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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  March 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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which bills itself as the wal- mart of hydroponics. >> a business opening here employing city residents and bringing tax revenue is a great thing. >> i use medical marijuana. >> reporter: this is a big day for caylee whalen who said dope eases her chronic gastric distress. >> i have constant mosh and stomach pain and medical marijuana has been -- nausea and stomach pain and medical marijuana has been proven to help with that and it does. >> reporter: the potential pot growing operation is next to a waste transfer station down the street from a gentlemen's club, but even in this industrial area some business owners are suspicious. >> if the government approve it, i could have nothing to say for it, hope it's a benefit for the people. i hope it's not going to create more drug or more high people on the street. >> reporter: in d.c. only patients with cancer, hiv aids, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma
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qualify for medical marijuana. katie whalen and many others will not. in northeast bruce leshan 9 news now. >> one cultivation center located on benning road in anacostia may violate a road about being too close to a retail strip. however, they may move it. the health director says the companies still have to get their business licenses and building permits, thought about could be just a matter of weeks. a $50,000 judgment against virginia tech is overturned. a judge ruled the department of education wrongly concluded the school violated federal law with its response to the 2007 massacre on campus. at issue is the cleary act which requires schools to issue timely warnings on campus threats. virginia tech issued an e-mail that two people were shot in the dormitory, but by that time the gunman was chaining the doors at the hall where he went on to kill 30 students and a faculty member before taking his own life. a lot of red faces and
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apologies tonight from the fairfax county school system over the way it handled a bomb threat at annandale high. a predawn call created a huge ripple effect that left some students stuck on buses more than three hours. >> reporter: peggy fox in unanimous dale where students at some 12 schools were left in limbo and parents were angry in the aftermath of a bomb threat. >> i'm upset about it. i think it's a lack of communication from the fairfax county public schools of. >> reporter: police sent a robot to check out a suspicious backpack at annandale high school this morning. it ripped the bag apart and found nothing dangerous. students were not allowed on campus but not told why until 9:40. the bomb threat was called into a local tv station five hours earlier at fewer 30. >> i personally think that annandale -- at 4:30. >> i personally think that annandale high school has failed. they knew about this since 4:00 this morning. the kids should not even have gotten on the bus. >> reporter: students who boarded buses were stuck on board for three hours.
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>> children on the bus were actually like fighting and stuff and then there was one bus where they had a mass leave. >> reporter: because the buses couldn't make their next elementary school run some 12 schools were affected. a school system spokesperson apologized for the delay. >> we acknowledge that there probably could have been a quicker turnaround in relaying information to parents of. >> reporter: a few hours ago fairfax county police protested 19-year-old marcoed 3 over burke, virginia. he was charged with -- marco toledo of burke, virginia. he was charged. >> our employee this morning received a phone call about the bomb threat, was concerned, got his name and number and called the cops with the info. a bethesda man faces the possibility of life in prison after being convicted on first degree murder charges. joshua prince is an iraq war veteran who fired a high powered weapon at his ex-girl
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friend in 2010. she had a protective order against him at the time of the shooting. she was not hurt. 30 minutes after the shots were fired prince texted saying he snapped. turning now to the latest on campaign 2012 and the race for the white house and republican mitt romney picked up another personally big endorsement, but his gop opponents are still hanging in there. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wisconsin with one of that state's best known lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of congressman paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government spending. >> because in this man we have a person of conviction, we have a man with the right kind of experience. >> reporter: ryan joins a growing list of republican leaders lining up to support romney including former president george h.w. bush. despite that the former governor's chief rival rick santorum says he'll fight to
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the finish campaigning in wisconsin saying the obama administration keeps imposing rules that are killing jobs. >> i will eliminate every single one of those regulations on day one. >> reporter: santorum is trailing seven points behind romney in the latest wisconsin poll. newt gingrich is barely registering on the same survey. he's got just 8% of the vote. despite scaling back his campaign gingrich spent the day in wisconsin taking aim at president obama's job performance. >> here is the worst job creation record since the great depression. >> reporter: the former speaker said in a proo interview romney is clearly the gop front -- radio interview romney is clearly the gop frontrunner and will probably earn the nomination. the two met and gingrich said he's staying in the race until romney earns those delegates. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> maryland, district of columbia and wisconsin will all hold their primaries tuesday.
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also on the campaign trail president obama. he spoke at a fundraiser at university of vermont in burlington. the president accused republicans of promoting a government hands off vision of america where you're on your own. he said the healthcare reforms that he helped push through congress now under scrutiny by the supreme court will ensure that americans don't go broke just because they get sick. well, there are 640 billion reasons now to play the mega million lottery game. >> the jackpot is just huge. in fact, it's a new world record and the game's drawing, a record response. scott broom is in oxon hill where the lottery ticket machine is in high gear. >> reporter: yeah. it's wild because so many people are playing they added another $100 million through the jackpot today. when you woke up this morning, it was 540 million more than a half billion, now it's 640 as you just reported. that is a world record jackpot.
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mega millions mania in 48 states and the district including here at mike's liquor in oxon hill. despite the mega long odds of 176 million-1 that you might be a winner which as i reported at 5:00 this evening is about like finding a single stone with your name on it in a half acre pile of gravel. good luck finding that. >> well, i'm thinking if i win i get to help my children. >> reporter: but then i ran into tanisha mcmillan at the store about a half hour ago. >> 176 million-1. >> that's okay. you don't play, what are the odds? >> reporter: 0-0. >> so my $1 may buy me the happiness that i'm looking for. >> reporter: she ought ton. she won $100,000 -- ought to know. she won $100,000 back in 1994. i've got to ask myself what are my odds of running into a lottery winner to interview out of the blue? >> i was the grand prize winner. you never put your tickets in, you won't have a chance of
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winning and it only costs $1 to take a chance. so why not? >> reporter: so touched by luck, first i run into her here in the store. then i shook her hand. so sure enough, miss mcmillan, i spent my $1. the drawing is 11:00 eastern. at this store they cut off ticket sales at 9:30. so there's still time to play. scott broom, 9 news now. >> why just one, scott? why not 10? 20? >> reporter: i can only afford to lose a buck. >> okay. thanks. >> good luck with that buck. coming our way tonight on 9 news now at 7:00 he is on the presidential primary ballot in maryland, but who is fred carger? we'll talk with the little known republican who happens to also be the only openly gay candidate in the race. this will be interesting. but first on 9 news now at 6:00 the dog and soldier coming home from afghanistan gets
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greeted with a hero's welcome. >> we have some breaks in the clouds now. we'll show you the almanac. easterly winds kept temps down, 54 and 43 goes in the books. it can get warm. we know that, record high 87, record low 21. we'll come back and talk about our frontal system that will roll through over the weekend and tell you what it means for your weekend plans. >> plus their voices are united in song, but they're a long way from a prestigeous competition. we'll tell you why that is. stay with us here on 9 news now.
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a prestigeous choir competition is coming up in cincinnati, ohio, but one of the leading groups in the field won't be this there in person because they are, in fact, in prison. the convict choir actually has its third cd coming up this summer. some of them have been locked up for more than two decades at this ohio prison. since the inmates can't make it to the competition itself, the judges will go to the warren
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correctional facility a couple days early and the prison choir is entered in two categories, spiritual and gospel music. crews are busy working on what will be the tallest building in western europe. look that the cool shape. it's going up high over london. the final section of steel was lifted into place this week. once the so-called shard building is finished it will stand more than 1,000 feet. plans call for it to have offices, restaurants, apartments. it won't hold the title of tallest building in western europe long. two other skyscrapers going up in paris will be about 60 feet taller. coming up on 9news it really pays to go to one high school in washington. we'll tell you how students are being rewarded for good test scores. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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you've heard of parents, some of whom pay their kids for good grades. well, what about public schools giving students gift cards for
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scoring well on a standardized test? as kristin fisher reports, it's happening at woodrow wilson high in northwest d.c. >> money is important to everyone and if i can get money for doing something good, then might as well do it. >> reporter: alaina jacobs is a junior at woodrow wilson high school. if she scores well on the upcoming cas, the annual standardized test, she'll get a $50 gift card from the school. >> i was pulled out of class one day and my administrator said hey, alain arks if you get an advance or -- alaina, if you get an advance or position on your standardized reading test in math, we'll give you $100 of. >> reporter: that's two $50 gift cards for two good scores, but the offer is only open to sophomores and juniors. >> i think it's kind of bribing, but if they can do well and score high, i think that's what it is because we didn't have it at all in the 10th grade. >> as students we're kind of lazy. so we don't really want to do anything, but if you give us incentives like money, we're going to do it. >> reporter: now while most
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students love the idea of getting a $50 gift card, many parents don't feel quite the same way. >> many real concern was that dcps is sort of treading into what parents should be deciding. it's really up to parents to decide how do you incentivize your children for different things of. >> reporter: terry lynch is vice president of the pta at a d.c. public school. he's heard of dcps giving out gifts or raffle tickets for good cash scores, but cash? >> they cross a line when they're starting to hand out cash cards for just doing what they're supposed to be doing. i think that's a mistaken. >> reporter: kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> 9 news now did reach out multiple times to d.c. public schools about this particular gift card program. so far we have gotten no response. a couplous a mission to reunite victims of this month's devastating tornado in kentucky with some of the property they lost. dozens of homes were flattened and debris scattered as far as 65 miles away. that's where the henslies of ohio found part of a magazine.
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>> that is what christmas is all about. if this world ever needed hope instead of hate, is it now. boy, not just at christmas but now. they need hope now. >> the henley's also found an aarp card. when they found the owner's home, it had been totally leveled by the tornado. now on to a much lighter note, a great story, a soldier's dog jumped for joy literally when his owner comes back from afghanistan. take a look. >> daddy's home. [ happy bark ] >> it just doesn't stop. that's chuck the boxer. his owner served eight months in afghanistan. chuck clearly remembers him
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with love. the video has gone viral with more than 1.3 million views on youtube. dogs are amazing animals. they really are. look at that emotion. >> that's pretty good. he wants to jump in his pocket, doesn't he? >> the clouds kept temperatures down a little bit, not a claim per of commerce weekend but okay. >> you -- chamber of commerce weekend, but okay. >> you keep saying that. >> if you may golf, wear a sweater. let's -- play golf, wear a sweater. let's start with a live look outside brought to you by michael and son. you can see some breaks in the clouds and really we kind of had a day with just low clouds and the last hour or so of sunshine has actually boosted temperatures a little bit across the metro area. in earls it of rainfall, a couple sprinkles -- in terms of rainfall, a couple sprinkles here and there. that's looking out wisconsin avenue to my left here is down northbound toward bethesda.
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temperature-wise 53 now and we're looking at winds out of the east at 8, pressure rising now 29.96 inches of mercury. radar, we have a couple showers and a few thunderstorms pushing into western maryland and also down into the canadian valley. that's about it. i think around the metro area we're okay. some of these showers down into west virginia could get in here tomorrow morning. that's the best chance for precip here will be saturday morning. temperature-wise 52 downtown, 49 in bethesda, 50 in rockville, 55 in springfield and 54 now in fort belvoir and college park 51. more bark than bite with these clouds. cloudy tonight, maybe a shower, mostly cloudy tomorrow, shower or thunderstorm possible, but i think you can get in a round of golf or some yard work done and some sunshine will return late tomorrow afternoon as well. so for tonight we'll say mostly cloudy, milder, slight chance of shower, best chance in the mountains, 45 to 50, winds southeasterly at 10. lows tonight generally around
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50 downtown, maybe 46 or so in bethesda, 47 fairfax and 48 in college park. tomorrow morning the best chance for showers, maybe a thunderstorm, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, winds southwest at 10:00. by afternoon some breaks in the clouds. we'll keep a chance of a shower in, high temperatures between 60 and 65. next seven days, sunday a nicer day no doubt, partly cloudy, temperatures in the upper 60s and then we get into monday, very nice, upper 60s, maybe a shower late sunday or sunday night and better chance for thunderstorms wednesday and a little cooler thursday and friday but not as cool as we thought yesterday. >> it's not going to be spectacularly sunny this weekend. >> we've been spoiled with 80s and 70s. >> what a great weekend to watch some sports. >> it's going to be huge. we're going to find out about the caps. let's start with hockey. the news is good in arlington. in the next day or so it might get really good. one of the most potent weapons outside of alex ovechkin making a possible return time.
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the league bites sean payton for his role in bounty back and now he bites back next. bites-- bounty gate and now he bites back next.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town.
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>> from life support to breathing again, the caps were headed to the morgue after being blown out tuesday by the sabres of then they rose february last night slipping past boston, this soap opera called as the caps turn. now they're tied with buffalo for the last playoff spot. they would win a tiebreaker because they have one more victory, but what about nick backstrom with the team? no decision whether he'll play tomorrow. he's within out with a concussion since january, says he's eager to play but cautious. >> i'm kind of excited, want to get out there. i'll see what's going to happen. you get more nervous. when you're playing, you're in the game and don't think about that too much, but i don'ten. i'm kind of nervous. >> he -- don't know. i'm kind of nervous. >> he might just be there tomorrow. more good news. jason chimera won't be suspended for this hit last nature on adam mcquaid. the league says mitigating circumstances were mcquaide turned his back at the last minute making him more
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vulnerable. nfl, sean payton filed papers to appeal his one year suspension for his and the saints' involvement in placing bounty on opposing players. that ban was to begin sunday. now he's got a little more time. payton can stay on as coach until the appeal is heard and a ruling made. it's expected that won't take long and payton will hear back from the league in days. the linebacker coach of the saints will also appeal his suspension. final four participants are making last ditch preps for tomorrow's final four. kentucky, louisville, ohio state, kansas determining college basketball's national champion, both games rematches of the regular season. you can see it all here on wusa9. coverage begins at 4:00 with the final four show, louisville/kentucky tips at 4:09. ohio state and kansas is the night cap. our high school game of the week poll. stone bridge at broad run and boys lacrosse. we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00.
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some high level high school hoops this afternoon in bethesda, nationally ranked montrose christian out of rockville hosting monty verde from florida. montrose going for the tie. at the end, no. florida out of town with the win 50-47. that's high level hoops. most of those players you'll be seeing on the national level in a couple years, so some good stuff in bethesda, the tournament continuing all weekend long. >> yeah. >> that's all for 9 news now at 6:00. stay with wusa9 for the cbs evening news next and derek is back here with us at 7:00 for our area's only local newscast and next monday don't forget to join andrea, mike, howard and mon car, our stellar morning team. they get -- monica, our stellar morning team. they get up crazy early, 4:25 a.m. we'll see you later.
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