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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with topper. are we looking at snowflakes in october, my friend? >> we are not. it is not crazy unusual. the storm would swing to the south and up the coast as a nor'easter. here is the deal. really is not that unusual to have snow in october. we average a trace of snow in the month of october. in fact, we average a tenth of an inch out in the western suburbs. the earliest measurable snow is back on the 10th set back in 1979. also at the end of october. even if it were to snow we have warm ground, no worries. now, that said also since monday we have been saying west of the divide it will be an accumulating snow in the mountains. in the meantime a frontal system moving through ushering in the cooler air then we have leftover moisture and a storm system that was left of the denver snow will swing down south and up the coast. 65 downtown. still 57 in gaithersburg. we will come back. we will talk about colder air tonight. frost advisories posted to the
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north. we will have more on that as well. today a hushed courtroom listened to dramatic audiotapes of what brittany norwood told investigators right after jayna murray's body was found in the bethesda lululemon store. norwood is facing first-degree murder charges for killing her coworker. andrea mccarren has been in the courtroom since the trial started to tell us about some of the evidence presented to the jury today and every day just more dramatic, andrea? >> reporter: that's right, derek. in fact, late today the jury watched a crime scene videotape and so graphic and ugly one spectator ran out of the courtroom. >> reporter: an audio top of brittany norwood's first interview with police from her hospital bed at suburban. the packed courtroom listened in stunned silence as she asked about jayna murray, the woman her lawyer has since acknowledged she killed. can you tell me how my friend is doing, she asked in a quiet
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voice. norwood details her elaborately concocted tale of two masked men who allegedly beat and sexually assaulted the two women after they returned to lululemon to retrieve norwood's wallet. norwood sobbed "there was so much blood and all i could think is that it was all my fault because i lost my wallet." the jury saw photographs of norwood in the hospital with a cut on her forehead, a gash on her hand and minor scratches. a police witness held up a pair of her socks soaked in blood and black stretch pants with the crotch cut out and slashes on the legs. we later learned her wounds were self-inflicted. said norwood "i was really praying someone would see us and help." norwood told police her attackers sounded young and white and that they repeatedly used racial slurs as they attacked her. our legal analyst is joining me. he has been in the courtroom
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with me today. jim, you believe the defense and prosecution will be both using that dramatic audiotape we heard? >> absolutely. the key word in this case is premeditation. the government is going to show that this concoction of lies and details show that this is part of a big plan. the defense, i see, is going to argue that the coverup was ridiculous and so many lies that it was so untrue, it showed a woman who just panicked and couldn't plan something that was so foolish and ridiculous. they are both going to use the coverup to their advantage. >> should be interesting to see. jim, thank you so much as always for your legal expertise. we are now awaiting the release by the judge of today's visual evidence. we will have that for you hopefully coming up tonight at 7 p.m. live from rockville, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> thank you so much, andrea. you can keep track of what's happening inside the courtroom all day long at and new at 6 p.m.
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tonight, word that progun advocates plan to take their message to virginia tech's campus next month. the times reports that virginia citizens defense league is planning a demonstration november 17th. that group supports passing a law to care a concealed handgun on college campuses. 32 people were killed at virginia tech by a student four and a half years ago. a nice rally on wall street today after europe made a deal to avoid more of the debt crisis. the dow up 339.5 points. nasdaq rose 88. and s&p 500 closed up 42.5 points. remember those kids that got into trouble with police. they were just trying to make money selling lemonade during the u.s. open. itour delia gonclaves has the story. >> reporter: lesli, here is the
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biggest problem. those folks negotiating the deal with the u.s. golf association grossly underestimated -- i'm talking about $300,000. they under estimated the costs of police and fire overtime. >> can i get a picture of you? >> reporter: for a full summer week all eyes on montgomery county and the u.s. open at potomac congressional golf course. and money was made. remember those 50-dollar front yard parking lots? well, while homeowners struck a deal for anxious drivers, it appears that the county didn't do its homework before negotiating a deal with the u.s. golf association. >> we think it was a fair deal. whether it was the best deal we will never know the answer to that. >> reporter: here is a breakdown of the numbers. county police and fire overtime costs came to 747,560. the county was reimbursed less than 10% at just over $69,000 leaving taxpayers a balance of
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more than $678,000. >> other jurisdictions that hosted the u.s. open in previous years received a much larger percentage. >> reporter: phil andrews says the council will now have to consider a new policy that guarantees the county gets a better reimburse. >> these are tight times and that's a lot of money. so it is something that we want to get as much reimbursement for as possible because dollars are scarce and that money could be used certainly for many other valuable programs. >> reporter: like the victims of the budget acts including after school programs and government and school employee health benefits. >> in terms of the costs for personnel for overnight actually under what occurred in the last three years. >> we didn't have the information from the previous jurisdictions when we were making those decisions. >> reporter: they may have not had that information but county leaders say taxpayers shouldn't panic just yet. we are still waiting on a final tally of just how much money was raised during the week long
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event. they are saying that money could off set the costs therefore lower your bottom line. so far we know that county liquor sales total $250,000 for that one week alone. lesli? >> that's a lot of liquor. all right, delia, thank you. we will talk about recreation. heading to the movies, grab popcorn, soda. seems pretty cool. but d.c.'s mayor thinks it is a great way to raise cash for the city. lindsey mastis went out to get reaction from what is being dubbed the popcorn tax. >> reporter: hard to see a movie without popcorn, candy and soda. now d.c. mayor gray is proposing a 5% tax on all the food you buy at the theater. >> i think an extra 5% is kind of unnecessary. >> reporter: in a news release the mayor said 75% of the revenue would help build a movie theater east of the anacostia river.
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the other 25% would pay for incentives to entice production companies to film movies within city limits. >> if you're trying to get the funds, you are much more likely to get it if you tax the tickets themselves. >> reporter: i just bought this large bag of popcorn costing me 7.75. now, if this tax goes through it will raise the price by 39 cents. that means i would have paid over $8 for this bag of popcorn. maryland already charges a 6% sales tax for food at the theater and in virginia there is a 5% tax. the same story across the country. new york and l.a. both charge more than 8%. some district residents say if the price keeps going up they will sneak their own food in for free. >> in a big tote bag. >> i'll just eat beforehand. that's already what i'm doing. >> reporter: in washington, i'm lindsey lohan, wusa 9 news. >> some expensive popcorn. >> a spokesperson in the gray office says it is still working
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the numbers of how much tax that would raise for the district. >> some people taking their own stuff in. >> some people already doing that. we have heard opposition to maryland's redistricting plan but now one man is trying to actually do something about it. what he did. coming up on 9news now at 7 p.m. what to do about drivers who block the box? that was the question today here in washington. i'm matt jablow. that story straight ahead. and up next, the company already trying to make amends but is it enough tore blackberry users. more fallout in 2 minutes.
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you could have something to gain from a lawsuit. a class action one filed in canada last night.
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its goal is to reimburse blackberry users for lost service during three days of outages earlier this month. blackberry's parent company research in motion says it can't comment on suit because it hasn't seen it yet, but the company already has offered users who were impacted $100 in free apps. mortgage rates dropped slightly again today dipping 100th of a point to 4.1% and that is for a 30-year fixed rate. it is still up though from the all-time low of 3.4% three weeks ago. some hagerstown firefighters are refusing to help habitat for humanity build a house meant to honor them. the sticking point the house doesn't have an indoor sprinkler system. members of the washington county volunteer fire and rescue association say sprinklers save lives but they are not required in all new homes. habitat for humanity says that project will go on with or without the association's help. still ahead. broken escalators nothing new for some metro riders. how the transit system is
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trying to address them is. we are going to talk about it on the other side of the break.
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locking the box. it has been a problem on washington's intersections for almost as long as there have been roads in washington. today the debate heated up about exactly what to do about it, who is responsible and how should they be punished? matt jablow has more details on blocking the box. >> reporter: everyone agrees it remains a big problem here in washington. the main question is exactly what you said, what to do about it. today it was reported that 1500 blocking the box tickets were written in the last fiscal year. the tickets are for $100 each. drivers we talked to said tickets should be part of the solution to the problem but iaa mid-atlantic says drivers shouldn't be penalized for blocking the box because sometimes you can't avoid it. >> writing tickets to motorists who at some occasions may be trapped in an intersection not
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because of their own fault. too much cars, too many people and not enough officers patrolling or controlling the intersections. >> reporter: another possible solution to the problem, gridlock cameras which would automatically generate tickets to people who block the box. the city has been talking about those cameras for some time now but right now there are no signs they will be installed anytime soon. anita? >> clearly an issue for anyone who has to drive in the district. thank you, matt. computer problems. escalators. a rough couple of months for metro. now the transit authority is trying to address some of those problems. i'm bruce leshan at the bethesda metro stop. here we go again. people walking up broken escalators. metro promising priority replacement of the ones here in bethesda. but this is only one of many,
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many problems including power outages and platforms dangerously overcrowded. metro admitting now it could have done a better job earlier this month when passengers were ordered off at a platform trying to escape jamming escalators some fearing they would be pushed into a moving train. >> you were almost pushed up against a moving train as it was moving. >> i think we could have left it on the platform with the doors closed. >> reporter: but the general manager insists metro was simply trying to rescue a man up the tracks who had jumped in front of a train. >> this was indicative of a two-hour shut down of the railroad. >> reporter: bruce leshan, 9news now. >> so you remember all those fires in the swamp, the ones that caused the smoke that have been burning since august 4th along the virginia, north carolina border that is. one of several wildfires in the area in the last three years.
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fires costing $75 million to fight. now the u.s. fish and wildlife service is talking about changing how it responds to future fires to try and save some money. what causes that when it just keeps burning out there in the swamp? >> who knows what's in that swamp. there are all kinds of layers of stuff. >> sediment and all of that. >> yes. >> we are going to throw some rain on that this weekend. >> we actually are going to turn more toward winter as we get into tomorrow night and saturday. let's start first with live doppler. the frontal system itself which will usher in the cooler air will move through in the next couple hours and just a couple of showers left. some hours up near baltimore. they are pretty light for showers. they are now approaching annapolis. they weakened a little bit and they extend back to the south and west just south of warrenton and just north of fredricksburg. we will kind of tell you -- we will zoom in a little bit. you can see the showers. they are not as heavy as they were. these showers just west of woodridge.
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essentially going east and weakening in intensity over towards st. mary's city and will be on the weak side as they push through. more like winter on saturday. clearing and colder overnight. a chilly friday. you'll need a jacket. yes, the first flakes possible on saturday especially frederick north and west and out toward north and west. may be closer to town. we will keep you posted. futurecast. 11 p.m. tonight. showers to the south of us. clear out very quickly allowing the colder air to pull in overnight. by 6 a.m. in the morning you'll need sun glasses and a coat. then the high clouds come back in the late morning and afternoon ahead of that storm system. you will see clouds come back and then the rain really develops as we get into saturday morning. it is going to be a cold, cold rain to start. it will be snow from cumberland
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west. i think as colder air gets pulled down, the atmosphere will be cold enough to support some snow but in terms of accumulating, no problem in the metro area. frost advisory north. so for tonight, evening shower possible but then clearing and colder. frost advisory north. 34 to about 44. winds out of the northwest at 10. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and cold. need a jacket and sunglasses. temps in the 30s and 40s. then by afternoon high clouds come back. partly cloudy. kind of chilly. i think temperatures only near 55. and winds north easterly at about 10. next seven days. saturday the cold rain. 44. any soccer games left on saturday? it will be tough. and we have a flake. first flake i have put on a seven-day this season. 44 for a high. then 54 on sunday. still salvaging a nice day on sunday. nice on hallowe'en. few clouds come in late. make it spooky but should stay drive.
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upper 50s for highs. showers wednesday and thursday. any soccer games? >> in the morning. we sent out a note saying bundle up. >> hot chocolate. something. >> well, well, don't want anybody getting hurt. speaking of getting hurt chris cooley seems to have something other than the weather to blame on his problem. >> yes, a lot of speculation now that he is done for the season this will be his final season as a redskin. he addressed that today. but he also addressed what caused his season-ending injury. now the nfl teams have blamed the lockout for a variety of issues for their team's preparedness and chemistry but find out why chris cooley blames the lockout for his season coming to an end. capitals are heading north of the border for a win. that's coming up next in sports.
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when it was announced earlier this week that redskins tight end chris cooley is out for the season, speculations that this would be the end for him started mounting. today cooley addressed those fears saying he has talked at length with the redskins gm and coaches about his situation and he plans on returning with the team next season. but cooley also said he 100% blames the nfl lockout for his season ending prematurely. coolley had surgery earlier this year but because of the lockout he wasn't able to rehab with team doctors and
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therapists. so he decided to rehab at home. it is a decision that may have cost him his career. >> i'm not blaming anybody. i feel 100% that i'm a casualty to the season of the lockout. i think it was a shame that they didn't let players who had surgery spend time with the doctors and trainingers that they trust on a daily basis. i wish i could have. >> and mike shanahan says he agrees 100% with chris cooley's statement. as for the rest of the team back at it again prepping for their game in toronto against the bills doing what they can to stop the skid. >> a sense of urgency. want to get back on the winning ways and get that feeling, that swagger feeling we used to have and get back on that winning track. >> 7-0, the washington capitals are the last beaten team in the nhl. so far living up to the preseason expectations. this week they are north of the border for two games in canada.
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their first test tonight against edmonton oilers who are in the midst of a rebuilding year but are still 4-2-2 this season. despite their fast start though the capitals are well aware it could turn in an instant. >> we want to win each game. you don't want to lose any games. one game at a time. we all want to win once in a while. >> all right. time to pick our dc game of the week. some of your choices tonight. everybody knows how fun this can be. this is at a tailgating event. basically do not try and swing that wiffle ball bat. >> that is it for us. have a great night. >> good night, everybody. captions by: caption colorado,
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