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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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afternoon evening hours. highs mid-60s to near 70s. you'll notice some of the clouds coming over us. heavier showers out well to our north and west. coming into northwestern ohio. there is a chill in the air, especially up in frederick. 45 for leesburg. east end and cambridge are mid-40s this morning to 43. chilly one in fredericksburg. well south of town. culpepper up around 6. monika santani is coming in now with your monday morning timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much. we have a problem already with public transportation first of all, because of construction here at connecticut avenue and woodley road it is causing delays on buses l-2 and l-4 and i just got work that mark penn line 505 is cancelled this morning. because of that 511 will depart
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at 5:40 this morning. a little bit of a delay there as well. if you are planning to head to the south side of town, route 4 everything is fine at the beltway. whether you are trying to head past andrews air force base to the wilson bridge or heading north toward college park, you are going to be okay. first of all, again at branch avenue, everything is fine on the beltway. now let's go to the west side of town at the american legion bridge. along the west side between 270, tyson's corn and 266. coming up in my next report, we'll go into the district at 5:08. thank you monika. it has been seven months since jana murray was murdered. today britney norwood is charged in the case. 9 news reporter kristen fish soldier live in rockville with a
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preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know this is the first day of what is expected to be a two week-long, very high profile murder trial here in rockville. the defendant is of course 28-year-old britney norwood. she is accused of killing a coworker inside of the bethesda store last march. montgomery county prosecutors allege norwood beat murray to death. norwood then tried to cover-up the murder by playing the victim and telling police the two women had been attacked by two masked men inside the store. the murder the alleged cover- up, it rocked the bethesda community and soon the fate of britney norwood is going to be in the hands of 12 people. 12 jurors. this selection process starts this morning. attorneys are looking at a jury pool that will probably be in the hundreds of people.
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this is a case that received lots of national media attention, so many prospective jurors will likely have heard all about this case. those jurors will be questioned to determine if they have developed any sort of biass about this case before the trial even begins. again jury selection starting this morning and coming up in about half an hour at 5:30, we will hear from a prosecuting attorney here in montgomery county about the types of questions they will be asking these jurors as they decide who they are going to keep and who they are going to let go. back to you. rescuers have flooded into eastern turkey. many buildings collapsed after sunday's earthquake there. more than 200 people are listed as dead, over 1000 more injured. and both of those totals are expected to rise. search crews have pulled at least two survivors out of the rubble of collapsed buildings and rescue efforts are difficult and power outages are making
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things even more challenging. >> it is incredibly sad to see rescue workers who have to rely on generators, to be able to continue a relief effort. they cannot hear people screaming for help. now the original tremor had a magnitude of 7.2 and then several strong aftershocks, after that, sent people running become into the streets. 5:04. time for the latest your money report of the morning. jessica doyle is off today. there is good news from overseas so far this morning. the major markets in asia closed much higher overnight. the exchanges each posted gains of more than 1.5% while the hang sang skyrocketed 4%. the dow jumped 267 points to close at 11808. the nasdaq gained almost 3
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points. europe's leaders made progress at a meeting sunday. they are trying to hammer out a comprehensive plan for tackling the euro zone debt crisis. they may have definite plans at the next meeting on wednesday. well they were two much loved members of the kennedy clan. now a couple who spent their later years in the washington, d.c. area has one of their favorite places renamed in their honor. the redskins team drops
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it is cool out there. you'll need a jacket. by the end of the day you might need an umbrella. here's a look at your day planner on this monday morning. lots of 40s out there. low 50s by 9:00. some sun for the middle of the day. 616789 highs mid-60s to even near 70 in a few spots. i'll be back in a few minutes to talk about the work week. you are looking ahead to a chillyier weekend. now here's monika santani. >> reporter: northbound of i-95 at the prince william parkway. no big deals on the 395 and the 14th street bridge. more on virginia roadways coming up at 5:15. back to you guys. thanks monika. making news now, a suspect is
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in custody in the murder of a cab driver. 40-year-old mingo he's reek was found shot to death. 20-year-old rashid sly has been arrested for the murder. six people were injured in last night's pile up on i-270 near middlebrook road. two had serious injuries. the northbound lanes of the interstate were shut down for about an hour. the founders of the special olympics have a swimming facility that will now be called the eunice shriver and sergeant shriver awe quietic center.
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today we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9 news now coming up on 5:12
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this monday morning, the last full week of okay. the month is just almost over. >> november halloween thanksgiving daylight savings time. snowfall. >> i have it on my calendar, daylight saving time. sleep. >> don't forget, an extra hour. >> i know, we pay for it in the spring. good morning everybody. your monday morning starts chilly. we have lots of 40s out there. we might see a sprinkle before the day is out. with a much stronger cold front. that means chillier weather friday. definitely bundle them up. what about tomorrow afternoon. probably go away with shorts but it will be in the 60s later on. sunrise at 7:26. sun sets now at 6:20 or so. so real, real early. your day planner calling for
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clouds and sun mixing today. low 50s at 9:00, upper 50s at 11:00. southerly at 8:00, and 9:00. 69 at 1:00. late afternoons more clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two. the best chance that have will be north of washington. some clouds across the region. sprinkles in the mountains of west virginia. heavier showers way out here into michigan, ohio and indiana. our temperatures are running in the 40s to 51 in town. laurel is 43. 45 in leesburg. centerville is chilly along with college park and baden. 47 for springfield and arlington and here in washington 51. your dewpoints running in the upper 40s here in town with calm winds and mostly cloudy
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skies. naturally -- nationally, showers extending into montana. the great lakes and part of the south. look at this really firm lynn of showers and thunderstorms there. almost bowing out here across parts of northwestern ohio. when you see the nice bow on that, that is a sign of strong winds coming out of showers and storms. that will be arriving here later this afternoon. in the short-term a few clouds maybe an isolated sprinkle, they are showers we were watching just a moment ago. they will be coming through the region. 7:45. notice showers around the metro and also in the mountains. that pushes through and gets out of here. tomorrow we clear out will be very, very nice. wednesday a stronger front comes through and here it is into wednesday now. in the morning we are watching the rain and showers north of us. that will be here by later on in the day, wednesday night and thursday.
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so upper 60s today. late showers possible. near 70 tomorrow. wednesday lower 70s and the late showers, wednesday night into thursday. more showers around as we turn cooler. thursday low 60s, friday saturday and sunday. temperatures in the low 50s. saturday a slight chance of a shower. monika stepping in timesaver traffic. >> reporter: thank you so much howard. overall things are looking okay. here's a look at the beltway. no problems all around town. let's zoom in to downtown. 14th street bridge from 395-6789 you are okay with no delays now. let's look live now. if you are planning on heading into i-95. traffic is moving at a good pace right over to the beltway. to the beltway at braddock road heading over toward the american legion bridge. everything is running on time. back to our graphic. one issue this morning, if you are planning to take buses l2 and l-4 because of construction
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at connecticut avenue and woodley, watch out for delays on those two buses. coming up in my next report. we will take a look at the north side of town. thank you monika? in conjunction with national food day today, fairfax county put the heat on a public school system. they organized the get real, real kids real food event and this morning i'm joined by joanne hammer master to tell about this push and how to get involved. thank you for being with us so early in the morning. first tell us how did real food for kids get started? >> we had started the nutrition committee at our elementary school. we were concerned with some of the nutritional quality. we realized at some point we couldn't do anything unless we went to the county. we realized we needed to a
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forum with some parents. >> what did you tell them about the ingredients with their school children? >> i'm a director in boulder, colorado. we make all our food from scratch and there is nothing special in our food. it is just real food. but from the ingredient list of the food here. quesadillas have over 60 ingredients in them. over 60. you know, lick our ingredients in our quesadillas in boulder are cheese and tortillas and salsa. when you buy things pre maid and highly processed, the ingredient list can be very long. >> it is carefully looking at what we are putting in? including just a hamburger?
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and the hamburgers in this district have over 25 ingredients. in my district they have beef and salt. >> it is really an interesting choice that we are serve that go much processed foods to our kids. and we don't need to do it. >> joanne you point this out to the school system. what has been their reaction? >> they say they are working toward it. they do meet the usda guidelines. they are saying it is not enough. we would like the commitment from the county we don't care if you serve a hamburger, just serve a real hamburger. >> how can they get involved? >> we have passed a resolution with the fairfax county council pta urging the county to eliminate the artificial dyes,
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preservatives, flavor enhancers, et cetera. what they can do is we have this resolution we are going pta, by pta, to pass this resolution. we need people to talk to the school board members. we need their support to get this done. >> let's get that conversation going for the health of our kids. mike? >> reporter: redskins really have work to do if they want to start winning again. plus world series, one pitcher comes through big time when his team needs him. highlights in sports. looking at another question of the morning, a recent survey suggests this is the one person we are most likely to lie to. the teacher, the employer or supervisor or mom. >> will wrote on our facebook page i can't comment on this one because i have done all three at one time or another. not recently mom.
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i love you. of course you do. log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page and leave your comment. we'll reveal the answer in the next hour.
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5:22 on this monday morning. clouds and fog. sun will be coming out in the next 90 minutes or so. really later and later.
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50 degrees this morning in washington with 3 in frederick. we'll go through the morning. lower 50s at can. sprinkles can't be ruled out in the mountains. showers here late in the afternoon, coming across high 60s to near 70. mike and andrea? in sports the best of three games in the world series. >> bottom of the first, rangers josh hamilton a pep talk, there is josh hamilton rbi, doubles into the corner. later three run homer from nick naply. didn't -- from mike. basically shut down the cardinals. now here's more on the redskins and their loss. >> reporter: good morning everybody. here's your first look at sports. we have seen all season what
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panthers quarterback cam newton can do. puts up record setting numbers. yet the panthers have just one win to speak of. you can't shut this team down. you have to out score them if you want to win. cam newton and the panthers hosting the redskins. we pick it up in the third quarter. newton with a keeper for a 16-yard touchdown run. panthers go up 16-6 on the skins. john beckett his first start you are not the only one that can run buddy. to pull within three, carolina often proved too much for the redskins. newton connecting with a two run. they now fit at 3-3. i got all the reps in practice this week. that was going into the game. gave me more comfort with our guys. there were times there where
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things felt we had drives where we marched down the field and we had drives where it didn't work like that. we have to improve. >> reporter: full coverage of mike shanahan's monday press conference. have a great monday everybody. president obama will appeal to voters out west he hopes this week to get his jobs plan passed. more of that ahead. a doctor in the dc area received high honors this week for her ceaseless work in the fight against breast cancer. monika. >> inner loop of the beltway south of route 50. watch out for the construction in the left lanes. more on that in area roadways, coming up at 5:30. you are watching 9news now. we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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good morning.
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and welcome back to 9news now. this monday morning, i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika santani. here's howard bernstein. chilly this morning, brisk out there. that is the word of the morning. >> later today, late this afternoon here in washington, north and west, maybe even to this evening, we might see a couple of sprinkles as the front pushes through. >> excuse me, on you day planner. a little something going on. >> probably the mold spores. 53 degrees at can. mostly cloudy skies. again the chance for a shower pushing through. especially north of town as we are seeing the clouds right now. these clouds not doing much. it is the showers in michigan and ohio and indiana we will be watching here late this afternoon. 3 in frederick. that is our cool spot.
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cumberland is 46. down to fred ricksburg. 46 andrews. 51. look at your highs today. they will be in the 60s along bay. monika santani has a look at our timesaver traffic this monday morning. volumes picking up. where do we stand? >> construction was basically picked up. we do have this incident on the north side of town. water main break, be aware crews are headed to the keen there. we'll take a live look at the beltway on the north side of town. it is just the column picking up on the outer loop typical through this time of the morning. down over to 270. on the inner loop past 250 there is construction set up for some reason in the two left lanes. be aware of that. if you are planning to head south on the beltway. you are going to be okay.
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by the way just got word of an accident as well. northbound at malcolm x. rescuers in eastern turkey are franically searching for survivors from isn't's massive earthquake. more than 200 people are dead in the 7.2 magnitude quake. over 1000 injured and countless more left homeless. susan mcginniss reports. >> reporter: in eastern turkey this morning, desperately looking for any sign of life. a 7.2 magnitude quake shook the region sunday sending panicked residents into streets. hundreds are confirmed dead. but with an unknowmbn nuer of people still trapped beneath the rubble, officials fear the death toll could reach 1000. this situation is really bad, this man says. many of our friends are still trapped under rubble.
5:32 am
we haven't heard from any of them. one victim pinned under piles of concrete was this young boy. emergency crews worked through the night trying to free him. >> shortly after the quake, president obama released a statement pledging united states assistance. turkey's prime minister so far has turned downey help from other nations -- turned down, any help from other nations. many residents spent the night huddled near fires, trying to stay warm. aid workers have already begun setting up tents, field hospitals and kitchens. cbs news, washington. this morning jury selection gets underway in one of the most talked about murder cases of the year. britney norwood is accused of killing jana murray inside the store where they both worked.
5:33 am
9 news kristen fisher has a preview. >> good morning andrea. you know this case has been such a big deal in the montgomery county. especially the bethesda community. it is going to be tough to find 12 jurors who have not already formed significant opinions about this case. that is exactly what is facing the prosecution and the defense teams this morning. 28-year-old britney norwood is accused of killing her coworker. a pool of 300, signals how difficult it will likely be for both the prosecution and the defense to settle on just who those 12 jurors will be. jury selection is expected to last at least one full day. then it will be time for the trial and the opening arguments. the prosecution has said if
5:34 am
norwood is indeed convicted, they will be pushing for life in prison without parole. but in terms of the defense, at one point remember they were exploring an insanity defense. known in maryland as nc r, or not criminally responsible. ultimately they did not file such a plea. we can expect to see some big drama playing out here over the next few days. this trial is expected to last between eight days and two weeks, so first day of a somewhat pretty long trial here. back to you, andrea. the number of daily crashes involving metro buses has gone up this year, according to today's washington examiner. the average number is held around six crashes a day in recent years. but this year that figure has jumped to nearly seven crashes. metro figures show its drivers could have prevented 41% of
5:35 am
those accidents. the spokesperson said the numbers may not actually be higher. coming up today the biography of steve jobs comes out. its release was already scheduled. last night at 60 minutes the biographer walter isaacson talked about their conversations. including what jobs thought about god. >> i think it is 50-50 maybe. ever since i have had cancer i have been thinking about it more and i find myself believing a bit more. like an on, off switch. atlantic, and you are gone -- click, and you are gone. he said. that is why i don't like on, off switches on apple devices. it delves into his business, his adoption and his cancer diagnosis? later this morning president
5:36 am
obama heads out west to continue pushing his jobs plan. in nevada and colorado ask california. he is expected to roll new measures designed to help the economy, which don't require congressional approval. among them new rules for college loan changes. halloween, one week from today. perhaps you have a little more to do on your costume and decorations. more on that, coming up.
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5:38. chilly out here this morning. 51 on reagan national. upper 40s here and lots of 40s in the suburbs. i recommend a jacket early and this afternoon you might need an umbrella. your day planner looks like this. temperatures starting out in the
5:39 am
50s in town, getting to the low 60s this afternoon by 1:00. enough sunshine with even a stray shower or two. especially north and west of town. i'll come back and look at a stronger front for midweek. >> reporter: we look at a map right now. just getting word of an accident on the northbound side of 295 at first sterling avenue. i'll keep you posted on this and a new incident on 270 coming up at 5:48. mike back to you. apparently we can't wait for halloween to get scared or to get started. paranormal activity set the record. $54 million. opening this weekend in theaters. the movie is actually a pre movie to the first two paranormal films. that is a good investment. last week's number one film
5:40 am
dropped seven places. the ides of march round out the top five. he is not using my competitive eating technique of a knife and fork. but douglas austin says it is the key to suck cease eating stone crab claws. he downed 25 claws in just 16 minutes. for his effort austin wins a stay at a key west hotel. sunset crew and his dinner for two. at a normal pace. >> maybe a steak or fish instead of crabs. >> i have never seen a competitive eating where they didn't physically assault the food. >> you would lose. let's take a look at the question of the morning the question is a recent survey suggests this is the one person we are most likely to lie to.
5:41 am
teacher, employer or mom? >> one of our regular facebook friends terry wrote i would say mom. we always want our moms to think better of us and we don't want a licking if we are doing something wrong. >> log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page. we'll reveal the answer during the next hour. are you looking for a job? we'll hear from an executive at a local opening coming up. plus harvard researchers find evidence that a common chemical could be detriment al to a child's social development. we are seeing bill why man turns 75. kevin klein turns 64 today. singer and actress monica is 31. and model and tv personality
5:42 am
theme la tequila turns 30 today. happy birthday if it is your day, as well.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:45. start of a new week and the end almost of this month. >> one more week. second to last monday in october. as we head toward halloween weekend this weekend. >> do we celebrate? or do the kids do the trick or treating on the monday? >> we are expecting them monday. if you come to my house saturday night, you are going to be disappointed. come monday. if you come monday you are going to be disappointed at my house. i'm turning out the lights early to get some leap. weatherwise, let's do this and talk about the bus stop forecast. we have a chilly morning out
5:46 am
there. dry morning. except for the mountains of west virginia. you may get a sprinkle. in the low 50s here in town along the bay, sunrise look how late. 7:26. it sets at 6:16, 6:20. depending on where you are across the region. 51 degrees at 9:00. winds today south, mostly cloudy skies. then this afternoon, mid-60s at 5:00 p.m. with highs in the upper 60s. south winds 5 to 10. we can't rule out a late shower or two. especially north and west of town. clouds this morning, clear breaks to the south. however in the mountains of western maryland, west individual, isolated. real isolated sprinkles are also possible over the next few hours. temperature-wise, it is chilly. oakland is at 45. western maryland. not that different in gaithersburg.
5:47 am
baltimore 44. easton 45, 43. for fred ricksburg. a brisk morning out there. mostly cloudy at reagan national with calm winds. dew point of 7. 51 with no wind chill. the humidity 86%. the barometer certainly a lot higher toward the middle of last week. storm system pushing through the great lakes. a push here with a trailing cold front. showers isolated thunder. through indiana and back through illinois this morning. this is the front that is going to get here today. we have a stronger front. late wednesday, thursday, with a better chance of showers. more importantly a big cool down for the end of the week. our futurecast showing into pennsylvania here by the middle of the day. late this afternoon and this evening. stopping the clock at 7:00 p.m. those showers knocking on the door of the metro. they'll come through pretty quickly.
5:48 am
overnight the front comes through. tomorrow we are clearing out overnight. sunny tuesday. should be a nice day. highs well in the sick tis to around 70. ads we head toward wednesday, ahead of it, it will be a mild day. clouds and sunshine. low 70s. behind it that is whether we see temperatures in the low 60s thursday. maybe not out of the 50s friday and the weekend. today 68. late shower possible. back in the 40s to around 50 tonight. tomorrow 6, mostly sunny. wednesday 72 with clouds and a late shower possible. showers thursday 62. look at the chill as we head toward the weekend. a shower south with highs only in the low 50s. it is time now for me to turn it over to monika santani it with your timesaver traffic. we have a few problems to talk about already. first of all with heading into the district northbound 25 right here at first sterling avenue. because of an accident blocking the left side of the ramp to
5:49 am
get onto the 11th street bridge. it is causing delays on the northbound side of i 295. we'll take a live look at pennsylvania satisfy here. if you are planning to get across the river here. you are fine. back over to the maps. we are just now getting word of an incident southbound 270 at old georgetown road. let's take a look live at 270 at falls road. if you are heading down to the point where the lanes divide, be aware at old georgetown road. now we'll finish off with another map. this time it is the buses that are delayed because of construction atwoodly road and connecticut -- at, woodley road and connecticut. back to you andrea and mike. three days after moammar
5:50 am
gadhafi's death libya declared its official liberation. laid out a two year plan for libya's future. including a move for democracy and islamic law. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in north carolina for two weeks. giffords' staff says she has no events scheduled. the arizona democrat has come to dc for one house vote and for her husband astronaut mark kelly's retirement ceremony. exposing children to the chemical in the womb could impact their behavior. preschool age girls born to moms with higher levels scored poorly on behavioral tests. bpa can be found in everything from plastic bottles to metal cans. >> it is 5:50 now. we are getting you hired this monday. if you have an it or computer
5:51 am
backed background. today's job could be for you. he's here to tell us more about a featured opening. what does that mean? >> why are they so in demand? first of all a network security engineer is responsible for the overall network operations of a company. so that involves installing, implementing, troubleshooting on a daily basis company's fire walls, vp ns, as well as their network infrastructure. >> so no one can get in and hack in, that kind of thing? >> exactly. these positions are in high demand today because the united states bureau of labor has our current national unemployment at 9. 1%. when you consider the technical positions, more specifically those positions within it, that number goes down drastically. the current salary range for a position like this is between
5:52 am
we estimate in 2012, 75 to more than 107,000. this represents a 5.8% increase year over year from 2011 to 2012. sha shows cyber security is more and more important? >> absolutely. we pulled more than 100 ci os, whose companies were more than 1400. what they told us is, they are making the network security engineer position one of their top priorities in protecting their data. >> we have also learned we were talking about this on the break. we have learned if you were not already qualified, getting qualified the programs are available. >> they are available. one of the ways to separate yourself from the rest of the candidates, is by securing a certification specific to security. >> okay. >> so for example, acquiring a cisco certification a cc na, cc i.e.will separate you from
5:53 am
other candidates. >> good advice. thank you. andrea, thank you, mike. as you can imagine, there is wailing and wringing of hands in redskins nation this morning. we'll hear more from the losing locker room, coming up. and a fight for breast cancer. we'll be right back.
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anywhere from overcast to clear skies right now with the thick of clouds this morning north and west of town. even isolated sprinkles in the mountains of west virginia. temperatures have dipped into the upper 30s. we are sitting around 50, 51. any sprinkles will be well north of washington. mid-50s down in southern maryland. lunch time partly to mostly cloudy. 62 in fred ricksburg. mid-afternoon, clouds, isolated sprinkles. maybe a better chance for a few showers late this afternoon and this evening. highs to near six tis and 70s south. in a recent survey. us news ranks the washington hospital center number one for its cancer services.
5:57 am
the director of the cancer institute will be honored friday night at the second annual komen honoring the progress party. >> reporter: at this year's honoring the promise pear, susan g. komen's race for the cure will present awards. the recipient for community service is dr. sandra swain, director of the washington cancer institute at the washington hospital center. the notification came in an e-mail she almost missed. >> i almost deleted this. i thought maybe i'll read it, it is from komen, so it is probably important. i still can't believe it. i'm really very humbled boy it. >> reporter: in selecting here dr. swain believes the komen foundation and her frustration at the lack of progress being made overcoming barriers to treatment for this population,
5:58 am
he is specially in big cities. >> there is so many of them from transportation to just finances in general to mental health issues. it is a really huge area to tackle. >> reporter: another issue dr. swain is tackling is why the breast cancer death rate is higher in african-american women. for answers she is aggressively recruiting blacks to participate in clinical trials. clinical trials include experimental treatments often unavailable elsewhere which frequently lead to improved patient care for the rest of us. >> to make advances in that specific population i think is really important to study that population. not just to extrapolate or take the data from white women for example and say it is going to be the same in black women. >> reporter: in her four and a half years as director of the washington cancer institute dr. swain is proud what have she and her staff have accomplished in the treatment and prevention of women's cancer. she is far from satisfied. >> we have made a small dent
5:59 am
unfortunately. we haven't done as much as i'd like to do. i'm anxious to keep doing more. >> reporter: we congratulate dr. swain. she has another honor, she is the new president-elect of the mourn society of clinical oncology. to learn more about the komen party and to get a free buddy check 9 packet, go to wusa 9 and click on buddy check. happy monday morning, i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm andrea roane. right now howard bernstein wearing his pink tie joins us with the weather first. >> reporter: thank you very much. the weather is looking okay today. it we started the week mild and we finish the week chilly. you are going to definitely need something by the end of the week. let's get you going with a look at our day planner on this monday morning. temperatures down to 50


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