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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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rumble of thunder reported in one or two spots. those are long gone to the east and we have been left with clear skies. with those showers last night the low level moisture, lighter wind. dense fog advisory. lowdon, fairfax to fredericksburg toward culpepper and orange and lorraine as well, that goes until 9:00 a.m. not that bad until you get down toward orange and areas in the locations. temperatures are running in the 50s. we sit at 50 degrees. monika? >> overall you know things are not looking too bad, other than the construction around town. i think you are going to be okay. no big problems to report. let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way. here's what the beltway looks all around town. you know about it let's take a
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live look on 270 if you are coming down through frederick no problems where the lanes divide. there had been construction on old georgetown road. a live look at the beltway, both loops looking good between 95 and 270 in bethesda. we'll end with a map. this time we are taking a look in jobs town. no problems on any of the poe tomorrow mack cross eggs right now. thank you monika. jury selection is underway in the lululemon jury trial. the vast majority of jurors have heard about this case. 9 news now reporter kristen fisher is at monday gmail.comry county courthouse. >> reporter: first of all the jury selection process is
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incredibly slow. it will likely take until tomorrow afternoon. two and a half days total. that is how long it took to see the jury in the trial of sniper john mohammed. 300 prospective jurors were summoned in this case. of total 300 prospective jurors, only six have been excused. today the judge and the attorneys still need to sort through 24 prospective jurors. a huge number. the reason for it is because this is such a high profile, highly hyped case. most people in montgomery county already know about it. just yesterday only 18 of the 150 prospective jurors had not heard of the lululemon murder case and 38 of the 150 said they had already formed an opinion about norwood's guilt or
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innocence. the prosecutor in the son of sam case talked about that number to our andrea mccarron. >> reporter: judge greenburg is going to interview them in chambers to see can they be fair. >> reporter: one more statistic about the jury pool. ten said the graphic nature of the evidence would in the allow them to be impartial. the prosecution asked for permission to show the jury graphic photos of jayna murray. it sounds like the trial might take a lot longer. >> reporter: initially they said between eight and ten days. it could go on for much longer if this jury selection continues to be as slow as it was yesterday.
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>> kristen fisher live in rock hill. court documents show the suspect in last weekend's murder of a cab driver recently escaped from dc's department of youth and rehabilitation services. also, evidence from the crime was found apparently at the suspect's aunt's house who is a counselor. he is accused of killing a 40-year-old cab driver. police say the victim picked up sly and drove him. prince georges county has issued more than $500,000 in speeding tickets in the first month of its new speed cameras in school zones program. the cameras issued more than 13,000 citations to drivers. each of those tickets carries a $40 fine for a total of nearly $525,000. that far out paces the rate in
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montgomery county, but lags behind dc's speed cameras where the fines were higher. some tickets were nullified because they were mistakenly issued on the first sunday of the program. time for the latest on your money report this morning. jessica doyle is off today. stocks are cruising so far. some major asian markets slipped earlier this morning, but the dow finished monday's trading up almost 105 points. nasdaq 62 points here. vincent gray, dc mayor, is saluting a company opening two stores. the plan to hire 38 workers from the nearby neighborhoods is part of the mayor's one city one hire initiative. under the program the city government provides incentives to business that his hire local residents. the controversial website wikileaks has stopped publishing
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for now. it is now focusing on fundraising. because bank of america. visa, mastercard, pay pal and western union all have blocked donations to the organization. they claim that destroyed 95% of the revenue. the block on donations will collapse wikileaks by the end of the year. thomas the tank engine and friends will soon have a new home. mattel is buying hit entertainment, the owner of the toys and shows and all the other things that go with it. the deal is worth $680 million. mattel owns barry, hot wheels and fisher price toys. the deal is one of the company's largest acquisitions and should allow hit entertainment to pay off a lot of its debt. one team is now one win away from becoming world series champions. game five highlights, coming up in sports. good news overnight from turkey, where a massive rescue effort is underway.
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president obama can make things better for some united states homeowners without going through congress. we'll be back.
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5:08 on this tuesday morning. patchy fog toward stafford and fredericksburg with orange and culpepper. also around fort mead and college parks. looking at our day planner. sunshine expected all day. northwesterly winds becoming west late. highs mid to upper 60s. more cloudiness tomorrow and showers by thursday. full 7-day forecast in five
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minutes. >> reporter: we are going to look live at 66 howard just outside this camera shot. over to our traffic cam. westbound 66 on the ramp to the dulles access road there is an accident blocking that ramp. i'll have more on this, coming up in my next report. back to you. making news now at 9 after the hour. this morning tens of thousands of earthquake survivors are surviving in turkey. turkish media reports say more survivors were pulled from the rubble overnight. dozens of law enforcement officers are searching if a nine-year-old autistic boy in virginia's north battlefield park. he ran away from his family sunday afternoon. a massive search turned up no signs of him. president obama is waking up on the west coast this morning after attending two fundraisers
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in los angeles overnight. the president announced an executive order he is signing. that order will help homeowners refinance, even if their house is underwater. it has been more than 400 years since the first settlers made their home in virginia. that story ahead. secondhand smoke isn't alone. now researchers believe secondhand tv may be harmful. çñ
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welcome back to 9news now. we are inching toward the weekend. tuesday morning, october 25th. and not a half bad forecast today? >> a little fog early. a problem in a few spots but a nice afternoon. i urge you to get out, take advantage, enjoy the sunshine and the mild temperatures well up in the 60s, because we are not going to have much more of this as we get toward the end of the week. we are going to get a lot chillyier out there. you will need the jacket and sweaters and maybe even gloves. you'll have to bundle up.
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let's get you moving this morning with a look at our dense fog advisory until 9:00. taking lowdon county out of that. fairfax south toward king good morning, they are out of that. you have warrenton south toward culpepper and over toward orange and lewis sa. -- louisa. not showing up here one of the bigger reporting stations. we point out orange over to fredericksburg. other than that it is a nice morning. our bus stop forecast mainly clear with areas of fog. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. it is a chilly one out there. sunrise real late this morning. day planner today 50 degrees at the 9:00 hour. winds northwest at 8:00.
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this afternoon upper 60s. by 5:00, back to 65 degrees and a west wind at 7 miles per hour. our weather headlines a terrific tuesday. grab the sunglasses, you are going to need them. however clouds increase today. by thursday you'll need the umbrellas. fronts will be slipping through with showers and cooler temperatures. low 50s friday and saturday. right now we are 50 here in town in easton, 50 from bowie and prince frederick as well this morning. culpepper 43. winchester 46 & co.ber land our friends in western maryland you guys right now an even 50 degrees. dew points in the upper 40s. not that far a three degree spread. fog in spot with lighter winds out there. our next weather system here it is over my shoulder. up in the northern plains, rain
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showers developing here. that is going to be moving to our east. until it gets here we are in good shape todayton tomorrow and thursday when the showers increase. we'll see high pressure today just give way as it pulls away. southwesterly winds tomorrow some of the clouds and the rain starts to get close and closer. especially for thursday. looking at the next three days, we have temperatures comfortable today upper 60s. tonight back toward 50 degrees. 70 tomorrow with a late day shower possible, but a much better chance for showers thursday. thursday looks like the wettest day of the week. breezy, 69. friday saturday and sunday we cool down low. looking dry through halloween. right now trick or treating could be around 50ish. >> bundle up for that. but it will be fun still. we are going to look into virginia on the westbound side
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of i 66. things are looking a little dicey because of an accident. there is an accident westbound block that go ramp to the dulles access road. your next chance to exit here in falls church heading westbound is route 7 just after that point. keep that in mind. over here you have a little by of she traffic at the 11ing street bridge into downtown area we are going to start off with a live look here at the wilson bridge. no problems between oxen hill and alexandria. and now let's go to a last live look at the beltway south of route 50 in new carrollton looking good up into college park and beyond silver spring north side of town as well. mike and andrea? >> you have to worry about more than just secondhand smoke when it comes to your children now.
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researchers are now warning about the dangers of secondhand tv watching. the american academy of pediatrics included the guidelines for children under the age of two. in addition to discouraging screen times for toddlers the study discouraged parents from watching television when they were nearby. it hurts their language development because it keeps young children and parents from inter acting. the world series will end in st. louis. but will it be the cardinals or the rangers hosting the trophy? time to look at the question of the morning now. and one out of eight men admit to using this to get a date. is it a baby or small child, a dog or someone else's car? >> james ship wrote all very good answers. he did that on our facebook page but he would guess b, a dog. >> log onto the wusa 9 facebook
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our futurecast today we start off quiet out here. basically talking temperatures and patchy fog. fredericksburg to orange and culpepper. also prince georges county, places like college park a little bit of fog there 40 and
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50 degrees to start. by 9:00 readings in the upper 40s still in the lower 50s. we'll head toward the lunch hour with sunshine. a nice afternoon, mid even upper 60s for highs with the 5:00 p.m. readings back to 69. they were down last night and fought back in front of the home crowd. the texas rangers. solo homerun, starter chris carpenter watched it go over the fence. then in the eighth mike napoli put texas in the lead. texas was 4-2. take the three games to two lead in the series. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. here's your first look at
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sports. a day after getting man handled by carolina the redskins got more bad news. london fletcher has a pulled hamstring. not clear how long he will be out but the skins also lost two more offensetive starters. that makes it five in the last two games. receiver santana moss had surgery yesterday on his fractured left hand. he will be out five to seven weeks and an mri on tim hightower's knee revealed a torn acl. out for the rest of the season. 88 yards before he we want down and was rightfully emotional after the game. >> man, we are going through tough times. thing about it is, i reminded the guys we came to the season we want focus. regardless we are still in the fight. >> the caps head across the border this week for a two game
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tour of canada. alex met his match yesterday unveiling his new wax figure. he is the second player to be immotor lies in wax. more about news on the nba front. the nba plans to cancel two more weeks of its regular season schedule up to november 28th. the two sides talked last week for three days but came no closer to an agreement. that is going to do it for your morning sports. have a great tuesday. local lawmakers offer an alternative to a controversial team curfew bill for one of the area's largest counties. coming up. plus a local food pantry when the shelves were bare is going to reopen very soon after a flood of donations. >> reporter: live look at 270 southbound getting word of an
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accident at route 80 in urbana. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. are you hungry? i am. >> one day of celebration. that was it. >> i have enough calories for the week. good morning, my lunchbox is right there. we could fill it up. >> grapes and carrots in there. >> and sweet potato chips. >> can't help you with that. >> it was really good. weather watch a good day today. patchy fog early. temperatures well up in the 60s, which is where they should be. average high 66. maybe a degree or two warmer than that. as we are looking at the day planner a cool, chilly start. low 40s in spots, 50 at reagan
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national. 65 for the drive home with the northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. let's show you what happened. last night we had a little line of showers that came through. with that fog to form this morning to our south and west. fairfax prince william, down toward king george and stafford as well. that is where we are seeing the worst of the visibility as well. fog in southern parts here over to orange and fredericksburg. even college park and fort mead, where temperatures are down in the mid-40s in baltimore, low 40s and even 39 in parts of the shenandoah valley. monika. there was an accident reported on the southbound side of i-270. if you are planning to head southbound, watch out for the accident. i know they have headed to the scene. coming out of frederick in
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urbana. beyond that you are going to be okay. let's take a live look at the american legion bridge. no issues here. back over to the map i have been telling you about an accident westbound 66 right at the ramp for the dulles access road that was just cleared here okay through falls church, east and westbound on i 66. a last live look at the 14th street bridge. no problems here on 395 coming up from the beltway past duke street and into downtown. in my next report we'll update you on 270 at 5:38. libya's new government says former leader moammar gadhafi will be buried today. >> gadhafi was shot and killed last thursday morning during his capture by revolutionary forces. his body had been put on display at a cold storage unit. the national transitional council says gadhafi will be laid to rest in a secret spot in the desert. here at home maryland state
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highway crews spent the night on river road removing a downed tree. month word yet whether the brief storm we had took down the tree. the tree missed taking out any power lines. later today potential jurors will face more questions from lawyers in the lululemon murder trial. most of them have already heard about the case where britney more wood is accused of killing jayna murray inside the clothing store where they both worked. good morning kristen. >> reporter: 300 to be exact. we are still at least a day and a half away from opening arguments. the jury selection process has been painfully slow. already we are getting an idea of what we would hear from the prosecution during opening arguments. just yesterday they asked the
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judge for permission to show the jury several graphic photos of the victim. 30-year-old jayna murray. they want to show two pictures, one while she was still alive the other after she was found dead last march. the prosecution also witness to show four also pictures. one of her hands, the other of her shattered skull. the it was attorneys objected. the judge took the night to think it over, and said he would have a decision by today. we have a massive jury pool, as i said 300 that was split into two groups of 150. ten of those 150 jurors said the graphic nature is some of the evidence that would not allow them to be impartial. here's the prosecutor in the son of sam case in new york talking about the ten jurors. >> those jurors probably will
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be excused if they can't overcome that to be fair and look at it without any bias or prejudice. >> the 12 jurors is going to continue today, it is likely going to take all day today and tomorrow, possibly long forethem to finally seat this jury. mike? andrea? kristen is live in rockville outside the court. now another high profile case. a murder in virginia involving lacrosse players in the dc areas. lawyers from the suspect are seeking to access yardly love's medical records. he is accused of killing his estranged girlfriend back in may 2010. his attorney contend love died from an irregular heartbeat which would contradict the
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medical examiner's finding. today two montgomery county officers will offer an alternative. bill andrews and george leventhal will propose an antiloiterring bill. the measure would strengthen existing laws but not target specific age groups. the curfew would stop minors from being out after 11:00 on week nights and midnight on weekends. the northern virginia food pantry that was forced to close will reopen this afternoon. the acts food pantry will start handing out food again at 1:00 p.m. today. wusa 9 was many of organizations that helped raise more than $60,000 in cash and 2,000 pounds of food to get acts open again. it is time for another your money report. jessica doyle is off today. president obama is away
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from the white house. he is out on a trip out west. there he is telling voters he will help them even if congress won't. susan mcginniss tells us how. >> reporter: president obama made a surprise stop at a los angeles restaurant to greet voters and grab a bite. he is in the middle of a three day western swing aimed at raising campaign cash and pushing his economic policies. >> we can't wait for an you increasingly dysfunctional congress to do his job. where they won't act, i will -e the president announced a new executive order to help struggling homeowners. under the plan about a million people with government loans could refinance, even if their home is underwater, if they pay their mortgage for six months. economists admit more will need to be done to fix the housing market.
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>> we have a lot of we are in a situation where it is going to take a lot of steps to turn this around. >> reporter: tomorrow in colorado president obama is expected to announce another initiative to help college students. these executive orders allow the president to work around congress. in south carolina, this morning rick perry will unveil a flat income tax proposal called cut, balance and grow. which includes a voluntary 20% income tax. terry's proposal will compete with herman cain's 9-9-9 plan, and mitt romney's plan, which would tweak the current tax code. susan mcginniss, cbs news, washington. arkiologists pouring over a significant find in washington. we'll be right back.
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5:39. got the jacket on. 50 in town. clear skies here. you may see a patch of fog. if you are down toward stafford or fredericksburg, let's show you our day planner. a little fog over the next two, three, four hours. a good deal of sunshine, noon time temperature, 61. mid to upper 60s this afternoon. temperatures falling back into the low 60s. a nice change ahead. monika has an update on your traffic. >> reporter: a map here on the southbound side of i 270. word of an accident, authorities are on the way. watch on you if you are coming down from frederick. andrea, back to you. thank you monika. researchers say they uncovered an important piece of hiv near jamestown. they found the footprint of a
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17ing century church. they believe it is the church where the first english settlers in the new world worshipped. that would make it the church where poke honest that is -- where. in pasadena pet licensing rules are changed. residents can buy a three-year license at a discounted price and license fees will be waived for pet owners over the age of 60. it is hoped the new rules will encourage more people to register pets. 5:40. coming up where parents with get extra help if they are worried about their teenage driver. and we'll tell you where a massive construction project has one united states city calling its traffic mess a name. okay 25th, happy days mom marion ross is 83. throw a chair for bobby knight.
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the hall of fame basketball coach is 71. and james carville is 67. do you believe in miracles? yes. the goalie for the hockey team, team usa is 57. singer katy perry turns 27.
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55 degrees here in northwest washington. a chilly start but not too bad. feeling every bit of that. 50 degrees. temperatures even chillyier toward friday, saturday and sunday. get ready a nice, crisp weekend
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out there. good weekend for the pumpkin patch. her having their pumpkin testify value coinciding with the farmer's market this weekend. let's get you going. south and west of washington. however i will reiterate in college park and fort mead there has been some fog and well. some of the denser fog this morning. we are seeing visibility in fredericksburg. they have come up to about two miles. last check a mile or less bouncing around there a little bit. we'll see whether or not this dense fog advisory lasts until 9:00 a.m. not a bad thing though. sunshine, mainly clear. 40s and 50s at the bus stop this morning. our sunrise in washington 7:27 this morning. 48 degrees at national. 8:00 by noon. 62, winds northwesterly, increaseing to 10 miles per
5:46 am
hour midday. this afternoon they'll turn to the west and southwest by midnight. we'll top out somewhere 67, 68 degrees which is just a degree or two above where we should be. last night a few showers came through, even a rumble of thunder reported in prince frederick county. overnight we cleared out and it is the left over low level moisture. temperatures mainly in the 40s. in the mountains in parts of ohio. 53 in new york, 61 in norfolk. lots of 40s to around 50. 50 at national. 44 for great falls. 46 in columbia. 46 in centerville. don't be prized with a 41 if you see fog form in the next hour or
5:47 am
so. we are going to be watching high pressure around here. they'll start to slide away from us. as we head into overnight, partly cloudy. mostly cloudy day. by afternoon the showers can't be ruled out. better chance of rain moving in here as we head toward thursday. in the tropics and the caribbean this is hurricane rena, winds of 100 miles per hour, may get toward cancun and the yucutan. thursday and friday they have a land falling hurricane. for us nice day today, upper 60s. tomorrow near 70. however clouds and a late shower. thursday breezy, cool and 69. saturday a chilly day. monika saturday's highs only around 50. >> wow. that is silly no ma'am train for trick or treaters monday night. that is good news. southbound side of i-270 has been cleared at a shoulder
5:48 am
there is an accident eastbound at route 17 up in hiresville. watch out for that. take a look live at 270 southbound here route 28 not bad. we'll take a live look at the beltway university boulevard looking good. normal volumes as you head on the outer loop right through the silver spring area. i-95 and 35 overall you have delays heading up to the river and 35 is going to kind of load up at duke street. if you have a teenage driver, like i do, you know keeping teen drivers safe is a cobs assistant concern among parents. the cdc says motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for united states teams. joining me this morning is the president of i drive smart. tom thank you for being with us. you are an active duty montgomery county police officer. you know firsthand how huge
5:49 am
this problem is? >> it is huge. when parents have their teen starting to drive. folks think driving in the big black hole is what we dump our teens into. it really isn't. >> in fact i was reading some of the statistics. it says in 2009, eight teens every day between the ages of 16 and 1 died in that year. 2009. >> right. huge number. one of the biggest risk factors, what are they that teens face? >> again, we get asked a lot since 2004, we train a lot of teens. parents are always asking what can we do to keep our teens safe. we call it smart six. teens are injured or killed within the first six months they have their license. speed is another factor that has to do with inexperience. teens tend to drive too fast because they can't manage their space. the third wbtw time of day.
5:50 am
overwhelmingly teens are killed after 9:00 at night. the reason for that is lower traffic density means higher average speed, reduced visual acuity and uncontrolled intersections. another factor is alcohol and drugs. a lot of teens are impaired. 100% preventible. that is a risk you can manage. seat belts is another one. in all my years as a police officer and i have brothers that are police officers. i have never once unbuckled a dead person. >> the alcohol the drugs the seat belts are obvious. driving after 9:00 p.m. may not be obvious. what can parents do to minimize the risks? >> when you think about it in order to mitigate the risk, there is simple things you can do. reduce the travel distance and locations for a period of time. if your team is licensed -- if your teen is licensed today,
5:51 am
you can say you can go to school, work, and get in the car with them. show them thesivest way to get there and get back. share your fears, share experiences and that tends to really go a long way in their driving education. make it a long process. star them early and stretch it out. no one drives on their own until they are 17. through my work i have learned from you. delay delay delay point communication. thank you so much it is a constant process. thank you so much for being with me. >> for more information go to wusa making news now at 5:51 this morning. the defense is putting on witnesses in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. dr. allen metzger testified
5:52 am
michael jackson had problems sleeping for more than a decade and had asked for intravenous sleep medication. police in maine may have solved a 28-year-old missing person's case. 80-year-old frank julian died and when his storage unit was cleaned out they found a freezer with a body inside. police believe the body is kitty war dell, his girlfriend who disappeared in 1983. the pacific northwest barely survived the first day of the via doom. crews have closed the alaskan way viaduct highway. one out of's men admits to using this to get a date. a baby or small child, a dog, or someone else's car? >> here's a look at a response
5:53 am
you wrote on the facebook fan page. lisa barry says b. though i know a few who would use cbecause they are embarrassed about their junkers. >> log on and we'll have the answer to the survey in about an hour. black friday stores are already offering holiday shopping deals. and up next in today's hero central, we feature an organization that helps veterans who fall on hard times. if
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it is 5:56 on this tuesday morning. we have generally clear skies, a few patches of fog. temperatures in the mid-50s in washington. through the day a lot of sunshine. can a.m. temperatures around 50 in town. low 50s south and cease. toward lunch time, nice out there, a little bit of a northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. this afternoon mid to upper 60s, lots of sunshine with us right through 6:00 p.m. with your drive home temperatures about 63. it can be devastating when you don't have a home and you don't have a place to put your belongings that can provide
5:57 am
some warm and go shelter for you. many veterans returning from conflicts overseas are at risk of being homeless. j. c. hayward recently found an organization helping them and their families. >> reporter: about 1% of all americans experiencing homelessness are veterans. united states vets also known as the united states veterans initiative helps service personnel get their lives back on track. >> i have been homeless for about two years now, off and on. and to have my own again is such a blessing. and i feel so great. >> reporter: 59-year-old darrell graham describes his personal story. he served his country as a naval cook for six years before falling on hard times. >> i had depression and everything. i got out and started using drugs a little bit and one thing led to another. i'll be on the street for
5:58 am
awhile. the family couldn't trust me and i could be trust myself. >> one in four who are homeless are veterans. it is a very sad commentary, but the residents who live in this building in southeast washington were given a new lease on life and a place to call their own. clients get counseling, jobs, medical services and psychological support. emily button, the program director says the goal is to empower each veteran and guide them on a path of success. >> having housing changes a person's identity and their self concept to the same degree that being homeless can define who they are in a negative way. >> this is home. this is moment for awhile. i ain't going nowhere. >> congratulations. i'm so happy for you.
5:59 am
>> reporter: homeless veterans who need immediate assistance can call 1-877-424-3838. united states vets have received a $5000 grant from the gannett foundation, an arm of our parent company, and have been founded by fannie mae help the homeless walkathon. i'm j. c. hayward. thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. monika santani will have traffic in just a moment. >> reporter: howard bernstein has our weather first. it is going to clear up, the fog, north and east up around college park over to fort mead. fredericksburg and those areas as well. 61 by noon with sunshine. 65 with highs today between 65 and 70. a


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