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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  February 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> and howard has the personal forecast for you. >> reporter: it is going to be a cold morning. wind out there. >> reporter: sun will be out, upper 30s by 9:00. a run toward 50. the storm system yesterday dropped snow well south of town. southern maryland, fredericksburg, you got an inch or snow. four to five hitches there. low 30s north and west. they are 33 degrees, 32 in leesburg. and 35 in washington. >> reporter: light traffic all around. things are great outside right now. no problems to report as you come in on the bw parkway. a live look at this area.
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we'll take you back over to the maps, this time to the other side of town, looking great on the dulles toll road from leesburg to asheville. we'll take a live look to the northbound side of i 395 the to the 14th street bridge. all light this morning, the length of 395 and 95. coming up in my next report, 6:12. back to you guys. the owner of a dcliquor store is in trouble with the law all because of our investigation by our own andrea mccarron. >> this came justify weeks after our first 9 wants to know investigation. jessica doyle is live with the story. good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. this liquor store, allegedly the supplier of alcohol, to minors
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as young as 14 years old. richard kim is the owner of market square. he was arrested, handcuffed and detained late saturday night for allegedly selling alcohol to a minor. 9news now has been investigating this location since december. jim graham is the council member forward one. he is giving credit to the media for breaking this case wide open. there is a lot of this that happens that we would never find out about, but for the media and others reporting it. there is a lesson. they should let us know. let abc know. >> reporter: now the abc board will determine whether or not this store loses its liquor license. montgomery county police have been watching this particular location. they have been issuing --
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citations to youngsters. 38 citations in five weeks. a 17-year-old boy was also arrested here on saturday night. police saw him enter the liquor store, buy liquor, come back out. they asked to see his id, he provided one, turns out it belonged to someone else. >> reporter: jessica doyle life this morning in northwest washington. you can see our entire series on teen drinking. on wusa look at the lower segment of the website. the body found in the canal this weekend is that of an elderly woman. she had a hospital band on her wrist. her body was found saturday, and georgetown police say there is no sign of foul play.
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it is crunch time in richmond this week the senate and the house have until thursday to pass their respective budgets for 2013. right now both sides include a 2% race for state workers, who haven't had a pay hike for four years. north side requires state workers to pay into the state pension fund right now. the debate begins tomorrow in the maryland senate over legalizing same sex marriage. the house approved the measure friday by a narrow margin and the senate approved it this last year. opponents of the plan, however, plan on taking the issue to a stayed wide referendum, where they are confident they will win. that includes delegate emmett burns, who also happens to be a pastor. we will have it on the bole lot and they will lose, badly.
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>> now if the voters aprivate reference dumb -- approve a referendum they would join four other states. aaa's fuel gauge report says regular grade gas here in the dc area now averages $3.65 a gallon, up 23 cents from a month ago and 52 cents from this time last year. the rising gas prices is an issue in the presidential campaign so far. republicans say more needs to be done. >> the president is keenly aware of the impact higher gas prices have on families trying to make ends meet. >> i ca guarantee you the obama program is higher prices, more dependency on the middle east,
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more vulnerability to saudi arabia and iraq and iran. some believe rising prices means demand is going up. want to take a funky vacation? the first ever "soul train" cruise will set sell from fort lauderdale and head toward grand islands and they are celebrating president's day today in mt. vernon in virginia. one of the biggest sellers at the mansion's gift shop. whiskey. >> karen shows us george washington's business life after he left office. >> long before multi-million dollar mental ours and global foundations, ex presidents
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returned home to a simpler life. a new plantation manor. >> it is a little known fact about the first president and historian dennis polk says he was pretty good at it. by 1799, the last year of washington's life, they made 17,000-gallons of spirits. >> reporter: this recreation was open to the public in 2007. production on these grounds resulted in a product. >> most whiskey sold in the 18th century was unaged. that means it would have been clear, sort of like moon shrine. it wasn't bottled, and washington may have occasionally enjoyed some whiskey of his own. >> we know whiskey was sent over to the mansion house farm for the use of the washington
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household, so presumably washington drank some of that as well. >> reporter: today washington's rye whiskey recipe has been revived here and sold. and being a whiskey maker is nothing compared to some of the other odd jobs presidents have had. gerald ford spent time as a mod expel also washed dishes. johnson was an elevator boy and fruit picker. >> ronald reagan was a radio announce and you may remember also an actor. in about four minutes, the latest on a deadly avalanche that happened in the mountains. there could be a few slick spots, but once the sun comes up, it is going to be a really nice day.
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we'll end up mostly sunny today. a bit of a breeze at times. by midday though, sunshine temperature 44. we are going to top out near 50. in general a mild week ahead. details in just a few minutes. i'm monika samtani here with your timesaver traffic.
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a live look from sky 9 at the beltway. no hov restrictions today. coming up in my next report another look at area roads. andrea and mike. >> steering turned deadly out west. it happens sunday afternoon in washington state. the ski slopes are at stephens pass, washington about an hour outside of seattle. greg black has the story. >> reporter: the avalanche swallowed up about a dozen skiers, sweeping some as far as 2,000 feet down the mountain. >> they managed to dig themselves out and find three skiers are suffering from medical issues. they begin cpr and unfortunately, they were not able to resuscitate the victim. >> reporter: the king county sheriff's office says all the skiers had avalanche beacons,
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one had an avalanche bag. >> they are very experienced. nature happened. >> it happened in the back country three miles west of the stephens pass ski resort. >> it wasn't a closed area, so they were okay to be there. >> reporter: the region had been hit with heavy snow and authorities say the northwest avalanche center had warned of a very high avalanche potential on sunday. >> i know personally with a high avalanche danger i wouldn't be doing it. but again, that is part of the thrill on the, on this type of skiing. >> reporter: i'm greg black for 9news now. >> espn reports one of the dead skiers was the head judge for the world tour competition. a third unidentified. a snowboarder died on the same mountain range about 20 miles away. >> beautiful but it can be treacherous out there.
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we have 20 inches of snow overnight in that area. we had some snow to ourselves. >> i had reports of about an inch and a half of snow. i saw a total of four or five inches. in charles county it points out anywhere from a half inch to an inch. see how the roads were wet? this was a relatively warm snow when you have surface temperatures. 34, 35 it melts on this road. today we'll see a lot of melting on the spots. lots of clouds at the moment. sunny and breezy, look at these winds. we have gusts this morning 20 to 25. temperatures near 50. lighter winds though. i think the winds are going to
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go dead calm. there is the storm yesterday at 6:10 in the evening even the stuff north the air was too dry. it was evaporating. this thing is pulling away this morning. it will be a few more hours wfaa we clear out. pittsburgh is 25. charlotte'sville is 25. now down to 30 in gadget thergz -- in gadget theres burglary -- in millersville, and college park at 36. out under mostly cloudy skies under michael and sun, 26 on the wind chill with the north wind at 14. especially this morning the wind chills are going to be down in the 20s for most of us.
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next storm system is out here. stay north and west of it. that will draw in milder air. i'm talking about temperatures the next few days warming through the 50s. by thursday and friday we are likely to see temperatures in the 60s. the only problem is going to be southeast and east of us. we start tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. look at the moisture come up from eastern north carolina. maybe a shower down to norfolk. might even clip southern state st. mary's county. pretty good for much of the week. except for the warmth we'll have that increased shower chance. today 50 degrees, tonight in the 20s and 30s with lighter winds. 50 to 55 tuesday, 55 to 60 on wednesday. 60s believe it or not thursday and friday. what happened to winter?
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we have got temperatures in the 60s with a couple of showers possible. colder, not possible saturday and sunday. monika samtani is in it. you have some piece of paper. what is going on now? >> i want to remind everyone most schools are off president's day in culpepper. you have to go to school today. just a heads up for that. otherwise if you are heading for work this morning like we have to go to work this morning. you are not going to find any big problems. at least that is good news for you. no problems on i-70 or 2790. where the lanes divide, you are going to be fine. i just want to remind you that normally those roads that are one way traffic during the rush hour including on ca nail nail road. just a heads up for the president's day holiday. no hov restrictions to report
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on 3-9d 5 or 270-6789 we'll go back out to the maps and once again we are going to take a look this time on the south side of town on the bw route 50 and now south to the beltway at route 4. pennsylvania satisfy looking great. all the southern maryland corridors including route 5 and 301 are fine. no problems to report as you head up toward springfield and the 14th street bridge again. no hov restrictions that should make your commute even easier, another look around the area at 6:25. when it comes to riding tickets on metro, alcohol is the biggest offense. the washington post reports that 97% of the citations issued by metro police are alcohol related. the biggest trouble pot is college park station. after that it is addison road on the blue line and they are all on the green line.
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the post reports that 58% of those tickets were at metro stations, 36% were at bus stops or on buses. you can carry your food or your drink, but you cannot consume it. you get a $100 fine. just because you are not driving does not mean that you can pop open that beer. >> that has always been the case on metro. that was one of the cleanest systems in the country. >> alcohol is a big deal. don't do it. thanks monika. it is a holiday. but there is never a holiday for a question of the morning. let's give you another crack at it. according to a new study, which of these things is the best thing to do for 20 minutes if you are really stressed out, play a video game, take a nap or take a bubble bath? >> rob says b, nap. all you have to do is lay down, close your eyes, stress be gone. darla says play video games. having a little fun always
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welcome back, coming up on 6:23. let's talk about today though, we have a few clouds right now. we are going to end up with a good deal of sunshine. breezy also especially for the first half of the day. by noon the mid-40s. only going to feel like upper 30s to near 40. 6:00 p.m. temperature. 47 degrees. andrea. howard thank you. forget the snow people in virginia got on sunday. there is a sure sign spring is in the air. producer dan, spring training is here. pitchers and catchers report for the nationals sunday. games aren't too far off
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the first big league spring training game is saturday march 3rd. the nats face off against the astros. the final spring training day is tuesday april 3rd, hosting the boston red sox. the season opens on the road against the cubs and the home open soldier thursday, april 12th against the reds. hoops is in full swing right now. maryland and duke women's basketball teams chief could do not have quite the same rivalry as the men do, seventh ranked maryland hosting fifth ranked duke. tied at 14 with seconds left. hawkins grabs the rebound and tips it in. game winning basket maryland wins 63-61. that is duke's first acc loss of the season. tied with two tenths of a second left in overtime. morton is good, nails the free
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teleto win the game for the patriots. our time is 6:25. ahead, a new bayway to get around arlington national cemetery debuts today. and the biggest mistakes people make during a job interview and how to avoid making them yourself. >> no hov restrictions in virginia. on to 395 and the 141st street bridge. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 6:30. we are watching 9news now, stay with us. ♪
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good morning, we are back at 6:29 and this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at brandy station, virginia in culpepper county. schools there are opening two hours late today. right now it is 34 degrees in brandy station. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm hike hide. happy 280th birthday to president washington. meteorologist howard bernstein is live with our weather forecast. >> reporter: wind chills down to the 20s. jackets, gloves. hats, outside for a little while. looking up i noticed clouds are going to break up a little bit. a rotted of sunshine today. we start with the day planner. old town alexandria from 1:00 to 3:00. noon 44 degrees.
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in the mid to upper 40s around 50. with a high around 50 and a little bit of a breeze. currently 35 in washington we are looking at the storm system to the south pulling away. clouds behind it starting to push through. temperatures this morning low to mid-30s out there. warm spot on the bay, annapolis 30, 22 they had about six inches of snow down to our southwest. under the sun today highs around that 50-degree mark but highlander days ahead. coming up in a few. >> reporter: if you have to go to work today at least you don't have to deal with any big problems. a live look at sky 9 debeltway and the dulles toll road. no hov restrictions on 35 or 270. only on route 50 in maryland. let's look at our maps and if you are planning to head around the beltway, you have all green all around the washington
6:31 am
metropolitan area, same story on the beltway. bethesda, you are good to go today. route 50 on the inbound side where there are no problems to report as you come in from annapolis to the beltway. back over to the maps and this time to the downtown area, we are looking good on 395 across the 14th street bridge. we'll take a live look at pennsylvania avenue near the willard hotel. coming up in my next report another look around the area it is 6:43. back to you guys. friday a man living in arlington was arrested and accused of fighting to detonate explosives at the u.s. capital of the. the fbi had trailed him for months. charlie rose joins us now live from new york with a preview. good morning charlie. >> reporter: good morning mike and andrea. ahead the nypd spent more than
6:32 am
a year looking at muslim student organizations. one student who was targeted said it is like the kgb. john mill soldier here to address the question of whether the intel gathering has gone too far. we'll see you at 7:00. thank you, carley, wii we will be watching. as you remember cbs this morning, now police actions from those reports. the owner of a liquor store accused of selling booze to teenagers. he was shown on our 9 wants to know series. jessica doyle is live with that story. good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. that's right a major development after that 9news now investigation. what happened is on saturday night, richard kim is the owner of town square market here, behind me. he was arrested, handcuffed and
6:33 am
detained, charged with selling alcohol to a minor. a 17-year-old was also arrested and detained for buying alcohol. one young man went inside and bought the alcohol and came out, police asked to see id, it turned out it belonged to someone else. checking id simply is not enough. >> these are 15-year-olds who lack like 15-year-olds. so it's been very carefully set up in a way where it would be unmistakable. >> montgomery county police have also been watching this liquor store. they have handed out 38 citations in just the last five weeks alone for selling alcohol to minors. in this particular situation, now the abc board is going to determine whether or not this
6:34 am
particular location will lose its liquor license in the wake of the investigation. the arrest late saturday night and 9news now hears the store is actually going to be back in business this week. >> thanks jeff. you can watch our entire series. look on the lower right hand side and click on the box called wasted. jury deliberations will begin wednesday in the murder trial of george hugeley. both sides presented theirs saturday. both played lacrosse and had dated. hugeley's attorney admits the man from chef have i chase played a role in love's death, but said he did not kill her. starting today visitors to arlington national cemetery have a shuttle provided by the national park service. it takes the place of the big
6:35 am
blue tour buses that ended last october. the bus will go from the visitor center up to the arlington house mansion. tickets will cost $8.75 per person. starting next month there will be a new shuttle making a loop along the mall to arlington cemetery. that will cost $5 a person. we are helping you get hired. once you get an interview, you don't want to scree it up. general fritz from career is here to tell us one of the biggest mistakes people make in interviews and how we could avoid them. people could be so desperate for an interview, you would think they would have all their ps and qs lined up. >> with the hiring managers we spoke to in dc, 80% found that
6:36 am
interviewees were literally responding to text and his appearing disinterested. >> in the interview? >> yes. >> i wonder why that is? >> we don't understand how somebody could not be perfectly prepared. if you are not engaged and excited about that job, you are showing you are 30 terriblely -- potentially not a passionate worker. we recommend be cognizant of your body language, and do some homework. so you are prepared to not only ask but answer questions about that employer no for goodness sakes -- for goodness sakes, leave your cell phone in the car. >> society today seems to accept and adopt that is what it is life. dress appropriately.
6:37 am
there was one man who showed up dress in a boy scout uniform. another who showed up in shorts and flip-flops. in the market today, clearly it is important to make your best profession and always err on the side of professional. we recommend to err on the more professional side. >> with the high unemployment rate the competition for jobs these days is pretty fierce? >> a successful interview marries your needs of the hiring manager and the company. if you are not in a position to put your best foot forward, you are not just trying to avoid the mistakes, you actually have to show yourself higher up in the crowd. we definitely recommend being prepared by going to the company's website, look at their most recent press releases. review their about us section,
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and learn about the products and services before you show up, so you can be prepared to ask and answer questions about that company. and the mistakes again, avoid the cell phone, don't chew gum, dress appropriately. thanks for joining us. andrea, over to you. thank you, mike. in nine minutes we are going to mt. vernon on this president's day. there is a lot of new things to check out, we'll give you a preview. howard says it is going to be a sunny day. what you can expect for the rest of the week. his forecast, straight ahead.
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35 degrees. welcome back to 9news now. if you are taking your time to head out the door and set out on your commute, i think that is not a bad idea. things are looking great on the beltway, all around town. here here's what it looks like if you are planning to head over to 66 on the dulles toll road, let's take a live look from sky 9. we'll head back over to our map. 66 at the metro station is where they were supposed to be. things are looking good inbound through may market and centerville into the beltway. if you are planning to head
6:44 am
over on the other side of town, no problems on report. 395 northbound at the hov bridge. coming up in my next report another look around the area at 6:58. in the meantime, back to you guys. i bet the route to mt. vernon will be packed today. that is going to be something interesting all about the first president. and it is going to be a beautiful day out there. >> beautiful day to go and tour his mansion. >> i have been down to mt. vernon when it was in the 20s. check it out it is such a gorgeous sight. >> there is the potomac right there. in the southwest part of the stay, if you have ever driven down 81, they had a little bit of the wintry weather. like so many places, sticking mainly on the grass, on interstate 77 as you got down
6:45 am
to southern virginia toward the north carolina border one of my colleague's daughter goes to school there, they had big delays getting home yesterday. looking outside for us, it was pretty. wasn't pretty here. about a half inch toward la plata and parts of southern maryland. by noon 44. this afternoon sunny. winds will slowly diminish. 49 degrees at 4:00 p.m. with the high near mid 50. dropping to the 20s and 0z tonight. knees guys are four to five, six inch totals there. 35 at the moment. 37 apax river. winchester 32. when you factor in the breeze, now it is a little less
6:46 am
comfortable. light winds at the moment. wind chill, look at this shot. a cool looking sky. breaking up just a little bit. 35 degrees, north winds at 14. we have had gusts at 25. the air drying out. dew points down in the low 20s. our next weather maker. this storm coming out of the rockies. with a counter clockwise circulation it is going to draw in warmer air from the south. may means milder days ahead tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday. in fact thursday and friday will likely be in the low to mid- 60s. the only problem we have in the short range is coming tomorrow. watch the moist sture coming in from southeastern virginia. other than that, pretty nice for the next day at least.
6:47 am
breezes die down tonight. tomorrow a little breezy. temperatures 53, 58. thursday and friday the 7-day forecast, you are seeing 64, 65. a couple of showers possible. temperatures back down into the four days. mike and andrea, back to you. as we said all roads are pointing to mt. vernon. wednesday marks the 280th anniversary of george washington birth. >> there are a lot of new things to check out at the site. susan, you have a lot planned for today. >> we sure do. president's day is always a big day at mt. vernon. >> tell us about that new exhibition.
6:48 am
it is cooking with martha washington. we are inviting people to pretend their guests -- at dinner with the washingtons. i'm here with chuck walsh who has been cooking up a storm to show us what we might have eaten in the 18th century. pepper pot soup and oysters. >> we spoke to chef dave and he was saying mrs. washington was very good with planning. how often did they entertain and throw lavish din ners like this? yes. they had a lot of din ners. washington once referred to mt. vernon as a well appointed
6:49 am
tavern. at one point he said if no one popped in unexpectedly, he and mrs. washington would do something they had not done for 20 years, which is to set down alone to dinner together. which gives you a real insight into life here. we also have a heart shaped waffle iron which is special for this season. i understand too that some of the utensils you have were actually used during washington's time there. >> we we have a good number of original artifacts from the washington kitchen that were preserved by the family. pots and pans. what was long thought to be a muffin pan and lots of other really great things from the mt. vernon kitchen.
6:50 am
>> chef dave and susan shower, the curator, who are anxious to welcome people to mt. vernon today. >> and it is fry. -- free. now let's reveal the answer to the question of the morning. -- here's the question one more time. which of these is the best thing to do for 20 minutes a day if you are really vesseled out -- stressed out? play a video game, take a nap or take a bubble bath. >> start the water. the answer is c, take a bubble bath. $39 a month for uni wanted co-ed boot camp classes at cuss stop fitness concepts. you are saving 72%. next is -- 9 you have to hurry because this
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deal ends today. >> finally 50% off at the restaurant vento. if you have seen a deal, tell jessica doyle about it through her facebook page at one last check of the news before you go, coming up on 9news now,
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today is monday, february 20. here's a check on the news before you go. did you get a speed camera ticket in the work zone in maryland? you are not alone. the state handed out over 1 million tickets over the last three years. at 40 bucks a pop that brought in nearly $1 million for the state. wow. investigators want to find out what started a fire at a duplex
6:55 am
sunday night in temple hills, maryland. firefighters knocked down the flames quickly. two people inside suffered minor injuries. today the celebrations in new orleans parties and parades have been going on all weekend long. and of course the parties come it an end exactly 12:01 wednesday morning. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour. they are going to look back at what happened 5 years ago. john glenn became the first american in orbit. stay with 9news now. the 2-4-6-8 value menu's
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welcome back, it is 6:58. a few clouds now, but we are going to turn sunny today.
6:59 am
little breezy. 60s by thursday and friday, could be a couple of showers before the week's out and colder this weekend. we actually have a big , southbound on the bw parkway. i'll keep you posted on that at 7:25. another look live if you are planning to head over to the 14th street bridge, how often do you see that? >> never. cbs this in the morning is next with the latest from the campaign trail. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> go and go updates at happy birthday to general and president george washington. have a great day.


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