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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 26, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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brittany norwood. our andrea mccarren is joining us live with exactly what happened in court today. andrea? >> reporter: what a day it was. opening statements were breath taking before a packed courtroom. the prosecution showed some very graphic photographs of the crime scene and jayna murray's autopsy. the state's attorney john mcarthy disclosed murray suffered 322 distinct identifiable injuries including 107 defensive wounds. that is the most the medical examiner in the state of maryland has ever seen. joining me live now is our legal analyst. what did you make of today's proceedings? >> stunning. the government painted a picture of a premeditated savage slaughter. this woman was slaughtered by the defendant. it was stunning. >> i have never seen such a description of a crime scene as well, jim. six to eight different weapons
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in lululemon. the athletica store allegedly used in the commission of this crime. jayna murray's body found with a rope around her neck. >> savage. bruteal. i mean, it was stung. and the fact she had a rope around her neck, over 300 wounds, it was just unbelievable. and the defense opening was stunning. the defense admitted -- the defense admitted that the defendant killed her. >> in fact, let me just go ahead and read the exact words of defense attorney doug wood. he said "she is not guilty of first-degree murder. jayna was killed by britney. it was not premeditated. not deliberate. there was no malice. what do you make of that, jim? >> stunning. it was a stunning admission that she admitted killing her and what they said is they had a fight and she lost it and don't hold the actions against her that she did after the murder as to her intent before. what a risk. they have taken a huge risk by
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admitting the murder. it is stunning. i was shocked that they said that. >> also, state attorney john mcarthy was very graphic in describing the crime scene. in fact our wusa 9 web team colleague ashley jennings is still in the courtroom and getting word to us that more graphic photographs are being shown. in fact, john mcarthy described jayna's death as slow, not painless. this is a young woman who struggled to survive. >> well, the government has to prove premeditation. that's why he is painting a very specific picture of how many weapons she used, how long it took to kill her, to show premeditation and it wasn't just an outburst and an emotional killing. >> and she had ten hours, according to the state, to doctor the scene. >> absolutely. absolutely. the government had to show her premeditation was before the murder. the defense is saying it was a spur of the moment emotional
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killing. and after she realized what she did she painted this falls story. >> thank you so much. back to you. >> andrea mccarren, thank you. so much to digest there. >> absolutely. now to atlanta and oakland, california, where police are standing guard over plazas that they have now cleared of occupy wall street protestors. in both cities police arrested dozens of demonstrators after they just lost patience with the rallies. now here at home, police seem to be working alongside protestors protecting them during one rally outside the u.s. chamber of commerce today. diehl >> reporter: folks are concerned about the backlash we are seeing in parts of the country but they say arrest is the risk that you take to get your message out. they made it uncomfortable and nearly locked the door to the
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u.s. chamber of commerce. >> what goes on in this building has to stop. >> reporter: a security guard tried to get them arrested. chamber of commerce employees spoke to us away from the protestors. >> they are having their say. we are having ours. we are doing it with maybe a little bit of tone and tenor but so be it. >> continuing to push public policies that funnel wealth to the 1% and we demand our public policies should be based on the evidence of what works for the majority of people. >> the chamber has a very well publicized position of a six- point plan on job creation. >> i wouldn't believe anything that they say in there. >> reporter: the rally continued on peacefully as police made their presence clear but with no indication of the arrest or backlash we have seen at some occupations throughout the country. >> the police here have been very cooperative. >> reporter: meanwhile on a lonely lawn outside the capitol
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a san diego man is permitted for a demonstration of his own. >> occupy pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: but right now he is a one-man show. >> it is his agenda is that we should have a representative government then i want to occupy everywhere. >> reporter: protestors say while there may be several differing groups with differing agendas. >> it is not our fault there are so many problems in this country. >> reporter: it only adds to the mission of bringing democracy to the streets and hopefully change the nation. in just about an hour the folks here at freedom plaza will have their nightly general assembly. that starts at 6 p.m. and that's where they will gather and unanimously decide on what rally or action will take place tomorrow. lesli? >> all right, delia. derek? one of the leading republican presidential candidates is already raising money and making friends in the battleground state of virginia. mitt romney right here in fairfax today standing side by side by the governor. bruce leshan is with me. a lot of folks are saying
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that's the ticket literally. >> could be. but no offer of a vice presidential slot. the governor has yet to endorse mitt romney. >> reporter: for mitt romney and the governor, plenty of buddy/buddy but so far no commitment. >> no endorsements today although those are always welcome. >> reporter: mcdonell saying he is holding off endorsing any of the g.o.p. presidential candidates. >> this is like the occupy fairfax county headquarters movement here. >> reporter: though he did have positive things to say at romney's years at a private equity firm. >> governor romney gets it when it comes to free enterprise. a marvelous record of achievement creating wealth and jobs and opportunity for people. >> reporter: a recent poll suggests romney is tied with herman cain in virginia and tied as well with president obama. so would picking mcdonell as his running mate help?
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>> it would be presumetious on my part. >> reporter: democrats promise a battle for virginia's votes. >> mitt romney helping the people at the top instead of giving a boost to the general population. >> reporter: romney says his plan is more moderate than his leading republican opponents. >> the key to a tax policy is to reduce the tax burden on the people who have been hurt most by the obama economy and that's the middle class. >> reporter: romney is trying to thread the political needle here. yesterday he refused to endorse an antiunion ballot measure in ohio. today in fairfax county he came out strong.
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getting to the primaries then. leaving some middle of the road appeal for the election. >> towing a thin line. thank you, bruce leshan. prince george's county former top prosecutor is now running for congress. glen ivy plans to run for the seat held by donna edwards. the district includes much of prince george's county and now part of anonrundle county. jamie benoit planning to run for the seat and he is also a democrat. the center for missing and exploited children is now helping in the search for a missing autistic boy. he disappeared during a walk in a park. now hundreds of people are searching for him. they put survival kits in the search area but so far they haven't been touched. >> based on what we know, there can be no question that we
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believe and we are operating under the assumption and with the understanding that robert boyd jr. is alive and we are seeking to give him the aid that he needs and to reunite him with his family. >> volunteers are being warned to expect long hours of searching under some pretty tough conditions. homeless people in frederick, maryland, say they are being harassed and attacked by groups of teenagers. police say it is happening in a part of town where folks like to hang out along carroll creek linear park. lindsey mastis has more on the story. >> it has been miserable. this year has opinion the worst i have ever seen. >> reporter: jerry fletcher saying he has lived on the streets of frederick for years but since this summer it has gotten very dangerous. >> they will come up to you and push you around and everything. try to take your money from you, what hill bit of money you've got. >> reporter: he says groups of teenagers are targeting homeless men and women. >> they actually pulled a knife
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out on somebody. 25 ganged around them then they followed other people down the creek and that's when they got beat up and thrown in the creek. >> reporter: this type of cruelty has been captured on video in other parts of the country and uploaded to youtube. lieutenant grossman says many times teens will participate because of peer pressure. >> knowing that they are a juvenile and the feeling of invinsability. >> reporter: he said many incidents go unreported for various incidents. >> you can call police if you've got time to do it or you can do what you have to do to survive in case they do attack you. >> reporter: many of the homeless say they come to carroll creek here because it is patrolled. they are increasing lightening in public areas. next month they plan to install security cameras. in frederick, maryland, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> police say they are working
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with various community organizations including the homeless coalition to report harass many and abuse. from warm to winter. an early season storm is blanketed denver in snow. already. we will have a live report. topper? >> sunshine returning to the metro area. we will show you live doppler. showers are on their way out. but don't get used to it because showers will come back in. we will talk about that and a touch of winter over our weekend. >> the president rolls out a plan to help americans struggling with school loans. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up, do students think it will save them money?
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sky 9 over a car that crashed into a mcdonald's on green belt road. investigators believe the woman put her foot on the gas rather than the brake by accident sending the vehicle crashing into the windows of the restaurant. the driver was taken to the hospital with some minor injuries. president obama is rolling out a plan to help americans who are struggling with too much debt this time for people with crushing student loan payments. >> and as danielle nottingham reports the president says it is another step towards helping improve the nation's slumping economy. >> lesli, president obama says if congress won't help him fix the economy he will keep finding ways to do it himself.
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president obama ended his three-day western swing in front of a cheering crowd of university of colorado students eager to hear his plan to help americans drowning in student loan debt. >> when a big chunk of a paycheck goes to paying off student loans, it is painful for the economy. >> reporter: for those in debt the plan reduces loan payments to 10% of their income after monthly bills and helps them consolidate certain loans with lower interest rate. this is one of more than 7 million americans who could benefit from the president's plan. >> i don't think it is enough but i think that him just recognizing that we do need help is a step forward. >> reporter: it is no coincidence the president is promoting programs targeting strug manying graduates. young voters help put him in the white house and he needs their support in 2012. the president says the economy
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can't wait. the white house will go around congress once again and get this plan rolling through an executive order. grad student jason diaz is worried the student loan help could mean higher taxes down the road. >> it is great for me but at the same time it could hurt me. where are they get that money from? >> reporter: student loans are now the number 2 source of debt in american homes just behind mortgages. the president says this plan won't add any new costs for taxpayers. at the white house, danielle nottingham. now back to you, lesli. >> thank you, danielle. if you are having trouble making your payments now, you do have some options. according to the department of education you could change your repayment plan. you could either get a fixed amount, you could extend your payment plan or pay a low rate that increases every two years. or if you meet certain requirements you could actually defer those payments for a time and in some extreme cases you could even request a forebearance which would allow
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you to temporarily stop making those payments. whatever you decide to do if you are having trouble be sure to reach out for help. snow is falling in denver for the first time this season. expecting up to 8 inches by tonight. roads were passible but those snowflakes are certainly piling up on the rooftops, trees and grass. topper shutt in the weather center. topper, this seems early even for denver, isn't it? >> it really is. the problem is, they still have foliage, leaves on the trees. joining us from our sister station is kuas. >> it has ban mess, topper. you are right. we were so warm on monday, it was 80 degrees on monday. set a record high temperature. a lot of warm pavement. roads really haven't been a problem. people are driving around, driving home from work. we have had so many trees either damaged or destroyed and a lot of power lines down. we have had power outages in sections of the metro area and up and down front range. when i say front range i'm talking about the denver area
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all the way up into fort collins and greeley. 50, 60 miles away. places out on the planes in greeley, colorado, where they have had over a foot of snow today. they actually had more snow at lower elevations out on the plains of eastern colorado that we have had here in the denver area. we are looking at about a good 8 inches of snow here at downtown denver and up in greeley on north side of greeley they have had over a foot of snow while in the foothills they have had up to 18 inches of snow. it has been a significant problem folks having trees down and power lines, waking up with trees split in half right on top of their cars in the carports. that's been the big issue. >> marty, have you had any yet or do you expect any wind behind this storm? >> reporter: no. this has been the real blessing with the storm. we have had some monster blizzards in the month of october, especially the one in 1997 which virtually shut down d.i.a. this one not wind free but i don't know if you can tell with
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the light snow going on around me right now. but winds have generally been less than 9, 10 miles per hour. so it has been very, very light. and we are not anticipating any strong wind tonight. so we are not going to have any blizzard conditions or any road closures due to that through the night tonight. so we have dodged that particular problem with this storm. >> all right. reporting live from denver, kusa, sister station. thank you very much. some of that same energy from that storm will get here as well. some sun is coming up. showers pushing east and south of us. problem is more showers back to the west in the ohio valley. so we will probably have a lull between this batch and the next batch which will get in here just in time for the morning commute. in the meantime most of the showers now pushing through southern maryland. everything is light in charles county, st. mary's county and down towards fredricksburg as you head down 95 south.
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temps very nice. 64 downtown. 60 in arlington. 68 bethesda. temps recovering with that last little bit of sunshine. more showers on the way. breezy and mild overnight. more showers thursday. much cooler on friday. and i tell you what, more like winter on saturday. we talked about this on monday. it could be the first big snow west of the divide. i think snow may fall as close to hagerstown and cumberland in the metro area and maybe even further east. tonight, showers tapering off for the time being. lows 50 to 55. winds southwest 10 to 15. so really a pretty comfortable night. 50s across the board. 52 reston. 52 in bowie. tomorrow morning, showers come back. so a wet commute. 50s and 60s. winds southwest at 10 to 15 in the morning and then when the front goes through winds pick up a little bit and turn northwestward. so mostly cloudy, windy and mild. showers and pretty early in the afternoon. highs between 60 and 65 and
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winds north westerly at 120 to 20. rather gusty. showers in the morning at 7 a.m. 50s. probably showers by noon. 56 to 61. a slight chance of showers mainly south of time. temperatures 61, 66. most of the showers out of there by then. a break on friday. much cooler. temperatures in the 40s with rain on saturday. that's a downtown temperature. next seven days. after saturday we are in good shape on sunday. mid-50s. hallowe'en still dry. upper 50s. so temps upper 40s, low 50s to all those trick-or-treaters. low 50s with sunshine on tuesday. back up in the low 60s on wednesday. >> derek likes that stuff. >> ski season is a coming. >> that's right. >> thank you, topper. he inspired millions to live life through his handling of his own impending death. coming up, a unique way that
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randy's family is keeping his memory alive. but up next, the cost of going to college getting even higher. we will tell you just how much.
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college costs are climbing. a new college report finds tuition has dropped. the cost to attend a public university will jump to more than $8000. the price tag for a community college student will increase about $3000 more a year. that is double the inflation rate with those falling family incomes, the higher college costs will eat up even more of the budget. i am holding a sample of a product registration card. i know it is hard to make out the details but since june of 2010 makers of infant toddler products have been required to include one of these in items like cribs, play yards, stroller and high chairs or you have register those items on line but a new survey from the confederation of north america says parents aren't aware of
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it. it is important to register the product because that's the most direct way to get information about recalls and product safety issues. it may look different but it is still the real thing. coca-cola is giving its cans a temporary makeover. for the next four months the company will release nearly 1.5 billion of these white coke cans with its wintertime mascot the polar bear. again, my prop here. the company designed the new design. it is right here, part of the world's wildlife fund campaign to protect the artic habitat of endangered animals and the company is going to donate $2 million and match up to 1 million more when coke drinkers make a donation through text messages. sky9 out over annapolis where the rodeo came to town today. not the rodeo you're thinking about. teams from coastguard units from maryland and d.c.
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competing in this event. today's event took place at the coastguard station on thomas point road. a new national museum one step closer to reality. the groundbreaking ceremony held this morning for the new american war time museum. this is in dale city, virginia. much of the visitor experience they say will be outdoors and what's more if you are up for it you will be able to walk through authentic war front scenes and will be able to take part in the enactment. the event scheduled to open veteran's day 2014. >> tens of thousands of d.c. public school students got a taste of something they probably never tried before. norway food. sign me up. it was all part of nordic food day. it is part of a cross cultural
5:27 pm
exchange. five nordic chef apprentices prepared the food. sure you want your wedding to blow people away. watch what happened in arizona when a sand storm coming up. looking back on the life of the of a man whose phenomenon has touched millions. when i come back you'll see how they are trying to preserve the legacy of randy pelch. how are you doing? rry, fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying?
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no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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inspirational professor whose last lecture on youtube touched the lives of millions of people since his death from cancer in '08. >> today the family returned to the house where he grew up in columbia, maryland, with a surprising mission in mind. preserving the childhood dreams of the man who gave meaning to so many. >> reporter: inside this 1950s rancher, two staffers from carnegie melon university are out to save the childhood dreams that are literally painted on the walls of randy pelch. he was the professor touched with cancer in his 40s who touched the world with his so-
5:31 pm
called last lecture in 2006. >> we can't change the cards we are dealt just the way we play our hand. >> these are my most recent ct scans. >> reporter: the wisdom of a dying man in a lecture entitled "achieving your childhood dreams." turns out randy's childhood dreams were literally painted on his bedroom walls as a kid. a rocket to space. an equation. an elevator to an imaginary world and a sense of humor. and now that his 85-year-old mother virginia is moving after 54 years colleagues have come here to turn the dreams into museum pieces. >> i figured out a long time ago that people tell the truth when they are little kids and when they are dying. and he nailed it. >> reporter: that's james david white who is in charge of the project. >> why do you think? >> he was figuring it out and a lot of the things on the wall
5:32 pm
there are him working it out. working out what life is about. and i think he was honest about those things that he figured out throughout his life. so it is art and it is not art, it is more than that. >> reporter: and it is an emotional time for randy's family. >> this is a place where there was a lot of life and a lot of fun and a lot of joy. >> oh, it is very bitter sweet. >> when it came off the wall i really got emotional. >> now just how randy's childhood dreams will ultimately be displayed has not been worked out yet. but at least everyone here knows it is not just his words that will continue to live on. in columbia, scott broom, 9news now. >> what an individual. randy died in '08. his book has been on the new york times best seller list ever since. in charlottesville, virginia, a court hearing is taking place at this hour in a murder case. a former university of virginia
5:33 pm
lacrosse player is accused of murder. they now want love's medical records unsealed. the lawyers claim love died from an irregular heart beat caused partly from taking a drug and drinking alcohol. the trial will start in february. derek? an outbreak of mold in two dorms have forced hundreds of students at an area college to move off campus. this happened at st. mary's college in st. mary's city and as kristin fisher reports the school is known for its creative solution. >> this is where we have mold issues above the ceiling. >> reporter: it is hard to see the mold but you can sure smell it. >> we have water pumps that run above the ceiling and you can see the grey on them that has mold on it. >> reporter: the mold has infested two dorms on campus. several students are sick. and 350 were ordered to vacate. >> all these kids are now homeless and have nowhere to
5:34 pm
go. >> reporter: randall hoff wasn't one of them but his friend was so randall invited him to live at his place off campus. a sweet deal since all the others were spread out in three hotels some 20 miles from campus. >> if i was a person in the hotel i would be pissed. it is like a 35, 40-minute commute. >> especially if they plays sports. you can imagine how much trouble they are having doing school work. >> reporter: finally an alum suggested renting a ship out. >> when they told me it wasn't going to cost us any more than the hotels it sealed the deal for us. >> reporter: it will dock and it will be home to 250 students for the rest of the semester. >> it fits really well with the school and a lot of kids are
5:35 pm
super stoked about it. how many kids can say they lived on a cruiseship one semester. >> i think it is pretty sweet too. that cruise ship will be dock and ready for the students to move in on friday. they will return to their now mold-free dorms by start of next semester. >> hope they are breathing easier soon, derek. thank you. in turkey more dramatic rescues are taking place after sunday's earthquake. today an 18-year-old college student was pulled from the rubble along with two teachers. rescue crews used tiny cameras mounted on sticks to locate the students. searchers say hopes of finding anyone else alive are fading rapidly. more than 460 people were killed when that 7.2 magnitude quake hit. tonight turkey's prime minister says shoddy construction is partly to blame. one man dead another in police custody following a shooting that happened outside a florida home depot. the gunman fled after opening
5:36 pm
fire outside the hardware story in boyton beach. police say the shootings stem from an attempted robbery. hard to believe from the looks of it but three people survived this small plane crash in texas. it went down in fort worth. first responders were surprised they found survivors. the three people are okay. the plane a total loss. well, he stands 8 feet tall, weighs nearly 100 pounds. coming up, this giant lego man's day at the beach. but up next, road workers find themselves busy after a load of pumpkins were dropped on the highway. we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back.
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this morning's rush hour commute was no treat for drivers in farmington, michigan. that's just outside detroit. pumpkins came rolling off a truck onto a freeway. look at that mess. a load got loose and ended up all over the street.
5:40 pm
at least one windshield was shattered. the driver could face fines after that cleanup and slow down this morning. >> need a car wash. it is clear what he is and who he is. we are not so sure about this guy. he is lego man. 8 feet tall. made of fiberglass and washed up on a beach near sarasota. no exact information where he comes from but maybe it has something to do with the opening of a new legoland. some surprised beach combers are talking. >> i figure he probably fell down from up above somewhere. i don't know where it came from. >> i kind of think it was from the ufo people. i really do. >> ufo people. >> okay. >> i know those guys. by the way, company officials deny they have anything to do with lego man's mystery appearance although they joked he does deserve one phone call and an attorney.
5:41 pm
the rightful owner has 90 days to come get him. tying the knot in the midst of an incredible drug storm blasted during their ceremony in phoenix just as they were saying their i dos. >> kind of thought we could get through it and we could be in the reception then if it broke loose, it did, but it broke loose during the ceremony instead. >> laughing now. at the time i'm just eating dust. >> i love the video caption. capture the memory. you won't ever forget that one. >> no. >> they managed to weather the storm and say it left them with with with a story they will be telling for a long time. >> now, rain is good luck. what is sand? >> i don't know, topper. >> better luck, i guess. you've got to put some kind of spin on it. >> we are looking at actually a very nice evening. temps pretty mild. 63 downtown. 61 frederick and leesburg. we will come back and talk about a cold front tomorrow and a storm over the week.
5:42 pm
but first, you may have already gotten your flu shot but a new city shows it may not give you as much protection as you think. we are going to talk about it coming up.
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5:45 pm
what kind of birth control people take matters when it comes to the risks of the dangerous blood clots in the veins. the newer ones carry twice the blood clot risks compared to older contraceptives. it is the type of progetrone. the seasonal vaccine the best thing against the flu. the flu shot may not be as powerful as once thought especially in some vulnerable people we found out.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: paul is getting the flu shot for himself to try to keep his 2-year-old twins healthy this winter. >> it is miserable when they are sick so you don't want to be a part of it or part of the reason why they are getting sick. >> reporter: about 100 million americans will get the flu shot this year but a new far reaching study shows it may not be quite as powerful as we hoped much the study in the journal shows over the last four decades the shot only kept the flu away from healthy adults about 59% of the time. but researcherses say the nasal spray vaccine has an 83% success rate in children under the age of 7. >> young adults and older children have the best immune response to the vaccine. and older patients don't. >> washing hands and health care measures won't keep the flu away as well as the
5:47 pm
vaccine. >> the nasal spray which works so well in kids in the study it is made with a weakened but live virus approved for ages 2 to 49. there is also another option to consider this year. injection into the skin not into the muscle. >> i was asking about that when i got my flu shot because my arm always hurts afterwards. >> did you count to 3? did you say one, two, three? >> no, but i closed my eyes. >> take a deep breath? take a chant? get through it? >> didn't hurt this year. felt pretty good. >> that's good. >> well, this is the busiest day i have had. >> if for nothing. >> nothing going on. i posted on my blog about the false warnings. we will talk about radar right now. we have showers south of town. showers moving out. we will have a lull in between the next batch of showers. so still a little bit of shower activity southern charles county down towards st. mary's city and down into calvert county in the northern neck but
5:48 pm
that is it. the problem is we will look to the west and widen it out a little bit and see more showers in kentucky, ohio and these will roll through here tomorrow and that will occur with a passage of the cold front. temperatures very nice. 63 downtown. 61 in arlington. upper 50s in rockville and gaithersburg and bethesda. not bad at all. 58 in reston. here is the deal. more showers on the way. probably a wet commute tomorrow. breezy and mild overnight. more showers thursday. they should end though pretty early in the afternoon. much, much cooler on friday. and then more like winter on saturday. it is going to be a cold november rain in the middle of october with snow in the mountains. for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. showers tapering off. temperatures between 50 and 55. winds southwest 10 to 15. so all things considered, pretty mild across the entire metro area. mid-50s downtown. 55 in arlington. 52 rockville. maybe 52 in bowie. pretty mild.
5:49 pm
54 in waldorf. low 50s in reston and fairfax and sterling and also herndon. notice the winds southwest at 10 to 15. now by afternoon when the front goes through winds turn northwesterly at 10 to 20 and showers will end early in the afternoon. so that's a cue and wind turning northwest and the front has gone through still mild ahead of the front. temperatures in the 60 to 65- degree range. real cool air doesn't get in here until friday. your day planner, showers to start. 7 a.m. in the 50s. showers at noon. temperatures 61 and 66 by afternoon and evening. now, the next three days. a peak on friday. we are cooler. drop it almost 10 degrees to 55. we drop it almost another 10 degrees with the cold rain on saturday. not a good day for the maryland terps. >> next seven days. there is the cold rain on saturday. mountain snows. nice on sunday.
5:50 pm
just brisk. mid-50s. nice on hallowe'en. brisk. upper 50s. back in the low 50s on tuesday. and then back in the low 60s as we get into wednesday of next week. >> chilly start. >> it is. >> all right. still to come on 9news now. if it is panic time in ashburn -- folks are nodding yes. mike shanahan addressing his team's recent down turn. >> no, it is not arbor day. the suspect in the michael jackson's death trial breaks down in court. i will tell you why when we come back.
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check on the markets. the dow closing the day up more than 162 points. nasdaq closed 12 points higher and so did the s&p 500. about 13 points. andy rooney is in the hospital after developing some serious complications following surgery. we are told his condition is stable but the family does not want any more details about what is going on made public. he is 92 years old. he delivered his last essay on "60 minutes" three weeks ago. amy winehouse died because she drank too much alcohol, the official conclusion of a british coroner. the singer's blood alcohol level was more than five times
5:54 pm
over the legal driving limit when she died three months ago. many assumed she died because of a drug overdose. winehouse has battled addictions to both drugs and alcohol for years. lawyers for dr. conrad murray are focusing on their client's character today. they are hoping murray's former patients can paint a positive picture for the jury. karen brown has the latest from the courtroom in los angeles. >> reporter: dr. conrad murray dabbed tears from his eyes as witnesses took the stand on his behalf. some of his patients spoke about his charitable work and his kind manner. >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring and i dust don't think he did what he has been accused of. >> i'm alive today because of that man. >> the defense says murray is a good doctor and that money did not motivate him. >> and i explained to him i can't really afford to do a lot of stuff. so he did it for me free. >> the jury was released early for the day because of scheduling issues but not
5:55 pm
before the prosecution got the chance to cross-examine the character witnesses. as they tried to show that dr. murray treated his superstar patients differently. >> dr. murray never gave you propofol in your bedroom, did he? >> nos. >> reporter: the prosecution says murray gave jackson a fatal dose of propofol but murray's lawyers are suggesting the singer was a desperate man who would do anything to get sleep. they say he was taking the powerful anaesthetic on and off for a decade. the defense will wrap up their case on thursday. jurors could start deliberating dr. murray's fate as early as neck week. karen brown, los angeles. >> dr. murray agreed to become his personal physician for $150,000 a month but he was never paid because he died before the contract was ever signed. starting to seem like the redskins' strong start -- i don't know, it might have been a fluke. >> they lost their last two
5:56 pm
games. kristin berset is joining us with more on what is going on in ashburn. >> reporter: some developing a false sense of hope. had mike shanahan finally fashioned a team that could be above .500. the redskins have lost three of their last four. can't seem to stop their skid. the defense is unraveling dropping from six best to 12th in the league in a matter of two weeks and shanahan has simply put a band-aid over the quarterback situation. so is it panic time in ashburn? >> definitely not panic time. you see teams come back every year. the teams that lose their confidence should panic, but a team like us, i feel like as long as we can claw back each week and obviously the next big one is the big one so we need a win. >> definitely things we need to get better at. always ways we can improve. that's what we are going to
5:57 pm
focus on. we know the type of team we have. we know the things that we can do when we put it all together. so that's what we are diverting all our energy to. >> reporter: the schedule does not get much easier after this. next up a well rested tough buffalo squad. now, if you were planning on watching some baseball tonight you'll have to wait. game 6 of the world serious has been postponed because of the weather. it has been moved to tomorrow night. coming up a little later in sports we will have more from redskins park plus the nats have completed their managerial search and 9sports has the inside track on what it will be. back to you guys. >> all right. a new survey from career builder lists some of the country's scariest jobs and the coach of the redskins and nats did not make the list. >> did not make the list. this one will be no surprise. bomb squad technician is number 1 on the scary list. also in the top 5, highrise window washer. serving in the armed forces which maybe should be number 1.
5:58 pm
minor. police officer. and king crab fisherman in alaska is number 6. i guess there is some crabbing shows that might show us that. >> that's the deadliest catch and all that. number 8 firefighter. also making the list mortician. high school teacher. and cemetery worker. and an interesting number 12. standup comedian. getting up in front of an audience that is scary to a lot of people. >> something i did hardest thing i ever did. >> did you make it through? >> i made it through and didn't win any prizes. >> they were laughing at you not with you. >> if there was laughter at all. >> let me tell you about a man that rides the segway to work. for years he had this idea to get a grim reaperrer costume to
5:59 pm
wear on his commute. he has done it. imagine the response prosecute people that see it. he plans on wearing the costume again on friday irwin says and you may see him on hallowe'en monday too. this is wusa 9 news. opening statements today in one of the most closely watched trials in our area in quite some time. our andrea mccarren inside the courtroom as attorneys made their first remarks in the lululemon murder case. andrea? >> reporter: derek, the courtroom was packed and we now know the gruesome details about jayna murray's death. jayna murray's battered body was found in the back of the lululemon athletic store in bethesda. she suffered 322 distinct, identifiable injuries including 107 defensive wounds. the most the medical examiner had ever seen. the state attorney says jayna


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