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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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in the case. a 20-year-old man is in jail charged with shooting and killing a cab driver. rashad sly killed domingo in his cab saturday morning. he was driving for the pg and silver cab companies. jury election in the britney norwood murder trial. begins today attorneys could be looking at a jury pool in the hundreds. britney more house talks to one juror about the selection process. >> reporter: they may be on a walk or on a date or spending time with their kids or watching sunday football games. they may even be shopping at lou lou lemon. twelve jurors will decide the
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fate of britney norwood. montgomery attorney james shallic knows all about high profile cases. he is the prosecutor who tried the son of sam. he says selecting those 12 people is critical. >> if you don't have a jury that is sympathetic, you are wasting your time. it is the most important part of the case. >> reporter: they will have input, perhaps from jury consultants, who often study similar cases from the past. >> looking at similar cases around the country and what the juries were on those case gives you somewhat of a prediction. >> reporter: what could that mean for britney norwood. >> reporter: once the jurors are selected, no doubt they will be in for the case made for the big screen. he says the defendant is most responsible for that. >> the most compelling part of the case is her story and how
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to changed and how the police, through forensic evidence, and examining what she said, unraveled the case and the finger pointed to her. she basically led the police to the final conclusion of her arrest. >> reporter: britney moorehouse, 9news now. the food bank in acts, virginia will be reopening a week earlier than thought. local media, including 9 news now, put the word out and donations came pouring in. yesterday volunteers helped sort and bag the more than 12,000 pounds of food acts received for needy families. the food pantry also received some $60,000 in donations. ourselves have, we were able to fill them yesterday, so that the majority of them were full again, which was wonderful. now we are stocking our surplus areas, so we are able to bring food stored in the trailer.
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and we don't necessarily have to worry right now about where the next batch of food is going to come from, once we start packing bags. >> the food bank is expected to reopen tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. if you want to know how to donate food or money to the food pantry, go to wusa president obama heading west this week to continue pushing his jobs plan. >> he is expected to roll out new measures designed to help the economy without requiring congressional approval. the president's three day trip will include stops in nevada, colorado and california. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in asheville, north carolina undergoing two weeks of intensive therapy. giffords is recovering from a brain injury suffered during a shooting in tucson, arizona. six people were killed and 13 others were wounded during the
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shooting in libya has officially declared its liberation. days after the death of ousted dictator moammar gadhafi, in a ceremony sunday the leader of the transitional government laid out a two year plan for the country's move toward democracy. thousands took to the streets in tripoli, celebrating right into the night time. in a statement released last night the president welcomed what he describes as a new era of promise for the african nation. the bats of the st. louis -- st. louis cardinals were silenced. there is a conversation with the manager there. there is josh hamilton. elvis andrews put the rangers up 1-0. then in the sixth, naply a
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towering shot. that was all holland needed. he punished eight and a third innings. two hits two walks no runs, seven strikeouts. last week four interceptions led to a redskin defeat. we don't want to talk about that. this week, it was the injury bug. unfortunately, we have to talk about that. combined with the nfl's new sensation, cam newton, that did the skins in. cam newton, on the other hand, was relentless, firing throwing 256 yards rushing for 59 more. he scored one touchdown with his arm, and ran in for another one. his definite touchdown of the year ties the record for most tds by a rookie quarterback. it scored a touchdown in the air. he had a two yard keeper. there is a touchdown pass.
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the redskins defense had no answer. the redskins lose 33-20. moss santana moss out with a broken hand. caroline that -- carolina's first win. 4:46. one of the nation's largest employers announces changes to its plan. back with your weather first. you are watching 9news now.
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weather first. coming up on 44:00 this monday morning. grab the umbrellas. you won't need them this morning. there is a slight chance you will need them later in the day. temperatures approaching upper 60s near 70s. back in a few minutes, we'll talk about what you can expect for the rest of the work week. right now monika has an update. >> reporter: there is construction at the intersection of connecticut avenue, and woodley road causing delays on buses l2 and l-4. coming up, we'll talk more about construction on the area. back to you mike. jessica doyle is off. here are today's headlines. investors are hopeful meetings in brussels between european leaders will produce a plan of action there. a concrete plan is expected as soon as wednesday on wall street the dow starts the week in
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positive territory. stocks rallied friday after a string of better than expected earnings, including mcdonalds and general electric. nasdaq moved 39, s&p 500 up more than 22. wall street will get another wave of earnings report including caterpillar, amazon, delta and ups. taxpayers may be bank rolling a kidney transplant for a white collar convict, former hedge manager is serving 11 years for insider trading. the 53-year-old is a diabetic which needs a kidney transplant which could cost taxpayers more than $300,000. many wal-mart workers will see healthcare premiums rise. smokers, their premiums will jump 40%. wal-mart says rising healthcare costs are forcing it to eliminate healthcare coverage for new employees who work less
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than 24 hours a week. a man feet tured in the story about the acts food bank, he is now the victim of crime. police are now asking for your help in their search for a stolen power washer. that story, coming up in two minutes. ñññ
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mild temperatures today, tomorrow and wednesday. a stronger front comes through wednesday night, thursday. brings more rain and showers and much more chilly by the end of the week. we are looking at a lot of 40s out there with a few low 50s. even today a weak front comes through. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. it is brisk out there quoting mike hydeck out there this morning. look at the sunrise. not until 7:26. still got a couple of weeks to
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go until daylight savings time on the 6th of november. 51 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 61 at noon. this afternoon by 4:65. we may see a few more clouds here. winds generally south 5 to 10. there is a slight chance between 5:00 and 8:00, we'll see passing showers coming through with this front. they will be isolated. this morning some clouds. you can see them here. even a few sprinkles in the mountains of west virginia. generally dry and chilly. 39 our cold spot in frederick, maryland. hagerstown holding on to that 51-degree reading. 45 in cambridge and a chilly 43 this morning in at reagan national. dew point 47. the humidity 86%. here's the big picture in the
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satellite and radar. check this out. it is a line of showers, heavier ones coming through detroit this morning back toward areas in toledo, ohio almost toward indy this morning. they have a bad football team in indianapolis, don't they? that is a rough one. you think it is bad being a redskins fan, be a colts fan this year. showers south and east. middle of the day of the down toward pittsburgh, we have varying amounts of cloud cover today. watch as this front gets in here this afternoon. we are seeing showers here. this is at 7:00. notice the green extending down toward the metro. that is what i'm talking about late this afternoon and early this evening. the weak front pushing through, tomorrow we end up being mostly sunny and rather pleasant. that guy is going to be here as we head into late weapons. thursday a better chance of showers and also much cooler weather to finish out the week.
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that the tropical storm rena here. could be getting toward cancun sometime late friday saturday. that is a hurricane. and after that, it will likely turn to the northeast but clearly florida will have to watch this for next weekend the way it is going. this is rena. hurricane season doesn't end until the end of november. looking at our forecast then for the next three days. today temperatures 65 to maybe 70. tonight we are back in the 40s to near 50. tomorrow 6. looks like a very fine day here for tuesday. lower 70s, a threat for a few showers moving in. more showers lower 60s there is the cool down. friday 54. throwing a raindrop in for saturday. the system likely to stay south of us. that is covering myself.
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sunday partly sunny and cool. monika santani, here we are at 4:47. how is it looking out there this morning? >> we have already had a bit of activity. it is washington, things are looking fine on the north side of town. i'm going to show you a live look at the beltway at university boulevard. overnight construction basically between georgia avenue and university. you have to basically stay to the right to get by both loops of the beltway out of this camera shot. they should be thick picking that up within the next 10 minutes. basically between the beltway and nutley street, you want to follow the detours to get around the construction. again that is going to be about another ten minutes inside the beltway. we'll go over to 95. at route one and woodbridge. it is causing a bit of a back- up to be aware of that as well. coming up in my next report
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we'll talk about construction around the area. a northern virginia man is desperately hoping to get back an extremely valuable part of equipment. >> we highlighted warren mitchell and the positive effect the food pantry had on his life. mitchell's life has now taken a sudden turn for the worse. >> reporter: three days ago, warren mitchell was singing the praises of the acts food pantry in northern virginia, which, before temporarily closing last week, helped mitchell turn his life around after he lost his home. >> i want to be a part of society. but i want to be productive for it. >> reporter: today mitchell is singing the blues. after his portable power washer, which he depends on to make money washing cars, the same power washer he was using last week when we caught up with him, was stolen from his driveway in
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woodbridge. the 42-year-old mitchell is now washing cars in front of his house, but not nearly as many as he was able to when he was on the road with his pickup truck and power washer. >> i paid for that machine, worked hard, saved up my money and bought it. >> reporter: his hope is to save up enough money to buy another power washer. if that doesn't happen soon he and his family might find themselves homeless once again. >> i have got to get out here to work to find the money for a pressure washer. >> reporter: should you have any information about the person or people who may have stolen mitchell's power washer or if you know where that power washer may be call the prince william county police department. warren would be extremely grateful. congress plans to take a closer look at what caused the deadly listeria outbreak in
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cantaloupe. the owners of the jenson farms in colorado have been asked to brief a house committee. unsanitary conditions at the farm's packaging plant probably contributed to the outbreak. exposing children to bp a, even before birth, could have an impact on their bewaiver. harvard researchers found preschool girls born to moms with high levels of that chemical scored less on behavioral tests. bpa can be found in everything from plastic bottles to metal cans. most people aren't reading nutrition labels. only a third of people say they even looked at the labels. of those only 9% looked at california's ries, while only 1% read the whole label. a local swimming pool has been renamed to honor two well-known residents. the aquatic center in north
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bethesda was renamed in honor of the late eunice kennedy sha require and -- shriver and sergeant shriver. >> i think in our own way, everyone in our family has tried, anthony through his extraordinary work to build friendships, mark in his fierce fighting for the rural poor, the forgotten children of poverty. maria and her extraordinary advocacy for the voice of women, bobby in bringing the power to swim. it has an eight lane pool a leisure pool and two hydrotherapy pools, each accessible to people with disabilities. part of an effort to raise
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awareness of women's cancer in an upcoming fundraiser marathon next month. their emphasis is on cancers that affect women below the belt. race organizers say those cancers need more money for research. >> when i was diagnosed no one was talking about cervical cancer. everything was directed toward breast cancer. so i want to spread the word. i want it to be acknowledged that we need to make women aware of their bodies and to get them diagnosed earlier. >> reporter: the national race to end women's cancer takes place at freedom plaza on november 6th. before we head to break, here is our first look at the question of the morning. a recent survey suggests this is the one person we are most likely to lie to, your teacher -u your employer or supervisor or mom. don't lie to mom.
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come on, man. our facebook page will reveal some of your comments
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, even upper 30s isolated spots. a few clouds from time to time.
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showers from cumberland toward petersburg. an isolated sprinkle north and west. 61 at lunch time. so a cool midday. mid-60s at 3:00. stray sprinkle and then this afternoon and evening notice by 6:00 p.m. the showers coming through the shenandoah valley 7:00 or 8:00. we will be watching that. we'll be watching the traffic this morning. thanks so much hour. southbound on route 121. a few people trying to get to work on time. they shouldn't have any problems heading down to the point where the lanes divide and across to the american legion bridge. moviegoersers seeking an early halloween scare, pair are normal activity three. no problems in the box office. brought in 54 million bucks in his opening weekend. paranormal activity three is a
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pre quell to the first two movies in the series. footloose was third. three musketeers opened at fourth, 8.8 million. the ides of march rounding out the top five no rock legend carlos santana sings a song of praise. betty white gets ready to join comedy royalty. karin brown has more. >> reporter: rock n roll hall of famer carlos santana is returning to his old high school after 45 years. the ten time grammy winner will perform with mission club today. now since 85% of its graduating seniors to college. one of the most beloved characters finally has his leading role as fans of shrek had something to look forward
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to this weekend. put -- pus in boots -- puss in boots hits theaters this weekend. betty white now has something in common with johnny carson, steve martin and bill murray. they are all recipients of jack bennie award for comic achievement. the golden girl at 89 years of age, white says she is honored. coming out on dvd this week, captain america, the first avenger hit stores on tuesday, october 25th. on both dvd and blu-ray. universal is also putting out a special edition of the jury raskin sick park trilogy that same day. i'm karin brown, cbs news,
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hollywood. good morning, thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. monika santani, what do you have there? >> reporter: my new clicker. >> it is pretty big. >> reporter: it is bigger than howard's. >> whatever you need, monica. >> reporter: very good. okay. >> reporter: that is only because of the artificial enhancement. we are going to move on. right now. we have a decent day ahead. grab an umbrella. in the mountains, you'll likely see a sprinkle or two. looks like the morning midday will be dry. let's get you moving here on this monday morning. we are talking about a few clouds here and there at times. lunch time 61. with partly sunny conditions. this afternoon again mostly cloudy, can't rule t


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