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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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traffic. >> weatherwise, let's get you going on this monday morning. halloween got the orange tie too. this is breast cancer awareness, you buy these, you are contributing to fund raise is for breast cancer research. this morning we have a chill out there. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. watch out for frost on the windshield. a couple of slick spots. by noon we'll see a few more clouds, 52 and overcast late this afternoon. 54 and areas in extreme southern maryland, you might see a shower by 6:00 with a system coming up the coast. the coastal system is going to be drawn northward. this one will come that way of course the shower chances we have readings in the upper 20s. 30 degrees from anderson,
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columbia. high temperatures mid-50s should do it across the border. monika santani? >> reporter: we are going to look at the beltway on a map. northbound the overnight construction was cleared up. let's take a live look around town. first of all the west side of town on the dulles toll road on hunter mills. no problems to report as you head in on the dulles toll road. here's what it looks like at sunset hills. no problems to report here on route 7. heading over to the northbound side of 395-6789 now let's go there live. we are looking good here edsel road up to the 14th street bridge. leaving route one into silver spring all lanes are open. we'll go to the district at
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5:10, andrea, mike? >> not only is this a shooting scene, but it appears the story could be much more complicated than that. 9news reporter surae chinn has more on the story that started about an hour ago. >> reporter: this is an active scene and active investigation. i want to show you this scene right now. you see the vehicle and the back is up. it crashed into this retaining wall and ended up in a fiery crash. police are telling us this was shot the crash resulted. we are told he was shot. we don't know what led up to
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the shooting. this all happened at 17th and monroe north east. we have pictures shot earlier this morning. in fact our photographer came here just around 40:00. this happened around 4:00 a.m. minutes after the accident helped, you see some of the emergency vehicles and things coming here to the scene. the car is still here. and gather as much information to you as possible. this morning pri prince georges county police are investigating a deadly accident in clinton, maryland. a red pickup truck and white suv collided on old alexander ferry road. federal investigators a she may
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now have their hands on a document which may directly link mayor vincent gray to election miss deed allegations. according to today's washington examiner the document is a list of talking points, supposedly given to former mayoral condition date brown so he could attack then mayor food networkty in the primary. gray gave the list of brown. brown has accused gray's campaign of giving him cash and a job. gray has denied knowledge of any cash and money orders given to brown. cowman mikal brown is finalizing plans for a new, aggressive push to make the nation's capital estate. his office says the strategy involves asking state and local legislators around the country to pass ceremonial resolutions
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supporting district statehood. it is time now for the latest your money report this morning. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. will it be trick or treat on wall street? >> nothing scary here. october has been looking good. october has been the best month for the stock market since 1987. but checking the numbers, the dow is standing this morning at 12231. modest gain of 22 points friday. the nasdaq was down 1.5 points and the s&p 500 with his down. europe, investors are relieved officials greed on a transaction, but they aren't yet convinced the measures will go far enough. leaders of the g20 nations gather this week and investors.
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we have our own meeting wrapping up here on interest rates wednesday. what makes for happy workers? the pay or the perks. a great place to work institute has been looking to this question and is not necessarily compensation that makes all the difference. instead, employee trust and management, ride in the company and camaraderie with colleagues. the top five happiest places to work. microsoft, net apps, google and fedex. were the majority in the nation. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> bank of america, debit card
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fees. you may have hoped it was a halloween trick but alas, the redskins really were that bad sunday. a new career low. something positive up next. a miracle ending in the search for a missing boy in virginia. we'll be back.
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calm this morning. we have generally clear skies and watch out maybe a little frost on the windshield, a couple of slick spots from any of the melting snow. our day planner today, sunshine
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to start. cloudy this afternoon. low 50s by noon. we finish in the mid-50s but also a threat in southern maryland, you may see a shower before the day is out. right now monika is in. >> reporter: we are looking at a map where we are getting word of a structure fire on eastern avenue at sheriff road in northeast. addison road will get you around activity. andrea, back to you. thank you monika. the search resumes for three workers still missing after a grain elevator exploded in northeast kansas. no word yet on the cause of the explosion, which was so powerful it was felt across the state line in missouri. the gaithersburg man suspected in the disappearance
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of a travel companion will stay in jail for another bo days in a -- 30 days in aruba. if you missed it this weekend, virginia boy who went missing last sunday was found alive friday afternoon, leading to a celebration among hundreds. eight-year-old robert wood jr. is autistic, does not speak. a quarry worker found robert about a mile from where he ran away from his family. >> and thankfully the little guy was found before the bad weather and howard has a much nicer forecast on tap for this weekend. ahead at 5:48, breast cancer patients jump in the pool to help their recover i in today's buddy check. a season low for the redskins and a shutout for the bills. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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it is a monday after a horrible redskins loss. snow in the mountains. the snow is a lot prettier than that game.
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>> wasn't it? >> he was sacked nine times. john beck was. black and blue. >> we have sunshine this morning. it is halloween. dry for the trick or treaters. we have good stuff we can talk about. 60s coming this week for the middle of the week. here we go with the bus stop forecast. clear to partly cloudy skies. up around cumberland. upper 20s to upper 30s with sunrise late 7:34. this is the weekend. turn the clocks become. check batteries. don't forget you have a weather radio. check those batteries too. make sure those are working for you. our day planner, sunshine and 40s. you head into the afternoon with clouds thickening up. 53 by 1:00. 59 with the high today around 56 or so. late this afternoon, cloudy here
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in washington. southern maryland, a couple of showers and moisture coming up the coast. the trick or treat forecast, cloudy and cool this evening. dry and they will be fundling up. weather won't be much of a factor. always good on halloween evening. down to 30 in montgomery county. fog a real problem out there visibility down to one quarter mile. some of the mountainous areas dealing with follow, tem purchase national 37. feeling like 37. the winds have gone calm. the dew point at 34. relative humidity, 9%. tough to see here with this storm system. coming up the coast rather
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quickly, developing off the carolina coast. clouds are building off to the south and west of us. the ohio valley. rain showers over the weekend was just cold enough to produce the crippling snows, east of it. this morning we'll be watching the rain really start to develop in the afternoon hours. the showers east and north carolina right around safe mary city. even before midnight we have got some of those rain showers? north then virginia. east of town it mailingner coastal areas through much of day. for the rest of us, sunny and pleasant tomorrow afternoon. showers overnight tonight, 58 tomorrow with sun returning. wednesday 61. we are not done yet. thursday 65. friday another system brings
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good chance of rain. we return to the 60s for the weekend. low to mid-60s saturday into sunday. that is a look at weather. we are going to throw it over to monika. we are going to start with a look at the beltway. no problems to report around town. severing find on the beltway. let's zoom into 270 and take a live look if you are planning to head south on frederick. running smoothly this morning. back over to the maps. the west side of town, no problems on the dulles toll road. eastbound said of 66. i know there was a deer struck, everything is now on the shoulder but maya tract attention. northbound side all the way up into springfield. southbound at root 27, that is on the shoulder as well. coming up in my next report
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we'll go into the district at 17th and monroe street northeast. back to you guys. many redskins fans are wondering if there will be any more wins this season. >> we have team reaction about getting blown out by the bills. next in sports. let's take another look at our question of the day. it is, according to women's world, what is the best way to deal with tension and stress? meditation, exercise or a good scream? on our wusa 9 facebook fan page. i would say a good scream always healthy to go in the freezer and belt out my from you frustrations. >> leave your response and we'll reveal the answer coming up later this morning. [ speaking french ]
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show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. 52:12. we are looking good this morning. you may need the ice scraper on the windshield if you park your car outside. we have fog up in cumberland. possibly building out west. by 9:00 we are sunny and 40. a few more clouds into the shenandoah valley. clouds star to thicken this afternoon. mid-50s here for a high. late this afternoon and this
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evening. a few showers sneaking in toward southern maryland. it was all tricks and in the a single treat for the redskins sunday in toronto. >> for the first time in the year the team is now below 500. dave owens has the low lights. good morning, everybody, you watch a football game you say to yourself this team is in trouble. the team can look really bad one week. all of a sudden the feisty defense, toothless. to canada, yesterday, redskins rocking the gold trousers. that was about their best lack of the day. freddie jackson is going bananas. 120 yards on 26 carries. many times he got to the second level untouched. offense abysmal. less than 200 yards total john beck a couple of picks.
5:23 am
a local effort bills 23 redskins 0. >> obviously it was a tough game today, very disappointed with the result and especially the way we played offensively. so we are going to go back and get young guys with more experience and hopefully get better here next week. >> i'm trying to figure that out myself. >> this is the one where up to see the tape. it would be very telling and we need to obviously use that tape to get better. it doesn't happen again. >> i'll let you know. when you get over that hump and you keep fighting and stay in the game. obviously things never went our way. first time a mike shanahan team has been shutout in 267 career games for him. that is going to do it for morning sports. i'm dave owen. have a great day, everybody no a different view of the annual marine corps marathon.
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how women are using swimming for breast cancer research. here's monika. if you are planning to head into the northeast watch out for police activity at 17th and monroe streets. surae chinn has more on that live with area road conditions. you are watching 9news now. stay with us. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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good morning, welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. here's monika santani. she will have traffic in just a moment. mr. howard bernstein. >> some folks had a big rain system in southern maryland.
5:28 am
let's talk about today though. we have good looking monday out there. we start with sunshine, tem around 42. maybe a shower or two in southern maryland. the moisture coming up in northern south carolina. thicker with showers in ohio. that system 95 toward southern maryland, leesburg and upper 20s right now. dense fog in cumberland at 32. 30 la plate ta. across the bay, easton and cambridge at 32 degrees. we'll still make it well up in the 50s.
5:29 am
low 50s toward hagerstown. monika santani. we have unusual problems? >> reporter: yes in the northeast. the beltway looks fine. but brunswick line 870 this morning 18 to 20 minutes late. zoom in to the bw parkway and route 50. 17 and go monroe street. surae chinn is live there. no problems leaving new carrollton down toward austin hill, alexandria. 95, 35. springfield is everything fine. leaving bethesda, or tyson's corner, you will be okay. coming up in my next report back to you guys? today starts the first full week of testimony in the
5:30 am
lululemon murder trial. >> screaming was heard from jayna murray but the noises were investigated and no one called 911. britney more woodbridge johned murray to death. the crime was not premeditated and therefore is not first degree murder. this morning the number of people without power after saturday's winter storm has dropped below 3 million. power outages stretched from maryland all the way up to maine. the leaves were still on the trees. many of the roads are still impassable. authorities in some states say it could be a week before people get their power back. breaking news from northeast washington where police responded to a shooting in the 4:00 hour. andrea, in the last half
5:31 am
hour, a couple arrived on the scene, we are standing in front of the car that crashed into this retaining wall just across the street. but walking the neighborhood children examining the car as well. what we do know, police were telling us a man who was shot drove into a retaining wall. 9news now was first here on the scene and we want to show you some of the pictures just a little after 4:00, where this all happened. the man was taken to the hospital. we know that he was shot. we don't know how many times or a single get. we don't know if anyone is a suspect or police are looking for anyone because i just talked with a detective and he said we are just coming on the scene ourselves. trying to figure out the preliminary and just starting our investigation. very early into this
5:32 am
investigation. we are at 17th and monroe. this all happened around 4:00 this morning. we don't know exactly where this may have initiated, if it happened in the car or just a little distance away from here. i can tell you this was a fiery crash to smell the remnants of burning rubber. still an hour after this accident happen. we'll stay here on the scene and bring you much more as we get it. hike? thank you surae. dc sightseeing service. tour mobile, is shutting down today after 42 years service in the nation's capital. providing tours for up to 800,000 visitors per year. the park service says tour mobile had been in quote tough straits financially. new polls show herm main cain is top in what walmart it
5:33 am
shows his campaign manager who is a smoker lighting up. face the nation criticized cain about the ad. >> i don't think it serves the country well, this is an editorial opinion here to be showing someone smoking a cigarette. you are the front runner now. it seems to me as front runner, you would have a responsibility not it take that kind of a tone. this guy would suggest perhaps as the front runner you would want to raise the level of the campaign. >> we will do that bob. i respect your objection to the ad. >> cain added he does not think people should smoke. cain is also a cancer survivor. 59:00. we are approaching that with your money report to morning. jessica doyle is back with a controversial bank fee. >> >> reporter: you are talking about bank of america.
5:34 am
the bank considering softening its policy for charging to make purchases on debit cards. the current policy is you must keep a minimum of $20,000 to avoid a $5 a month fee. a bank of america might actually lower that minimum. it could iconix the fee for people who hold the bank of america charge card credit card or who deposit directly their wages at the bank. well we may love to shop here in this country but a lot of us really don't want to do it at 2:00 a.m. that is why walmart has decided to roll back the clock on its round the clock 24 hours schedule. it will close some stores are midnight to 6:00 a.m. this is a business move specific to each particular store. it may not be so wise to tell lawyer jokes in
5:35 am
washington, d.c. we are 1 in 12 people in the district is a lawyer. that is according to the american bar association and the census. dc ranked first as one in 12. one in 124. that is the second. one in 12. i feel like i need to go to law school, just to fit in. the occupy protest intensifies over the weekend. one maryland family won't let their hardship get them down about celebrating halloween. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a frosty morning. temperatures down to the upper 20s and low 50s. gloves off, here's a look aour day planner. it will be a cool afternoon the sunshine we are seeing early. we'll finish the days with maybe a shower. highs in the mid-50s. lacking milder for the middle of the week. i'll have your 7-day forecast when we return in about four or five minutes. right now to monika santani. >> reporter: northbound side of 35. past the 14th street bridge i'll have more on your virginia roadways coming up at 5:46. >> reporter: thank you monika. the future of alexandria's water front is up for discussion. dozens of people shared their ideas.
5:39 am
their goal it circulating a petition to try to except the city from changing current zoning laws. a family is still out of their home after it was damaged after hurricane irene. the family decided to have fun with it. they kpix move back into their home for at least six more months so they turned their house into an elaborate house for trick or treaters. the home is on comanche road. local breast cancer patients dive into their recovery exercises literally, coming up in today's money check. plus we are way better off than one in a million. sometime today you will become one of 7 billion. let's see who is celebrating a birthday today. dan rather is 80.
5:40 am
james holly is 61 today and oscar winning director peter jackson is 50. actor and former "saturday night live" cast mer rob snyder. is 37. plus a special happy birthday to 9news 9 reporter celia guns and happy birthday. state farm. this is jessica.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. we have three schools we want to let you know are close this had morning because of power outages. blue ridge elementary. wildwood mid and jefferson high school. jefferson county, west virginia. all because of power outages. we have a weather watcher out there. six inches of snow out there on
5:44 am
saturday. they have lots of problems there. near camp david. ten inches of snow. >> family in new england. chances are send them a generator, fast. >> it is not just halloween. today and tomorrow, i have been informed you learn things all the time right? >> interesting stuff. weatherwise we have a chill out there. big chill in the 20s and 30s. frosty morning at the bus stop this morning. you are going want to grab a jacket. partly to mostly sunny. sunrise real late. we'll fall back this weekend. 28 to 38 to start.
5:45 am
winds southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. for the trick or treaters tonight i'm calling it cloudy and ghoul, dry for most of them. however some concerns not northern neck and southern area of st. mary's and calvert, see the temperatures they are in the upper 30s and 20s. the visibility is an issue up west in cumberland and petersburg in the mountains. visibility down to one quart of a mile in spots. calm winds, clear skies, dew point 4. near in northwest we have frost on some of cushions. growing season over month most of us after the chill of the last company of mornings. storm system is spin ago cross
5:46 am
the great lakes. this is going to help to draw moisture up. this is going to help low pressure and moisture come up the coast. we are going to see the futurecast into this morning and the middle of the day. showers by 5:00. st. mary's county. king george south and east. they could be dealing with some of the rain showers in the evening. by midnight the rains will spread toward northern virginia toward frederick and dc. the storm system stays offshore. but will be sunny much of the day. and mild. temperatures in the upper 50s. increasing clouds, showers tonight. most of that will be later on tonight. 58 tomorrow with increasing
5:47 am
sunshine. wednesday 61. 55 friday rain returns at 59. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. monika santani is seeing traffic conditions getting worse. crew are his on the scene of an accident on greenbelt road at goddard road. you'll have to follow police directions to get around this accident. i'll keep you posted. by the way, word of an accident on old georgetown road. let's take you over to the maps. brunswick line 870 is running about 20 minutes late. if you are planning to head into virginia, 395 and 295ering run is pretty much at the speed limit or above. we'll take a live look at the 14th street bridge on the northbound side of 95 and 395. trying to get over the 14th street bridge and into
5:48 am
downtown. we'll keep you posted on the situation in greenbelt, coming up. making news now at 5:48 as occupy protests became violent in some locations. playhouse disney arrested dozens in portland, oregon after they refused to leave an affluent neighborhood. nato formerly ends its campaign over libya today. the security council voted to lift the fly zone and end military actions. the move comes more than a week after the killing of moammar gadhafi. today the earth hits a milestone. 7 billion people. buddy check 9 wraps up breast cancer awareness month
5:49 am
with a dip in the pool. breast cancer survivors making waves at georgetown. >> so i was in the pool over the summer. but i haven't really swum with lessons or tried to do any sort of stroke. >> kim reuben jumped back this fall. she joined the surveyor swim team at georgetown to get back in shape after a mastectomy to remove a five centimeter slow growing tumor. >> swimming seems like a pretty good exercise. >> kim practiced his laps under the watchful eye of curt. >> shoulder strength is one thing that we try and promote. maintaining range of motion.
5:50 am
the act of getting your arms overhead, stretching out and being relaxed in the water while trying to keep your heart rate up and moving forward. >> reporter: nancy mizzou sack organized the team after two bouts with negative breast cancer. >> swimming is a fabulous aerobic exercise. it is gentle on your body. it is fun. >> reporter: able to swim the length of the pool 25 yards. >> coach said once survivors are comfortable in the water, they will be able to do more and heel the difference. survivors are actually lowering their risk for breast cancer recurring
5:51 am
a special thanks to the prevent cancer foundation. georgetown lombardi cancer center where their support of buddy check 9 since 1993. and radiology associates was well. and a special thanks to the buddies and their families for sharing their breast cancer journeys with 9news viewers for the last 18 years. here's another way. ford the motor are are company wants to help you make a difference in breast cancer research. they have their warriors in pink campaign going on. mugs t-shirts, all of this ad slash warriors in pink and we'll have the link on our website. at wusa 9. this is really sharp stuff.
5:52 am
>> really nice looking. thank you. okay. before we head to break, let's take another look at the question of the day today. >> according to women's world, what is the best way to deal with tension and stress? meditation, exercise or a good scream? >> one of our facebook friends wrote i don't know but my wife takes may credit card and comes home happy. log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page. we'll review the answer later this morning. okay our snow is gone. but the people the to the north, they are not as lucky. more on what it looks like there, coming up. plus this morning, thousands of runners are nursing store aboutize, feet, but also swelling up with pride after finishing the marine corps marathon. >> electric cars could be the wave of the future for your morning commute. coming up at 6:06 why the would be would be area could become a manufacturing hub for the fuel efficient vehicle.
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it is 5:55. we are looking at clear skies here, frosty conditions in many areas. clouds will be thickening up
5:56 am
from the west as we go throughout the morning and also from the south later this afternoon. 40 by 9:00. lots of 30s out there. we'll head toward midday with the clouds out west. still a decent amount of sunshine, especially south and east of town. mid-50s this afternoon. clouds increasing but watch out just off this picture coming in from the south. potential showers here fanybody is going to get wet for trick or treating it is southern maryland. we'll finish out the day with temperatures in the lower 50s. right now we are going to monika santani. andrea roane, take it away. i'm here shrek is a winner. most people went to see puss in boots. the movie grossed $34 million to easily take first place. the horror film paranormal activity dropped to three in
5:57 am
second place. a 27-year-old lieutenant in the united states army is celebrating a big win. he completed the personal best of 3 hours 1 he could. britney morehouse has some stories. >> reporter: if you are thinking about the new york marathon, this would be good training ground because it is cold. there are 2085 more personal regions why these are something like a drum beat on a 26-mile pass from arlington to georgetown. let's not forget the runners happening at the same time.
5:58 am
people who have port, from others, screaming on the curb. holding up signs and waving their hands. >> if i ask knees guys it only gets better every year. >> i'm amazed to see their will and their determination. that is my favorite thing about these races. you know the favorite pictures are where people are just all out. they are pushing beyond their limits and making it happen. >> reporter: i couldn't have said it better myself. making it happen. congratulations goes out also to one of our reporters.
5:59 am
lindsey ran the race here and amy, one of our health check and buddy 9 producers, she finished as well. rags. >> georgetown right here josh fantastic. absolutely thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. happy halloween. here's monika santani. howard bernstein, is talented in his own way. has our forecast first. >> thank you very much. a chilly morning out there. jackets and gloves. i'm just afraid what is going to happen when the kids open the door. >> they are going to run away to the neighbor's house. we have sunshine at the start. 20s in some of the suburbs. noon time temp 52.


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