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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is the verison 9news now rundown. a network ahead. >> this is 9news now. >> tonight a ten-year-old girl is back home in temple hill trying to heal from the physical and mental trauma inflicted during a sexual assault yesterday. >> it happened on scottish
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avenue. the good samaritan walked our armando trull through the entire ordeal. >> little girl was walking home from a nearby elementary school. she had her book bags with her. she was grabbed and drug into this area. she was sexually assaulted, but things could have been much worse if not for the quick actions of a young man they are calling a hero. >> i started hearing screams decrease. i noticed a little girl was saying stop, i don't want to do this. i told you, don't touch me. there was a girl on her hands and knees, underwear off, skirt up crying. screaming for her life terrified. then i looked over to her left. right behind her was a gentleman in a light gray hoody. he was adjusting himself. he had his hands in his genitals as if he was just finishing with her or just about to rape her.
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you could tell in her eyes she was more terrified than she had ever been. that very moment i yelled a as loud as i could. he looked directly at me. i got his face right here in my head. i got his clothes description and i chased him towards branch avenue until he got caught. we do not need people like that in our neighborhood. >> this wooded area is used as a shortcut by many young people. police are telling parents not to allow them to do that. in fact, not to walk alone. they increased patrols in the area and the search for the suspect is underway. reporting in temple hills, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> that assay assailant is described as a black male between 14 and 16 years old. short hair, jeans, a gray hoody, and red and blue sneakers. anita. >> not guilty on all counts. that is what the jury's verdict was today in the trial of susan burke, the teacher accused of choking her first grade
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students. the prosecution said this teacher turned green castle elementary school in a place of fear. burke abused her power and choked the kid despite being twice warned by the principal. the defense called the principal arrogant. it took the jury just an hour and a half to reach its verdict. >> you think the children lied? >> i don't know if they did or didn't. quite frankly, at this point, that's not a big concern of mine. my client and i are obviously concerned that they suffered through this. >> burke's attorney says she has no interest in returning to the school system in montgomery county. she is not out of the woods yet. burke faces a second trial and two felony counts of child abuse. eight months after jayna murray was killed in the lumulemon store in bethesda, her accused murder will finally stand trial beginning next week. jury selection in that case gets going monday at the
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montgomery county circuit court. norwood is accused of beating murray to death in the store where both women worked what could have been a confrontation over stolen clothing. in police video tapes, it's shown a recent court hearing. norwood claims she has never been accused of stealing anything. but one of her old soccer teammates says that's not the place. megan played with norwood at stoney brook. watch your stuff. then she saw it happened on a team flight back from europe. >> one of the girls that was a sophomore said oh my god, oh my god. and everyone is like what? she's like, brittany just tried to take me purse. and brittany stands up and was like, what are you talking about? you're crazy. she would steal money, she would steal clothing. clothing was a big thing. >> court records reveal norwood may have struggled financially. new york state filed a civil suit after she was in default
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on her student loans she owed nearly $20,000. 9news uncovered records from 2008 that indicate brittany norwood's landlord had to take her to court when she failed to pay her rent. a montgomery county man is in howard county jail accused of killing a fellow patient and roommate at cliften t. perkins state hospital. just before 2:30, he came out of his room in the maximum security wing and asked a security officer to come help. that officer found his roommate on the floor bleeding. he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. police charged him with first and second degree murder. so far, still looking for motive. after nine years, it is safe to say americans have gotten used to being a war in iraq. but they will have to get unused to it. president obama announced today as of the end of this year, there will be practically no troops left in that country.
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the president made the announcement after negotiations with the iraqi president. this war cost more than 4,000 american lives and more than $800 billion and many are just glad to see it just about done. the president said the u.s. and iraq will move forward as allies. >> with our diplomats and civilian advisers will help iraqis strengthen institutions that are just, representative, and accountable. >> there will be a small force left behind to protect the u.s. embassy. this is all happening too quickly and he has gotten criticism from the left that it hasn't happened fast enough. we put our own gary no, in the middle of all that. >> the newborn iraqi government took its first steps and stood only with american military support. the question is, whether it can
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continue to stand without it. >> it started as a hunt for weapons of mass destruction in the wake of 9/11, which prompted thousands of patriots to enlist and then become disenchanted. joined iraq's vets against the war. >> most of our members felt like, you know, we should have never gone in the first place and it wasn't worth the sacrifice or our troops lives. so i'm glad we are leaving now and i do hope that things are being stable after we leave. >> i'm really concerned. >> new hampshire senator on cnn believes troops should remain. republican presidential candidate, herman kaine. >> the thing that i wouldn't do that the president is doing is telling the enemy how many troops you're going to bring out and when you're going to bring them out. i don't think that's a good strategy. >> wants them to stay, wants them to leave, at least general agreement on this. >> i think our troops have
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done an incredible job in terms of their level of perseverance and accomplishing the mission. you know, the loss of life on all sides has been horrendous. >> the president's decision is based on the premise that iraq can now independently protect both its borders and its new form of government. but the president did not say this afternoon is what happens if iraq can't do those things? anita. >> gary, thank you. nato's bombing campaign in libya may soon come to an end now that moammar gadhafi is dead. the council met today and set october 31 as the preliminary date to end the operation. a formal decision will come next week. the alliance has run air patrols over libya for the last seven months to help the cause. maryland's brand-new congressional map could be headed for court. political action committee announced today that it's going to file a motion challenging the plan in federal court.
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the prince georges county based pack also plans to ask the justice department for an injunction, claiming the map violates the voting rights act by die luting the minority vote. signed the redistricting plan into law yesterday. power says the two nuclear reactors at the power station are ready to go. but the nuclear regulatory commission says not so fast. the reactors have been offline since the august 23 earthquake that hit in nearby mineral. dominion power said it found no damage that would prevent operating the reactors. the commission says it would complete its own review before it allows dominion to restart. >> a chilly night, but a nice night. let me talk about the wakeup weather. a chilly start, lots of sunshine coming our way. 40s at 6:00, but 44 to 54 by 8:00. back in the 50s by 10:00. we have our third nice weekend in a row? we will have the latest. but first, a wall of wine.
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literally. how this title wave of cabernet ended up all over the floor. and another cell phone study of cancer is out. are you safe this week? we'll have the answer for you next.
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no doubt this next bit of information is going to come as a relief to many of you who have this device. the largest study ever of its kind finds long-term cell phone use does not cause brain cancer. danish scientists looked at the health histories of 350,000 people over an 18 year time span and found cell phones did not impact cancer risk. >> they didn't find a risk of central nervous system. it's reassuring. >> experts on the electromagnetic energy cell phones say it's not a bad idea to limit close exposure by texting more than talking or using a hands free device. >> caught on tape in wisconsin. a wall of wine comes crashing down and flooding a liquor store. 78 feet of shelfing in superior discount liquors ripped out of the wall over the influence of
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7,000 bottles of wine. all of it flooding the store. some spots under 2 to 3 inches of wine. it took 15 employees and a ten man professional cleaning crew to get this mess cleaned up. good news for the store, insurance covered it all. >> what a waste. okay, tonight is the end of the world. again, or at least it is according to harold camping. he is the oakland minister who said judgment day would come on may 21, 2011. that day came and went, but miscalculated. the end of days for october 21, which is today. so far, we're still here and so is the entire earth, camping and his ministry has not returned calls to the associated press about the prediction. well, there are a few things more relaxing on a friday night than sitting back with family or friends to watch a movie you have been waiting on dvd. but derek says your home theater may soon fall victim to an unexpected and terrifying
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invader. okay, i'm scared. >> as you should be. imagine if you will, movie night. instead of the high-tech special effects blockbuster you thought you rented, you are watching something strangely cheesy with no name actors and obviously no real budget to speak of. you examine your cover a little more closely and you say hey, this isn't transformers. it's transmorphers. have you gone crazy? enter the twilight zone perhaps? no. instead, welcome to the world of mock busters, where your favorite hollywood movie can and likely does have an evil twin. it is where the dvinci code becomes the treasure. snakes on a plane sits along snakes on -- and high school musical horrifyingly reborn as sunday school musical. you say you loved kung fu panda? you will probably not love chop stick panda. i watched a part of that one
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this morning and it had the nerve to be a little bit funny. but just a little bit. who are these you ask? just some guys who know that if one pretty good movie about the last man in the world is making a billion dollars, maybe even a really, really bad one could scrape in a million. just try not to be fooled and don't make me watch because let's be real, most movies are bad anyway, even when the movies are trying not to be. anita. >> thank you derek. well this sunday on 60 minutes, a new revelation about the life of steve jobs told by the man jobs picked himself to write his biography. cbs sat down with walter in his first interview about coinventor and ceo of apple. steve jobs met a man back in the 80s who was his biological father, but neither man knew it at the time. the author gives more insights into jobs business and private life, which he has protected.
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learned through 40 interviews for this biography. it airs right here on wusa9 at 7:00. hundreds of thousands of people around the country will be spending tomorrow helping somebody else. it is the annual make a difference day. the largest national day and it is sponsored by ginet. the parent company of wusa. people are planning to volunteer tomorrow. several events going on including the autism walk of which 9news now is a proud sponsor. topper is going to be there. to learn more about volunteering in your neighborhood, go to our website, we have all the information you need so you can help out your own community. and saturday night join us for a special on dr. martin luther king, jr. a monumental life. we'll take a look at the man and some of the highlights from last weekend's dedication. that is saturday night, 9:00, right here on wusa9. >> you can go to our website
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and register for the walk. it's not too late. >> there's a lot going on tomorrow. there really is. >> the good news is, well, going to be nice. >> we have been giving you the thumb's up for a while. >> a little cooler than last week, but we are through october, so it's okay. let's start with the temperatures because we are looking at low 50s in most spots. 43 in gaithersburg. 46 in frederick. 49 up in hagerstown. 30s when you cross the divide. primarily upper 40s and low 50s. all right, so here's the deal. yup, we're going to make it the hat trick, three in a row. cool but nice on saturday and not breezy. going to make it feel warmer than it was today. chilly start night if you have big plans and a little bit milder on sunday. but all in all, another winner in terms of weekend. overnight partly cloudy and chilly. low temperatures in the 40s. winds light out of the northwest at 10. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and chilly.
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grab your sunglasses. 40s and 50s. winds northwest at 10 and probably this is the weekend to go to skyline drive at least between tomorrow and wednesday will probably be peek. the weather will be fantastic this weekend. take a hike. mostly sunny and cool by afternoon. still nice. high temperatures around 60. pretty close to our average. average is now dropping into the mid 60s and winds light again tomorrow. northwesterly at about 10. the zone forecast, pretty much nice from the mountains to the coast really. a little chilly if you jump the divide. but 54 in cumberland. and upper 50s in hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester 56. culpeper, one of the warmer readings, low 60s. warrenton, manassas, around 60. 61 downtown. 61 as you head up 270 to gaithersburg and low 60s into southern maryland and the bay. not much wind, so there's no advisories for the bay. a nice weekend to be on the
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water. break it down for you. 7:00, chilly temperatures in the 40s. 55 to 60 by noon with mostly sunny skies and by evening, 58 to 63. a very nice day. now the next three days, a little milder on sunday. temperatures in the mid 60s and look at this. by monday, milder still. we're going to be near 70 by monday. all right, next seven days, tuesday, a few clouds. partly cloudy. 75 by tuesday. that's the warmest day of the week. we start to go downhill. frontal system approaches. showers late wednesday will not be a washout. temperatures around 70. better chance of showers and storms on thursday. we fall back into the 60s and by friday, we are into the upper 50s. another nice night for football next friday night. >> we are looking at good fall foliage this weekend. >> this is the time to go to the skyline drive. >> all right, we're talking football, but maybe guys that used to play. >> yeah, redskins fans are going to get a kick out of the sports cast.
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making an appearance. >> we like that. >> hey, we all do >> you like it, i like it. won't be long before we get answers to our questions. could john beck be the man? one important person thinks so. west virginia meet the wood shed in upstate new york. mountaineers, yikes. and prep ball is coming into your living room. week eight, next. çñ
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welcome back. mike shanahan decided not to draft the quarterback this year. rather he opted to fortify his d. it's working. the redskins mo is simple. look at the offense and mistakes, smother the opponent, win ugly, but the qb has to make some plays. rex grossman not making enough of them. he was helping out the other team too much, so bring on beck. how important is this move? very. if your average at quarterback position, you're an average team at best. fortunes can turn. so is beck the ladder? well mike shanahan says yes. >> when i said i had a lot of confidence in these quarterbacks, i do. john is one of those guys that
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i believe in that is going to have a great future and now he's going to have his opportunity to show us what he can do. >> all right, looking at marty, coaching virginia in the usl championships. how about that? it's a former virginia tech. a will the of formers in the house. 47-yard house call. winning it 17-3. west virginia, below the radar in college football. bad news, syracuse looked below the radar. found west virginia and blew him up. ryan had three touchdowns. syracuse winning it late in the 4th quarter right now. 42-23. all right, that's the big boys. time for some friday night football. week eight on the menu. what do we got? poolsville making the trip from way out there and serving up a special on wheaten and it's game of the week. those fireworks you heard on route 7. serving notice to the colonials, next. verizon 4g lte.
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big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ now the toyota report. >> what's up, everybody. 54,000 of you can't be wrong. that's how many of you logged on to and voted for our game of the week. both looking for their first division win. let's check it out. that's the marshall student body. protecting it, here's the statesman early. warning, simmons is a slippery son of a you know what. 7-0 marshall on top and thomas
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jefferson comes back. nick to ed inside the 10-yard line. but the colonials couldn't score, so trapped in their own inn until daniel mandez has legs and he knows how to use them, until he runs out of gas. that led to this field goal. it's never easy in high school football when you kick the field goal, but going up and it stays there. they defend the house. they win 17-7 tonight in our game of the week. westfield at oakton. late second quarter, looking for a 3d tv? this is what it would be like. right into your living room. the play was wiped out by a penalty. this play, however, would not. kendall anderson, is he a doctor? yes. does he make house calls? yes. 30 yards westfield wins 35-10. fairfax posting the james madison warhawks. 1st quarter, madison lining up
11:30 pm
for the field goal. nick the kick. game tied at 3. still in the 1st, anthony nguyen. mr. nguyen, there is the seem. there's the ally. take ting to the outside. but fairfax wouldn't score. madison wins it 17-7. all right, let's go to -- what does poolsville have to do to catch a break? they had to get on the bus and take the hour long trek to wheaten for the knights homecoming. silver spring, maryland. that's where we are. crashing the party. kirby using his legs, passing to jonah. 6-0 falcons. switching, same dude. show me the car max. i said show me the carmax. as in kirby carmax. poolsville shut out wheaten 27- 0. all right. remember you can always log on to for the latest news, scores, and great features. we do it each week.
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we do a high school feature of the week. you can check it out. it's all on our website right now. all the scores, news, and features each week and every week. all right, that's going to do it for our game night report. thanks for watching. we leave you now with that band from george c. marshall. take us home, fellas. [ band playing ] dinner's ready.
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