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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 12, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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[laughter] craig: did you know by the way, we had to add the cat coming back in the scuba outfit because people were worried that the drawing of the cat had been eaten by the drawing of the shark. [laughter] >> seriously? i blame that woman. [laughter] craig: anyway, here is what i learned on the show. when you have neil patrick harris on the show, he gets very upset he is not allowed to play a game for a piece of fruit. >> last time i won things. i won a harmonica once! craig: here is what you can win tonight. $7.50 in nickels. some sugar lumps. and maybe -- i don't know if this will come in useful. a feather. you know, i really hope you win that apple because it is going to be awkward giving it back while it is partially digested. a razor blade in the apple?
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[applause] how do you feel about settling out of court? good night, everybody. good night.
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the vice presidential candidates wrapped up their debate. to the analysis. joining me in the studio,
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republican governor bob err lick and jim more ran from virginia. ten seconds, gentleman. governor err lick, who was stronger tonight? >> biden stopped the bleeding. ryan was very strong. a good performance on both. >> . he exploited his weaknesses. he exploited that, so i really think he ate into the independence a little bit more than -- >> congressman ryan -- he's going to demand more time next time around because of that. >> all right, gentlemen. i've got to stop you right there -- i've got to stop you guys, because we want to talk about whether or not the truth was told tonight. we don't know whether it was just truth or spin. awanetta is at usa headquarters in mclain with some more on
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that. >> reporter: derek, the fact checkers here in the mitt call unit were parsing out this debate sound both by sound byte, looking at the claims and accusations were making about and at each other. we're going to talk about foreign policy and domestic from libya to taxes coming up, talking about fact and fiction in tonight's debate. first to gary noneberg with some of the key moments in the matchup. >> it was scheduled for nine segments bouncing back and forth between foreign and domestic economy and covered a lot of ground on the budget, economy, taxes. neither ground break new ground. both men were well prepared, and in impressive control of a wide range of facts. neither made the kind of mistake that would convince an audience he can not do the job. >> we welcome vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan. >> [ applause ]. >> reporter: it started with foreign policy, the libya attack. >> it took the president two
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weeks to acknowledge this was a terrorist attack. >> we will find and bring to justice the men who did this, and secondly we will get to the bottom of it, and wherever the facts lead us, wherever they lead us, we will make clear to the american public. >> reporter: some news here, blaming the against community for the confusion. >> why were people talking about protests when people in the conflict first saw armed men attacking with guns? there were no protesters? >> because that is exactly what we were told by the against community. >> reporter: foreign policy and war -- >> when it comes to our veterans, we owe them a great deal of gratitude for what they've done for us, including your son joe. >> reporter: joe buy ten made his scorn clear in words and laughter that led to criticism in the twitter verse. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of ma lark i can. >> reporter: and paul ryan was not afraid to strike back.
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>> mr. vice president, i know you're under a duress to make up for the last round, but i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> reporter: some punch and counter pudge. >> i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> but i always say what i mean. >> reporter: the final ryan pitch. >> you deserve better. >> ryan got the last word; but it was boy den the most aggressive, the most in control and the most biting. and on debate points he may well be judged to have won; but one question is whether his laughter at ryan, seemingly dismissive at times will be seen as the equivalent of al gather's debate-losing sighs in 2002, how voters will weigh that. you can come up with answers. whatever those answers are, it's a vice presidential debate, likely to be in the news for a couple of days, likely to be forgotten when the presidential candidates take
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the stage again on tuesday. awanetta? >> one issue that came up in the debate is the obama administration's response to the killing of the ambassador in libya as well as three others. on point ryan said that it took the president two weeks to acknowledge the september 01th attack on the benghazi conflict was not part of a protest about a youtube video but was, in fact, a terrorist attack. let's listen to that statement. >> it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. he went to the un, and in his speech at the un, he said six times he talked about the youtube video. look if we are hit by terrorists, we're going to call it for what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detach. guarding him. shouldn't we have a marine detach. guarding our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew that there was an al-qaeda cell with arms. >> okay. joining me now, paul singer,
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politics editor at "usa today." did it take the president two weeks to acknowledge this was a terror attack on a consulate? >> no. immediately after the event, he did say this was an act of terror. however, the explanation of what was happening there has been involving; and the initial discussions for the white house was that there was a protest that had sort of organically arisen, which was then taken over by terror groups to do this attack. in fact, it now appears there was no such protest at all, and this was entirely an orchestrated attack. that is what has taken two weeks for the summation to explain, and the question is when exactly did they know it? that box an interesting question. >> and really quickly, security. ryan is attacking them, saying "you didn't give him the security that he asked for." is that true? >> reporter: it appears to be true. yesterday, the cables suggested they were asking for security increases they were not getting. >> all right. paul singer will be coming back
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talking about domestic issues as well. back to you, guys. >> we'll be hearing from you through the evening. now we want to hear from both sides of the debate partywise. joining me republican governor bob err lick and jim more ran. i've got to get to these style questions, because the laughter and the sort of scorn that biden seemed to have for his opponent is what everybody was talking about on the twitterverse. what's your sense -- did that hurt his argument? governor err lick. >> depends on where you're coming from. for a democratic base, voters looking for some real action. he's been on the defensive for a week. this was exactly what they needed in my view. and the vice president knows that. look, respect haves have job descriptions. you be partisan. you be aggressive. that's what you are. you protect the boss. and he did that tonight. with regard to independents, moderates, undecideds out there, that sort of over top aggression may not what they're
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looking for? >> congressman more ran, what do you think? >> i i don't disagree with bob on that score. as bob knows, this is joe. he loves to engage in this. he loves to joust. you know, he was having fun; and, you know, his boss not so much, but i think that came out. but he enjoys this kind of thing, and i think he came across well. now, with represents that don't know him, don't know that's his personality, it might have turned them off a little bit. >> very quickly, did he make his case as the guy who helped the middle class? because that seemed to be his main point tonight. >> listen, that's sort of the democratic thrust. it's up to the boss to make that point, not necessarily the vice president. >> very quickly? >> i think he did. i think the middle class relates. i think a lot of elderly people related to what he had to say. i think he scored points. >> gentlemen, thank you for that the we'll talk with you later. back down to hear from awanetta later on as well. we have to talk about the other big story tonight, and it was
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big, because it was huge for the nats. they pulled off a big win, keeping them in the playoffs for at least one more night. dave i have, you were there and doesn't get any more dramatic than what we had at the park tonight. >> no doesn't get any better than this. by now you've seen it live or in replay; but it never gets old. they're writing a story-book tale this season, and what knew tonight would be another chapter. the park was electric, 04,000 red-towel waving fans trying to will their team to stay alive. this was october baseball at its finest. this was adam la roche, who prior to this pitch hasn't done much in this series. bottom of the 2nd that all changed, la roche playing a visit to the center-field grass. that broke a slump. the nats up 0-0. the cards tie it. we go to the 9th, high drama. jason worth, i saw a sign in the crowd that said "worth quake." that would be a worth quake. washington lives to fight another day, 2-0 after worth's walk-off. >> they got the really great
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mentality. we've got a great manager to lead us. we've got a great organize from top to bottom from the learner family on down. this is a great place to play. >> that's the way the game should have ended, you know, jason worth hitting a home run. he hadn't hit that many this year, but that was what? the 13th, 14th pitch at bat. that was a great effort on his part. >> wow, what a night. coming up we go inside the looker republican to hear from more nats players and the owner. we'll also update you on the orioles game. they're trying to stay alive themselves. what a night for baseball, derek, in this region. oh wow, an amazing night. how would you react if a bunch of thugs beat your spouse within an inch of his or her life and then you got to look them right in the face. we got to talk to the million woman whose husband was appellant and robbed and left for dead last august. >> reporter: ander it, 29-year-
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old thomas. thec. maslyn was beaten so savagely and left to die all for this. we talked to abbey maslyn tonight, and she talks about how she's going to deal with the two men she's facing tomorrow. >> i want to look them in the eye and let them know who they are and what they have done. >> reporter: one word, shattered. that's abbey's life. tonight while friends and neighbors are planning a safety festival for ward 6, she's getting ready to face two of the three men who beat her husband so badly, he may never be the same. >> they have created such a tremendous hole in my heart, and their damage is beginning be, you know, permanent damage. >> reporter: . thec. was on his way hem from a stop at a capitol hill bar after a nashville game. cops say three men beat him, robbed him, shot him in the head with a bb gun and left him for dead. cops arrested three men after a
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month. >> he's making incredible progress he's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: the family -- that's 22 month old son jack -- have bills. people who care set up a trust. it has $10,000 in it. they say the response has been incredible. >> as a dear friend to abbey, i see it every day. i feel it, and i want to ensure that we continue that. >> reporter: tonight is about the event. tomorrow has lynn is in court to face the men comes say caused tv's dramatic brain injury, all for a credit card they couldn't use and an iphone. >> i'm sure it's going to be emotional; but for me it's a necessary part of the process of move on. all i can do is pray we will be a miraculous story with a miraculous ending. >> we will have all of the information on our web site, there you can also find the info on how to
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welcome back to our special debate coverage. we are at the headquarters where we have been fact- checking. at issue here is taxes and specificly the amount paid by some of america's wealthiest citizens. here's vice president joe biden from tonight's debate. >> of the bush tax cuts, $800 million of that goes to people making a minimum of a million dollars. we see no justification in these economic times for those and they're patriotic americans. they're not asking for the continued tax cut, not suggesting it; but my friends are insisting on it 120,000 families by continuing that tax cut will get an additional $500 million in tax relief in the next 10 years, and their income is an average of $8 million. >> joining me once again paul
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singer, a lot of numbers thrown around, making my head swim. what is going on with this 120,000 families? are they getting a cut or not? >> it is really about whether you continue existing tax policy, which is what the republicans would like to do, which are these -- or do you want to institute new taxes on the wealthy and make them pay more? that's the issue here. >> by letting those -- >> by letting tax cuts expire, existing tax cuts expire. >> so what you're tell me it's going to really be hard to see who's going to be paying what until -- >> you have to see the details on paper to see who pays what. until you have that it's a bit of a guess. >> paul singer, thank you so much. for your whole team, again, we're posting their blogs on, and the be out tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you awanetta. back here in the studio live with jim more reason and bob err lick. let's continue with the tax question really quickly, because what came up was the specifics of the bob ryan,
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romney tax cut plan. did either side make the case that their tax ideas were better? >> no is the answer. but what kills me is this president extended the tax cuts last year with the rationale that you don't increase taxes during a recession. >> but trying to pin paul ryan down on the specifics of what deductions he would get -- what he would take away to fill in that $5 trillion or whatever it is, and he wouldn't answer the question. >> , first of all, neither side has done that, and the little pbs comment from the last debate led to all sorts of big bird -- what paul ryan and what mitt romney said during the campaign is, when president reagan sat down, it was democratic leadership, everything is on the table. hit's get it done. we both know that, because we've both been there. we've both been part of compromises. >> when you heard him refuse to give any specifics without a win for the democrats. >> i think it's going to be a win for those people who really take it seriously.
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the fact is, it doesn't add up. you can't give a 0% tax cut for everybody, reduce the top tax rate from 5 to 28%, and then make it all work out. it doesn't -- it doesn't work out. you've got to specify what deductions you're beginning take away. you're going to take away mortgage interest? then we're talking. then we can have something to talk about. but just to say i'm going to cut your taxes and balance it out so it doesn't increase the deficit. >> he controlled the congress. he had every card in the deck for two years, didn't do anything. he's got no plans. >> well, of course,. but you need 60 votes, and you know that, bob. they filibustered everything. you can't get 60 votes, you know, to agree on what day of the week it is. >> he couldn't pass his own budget. >> i can't allow you to filibuster. we have to move on. i appreciate it, though,. meantime the internet was all abuzz during this debate. joining me simon landau, our
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social media director, and who's trending right now? >> sure. the internet certainly was buzzing tonight, maybe not so much as last week during the presidential debate when we saw so much tweeting action about big bird and jim lehrer; but we still do have some action. what we're looking at right now is the national trends map, and we see that interrupting afghans, voters, weapons, referring to those topics, those major buzz topics from the debate are going on, and it's not quite as active as last week, which can be expected, but there's still action going on on twitter right now >> a lot of folks get into the whole laughing and smiling. i know i tweeted about that several times. >> sure,, yeah, and that was a hot topic specifically around here, you know. people were talking and debating whether that was appropriate action by vice president biden, but that was certainly a talking point as well. >> all right. thank you so much for that. and we have -- we appreciate your time.
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we appreciate your time, and i think we have some facebook comments, correct? >> yeah. we actually posted just after this debate, when it ended, do you think, a, ryan won the debate; b, vice president biden won the debate; c, it was a tie; or d, i didn't watch. we received 437 comments in the past 45 minutes. paul stromat writes "he was respectful, and biden was very rude." when ryan thanked him at the end, biden smirked and laughed. again, rude. you can have a respectful debate and not be so rude." kimberly writes: "uncle joe spanked that little boy's butt. send him to the room to talk to his mitt action figure kung-fu doll." what do you think about that one? >> i think they're both clever. we appreciate you and putting that all together for us. now we go to topper to tell us
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what it looks like outside. >> one thing i saw on the tweets -- a live look outside. we have the cam looking out there at wisconsin avenue. it's 52, clear skies, dew points have come up a little bit. winds still south, southwest at 7. the frontal boundaries is still to the west. the kids will need some sort of jacket or sweatshirt. chilly for high school football and the nats game. bring in your plants friday night. we have a flood watch in effect not for tonight; but for friday night. watering them beforehand is also a good. 38 to 48, winds out of the southwest at 0 to 10. by morning, front goes through, returning mostly cloudy; but breezy and chilly, 40s and 50s, winds now northwest at 10 to 15 and rare gusty, and by afternoon, partly cloudy and breezy, a cool but nice.
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highs around 65, winds out of the north at 1 to 15, and also rare gusty. perhaps 1 to 20 in the early part of the afternoon. here's your flood watch for tomorrow night, montgomery county north and west, louden county north and west. get ready to bring plants in or cover your plants. if you have mums or pansies in, they're fine. that's cold-weather plants. fifty in oakland, 58 in cumberland, 63 in warrenton. looking at 65 downtown, 65 for annapolis. there's a small craft advisory for the bay and to to mac because of the north-northwest winds. next three days are code green. a tad cooler on saturday; but still nice, low 60s, beautiful on sunday, 77. next 7 days, showers possible as we get to monday. just some light showers, and then we stay warm, tuesday, partly cloudy, 72, showers on wednesday, a better chance for showers on thursday and still warm. tive will be back with more
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mark learner strolls over to me and said, "that was one of the real moments we had in the stadium." most of the game wasn't good. the ending was phenomenal. that's adam la roche. you know the story. he came in struggling until that. he said "i'm taking my talents to the center-field grass. first lead in 18 innings for washington ross ross detweiler came in, and a lot of people questioned whether he should start the day. he was he was sharp. this was the only run he yielded in 6 innings, a sac fly to center. carless beltran had it. it remained that way until the bottom of the 9, high drama, great theater at the park. jason said "i like to eulogize
2:03 am
this baseball. it's no longer us." washington staying alive on a walk-off, 2-1. >> yesterday i liked the spot we were in. we just node to win this game. we won this game. all bets are off tomorrow. >> they didn't make it easy to score runs. every guy out there was doing great. hung in there, hung in there, and so you had a feeling it was going to come down to who would get a big hit first, and jason got a big hit. >> i thought in my head, have a shot to go deep and win this ball game. the fans are behind him, and, you know, it's unreal. as good as this series is, derek, this one might be better. the orioles and yankees -- or i should say just as good. tide again in the 12th inning. baltimore had several chances early, but could not cash in. 1-1. again, game four taste in the bottom of the 12th. finally high school game of the week more than 17,000
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voters. we say think to bethesda, chevy chase. that will headline our coverage tomorrow. all i can say about today in the baseball games, wow. >> wow. >> what a day. >> and more


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