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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thank you for joining us, i'm j.c. hayward. a report released today says that metro ignored numerous safety violations for years. a washington examiner poured through 100 pages of inspections, and found troubling
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issues. delia talked to the general manager, to find out what metro is going to do. >> reporter: certain things, like a locked door is serious and should have been taken care of. but inspectors say the problems existed on metro for years. like poorly lit emergency exit doors, too heavy to open easily in an emergency, and others that were blocked. >> in one case mud, another case burned out light bulbs. one door out of the 120 shafts that was locked, that was changed immediately. that was done apparently many years ago. >> reporter: general manager richard sorelles hired a fire marshal to address the problem. but that person started one month ago, two years after inspectors warned the rail system for the second time. >> reporter: do you feel safe? >> at times. because of the stops in the dark tunnels, because of the breakdowns. >> just have to assess the risk, i guess. >> knowing there are ongoing problems, it sort of makes me
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want to reconsider until they resolve some of their issues. >> i would say one or the other. >> reporter: you are never going to get a perfect system. but metro says they are trying with a laundry list of safety improvements to overhaul some things unfortunately get caught up in red tape. at the springfield station, 9news now. metro workers were at the station handing out information this morning on the new rush plus program. in two weeks, 21 stations will get six more trains every hour during the rush hour to ease the commute of 110,000 riders. hazardous material crews were called to the navy research laboratory in southeast washington today. one of the buildings on the campus was evacuated and two
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employees were taken to a hospital after complaining of res pri try problems the director of public relations says that an unidentified liquid leaked from the refrigeration unit. hazmat units are still on the scene trying to identify the exact nature of that leak. a riverdale woman is lucky to be alive today after a close call in her apartment. early yesterday morning the driver of a car lost control and slammed through the wall of the woman's home. michelle saw woke up to a large boom and discovered a car in her bedroom, the tire actually on top of her, she was afraid she was going to die. >> it was a car tire on my hand. >> reporter: you felt the car tire? >> yes. then i lift my hand my hand
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felt the tire. the tire was there, rolling. >> reporter: paramedics were able to free the woman and remove her from her pardon me in a wheelchair. investigators have still trying to figure out how the driver lost control of the car. well the attorney for george zimmerman says he expects to file a motion today seeking a new bond hearing. the former neighborhood watch volunteer surrendered to police yesterday in florida. his bond was revoked because the judge in the case believes that zimmerman lied about his finances. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for the shooting death of trayvon martin. zimmerman says that he acted in self-defense. well the trial of jerry sandusky is set to get underway. the former penn state assistant football coach is accused of sexually abusing ten boys during a 15-year period. sandusky denies the allegations, and the case led to the
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school's board of trustees to fire the legendary joe paterno as head football coach. jury selection is scheduled to get underway tomorrow. emergency workers are going through buildings badly hurt damaged by the crash of a commercial airliner in nigeria. the aircraft went down yesterday in a dense area shortly after take off. all 153 people on board were killed, and it is feared that there are more fatalities on the ground. >> reporter: a crane lifted the wreckage in the middle of a crowded neighborhood in nigeria. crews are searching for bodies of passengers. it is unclear if any americans were on board. hundreds of residents rushed to the site, making it impossible for firefighters or ambulances to get near the wreckage.
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rescuers had to use tear gas to break up frantic crowds. this man was at home with his children when he heard a loud explosion. the boeing plane took off from nigeria's capital and was approaching the airport when it crashed. pilots reported engine trouble moments before it hit the ground and burst into flames. search crews are checking nearby buildings for more victims. boeing experts are helping nigerian authorities investigate the cause of the crash. two years ago, the same m.d. 83 aircraft lost engine power due to a bird strike. alaska airlines used the plane for 20 years before the company bought it two years ago. the crash is the worst air did i caster in nigeria in nearly two decades.
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a new report says facebook may lift its ban on youngsters under 13 years old. the wall street journal says the social media site is developing special new features for kids pages. it would allow parents to control who their kids friend. many youngsters already lie about their age in order to get access to facebook. a wreath laying today commemorated the 70th anniversary of the historic battle. it was part of the united states navy memorial in downtown washington. the battle of midway is widely regarded as the most important navy campaign of the pacific campaign of world war ii. several survivors of the battle were on hand for today's ceremony. caught on tape, a runaway baby stroller. a garbage truck driver sprang
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into action when he spotted the rolling stroller with a baby inside. the drama was caught on the truck's dashboard camera. the stroller got away from a female jogger and rolled down a steep hill in seattle. >> i hit the brake and jumped out of the truck and tried to run over there and grab it. >> we think the baby is fine. all right, coming up on 9news now, the queen's jubilee. 60 years on the throne, and the celebration continues. president obama's campaign goes after mitt romney's record as massachusetts governor. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. i'll have the story, coming up. >> we get some days that also aren't that great. we have a different alert when the weather is not so nice. super windy or not so rain. the weather really has the
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potential to change your plans we have 9 weather alerts on 9news now.
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richard dawson is being remembered this afternoon. he started in seven 1960s television show like the dick van dyke show and hogan's heroes. he became famous in the 1970s as the emcee of the game show, family feud. he was 7 years old. -- he was 79 79 years old. governor scott walker is
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under fire after collective bargaining last year. the move made him a hero to the tea party and an enmy of unions. two-thirds of his money has come from out of state donors, who want walker's belt tightening phyllis if i to succeed. we are turning our attention now to the presidential campaign trail where president obama and republican candidate mitt romney are raising money. danielle nottingham has the latest developments. >> reporter: president obama is teaming up with former president bill clinton to raise money in new york. the two men are head lining three events tonight, including a party at the what would dove -- waldorf hotel. his supporters are pointing the
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finger at republicans in congress. >> congress has got to get on the ball, the president has put a lot of common sense proposals out there. they are due in politics, we have to get together in there country. mitt romney says it is time to stop the blame game. >> they want us to believe that we are not living on earth and the president isn't the president. it had nothing to do with barack obama. president obama's campaign released a new tv ad criticizing mitt romney's ad as governor of massachusetts. saying his leadership in that state caused job losses
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the 60 second ad will hit the airways in nine states. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. right now thousands are at buckingham palace for a picnic, ahead of a star studded concert. sir paul mccarted any, sir elton -- paul mccartney, sir elton john will perform. more than 1000 vessels sailed down the thames yesterday in hon nor of the queen's 60 year reign. coming up, howard has the forecast. >> reporter: j.c., it has been a rather pleasant day, gusts of over 30 miles per hour. maybe a sure, we'll share that in a moment. but i want to take a look at the allergy update. the grass, pollen, tree pollen, moderate weeds are low. 7-day forecast, coming up when
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9news now returns
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when you deal with life's stresses, where do you turn for expert advice on your mental health? well the women's center is a local nonprofit center, offering a wide range of counseling service that most can afford. and so today, i salute the women's center in fairfax on hero central. >> i was having a couple of difficulties. one at a previous job.
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just juan, just didn't seem like the right fit, it wasn't working. >> reporter: 15 years ago, laurie shuster visited the women's center because she needed career counseling. >> i needed to talk to somebody about some strategies that i could use that were maybe different than ones i had already tried. >> reporter: shuster said she also needed advice about a friendship and the therapy made them realize the relationship had run its course. >> i had a good counselor, she was very warm and friendly. and very helpful. she had really good, direct strategies that i could put into place immediately. that helped a great deal. >> reporter: she went to the women's center for about six months and worked one-on-one with a licensed therapist. these services were offered to her, regardless of her ability to pay the full fee. >> if you don't have insurance, you can pay $45 or less, depending on your financial
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picture. and that is a really affordable rate that helps make therapy, counseling, career counseling available and accessible. >> reporter: the women's center offers a host of counseling services, ranging from career to family therapy. and last year, the center saw more than 4000 clients. >> i think sometimes we forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. >> reporter: today shuster says she is in a great place. her counseling sessions helped her to decide it was time to find a new job. >> i love my job now. i'm a magazine editor and i work with a great group of people, great boss. >> if you want more information about the women's center, more details, go to my website j.c. and congratulations to them, they really provide a much needed service. >> a lot of great work going on out there. glad you can profile it for us.
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weatherwise, it is breezy out there. but this morning, if you were up early, there was a partial lunar eclipse. >> oh really? i missed it. when will the next one be? >> probably in a little while here. this is kind of cool, got a 37% bite out of that. that is a partial lunar eclipse. the strawberry moon in june. that must mean the local strawberries are coming out real soon. >> we have got a decent afternoon, just got to warn you, kind of breezy and you may run into an isolated shower or two as you get a little bit later in the day. temperatures are going to climb in the mid to upper 70s. south of downtown toward fredericksburg. the winds will be with us, diminishing slowly. by 7:00 only about 11 miles per hour. we are still gusting 25 to 30 by now. by 9:00 mm, partly cloudy and
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68 degrees. we did have a couple of showers last night that moved away. it has been an awful day around the new york area. low 50s for highs today. it is june. should be better than that. all these clouds in pennsylvania are kind of working their way down. our clear skies are starting to become a little cloudy, partly sunny. with winds gusting to 28, over at andrews, we have gusts also 28 down to the naval air station. even 30 toward salisbury. your temperatures upper 60s north. little cloudy, cooler air coming in from pennsylvania. the airport is 80, fredericksburg is 78. here in washington we are sitting at 746789 here is some of the cloudiness i'm talking about. over in tyson's corner, the beltway looking off to the south now with clouds coming in from behind the view, from pennsylvania. sunny skies on the hour at
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national airport, with a northwest winds at 18. bigger picture at a storm system, can you see this counselor clockwise circulation here. that is the same storm that brought us severe weather friday. continues to bring little impulses our way from the north of the everything else is being suppressed south of us. it will keep us cooler than average. average is 81. every now and then like later this afternoon and evening, we'll lose the daytime heating. maybe by tomorrow morning another piece of energy may fire off our showers here. we get to the middle of the day, we are okay in southeastern virginia. with the daytime heating we are going to pop a few more showers here and there. wednesday and thursday, more active by the middle of the day wednesday. look what pops here, it will be with us for the afternoon and evening hours. at least the first three, four days of this week unsettled and
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cooler than average. by the time we get to the weekend, temperatures are getting back into the 80s. today upper 70s here and there, a little warmer south, cooler north. a spotty shower or two. 50s tonight. lighter winds. tomorrow lighter winds, 73. showers will be around at times. i may even be optimistic on the cloud cover. even more showers potentially wednesday. thursday 76, again a few storms in the afternoon. here comes the warmth for the weekend, well into the 80s and perhaps a storm by sunday. we are going to make a little variation on cheesecake when 9news now returns.
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you know the in thing now is to have a dessert buffet for a birthday or anniversary celebration. i have amin na harmon here, she is with charm decor. >> we offer a strawberry shortcake shooter, lemon bars,
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assorted cookies, our favorite are our cheesecake pop and his our burt finger -- butter finger brownie pops. >> they are called our white chock lated caramel -- chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake. >> are you going to show me how to do it? >> we have graham cracker crumbs, and our melted white chocolate and our lollipops. >> you have the graham cracker crust at the bottom. you are still going to dip it in graham cracker? >> yes because it makes it easier to mold into a ball. what you want to do is coat it with the graham cracker crumbs. you want to mold it into a
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ball, and then what you want to do is sitting on a tray, and you want to take your popsicle stick, dip the ends into the white chocolate. >> you can buy that already. and put it in what? the microwave? >> microwave or double boiler. you want to dip the ends into the cheesecake and put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes until it is nice and firm. we have one here that is already ready. you want to dip it into the white chocolate, make sure it is completely coated. once you do that, let the excess drip off and then you put it back onto the tray. put that in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes until it hardens. >> these are cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate.
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the same ones topped with pee can and his caramel. these are color coordinated. so we have a variety of cheesecake. >> it is easy, no, sir not difficult. come back and visit us at 5:00. >> got your name on this one.
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