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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. the case resumes against brittany norwood. she's been charged with killing
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her coworkers inside the lulu lemon shop in bethesda last marg. andrea mccarran joins us with the latest development. >> reporter: another interesting day in court. right now we are awaiting the judge's decision, a critical decision on whether the very gravity photographs, including autopsy photos of victim jayna murray, will be allowed to be introduced during opening statements. joining me now is our legal analyst jim shallic, best known for prosecuting the son of sam case in new york. jim, what is the significance of judge greenberg's decision here? >> very significant. he has to weigh whether these pictures are so prejudicial that miss norwood cannot get a fair trial against the government's right to introduce relevant evidence. this is a crucial decision. >> reporter: and even if these photographs are not introduced during opening statements, they can still be introduced during the trial, correct? >> yes, they can. but the judge has to make the
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same decision. is it relevant and worth the evidence as opposed to the prejudice. >> reporter: let's talk about the real drama here and that is what will -- the defense strategy be? >> that is the real drama. we have no idea what the defense is. the questions the judge has asked the jury don't give us an inkling of what the defense is asking the judge to inquire about. like if it was self-defense they would ask the judge to ask jurors to follow a self-defense defense. but there is no question to give us a preview of what the defense is thinking. >> reporter: there have been no questions of a potential insanity defense. the perspective jurors have not been asked if they suffered mental illness, anyone in their family suffered mental illness? >> there is no preview of what the defense may offer in defense. and by the way, they don't have to give an opening statement. they can keep us on the edge of our seats until after the government rests. >> reporter: and very quickly,
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is it even possible in your estimation that a jury could be selected today? the process has been very, very carefully and cautious? >> i doubt it. the judge is taking each juror individually into his came bers and asking them questions about their fairness. i don't think we can reach a jury today. maybe tomorrow -- maybe. >> reporter: jim shallic, our legal analyst, thank you so much. we'll have the latest for you tonight at 5:00. reporting live from rockville, i'm andrea mccarran, back to you jc. >> and andrea is following the trial very closely. she'll be providing live updates through twitter. you can follow her at andrea mccarran or through wusa 9. and we'll have the latest information on our website at now we want to tell you about another a high profile
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murder case. the murder of a lacrosse player. george haguely is seeking access to yeardley love's medical records. he is accused of killing his estranged girlfriend inside her off-campus home in may of 2010. his attorneys contend that love died from an irregular heartbeat which contradicts the medical examiner's finding of trauma to her head. the trial is scheduled to begin in february. sulaiman brown is now going to trial. he's been charged with driving without a valid driver's license. he was arrested last month driving on a suspended maryland license. he lives in washington, d.c. but he has a maryland driver's license that he claims is valid. meanwhile a judge has warned brown he must obtain a d.c.'s driver license before returning to court next month. in a separate legal case brown
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said he was paid by vincent gray's mayoral campaign to attack then-mayor fenty for a city job. right now police are on the scene of a bank robbery in mclean, virginia. they say a man wearing a halloween mask walked into a main street bank on old dominion drive and demanded money. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. no one was injured. authorities say that they are investigating the death of a falls church, virginia, woman, whose body was found in an upstate new york creek. 49-year-old linda shep lick was found near new york, just across the pennsylvania border. authorities say she was visiting relatives at the time. at this point, the cause of death has not been determined. someone discovered the body on sunday just north of town. a 20-year-old man is behind bars charged with killing a cab driver over 75 cents.
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that's according to d.c. police documents which say rashad slye of southeast washington got into an argument with a cab driver over the weekend. authorities say 40-year-old domingo enrique was shot and killed after slye refused to pay an additional 75 cents. rick perry's campaign needs a re-boot and he thinks his new tax plan and new hires and new strategy in iowa will work. a new cbs poll said herman cain is in the lead nationwide but danielle nottingham reports a large number of republican voters still have not decided who to support. >> reporter: gop presidential hopeful rick perry is counting on his new tax plan to help turn his campaign around. he's rolling out a proposal that calls for a flat tax rate, lower corporate taxes and private retirement accounts for
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social security. in addition to his tax plan, perry has past campaigns to advise him and launching a tv ad list in iowa. republican strategists say the approach is on target. >> he has a lot of money, very experienced national advisors, but governor perry has to win iowa. >> reporter: standing between perry and his first win next year is herman cain. a new cbs news new york times poll shows he's in the lead among republican primary voters nationwide. his 9-9-9 tax plan helped him climb to the top. but that poll also shows that the field is still wide open. 80% of republicans surveyed say they still haven't made up their mind about who they will vote for in the primary. mitt romney who is holding second place is working to shore-up the conservative vote. he filed the official paperwork to run in the new hampshire primary which could happen just 11 weeks from now.
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on the west coast, president obama told supporters 2012 is going to be a tough fight. he's raising cash for his campaign headlining six fundraisers on his three-day trip. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. well today president obama will tape an appearance for the tonight show with jay leno and then he goes to a fundraiser in san francisco featuring singer, song writer jeff johnson. nationwide it appear that's one in four homeowners who have a mortgage are under water. 22.5% of homeowners owe more than their homes are worth. financial experts at core logic says that down just slightly in the last three months. in the district of columbia, 14% of homeowners are under water, compare that to 23% in maryland and in virginia. now the worst state in the nation is nevada with 60% of
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homeowners there under water. the best state is new york where only 6% are under water. hundreds of police officers in riot gear move in on anti- war treat protestors in oakland. they were kicked out of a plaza in front of city hall. police led away a number of people in handcuffs. city officials warned protestors last week they were breaking the law and could not camp out overnight. still to come when the news continues, a food pantry that serves hundreds in prince william county prepares to reopen doors and that's thanks to your generosity. and also a glimmer of hope amid death and destruction. an infant is pulled to safety after spending days trapped in a building destroyed by the earthquake in turkey. we'll be back.
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the nuclear regulatory commission will talk about the future of a north anna nuclear power plant. it's been shut down since the earthquake in august. there will be a public meeting at the louisa county middle school. they say the reactors are ready to start. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking for federal
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disaster aid for schools damaged by the earthquake. thomas jefferson elementary school and the louisa county high school have been closed indefinitely because of the damage. and right now students are being taught in make-shift classrooms until their schools are repaired or rebuilt. the common wealth's first request for overall aid was rejected. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> jc, just enjoying the nice warm sunshine while we have it because things are going to change by the end of the week. got a great picture last night of the northern lights to share with you. but as we go to break, look at the temperatures. 64 in leesberg and along with columbia and great falls at 58. we'll have a seven-day forecast with big changes when 9 news now at noon returns. ñññ
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rescuers in turkey found a tiny miracle in the aftermath of the country's deadly earthquake. crews pulled a newborn baby out of the rubble alive. tina krause has more on this rescue. >> reporter: this dramatic video captures the moment turkish rescue crews found a small life among so much death. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: they pulled a 2
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week old baby girl out of a collapsed apartment building alive. rescuers in turkey cheered as paramedics rushed the newborn named azra to a waiting ambulance. this relative said the baby was found nearly 48 hours after the earthquake hit. but the mother was still trapped in the 7-story building, pinned next to a sofa. her grandmother was also buried in the wreckage. as doctors treated azra at the hospital, rescuers spent hours digging through the rubble to try to save her mother. and they did, carrying the 25- year-old out on a stretcher. [ applause ] >> reporter: soon after, they freed the 73-year-old grandmother too. the rescues came in one of the hardest-hit zones where hope is fading. but after saving three generations of the same family,
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crews aren't giving up. tina krause, cbs news. >> the father of baby azra is still trapped under the building. his condition is unknown. the death toll from sunday's quake is nearing 400 and hundreds more are still missing. a northern virginia food pantry will reopen its doors and that's thanks to amazing support from people like you. last week the acts food pantry in dumb free as announced they didn't have enough food to help people. well last week we featured their story and literally tons of food came in with a lot of money and the pantry will reopen to the public in about an hour. that's good news. >> it is good news. were you outside at all yesterday evening? >> no. >> after dark? >> no. >> well the sun had a little eruption and some of the material came toward either and it lit up the sky. the aurora borealis, all sorts of tremendous lights. there were reports in rich monday and west virginia.
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this is out of state college, pennsylvania. see the red and green on the bottom right, just a gorgeous seen. many people very lucky to see this. if you weren't, i'll share this with you. i have to thank sam hartford for allowing me to use this photo. norther lights not too far from our region. today temperatures climbing in the low to mid-60s and we'll see that for the rest of the afternoon as we head toward 5:00, 65 degrees. and then later this afternoon we'll start to drop off into the low 60s. so we'll end up between 65-70 for a high this afternoon as the winds northwesterly turn southwesterly and even southernly tonight. by 59 back into the 60s and clear skies. but the clouds increase overnight. during the day, satellite radar and a gorgeous looking one for us. showers well to the north, michigan to ontario, that will truck toward buffalo and new york state.
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around here we had a chilly morning. chilly around orange, 30. and national 49 degrees and 41 for cumberland. and at this hour we have warmed up into the low to mid-60s. mid-60s down south and east, tappahannock. culpeper is 66, with luray and here in d.c. at a very pleasant 63 degrees under sunny skies. a west northwest awith the air dry and the humidity only 46%. and i want to show you the national temperatures. because while we're enjoying a mild noon, look at the temperatures, low to mid 30s across the northern rockies. that cold air is working its way east and southeast over the next couple of days. storm system in the northern plains going to bring snow tonight into tomorrow in places like denver, colorado, where they had 80 for a record high yesterday. a little bit of wintry mix this morning across ports of north dakota. the rain in wisconsin moving east, not south. so for the next day we'll be protected any way until this frontal boundary slips toward
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us. so the mild side of the storm is with us today and tonight. on wednesday it won't be as pretty with more clouds around. maybe an isolated shower in the afternoon and evening. and then by thursday we watch rain come toward us. a few showers wednesday night. watch this area of rain go over us on thursday in the form of showers and then in the mountains as the colder air pours in on thursday night, here comes some snow shower activity at the higher elevations. by the way, rina could hit cancun, the yucatan as a major category 3 storm. watch that carefully. 67 this afternoon, a gorgeous one out there. tonight around 50 for the low. tomorrow partly cloudy and better chance of showers on thursday, breezy, only 62. and then check it out, the chill is coming for friday at 54. saturday only 50. and then sunday and monday mid- 50s. we could have frost in some of the suburbs over the weekend. we're going to the kitchen. we have a nice treat for you
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when 9 news now at noon returns.
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in these dire economic times we're getting inspiration from one of the most famous ministers in the world. i'm talking about joel osteen. he's coming to washington in april of 2012. he'll be at national stadium and i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. >> there is enough already pushing us down with just life in general. we have the economy, there is always something. when i speak and able to minister people, i want to lift them up and make them feel better and let them know there
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are brighter days up ahead and that's what our ministry is about. >> by the way, joel has a new book, it's called every day a friday. and i've been looking through it. he said how to be happier 7 days a week. every day a friday by joel osteen. now go to my website at and you can see the entire interview. i have another book to show you right now. it's from paula shoyer, the kosher baker. she's my special guest today. and let me just tell you, these pies, the fragrance is just filling the studio. this is a beautiful book that she has. 160 dairy-free recipes so i want to promote her book. and what are you doing today? >> well one of the reasons i'm here is to talk about my appearance this thursday on a
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food network competition show. >> that's right. >> it's called sweet jenus. and every day i go in the pitchen and bake for people with special diets and this is gluten free, this is sugar-free and this is dairy-free. and i thought being on a competition show where they give me challenging ingredients would be fun. but you have to move quickly in the kitchen, which i do. so today i'm going to show you the fastest pie you can ever make. >> and where can people see this? >> on the food network on thursday night at 10:00 p.m. and it's on for about an hour. >> okay. and they will see you. that must have been fun? >> it was fun. it was hard. i took risks i didn't need to. i made something on that show that i have never made before in my life until i was on that set. >> you are kidding? what was it? >> i can't tell you. back to the pie. so this is a frozen pie crust. i have a lot of homemade pry custs in my book, but sometimes you need to make it easy.
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so here i'm adding lemon juice, a little bit of salt, cinnamon, sugar. >> that's cut up? >> raspberry, blueberry, and you can use whatever fruit you want and make the pie your own. and you just mix the ingredients together and mix this up until you don't see that much of the flour. you can use corn starch as well and in the summer i use peaches and plums. and then dump this into the pie crust. that's probably enough. >> you didn't bake your crust at all? >> no, this is right out of the freezer. and then all i'm going to do is smooth this out and take cookie- cutters and cut out circles and make a design on top. you can use different sizes, you've used stars or flowers or whatever you like and when you bake it, it looks like that. >> doesn't this look lovey. you can get the full recipe by
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going to my website, and let's talk about the other ones, we've run out of time, this is a french galette with plums and berries and this is a key lime pie. >> be sure to come back and visit us at 5:00. it's delicious. >> makes everybody happy. >> i like it. thank you. >> thank you.
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