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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  February 21, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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nearly killed and he had nothing to say. what a coward. >> this maryland mother says town square market sold her 16- year-old alcohol for two years. she felt compelled to see the owner for herself. >> so i said, are you the person who has been in the news? he said yes. and i said where's the vodka? he pointed to where the vodka was and i carried it over to the counter and he was about to ring it up and i aid, i'm not buying this. you sold it to my daughter and she was rushed to the hospital because you sold it to a 16- year-old girl illegally. >> her visit came after our series of reports documenting how buyers as young as 14 years old were purchasing alcohol here in plain sight. montgomery county police backed that up with 38 recent citations and crossing into maryland. >> bombarding us for no reason. >> when her colleague walked into the store yesterday, he
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confronted a hostile clerk. >> they would have closed us down. >> suburban mother says that indifference to the mounting evidence of illegal liquor sales put her over the top. >> the entitlement is outrageous. he acted as entitled or over privileged as the children he sells to. my feeling is, how dare you flaunt this in front of all of us? >> when we spoke with mr. kim, he denied ever selling alcohol to minors and said he always asks for identification. there is an administrative process in place involving montgomery county police as well as d.c.'s liquor control board. in the weeks to come, it will be determined what punishment kim faces. however, for a first time offense, dc's deputy mayor of public safety told us yesterday if found guilty, kim could face up to six months in prison and
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a $1,000 fine. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> tonight at 11:00, how a special pair of goggles is helping teenagers understand the dangers of drinking and driving before it's too late. only at 11:00. jurors are scheduled to begin their deliberations in the yeardley love murder case tomorrow. bruce leshan looks ahead to what may happen. >> the microwave truck frs local affiliates and national networks in place ready to broadcast the verdict when it comes in from the jurors. they are preparing to start deliberating tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. in the courthouse. they have plenty to think about, starting with that video tape from george huguely. the video tape interrogation with the police just hours after yeardley love's death. and you almost have to wonder if that is a struggle for prosecutors because the jurors
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could hear the surprise in george huguely's voice. the prosecutor said that is the surprise of a young man who has just admitted to murder. the defense attorneys say no, it is genuine, shock and horror that this young woman is dead. they say he never did anything violent enough to kill her. they argue, that she suffocated. in charlottesville, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and testimony got underway today in the south capital street shooting trial. prosecutors told the jury, a cheap bracelet with fake diamonds is what caused the shooting spree back in 2010. the owner of that missing bracelet called his brother, said he had been robbed and that was the result of the shooting. the shooting killed five people and injured more than a dozen others over an 8 day span. five men are charged and standing trial. if convicted, they face life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> and those shootings prompted
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relatives to prevent this. the result, legislation advanced today by the d.c. council. council member david catanning. >> this is not a simple task, trying to right what is wrong with the infrastructure of our city. in the past, the remedy has been politicians showing up at memorial services and leaving the scene and leaving the children to their own devices. this measure seeks a top to bottom evaluation and will hold all of us accountable for creating a healthier environment. >> this legislation calls for a comprehensive study of the behavioral health needs and a plan to expand school based mental health services. a bit of a major milestone on wall street today. the dow jones industrial average topped 13,000 points for the first time since the beginning of the u.s. financial crisis. it happened just before 1:30
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this morning. stocks climbing on higher than expected reports and greece would get more bailout money. that gave investors reasons for optimism. >> so close you could touch it, so the tension was building. and when it finally hit, we got a little bit of an at last cheer. >> yeah, there was a cheer, but then the dow fell back under 13,000. closing at 12,965. that's about 1200 points lower than the all-time high back in october of 2007. >> a bill that would allow private adoption agencies to dediscriminate couples now nested the governor's signature to become law. the state senate passed it today by a four vote march gin and the measure allows private agencies to deny placing children in homes that they don't agree with or disagree with their religious or moral beliefs. that would include homosexuality. the governor said he will sign this bill.
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>> what a difference a state boundary line makes. in maryland, a bill to legalize gay marriage is on its way to a vote in the state senate. approved a pressure to pass the house of delegates. it could go up before the end of the week. still, it might hit a snag if lawmakers start tacking on amendments. >> i think on the floor, you'll see amendments that deal with broader religious protections for people's personal moral and and religious beliefs. >> we send it over to the house side and some people would like to this be a regression, you know, to have this going for ever. >> if the bill does pass, governor martin o'malley will sign it. opponents vowed to take the measure to a referendum that would be decided by voters statewide. >> you know, you can't beat weather like this for february. it's sunny, temperatures getting over 50, but you know mother nature is going to pay us back for this. >> yes, ultimately, but it's
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going to get better before we get the pay back. it's pretty comfortable out here. as long as it doesn't get windy. so grab a jacket. let's start with temperatures. everybody is in the 40s. 47 now downtown. 45 in gaithersburg. 45 in manassas. pretty nice until the wind starts blowing. a gust now at 15 miles per hour. all in all, partly cloudy. one blanket night. 34 to 42. everyone stays above freezing. we'll come back and we'll tell you just how warm that southwest wind is going to make us tomorrow and thursday. can you say april-like? we'll explain. >> we can, but coming up, the santorum surge. no sign of slowing down. a new poll shows his lead is growing in the republican presidential race. but first, nose job, breast implants, lypo. a school district charging millions of collars in plastic surgery to the taxpayers. how could this be happening?
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up in frederick county, residents have the chance to weigh in one proposed ordinance
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that would make english the official language in the county. it would require all official counties to be in english. criminal rights or trade and tourism would be exempt. the president of the board of commissioner says the bill would deter illegal immigrants from settling in the county. >> teachers are getting lypo and nose jobs and it's all on the taxpayer's dime. it's a deal under their insurance options. they can get any plastic surgery without a deductible or copay. in fact, the entire bill is paid by the school system. last year, the buffalo school spent $5.9 million on plastic surgeries all while the board of education is projecting a $42 million deficit in next year's budget. >> identify another district that has cosmetic writers for teacher. >> all they have to do is come
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to the table and negotiate with us. >> the police and firefighters in buffalo have similar plastic surgery programs. however, those departments are not facing the same financial pressures as the school system. fully funded plastic surgery, shouldn't the teacher be willing to pay for part of the cost? especially when it's their budget. weigh in at mcginty's mail bag. all right, so much for winter. a midweek warmup is bringing spring-like temperatures our way. i'll give you a hint, you may need some short sleeves. but first, the party is rocking on bourbon street. we take a trip to the big easy. it's the final day of mardi gras. this is the next best thing.
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we are one week out from the next two presidential primaries. a new poll shows rick santorum growing his lead in the race for the republican nomination. according to the latest numbers from gallop, 36% of registered republicans support the former pennsylvania senator. that's 10 points better than mitt romney. that's a huge reversal from two weeks ago when romney led santorum by 20 points. all right, attention virginia voters, your state's primary is coming up. it's on march 6. if you want to vote, don't delay. applications for those absentee ballots have to be submitted by
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5:00. that's a week from today. only two candidates, however, actually qualify to be on your ballot in virginia. you know it is party time down in the big easy. this is a live look. that's where they car mardi gras and celebrations in full spring. and today, the two-week long party reaches a fever pitch. it's called fat tuesday. the last day to eat, drink, and be merry before the season of lent begins. all the revelry from the french quarter. >> happy fat tuesday. >> reporter: it's mardi gras in the french quarter and the party is just beginning for dianne olsen. >> it makes my spirit lift up, honey. i feel like a bird. >> reporter: new orleans native moved to florida. but she comes back for the bourbon street celebration every year. >> what's it's in your heart, you have to keep it.
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>> an estimated 1 million people are partying in the city. pouring $300 million into the local economy. >> big increase, you know, it's definitely good times for the city and brings extra revenue. >> how would you describe fat tuesday for somebody that has never been here? >> that's impossible. it's like taking a pickture of the grand canyon. there's no way it's going to come out looking at like what you're staring at. >> costumes are customary. from board games to angels. jelly fish to nemo himself. nothing is too outrageous. >> you aren't going to quit your day job, are you? >> no, don't even tell them about this. >> celebration is likely to last into the early morning, but the party officially ends at midnight when police clear the streets. marking the beginning of lent. the period of fasting and repentance before easter. cbs news, new orleans, louisiana. i have to do that one day
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before my liver gets too old. d.c. held its own mardi gras tradition today. you can look at these kids running around. teams from cathedral and the washington diocese. they flip pancakes as they race for the coveted golden skillet. that is a top prize. pancakes are traditionally thought of to be a good way for christians to eat food that they are supposed to give up during the 40 days of lent that come before easter. there you go. tomorrow is ash wednesday. >> i'll take a pancake. >> everybody likes to have a pancake. >> 50 today. and we're happy with that. just wait, we're talking near 60 tomorrow and some areas could hit 70 on thursday. you happy? >> i'm happy. >> i thought so. let's have a live look outside. is this our weather cam, brought to you by michael and son. looking northeast. essentially that is wisconsin avenue. and really a pretty nice
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evening. if the wind blows, it is a little chilly. temperature wise, it's a bargain. dew point 43. winds out of the south, southwest at 10:00. it will be really breezy to windy for the next couple of days. again, that will do us a favor. it will drive in milder air tomorrow. satellite picture radar combined. into the northeast, most of the energy and most of the moisture is north of us. that's where it's going to stay. looking at clear to partly cloudy skies tonight and in good shape tomorrow, although another system comes in tomorrow night. another system comes in thursday night. inbetween, we're going to enjoy april-like weather. 45 in gaithersburg. 45 in bethesda. temperatures chilly, but not craws cy cold. 45 in springfield. one of the cooler readings, 48 in college park. so, milder and then just flat out warmer. breezy and chilly tonight.
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april on thursday, now that said, winter will return over the weekend. we might see a couple snow flurries on saturday. for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy. one blanket night. everyone stays above freezing. winds out of the southwest. so remember, since january 1, it's only been 15 nights that have gone below freezing. not tonight either. 40 for a low. 38 in college park. upper 30s in rockville. 37 in reston. 37 for a low also in fairfax. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy, just chilly. a light coat. 30s and 40s. winds southwest 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly sunny, windy and milder. high temperatures near 60 and winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20 and occasionally gusty. a few clouds will come in tomorrow afternoon. to start, 36 to 44. breezy and mild. 50 to 55 by evening. windy, but really mild. temperatures 56 to 61. all right, next seven days. gets better on thursday.
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upper 60s on thursday. showers possible again early thursday morning and then looking at showers thursday night into friday morning. friday will be a tough day. probably high temperature at midnight and temperatures fall in the afternoon. and low 40s saturday and sunday. maybe a flurry on saturday. a little colder. >> we want to let you know that today marks a major milestone here at wusa9 1k3 9 and for our colleague, jc hayward. it is her 40th anniversary. >> we will have more details coming up at 6:00. president ford offered turkish leaders. >> it has been a history making day in salt lake city. >> welcome to jc and friends. a fun filled hour of entertainment featuring. >> i have a phone message for jc. she needs the dress back by 7:00. >> four decades now, jc has been delivering the news to dc living rooms from traveling to
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uganda to report on refugees to become the first woman to anchor the news in this town. she won countless awards along the way and today, the whose who showed up to honor her and her tremendous career. jc, congratulations. here's to the next 40. >> that's right. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, we got this reaction to yesterday's story on doctors. in some cases, beginning to initiate some sex change procedures on children under the age of 18 who complain of gender identity issues. our good friend, deb, from arlington had a thoughtful perspective. some children know at a very early age that they are in the wrong body. the psychological pain and torment they go through is immense. that being said, it's no doubt wise to wait until they reach puberty and had therapy who specialize in gender identity.
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as for staying in the same sex one is born in, all i can say is i don't think god truly judges people on that. neither do i. some very kind words in our mail bag for wusa9 anchor, jc hayward, who celebrates 40 years. evelyn from frederick, maryland, says she'll never forget how her mom ran into jc in the supermarket. you would have thought my mom ran into the president of the united states. she was so excited when she called to tell me and how nice and sweet jc was. my mom also said jc was not a snob nor did she rush my mom away. i have treasured this memory for so many years now for not long after this encounter, my mom had cancer and died. jc made my mom's day. she is a lady and first class act and it is real. god bless her on her 40 years at channel 9. you know, that is the jc we all know and love so well. just surviving for 40 years in
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our business is an achievement. by jc did it while leaving behind a million stories just like yours. happy anniversary, jc, and is our address. that is our report, i'll be back tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman. don't forget, log on any time to have a great evening. we'll see you a bit later. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. where is whitney's daughter, bobbi kristina, tonight? is she headed down the same path as her mother? >> she's hurting. and she's lost. plus, new information on the death investigation. >> this case is not going to be signed off until the homicide detectives have checked out all of the prescriptions. then whitney houston's mother comforted at the reception after the funeral. brandi consoling whitney's cousin dionne warwick. and why hundreds of whitney houston's fans are flocking to the gravesite today. who is jennifer aniston's man, justin theroux? >> wonderful. >> kind. smart. >> she's kind. ve


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