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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> hurricane warnings are out from morgan city to destin, florida. you are looking at isaac right now, definite circulation, west of fort meyers now, heavy rain bands still occurring over central and south florida at there hour. you are wondering why they canceled the convention for today. umph in tampa, this will come in. secret service took down their ten so they are worried about people standing in the rain, getting in. if there are any transportation problems that could be a nightmare there. you can the see -- see the cloud tops here. it is still a tropical storm with winds of 65 miles per hour gusting to 75. the hurricane center's forecast track on it, the 5:00 advisory has it near the mouth of the mississippi river tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening as a category 1 storm.
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we were concerned category 2. it still may get there. they are going to bring it across southeast louisiana with new orleans just on the right side of the traffic. almost over new orleans proper. this would bring a lot of water. this is not katrina, but it would be on the seventh anniversary of katrina. here's a look at our day planner. 82 by noon. isolated showers, highs in the upper 80s with a mix of sun and clouds. we have got fog but out west where we have visibility in winchester and orange, that is where we have a dense fog advisory. the showers this morning are south and east. 6:01. monika samtani, got a lot more volume than we have seen. >> reporter: we sure do, especially in neighborhoods where kids are headed out to
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the bus stop early this morning. northbound side of i-95 major thoroughfares look okay. i'm going to say off and on from quant question into woodbridge. take a live look in springfield on the northbound side. this is what it looks like headed for 395 where it is going to slow down in landmark. inbound i 66 slowing down in centerville and just a bit in fairfax. we'll take a live look once again centerville off and on brake lights through this area.
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people from the florida panhandle all the way to east texas are getting ready. isaac's winds are blowing north to the gulf coast. the storm is on course to hit land somewhere between new orleans and the florida panhandle as early as tomorrow. the governors of louisiana and mississippi both declared states of emergency. in florida the storm threatened to wash away scott anderson's family crab fishing business. >> i was very stressed out for the past couple of days. >> reporter: but the $10,000 worth of traps stayed intact. along key west, shops remained boarded up. the loss for business owners was a game for surfers. >> with much of the town closed
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because of the storm, local piers were flooded with onlookers. >> we weren't able to leave because the airport's closed. we have been enjoying it ever since. >> reporter: jacquelyn foster and amelia king flew in from west virginia for a bachelorette party that was supposed to end sunday. isaac's winds canceled their flight but didn't ruin their trip. but forecasters warn isaac's winds could get much worse later this week, possibly strengthening to a category 2 hurricane. in key west florida, 9news now and over the weekend isaac moved through the caribbean. it killed two people in haiti and take a look at the effect it had in cuba. there was some rain and flooding there, but nothing more severe. track hurricane isaac by going to, our live
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interactive radar is right on the front page and you can also download our free hurricane tracker. the republican national convention is going to start one day late because of all of this. nearly all of today's activities in the tampa bay area canceled because of the storm isaac. thousands started showing up sunday for a big welcome party. the convention will be gaveled into session this afternoon. the head of the republican national convention says it is just a good idea to be cautious i can't you can't be assured what would happen on monday if you had a full arena and couldn't get people out of here. it is an obvious choice, safety first. we are going to go on with the convention on tuesday. the plan right now is to formally nominate mitt romney tomorrow night and romney accept the nomination and deliver his
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address thursday. in some parts of the region it barely rained. in others people got a few inches of rain in just a matter of hours. then there is this. take a look. amateur video of what appears to be a water spout. it formed near cobb island. it doesn't appear the water spout came on land and turned into a tornado. the rain we had caused a sinkhole in baltimore to get even bigger. check out this crater along east monument street of the the hole opened weeks ago and was filled temporarily. but nearly five inches of rain sunday washed it away and stretched that sinkhole out. road crews returned to the scene today and tried to shore things up with steel plates so businesses can reopen. today there will be a viewing for prince george's county police officer adrian morris. his car crashed off the side of interstate 95 and then land in a ditch. the two men morris was pursuing are both in custody.
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today's viewing will be on powder mill road, one from 2:00 to 4:00 and another from 7:00 to 9:00. the funeral is set for tomorrow? women who are breast cancer survivors have another reason to watch their weight. a new study finds women who are overweight have a higher risk of the disease coming back. being overweight or obese gives a 30% risk of reoccurrence and their risk of dying from cancer goes up as much as 50%. researchers believe extra body fat could influence hormones which could drive some cancers. it is back to school today for hundreds of thousands of kids in our region. coming up we are going to talk about the start of classes today. after a soggy weekend for a lot of us, the sun will be back today. but do you need an umbrella
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before walking out the door? with so many kids going back to school, what are their favorite subjects? >> math by far. english and literature were right behind at 13%. >> that followed by science, history and p.e. one boy in the survey said lunch was his favorite, because quote there is food and girls around to buy my food. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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sunshine this afternoon, slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm. highs in the upper 80s. howard here's what it looks like on route 10. some volume as well through german town. lanes are open on 270. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:18. thanks monika. here's a check of some of the stories making news now. new reports of atrocities in syria's civil war.
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snbc amateur video shows the shaking when a -- an earthquake hit a cluster of homes. there was a billing earthquake in el salvador overnight. there are calls this morning to honor neil armstrong with a state funeral. he is the first man to walk on the moon pa. armstrong was 82. the last nonpresident monday in order with a state funeral was general douglas mcargue thursday. ings. school starts today, andrea
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mccarron is talking to the man running the whole show. good morning andrea. >> reporter: good morning mike. i sense your little boy might be thrilled today. s we are at the third largest school. 14,000 students will report to 202 schools today. school administrators and teachers started showing up here at walter johnson at 5:00 this morning. among those early risers school superintendent, thank you so much for being here this early. one year down for you, this is the start of your secondier. i know it is your first year. the key word was transition. what will yob your key be for the second year of administration? >> what does it mean to be a successfully educated kid here in the 21st century? we are reaching out it our families and we are really focused on the the future.
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>> speaking of families, what can parents do to ensure that their child is as successful as possible in terms of getting a good education in the county and that kind of thing and parents need to be involved in the school but they need to be engaged with their children. set a curfew, make sure you know who their friends are what they are doing. car time is some of the best time to talk to your kids. it isn't easy being a kid these days as you know. what is the cool system going to do to tackle some of major issues? >> one of things we are talking a lot with our administrators and staff about is school culture. making sure we have a school culture that supports every student and every staff member. we are going to make sure our kids are supported so every issue is dealt with. >> i saw that 2500 students are coming into the system every year. this is a big increase.
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what are some of the challenges for the system, given the recent budgets as well? >> also the needs of the kids. we have different kinds of kids coming in. 163 different languages, kids from different countries. we have to find now and innovative ways of making sure our kids get the standards. montgomery counselty school superintendent and mike before i send it back to you, very exciting. school buses already rolling in back to you. >> he is pretty tall, isn't he andrea? >> reporter: i told him this is one of those statue of liberty interviews. i hate to say it. i have heels on today too, how tall are you dr. star? >> 6'4". >> i won't tell you about the gap between us. andrea mccarron is live outside walter johnson high
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school in bethesda. elsewhere maryland schools open today and school also begins with the district today as well as lowdon county virginia. >> we are here with howard bernstein. his little boy is going to be going off to school this morning. >> i know. >> mom's going to take the picture. >> we do that too. >> a few of us would like to see that posted on our facebook page, they are get. good day today. weatherwise it is going to be all right. i want to start off with isaac. isaac is the big weather story in the gulf of mexico. a tropical storm. look at those areas of yellow and orange coming across florida itself. those are heavy rain bands around isaac. 6 to 12 inches of rain has fallen in florida but the bigger problems are going to be when
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isaac gets toward louisiana. on its current track the forecast from the national hurricane center has it near the admits miss river -- the mississippi river as a strong category 1 storm, might strengthen to category 2. this is not going to be katrina, even though it is very close to the seventh anniversary of katrina. the mississippi gulf coast, new orleans and just east of new orleans could get hit hard on this current track. you have a couple of areas of fog out west. sunrise in 15 minutes. we'll see sunshine later this morning into the afternoon. lunch time temp 82. that will be close to the high for the day, 88. 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. this evening temperatures still holding in the low 80s, just a slim threat for a shower this afternoon. fog a problem in winchester, orange, warrenton, telequarters of a mile. all these areas in the
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shenandoah valley. have fog in leonard town as well, but no advisories east on the eastern shore we likely have some fog because we have showers there this morning. the heavy stuff is now east of the bay and you can see it here headed toward delaware. southern prince george's got a couple of sprinkles here and there temperatures this morning 60s and low 70s under the cloud across the region. today upper 80s, we are going to get partly sunny, just an isolated storm possible this afternoon once we get rid of the fog and the showers this morning. tonight 60s to around 70, maybe an isolated shower overnight. stray thunderstorm or two tomorrow. wednesday looks great, so does thursday as we warm back up to 88 and hot. 6:18. monika samtani is in with a look at timesaver traffic. >> eastbound chesapeake beach road after route 4 is closed and now we have an accident on 270 on the northbound side after i
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370 and the local lanes. local lanes are blocked at the scene of the accident. northbound 270 north of i 370. southbound side we'll take a live look, the lanes are open but it is going to be very slow and heavy as you leave route 109 before the pace improves. again i think that accident on the northbound side will attract some attention as well, so be aware of that. let's go back over to the maps. 66, 395. 295, everything is fine. 11th street bridge, 14th street bridge and roosevelt bridge. on the northbound side of 35 slow traffic here through landmark as you head for seminary road pace improves across the 14th street bridge. batock you guys. time is 6:19 now. next in sports see a bizarre play that killed the nationals' momentum in philly. time to move on to our question of the morning. which famous singer was once
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escorted away from graceland by security after jumping the fence to try to meet elvis. bruce springsteen, bob dylan or robert plant. >> he says i can't see robert plant or dylan doing this. >> we'll have the answer at 6:54
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we have fog west also in southern maryland down in webster field. visibility less than a mile coming in there. we have some showers, sprinkles here in charles county. here's a look at the day planner. tyson's is cloudy this morning, maybe an isolated sprinkle there. stray thunderstorm can't be ruled out. dry this afternoon, warm with highs in the upper 80s. michael? the nationals have a day off. >> they begin the series tomorrow in florida. the nats going to miami with a
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four game losing streak. >> zimmerman on the mound, a two run homer to jimmy rollins,fully leads 3-0 and a bizarre play in the seventh. one on for adam laroche. now this looks like a home run but it bounces off the railing. laroche got tagged out. their lead in the division now down to four and a half games. sunday afternoon in pennsylvania it was japan against tennessee and only in little league will you see this. a walk off mercy rule homerun. japan hit a two run homerun in the fifth that ended the game because japan was up by 10. final score 12-2. general's eighth little league
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world series title. robert griffin 3 threw one touchdown pass. the skins are set to host the tampa bay buccaneers wednesday. the jets hosted the panthers. in the fourth quarter derek anderson pass today barn ridge. panthers beat the jets 17-12. both mark sanchez and tim tebow took snaps for the jets. no touchdowns for them or for the jets all season long. straight ahead, packed the lunch, grab the pack back. it is back to school for hundreds of thousands of kids. find out what this means for you, the consumer. monika, over to you. a two-car accident on the southbound side of i-70.
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southbound side looks lake this, falls road down to the point where the lanes divide. more news weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. we are watching 9news now. we'll be right back. this country was built by working people.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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good morning kids, 6:29. you are looking at columbia heights in northwest dc, temperatures 71 degrees, not a bad morning to wait for the bus. thank you for starting your
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monday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk. meteorologist howard bernstein has more. the skies are breaking up a bit, we are seeing blue already. that is a good sign. here is the day planner. a cool camera shot the sun behind the clouds here as we look off toward the east this morning from our broadcast tower. temperatures will be climbing from the mid-70s at 9:00 to the low 80s by noon. there is an isolated shower at 9:00, it will be well east of dc. rain chances this afternoon only about 20% with highs in the upper 80s. we are looking real, real good out there. let's show you visibility, which is a problem out to the west. half mile in winchester, warrenton three quarters. fog issues in southern maryland, we have 10-mile visibility here
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in dc. highs going into the 80s. well into the 80s. i'll be back in a few and we'll talk about isaac and the rest of the week. right now here's monika, with timesaver traffic. an accident on the northbound side of the gw parkway right after the 14th street bridge. northbound 95, heavy and steady volume now as you leave dale city across the river here a live look into springfield. going about 31 miles per hour as you leave heading through this area. pretty much the same story off and on toward seminary road. back to our maps this time, southern maryland, no issues to report right now. route 4, route 5, route 301. again the parkway lacks pretty good in prince georges county this morning. back with more traffic coming up at 6:43. dominion power crews are heading from virginia down toward the florida coast.
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they are going to help out in the aftermath as perform isaac is taking its aim toward louisiana. >> the storm is impacting people living in florida, all the way to louisiana and even east texas and affecting the republican national convention. >> cbs this morning will cover all aspects of the story. good morning charlie. >> reporter: good morning mike and andrea. from the site of the republican national convention as you said. we'll show you what mitt and ann romney are doing to prepare for their big weekend here and how the storm could impact romney's campaign. also a look back at some of the biggest convention moments in history, all that and more from a wet and rainy tampa. >> stay dry and stay safe. we are less than an hour away from the first school bells of the year for hundreds of thousands of children in our region. back to school time, it is
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here. >> that's right. classes will be back in session in maryland, allegheny, charles, frederick, garrett and montgomery counties. also back to school in the district and in lowdon county, virginia. >> the biggest district going backton is montgomery county. good morning. >> reporter: good morning andrea. do you sense the excitement in mike's voice? i know his son is back at school today. a lot of parents and students excited. school buses rolling in here at walter johnson and bethesda. now thanks to our sharp eyed cole healing, -- colleague, paul lester, we were able to land an interview with the first student to show up at walter johnson. he arrived at 6:15, his name is noel osmond, he is a freshman who hopes to land a college scholarship and already knows he
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wants to be a neurosurgeon. a very impressive student, the first to arrive here at walter johnson. a short time before that we were able too interview school superintendent joshua star. >> this year we are focused on the future right? what does it mean to be a successfully educated kid in the 20th century. we are reaching out to our families. >> speaking of families, what can parents do to ensure that their child is as successful as possible, in terms of getting a good education in the county? >> reporter: parents need to be engaged with their children. talk to your kids about their friends, what they like and don't like. set a curfew. make sure they know what they are doing. car time is some of the best time to talk to your kids. as a parent, i would have to agree you can learn a lot from your kids by talking with them
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in the car or simply listening. again school gets underway, beginning at 7:20. the first bell will ring here great day, great weather, it is back to school. mike, i bet you can hardly contain your excitement too. she is live at walter johnson high school in bethesda, maryland. the law is you are supposed to stop for a school bus when the red lights are flashing. now police have a new bay to catch people who don't follow that law. more school buses in montgomery and frederick counties are equipped with a camera now. justify like the red light and speed cameras the car owner will get a ticket in the mail. tomorrow two members of the dc city council are taking up the issue of speed cameras and red light cameras. council members will examine when fines should be lowered
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now that more and more cameras are going up in the district. the public is invited to have their say. the hearing is at 3:00 in the afternoon in the wilson building in room 302. the capital bike share program is coming to alexandria. you will also be able to pick up a bike at the king street and braddock road metro stations. work should take about a month. right now you can hop on a bike share bike in the district and in arlington. jessica doyle is off today. we are still watching your money this morning. a huge verdict in the world of high-tech. a jury in california says samsung stole technology and ideas from apple. john blackstone takes a look at the verdict and what it all means to us, the consumer. much of the huge market for mobile devices could feel the shockwaves from apple's billion dollars win over samsung in the
6:37 am
california courtroom. >> this is a really big deal. it comes down to this he said she said argument of what created something. >> the jury agreed apple created software for on screen actions like pinching and zooming. and the arrangement of icons on the screen. samsung is not the only maker of look alikes. >> for makers they might have to rethink how to design phones and tablets. >> google maker of the android software runs on many smartphones and tablets. android phones now out sell iphones by 3-1. apple said the verdict sends a loud and clear message that stealing isn't right. samsung called the verdict a loss for the american consumer, which could bring potentially higher prices. for now at least the effective products will remain on the shelves. this isn't the only legal clash between apple and samsung.
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a judge in south korea yesterday reached a split decision in a similar patent case. the two technology giants are battling in courtrooms around the world. now the financial reaction to this case came quickly overnight. shares of samsung fell 7%. our time is 6:38. who knew in nine minutes the groping problem of snakes in the suburbs? meat one man who met a snake the hard way and how to protect your home. howard says it will be sunny, highs in the mid to upper 80s. a look ahead to the holiday weekend, stay with us.
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welcome back. we are just getting word of a car on fire west of shady grove road on the northbound side of i-27 0, after i 370 in the
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local lanes, accident clean ups all been moved to the right shoulder. let's take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. a good example of the beltway between 270 and tyson's corner. northbound gw parkway right after the 14th street bridge watch out for the accident in the right lane. northbound of 35 everything fine. slow traffic through centerville and fairfax. no issues at all on the dulles toll road. one more live look outside, here's what it looks like on 35 before the -- on 395 before the pace improves. back to you guys. it is 6:43. this is a live look at miami, florida. that is where the nats are going to be playing the marlins on tuesday night. things i think will be okay for tuesday night's game, but of course, hovered is here -- howard is here with the latest on the track of troarms, still
6:44 am
tropical storm isaac. >> we are going to start with isaac, because isaac while it is leaving florida and south florida is looking better, central florida still dealing with heavy rain bands. the northern gulf coast will be dealing with isaac. tomorrow evening potentially southeast louisiana, the mississippi gulf coast could get hit the worst. two things i'm going to point out. one is the heavy rain bands coming into florida. you can see them off the atlantic. the other thing the circulation out here moving off toward the west and northwest. the mississippi gulf coast, they are watching this very, very carefully because isaac is a tropical storm, a strong one, 65 giveing to 75. pressure down to 990. but the gulf of mexico is warm, good environment for this to strengthen. right now land fall -- landfall
6:45 am
in new orleans, with a wind of 90 miles per hour coming. that is a strong category 1, not a category 2. the forecast right now just for category 1, they will be watching that carefully. not a katrina situation, got billions of dollars several years later. those levees better be in a lot better shape than they were back in 2005. mostly cloudy, got patchy fog west, isolated shower east, 60s and 70s. sunrise occurred at 6:33. for this afternoon, we are going to see sunny skies mixed with a cloud, call it 82 by noon. most of us will not see it 88 fog a real problem in winchester right now. zero visibility. the shenandoah valley, has problems. also down in southern maryland, a couple of areas with patchy
6:46 am
fog. showers mainly on the eastern shore. 70 in baltimore, five inches of rain this weekend. mostly cloudy skies, 72 here in dc with calm winds. dew point almost 70, humidity at 87%. more sunshine into the afternoon, 88 today tomorrow and wednesday. tonight 60s near 70. warm 89. wednesday and thursday looks nice. wednesday upper 80s thursday. back in the 90s a couple of days friday and saturday. poisonous snakes may be a lot more common than you might think. >> a herndon man was bitten by
6:47 am
a copper head snake in his garage. >> reporter: john hannah stepped on the snake in his garage. the bite sent him to the hospital last week and he spent three days in intensive care. >> i didn't turn the light on and the dog went running out and i followedhim. -- i followed him. >> i felt an excruciating pain up my leg. >> reporter: the venom shot up his leg. >> reporter: his foot swelled. doctors gave him antivenom and kept a close eye on him in icu. >> i grabbed a huge knife from the kitchen. >> reporter: he still has the snake that could have killed him. >> i thought it would be a lot thicker. >> reporter: but he learned the smaller the snake, the more
6:48 am
venom. more calls for snakes because of the mild winter. >> jacobs says keep wood piles off the ground. but this one isn't. keep play areas clean. >> this is a perfect habitat for snakes or another thing that for example, see this how the back is open and you have some sitting water. >> reporter: the hannahs left dog food in their garage and they also live next to a creek. jacob says make sure you cut become your lawn. >> the snake is so present in my mind, i'm hoping i'm going to get over it. we have been combing through the day's daily deals e-mails and retailer websites to find on you deep discounts. >> how would you like up to 61% off of an atc flight training
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center in fort washington? the offer is good toward a two hour introductory flight, ten hours of flight time or training for your pilot's license. you can find this deal right now on guilt city dc. >> e-bay awe a gold or silver leather watch for $49.99. this offer comes with free shipping. jazz on u street, is offering 68% off a jazz show. the offer is good for one, two or four people. find this on group's washington, d.c. website. we'd love to hear from you on facebook. a check on the news before you go is coming up next.
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an isolated shower east. by lunch time, partly sunny, 82. your drive home temperature 87 degrees. michael? back to school monday august 27th. here's a check of the news before you go this morning. there will be a viewing today of officer adrian morris, the prince george's police officer who died in a high speed pursuit last week. the two suspects he was chasing are now boeing in custody. the maryland state fair will reopen today. it closed early yesterday because of the heavy amount of rain in parts of baltimore county and southern maryland got up to five inches of rain if just a few hours. jimmy rollins and lance nix both hit home runs off the nationals sunday.
6:54 am
dc falls, the nats lost four in a row. our time is 6:54 and time to get the answer to our question of the morning. which famous singer was once escorted away from graceland by security after jumping the fence to try and meet elvis? bruce springsteen in bob dylan or robert plant? >> well the answer is bruce springsteen. believe it or not this was back in 1976. he had a tour stop with the e street band locally and said let me go before we move on to check out elvis in graceland. sees the lights on scales the fence, goes through the front door. the security said yeah, not going to help you. but i was famous i was cover of time and newsweek, they were like i don't care, get off the property. >> you are not elvis. we can't find any place where elvis knew about this. more check of traffic and
6:55 am
weather, right after this
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we wanted to mention neil armstrong once again after he passed away over the weekend. here's a picture of him right now. one of the interesting things his family released in a statement was he was a humble man and if you would like to honor him, serve your country. and every once in a while if you think of him, look up at the stars and give him a wink. >> a lot of people would like to honor him with a state funeral, usually reserved for presidents and chief justice and his things of that nature. the last nonpresidential person to have a state funeral was general douglas macarthur. >> my son weapon to space camp,
6:59 am
these guys truly were trailblazers and a humble man. he never really wanted the spotlight. >> he just cared about space travel. >> walking on the moon deserves some kind of honor. watch out for the fog east. nice by midweek. an accident on 270 southbound sits on the shoulder, but you have this to deal with in german town. sorry. and northbound 395 just heavy and stead friday landmark up to seminary road. charlie rose is live in tampa covering the republican national convention. >> you can follow along with our free hurricane tracker at howard and i will be back with a live look at weather


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