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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 22, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello, thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. since the subcommittee failed to cut the deficit, president obama says he will veto any effort to undo automatic spending cuts. danielle nottingham shows us how all of this could lead to more money coming from our paychecks. >> reporter: lawmakers left town for the holiday. when they return, congress will try to do what its subcommittee could not... reach a budget deal to avoid more than a trillion dollars in automatic spending cuts. >> the american people are going to force congress to do this and i think this will be the centerpiece going forward in this next election. >> reporter: the president is vowing to veto any attempt to
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undo the automatic cuts that start in 2013. it would slash nearly a half trillion dollars from the defense budget alone. >> there will be no ez off- ramps on this one. >> reporter: reaching a compromise will be difficult. republicans and democrats remain split over an old stumbling block, taxes. >> democrats were not willing to cut a dollar without raising taxes. >> reporter: the subcommittee's failure to reach an agreement has also created an immediate problem for congress. tax breaks and unemployment benefits for millions of americans expire in january. if the payroll tax cut is not extended, the average family could lose about $1,000 next year. and nearly two million unemployed workers would lose benefits. some economists say that will slow the economy and scare away foreign investment. >> at some point, global investors will have a problem with this. they'll stop buying our bonds, our interest rates will rise, that about push stock prices
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down and affect the ability to create jobs. >> reporter: the white house is pushing congress to get to work as soon as lawmakers return. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. if congress does not reach a deal, there will also be a 2% cut in medicare spending starting in 2013. later today, people with a group called occupy the highway will arrive here in washington. they walk from new york to washington over the last two weeks. and they will arrive at mcpherson square sometime today. they were timing their visit with the debt subcommittee's deadline. it is official! the final 18 miles of intercounty connector opened this morning. the all electronic toll has been in the works for more than half a century but now, there is a direct and shorter route from gaithersburg to laurel. so, will taking the toll road save you time? our surae chinn conducted a road test of sorts. >> reporter: we're checking on four teams that left
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gaithersburg this morning to find out how efficient the icc can be. one team went straight across the intercounty connector, 18 miles across. another team took local lanes around on mon caster road. another team took 270 hov lanes to 495 and the fourth team took the beltway around on 495. no surprise here. lauren anderson on the icc comes in first clocking in at 27 minutes. >> oh, my god, can you believe it! gaithersburg to laurel in 20 minutes in rush hour in the rain! it is incredible! >> reporter: former montgomery county exec doug duncan and the man instrumental in making the road a reality took the road. >> it was about 45 minutes. i took the back way. >> team hov 270 to the beltway came in shortly after. >> 27 minutes and 48 seconds. >> giving an average of 50 minutes and finally, the nonhov drivers took the longest.
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>> we made it. >> what was your time? >> 51 minutes. >> reporter: both teams left the real mall in gaithersburg at 7:30 this morning and drove to the holiday inn parking lot off 95 in laurel. all of this saving time will cost you with steep tolls. >> it does cost you but not right now. come try it out for free! we're giving out free samples for the next week. >> reporter: on the icc in laurel, surae chinn, 9news now. toll rates can reach up to $4 one way. the entire length of the icc. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00 p.m. on 9news now because we test drive the icc and also other routes during rush hour traffic from montgomery county to bwi. just to give you an idea of exactly how old other highways are in our region, the first stretch of the capital beltway opened in 1961. the entire loop of the beltway opened by 1964.
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the original shirley highway from the 14th street bridge to woodbridge, virginia, opened in 1952. it was the first freeway in the commonwealth. interstate 66 inside the beltway, first appeared on master plans back in 1940. but it did not open until 1982. whether you're driving the icc or any roads in our area, make your first stop at our web site. you'll be able to get live traffic updates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and also you'll be able to see cameras from roads across our region and all over the country. montgomery county police are asking for our help in solving another flash robbery. it is similar to the one which made national headlines back in august. the latest one happened on saturday night at a 7-eleven along tech road, just off route 29 in silver spring. it started with a few people then the crowd quickly grew to
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more than 50 teenagers and young adults. many of them can be seen taking snacks and drinks and then walking out of the 7-eleven without paying. customers are outraged. >> i think that was real crazy. that was uncivilized. >> i don't know what's going on these days. >> a few of the teens were stopped by nearby police. no one was arrested but police did collect their information. the idaho man accused of firing shots at the white house made his first appearance in d.c. federal court yesterday. police say one of the nine rounds that oscar ortega fires on november 11th cracked a window of the first family's living quarters. a judge ordered the 21-year-old to be held without bond and to undergo a psychological evaluation. ortega's public defender argued that there is no probable cause. that the government. >> true witnesses have not been
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able to identify their client and investigators have yet to prove that the bullet fired at the white house actually came from ortega's rifle. soon, new homes could grace a mobile home park, destroyed by tropical storm lee. this morning's "washington post" reports an appeals board reversed prince william's county decision to bar residents from rebuilding. scores of people living in the holy acres -- the holly acres mobile home park were left homeless following the floods in september. there is no word on when rebuilding will begin. still to come on 9news now at noon, a former fbi director is now involved in the penn state sex abuse scandal. we'll tell you what road louis freeh is going to play in that investigation. >> now, three american college students are caught in the middle of that unrest in egypt. we'll explain who they are, what happened, details are coming up next.
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president kennedy was assassinated on this date in 1963 while visiting dallas, texas. the city now has plans to mark the somber anniversary. they're already making plans for the 50th anniversary in
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2013. egyptian police have arrested three u.s. students during violent protests in the capital. tens of thousands of protestors have flooded cairo's central square just days before a schedule parliamentary election. tina kraus has more. a huge crowd carried the body of a dead demonstrator through cairo's tahrir square. as violent street clashes broke out between police and protestors for a fourth day. the military council has to go, they shout. egyptians are demanding that generals running the country hand out power to a civilian government. >> we need to have a clear-cut timetable. we need to have a president by april. we need to have a proper democracy in place and a proper system so that we know where we stand. >> reporter: egyptian police arrested three u.s. students in the violence accusing them of throwing firebombs at security forces. the three are reportedly part of a study abroad program at
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the american university in cairo. egypt's military took power last february after a revolt ousted president hosni mubarak. now, many protestors are pushing for a second revolution to force the army out. and tens of thousands are answering the call. tina kraus, cbs news. coming up next, howard and the forecast. j.c., a chilly rain continues to fall across most of the region. in fact, some areas still in the 40s north. look at the regional radar as we go to break. you can see the rain streaming in from west to east. i'll tell you when the rain will stream out of here and what you can expect for thanksgiving and the upcoming weekend. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment.
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former fbi director louisiana-free is leading the -- louis freeh is leading the scandal at penn state. the university's board of trustees formed a special committee to investigate allegations that former assistant football coach jerry sandusky sexually abused eight boys during a 15-year period. some of the alleged abuse happened in campus showers before and after sandusky retired. two university officials face criminal charges for allegedly lying to the grand jury. we're committed to leaving
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no stone unturned to get to the bottom of what happened. who knew what, when and what changes must be made to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> we'll also thoroughly study, review and test all of the university's policies, procedures, compliance and internal controls. >> the university's president and legendary coach, joe paterno were fired. the trustees investigation is one of at least four investigations underway. two of them are criminal. sandusky denies all of the charges. he will be back in court on december 7th. well, the president of the university of maryland is going along with a recommendation to discontinue eight sports teams. >> this is perhaps one of the most painful and heart- wrenching decisions i've made.
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>> dr. wallace lo added the flick department's $4 million deficit would keep growing if cuts were not made. both men and women's swimming and diving teams will be cut along with women's water polo, women's acrobatics and tumbling and men's tennis and track. unless there is a bailout, the teams will be discontinued next june. respect the space. that's the message from montgomery county executive ike leggett to people who illegally use handicapped parking spaces. the start of holiday shopping season is just days away and so malls around the country and county are going to be crowded. advocates for people with disabilities want to remind drivers to only use a handicapped parking space if you have a handicapped card. >> er it is upsetting when you have to go and sometimes very far away from your destination.
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>> fines who are illegally parking will range from $100 to $500 and your car could be towed. three astronauts return safely to earth overnight including american michael folsom. the soyuz spacecraft led japanese astronaut and a russian cosmonaut landed before dawn. the three spent five and a half months on board the international space station. all right, before we get to weather, i want to let you know how you can win tickets to arena stage to see -- go to, click on the contest. five lucky winners will get two tickets each. >> are they going with you? >> i'm going to be there. it is fabulous at arena stage. go to it is a pull iter prize play. it is great, ok? go to and click
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on contests. >> i'm happy today. >> i'm happy for you because you have a great forecast. >> the weather is going to improve by tomorrow. >> good. >> ugly weather today. families coming into town, thanksgiving is around the corner. all of the sales are coming up, right? >> let's get going with the day planner this afternoon. >> maybe not the greatest afternoon weatherwise. we'll take the rain and part of the water cycle. that's a good thing, right? temperatures slowly climbing into the mid-50s this afternoon. maybe even the upper 50s this evening. we'll have rain at times, potentially a thunderstorm overnight as we climb even into the lower 60s by tomorrow morning. most of this mess is going to be out of here pretty early tomorrow. here is a look at the satellite and radar. all of the moisture has been flowing east-northeast. heavy rains here in central and west virginia, ohio, kentucky, for us, i know there have been some moderate downpours but this is the light stuff we've been dealing with. you get south of fredericksburg, it is pretty quiet. our weather watcher down in newland and reedville say not
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much rain. winds still coming out of the east looking at live doppler 9000 hd, look at this, st. mary's county, eastern charles county, you go down past spotsylvania and up to fredericksburg, relatively quiet. in the immediate metro, it is coming down. not the prettiest day. temperatures have struggled underneath the cloud cover and the moisture still in the 340s. 46 in -- 46 in frederick. cumberland at 45. on the clip side down south, it is 60 in salisbury. 59 at the tappahannock airport. this warm air is inching northward. we're going to get into this warm air tonight and for the beginning of wednesday before we get cooled back again. right now, 52 degrees in washington. it is raining. dew point is 51. high humidity and a northeast wind at 3. fog has gotten better. still some visibilities are less than two miles. two big storm systems across the country. one in the northwest. this is bringing a lot of rain and snow. this is the one. a classic shade coming back. this is the one that's going to
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get us tomorrow. look at the showers and storms from houston headed toward alexandria coming into mississippi. a little severe weather threat. for us, the moisture is flowing north. there is a front here. that warmer air is coming over the colder air. that's squeezing out even more rain and some of the rains we're going to see, especially up in pennsylvania over the next day are going to be on the hefty side, maybe two or three inches. here comes the front. heaviest rains by 6:00 up in ohio, pennsylvania, northeastern maryland, i think we'll get into some lighter rains for awhile. some drizzle, too. overnight, here comes a line of showers and storms. i stopped the clock at 4:00 a.m. to give you an idea of the showers and storms extending from eastern pennsylvania back across our region. by 8:00, much of that has passed us. we're starting to see sun returning out west. we'll get into sun for awhile. in the afternoon, we may bubble up a few showers behind the frontal boundary. winds will whip. they'll be blowing maybe 25, 30 out of the northwest with a gust and then high pressure builds in as we head toward
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thufers. travel forecast, big day tomorrow. in the northwest, we've got the rain. 40s and 50s. elevation snows, not bad for reno going to the west coast, san francisco and l.a. look good. phoenix looks great at 80. looking great on the northern plains are sunshine. oklahoma, texas, the south will clear out. florida seeing some showers. upper 70s and low 80s. early showers for us. by the way, northern new england could see a foot of snow from this system. all right, today, 56. tonight, some showers and storms. tomorrow, 64 in the morning. we're dropping into the 50s in the afternoon. could be a passing shower with the wind. thanksgiving, pleasant. even better than that, friday, saturday and sunday, temps in the 60s. could be showers again on monday. 89 news now returns in a moment.
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you'll one on one today with a dear friend, antoinette ford is the founder and executive director of double nickels. we recently celebrated veterans day but i believe we should salute and celebrate our veterans all year. that's why i joined double nickels as a board member. we have an important engagement this saturday at the atlas theatre in northeast washington. it is called scattered pictures. >> scattered pictures, j.c., thank you for that introduction, is about the lives of seven veterans world war ii and one from korea. now, all of these gentlemen are alive and their stories are amazing.
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we should have them as part of our history. we want to celebrate them. we will be joining us. a number of them will be in the audience. the stories include a man who was a prisoner of war and they declared him dead. he came back. that's how he found out. another one was a boy scout who became a general and then a successful businessman. and another is part of the story of the oldest living african-american graduate of westpoint. >> that is what makes it -- it gets me excited just listening to you tell the stories because our young people do not know this information. unfortunately, sometimes it is not taught in the classrooms. >> but double nickels has tried to make sure that everybody here sees important stories. >> we want to hear the stories. the one thread that was fascinating to me, the one thread that goes through when you have the honor and pleasure of interviewing and meeting with these people, these gentlemen is their humility.
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they aren't so concerned about their stories being told. but we understand the value for our young people and that's why the double nickels also engages in what we call age exchange. we encourage high school students, which we have a couple of and also undergrad students and others to work with us. to volunteer with us for community service and in that opportunity, when they meet these men, i can't tell you how excited they get. >> we want to let everybody know, scattered pictures is this saturday at the atlas theatre on h street northeast. it begins at 3:00 p.m. bring the whole family because this is a family affair! >> yes, it is. >> 3:00, atlas theatre on h street northeast this saturday. we'll be there! hope to see you, too. visit us at 5:00 p.m. bye-bye.
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