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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 31, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the trick or treaters down in southern maryland in the northern neck. satellite and radar, can't really see the moisture off this frame here down south. we have a storm system out of the great lakes and the ohio valley. this will be the primary storm over the next day. giving us a chance for showers tonight. 36 right now in washington. 29 for martinsburg. easton and cambridge, 31 now. at andrews air force base. man ca assistant, going into the 50s today. it is going to be a little tough. we have an accident to report on the southbound side of old georgetown road. be aware of this in bethesda. it may slow you down a little bit. traffic just squeezing by to the right. we are going to take a look a
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map. and show you exactly where it is old georgetown road on the ramp at the outer loop of the beltway. you are fine right through rossville. over to the beltway. you should be okay. back to the maps we have updated news on mark brunswick line. 874 running 15 to 20 minutes late. if you are planning to head around town on 395 or 95, you are going to be okay this morning heading into the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report, i'll update you on the accident in bethesda. we are following breaking news now. a wild early morning scene in northeast washington. a exine national of a shooting and a car crashed into a home. this happened along monroe street near 17th street. surae chinn is live there piecing it all together, good morning surae. >> reporter: good morning. i have been mentioning i could
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still smell the burning rub and melted plastic. well firefighters arrived here just moments ago here and they were putting out a fire here at that crash scene. more detectives have come to the scene from the homicide department. they said in their word, they could go either way. at this moment the victim is still alive. you could see right now here we are standing just across the street from this car that went up this retaining wall and burst into lebron james. the fair truck again just arrived a few minutes ago to put out the fire. this all originated around 4:00 this morning. we do know the man who was driving the vehicle was shot. we don't know where it originated. detectives say they don't know and they are having a tough timepiecing everything together. he -- we know the driver is putting together critical
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information. detectives are waiting until daylight. as daylight hits they'll get a closer look at what's language and any evidence inside the vehicle. a tow truck is here standing by. maybe a couple more hours until this is all wrapped up. we'll stay here on the scene and give you the latest. surae chinn will stay on the scene live covering this breaking news story. we'll have the latest in a little while from the northeast. on friday an apple store manager testified screaming was heard coming from the lululemon store. norway was charged with killing murray inside the store. norwood's lawyer says it happened during a fight and was not premeditated. well over 2 million people
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throughout new england are without power and they are in the dark. many of them without heat after this weekend's massive snowstorm. it was not a big deal here comparatively, new jersey, new york, connecticut, massachusetts. more than 31 inches fell this weekend. amtrak says there could be lingering delays out of washington, toward new york and boston. a power outage is closing three schools this morning. in this area. jefferson county, west virginia, in fact. blue ridge elementary, and jefferson high school all closed today because they have no scour it is storm related. this morning we have a commuter alert. toll hikes in maryland. most of the hikes are $1 or more. cash tolls go up to $3 at the fort mchenry tunnel and baltimore. up to $4 at the nice bridge on
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route 301. and it is up from 5:00 to $6 on northbound 95 in cecil county. i.e. the state will waive its $1.50 ez pass if you use your maryland ez pass three times in one month. sunday the redskins play their first ever game outside of the united states. chances are they got supported back home. >> the skins didn't score once in sunday's match up with the bills. that totals up to three losses in a row. skins and the bills in toronto, buffalo quarterback brian fitzpatrick threw a pair of touchdown passes. that made it 20-0. dc's offensive line didn't clear customs, either. quarterback john beck was sacked nine times. washington loses 23-0.
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this is the first shutout for coach mike shanahan in his pro career. >> they are a talented team. >> this is adversity. coach shanahan talked to us about being a team of character and i believe this is a team of character, and we will bounce back. >> if that wasn't a character building experience, i don't know what was. san francisco beat cleveland yesterday they are now 6-1. 6:06. jessica doyle still watching your money and how much you spend to commute. a virginia company is getting into the electric car business. >> the thought here if you build it they will come. that is the thought of the vehicle research center in danville. hats it is a completely electric
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car. oh those gas prices. >> it is high. but i guess it would be a lot higher. >> reporter: prices at the pump can still empty your wallet. our researchers at the advanced research center in danville believe they can help. >> we are getting a significant amount of interest from colleges and universities. we want to have a small utility vehicle. >> no gas required for the ad motors change. max speed of 35 miles per hour. the battery lasts for 70 miles. if you need a family truck, this may not be the change you are looking for. at least not yet. >> beginning with the sales and see how the sales go. if it goes well we have a couple of large possibilities for the future. >> the center plans to expand its research into larger electric cars. if enough of these are sold researchers will start
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manufacturing them. the priss of all electric and gas electric vehicles is still a lot higher than their counterparts. electric vehicles are still not paying for themselves when it comes to saving cost at the pub. but the nissan and chevy are viewed as the most effective. it could be used on college campuses. >> you are always like how much is my electric bill going to go up, in addition to that. >> technology is still new and evolving. we'll keep our eye on that. we want to get a check on where gas prices are this morning. if you are not going electric. according to aaa's fuel gauge report, regular gas in the dc metro area average $3.42 unchanged over the last month.
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nationwide the average is $3.44, up just a penny in the last month. coming up, the story of a heart attack survivor. her doctors ignored symptoms at first. we'll talk with her and learn a different warning sign of heart attack and women. >> of course the important trick or treating forecast, stay with 9news now.
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welcome back. coming up on 6:12. chilly out there this morning. grab your jacket and gloves in the 20s and 30s. by noon we are seeing the clouds and 51. highs today in the mid-50s with clouds and maybe even a shower south and east before the day is out. monika santani, happy halloween. >> we are looking at a map where crews are just arriving at an accident on the southbound side of i 495. watch out for the activity there. coming up in my next report, we'll have this and other roadways. howard back to you. did you know that six times as many women will die from heart attacks than from breast cancer this year? the warning signs too women are different than for men. joining me are deanna lynn. she is a survivor. the heart walk is this weekend. you were what 40 when you had your heart attack?
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yes, i was. i didn't fit the normal face of heart disease. heart disease is the number one killer of women in america. a the lot of people think it is a form of cancer. heart disease kills men and women and it is the number one killer. >> reporter: you look like a vibrant, healthy young woman. >> i feel fit. >> reporter: what were you feeling like that day? >> i had just gotten over acold and i had taken an antibiotic horse pill and thought it was sort of stuck right here. when i initially went into the emergency room their reaction was what mine was, probably not a heart attack, but express related. i had a great cardiologist who said let's do a big work up on here. >> a lot of women don't they dismiss the symptoms? let's put up some of the major symptoms. part of the heart attack you may be feeling. i think the medical community from what we hear may think
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something else, sleep disturbance, indigestion, anxiety present themselves. >> that is the unfortunate reality. my mother passed away from cardiovascular disease. a women we are caregivers, so we tend to not want to go into the emergency room. a lot of times we are dismissed as anxiety or stress related. a lot of people associate it with you grab your chest and fall to the floor and that is not the reality. >> you understand the signs and symptoms of heart disease as women we need to be proactive.
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>> if you have any doubt, get yourself to the er. get checked out and ask your doctors. hey maybe i think you have to speak up a little bit. check to see if i'm having a heart attack. >> come out and walk with us at our heart walk. >> i'm out there, anita brickman is out there with bruce johnson. that is this saturday, it begins and ends at nationals park. at 8:30 in the morning the walk starts at 10:00. if you would like to join us go to the website wusa thank you for sharing your story with us. you are obviously staying fit now and i doubt you will be having any more heart attacks the way you are taking care of yourself. >> no i choose to get out and exercise every day and live a healthy lifestyle. looking forward to seeing on you saturday. let's switch gears to weather right now. we are going to move forward
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right now. we have temperatures this morning in the 20s and 30s. isolated fog toward cumberland. we start with sunshine. the clouds increase. 53 by 1:00. southeast winds at 5 to 10. if you want the sunshine, take the walk this morning. weiss winds at 5 to 10. maybe a shower late in the day. with southern maryland and the northern neck. halloween forecast, cloudy and ghoul. 28 in hagerstown this morning to 36. at the naval air station. 32 at fred ricksburg. a frosty morning there in cumberland, not just a chill this morning, still foggy from cumberland toward petersburg. and the in the mountains of west virginia. a half mile to quarter mile.
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in town we have 36 degrees, parly cloudy skies, the winds are calm and the dew point is at 33. for us showers moving in tonight thanks to this storm. it is also going to draw moisture up the carolina coast. it will involve areas more to our east. today though the clouds are increasing from the southwest and the west. by midnight we have showers in northern virginia. heavy eovernight and to tomorrow morning showers in the bay east. and then that system pulls away. today we have temperatures around 56. tomorrow 58, a few showers
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tonight. wednesday 61. even nighter thursday. thursday 65. friday 02 and your heart walk saturday morning nice, in the low 60s. we are going to take a live look from sky 9. there is an accident on the beltway. the inner loop at branch avenue. traffic is squeezing by to the right. you can see that fire crews and police have arrived. let's take a look at a map. southbound on the beltway past branch avenue be aware of it as you come down from allens town road toward the accident scene. we'll go back over to a live picture, this is south of that point at the wilson bridge, you are fine here across the bridge span. back over to the maps, this time an accident on the southbound side of old georgetown road on the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. that was a car that went into
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the woods there. over to the trains, brunswick lines 780 and 74 both running 15 to 20 minutes later. i'll update you on the accident at the branch beltway in my next report. next in sports, nascar's chase for the cup heightens with just three races left in the year. right now a question of the morning. according to woman's world magazine what is the best way to deal with tension and stress? meditation, exercise, or have a good scream? our facebook friends say, debra wright said i feel a lot better after i have had a good scream, perhaps to the chagrin of my neighbors. state farm. this is jessica.
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[ male announcer ] get to a better state. what's the one best thing about vacation on the gulf? the great outdoors in mississippi. our seafood in louisiana. our beaches in florida. alabama beauty. choosing between them might be tough. but everyone agrees, the gulf is vacation at it's best. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. so come on down to mississippi. louisiana. florida. alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters, and we're 100% open for business. welcome back. a chilly one out there.
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grab the jackets, you are going to need them if you are out for any bit of time this morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. growing season pretty much done. today sunshine, i am expecting the clouds to be increasing, especially this afternoon as we make it into the low to mid-50s here. we could see a shower before the day is out. michael? thank you, howard. 6:23 now. for awhile this season the redskins could say hey, at least we are not the eagles. we are better than them. >> the skins eagles and cowboys are now in a three-way tie for second place in the afc east. michael vick threw for 279 yards and a pair of touchdowns. this game was all philadelphia. the skins fortunately don't have to face them until the end of the season. >> there are three weeks left in nascar's chase for the cup and tony stewart is challenging carl edwards for the points lead.
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he helped himself in virginia, three laps left stewart is in the 14 car passing jimmie johnson for the lead. he takes the checkered flag. stewart now trails in the standings by just eight points. hundreds of thousands of people packed into -- into st. louis. to congratulate the cardinals. a big report out today on mayor vincent gray and his links to brown. checking the commute now. monika, over to you. >> reporter: a live look from sky 9 at the inner loop of the beltway at branch avenue. left lane is blocked. fire on the scene of the accident with delays. you are watching 9news now, stay with us.
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we are back at 6:28. the place you can always get your weather first. we are glad you are here. a live look at shady grove road
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in the fallsville section. quiet there now but it is chilly. 36 degrees. last day of the month. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. i think howard may have gloves on. >> reporter: i do. i just put them on a moment ago. if you have a jacket with pockets, you would probably be okay. up in the hills, they have a lot of snow, and power outages. elementary school closed today because of power outage going on up there in the mountains. let's talk about our day planner on this chilly halloween morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we are looking at readings which will be climbing. into the low 50s by noon. cloudy and 54 by 5:00 p.m. right now cloudy and 36 degrees. clouds are much thicker on you
6:30 am
to the west. initially, there -- will be hey clouds. cumberland 92 with quarter mile visibility and fog. 37 on the bay in kannapolis. it is a chilly 30 out in cull per per. monika santani, happy halloween. >> >> reporter: you are looking at the inner look southbound 45. prince georges county fire is on the scene. you have delays at allentown road heading southbound on the beltway. let's go to a map so i can show you. past branch avenue, crews are on the scene. on route 5 branch avenue at route 301 in brandywine. let's go north. there are two separate
6:31 am
accidents i want to tell you about. if you are heading southbound at 195. another one in greenbelt at goddard drive. we'll end with a live look at the beltway. normal flow traffic heading into silver spring. in my next report i'll update you on all of those accidents. >> 6:31 now. we'll continue to follow breaking news. >> reporter: a car crash and shooting in northeast washington. police are still on the scene. surae chinn has been there all morning. surae, which is the latest? >> >> reporter: firefighters just left the scene there. i had been remarking i could smell the rubber and plastic. minutes later the firefighters arrived because that fire
6:32 am
rekindled. you see the front hood and trunk were sticking up. we know the driver of the car was shot before he drove into the retaining wall. this happened around 4:00 this morning. 9 news now first on the scene. video just minutes after this happened here at 17th and monroe northeast. police having a really tough time right now trying to figure out exactly what happened. we do know that homicide detectives are also here on the scene. and they were telling me it could go either way in their words. they are telling me the victim is still alive. they are waiting for daylight hours to hit so they can get a closer look at this vehicle and find out any clues of where this initiated and why this person was shot. much more coming up later on today. a tow truck here waiting to get this car removed. police have to take a look at this car to gather any
6:33 am
information. back to you andrea. surae chinn reporting live in northeast washington. updates throughout the morning on wusa 99. brown was never directly promised the job in exchange for being an attack dog on the mayoral campaign. the report finds brown did receive money from people with ties to the 2010 gray campaign. it found no concrete evidence to support brunt's allegations. he was promised a job in exchange for attacking gray's rival. mayor gray has denied any nothing of any of this. we'll have much more on this report and the action to it. the drunk driving trial of an illegal immigrant charged
6:34 am
with killing a nun begins today. carlos martel lowe's crash happened happened in 2010. he was released from custody while awaiting deportation. if you see people walking around town a little gingerly this morning, they probably ran the marine corps marathon yesterday. 2 2,000 runners braved the cold yesterday for the race that ended at the us marine memorial in arlington. sunday the redskins went to canada. canada quickly sent them right back. >> the skins didn't score once in sunday's match up with the bills. >> skins and bills playing in toronto. brown fitzpatrick had just signed a new contract and
6:35 am
earned it. that made it 20-0 buffalo. the offensive line didn't even clear customs. john beck sacked nine times. >> i don't have any answers right now. i'm trying to figure that out myself. you know, this is the one where you want to see the tape. because you know, it will be very telling. obviously used that tape to get better. play the tape a lot. >> the skins lost too. san francisco is now 6-1. it is 6:35. time for the latest in our ongoing series to help you get hired millions of people remain unemployed, but yet millions of jobs are going unfilled.
6:36 am
why is that? >> josh howard is a regional manager for robinson staffing international. this is really interesting. bureau of labor statistics says 14 million people are out of work right now. yet millions of these jobs are going go unfilled. we found 3.2 million jobs went unfilled last month. what we are hearing from hiring managers is that they can't find the individuals with the skills they need. it is almost like there are two labor markets going on. the general unemployment and individuals who are highly skilled and just getting in touch with the employers that are looking for them. >> what kind of positions are we talking about here with the lowest unemployment rates? i don't typically degreed individuals, in the areas of accounting or audioing. financial analysts are in very
6:37 am
high demand as well as computer programmers and lawyers. now on the opposite end you know, in the skill department, a lot of people have been laid off. for folks who can retrain what types of positions should they be targeting? or what are ways to get your foot in the door for some of these jobs open out there? other sure. the first thing i would say is look into completing your degree. if you have, take continuing education sources, once you have done that doing temporary or contract work can be a great way to get your door foot in the door at a company. >> great advice, josh. we appreciate it. we are going to continue to talk to you over the next couple of weeks. mike and andrea?
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in nine minutes we go into the kitchen. find out what cheese cake factory is cooking up for halloween. halloween will be dry tonight. a look at what's on channel 9 at 8:00. how i met your brother. followed by two broke girls. a10:00 say aloha to hawaii 5-0 and then join us for 9news at 11:00. we'll be back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news. we have four school closings to tell you about. all of them because of power outages. >> if jefferson county, west virginia three schools, blue ridge elementary, wildwood
6:43 am
middle school and jefferson high school, all closed today because they have no power. all the areas are way up in elevation. 8000 feet or higher. they had heavy wet snow bringing town trees and power line. >> the surprise is not more schools are closed. >> thankfully, this was confined more and more to el vision. even none frederick there was less snow. rockville had barely anything on the ground. really made a difference. halloween monday, we have a chill out there this morning. 20s and 30s. so yes frost on the pumpkin this morning, sunrise not until 7:34. it is a cold morning. call it partly sunny. few high clouds from the west. clouds increasing as we go through the afternoon. overcast by 8:00 a few light
6:44 am
showers in spots. the early trick or treaters will be okay. the better chance of that shower as we look at the trick or treat forecast. southern maryland, those areas as moisture is coming in from eastern virginia. mostly in the low 50s. fog is an issue. in western maryland, western virginia. clear skies for the most part, and cold temperatures now down 29 at great falls. reston at 28. sterling at 29. 32 if alexandria. up in columbia this morning, we have an even 30 degrees. reagan national, winds are calm. we have a 36-degree temperature. dew points in the low 30s. storm system got one piece coming out of the great lakes and ohio valley.
6:45 am
the moisture we expect to develop later today across eastern north carolina. increasing through the afternoon hours. by 5:00. look at that. some of the showers move toward us before midnight. the late trick or treaters, today 56, tonight will be in the 30s and 40s. not nearly as cold as this morning. tomorrow the sun returns. 58. mostly sunny 61. a chilly rain on friday. this is the weekend, by the way, we turn the clock back. >> looking forward to that extra hour. thank you. we are going to take a live look from sky 9. i just got off the phone with prince georges county fire. it was a car and pickup truck involved right here on the inner loop of the beltway at branch
6:46 am
avenue. it should be cleared shortly. let's look at a map. going into virginia on the northbound side of i-95. there is an accident blocking the right lane. overall you have delays from the prince william parkway into springfield. a live look at 395, here at the 14th street bridge just bunching up across the bridge span. south you have delays at seminary road. coming up in my next report we'll update you on area road conditions rat 6:00 -- at 6:58. for most people halloween entails snickers bars, reese's cups, your candy of choice. the cheesecake factory is
6:47 am
creating mast pieces for -- master pieces for halloween. >> we have what i feel is the best cheesecake for this season. and that is the pumpkin pecan cheese lake. a -- cheesecake. >> this is what we are doing for the season right now. these are available now through the end of november. and then if you are looking for something fun to do with your cheese cake, if you don't particularly want a whole slice, we have cheesecake locally pops as well today. you can take a slice of cheesecake and make a little lollipop ball, put it on a stick and coat it in chocolate. i decorated them up for the
6:48 am
kids today, since it is halloween and it is a fun thing you can do with your cheese came on any day. >> adults who may have had a bit much in the way of candy, this might not be a bad way to go. >> absolutely. i think it is going to be fun. >> i think this is absolutely fantastic. thanks for coming and helping us enjoy the holiday. we are going now to break and will be back with 9 news returns. keep it here.
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6:51. 36 degrees in up to lots of various subfreezing this morning. you'll need an ice scraper if you park outside. 51 by noon. 54, maybe showers south and
6:52 am
east late. i think most of us get through the trick or treating dry. mike and andrea. today is monday october 31 it is. prince georges county police have not released the name of the person killed in this crash last night. it happened along old alexander ferry road at malcolm road in clinton. the jury gets the case today in the trial of senator curry. the prince georges county democrat is accused of taking nearly a quarter million dollars in prescribes. all of union station is back open this morning. part of the main hall was closed for emergency repairs connected to last august's earthquake. coming up on 6:59. time now to answer the question of the morning. according to woman's world magazine, what is the best wii
6:53 am
to deal with tension and stress? meditation, exercise or a good old fashioned scream. a good old fashioned scream. go ahead, open your windows and have a yell. you are not going to take it any more. >> we'll be right back with more on the weather and traffic after this. [ speaking french ]
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our executive producer's favorite song for halloween. it is not the number one. we have the top ten billboard
6:57 am
halloween songs. from the bottom up? i don't okay. >> top five. oh well, top five. highway to hell from ac/dc. >> ware wolves of london. ghostbusters. and then monster mash. and of course, the number one song and video, thriller, from michael jackson. >> do you remember when that came out? >> oh yeah. >> absolutely i'm wearing the warrior, ford motor company the proceeds go to komen for the cure. it is chilly out there. you are going to need a jacket, maybe gloves out there. 50s today. good for the trick or treaters. the clouds will be building. if you are down near southern
6:58 am
maryland, you might run into a couple of sprinkles. tomorrow upper 50s. by wednesday and thursday. low to mid-60s before rain moves in on friday. but the weekend looks a lot better than what we had this past weekend, no rain or snow. temperatures in the 60s. they are mixing bollywood wood with michael jackson. i don't know what that is. it looks great. >> i wish you could see this. penn lynn 511 is departing baltimore 10 to 20 minutes late. south of route 50 near the branch avenue area. clean up along the left side. route 24 in the area accident is on the left shoulder. this has been incident free on the west side of bethesda. as for wall street we are about to put the wraps on the best months for wall street. october of course since 1987.
6:59 am
we are looking a little week this morning. >> hopefully it won't go down double digits. thriller that is my choice. what is the most disappointing thing you ever got trick or treating as a kid? >> a toothbrush. i'm not kidding. >> an apple. however i love apples right now. i want you to do your head movement. >> take it away andrea. >> we'll have more on the october snowstorm plus more on the madoff interview. while you are at work today get updates if news weather and traffic. all at


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