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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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yeah, what was that whole chef/gardener act? those were just a ruse. ruse? clever word. you guys are writers. we usually write at the mansion. we're supposed to pretend to be the help when people show up. to continue that ruse? well, after we found andrea, joseph told us to pack up all of our stuff and write from here. we can't keep working here. this place is gonna be swarming with police in a half hour. that's why you're gonna get kenny and your computer and you're gonna go work on my boat. is that really necessary? you want to stay in business, don't you? all right. (thunder rumbles) (sighs) so is it just the two of you, or is marilyn here? that's andrea's stuff. andrea, our victim? andrea: i know how to punch up this chapter. andrea was one of us. lawrence: we've been writing ms. milner's novels for three years. andrea turned in our last manuscript this morning.
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we're onto the next one now. so, where's marilyn? kenny: we've never met her. what? wait a minute, you guys write exactly like her, but you've never met her? well, she gives us storylines, general ideas. but we do the rest. (scoffs) uh... what are you doing?! excuse me, we're trying to work here. yep. me, too. there's no blood here. yeah, this wasn't the place where andrea was killed. this is andrea's computer, right? what's the password? we don't know. man, what's the damn password?! "nobel." thank you! thinks highly of herself. nobel... very highly of herself.
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oh, got an urgent message to the editor in here. from when? looks like it was sent a week ago. "pay me commensurate with my written contributions "to the manuscript i will deliver to you next week, "in the amount of $100,000. "if you fail to, i will have no choice but to withhold "the manuscript and alert the media "that the bestselling author marilyn milner is a fraud. sincerely, andrea." so, this is about blackmail. sincerely, andrea." should we spend it wandering in some home improvement warehouse crowd: no! i say we go to ace crowd: yeah! get help when we walk in the door because we will maintain our homes and our weekends crowd: yeah! get your weekend back at ace the helpful place
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>> coming up tonight, millions without power on the east coast
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after a winter blizzard. the republican presidential front-runner backing away from a controversial online ad. life lessons on both sides when two all-girl schools meet. an ice cream truck crashes into a day care center. see you tonight.
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andrea was blackmailing you, wasn't she? i went to go pay her, 'cause she was gonna expose marilyn and stop writing. and frankly she was the best ghost i had.
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look, when i found her hanging there, i took the manuscript and i told lawrence to call it in... where is the manuscript? what does that matter? she was threatening to withhold it, wasn't she? if she didn't leave the manuscript, that's a double dose of motive. (thunder rumbling) joseph: i took it to the printer. i'll go pick it up. i'll go with you. no, you won't. you're gonna wait here with me. (elevator bell dings) sarge? oh, yeah. let's see what we can come up with.
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calleigh. thank you, sir. wow. the murder in marilyn's new book is identical to andrea edison. look at this. very first chapter, she says that the housekeeper was exsanguinated. it says here in chapter two that there was a puncture mark in-between the housekeeper's toes. really? i'm gonna call tom and let him know. chapter three, we got a mysterious visitor showing up from out of town. well, see, what's a good book without a mysterious visitor? okay, so who knows about this? uh, marilyn herself, the editor, the printers and the ghostwriters. right? right. hey, uh... does anybody have anything on chapter six?
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i just read the end. the killer's not named. which means the ending is up to us. so, we haven't found the original crime scene? no, ryan's working on it... hey, tom? i have something i want you to check out. (sobbing) (panting) you're gonna want to see this. actually, i want to see this. marilyn milner's island. a thousand acres. we know andrea's blood wasn't drained in the house. so maybe we can get a little high-tech help to tell us where it was. see these puncture marks in andrea's third dorsal digital artery? i can only get as close as 200 feet, but even from here, i can tell that's another structure on the island. it's isolated and concealed. that's where she was drained of her blood, just like in marilyn's new book. yeah, i think that's where it happened. what do we got here?
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yeah? yeah. oh... no! marilyn didn't! oh, man! you know what this is? oh, this is the rolls royce phantom. you can't get this thing off the showroom floor for less than 400 grand. ouch! i wonder if the iv and the needle come standard. with the blood. (grunting and gasping) oh, my god! we just found our original crime scene. no one has keys to that car except for marilyn. she loves that thing. andrea edison died in that car. could marilyn be in town?
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no. she texted me from milan this morning. i'd show you the text, but you took my phone away. run a trace on that text, walter. okay? tripp: excuse me. are you marilyn milner? it's funny, i get that all the time, but i'm afraid not. really? well, we know who you are. i could write you an autograph, but it would be a fake. you know, in the modern world of technology, there are many ways to identify someone. (phone beeps) marilyn. i bought this car with the money from my first book. andrea edison was exsanguinated in that car, ma'am. boa vista: so, you told your editor that you were in milan. i was, until this morning. okay, well we know that andrea was blackmailing your editor,
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saying that she was gonna expose your entire scam, so, you got motive. but i didn't know. joseph handles all of the writers. and he did mention that she was the most talented of the bunch. why would i kill someone who makes my life so easy? why don't you tell us? your ghostwriters work off your ideas. and? and the book never mentions who the killer is or what he did with the blood. i don't remember. an author that doesn't recall the content of her own work. okay, so not only do you not write your own books, you also don't read them? i'm really pressed for time. joseph did say, though, that the epilogue would answer all of the readers' questions. it's a bonus chapter, and it's only available on the audio version. the epilogue? narrator: he wanted the maid to know what happened to women who didn't behave. but he also wanted to keep her with him.
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okay, what do we have? ready to go. let's hear it. narrator: the killer knew what he had to do. he took a crystal goblet, perfectly shined, worthy of her. he poured her blood in the goblet, and he drank her blood like wine. go back to that, please. he poured her blood in the goblet, and he drank her blood like wine. one more time. ...and he drank her blood like wine. "drank her blood like wine." mr. wolfe, we need to examine ms. milner's wine collection. ♪
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caine: you murdered andrea edison, and then you removed her blood. tripp: then... you stored 'em... in these wine bottles. all because she was a better writer than you. she wasn't better. she just took credit for everything i wrote. yeah, like that exsanguination scene in love's last bite? i've been reading her work. my work. i wrote that scene. (chuckles) she told joe that she did. she took credit for it. yes, but you didn't tell joe the truth, did you? please. andrea played him with her short skirts and grad school vocabulary. and joe told her that she was meant for better things. you know what that means? her own book deal. off of my work. how'd you get her in the car? we finished our third book last night.
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i said we deserved a ride in the rolls. we earned it. (both laughing) (thunder crashing) which is where you murdered her. i gave her a chance to make things right. she refused. i think that was the best chapter i've ever written. you mean the chapter you stole? you corrected the punctuation, you didn't write it. you didn't know anything about exsanguination until i laid it out for you. you don't know what you're talking about. i don't know what i'm talking about? you're the one who actually thought a vampire could empty a body of its blood supply. you need help, lawrence. no...
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you do. let go! (screaming) shut up! let go! let go! shut up! oh, my god! no! oh, my god! (gasping) and then you exsanguinated her. i did. every last drop. (screaming) shut up! (thunder crashing) what are you doing?! stop! let go!
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(sobbing) oh, my god! see? this is how it's done. yes, but you see, the problem is you left an eighth of an ounce. the process was taking way too long. her blood was coming out really slowly. i had to get her hung up and back to the house before everyone else got there.
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why not bury her? why drain her blood, put it in wine bottles and hang her in the library? because that's how it was done in the book. figured you'd think some crazed fan did it. yes, but we didn't. and now we're going to book you for murder. so, please. well, what're you thinking? he said the exsanguination was too slow. yeah. she was young and healthy. her heart should've been pumping fast. it means her blood would have pumped out more quickly. why do you think he had so much trouble draining it? i don't know. tom found hemlock on her, didn't he? yeah. so all that stuff gets in the bloodstream, slows the heart down? who put it there, frank?
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gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay. (w) coming up tonight, millions without power on the east coast after a winter blizzard. the republican presidential front-runner backing away from
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a controversial online ad. also, life lessons on both sides when two all-girl schools meet. and an ice cream truck crashes into a kay care center. see you tonight.
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delko: okay, more of andrea's personal items. i've got nothing on the outside of the watch. delko: let's look at the bracelet. hmm, i mean, if you were going to poison somebody, you'd want to make sure you put it somewhere you know it would seep into their skin. bracelet is fluorescing red. it's positive for hemlock. the watch is as well, but only trace amounts. not enough to slow the heart. the hemlock was on her wrist?
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yeah, that's right. what about perfume? perfume's positive for hemlock. at least now we know how the poison was delivered. "fatto in milano." made in milan. we know somebody that was just there. i'll have another. she certainly will. ah. marilyn, you sent andrea a bottle of perfume. as a gift. because she was my best writer. why would you send her a gift when she was blackmailing you? andrea thought she had what it took to be me. she kept threatening to expose me, and then joseph last week said he thought she was about to go through with it. so you knew about the blackmail. delko: you knew she was going to tell everyone that you don't actually write your own books. a week ago, she demanded $100,000. next time it could be a million.
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so i did what i had to do. you tried to kill her. i sent her perfume. there was hemlock in that perfume. delko: you figured if you poisoned her slowly through the skin, that no one would notice. but i didn't kill her. we call that attempted murder. for that, you get 15 to 25 years. you know, i've known dozens of police officers. i've interviewed them, i've done ride-alongs. and i know how your mind works. is that a fact? you think there's a right and a wrong, and that if you arrest me some sort of justice is going to be served, but really you'd just be giving me fodder for my next book. which you will be writing from prison. you're under arrest. (handcuffs clicking) ow. marilyn? marilyn milner, is that you?
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oh, my god... i made you! whoop, whoop, no callouts. who's up to grab dinner? i am. me. i'll meet you there. hey, frank, you up for dinner? uh, no, i'm waiting on a case meeting. so, you know... maybe next time. wolfe: guys, bad news. we just got a callout. homicide on collins ave. witnesses report the murderer was... a werewolf. (laughing) i hate halloween. boa vista: good luck with that. delko: frank, next time. yeah. captioning sponsored by cbs c.s.i. productions and toyota. >> next on 9 news now, millions
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without power along the east coast after a winter blizzard. and an ice cream truck crashes into a day care center. 9 news now is next. [ airport announcer ] now boarding group 4 to barbados. eee! yeah. babe, no cell phones on the honeymoon. i'll just check this text... oh no. oh no! oh not now! what's the matter? mcrib is back! let's send him a picture! yes. yeah. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] ♪ i'm gonna miss it! i married a fourteen year-old...
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[ male announcer ] mcrib is back, nationwide. so get the word out, because that saucy goodness is only here for a limited time... it's back. really? ohhhh... [ male announcer ] the simple joy of big news. >> a lot of trees coming down, a lot of branches breaking,
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power lines are disrupted for sure. >> a historic nor'easter leaving millions in the dark this halloween eve. hello, i'm bruce johnson. more than three million customers remain without electricity after a freak october snowstorm knocked down trees and power lines across the region. close to two feet of snow fell in some areas. it's going to take days to restore power even though the snow has ended. the storm smashed records for october, dumping from 1.3 inches in new york central park to the 27 inches that piled up in plainsfield, massachusetts. snow and downed trees also caused travel problems from airport delays to suspended rail service. the storms stranded thousands in airports and on trains. people were forced to spend the night on one amtrak. at least nine deaths are blamed on the storm. >> we heard a whole bunch of crashing and crackling, everything. this tree wound up falling,
11:31 pm
breaking and crushing the whole side of the house where my mother was sleeping. >> because we have so many trees, so many limbs and so many roads unpassable. >> i expected snow the whole nine yards, but what we got today, i had no idea. >> in maryland, meanwhile shall the storm left thousands of people in the dark overnight. several thousand in western maryland still don't have power tonight. matt jablow has the details. >> reporter: long time residents of western maryland say they have never seen a snowstorm as powerful as yesterday as early in the season as yesterday's. and they hope never to see one again. jessica hewitt spent the day today at the boones borough police department. she hadn't done anything wrong. instead she lost power at her house during yesterday's storm. >> we had power outage since 9:30. >> reporter: and still had work to do for an important college assignment, so she came to her father's office. >> i had to come here to do my
11:32 pm
homework. >> reporter: her father is the police chief. >> this is quite an inconvenience. >> yes, it is actually. >> reporter: she was one of many western maryland residents feeling the effects of yesterday's snowstorm. at the height of the storm, about 55,000 customers in western maryland lost power, and crews have been working all day and will work into the night to get their power back on. >> i had one minor accident. >> reporter: sergeant rich is with the boones borough police department. he said it was extremely fortunate that no major traffic accidents were caused by the storm, which he calls one of the most unusual weather events he's ever seen here, given the fact that it happened so far before the official start of winter. >> there was a lot of downed wires, a lot of trees coming down. a heavy snow. it was heavy snow most of the day. >> according to the power company, about 8,000 customers were still without power as of early tonight, about 700 of them here in boonesborough and
11:33 pm
it could take several more days before everybody's power is restored. matt jablow, 9 news now. >> the cold and wet weather made for dangerous conditions. dozens of accidents were reported many due to black ice or slippery roads or fallen tree limbs and branches. no serious injuries were reported. ♪ ♪ . ♪ ♪ a lot of trick-or-treaters and parents might be wondering what the weather will be like for tomorrow night. anny hong has some answers. >> reporter: we're talking about clouds moving in for the trick-or-treaters. the showers should hold off until late, closer to midnight. here's a look at your halloween trick-or-treating forecast for tomorrow. we'll see clear skies and lots of sun to start out the day. but clouds moving in, that will actually help out with the
11:34 pm
temperatures potentially. by 7:00 in the lower 50s. under partly to mostly cloudy conditions. by 9:00, 48 degrees, mostly cloudy conditions. the showers will hold off until late early night until early tuesday morning. high pressure is still in place, so we'll start out with sunny skies tomorrow morning but again, very cold temperatures, in the lower 40s around counted. but 32 in gaithersburg. 34 in leesburg and even 28 degrees in frederick. it is cold. overnight, clear and cold again, lows in the mitd 20s to mid-30s. winds will be light. here's your monday wakeup weather for tomorrow. you want your jacket, scarves and maybe even gloves if you're going to be outside. also your sunglasses for that morning commute. by 9:00 we'll still be chilly. mostly sunny. 35 to 40 degrees. we'll talk more about those showers coming this way a little bit later. bruce? >> okay, anny, thanks a lot. we thought


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