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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> you're just a walking petrie dish, aren't you? >> germs. >> weatherwise, grab the rain gear. we have spotty showers out there. it will not rain all day. the roads are wet in many areas now. we have showers rolling through. i'm going to show you that in a moment on live doppler 9000 hd. here's your day planner. get ready for a cool day. we're starting in the 30s and 40s. you'll need to dress appropriately for that. something to keep you dry when the spotty showers come through. again, not an all day rain but noon could be some showers, 46 and the same story by -- a little milder right around the 50 degree mark. sun is up at 7:19. big storm out of texas in the lower mississippi valley throws a lot of moisture to the north. cold enough north of us here in pennsylvania, parts of new england for a little bit of wintry weather. we've got the showers rolling through and the darker greens, moderate showers through fairfax coming out of manassas and into southern fairfax county down toward woodbridge. now into charles county. la plata, you're not there yet
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but the next 10 or 15 minutes headed your way to clinton. andrews air force base will see it as well. spotty showers in anne arundel county crossing the bay toward the eastern shore. our temperatures this morning, on the chilly side. certainly up in hagerstown to 36. gaithersburg, 39. leesburg is 38. down south, we've got 45. little milder in fredericksburg and cambridge is 40 and for our friends at pax river, we've got 42 degrees. monika , good thursday morning to you. >> he won't let me forget i said friday. it is my friday. thursday morning traffic, northbound on i-95, good morning, everybody. you're looking fine from the occoquan river pretty much like this all the way up through springfield, all of the early morning risers looking good. you'll get to work on time heading on to 395, we'll take a look at shirlington. here's what it looks like. very light. all the way up to the 14th street bridge and across the potomac river. we'll go over to maryland now. first, a look at the southbound side or the beltway first on
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the outer loop at connecticut avenue. this is what it looks like basically coming around from 95 from college park into bethesda and rockville and we'll go over to 270 southbound, no problems to report as you head from clarksburg down to the point where the lanes divide. here's what it looks like on the beltway in the new carrollton area from route 50 past route 210 and all the way to the wilson bridge. coming up, another look at all of the cameras around the area. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. an ex-marine accused of shooting at the pentagon and the marine corps museum is due in court. >> yonathan malaku expected to plead guilty in charges in federal court. delia gonsalves joins us live with a preview of what's happening. >> good morning, mike and andrea. i covered these shootings when they happened a little over a year ago. i can tell you for being there, it caused lots of confusion, lots of fear and lots of terror. but it didn't take investigators too long to figure out they were looking
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for disgruntled member of the marine corps. or a military man. it seems they were right. 24-year-old yonathan malaku of fairfax county enlisted in the marine corps reserves in 2007. he was never deployed. investigators say his growing anger toward the military took a violent turn in october 2010. that's when shots were fired at the marine corps museum near quantico. in fact, malaku is accused of firing shots at the museum twice. both times, however, the shootings occurred overnight when no one was in the building. days after the first museum shooting, investigators say malaku's next target was a pentagon. no one was hurt there. his month-long shooting spree though that damaged four buildings came to an end and june when malaku was arrested inside arlington cemetery. now, while we don't have details of the plea deal this morning, we can tell you if convicted of all charges against him, malaku faces 35 years to life behind bars. coming up in a half hour, i'll tell you what kind of damaging
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evidence police found soon after his arrest. back to you. mike, andrea? >> all right, delia gonsalves reporting live from our satellite center. one day after an 11-year-old was robbed of her smart phone right outside alseal middle school in northwest d.c., it happened again. wednesday, a young girl had her phone stolen while she walked through fort reno by the school. in both cases, police say a young man ran past the victims, snatched the smart phone and took off running. investigators say the two incidents could be related and police say this is part of a larger trend where crooks of all ages are stealing smart phones and selling them on the black market. d.c. mayor vincent gray is not stopping his push to evict occupiers from mcpherson square. gray says he wants the protestors to move from freedom plaza -- move to freedom plaza so mcpherson square can be cleaned. the area has become infested with rats. gray says he'll keep talking with park service about the
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best way to deal with the occupy site. park police will soon begin enforcing the ban on camping in the square. ticket scofflaws have until tomorrow to pay off their old parking tickets. d.c.'s ticket amnesty program which started in august allows drivers who got parking tickets and moving violations or a photo enforcement ticket before january 1st, 2010, to pay up without penalty. the district was owed more than $355 million in fines and so far, only $3 million has been collected. those eligible can pay until friday at 5:00 p.m. at the 866-893-5023. adjudication services at 301t street. >> we have that on our web site. >> time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> jessica is -- >> checking out some hot wheels. >> she is indeed. >> good morning, jess.
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of. >> ok, no, she's checking out hot wheels. we're going to tell you about the hot market. the federal reserve is assuring consumers and businesses it will keep interest rates low through the year 2014. policymakers say record low rates are still needed to help boost an improving but struggling sluggish economy. the central bank also predicts the unemployment rate will fall to 8.2% this year from its current 8.5%. stocks rallied on the fed announcement the dow climbed 83 points. nasdaq was up 32. s&p 500 rose by more than 11. timothy geithner says president obama will not ask him to stay on as treasury secretary for a second term. secretary geithner told bloomberg television he was confident the president would choose someone else. apple is once again the most valuable u.s. company. more than 6% gain in the company's stock gives it a market value of nearly $419 billion. it surpassed exxon mobil now as the most valuable company.
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blockbuster sales of iphones and ipads over the holidays helped apple deliver record- breaking quarterly profits. thousands say their final good-bye to joe paterno. >> officials in italy reveal the harsh reality in their search for survivors of the capsized cruise ship. >> those stories plus your weather first when we return in less than two minutes. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this.
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we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. 8 after 5:00 on this thursday morning. we have showers out there. they're spotty in nature. grab the rain gear. we'll have them on and off for
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much of the day. probably more off than on when the rains will be increasing. cloudy skies expected today as temperatures will be climbing from 30s and 40s this morning to the mid-40s by lunchtime. we'll get into the afternoon. we'll have temperatures climbing into the upper 40s, even around 50 by the drive home. tonight, temperatures steadier slowly rising. we'll have a look toward the weekend when i see you coming up in about four minutes. monika with timesaver traffic. >> the rush hour is off to a good start. here is a look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. par for the course if you're traveling between 66 and 270. more on area roadways coming up again in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. >> here is a look at the other things making news now. rescue crews in italy say it would take a miracle to find anymore survivors of the cruise ship which capsized on january 13th. despite that, crews are still searching for any possible survivors. so far, they found 16 bodies and 17 people are still listed
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as missing. there was another public viewing wednesday of late penn state coach joe paterno. thousands lined up to that i pair respects. the public viewing was followed by a private funeral service. the procession passed beaver stadium and went through downtown college station before leading to a private burial service. a memorial is planned for today at the bryce jordan center. paterno coached at penn state for 46 years and celebrated 409 wins. it was a record for major college football. democrats and republicans put their disagreements on hold wednesday to bid an emotional farewell to gabrielle giffords. the arizona democrat stepped down to focus on her recovery one year after being shot in the head at a political event near tucson. before leaving congress, her final act was voting on legislation she had introduced, imposing tougher penaltiens on smugglers who were flying drugs across the mexican border. the bill passed unanimously. >> the d.c. auto show begins tomorrow at the convention center. we'll bring. >> preview when we return. >> howard has your weather
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today. >> the weekend is looking pretty good. >> you can still go skiing. >> are there trails open out west and northwest? >> monika took her sons up to -- where were you? >> white tail. >> white tail the other day. there was plenty of snow up there. i know it is going to rain today. it hasn't been the greatest winter for that. they're going to get rain, too. the weekend, they'll be able to make some snow. let's talk about the bus stop forecast. other than some spotty showers, no real problems. it is a little bit on the chilly side with temps in the 30s and 40s this morning. but 36 to 44. the general range. your sunrise at 7:19. now, today, spotty showers. it is not going to be an all day rain by any stretch but occasional passing showers. midday temps in the mid-40s. by 4:00, we're looking at about 50 degrees with southeast winds at 8:00. tonight, that's when i think the showers will be increasing. during the overnight, we have the best chance for the showers to be hitting us.
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some could be coming on the hefty side through tomorrow morning. right now, we're watching a bulk of the moisture well to our north. some snow along and north of interstate 80 and spotty showers pushing through. see some of them coming in toward northern virginia west of winchester. i moved live doppler 9000 hd in toward the metro region right now. you can see oh, just south of gaithersburg coming through potomac out of areas toward vienna and great falls and fairfax county, lighter showers. from d.c. south, 395 down route one, toward the beltway and points south of there over toward lorton, heftier showers from clinton down toward la plata, this will be approaching southern anne arundel. prince frederick, st. leonard, you're all going to see the showers. even at the st. mary's county, we've seen a few light showers over the last 20 minutes. 39 this morning in rockville. also in crofton and columbia. we go south, temperatures not much warmer. alexandria and springfield at 41. reston is 39.
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leesburg, that's our cool spot at 37. outside on the michael & son weather camera, good visibility here. we're waiting for the showers over the capitol. 41 degrees with cloudy skies. winds are calm at reagan national and the dew point is in the mid-30s. so, the humidity is 79%. big storms in the south. it has been driving temperatures, warmer temperatures up to the north in atlanta and new orleans. 50s, 60s and 70s. lots of 30s across much of the country. we're seeing the rain coming off the gulf through baton rouge to jackson, mississippi. this is all flowing toward us. that's why tonight will likely be the wettest time period we're going to be seeing. but we have to get through all of this and that's going to take maybe another 24 hours or 28 hours by midday tomorrow though, the sun will be back. i think we're going to salvage a pretty decent weekend around here. occasional spotty showers today with an increase in rain showers tonight. in fact, temperatures tonight steadier rising. forecast today, about 50.
5:17 am
tonight, temperatures steadier rising with more showers, heavier showers into friday morning. a little shot of cold air by monday. monday, near 40s. by tuesday and wednesday, back in the 50s. could be a shower by wednesday. still smiling. that has to be good news for drivers. >> it is good news for drivers. things are looking great all around town. good morning, everybody. let's keep our fingers crossed it stays that way. the beltway, no incidents to report. here we are on the west side of town. dulles toll road looks great coming in from leesburg. no problems on 66 in from gainesville. we'll take a live look in virginia. if you're planning to head over to the american legion bridge and down through tysons corner, you'll be fine. no problems to report the entire length of the west side of the beltway. back to the maps. this time inside the beltway on 66, you're going well above the
5:18 am
speed limit. no problems on 395 as well heading past duke street up to the 14th street bridge. live look at 95 in newington. volumes are still light. in the hov and main lines to the beltway. coming up, we'll go into maryland. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. >> the d.c. auto show is always fun, begins tomorrow at the washington convention center. >> jessica doyle has a preview from the convention floor. >> reporter: good morning, andrea and mike. good morning, everybody. we're here on the floor of the washington auto show. it opens to the media today and to the public tomorrow. so, we're giving. >> sneak peek inside on the floor. we're the first ones here. they're still in the process of setting up. you'll see there are still some dollies in the background. plastic on some of the vehicles, getting ready for the big push, over 700 vehicles on display here. 42 separate manufacturers are going to be showing off their wares over the next couple of days. we're going to be telling you this morning about the story of
5:19 am
the big three automakers. how they have turned things around. let me show you fiat right here. you might be be thinking fiat, that's not an american automaker. yes, it is because it now owns 60% of chrysler and because it has been taking these roots from the alphas, they've been able to take a fresh look at what the company is about. this is the fiat 500. at the washington auto show, people coming here will be able to test drive this vehicle on fiat ride. this is the first time people are taking a look at this. it is an indoor suburban track and specialists will be driving folks around the course so they get a sense of what the ride is like. a little bit about the fiat 500. this is an american automaker's dream. this is what you're going to see in the future for the american automakers. the suvs, the trucks, not so much central focus for big three. it is about small, sustainable and about fuel efficient. let me tell you, they have reengineered a lot of these
5:20 am
small vehicles so they can really take on their asian counterparts overseas. now, this is very, very roomy. i'm surprised to say inside for its small size. later in the morning, we're going to show you what ford and what g.m. have come up with in terms of competitors for the fiat 500. of course, the other sedans that are out there from the major automakers. we'll be here all morning long and with that, i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, jess. looks like she's having a great time. beautiful car. >> i've never been to an auto show. i've always wanted to go. >> you can take metro. >> very cool. >> dumps you off right inside. don't have to go outside. >> at 5:20, another look at the question of the day. on average, this only lasts four days is. it a, a diet. b, the common cold or food in a powerless refrigerator. >> some of you are weighing in on our facebook page. lora mcsorley says a diet usually lasts four days when the refrigerator is not working and you have a common cold.
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>> i like that. >> log on to the and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. >> we have a bonus when it comes to our question of the day. if you like us on facebook, that can enter you into the 9news now great tablet give away sweepstakes. here's how it works. go to facebook. our facebook page is >> if you already like us on facebook, just click the give away tab. it is right there on the left side of the page. you can enter until january 31st. two lucky winners will be selected at random and each will win a kindle fire tablet. you must be at least 18 years old to enter.
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>> showers pushing through the east side approaching northern and southern calvert county coming out of st. mary's. >> a look at the future cast today. we're expecting clouds and spotty showers. by 9:00, probably going to be up toward martinsburg and hagerstown. 42 degrees by then. middle of the day, mid-40s. heavier showers perhaps far northwest of town and spotty showers this afternoon as temperatures push toward 50. andrea and michael? >> a beloved terrapin coach is honored before the team's game against duke. >> kristin berset has more in this look at morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. it has been in the works for some time but last night, the
5:25 am
hardwood at the comcast center officially became gary williams court. honoring all that he did for the program in his 22 yearsed a head coach, gary entered with the iconic fist pump. the last one you'll see at the comcast center. although he's retired, his signature will be enshrined on the court. the university asked fans to give their best williams fist pump when the terps reached 22 points. mark turgeon's first maryland duke experience, terrell with the great drive puts the terps up 8. they held on until late in the second half. duke's mark plumby comes alive. maryland couldn't recover. they fall 74-61. >> last place wizards taking on the second to last place charlotte bobcats. washington came out with some fire last night. john wall with the block. takes it down the court. gets the lay-up.
5:26 am
wiz up 60-41. black for two more. black led the team with a double-double. 17 poirebounds. wizards, whitman. his first victory. 92-75 over the bobcats. nationals introduced their new pitcher yesterday. gonzalez spoke to the media, finalized his four year, $52 million contract. he's considered one of the nats biggest off-season acquisitions. that's going to do it to your morning sports, i'm kristin berset, have a great thursday. >> he looks good in that hat. hundreds of mismarked graves at the nation's cemetery grabbed headlines. >> this morning, we have an update on changes at arlington national cemetery. we're back in three minutes with your weather first.
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>> we're glad you're watching. >> i'm mike hydeck. glad to be back here at work. here's monika samtani. >> we're glad to have you back. >> good to be. >> howard, good morning, my friend. >> grab the jackets and the rain gear. spotty showers and chilly temps. nothing frozen. we don't have any iciness to talk about. monika will tell you more about that in a moment. the day planner calls for the spotty showers that are going to be occurring on and off all day. 41 now. 42 by 9:00. here and there showers, hit and miss showers. by noon, 46. by 5:00, 50. rain chances and intensity and coverage will increase tonight. right now, you're seeing just these spotty showers i'm talking about over us. look to the west, look at the rain from indianapolis back toward lexington. down as you head toward louisiana. looks like they just issued a new tornado watch down across the gulf coast. tell you more about that coming up. for us, spotty showers. a couple here out toward winchester. we're seeing the bulk of the action pushing through southern montgomery and howard county. now east of the beltway through
5:31 am
much of prince george's county, approaching the bay here south of annapolis, shady side, down toward lusby as well. low 40s south. >> overall, things have been looking great all around town, there have been no problems to report. all around the beltway. good morning, i'm monika samtani with your timesaver traffic. things are looking great on the beltway, we're going to zoom in first of all to the west side of town. gw parkway, no problems as you head inbound. no problems on 66 of the dulles toll road as well from far out west. we'll take a look at the roosevelt bridge on the inbound side where volumes are still light between the beltway and the bridge span here. back over to the maps, this time we'll go north on the beltway between college park and 270. everything is incident-free. looking good on 270. we'll take a live look at the beltway in college park on the east side of town between here and the wilson bridge. you're doing fine as well. coming up in my next report, another look around the area in a few minutes. mike and andrea.
5:32 am
>> thanks, monika. the man be accused of firing at several military facilities in our region is scheduled to be in court today. >> yonathan malaku is expected to enter a guilty plea later this morning in alexandria. delia gonsalves joins us live from the satellite with more on what we can expect today. >> good morning, mike. we don't have details of the plea deal just yet. i can tell you if convicted on all of the charges against him, the former marine faces 35 years to life behind bars. the 24-year-old fairfax county man was arrested last june after he was spotted in arlington cemetery overnight. when police arrested him, they found a backpack full of explosives in his home, they later found more bomb-making material, al-qaeda literature and videos taken prior to the shooting. investigators say malaku's first target was a marine corps museum near quantico. several bullet holes were discovered by a cleaning crew there. however, that would not be the first time. the museum was hit again one month later. now, in between those attacks,
5:33 am
the pentagon was struck. no one with was hurt there. in any of the shootings in fact because all of them occurred overnight. prosecutors say it was part of malaku's plan to "engage in violent activity against those in the military." another report coming up live in a half hour. back to you. mike? >> thanks, delia. we'll see you then. a senate oversight committee is investigating the progress, the army has made at arlington national cemetery. the cemetery was rocked by a scandal over mismarked graves, unmarked graves and people buried in the wrong spots. widespread problems triggered a congressional inquiry and a criminal investigation. the reports provided to congress reveal that much work remains to be done. arlington must be put on a course that will ensure no tragedy like the one we saw unfold in 2010 is ever again reported to veterans and their families. >> senator mccastle thanked the task force with making great advances over the past 18
5:34 am
months. the district of columbia could have online gambling as early as the spring if the council decides to move forward. the district legalized online gambling in 2010 but it has not been implemented. the d.c. council is holding an informational meeting on the gambling law which will allow the district's lottery agency to offer online poker, blackjack, slot machines and other games. online gambling is expected to be a new renew source. a church in chantilly says girl scouts are no longer welcome. the pastor of st. timothy catholic church says local girl scout troops can't have meetings on church property because the national organization is connected with planned parenthood. but the girl scout council of the nations capital says that is false. the girl scouts have until the end of the school year to find a new meeting facility. a new study suggests rheumatoid arthritis surfers should get up and move. >> the more you work, the greater you are to suffer from
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41 degrees. i should have grabbed my jacket. it is chilly out here. we've had sprinkles go through. the ground is wet. showers generally east and southeast of d.c. here is our day planner. we'll run into showers occasionally today. i'll call them spotty showers. temperatures by noon will be in the mid-40s. near 50 for a highlight today. winds turning east to southeast at 5 to 10. better chance of rain tonight. live doppler 9000 hd and the weekend forecast coming up when i see you next in about six minutes. the right now, over to monika with timesaver traffic. >> right near wolf trap, there is an accident westbound on route 7 arrive beulah road. here's 66 on the inbound side. off and on to the beltway. more on area roadways coming up again in a few minutes. back to you, mike and andrea. >> thanks, monika. >> here's what's making news now. many adults with rheumatoid
5:38 am
arthritis near more physical activity. a new study in arthritis care and research shows two out of five adults with the condition are physically inactive. more than a million americans have rheumatoid arthritis. it is a painful, chronic condition which damages joints and impairs function. the authors of the study say regular exercise can help relieve symptoms. >> more people are working longer hours and that may be hurting their mental health. researchers followed 2,000 british workers. they compared people who worked 11 or more hours with people who worked eight hours. the chances of depression were more than double in those who worked excessive hours. >> your odds of developing heart disease may be higher than you think. a study in the "new england journal of medicine" tracked more than 250,000 people for more than 50 years and it showed risk of heart attack or stroke was lower in the short run. however, the risk can be very high over a lifetime if a person has just one or two risk factors like high blood pressure or cholesterol. researchers say the study
5:39 am
highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent the risk factors from developing in the first place. >> before we head to break, we want to see who's celebrating a birthday today. the 26th of january. must be in the front row. baseball commentator bob euchre is 767. guitarist eddie van halen turns 57. emmy winning talk show host ellen degeneres is 54. hockey great wayne gretzky turns 51 today. if it is your birthday, happy birthday. we'll be right back!
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welcome back. it is 5:42. i'm monika samtani with your timesaver traffic. and we're looking good all around town. no problems to report on the beltway. just a bit of volume now forming on your major thoroughfares trying to get to the beltway including on i-66 where you've got it basically out in manassas to centreville and bunching up at the beltway. we're going to take a live look outside right now. if you're planning to head over on the northbound side of i-95,
5:43 am
here's what it looks like it. will slow down from newington right into springfield. just a lot of brake lights but no incidents to report as we head for the belt way. and now we'll go a little further north on to 395 and looking live at duke street, traffic still moving well both in the main and the hov lanes heading for the 14th street bridge. let's go back to the maps this time on the north side of town. no problems to report right now with the exception of the slow traffic forming out of college park into silver spring. we'll take a live look on 270. it will slow down a bit out of urbana down toward route 121 then breaks free again as normal as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. all lanes are open for you. no problems to report this morning. coming up, we'll go around the area once again in a few minutes. first, talking about a rainy day, howard. >> thanks, monika. hey, guys. >> any problems in the forecast? >> no real problems in the forecast. unless you're hoping for snow. just not seeing any. i've got people keep saying when is it going to snow. right now, i don't see
5:44 am
anything. >> i really do want to go skiing but i'm ok on the drive to work. >> that's the flip side. there are a lot of people -- >> there goes my remote. there are a lot of people very happy with how the winter has been going. >> people are leaving the area to look for snow. >> hasn't been good for the snowplowers. >> winners and losers all the time. bus stop forecast. we're talking about threat for those showers this morning. there's definitely a chill out there. it is in the 30s and 40s. i was ute on the weather terrace without my jacket. i regretted that move. i'll take it next time. 36 to 44. sun is up here at about 7:19 this morning. today, lots of clouds. the occasional shower. 42 at 9:00. 46 by noon. as we head to the afternoon, temperatures will slowly climb toward the 50 degree mark with a southeast wind at about 8 miles per hour. it is going to get windy late tonight and tomorrow. you'll notice the breeze for sure as strong system moves this way. we're seeing the moisture this morning. some snow up across areas of
5:45 am
pennsylvania and new england. rain south of that. just spotty showers around here. in fact, live doppler 9000 hd, spotty showers between warton and luray. sprinkles here from winchester up toward martinsburg trying to get up toward the frederick area. south of baltimore now from around ellicott city to bwi toward the bay bridge and down toward shadyside and anne arundel county, the showers moving toward the eastern shore. down toward solomon and parts of southern st. mary's county, couple of sprinkles there as well. with temperatures south in the low 40s with pax river at 42. same with prince frederick. bowie is about 41. had a report of a .05 of an inch of rain. 36, the cold spot up north. in washington, this morning, pretty good visibility in spite of the cloud cover. you're looking at our michael & son weather camera. cloudy skies. light winds. the wind chill right now same as the temp at 41. our dew points running in the middle 30s but they're going to rise as this warmer, moister
5:46 am
air moves in. big storm system down south. they just issued a tornado watch in the storm prediction area covering parts of louisiana and maybe just a sliver of florida. this goes until noon local time. you see this line of intense storms moving right toward the new orleans area right now. the upper storm back in texas, as it catches up to those storms, that will give a little bit more umph to the atmosphere. those storms will intensify over the next few hours. for us, just a spotty showers will come through today. northwest of us from hagerstown west by noon. you may be running into some heftier showers there. we'll watch the spotty showers here and there through 6:00. tonight toward midnight, still dealing with the spotty showers. overnight, here comes the better chance of steadier rains, heftier showers. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., the friday morning rush hour could be wet. we should be clearing by midday with some snow showers returning to the mountains just in time for the weekend. so, the ski areas can start making snow starting friday night, should be ok, skiers.
5:47 am
just take a little trip three, four hours. you will be in good shape. day planner, today, 50 degrees. rain picks up tonight overnight into early friday. we'll see temperatures steady tonight. breezy tomorrow. 57. saturday, still not bad after dropping into the mid to upper 30s. we'll top out about 53. not as cold as i was thinking the other day. back to the 50s tuesday and wednesday. andrea and mike, over to you. all right, thank you, howard. one of the key attractions that the year's auto show is the advanced technology superhighway. >> they have it from hot rods to hybrids, they have it all. jessica doyle has a preview. >> reporter: well, good morning to you folks. we're live here at the washington auto show. we're standing in the ford exhibit right now. we have a special guest to bring you this morning. this is the director of the auto show bob. tell us about all of the vehicles that people are going to be seeing starting tomorrow. because doors open to the
5:48 am
public tomorrow. >> well, starting tomorrow, everybody is going to get to see every vehicle that you can buy here in the u.s. of a. we have about 35 to 40 new vehicles just introduced in the last few weeks that are now here. seen for the very first time. >> we're going to take a little walk around the showroom and show folks at home some of the vehicles here at the washington auto show. couple of major themes here. sustainability, fuel efficiency, that's something that people are going to see a lot of. >> that's correct. >> people will be able to educate themselves about all of the alternative fuels that are out there that are available today and are going to be available very soon. as well as all of the safety innovations that are happening in automobiles today. cars are the safest cars that have ever been made and they're the most clean burning vehicles that have ever been made. >> bob, tell us about some of the events, the special things folks will be able to find at the auto show. the advanced technology superhighway being one be of them. >> we have a display on a first level of exhibits, 65,000
5:49 am
square feet, the largest in the world of alternative vehicles and safety innovation. there is over 75 different vehicles that are going to be showcased there. every manufacturer is showing all their products. and again, it is an opportunity to come and see alternative fuel vehicles, high mileage vehicles all in one place. >> safety is obviously a big push for the automakers. that never stops. innovation never stops. we're standing actually in front of an explorer that's been split in half and you can see all of the auto bags that are -- the airbags that are deployed here. what kind of technology will folks find on the showroom floor? >> cars are the safest they've ever been. what they're going to see are the innovations that have been made such as airbags. there are other innovations such as drapes coming down to block the glass from coming in. the engine compartment is reinforced so that the -- so the front end crash, people aren't being harmed. the cars are the safest today and more innovations are on
5:50 am
their way. really quickly, also, you can test drive and this is a big first for fiat downstairs. >> we actually have an indoor test track, professional drivers are going to take consumers around on an indoor test track, showing how a fiat maneuvers on the floor. and you can do that right inside the convention center. not only that, you can come to the show and actually test drive other vehicles, cadillac, toyota, kia, advocacy waggen are here and they're actually running test drives on the streets. if you come here as a patron, you can actually test drive your next vehicle. >> bob, thank you so much for giving us a sneak peek. we want to remind folks this is open to us today. so, you're getting a special sneak peek inside the auto show as channel 9 viewers. it opens to the public tomorrow and will be open until super bowl sunday. i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> jessica doyle, joining us live. thanks, jess. >> next month is heart health awareness month.
5:51 am
there is growing concern one powerful breast cancer drug might affect a woman's herit in the years to come. researchers at ohio state's james cancer hospital are taking a closer look at the drug to see what the side effects are. named partially for its ruby red color, the drug deoxy rube sin has become a mainstay. linda nazareth has been treated with it. so has her grandmother nearly 50 years ago. even then, there were questions about the impact it may have on a women's heart. >> she would start getting sick as soon as they started the medicine. it did damage her heart. >> how much damage is done and who is at risk are doctors still can't answer without much certainty. researchers at ohio state's james cancer hospital are using high definition technology to try to answer those decades old questions. normally, when breast cancer patients are treated with this drug, doctors keep tabs on their heart by using echocardiograms but those may
5:52 am
have their drawbacks. >> by the time changes manifest on the echocardiogram indicating decreased heart function, it is already too late. the damage is done. >> so, doctor charles shapiro and his team are taking a different approach. during chemotherapy sessions, they're not only collecting blood from the patients, they're also putting them through state-of-the-art cardiac mris using crystal clear images to search for the smallest signs of damage. >> we can see swelling or edema occurring at very early stages. you can also see valve lar changes that you may not have seen as well. >> doctors insist the drug is generally safe and only a small percentage of women may be at risk for heart damage. but knowing exactly who they are and when damage may occur could help them treat even more women more effectively. >> researchers at ohio state say they will use the blood samples to look for an increase in a certain type of a cell. that is made in greater numbers whenever the heart is injured. the outcome of their study could help doctors formulate
5:53 am
treatment plans that take into consideration not only a woman's cancer but the years of survival she may enjoy once it is cured. >> time to take another look at the question of the day this morning. on average, one of these things only lasts about four days. is it... >> dawn says the answer is diet. just finished one, started about four days ago and couldn't afford fresh produce and organic any longer. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. stay with us. the 2-4-6-8 value menu's
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got the everyday value slam, classic burger, build your own chicken wrap, cheese quesadilla, chicken parmesan, all you can eat pancakes, cordon bleu melt, the new cookie skillet a la mode. whew. so many choices, so little airtime. the 2-4-6-8 value menu.
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only at denny's.
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>> there are unanswered questions about the reason for a 911 call from actress demi moore's house. her publicist says she's getting professional help because she's exhausted. a spokesperson says moore also wants to "improve her overall health." however, tmz reports moore is seeking treatment for substance abuse. the 49-year-old actress was rushed to the hospital late monday night. a couple of months ago, she announced she was ending her marriage to actor ashton kutcher. an oklahoma hospital has been ordered to pay country music star garth brooks a million dollars. brooks filed a lawsuit against a hospital for failing to build a women's health center in honor of his late center. he donated $500,000 to the hospital back in 2005. he said he reached a deal about the use of the money years ago and the hospital reneged on its promise. well if this winter hasn't been cold enough for you, check out the gray, a new film about a small plane crash in alaska.
5:58 am
>> the actors and crew went to extremes to tell the survival story as realistically as possible. bigad shaban reports from hollywood. >> reporter: there was nothing glamorous about filming this movie. >> so we don't die. we build up a fire and we find food. and daybreak, we figure out what way is south and we start walking. >> the cast and crew of the gray endured below zero temperatures and blinding blizzards. to tell the story of a group of tough oil rig workers who struggled to survive after their plane crashes in alaska. they shot on location in frigid northeast british columbia. >> you never felt comfortable so you had to be on full alert at all times whether it is just how cold are your fingers. some of the other actors literally suffered from frostbite on their extremities, fingers and nose. it was for real. >> reporter: in the movie, the men quickly learn this is wolf territory. they must hunt or be hunted.
5:59 am
actor liam neeson has the starring role and says conditions during filming were so punishing, a less-committed cast would with have given up. >> we all made a pact sitting around the table before we started to read the script, we were going to be there for each other. >> nissan said the cast ate some wolf to seal their pact. bigad shabben, cbs news, hollywood. grey opens in movie theatres nationwide tomorrow. they were saying, too, that ashton kutcher had problems with demi's drug use and that was a strain on the marriage as well. >> sure. >> a lot more sides to this story than we know. >> thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> whenever i need a pop culture update, i go to andrea. i'm so lost. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. glad to see you. >> howard bernstein is standing by with weather. >> you need one, mike. >> every day. >> i've seen "star


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