcquain, the 11-year-old boy whose body was believed to have been found by montgomery county police just yesterday in both of these cases the victims are almost exactly the same age. both lived in montgomery county and in both cases the suspect is the stepfather. in this case the victim, 11-year-old jessica nguyen, an honor student. back in may her body was found with multiple stab wounds in the basement of her home. police have arrested her stepfather. 42-year-old david rich. he is now behind bars at the montgomery county detention center and is being held there without bond. it was dna evidence that led to this arrest. it came from the sheath to a small sword that was found right near the little girl's body. the big question here though,
5:33 am
is still motive. court documents showed the girl's mother and suspect had spent the past year in divorce proceedings. but other than that, police haven't commented too much about what the motive for this murder may have been. we are hoping to get a little bit more information later today at 11:00. that is when montgomery county police chief will be holding a press conference. back to you. kristen fisher, thank you for that update. tea partiers rallied in annapolis tuesday accusing democrats of trying to change voting boundaries. the senate passed the plan. prince georges senator anthony muse was the only democrat in opposition. you may see what looks like a large scale disaster response today in montgomery county. but don't worry, this is a drill. it is helping to train emergency responders, just in case of a terrorist attack with many
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victim. if you are near mock disaster sites at a local hospital. you could see participants dressed up to look like they have been severely injured but again, this is a drill. 5:34. it is time for another your money report. jessica's back with a closer look at the bad news from all places apple? >> right. of course apple is still a bright, shiny object when it comes to being a high flying stock on wall street. >> it is very pretty but it lost a little bit of that shine when it released its quarterly results. 7% in after hours trading the reason of all things it didn't sell enough of these babies. the iphone 4. these numbers deal with the last three months and do not include the record release of the 4 fthis weekend. people probably held off on some purchases to buy the 4 f. the numbers showed just how
5:35 am
important the iphone has become to the company. some quarters sales of i phones make up a third of total revenues. students and workers are retraining to adjust to this tough employment market and they are borrowing extraordinary amounts of money through federal loan programs as a result. usa reports student loans last year crossed the $100 billion mark. total loans will exceed $1 trillion for the first time this year. gift ideas for the person who doesn't have a budget. the neiman marcus christmas catalog is out agent trip for flower enthusiasts. you are going to get the tour. it will take you to the most celebrated flower shows. by private jet to greece, france and london. $429,000. there is a dancing
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fountain, for a million buck. because that is what my yard needs. desperately. >> you know, i'm think that go trip, divided by 9, that is probably a reasonable price, considering. >> it is probably one of the most spectacular things some people will ever do in their life time. $50,000 each, maybe not so reasonable unless you have a black american express card. >> for a million bucks, i want the bellagio fountain in my backyard. thank you jack. a piece of history from ancient rome is returned to the surface. plus atural rehabilitated in virginia will face extra challenges now that it is back in the ocean. we'll be back after this.
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welcome back. howard here with your severe weather alert here. severe storms later on this
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afternoon and this evening. this morning we are worried about the rain coming down at a good clip here. areas seeing very little, other areas seeing moderate downpours. lulls at times, mid-60s by noon. 65 to 70 for a high. again late this afternoon and evening with severe thunderstorms as a cold front sweeps this way. the weekend outlook when i see you in just a few minutes. right now to monika santani. >> reporter: a live look in virginia right now. 395. look at the heavy traffic there. we are just getting word of an accident at duke street. i'll have more details on this coming up in my next report. it sank more than 2000 years ago. archaeologists have recovered the final piece of a roman barge from the rome river in france. the first parts of the ship have yielded an on board kitchen with a ceramic oven. researchers will study the
5:40 am
artifact as they piece the ship back together. a 300-pound turtle is back if the atlantic ocean. he was rescued in may and the aquarium had to amputate his left front flipper because of a severe injury from a crab pot. marine biologists will see how it's captains now -- how it's capitals now. , how it will adapt now. a handwritten murder confession note found inside an electrical breaker box. former heavyweight boxing champ holyfield is 4. amy cart soldier 44 today. tray parker is 42 and former
5:41 am
"saturday night live" cast member chris ca tan is 41.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. our time is 5:44 this wednesday morning. it is a wet wednesday. the weather is going to go downhill today. up and down a little bit. lulls, rain showers some morning midday and then later on this afternoon and this evening, as the cold front comes through, that could spark thunderstorms. which could have winds and an isolated tornado. we may not get there. let's hope we don't get there that is why we have the severe weather alert day out there to keep you advised it is a possibility. a look at the satellite and radar combined showing you moisture coming up since last night. the rain moved in quickly. seeing a lot of breaks toward
5:45 am
i-85. southern virginia now. to the west the second piece of the puzzle there. live doppler 9, showing you the rain coming down at a heavy clip. heavy rain at times, this morning while we have all the holes in prince georges and northern charles county now. north of baltimore, just northeast of town here toward laurel up 95, 2:95 we are seeing some of the heavier rains as well. in the yellow. from laurel toward beltsville, college park, toward parts of dc. out to our west, moving toward montgomery county. western fairfax. it is coming down on a good clip down i-95 from springfield.
5:46 am
east of 95 over toward route 1. in garrisonville and stafford also. we'll get the rains on and off. some spots are dry, but a lot of rainy areas on our bus stop forecast. rainy and mild. 55 to 65. sunrise now not until 7:21. we are looking at those periods of rain. 65 at noon. with a northeast wind at 15. those winds try to go east and southeast later on by this afternoon. we are looking for highs in the upper 60s this evening until the front pushes through. we'll start to dry out. 60 degrees. a popular number in fairfax county. 61 for croftton and andrews. leesburg this morning 57. with the 61, the dew point is also 61. north northeast wind at 60 miles
5:47 am
per hour. part a, coming up from florida. here's part b. spin not guilty ohio, indiana, illinois. we have showers and storms extending from atlanta now toward cleveland. the front with that, that is what we will be watching until late this afternoon. the damage in wind gusts potentially later on. this morning the showers will quickly race away from us. scattered showers. maybe the heavy rain will race away from us with scattered showers and midday. this may not happen until midnight or so. behind it the dryer, cooler air starts to work its way through here. you may see the rain showers turn to snow showers. today 6. severe weather alert day. showers and storms strong. tonight 50s and 40s. low 60s tomorrow. that is it. with winds with gusts over 30.
5:48 am
upper 50s saturday. low 60s on sunday. monika santani, timesaver traffic. >> reporter: a lot of issues in virginia this morning. south of 95 and 395. we are getting word of a patch paving operation, northbound 95. let's go to the traffic land camera at route 23 where i'm being told the two left lanes are blocked there throughout the rush hour. at duke street out of the camera shot there is an accident northbound 395 at duke street. the two left lanes are going to get you by. that is going to slow things down, not only in woodbridge, but in springfield. trying to get up into landmark. now we'll end with a live picture of 270 on the southbound side. if you are planning to head at i 370 again north of this point, there is an accident in the local lanes. when you are at falls road, it is okay. it is the volume at the point where the lanes divide.
5:49 am
i'll update you on the situation at virginia. making news now at 5:48. today the national weather service will investigate whether it was a tornado that hit south florida last night. the storm heavily damaged homes in the town of sunrise, but there are no reports of injuries. our tornado watch was issued until 6:00 this morning. a new york homeowner found a handwritten murder confession inside a circuit breaker box. it was dated august 2003. the writer claims to have killed the woman and buried her under the home's concrete floor. police plan to rip out the carpeting to see if there is anything suspicious or if the whole thing is a hoax. president obama is working on the third and final day of his bus tour. the president heads to langley air force base, he returns to the white house this afternoon. campaign 2012 is getting a
5:50 am
little feisty now. seven republican candidates debated last night. susan mcginniss shows us who took the gloves off last night. all bets were off in las vegas as republican presidential candidates went head to head. i don't i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> a tough couple of debates for rick. i understand that. >> you are going to get testy. >> the debate heated up last night as texas governor rick perry and former massachusetts governor mitt romney clashed. >> you lose all your standing because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. if someone has a record as governor with regard to illegal immigration, it is you. >> most polls show romney is still the gop front runner. all the canned dates zeroed in
5:51 am
on another big challenger georgia businessman herman cain. >> you don't have to have a big analysis to figure this thing out. they blasted his 9-9-9 economic plan. >> anytime you give the congress a brand new tax, it done go away. >> it is a jobs plan. it is revenue neutral. it does not raise taxes on those that are making the least. >> in virginia, president obama slammed the prep al in an interview with night line and said he is not worried about who wins the gop nomination. >> there is going to be a very clear contrast between whoever they nominate and their vision for where we need to take the country and where i believe we need to take the country. okay. it is not over yet. plenty to go. before we head to break, let's look at the question of the day once again. every year roughly 6000 auto accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted by this. texting, changing clothes or picking up dropped food?
5:52 am
>> one of our regular contributors, linda, said the darn french fries you always find them between the seats. log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page and leave your response. the movie is not even out yet, but the trail soldier a huge hit online on the internet. which comic book hero flick is creating a lot of buzz? we seek out expert advice on making those fall foliage pictures really pop. here's jessica. we are getting you hired this morning. real jobs for real money. but there is a hitch. we'll talk about that, coming up. you are watching 9news now.
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>> welcome back. howard here with your severe weather alert day. this morning we have some rain. some of it is moderate. especially we see the yellow in areas to rich lowry northeast. look at the hole off for the east. we will have breaks at times today. we'll put the futurecast in motion. by 9:00, 62. rain to the northeast and the
5:56 am
south. this afternoon a few more scattered showers. this evening a front approaches. i feel the trailer for an upcoming comic book movie displays its super powers online the in the avengers, comic become heroes join forces to save the earth. the avengers, i can't wait for this one. it is due out may 4, 2012. the colors of autumn can make for some amazing photographs. as long as you know what you are doing before you grab the
5:57 am
camera. before you head to the mountains, we have advice for you from an expert conspiracy vermont. >> every day is a good day, for taking pictures when it is fall. >> just like the falling leaves, era moore doesn't spend much time in one spot these days. >> the morrisville photographer is constantly on the move, trying to capture fall. >> i have taken it horizontal, vertical. a wider shot here. look at the leaves coming down here. >> and her work is breathtaking. >> but you don't have to be a professional photographer to shoot images like these. the trick to the trade starts with knowing how much to shoot. when you are around here and you are seeing how beautiful the whole landscape is, you think your camera is actually going to take that picture and make it stunning. but really, too much. >> beautiful. >> the sky is also very important, generally speaking. blue sky makes for a great
5:58 am
backdrop. gray skies does not. >> the first one was the mountain with the beautiful muted blue. the second one you have moved over so the leaves are against the very bright, white sky. >> the background makes a huge difference. >> reporter: composition is also key. >> it is detail that makes an ordinary picture extraordinary. >> don't get rid of the leaves. use them as part of the sky area. >> just get your composition going. that is the main thing. >> that one looks terrific. >> sharp contrasts also add a nice touch and you don't always have to look up to find a good picture. >> looking for leaves. >> reporter: sometimes the best images are beneath you. >> i'm going to come down here and move that out of the way. >> reporter: i was looking at the contrast between the two. >> reporter: if you don't have a good lens, don't worry. that just means you have to
5:59 am
become the telephoto lens. and the beauty of shooting fall foliage is no matter your skill or the camera, you really can't go wrong. mother nature is a beauty queen that looks good, even on a bad day. >> colors you don't see in nature any other time of year, any other place. >> reporter: the yellows, reds, oranges. >> fall at its finest. in vermont. >> reporter: not much i don't love shooting here. we begin the news at 6:00 a.m. with a focus on our severe weather alert today. you can see the bands of rain rolling through the region. it could be a rough morning later this morning. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. monika santani will be back to tell us how it is affecting the morning commute. right now howard bernstein has our weather first. the severe weather is going to


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