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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. this afternoon, president obama announced a new plan to help homeowners who owe more on their homes than those homes are worth. >> but tonight lenders say they can't figure out who qualifies for what exactly and what the rules are for making these loans. our gary nurenberg asks the experts for some help. gary. >> reporter: well, anita and derek, as you say, it is a big
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problem. an estimated 10 million american homes are now worth less than the amount of their mortgages. and that is whom the president is targeting. >> you have a $250,000 mortgage at 6% interest rates but the value of your home has fallen below $200,000, right now you can't refinance. you're in eligible. but that's going to change. >> reporter: under the plan, homeowners could refinance no matter how great the loss in value of their home if they have paid their mortgage on time for at least the last six months. the existing mortgages have to be backed by fannie mae or freddie mac. beyond that, don't expect to get the new deal tomorrow. >> i honestly don't know who is going to qualify for this program. >> reporter: and he's the president of the national lender's alliance. >> i've spoken to people at gmac, wells fargo and i think bank of america as well and no one has heard that i know of any of the actual rules or
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qualification guidelines for the program. >> reporter: but once they get the details of who will qualify. >> it's still going to be a good program for the people who receive the loans. >> reporter: the housing market? >> if you're refinancing people, these are people that aren't selling their house. they're refinance tion. so the only way it's -- they're refinancing. so the only way it's going to help is if they're not selling the house how is it going to help tt prices. >> reporter: we reported 10% -- we reported that 10 million american homes are now under water worth less than their mortgage amounts. this new program is projected to help about 10% of those leaving the other 90% of homeowners desperately looking for something else. derek and anita. >> thank you, gary. well, new at 11:00, tonight a family in loudoun county is homeless after their house went up in flames. arthur chin was there when the
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fire began. it began around 5:30. now, the firefighters say most of the damage was actually done to the home's garage and attic. thankfully nobody hurt. the problem was there are no fire hydrants in that part of the county so crews couldn't get started fighting the fire until they brought in the tanker trucks. the trial in the lululemon murder case hasn't even started yet and the attorneys are already bringing in evidence. an elaborate crime scene was -- tonight a judge was decided if pictures showing the scattered skull of murray can be used in court. investigators say the blows to her head were too numerous to count. her spinal court had been severed. today jury selection had started and it was a tough task. matt jablow breaks it down. >> reporter: a lot of lawyers think jury selection is the most important part of the trial. today jury selection began in
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the lululemon murder trial. 300 people are part of the jury pool. today 150 of them answered questions about the case from the defense and prosecution. here are some of the more interesting responses. 38 of the 150 people questioned said they have already formed an opinion about brittany norwood's guilt or innocence. 18 out of 150 says they had never heard of the lululemon case. and ten of the 150 people said the graphic nature of some of the evidence would affect their ability to be impartial. >> those jurors probably will be excused if they can't overcome that to be fair and look at the evidence without any bias or prejudice. >> reporter: jury selection re assumes tomorrow morning at 9:15. we will have the latest information all day long. new information tonight about the killing of a local cab driver. according to wtop radio, police documents say a passenger shot that cabbie after an argument over a cab fare that amounted to a difference of a lousy $0.75.
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the victim, 40-year-old dumengo ezareke. he picked up a passenger who got in an argument with him first about the cab heater and the radio and then the fare. the argument ended with a gunfire. fellow cabbies are taking the death hard. some say they are arming themselves. others say they won't pick up anyone they feel uneasy about and others say they will not drive at night. >> my time is from 7:00-7:00. i don't drive at night. >> reporter: you don't drive at night. how come? >> because it's dangerous. sometimes i look for customer, i tell them i can't take them. >> reporter: charged with the cab driver's murder, 20-year-old rashad fly of southeast. a rockville nursing home became the scene of an apparent murder-suicide today. 80-year-old albert ballard killed his 74-year-old wife sandra inside of the village at
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rockville nursing home on viers drive this morning. he walked right into his wife's room and opened fire killing her and then himself. as far as why he did it, police have not said. nobody else was hurt. it's something many parents have done at least once. left a sleeping child in the car for just a moment. one virginia mom almost had that moment turn into life changing disaster. over the weekend, a mom in springfield left her car running with her 2-year-old son in the back seat so she could run into the house and pick up her other child. in the few minutes it was enough for someone to steal her car and drive away with the child inside. thankfully a man heard her cries for help, chased after the suspect. he found the car a mile and a half away. >> just saw the vehicle, pashingted my truck in the median -- parked my truck in the median and walked over to the truck and walked over there and i saw the baby in the back and then i noticed the car was still rung and grabbed the baby and -- running and grabbed the baby and let them know what my location
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was. >> there is no evidence of child neglect. the search is on for the suspect who snatched the car and then abandoned the little boy. the half a world away, the rescue teams have been working through the night searching for survivors that may be still clinging to life under the rubble of sunday's earthquake in turkey. one by one, the rescuers keep on finding people still alive. late today, they freed a man and a woman from a collapsed building in the hard hit town. earlier rescues reached four others all trapped in the same building, including two children and a man who was able to call the police on his cell phone. but the search is not always successful, as we hear through the voice of a translator. >> yesterday there were knocking sounds and then there were two screams and then the rescue people came late because of the destruction in the region. and they couldn't make it any quicker. so yesterday we tried to pull the rubble ourselves.
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>> the last report, the death toll had reached 279. another 1300 people are hurt and thousands more suddenly homeless. relief agencies are on the scene responding to the crisis. and a man who has been linked to iran's security forces pled not guilty today to plotting to gill the saudi ambassador to the u.s.. he is a 56-year-old u.s. citizen with an iranian passport. he has admitted his role in the plot to kill the ambassador. another man charged in the plot is believed to still be in iran. the iranian government denies any involvement. in tonight's health alert, scientists find a scary link between heart disease and the human papillomavirus which can cause cervical cancer. they say women with the hpv virus have twice the risk of developing heart disease. it used to be true even in women with other health factors like
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diabetes. it will help them save lives. >> we have to identify new risk markers and risk factors that can lead us to predict heartbefore people have their heart attack. >> how many people are we talking about? approximately 20 million americans are currently infected with hpv. it is sexually transmitted but causes no symptoms. now, a quick heads up for drivers. tonight a ramp on 495 will close for work on the hot lanes project. they'll shut down the ramps at 5:30 and won't open until tomorrow morning. anyone needing to get on or off the beltway will have to take arlington boulevard. they'll close the ramps at the same time each night this yeek. if you think navigating in and around bethesda is tough, just wait. key streets and major parking lots will be closed. in january bethesda avenue will shut down two lots that provide
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about 300 metered parking spaces. and a block of woodmont that many drivers use to bipass wisconsin avenue will close for about 20 months. an update now on the theft that ended with an outpouring of generosity. we first wet warren mitchell last week while doing the story about the food pant tree in virginia. -- pantry in virginia. he washes cars over the weekend. somebody stole his power washer out of his truck. after we showed that story, ben buyers decided to help. he gave him his power washer for free. >> thanks again. the people that came out to support and heard the cry, thank you for having a heart. >> he is going to kick up his business right away. this washer is a lot stronger than the old one was, and he'll be able to wash homes, decks, even concrete. and even more good news
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thanks to an outpouring of donations. the pantry will reopen tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 p.m. so we would like to thank you, our viewers, for making it all happen. top. >> good evening. the cold front is just about through us. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather and maybe a light jacket tomorrow. nothing crazy cold. 48-56 at 5:00. 46-52 at 7:00. clear skies and mostly sunny with temperatures in the 50s. we'll come back and talk about temps going up and then temps going way, way down. i think women are way funnier than men. >> we're stupider. >> who is funnier, men or women. >> in the battle, which gender is the butt of the joke? that story coming up. ♪
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and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale. in birmingham, alabama, a memorial service for the reverend fred shuttlesworth. >> he fought for yeerdz to end segregation in his -- years to end segregation in his native alabama. at today's memorial, hundreds paid their respects including
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many that fought right alongside him. michael jackson's long time personal physician took the stand for murray's defense. the pop icon had a lot of trouble sleeping for more than a decade and had asked for iv sleep medications just two months for his death. they hope to show jackson was so stressed about his upcoming world tour and desperate for sleep he could have injected himself with the anesthetic. they also challenge lingd the prosecution's -- challenged the prosecution's witness who claims murray gave him the dose. they asked for the computer models used to back up the analysis. >> you had no information at your disposal that dr. murray would have given six injections either? >> correct. >> or for that matter, 50 milligrams each? >> correct. >> murray's lawyers will likely admit his treatment of jackson was unorthodox and imperfect, but they will make the case that nothing he did or did not do amounts to involuntary manslaughter. it is possible dr. murray will
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take the stand himself, but most court observers think that is unlikely. dozen of law enforcement officers are searching for a 9-year-old autistic boy tonight. roby wood junior was on a walk with his dad, brother and another adult woman when he disappeared yesterday afternoon. han over county police searched for hours last night and today for roby but so far they found no trace of him. roby attends a school for autism in richmond. comedian will ferrell received an award for top humor. they use their social commentary and satire to impact society. ferrell's impression of president george w. bush was a big hit on saturday night live and on broadway. now, besides the political humor, ferrell is also known for his starring rolls in anchor man, the legend of ron burgundy and old school. >> it means a lot. it's so nice when you think
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about this is truly the only legitimate award that recognizes comedy. so many of the others are afraid to. and as an art form. so, yes, i'm really honored. >> i kind of like him in that skating movie. what was the name of that? >> blades of glory. >> blades of glory. there it is. past winners of the mark twain prize include steve martin, bill cosby, tina fey and whoopi goldberg. now, ferrell tried to pick it up and tried to paste it altogether, but we're willing to bet that wasn't real. come on. he's just messing with us. and speaking of comedy, here is a topic up for debate tonight. who is funnier, men or women? >> hum. >> believe it or not, researchers have tried to put some science behind that question and they have come up with some results that some of you might find, well, not so
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amusing. >> well, we didn't know what to make of a study of funny, so we decided to take the question to the streets. delia gongalves has the breakdown and the battle of the sexes laugh off. >> the other day i saw them eating a chocolate bar behind a tree. >> it's all about timing. >> and according to researchers at university of california, more men get the biggest laughs only by a mere .11%. >> yes, yes. you're certainly a cute little guy. >> that's really pretty accurate. >> so we hit the streets to find out what you had to say. >> make me laugh. >> chicken butt. >> all right. listen, i'm on my off day right now. >> was i supposed to laugh? was that the punch line. >> i think a women have a lot more to say. they probably make fun of them. so, yes, women are much funnier. >> so the men are the butt of women's jokes. >> i think we're pretty funny.
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>> i think it's an outrage. >> complete outrage and inaccurate. >> i feel like i'm very funny. i feel like i'm funnier than most men. >> how funny are you? >> when you're put on the spot, you can't turn it on. >> only when i'm drunk. >> you remember me as the guy that said chicken butt. >> reporter: twice. >> exactly. >> reporter: look at that. >> legality me . >> let me ask you this, what is my name? >> reporter: chicken butt. >> exactly. >> reporter: delia gongalves, 9news now. . [ laughing ] >> delia so has him beat. >> chicken butt. way to go, delia. >> okay. >> we did ask you the same question on our facebook page. so far 37% said women. 25 said both. five said women. but 15% said animals are funner than men or women. >> odd. >> i see where they're coming from. >> babies. or animals. >> they'll outshine you.
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>> i think you guys's humor tends to be a little more simplistic. >> absolutely. >> and funnier. >> that is exactly right. >> some things never, ever get old. >> no. [ laughing ] >> chicken butt. [ laughing ] >> that's comedy right there. >> yes. all right. let's talk about temperatures. cold front is through us. it's not really allowing much cold air to come in here. 43 out in okay lan. 59 -- oakland. 49 downtown. 54 in frederick and 55 in leesburg and 48 in manassas. not a very strong cold front. it had a few showers with it and that is now off to the east. we'll zoom in a little bit. we had showers between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.. the front is just about through us. the wind is going to turn northwest. that will allow dryer air to move in. it will allow skies to clear overnight. we're looking at a nice night. all of the showers are pushing across the delmarva and they're almost out to sea right now. let's talk about what is going to happen. terrific tuesday.
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no getting around that. grab your shades. going to be sunny all day. and on wednesday, even a little milder. tomorrow is going to be average temps. a little milder on wednesday. and then we have to locate the umbrella by thursday because we have a stronger cold front coming in on thursday. make this one look like a wimp. overnight clear, breezy and cool. one blanket night. not bad. 46-52. winds will pick up northwesterly at 10-15 as the cold front pushz through. now, tomorrow -- pushes through. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny and cool. by afternoon, a fantastic day. mostly sunny and pleasant. high temperatures in the upper 60s. that's average for this time of year. the winds actually turn and become southwesterly at ten. that's a harbinger of colder air to roll in here on thursday. a little cool in oakland. 50. but 58 in cumberland with sunshine. low 60s in hagerstown and martinsburg and winchester. culpeper not quite 70. we'll say 69.
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mid 60s from warrenton, leesburg, manassas, fairfax maybe 55 or 66. and downtown 67. into southern maryland upper 60s. we're going to have winds so-15, there is a -- 10-15. there is a small craft advisory. clear skies to start. 42-52. noon 58-63. by evening nice. 64-69 with sunny skies. a tad milder on wednesday. 70s. cooler on thursday with rain and showers. maybe even a thunderstorm. we're back in the low 60s. next seven days, we get a break on friday but get cooler still and clouds return in the afternoon. but friday is a dry day. mid 50s and then a cold rain on saturday. temperatures only around 50 here. we said it earlier, i'll say it again, i think west of the divide. oakland, garrett county and tucker county west virginia, probably some snow on saturday night. we have a nice sunday but brisk.
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55. and then 60 with sunshine on monday. >> it will be better on halloween for the kids. >> and cool is good. >> remember your kid was hot. >> i'm not ready to hear the s word. >> by the way, i am mounting a mission down to carolina to kidnap -- >> let's do it. >> are you with me? >> i'm with you. >> he looked pretty darn good on sunday. a lot better than what the redskins put out on the field. but it's more bad injury news for the redskins. it just keeps getting worse. two more stars go down, but for how long? i'll tell you after this. plus alex ovechkin meets his match and the latest on the nba lockout. is any progress being made? that is coming up next in sports.
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a day after getting manhandled by carolina, the redskins got more bad news today on the injury front line. london fletcher has a pulled hamstring. not clear yet how long he'll be out. but they lost two more offensive starters. that makes it five in just the last two games. receiver santana moss had surgery today on his fractured
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left hand. he'll be out 5-7 weeks. and an mri today on tim heighhower's know shows a torn knee. >> it's a tough time. but the thing about it is what i reminded the guys was we came to the season with one goal. we want to focus. regardless, we're still in the fight. >> and john beck today got a lot of praise from mike shanahan. he threw for 279 yards an a touchdown. turned the ball over twice and also ran in a touchdown. he'll most likely get to start this sunday. monday night football, the baltimore ravens under the lights in jacksonville. joe flacco 9-21 for just 37 yards. ray rice eight carries for 28 yards.
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ray lewis five total tackles. 9-0 jaguars. exciting stuff. the capitals head across the border for a two-game tour of canada. alex ovechkin left the ice for a bit after suffering a cut above his right eye but he finished practice and had a fresh scar to show today. it's even complete with the missing tooth. ovechkin becomes just the second nhl player to be immortalized in wax. ovechkin wasn't the only capital honored today. averaging one goal given up in the last three games. recorded his 54th shutout on tuesday against florida. more bad news on the nba front, the new york daily news that the nba plans to cancel two more weeks of its regular season schedule up to november 28th. after three days of talks last week, these two signs are no
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longer -- or no closer to an agreement. so that equals out to about 102 games that have been cancelled already. >> wow. >> we'll be right back.
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that is our broadcast. we'll see you. >> that's right. letterman is next. as always, have a good monday night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. verizon 4g lte.
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