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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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votes. gingrich, rick santorum, and john huntsman are in a battle for a spot in the top tier. >> ron paul is hoping to help push him to a solid second place finish as he drops by polling places. >> looks like we are pretty solidly in second place. >> voters get a break from the campaigning once they get inside the door. 250,000 people are expected to cast ballots in the republican primary today. patrick supports mitt romney, but doesn't expect a landslide. >> it will be closer than people expect. ron paul has a strong showing up here. >> if romney does come out on top, he'll be the first republican who isn't a sitting president to win both iowa and new hampshire. >> as for the next two primaries in south carolina and florida, right now mitt romney leads in both states in the polls. from manchester, anita, back to you. >> thank you manuel.
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after post primary parties, most of the candidates are headed straight to south carolina to start campaigning. so who will be left behind? joins us live from manchester is chief washington correspondent, as we have been saying, all indications point to mitt romney. how important is his margin of victory and who gets the number two spot? >> i think his margin of victory is very important. i mean, this should be, by all accounts and all indications mitt romney's best state. afterall, it's next door to the state where he used to be governor, massachusetts. if he doesn't win by a sizable majority here, or at least a sizable percentage here, i think people will have a second look at whether he can make it on down the road. but i don't see any indication of that. all signs point to him winning. what's interesting is who does finish second now and as long as ron paul is in the race and
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he gets 10, 12, 15% of the vote wherever he goes, it keeps the other conservative candidates from amassing a larger percentage. in a way, that's a good thing for mitt romney to keep ron paul in the race as long as they can. i don't think any impartial observer believes ron paul will get the nomination. he is too far outside the republican mainstream. who finishes second here, i think you'll see rick santorum run a pretty good race here and newt gingrich coming after that. i think most of them will probably go on to south carolina. simply because they have the money to do so with a possible exception of john huntsman. if he doesn't do well, he'll hang it up. >> what about the large number of undeclared voters in new hampshire? which candidate could get the biggest boost from those folks? >> well, i think that mitt romney would probably get some
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of those people, because he seems to have somewhat broader appeal. but i see the rest of them being split among the other candidates. again, as long as ron paul stays in, it makes it hard for anybody else to get really close to mitt romney. we'll see. but you know, one thing, don't forget this. one of newt gingrich's supporters out in las vegas just gave $5 million to his super pack. they are already starting to mount a big campaign on television down there in south carolina. so i think you'll see newt gingrich going on and campaigning hard in south carolina no matter what happens up here. >> no matter what. we will certainly be watching you guys tonight as well to see what happens with the numbers coming in tonight. bob shaefer, thanks for joining us. >> final polls in new hampshire close at 8:00 tonight. we'll have the results throughout the night on and complete coverage on 9news now at 11:00.
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lesli. >> a former ups worker accused of being the so-called mother daughter killer was sentenced today to 100 years behind bars. >> that sentence was just handed down and scott broom joins us live. he has more on the jason scott case. scott. >> you're about to hear from one of the victims that a prosecutor just spoke to us. 100 years from what the judge called a tsunami of crime. this is the first chapter in the courthouse drama, because prosecutors are lined up next to prosecute him for the mother, daughter murders that paralyzed him. prosecutors said 20-year-old jason scott was single handedly responsible for 88% of the reported crime in one largo neighborhood alone. between 2007 and 2009. his nearly 60 violent home invasions, burglaries, carjackings, and a sex assault spread all the way to
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mitchellville and beyond before he was caught in a federal stolen gun sting in 2009. >> he was a one man crime wave. referred to him not just as a crime wave, but a tsunami of crime. >> i don't accept deliveries. especially ups. i don't go out at night if i can help it. there are lots of things that i just don't do. there are a lot of things that i enjoy doing. >> today, survivors of scott's attacks described someone who functioned like a terrorist. it's clear, scott was heavily armed, always masked. he carried a rape kit and supplies to burn evidence. and he used his part-time job at a ups facility to identify victims addresses, stalk them, and carry out his crimes. scott is the prime suspect in the mother, daughter murders of delores and ebony dewitt.
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>> so believe it or not, scott gets the 100 years in the federal system today just for the burglaries, the carjackings, the home invasions. the dewitt murders have been charged against scott and prosecutors here are going to take him to trial on that one next later this year regardless of what happens there with 100 year sentence, it is unlikely scott will ever get out of prison before he dies. reporting live in green belt at the federal courthouse, 9news now. >> 88% of the crimes, a real one. >> that's a staggering statistic. >> thanks. we're glad he is off the street. take a look at this surveillance photo. he tried to hold up a walgreen's store last saturday night. he was last seen wearing a camouflage jacket and gray sweat pants. they are offering a reward up
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to $1,000 to catch the man. and sky 9 where a bicyclist took a frightening spill. the rider and his bike fell 30 feet down an embankment at the gilbert run park. that's in la plata. ended up tangled up in tree branches. rescue crews had to saw him out. that biker was air lifted out of there. he is being treated at prince georges hospital center. metro riders are going to have to get ready to pay more for your commute. metro's general manager will introduce a plan to overcome a $166 million budget short fall. the proposal includes a 5% fair hike on metro rail and metro bus. a parking rate increase and the elimination of a rush hour surcharge. but the biggest change would be to riders who use paper fair cards instead of those spart trip cars. they would play flatted fares of $6 during rush hour and $4
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off peek. why these hikes are needed. >> for paper fare cards are likely to get hit the hardest, $4. $6 during rush hour. >> there's going to be a big hit on tourists and the infrequent users of the metro. >> this is still prime location for tourists to come visit. >> there's a bit of good news. the peek rate imfrom time implemented goes away. smart trip riders will see a slight increase of less than 5%. >> i wouldn't mind paying more if extra calls can be seen. >> some sort of time line for the track maintenance, some sort of time line for maybe improved training of metro personnel. >> metro did not have adequate investment for many, many years. and it is very evident today with escalators and maintenance issues. from a car perspective on rail. and we're playing catchup. >> metro says the system has a
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$116 million short fall and a laundry list of improvement. so somebody has to pay. our local jurisdictions will contribute, but the rest of the cash may be coming out of your wallet. >> better is not free. >> there's a long process involving a couple of public hearings before the board finally votes on this proposal. if the board does say yes and approves the rate hike, they do so by may 1, we could see a change here at the metro july 1. at gallery place, 9news now. >> and under the plan, the fare increase would vary. bus fares would go up to dime and parking up by 25 cents. tears of joy in gaithersburg. an air force captain comes home to surprise her two daughters. i understand that wasn't the only surprise. >> yeah, this is a story with
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lots of surprises. this is a family that made so many sacrifices over the last ten years. the mother who has been deployed to iraq and afghanistan four times is a critical care nurse. today he returned home for the last time. >> 17-year-old d if denita are growing restless. >> sisters think they are here to put together these gift boxes for troops overseas. but really, they are about to get the first of three huge surprises. their mom, captain teresa jackson is home early from afghanistan. >> oh my god. >> i was like, i'm home. my daughters are here. i get to see them. i get to hug them. i get to kiss them. that's all i was thinking about. >> i hate surprises. i get really shaken up.
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i'm still shaking. it really means a lot. >> but now, it's mom's turn to be surprised. >> oh my god. >> her entire family has flown in from down south. >> my mom and dad, what are you doing here? i saw my sister. i was like, they got me. >> the best day of my life. >> when the jackson family thinks they can't shed anymore tears, they get one more reason to cry. two $20,000 college scholarships from kfc. >> it means a lot to not only us, but our entire family. >> this is the best moment i had in my life. it's going to be a couple days until i get off this high. i couldn't ask for better friends and family. >> all of those surprises were arranged and funded by kfc's 2012 bring the families campaign. this is the first time they
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reunited a military family, but lesli, they are hoping to have many more of these reunions in the times to come. >> he knows how emotional i get with these stories. i didn't see anybody eating. who could eat when they had that kind of reunion. >> they were screaming in tears the whole time. >> back to you guys. : great story. coming up, the proposed project that has folks in one town worried that there will be more traffic and more vulnerable to floods. topper. >> right now, we have clear skies, but don't put your guard down. rain is on the way. we'll show you temperatures. nice today. low 50s downtown. when that rain rolls in tomorrow. with millions of fans attending air shows every year. the ntsb is looking at ways to make them safer. i'm tara in washington with the story.
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we've got a commuter alert now for drivers in the wood bridge area. sky 9 was over the creek bridge which is closed indefinitely. the bridge was shut downright after inspectors found cracks. they were there for a routine inspection. they shut it down. the bridge is located on blackburn road. no word on when the bridge will be reopened there in the woodbridge area. >> there could be a smoother ride for federal workers commuting to the mark transit center. bus routes in the area are being rerouted to the mark center. it would run between the west falls church metro station and the mark transit center. new parking meters for disabled drivers will soon go up in downtown d.c. they will have a distinctive red top. if you want to park in those places, you need to have a disability license plate.
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the dc transportation department says it eliminates the free parking. federal authorities are zeroing in on the safety of air shows. >> the ntsb called several air show executives and safety officials came to washington for a hearing. tara reports the investigators are looking for new ways to make the popular past time safer. >> air show accidents like the one in reno, nevada, has the national transportation safety board reevaluating safety rules. eleven people died last september when a world war ii era plane crashed. 70 more were hurt. mike heads the group that sponsors the show. >> times haven't been easy. we are looking forward to pulling together all the elements that are necessary so we can operate the event in 2012. >> houston safety is always the top priority.
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>> if i don't believe in an act is going to be safe or they aren't doing what they are supposed to do, i knock them off, they land. >> with 75 deadly air show accidents and 25 years, the ntsb is looking at ways to make public events safer. >> and we want to make sure that the limitations of the human and the machine are respected and that when it comes to spectators and crowds, they are protected. >> lieutenant gary cook flown in dozens of air shows. he says the rules designed to keep pilots and spectators safe are always evolving. >> accidents happen, it's unfortunate, but the benefit we can learn is what can we do differently? >> more than 10 million people attend air shows each year. they are paying attention to what goes wrong and learning from those mistakes.
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cbs news, washington. >> and including that deadly crash at the reno air race, investigating a total of eight accidents at air shows and that's just in the last year. lesli. >> at issue is whether the government has the right to police the air waves while americans have access to unregulated cable television and the internet. expletives as well as a fine abc received for showing a woman's nude buttocks. struck down the fcc's regulation of so-called indecent material. we're going to dive into both sides of the issue tonight at 6:00. >> another day when it was hard to imagine we were in january. >> one winter day and now back to spring. >> the snow completely melted. it's almost like living in central georgia, atlanta, somewhere between atlanta and
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jacksonville. >> does that mean we'll have ice? >> just wait. temperatures are going to go down, but not before they go up. not before a big rain rolls in. this is brought to you by bye keel and son. clear skies right now. temperatures are very mild. 51 downtown. dew point is 29. i mean, it's still dry outside. humidity 43%. so with light winds out of the southwest, temperatures are going to fall. we can't keep it out of the 30s, but still, this is a bargain. right now we have 40s in the suburbs. 49 arlington. 48 in bethesda. 47 in great falls. 46 in reston. and out to the west, 52 in college park and 48 up in beltsville and 50 in laurel. so rain is on the way. just chilly tonight. we'll have a dry morning commute. very important. but then grab your umbrella before you leave because the commute is going to be wet on the way home. heavy to moderate rain tomorrow evening. about this time tomorrow.
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now 6:15 tomorrow morning, here's a computer forecast. clear. most of us will see a sunrise. look what happens, this rain rolls in in a hurry. essentially south of the river. almost creeping into montgomery county. but certainly out 66 and down 95 toward fredericksburg and everybody gets in on it as we go through the evening. this is about 24 hours from now. generally moderate to occasionally light rain. pockets of heavier rain in yellow out toward culpeper. we're going to see pockets roll through late tomorrow night. that's going to be our biggest push. good news is, by early thursday morning, just someshowers, and after that, a mild day on thursday. the arctic air won't come in until friday. clear skies, chilly, a one blanket night. winds easterly at 10. by morning, increasing clouds and cool. late light rate or a shower possible. and then by afternoon, rain across the board.
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breezy and cool. you need your umbrella. temperatures around 45. winds pick up at 10 to 20. next seven days, we're looking at a mild day in the wake of the storm. back to 55 on thursday. and the arctic air comes in. notice the high and low max thursday night and friday. we have the air there. we also have a snow flake on friday. some snow showers or snow flurries possible. certainly in the mountains we'll have snow showers and cold on saturday in the 30s. cold on sunday. maybe some snow showers on sunday. a bit warmer next week. rain or snow. favoring rain right now on tuesday with temperatures in the mid 40s. and speaking of tuesday, well, best shot comes in. quickly we turn them around. this is yesterday's snow. >> best look at snow all season. >> they did a nice job and caught the snow in the act. >> they had a little accumulation. >> 2 inches.
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we had about a half an inch here. go to our website and click on our weather tab and include your name, location, and a description and we'll get you going on tuesday and thursdays. >> coming up, why pressure is mounting on mattel to produce a bald barbie. >> a possible side effect from cholesterol lowering drugs called stattens and this is a mystery. we'll be back.
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topping today's health alert, cholesterol lowering drugs, they are the stat tins that could have another downside that we don't know about. it could increase a post menstrual woman to develop diabetes. compared to 6% of the general population. despite the numbers, doctors say women who need stattens should continue to take them, but they may want to check their blood sugar as well. >> there's a social media movement hoping to convince
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mattel to create a bold cancer barbie. advocates who started online petitions say such a dog would send a bald and beautiful message to girls undergoing chemotherapy who would lose their hair or have a mother or other relative battling cancer. there's also criticism who think cancer is a tough subject to introduce to young children. this is a debate going on online. there's a new twist in the florida a and m hazing investigation. coming up, the parents of a student who was beaten to death go public of something that until now was kept private. also ahead, more than 2700 companies from 130 countries are displaying their latest gad latest gadgets. >> people here are worried that storm water runoff and traffic will get a lot worse if a new development plan gets the okay tonight.
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without question. just look for the white check. a vote in prince william county tonight may alter the quality of life in the small waterfront town. >> peggy fox joins us where the decision will be made tonight. >> reporter: the mayor is leading the opposition against this proposal. he says it will lead to major
5:30 pm
traffic tieups in the town and leave the town more vulnerable to flooding. >> a maintenance crew is suring up a culvert after it was ripped apart in heavy rain. this clip shows the flood waters inundating the town. >> a wall of water came through. >> some residents are worried floods will happen more frequently if a development project is approved up stream. on this 17-acre parcel along old bridge road in prince william county. >> we're talking about a single building, which will not make or break the economic health of prince william county. it >> what has gotten the town fired up about the development is traffic. this is a major country road between 123 and old bridge road. if that development gets the okay, they worry this will be gridlock morning and night.
5:31 pm
workers at the planned office building would exit on to tanyard hill, which is already too busy. >> they are going to cut through the town to go into the property and go out. and that's already a pretty significant problem for us. >> but chairman corey stewart disagrees. the office building would cause any of those problems. >> the fact of the matter is, prince william county right now doesn't have enough office space. we need to build more office space and more employment in this county so that more people can stay in prince william county instead of having to leave the county. >> now chairman stewart points out that 75% of the land would be set aside in a conservation easement. he says that the plan includes a water retention pond which will help with the runoff situation. mike may who represents the city, who plans to vote against
5:32 pm
this proposal. the meeting begins at 7:00. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> thanks. derek. have you ever wondered what the attendants are for your neighborhood school in how about overall school performance? if you live in washington, d.c., that information is now just a click away courtesy of these new school score cards. chancellor kia henderson is here. >> i'm a dc public school parent, what do they mean to me? >> they mean you have unprecedented transparency and information about what is going on at your child's school. it also means that you have the ability to choose which schools are right for you because there is more than just the testing information that was previously available about our schools. it's a more holistic view of what is going on at our school. >> give me an example of what we can find out. >> you can look at student
5:33 pm
growth. you can look at graduation rates. you can look at safety and climate by looking at expension. you can actually look at whether or not your schools are retaining their most highly effective teachers. and those are the kinds of things that matter to parents. you can look at the academic programs. >> let me ask you a question. if we look at this information, my kids should go to a different school, how much ability is there for parents to switch their kids out? >> there's a lot of ability to transfer your kids or move around the city. we have pretty much an open system and in fact, at the end of the month, the out of boundary lottery opens, where if you don't want to send your kid to a neighborhood school, you can select six schools. now you'll be able to actually compare schools. so you could be looking at three different schools and compare them next to each other. >> way i understand it, however, that is safety information, suspensions and the like is not available for
5:34 pm
the charter school, correct? >> we are two different school systems. >> that is important because 40% of your kids are in charter schools now. >> 40% of our kids are in charter schools. >> don't parents need to know that? >> parents do. and the public charter board released new information about their schools that are available. i think on loin as well. >> okay, let's switch gears for a moment and talk about something that has come before the d.c. city council. the chairman wants to require that high school kids to graduate have to a, take an sat or act. should that be mandated? >> i'm not sure whether or not that should be mandated, but the chairman's office reached out to us to figure out the best way to accomplish the real goal, which is get kids informed about college, to college, and through college. >> thanks so much for joining us. meantime, maryland governor
5:35 pm
unveiled his ambitious plan today to build schools across the state. his $370 million request is designed to generate 11, 600 jobs. >> this is one area where we are increasing funding. why do we do that? we know in order to create jobs, modern economy requires modern investment. no more important is in your brain power, in your talents, and your skills. >> talking to the kids there. if it's approved, this will be the second largest school investment in maryland history. studies have shown students in building in need of repair don't perform as well as kids in well functioning schools. there's a new twist tonight to the story of a florida college student who died as the result of hazing. 26-year-old robert was apparently pummeled to death by band mates. champion was not the only one
5:36 pm
who was hazed that night. >> you're saying robert may have been hazed more brutally for a variety of reasons. was one of those reasons because of his sexual orientation? >> it may or may not have been. >> possibility though? >> it's a possibility. >> robert champion's parents say they are going to file a suit next week. they are also suing the band's charter bus company. fabulous coach lines tell cbs news their responsibility only lies with the transportation of students. >> a proposal to make it a crime call somebody a nazi could soon become the law of the land in israel. cabinet administers approved the measure and now it goes to the full parliament. penalties up to six months in jail and a fine for using holocaust symbols. this bill infridges on the
5:37 pm
freedom of expression. in south africa, one woman was killed and others were hurt in a stampede. now this all happened when the campus gates opened up as students were trying to register for their classes. thousands of potential applicants lined up for days for the 800 or so slots at that university. the application process had been open for weeks, but a lot of poor students don't have internet access, so they could not apply online. >> coming up, why this stare down between a three-year-old girl and a lion is getting so much buzz tonight. but first, why a mannequin forced one ohio woman to call 911. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back after the break. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ a string of wild fires
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burned 25-acres in southern california. the flames broke out last night. >> the fires burned near several homes, but no evacuations. residents were told to stay inside while 100 firefighters worked to get out all those brush fires from the ground and the air and there's no word on what sparked the fire. >> an ohio woman is facing charges connected to a practical joke that may have gotten out of hand. it began with rebecca calling 911 after spotting what looked like a man with a gun on her porch. deputies ran in, they surrounded the house. they were trying to negotiate. when the gunman didn't respond, they moved in on him, but figured out quickly it was a mannequin. the dummy with the rival was the latest in a long string of practical jokes, apparently within the family. >> i think it lets them both know that you can't do whatever you want with the joke. >> practical jokes are fine, but this was a practical joke
5:41 pm
that was way over the edge that went too far. >> yeah, i'm going to think it went too far. police agree they charged tammy moore with inducing panic. >> any time the sheriff has to call a press conference, you can tell it's been too much. here's a story of a three-year- old girl who did not panic when she came face to face with a lion. >> sort of. the lion peered at the lion at the wellington zoo in new zealand. look how close. while she was never in danger, the 8-year-old lion started pawing at her through the glass. sophia, she didn't flinch. >> maybe it felt threatened that sophia would take it. >> i was surprised that my wife still held the camera steady rather than lungeing to get sophia. she was quite safe. >> it's only the second time he has seen that lion engage with
5:42 pm
visitors. sophia turns 4 next month and guess what she wants to go back to the zoo for her birthday. she may be asking for a pet lion. >> engage. i like that word. >> wow. >> even a big person would get scared. let's talk wizards. you can't fire the team, so folks talking about, where are they going to fire the coach? we'll go live with that question. top. >> all right, we have clear skies, but a big rain is on the way. we'll show you the satellite picture. see the rain in kentucky, arkansas. that's heading our way. you can imagine what happens in d.c. when we have ten inches of snow. thousands of the newest gadgets are on display at the world's largest electronic trade show. i'm in las vegas. coming up, we'll take you there.
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if you're a comcast customer and you need add
5:46 pm
service house call of sorts, there's a chance that you paid a fee just because. well now comcast has to tell you about that fee when you schedule your service and thanks to an agreement with the county's office of consumer protection, you're going to get a voice mail notice about that fee before your next appointment. comcast also has to pay $25,000 to the county. but the agreement is not an admission that the cable company violated any indivisible protect you. some notable stars helped kick off the consumer electronics show, but the real star power are the tech innovations that take center stage at the week long convention. in las vegas to tell us which companies are creating the biggest buzz. all right. tell us. >> hey lesli, the gadgets cover 1.8 million square feet. that's enough to fit 35
5:47 pm
football fields. while it's impossible to catch out every gadget, we tried. >> from televisions to smart phones to the latest in 3d. the show is showcasing 20,000 of the newest tech toys. tv's are getting bigger, but also thinner. >> thin is in and devices, in televisions using oled. a new technology that lets your tv get even thinner than the lcd or plasma. >> and they do more. the television is becoming a one stop hub for controlling music systems, interactive games, even security cameras. >> we are seeing a lot of ways to get your life more connected. >> super thin laptops are a big item this year. this one weighs 2-pounds. and is just over half an inch thick. >> where as the traditional laptop, get 30 seconds to boot up. these boot up in less than 7 seconds. >> at roughly $1,000, they are made to be a cost friendly
5:48 pm
competitor to thin mac books. as always, the show features toys for kids and for adults. but most of the gadgets are practical, like a new line of sleek scanners for the home. wireless cell phone chargers, and headphones made especially for the avid runner. >> we have seen devices that connect to our iphone to track our heart rate. expect a lot more coming out on the consumer scene that track our health in many ways. >> some of them o prototypes. others will soon be in the hands of eager shoppers. >> there are more than 3,000 techies here to show off their littest gadgets. come next year, microsoft won't be one of them. that will give them the flexibility to have their own unveilings, similar to apple, which doesn't participate in the electronics show. >> somany of the big names don't participate. they may not be missed.
5:49 pm
>> let's take a look at some snow video. let's do it. >> we freaked out with our half inch yesterday. let's go to the computer for a minute. we'll take you on a tour here up to alaska and get you situated. i want to point out a couple things. cordova, which is to the east and fairbanks and anchorage. now we go to the video. we're looking at two alaska commuters. exceptionally harsh winter. 10 feet of snow. it has collapsed roofs and trapped people in the homes. this is unusual. this is by the coast. is this very close to anchorage. and then they are not sure, but they think 10 feet of snow has fallen in the last two weeks. >> two weeks, wow. >> three weeks. >> that's where all of our snow went. >> up to the northwest around nome, they are a waiting a
5:50 pm
russian tanker to deliver fuel. so count your blessings, right? okay. all right, let's talk about what's going on right now. here's the weather cam and this is brought to you by michael and son. temperatures are nice. 51. dew point 29. temperatures are going to fall, but not like a rock. by january standards, we are fortunate. 45 in bethesda. 49 in rockville. mid to upper 40s isn't bad. 46 in great falls. 42 in reston. and 50 in college park. so the outside story, rain is on the way, chilly tonight. it will be dry for the morning commute. but take your umbrella before you leave the house, because it will be wet for the evening commute. probably heavy rain or moderate rains by this time tomorrow. tonight though, clear and chilly. one blanket night. winds easterly. for the morning, clouds increase rapidly. rain develops just before
5:51 pm
lunchtime. winds easterly at 10 and by afternoon, cloudy, breezy and cool with rain heavy at times. you need your umbrella. high temperatures around 45. winds increase and gusty. next seven days, still mild behind this storm. 55. but then the arctic air comes in, snow flurries or snow showers possible on friday. steady or falling temperatures on friday. we're in the 30s friday. sunday maybe some snow showers. milder next week. perhaps rain or snow with highs in the mid 40s. >> thanks top. >> all right, 0-8. it's painful. >> kristakristen, any chance they will get that victory? >> toronto is 4-5. they are struggling team, but they did pick up a win against minnesota. the two plus seasons of cliff sanders, his record is 49-123. not great numbers to boast
5:52 pm
about and now as the team is off to their worst team in fran franchise history, it's a matter of time before the fall. >> it becomes contagious. >> that's blocked. >> it's bad to play. >> whatever flip sanders is doing, doesn't seem to be getting through to his players. >> i haven't done a good enough job. >> the wizards lost eight straight, the only team without a win and well, things don't seem to be getting better. >> we have to get something to build on. you hope that tonight we can come out and play with some emotion. >> wizards don't like to share the ball. every team in the league knows that. they try to address the meeting, but it didn't do any good. >> try to do it their way and it's not working. you know, the record shows it. >> it's not the coach's fault. it's our fault. >> we are starting to wash away the history and nobody wants to keep losing ball
5:53 pm
games. >> not good right now. >> but if flip gets the act, shouldn't bernie runfeld. the owner doesn't want to make any rash decisions. the wizards are a young team in the mist of a rebuilding phase. on his blog yesterday, he wrote, obviously no one is happy with the progress we are making. it is important we be measured and smart in how we move forward. >> the main thing we do is play and hope everything can change. >> all right. like i mentioned before. 49-123. if that isn't jarring enough, the wizards set the record for consecutive road losses at 25. that was last season. and consecutive losses overall at 16. the league record for the worst start, 0-8. 0-18 the new jersey nets '09 and '10. hopefully the wizards can avoid
5:54 pm
that. we're live at the verison center, back to you. >> burglars stole hundreds of gift cards from this church in stafford, virginia. it's the latest in a string of church burglaries. i'm lindsey mastis, that story is coming up. >> later, the supreme court takes a look at what is decent and what's not when it comes to broadcast tv. >> and up next, driving in the snow never a lot of fun, but one local community is trying to make sure everything goes smoothly during our next big storm whenever that may be.
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5:57 pm
just the thought of snow probably raised your blood pressure. any time you mix winter weather with rush hour, it's not pleasant. >> especially around this neighborhood. that's why virginia is putting its public safety agencies in one building. monica is going the extra mile by taking us inside this new massive facility down in fairfax. >> it's difficult to forget the rath of mother nature. with snowmegeddon and earthquake in one year.
5:58 pm
after having learned from that experience, the state of virginia has integrated public safety departments. a county and state partnership enhancing communications all under one roof. so how do the agencies now house their work together if we have to deal with lots of snow this winter? >> we have 911, police and fire down here. we have state police all working together on this floor. and then emergency management overseas function that is rig across the hall behind us over here. there's a big event, everybody is here together. >> as a result of last january's snowstorm that paralyzed the region, leaving traffic at a standstill for hours. this year, the office of emergency management is rolling allot a new campaign, asking residents to stay where they are. >> federal state and local, we have all decided that what we're going to push this year is, get to where you need to go before the storm hits. and be prepared to stay there until the streets are clear. stay off the roads is what we
5:59 pm
are asking you to do. >> the campaign this winter is snow. stay off the roads, not out in the weather. >> snowmegeddon, depending on the weather we're going to have here this winter, we can activate snowstorms, generally we know when those snowstorms are coming, so we can plan for them. we can get staff in before the storm hits. and we can work those incidents then. >> and monica adds that the general manager told her 9/11 was a big bringing in these agencies. when there's a weather related emergency, they have a 3:30 a.m. conference call with all the jurisdictions making plans for the police and fire departments. >> this is 9news now. >> it looks like about a quart of a million republicans will vote in today's new hampshire primary election. mitt romney is favored in the polls, but his lead has been declining in recent dais as


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