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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have this on shore -- onshore flow of moisture. south and now west of town we are seeing the heaviest showers. locally, as we zoom in here, we are seeing heavier showers across prince william county and to around mclane now in central and northern fairfax county tracking off to the northwest. it is 6:00 a.m. monday ca cant is tracking the traffic -- monika samtani is tracking traffic. >> reporter: for a rainy monday, you have a lot of slow traffic. virginia northbound side of i-95, slow stretches basically as you head south of
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woodbridge, and then again between woodbridge and springfield it will be heavy for you. luckily at this point it is incident free. you have all of this volume to deal with trying to exit to the beltway and then again on to 395 there it is fine. look at that. no complaints there we'll go back over to the maps, this time heading over to the north side. there has been an accident on i 95 north. that's been cleared. no problems to report. past shady grove road there is one accident on the shoaled are, -- shoulder. coming up at 6:12 another look at area roads. here are some of the stories happening today that we'll be following for you. president obama returns to joplin, missouri to speak at a high school graduation there. one year ago a tornado leveled the school and the town, killing
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161 people. the high school was moved to a local shopping mall. >> transportation secretary ray la hood will launch the latest click it or ticket. and a big target, people pretending to wear their seat belts, trying to fake out police officers. the 57th army band has a concertton at 7:30. dc police are looking for a six-year-old boy who is missing. delia gonzalez is following there breaking news story. doom delia. what more do we know? >> reporter: we know that police and family members have been scouring the area. they have not rested since jay von brown was missing. he went missing at 11:00 a.m.
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sunday. so take a look. it's been a long search for a lot of them. he lives in this apartment complex with his mother, between 13th and 14th. police are staged in the parking lot. that is the last spot where he was seen. he was playing right outside in that parking lot sunday morning. take a close look at the picture of six-year-old jay von brown. when he was last seen, he had on a green t-shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, blue jeans, red and black shoes. his grandmother, tina brown, is pleading for her grandson's safe return. >> i came up here at 9:00. to find him and i have been
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looking since. i just want him to come home. if anybody have him, if anybody see him, just bring him home. >> reporter: you can imagine what this family is going through. i'm told by other members of the family that jay von lives with his mother and his mother has sole custody of her son. his father is in jail, so there is no other family member who could have taken off with him. they were hoping if you take a close look at the picture, you will know something in regards to the whereabouts of this little boy. please call police at 202-727-9099 or simply just dial 911. police believe a note, left at the scene of a murder suicide could explain why the killings
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happened. investigators found the bodies of a 4-9d-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife in their home on colgate way in silver spring. right now they are analyzing a note one of the victims wrote. >> normally we don't release details that are in the note. and investigators are asking those details, as well as others are kept private for now. >> investigators could release the couple's identity and explain how they both died, later today. the idea of putting wi-fi on commuter trains is back on the table now. the washington examiner reports the idea isn't just about making you more prospective but is -- productive, but is about safety on the rails. wi-fi was first proposed last year but the idea was sheffield over worries about the cost and
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reliability. coming up, jessica doyle is watching your pomp your circumstance and your money. >> and apparently college graduates still need to learn a lesson or two when it comes to credit cards. >> so you put together a shaky job market as well as student loan debt. pretty bad combo that can send new college grads to credit cards in order to finance their first steps in their adult financial lives. but the wrong decisions now can haunt them down the road. for many members of the class of 2012 the dream job and the dream salary won't come right away. credit standing can impact everything from apartment leases to car loans and in some cases, job applications. beverly harry potter sog of says getting off to a solid start can be really easy. >> you know when it comes to credit, i think the most important thing when you are starting outside is yes, it is fine to get a credit card. it is important to build a good credit history, but pay that
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balance off every month. you really have to do that. >> young people can find themselves for a lot offers for credit cards. don't be flattered. millions of others will get the same offers too. >> take a deep breath and read the fine print and don't get a card unless you absolutely really do need one. >> reporter: key points in the fine print include the interest rate and any fees, especially those attached to a rewards card. young people should ask for help on the topics that will define their financial lives like credit, savings and investing. a little poor planning can lead to big problems. 20 somethings today hold an average debt of about $45,000. a survey from pnc says that includes everything from cards to credit cards to student loans to mortgages. sometimes the hardest decisions,
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a lot of kids leave school. they don't want to go back to mom and dad's, but that is the best way out of the gate. >> maybe we need to do a program in college. >> they are still giving them a credit card in college. >> they are but they have definitely made it a lot more difficult. there has to be all these checks and balances. let's say that nur college and you don't have money for food. in my case i put it on a credit card, took me two years to pay it off after school. in four minutes, a local reaction to endorse same sex marriage. >> it is a memory now. howard says grab the umbrella out the door. he has your weather first. but first the music world has lost another legend. robin gibbs died. he was a founding member of the
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bee gees. they started as a pop rock group. they invested themselves in the 70s and became disco stars. he wrote staying alive and saturday night fever. the bee gees sold more than 200 million albums. it is the only group to write produce and record six consecutive number one hits.
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well we've got some onshore flow. that means unsettled weather to start the week. keep the rain gear handy. later we could get rumbles of thunder. high temperatures today in the mid-70s. there is an accident on the northbound side of 295 right before you get to the 11th street bridge. the left lane is blocked, be aware of that. look at that slow traffic it is causing on the northbound side of 25. coming up a look at area roads at 6:18. mike and andrea? a week after the president announced his support for same sex marriage, one of the nation's largest civil rights groups did the same. the naacp. >> it will hold a press conference in baltimore today
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to discuss the decision. >> reporter: a member of mount eden baptist church has talked to her 11-year-old daughter, sidney, about gay marriage. >> she is aware of it, we have friends. we are fine with it. and i think by the naacp support it go, maybe that will make other people be more open to it or at least think about it. >> it is okay with me. >> reporter: but that philosophy is not adopted by bishop harry jackson and his church. he says same sex marriage violates scriptture. >> it does not mean there is hatred toward individuals who happen to be gay. but the issue is, if you are going to say what the standard is, based on the lens of scripture, then it has to be, for them, pretty cut and dried, pretty straightforward and that is why there is such a strong divide. >> reporter: bishop jackson and others are unwavering, even with recent support of gay marriage
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by the maryland legislature. president obama and now the naacp. in support of same sex marriage, this weekend the naacp president says civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. >> i would accept anyone coming here that was gay, whatever, can come to the church. now, if you wanted to actually join and take full membership, then you say i believe like you guys believe. >> reporter: at a time when people may be seeking guidance on the institution of marriage from their church leader, some say they are going by their family values. >> isn't that a difference of who you are with, how you treat one another. >> reporter: same sex marriage in maryland has been signed into law. but opponents are working on a petition to force a referendum on same sex marriage on the november ballot. i'm sue ray chin -- sue rae chin. in maryland, same sex
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marriage may not be legal but same sex divorce is. a finding is it must allow those couples to divorce in the state. the. that is kind of quirky, isn't it? here are some of the other stories. the families of the victims from pan am flight 103 hope they can get more answers about what happened, now that the bomber of the flight is debt. he died this weekend in libya. he killed 270 people. back in 1988 he was released from prison on humanitarian grounds. at least four people died in an earthquake in italy. the magnitude 6 quake damaged several historic churches and buildings, including a castle from the 14th century.
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>> the range of fire is a solar eclipse seen all way from tokyo to oregon to texas. in the lower 48, it was 0 years ago. really cool. >> i think i liked adam lambber's version on idol laugh year. >> johnny cash did it the best. >> yes he did. now do your best and tell us about this photograph. >> reporter: unsettled. that will be the word we have easterly flow bringing in moisture off the atlantic. but the weekend looking good once again, we keep the weekends dry. it is damp out there. we have areas of drizzle, some showers, some light some not so light. temperatures in the 60s that is not going to change much. we'll slowly climb to mid-70s
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for a high and a rumble of thunder. the highs at 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00. the heavy stuff is still all offshore. it is getting close and closer to the coast. south and west of town. in fairfax now, down through prince william county, this is where we are seeing some of the areas of yellow, we are seeing some of the heavier showers zoom in. north of vena here, too, we have heavier showers here too, north of fairfax. here's the beltway, coming up route 7. heavier showers, even toward college park. all moving northwest at about 30. temperatures are running in the low to mid-60s. as we look outside on our michael and son camera,
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northeast wind at 1. our weather pattern is not going to change much over the next few days. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, mostly cloudy, peeks of sunshine, upper 70s. by friday an isolated storm can't be ruled out. mid-80s, look at your weekend. temperatures in the upper 80s with partly to mostly sunny skies. here is monika samtani. >> reporter: and we have lots of slow traffic and a couple of accidents as well up to know about. good morning everybody. first of all if you are planning to head northbound on i 25. an accident blocks the lane. and look at that clough traffic. because of the accident you want to scoot over to the right. 395 is incident free.
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we'll get to that in just a moment. there is an accident. another accident on the gw parkway northbound on the ramp to the inner loop on the beltway. the ramp is temporarily blocked. northbound gw parkway, now go over to our live pictures northbound 35 has been incident free, but very slow right now. through landmark to seminary road. rain is coming down hard in some parts right now. you have the slow traffic manassas to centerville. coming up in my next report, another update at 6:25. back to you guys. next in sports the redskins get ready to take the field in ash burn and a big celebrity lights the links in bethesda. >> right now time for another
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check. this is the one food americans hate the most, anchovies, sardines, or spinach? >> facebook friend becky posted it has to be anchovies. i was raised to think they were fuzzy fish, not to be eaten and go to our facebook page and leave a comment and find out if you are correct at 6:48
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welcome back. we have wet weather out there, especially west of town. if fairfax prince will ium county, moderate ones, even off toward our east, lighter showers in prince george's. not raining all day, but certainly the threat will be with us all day. maybe a couple of storms with high as approaching 75. andrea and mike. thank you howard. the nationals begin a three
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game series with the phillies. you may remember cole hammel threw at bryce harper, he toll home and still can't win. catcher jesus flores hits his first homerun of the year. it made it 4-3 washington the next batter was the pitcher, stephen strasburg, he takes wei-yin chen to the bullpen. nationals roll past the orioles 9-3. baltimore still won the weekend series. organized game activities begin for the redskins today and all eyes will be on robert griffin iii. rg iii has been through the playbook a few times. now practice begins in about four hours. >> can't wait to see that video. i'll be at congressional country
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club in bethesda today. the other guy there, tiger woods. he is attending media day today. that will be the last week of june into the first weekend in july is when the tournament is. today tiger is going to take part in a chipping contest with a few lucky fans who won a chance to compete against him. in the nba the playoff san antonio spurs are moving on. tim duncan led san antonio with 21 points. spurs sweep the clippers. they will play the winners of the lakers thunder series, oklahoma city leads that one three games to 1. the latest from the nato summit going on in chicago. >> and did facebook really flop in its ipo? jessica takes a closer look, straight ahead. right now monica has a quick check on our traffic. >> reporter: we are just getting word on an accident on the
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outer loop of the beltway. in my next report an update on this and other areas roads at 6:30, you are watching 9news now, stay with us. ifrs at grocery storesreedom this quarter. cash back thank you. activate your 5 percent cash back.
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welcome back, 6:29 your weather first. a soggy weather terrace very tropical feeling here. we have a lot of light raindrops. we have the rain, we have the high humidity, we are going to have showers and occasional storms today. here's a look at the day
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planner. clouds all day. 71 at noon, 75 by 5:00. there could be a thunderstorm, not going to rain all day. we have showers and storms with us all day. see the showers headed toward jersey. over us we have seen showers come toward charles county. across northern virginia. see some of these heavier showers, yellow from manassas, some of this extending look at that around restton. keep the rain gear handy, i'll be back in a few with the 7-day forecast right now. monika samtani is in with a timesaver traffic. >> reporter: rain and rush hour, several problems. on the outer loop of the beltway, near 202, heading
6:31 am
northbound on the beltway. you can't see the accident but you can see the slow traffic in this area. let's go back over to our maps and this time over to the accident northbound 295 before the 11th street bridge, this one is in the left lane. should be in its clearing stages over on the gw parkway. that was longstanding as well and a live look at the west side of town american legion bridge slow on the inner loop of the beltway. coming up in my next report another look at area roads. andrea and mike? the suicide of a rutgers university student put antigay bullying. today the student convicted in that case will be sentenced. >> will he get anytime in prison. charlie rose joins us with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, former rutgers student raff
6:32 am
have i faces up to ten years in prison. this morning public figures are asking the judge not to send him to prison. alex trebek will be with us to talk about the future of america's favorite quiz show. we'll see you at 7:00. now let's get the latest on our brooking news. the search for a missing boy in the district. >> reporter: sadly, no new information to tell but this morning. jay von brown, the six-year- old, has been missing nearly 20 hours now. police and family members have been scouring the area, and they are physically and emotionally exhausted. they have been here since the very early hours of the morning. this is where jay von brown was last seen just steps from his apartment building here on
6:33 am
columbia road between 13th and 14th street. maybe now you can help reunite this little boy. six-year-old have a jon -- jay von brown was last seen sunday morning around 11:00. he was wearing a green t-shirt, jeans and red and black sneakers. we spoke to his grandmother, tina brown, just a short time ago. >> i came up here at 9:00 to find him. and i have been looking since. so i just want him to come home. if anybody have him, if anybody see him, just bring him home. >> reporter: it is painful to hear that tearful plea from that grandmother, who has been out here for just about 20 hours, looking for her grandson. the boy's mother has been out here as well. everyone, family, friends, neighbors are all out here
6:34 am
looking for six-year-old jay von brown. the mother is the sole custodian and his father is behind bars. there is no other family member who could have possibly taken off with him. if you have any information call 202-727-9909. or you can simply call 911 right away. >> delia gonzalez reporting live in northwest wash sh this morning. later on this morning, richard kim is due back in court. he is the owner of the town square market on macarthur boulevard. our andrea mccarron first told you about him in february. kim is accused of selling alcohol to minors. kim rejected a plea deal, which included a suspended 14-day sentence. his case will now be decided by a judge, no jury.
6:35 am
our reports on teenage drinking have made national headlines. watch them all now at more protests expected today outside the mccormick place convention center in chicago. people are upset with nato and its role in afghanistan and they want the war to end. nato will transition to a support role in afghanistan, they'll do this by next year. today leaders are trying to figure out how to start making that transaction. >> the loss of life continues in afghanistan. there will be hard days ahead. but we are confident that we are on the right track and what this nato sum admit reflects is that the world is behind the strategy we have laid out. >> reporter: now as for the protest outside, a few have gotten pretty testy.
6:36 am
more athan 40 people were arrested. the head of chicago's police department says his department is trying to keep the police while allowing those protests to continue. as well as in downtown frederick, there were hundreds of protesters, but county and state police say they say peaceful there. >> in a health alert this morning a new look at children and heart disease. a study reports half of the nation's overweight teens are already at risk of developing heart disease. they have cholesterol brood pressure or blood sugar levels that put them at risk. the study reports 30% of those children have at least one risk factor, which increases their risk for heart disease. jessica doyle is watching
6:37 am
the facebook offer. everybody said buy it now, it is going to skyrocket. >> reporter: one of my favor financial journalists called it a slow moving train wreck on friday as this ipo was being rolled out. facebook began trading after 11:30 on friday. shares jumped 13% right out of the gate to $43 before falling quickly. on thursday facebook priced 420 million shares at $28 each. the expectation was it would rocket. instead it opened only 28 cents higher than it was. some people argue it was priced perfectly, but what actually happened is the underwriters came in and bought shares supporting the price of $38. so every time shares would dip below the offer price the banks would come in and buy up shares
6:38 am
to tip it back above 38 bucks. 57% of shares went to insiders. we are going to have to see how the stock performs today. now in the meantime, the ceo of nasdaq says the stock exchange is embarrassed by how it bungled facebook's public debut. it was supposed to trade at 11:00. and investors didn't learn for hours when their orders were executed. nasdaq says there is no indication the delay in trading contributed to the underwhelming beginning of facebook stock and nasdaq says it will change its ipo process. ceo mark zuckerberg has updated his stat us to married. the 28-year-old got hitched over the weekend to his long time
6:39 am
girlfriend, 27-year-old priscilla chen. they met at harvard and have been towing for more than nine years. >> at least he didn't wear a hoodie right? >> that's right. >> and he really didn't want to smile either, it seems like. >> the american gothic thing and kind of a sweet story. 100 people showed up, thinking they were coming to a graduation party for her graduation from medical school and they just kind of sprung it on them. very low key in that case. our time is 63:00. in nine minutes, words of wisdom given to the graduating class of 2012 this weekend. the gorgeous weekend weather, yeah, it is over. straight ahead, we will learn when things will dry out and heat up. keep it right here. k9 advantix ii.
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welcome back. 6:43 and 66 degrees. monika here with timesaver
6:44 am
traffic. northbound 395 just north of duke street. activity along the side of the road, squeezing by to get around it. first of all the beltway you are going to see all that red, especially inside the beltway. lots of traffic with the rain coming down in parts of the area. there was an accident near route 202. that is an unusual slow down. now to the beltway on the north side of town. if you are planning to head over to the i-95 interchange, it is going to be solid from the interchange into silver spring. this time on the southbound side of 270, just slow traffic but easy for me to say. 16 miles per hour leaving frederick most of the way near urbana. if you are planning to head on to 66 very slow traffic with rain and wet road conditions. coming up in my next report, we'll look at 95 in virginia at
6:45 am
6:58. back to you guys. tropical storm alberto will knotted be paying a visit to the south carolina coast. the storm did kick up waves though. alberto is the first named storm in the atlantic this year. >> we get storms occasionally here in the middle parts of may. it is a tiny storm too. this thing can't be 40 miles, 50 miles across. unfortunately, it is not clearing us out. here's a look at the bus stop forecast machine morning. temperatures are running in the low to mid-60s everywhere. don't anticipate sunshine today, we'll be seeing low 70s by noon there will be occasional
6:46 am
showers, thunderstorms possible this afternoon. highs around 75. even this evening, there will be showers and a few storms around. you see everything moving onshore east, heavy stuff is offshore, coming into jersey, we are looking at some of these showers, they have been on the heavier side, across areas west and southwest of town. toward baltimore, looking at it on doppler 9000 hd. west of town, especially with the showers and some of the tropical type rain, droplets coming down. seeing a lot of rain covering most of louden county. even around bethesda and rockville here, some of the showers are moving in as we.
6:47 am
-- as well. even howard county, you are seeing wet weather as well. temperatures low to mid-60s area wide. light rain, east-northeast winds at 13 and i just don't expect much change here for the next few days, with occasional showers and thunder. upper 70s to around 80 the next couple of days with a couple of showers and storms from time to time even thursday looks unsettled. but by friday, improving conditions, we'll see a chance of a storm, 86. and the weekend, that is looking up. upper 80s looking to be partly to mostly sunny, might even get near nine in a few spots. andrea and mike? thank you, howard. the time is 6:47. there are thousands of new college graduates out there ready to tackle the world.
6:48 am
>> as you might imagine. it was a laugh fest. >> the best news is i don't have a speech. i have just a few thoughts, because it is hot and you are hung over. but enough about your parents. >> that of course is brian williams from nbc nightly news. an honorary degree from gw. again, he has no degree. >> he has one from catholic university. >> right, another honorary one. former cbs news anchor and arlington native, katie couric addressed the class at uva. >> she reflected on her time in charlottesville. >> you don't need me to tell you uva is a very special place. i have such wonderful memories of my college experience here, great professors, great friends. >> couric graduated in 1979. this year virginia handed out
6:49 am
more than 6400 degrees. >> congratulations graduates. time to reveal the answer to this morning's question of the morning. a recent survey found that this is the one food that americans hate most. is it anchovies, sardines or spinach? and the answer is, anchovies. here's jessica now with today's daily deal. >> reporter: i have some food. you have to wait for it. i have been combing through e-mails and websites to find the best daily deals for you, we are bowling with living social. pay $20 and get $40 to spend on bowling shoe rentals, pub fare. this is one of the most preponderance lar deals on the site right now. what is cooking at target? a big deal on stainless steel pot and pan set from rachael ray. 25% off, free shipping, the price right now $134.99.
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welcome back. we are looking at cloudy skies this morning. we have had some rain in spots, 66 right now. 71 by noon and 75 for a high. we are looking for scattered showers and maybe a
6:54 am
thunderstorm as well throughout the day. andrea? >> reporter: thank you, howard. today is monday may 2 1-s, here's a check on the news before you go, we could learn later today, the identities of a husband and wife found dead in their silver spring home. police are treating the case as a college park are searching for three thieves, they say one man using a gun stopped a guy, two other men got in the car, robbed the driver, and then they all took off. at the plate stephen strasburg hit the first homerun of his career. nationals beat the orioles 9-3 to avoid the sweep. coming up, the latest on the nato summit. before that is over we have one more check on traffic and weather so stay with 9news now.
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remembering the bee gees. robin gibb has died. only barry is left. as mike said it, you can't help but smile when you hear their music. everybody is talking about it. i have blame it all on the nights on broadway, because my friend mable and i used to harmonize on that song at the fatted calf in new orleans. >> oh wow. i was just reading it is the top selling bejeez song and one of the most covered. my favor is staying alive from the movie. i always remember when john travolta was walking down the sidewalk and he was a great
6:59 am
dancer too. >> it is amazing how many people we have lost in just a few days. such a sad time for music lovers. howard? >> reporter: weather wise, a rainy day out there. not going to rain all day but the threat of sunflowers and storms on and off all day. better by the weekend. monika? >> reporter: lots of slow traffic and a medical emergency on duke street on the shoulder. very slow traffic with all the rain we had. kind of miserable heading through spring field. >> we are hoping forber things today. everybody is going to be to be focusing on facebook to see how they do. be back here tomorrow


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