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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that at wusa president obama continues his effort to gain support for sections of his former jobs bill. >> this comes as presidential hopefuls prepare to unveil economic plans of their own. president obama made a surprise stop to a los angeles restaurant. he is in the middle of a three day western swing raised at -- aimed at raising campaign cash. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do his job. >> reporter: the president announced a new executive order to help struggling homeowners. under the plan about a million people with government loans could refinance. economists admit more will need to be done to fix the housing
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market, but every little bit helps. >> it might be unsatisfying if we can't solve the crisis. tomorrow in colorado president obama is expected to announce another initiative. these executive orders allow congress to work around it uu cut balance and grow includes a voluntary 20% income tax. terry's proposal will compete with herman cain's 9-9- 9 plan, which includes a national sales tax and mitt romney's plan, which would tweak the current tax code. the presidential election is just a little more than a year away. a new gallup poll suggests more voters want to change how the win soldier decided. 62% of americans over the age of 18 want to scrap the electoral
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college. and for the first time, republicans agree with democrats that say the electoral college should go. five presidents have won elections despite not winning the popular vote. switching to the popular vote would though, require a constitutional amendment. the bodies of moammar gadhafi and his son, along with a former aide, are expected to be buried today. they have been housed inside a freezer after the three were killed last week. an associated press news team reported seeing three vehicles leave the warehouse yesterday. they then entered the freezer and found it empty. rescue teams in turkey continue to pull more survivors from the rubble of sunday's earthquake. four people were res excused from one collapsed building, including children. dozens of other people are
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feared trapped in collapsed buildings. at last report the death toll had reached 27. relief workers are struggling to find shelter for thousands left homeles. here's a look at some of the other things making news this morning. a 15-year-old shot in the neck during a lunch period at a high school in fayetteville, north carolina is in stable condition. the victim was shot when two students pulled out guns and started fire. the victim was not the intended target of the shooting. both shooters are in custody and facing charges now. a new report says security was so lax in 2001 at fort deitrich that the deadly anthrax could have been smuggled out by almost any employee on the campus. two reports say security in 2001 would have allowed an aide or even a temporary worker to walk out with the bioweapons lab. outside investigators found
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that new hires were allowed to work with the deadly germs, including anthrax, even before background checks were completed. fort deitrich is where ivins worked. some independent investigators say ivan was just a scapegoat in the case. federal prosecutor massey security chief at the upper big branch mind tried to destroy evidence. his attorneys claim stover is being used as a scapegoat in the case. 29 miners died in that west virginia coal mine back then. this is a bad news good news story. when we first met warren mitchell last week, we were doing story about the acts food pantry in virginia, mitchell washed cars for a living.
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over the weekend, someone stole his power washer from his truck. after seeing our report ken buyers offered to give mitchell his $600 power washer free of charge. mitchell wants buyers to know he is going to put the washer to good use. he will also be able to wash homes, deck and even concrete. even nor good news. thanks to the outpouring of donation acts food pantry will reopen this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. we'd like to thank channel 9 viewers. our time is 4:35. the texas rangers are a game away from claiming the first world series championship. >> they rallied in the eighth inning. the rangers went on to beat the st. louis cardinals 4-2. monday night football, a battle of good defenses. ravens and jaguars.
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in this one the jaguars are the only one who happened to bring an offense along too. the ravens couldn't manage to get a first down all the way until the third quarter. they finally scored a touch down with less than three minutes in the game. too little too late, they lose 12-7. a day after loseing to carolina the redskins learned they would lose some of their key players to injuries. santana moss is out for five weeks after having a pin placed in his hand and running back tim hightower is done. linebacker london fletcher is day-to-day with a pulled hamstring. 346,000 hugs are being recalled -- hogs are being recalled and we are not talking about the animals.
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4:39 on tuesday morning. we have fog in spots. otherwise a nice, sunny day. highs today upper 60s toner 70. we have changes coming in that 7-day forecast it is going to get chilly by the end of the week. right now monica's up with timesaver traffic. >> good morning, a live look here on pennsylvania avenue. into southeast no problems. everything is quiet on the potomac. coming up in the next report, we'll look at construction around the area at 4:47. mike, back to you.
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jessica doyle is off today. here are today's headlines. better than expected profit reports. the dow finished up the day 105 points to the plus side. harley davidson recalling about 300,000 motorcycles. the company says brake light switches can be too close to the heat from the exhaust and that can cause the brake lights to fail or possibly even the rear brakes. touring vehicles from 2009-2012 are affected. when you are shopping for gifts, in a recent poll 78% of the respondents said low prices would be the determining factor. several stores are already responding accordingly. staples, bed bath & beyond have already said they will match the lowest prices of or any other big internet
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retailer. sears is offering to beat any competitor's price by 10% and wal-mart said gift cards are going to shoppers who are trying to find something cheaper at another store. wal-mart is offering a layaway plan. both programs were strict. black friday bargain and online sales. all layaway items must be more than $15. it is 4:41. parking in downtown bethesda is about to get a little more complicated. improved eyesight for children, those stories and more, coming up.
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our time is 4:43 this tuesday morning. here to get us off to the good start. howard? >> reporter: today will be a good one. a couple of hours of fog early. wednesday things are starting to go south. i'll put it that way. let's get you going this morning. i want to talk about the fog. let's go to the graphics. wasn't sure we were going to make it it is there, there is your dense fog advisory. fred ricksburg to dale city. out toward culpepper as well
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and toward louisa and orange. as we look at the visibility this morning you'll see some of them are down. like orange a quarter mile. we have it also in parts of prince georges county. fred ricksburg was bouncing between 1.5 and four this morning. next couple of hours, we'll see how much fog does develop. mainly clear other than the areas of fog this morning. 40s and 50s and look how late that sunrise is coming up here almost at 7:30 this morning. the day planner? well we are talking about the sunshine most of the day, except for the patchy, early fog. by noon 26. wind direction, 10 miles per hour by noon. turning westerly this afternoon and southwest tonight, we'll drop into the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. overnight the clouds will start
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to increase ahead of our next storm system. they are quickly out in the atlantic and gone behind it with the clearing skies and patchy fog. temperatures dropped to 43, colder temperatures it will be easier to squeeze out the moisture. so more than likely to get the fog to be developing. great fails, gaithersburg you are 45. laurel is 48. 50 at andrews air force base. we have 51, calm winds at reagan national. partly cloudy skies. not much of a spread only 3 degrees. we are getting close to that saturation point. after this morning's fog our next is going to be wednesday thursday. notice these showers in the northern plains really. that is in advance of this next storm system that will be coming through in a couple of phases.
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thursday it drags the front here. the weather in ohio, kentucky, tennessee is clear. that is what we are looking at for today. look at the futurecast. we are in good shape here, watching sunshine today, mild, highs upper 60s. maybe even near 70 in spots. ton a few clouds start to roll in. maybe a late day shower. a much better chance we get into rain and cooler temperatures as we head into thursday. thursday's highs will be only in the lower 60s and 50s. after that you see how the rain is moving in there with snow. look athis. this is a hurricane. hurricane rena. this thing went from a depression to a hurricane in 21 hours. this is the swan islands here off the coast of honduras. the forecast on rena strengthens this to a category 3 storm. a major hurricane approaching the yucutan as we head into
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thursday afternoon. they are taking precautions in cancun. after that it will make the turn and head over to western cuba weakening by friday evening. this will likely stay south of south florida, but if anybody will be jeopardized in the united states, it is south florida. we still are in hurricane season in south florida. not so much a concern for us. looking at 67 this afternoon with the sunshine. tomorrow 70, mostly cloudy, a slight chance of a late day shower. thursday breezy, 62. sunday 55 and halloween dry and 55. monika? thank you so much. including in southern maryland, good morning, everybody. first heading north on route 4. route 301, you want to watch
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out for the construction along the right side of the roadway. heading into virginia northbound 95 between dale city and route 123 should be cleared up. the two left lanes were blocked overnight there. 270 here at old georgetown road, there was construction southbound in the left lane here in the bethesda rockville area. we'll end with a live picture of 66. as usual outside the beltway they were not letting you exit this time to the inner loop to the outer loop again. that should be cleared up shortly as well. no problems to the roosevelt bridge. coming up in my next report we'll take a tour of maryland. 4:48, virginia governor bob mcdonald is asking fema for help once again. this time it is for louisa county schools.
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thompson elementary and louisa county high had to close. until the schools are fixed engineers say the repairs are going to cost $31 million. earlier this month, fema denied federal aid for people in louisa county whose homes were damaged. in the coming months construction projects will close at key street and major parking lots in january construction on wood mont and bethesda avenues will shut down two lots that provide about 300-metered parking spaces. it can cause cervical cancer. now for the first time ever scientists are linking the human pappiloma virus to other diseases. >> reporter: two years ago doctors told michelle opel that she was infected with the human
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pappiloma virus that can cause cervical cancer. >> nobody wants to find out they are close to having cancer. >> reporter: now a link is found between hpv and cardiovascular disease. researchers found an association even with women who did not have other risk factors, such as high cholesterol, smoking or diabetes. >> reporter: 20% of people with cardiovascular disease do not have typical risk factors. pinpointing the link to hpv will help save lives. >> we have to identify new risk markers and risk factors that can lead us to predict heart disease before people have heart attacks. >> reporter: now that we know this, it is something for myself to be on the lookout for. she is now hpv free and has regular checkups to stay
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healthy. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. approximately 20 million americans are currently infected with hpv. there may be a simple way for people with high blood pressure to lower risk of more heart problems. patients who take at least one of their blood pressure medications before bed lower their risk of a heart attack and stroke or heart failure by 50% compared to patients who take them in the morning. the same study suggests sleep time blood pressure is a more accurate measure of heart health than blood pressure taken during the day. a new study shows using a foley catheter is just as successful and comes with fewer side effects. a foley catheter is used to drain a patient's bladder. during labor doctors can insert one to put pressure on the
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cervix. remember when mom used to say go outside and play? it seems she was helping you in more ways than you knew. a new study suggests more time outside may help improve a child's vision. researchers in britain found youngsters spent four hours a week less outdoors if they were nearsighted. it is 4:52 and time to take a look at the question of the morning. one out of eight men admits to using this to get a date. a baby or small child, a dog, or someone else's car. i love this question. put your answer on our facebook page. we'll have some of your comments and the answer in a little bit.
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a nice thai overall by noon. mid-60s at 3:00 with low 60s by 6:00 p.m. we have some changes coming, by the end of the week, that you may or may not like, those
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details coming up. monika santani, your turn. >> we are going to look right now at a map. there is still construction in place. should be cleared up shortly on the southbound side of i-95 between laurel and route 212. more on the maryland roadways coming up in my next report at 5:01. mike back to you. later today two montgomery county council members will present a counter proposal to a county wide push for a teen curfew. they are expected to propose an antiloiterring bill. the measure would strengthen the existing laws but not target existing age groups. it would stop minors from being out after 11:00 at night. special recognition at arlington national ceremony. a dedication ceremony was held
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honoring chaplains. it sits side by side with other memorials honoring protestants and catholics. steve jobs biography is the only biography authorized by the man. it is written by walter isaacson. the latest on loretta lynn's health scare. karin brown has those stories and more in today's look at entertainment. >> reporter: the legendary loretta lynn is out of the hospital and resting at home in tennessee. the first lady of country music woke up in the middle of the night on her tour bus over the weekend with difficulty breathing. doctors in kentucky treated the 76-year-old for bacterial pneumonia. in a statement loretta lynn told her fans it was one scary
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night. but she is feeling better now and ready to go back on the road next month ethe stars came out in new york city for the world premiere of hour heist. thieves try to steal their money back from a bernie madoff-like villain. eddie murphy and ben stiller are featured. >> it is all these little pieces and when you see it come together that is the really fun part. >> the coolest thing about a movie like this is the actors are all really good actors, really solid. >> reporter: the set list for this year's american music awards keeps getting hot and hotter. christina aguilera will perform with maroon 5, along with justin bieber, kelly clarkson and mary jblaming. you can see them all on
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november 20th. that is your eye on entertainment. karin brown cbs news hollywood. good morning thank you for watching 9news now. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. here's monika santani. she has traffic in a moment. justin bieber, you were so excited there a moment ago. yeah. moving right along. 51 degrees right now. >> travis. >> a big bebober fan. >> weather first. hey we have patchy, dense fog right now in spots. some of those areas are going to be in northern virginia, a dense fog advisory nfort mead, we have to watch out there. here's a look at the day planner where temperatures will be climbing into the low 60s by noon. mid to upper 60s for highs with the 5:00 p.m. temperature of 65 and winds out of the northwest at 10


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