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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there overnight and then they just walked out today, sometime today. the two men are neal peckens and jason hiser. they're 32, both endidn't athletes. these -- endurance athletes. they're in great shape, but they weren't supposed to be out there that long and the temperatures were getting very cold overnight. there was a massive search for these two veterinarians. neal peckens is from the herndon area, has an office in springfield, work all over the region and he is okay and jason higher is is from down in richmond. both knees guys very concerned, probably 100 -- these guys very concerned, probably 100 people out in glacier national park searching for them. they had two choppers up and now the word just in the last couple minutes both these guys are fine. they're able bodied, walking and they're expected to fly home to virginia sometime tomorrow. so sometimes these stories end
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well. >> absolutely. that's what we want, bruce. no idea at this point what happened to them during that time they were missing? >> well, we understand that there was about 18 inches of snow on the ground and then there were drifts up to 5, 6 feet. so you can imagine if you're walking out in the mountains, it's pretty easy to lose track of the trail. you got to suspect that that's what happened, that they just had a hard time finding their way back, but they finally have. >> and it is the best news. thank you so very much. now we're talking about someone who is still missing and police are hoping you can help find him. charles turner was last seen in ellicott city around 9:30 last night. look at this picture a moment on the left side of your scene. he was driving a 2005 light green lexus suv. we have the maryland plate dv348 works light green lexus. police say he has dementia and does not usually drive at night. if you've seen charles turner or his car, please call police
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in howard county. tomorrow we should get a better sense how much more money people living on social security will get next year, but all early indications are there won't be a big benefit increase. preliminary figures from the government estimate the cost of living adjustment will be between 1 and 2%. just one day ahead of their second debate a new poll is giving mitt romney edge over president obama in a dozen key swing states. that poll has a margin of error four to six points essentially making it a dead heat, danielle nottingham with a closer look at efforts to get out the vote in virginia. >> reporter: virginia democrat lizy shy is working to get president obama reelected one door at a time. >> is everyone here registered to vote? >> reporter: she and other campaign volunteers have already registered more than 120,000 new virginia voters. >> certainly passionate about people who can vote, making
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sure that they're able to and their voice heard. >> reporter: four years ago the obama campaign saw an 83% voter turnout in arlington county, virginia. volunteers want a repeat. >> virginia went blue. the demography is good for going blue again. >> reporter: when president obama won virginia in 2008, it was the first time in 44 years that voters here backed the democrats. volunteers at this northern virginia phone bank are working to put the state back in the gop column. >> we've got our clocked cleaned in virginia -- clocks cleaned in virginia four years ago. republicans took virginia for granted. that it is not happening now. >> reporter: this campaign season romney volunteers hitting the phone and knocking on doors have reached out to 4 1/2 million virginia voters. virginia marisi is helping court hispanics. >> me being able to reach them and just give them that comfort hey, there are some hispanics
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out here voting for romney that believe in him. >> reporter: since june romney has made 18 campaign stops in virginia and the president chose a virginia resort to practice for tuesday night's debate. danielle nottingham, cbs news, manassas, virginia. >> guess where mitt romney will be wednesday one day after the debate? he'll be holding a rally at eye da lee park in lees -- at ida lee park in leesburg, virginia, set to start at 6:30 that night. if you plan on voting in virginia, you need your voter registration postmarked by midnight tonight. the deadline in maryland is tomorrow night. in d.c., you have to register in person pat the election board headquarters, but you only have until friday. if you need more information on voter registration, go to and look under our 2012 tab. a federal investigation into congressman jesse jackson jr.'s finances reportedly is focused on whether he used campaign funds to decorate his
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house. attorneys for the illinois democrat have asked federal prosecutors not to seek an indictment before the november election, but the justice department has made no promises. the woman at the heart of the debate over same sex marriage on galludet's campus plans to speak out tomorrow. angela mccaskill was placed on leave after signing a petition to get the question about legalization on maryland's ballot this november. mccaskill's attorney says the maryland resident is not anti- gay but merely felt it was an issue that should be decided by the democratic process. tonight a 15-year-old is recovering after being stabbed at a local school. >> reporter: i'm matt jablow at northwood high school in silver spring where one student was arrested for allegedly stabbing another student earlier today. >> i think it's sad because we're a really great school. >> reporter: it was right around 11:00 this morning when montgomery county police were called to northwood high school in silver spring. >> i heard it was in the cafeteria in the courtyard
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area. >> reporter: when they arrived, they found a 15-year- old student who was stabbed in the buttocks area just outside the cafeteria. shortly hazard an 18-year-old student was arrested. police said they recovered a knife. the school is safe as far as you can tell. >> yeah, the school is say. >> reporter: montgomery county police said they're now looking into the possibility that today's stabbing was in retaliation for an incident last week. you know the kid who was arrested? >> yes. >> reporter: 17-year-old kayla mcduff, i a senior at northwood, said she's -- mcduffie, a senior at northwood, said she's friends with the suspect in the case and that today's stabbing was completely out of character. violence outside another local school is landing two prince george's county police officers in court. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in upper marlboro where the trial of two police officers accused of beating a university of maryland student after a duke basketball game in 2010 went on trial today. the prosecutors today called all this an abuse of power and a violence of trust, but
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lawyers for the police officers call mckenna yip we skippy hearing -- yippy skippy arguing the student approached police officers with clenched fisted and say the video shows mckenna as an aggressive agitator who is charging the police line in the midst of a riot. many of the blows were struck to force mckenna to show his hands after being taken down in a display of by the bookly and tactics brennan said. -- book police tactics brennan said. >> even though they say he was doing this and that could be a threatening manner, any reasonable person can tell that's absolutely ridiculous. today's rains prompted a code yellow alert by the 9 weather team. topper shutt is in the weather center. is the worst yet to come? >> if you're west of us, yes. pretty good storm rolling through, lighter showers in montgomery county and north and
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west through parts of loudoun county into frederick, but we'll zoom in on some of these storms. this storm has lightning in it down to the south and wes of manassas. this is -- west of manassas. that is the front that will roll through in the next hour or so depending where you live. it's rolling through the west first obviously and then east, but pretty heavy rain down south of 28 and south of manassas, 123. this has got rainfall rates of 1 inch per hour here and 1 1/2 inches per hour there around 28. this will move off to the north and east. get ready in fairfax county, springfield, 95, producing heavy rain as you head south on 95 in the next half hour. when we come back, we'll tell you when this goes away. coming up at 7:00 a former army ranger who murdered his roommate today finds out the price for his heinous crimes. see you at 7:00.
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the view one daredevil had as he catapulted to earth and captured the world's attention. >> you can use it to get to sporting events or work, but you can't always use your cell phone at work. babb in two minutes. -- back in two minutes.
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new information tonight about the controversial ads on metro. today a coalition of jewish,
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christian and muslim groups unveiled its own ad. those ads that equate muslims to savages is what they addressed. there was a letter asking the transit agency to donate all the proceeds from what they call hate ads to charity. tomorrow is the deadline for metro to have all of its underground stations wired for cell phones, but doesn't look like it's going to happen. according to the washington examiner, the transit agency will miss the congressionally mandated deadline by three years. metro did meet a 2009 deadline to provide cell phone service at its 20 busiest stations. it's not clear just yet why it will miss the mark tomorrow. no need to grab your cell phone if you hear low flying jets tonight in the skies. that's because the north american aerospace command or norad is planning exercises between midnight and 2 a.m. if the weather holds, remember it's just a drill.
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the war crimes tribunal for five guantanomo prisoners charged in the 9/11 attacks is back in session. a military judge is holding a week long pretrial hearing. prosecutors asked the judge to approve a protective order intended to prevent the release of classified information during the trial of khalid sheik mohammed and four co- defendants. still ahead fire leaves families wondering what's left and what's not at a local storage facility and it affects a lot of people. >> the rice for president is a dead heat tie and tonight's debate will be crucial. can the president bounce back in the rematch? we'll have a preview tonight on the cbs evening news.
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tonight people are waiting to find out if their belongings were burned up or spared after a massive fire at a manassas storage facility. >> reporter: this storage facility has multiple buildings in it but only one was damaged and it had about 85 storage units in it. this is youtube video of a fire at store all storage. you can see lots of smoke and some flames. officials say the fire destroyed about 85 units,
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though some of them were empty. >> because of the amount of stuff that was in some of the storage units and the amount of damage done to the building it wasn't safe for to us go in there and do it by hand. so we contacted our public works department and we've got a backhoe that's assisting us pulling material out. >> reporter: all day customers who heard about the fire stopped by to check to see if their unit was damaged. katrina woods says store all employees told her her building was not affected. >> we want to run by here and make sure it's not our storage, holding my beth making sure. we'd like to know what -- breath, making sure. we'd like to know what happened. >> reporter: officials say they are still investigating what caused this fire. about 1.5 million people in five states in the district are pledging to stay part in an earthquake drill thursday. the great southeast shake-out is scheduled for 10:18 and it's designed to teach people about earthquake safety. we've got a followup
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tonight on a story we've been tracking for the last few weeks. that daredevil who broke the sound barrier when he jumped out of a balloon sunday, this is the way felix baumgartner saw things as he fell toward earth yesterday. i bet it felt like he was going a lot faster. tonight youtube said the live feed set a record with about 8 million views. about 3 million of them were in baumgartner's home country of austria or about 1/3 of the entire population that watched. that is a feat. you've probably heard the sea is for cookies, but what about for craters? check out this picture from nasa. the internet is abuzz with occupy observation that the crater looks like a cookie. -- with an observation that the crater looks like a cookie. see, it's a cookie and crater on mercury. >> chocolate chip cookie. >> peanut butter in my book.
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>> we named it if you want a name. i have something interesting for you, too. we don't get to see it too often. we're too far south, but in the northern light you get to see the lights -- lights you get to see the lights all the time. you get the solar winds. they disturb the upper levels of our atmosphere and inject high energy particles and make color. they put on quite a show. it's very nice. we did not get to see that. well, we couldn't see anyway, have clouds right now, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temperatures 67, winds out of the north at 10, front pretty much out of the immediate metro area. pressure rising and dew point beginning to fall, 54. here's a look at radar. the heaviest activity by far and away now is south and west of town. this activity will roll really across 95 between essentially the airport and fredericksburg in the next 20 to 30 minutes depending where you are. these storms down through
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culpeper will take longer to move across fredericksburg, but these are pretty heavy storms south of manassas, in between lorton and dale city, that's a pretty heavy little storm, nothing severe but good enough  to slow you down. remember, your windshield wipers are on, your lights should only as well. 61 in rockville, great falls and vienna, 62 in fairfax, temperatures falling off a little bit in the west. cold front has gone through there a little while ago. 65 in college park, 67 in bowie. we'll dry out and leave some wet spots for the evening commute, a little cooler tomorrow, lots of sunshine be grab your shades, milder wednesday. tonight breezy with showers and storms ending early, clearing and mild, winds become northwest 10 to 15. tomorrow morning really a nice start, mostly sunny, just cool, maybe a light jacket, 40s and 50s, but that's not that cold for this time of year and by afternoon we're looking at sunshine and temperatures a little cooler but still a very
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nice day, high temps around 65, winds calmed down northwesterly at 10. next three days code green, 66 tomorrow cooler, nice, mostly sunny, very nice, gorgeous wednesday, partly cloudy but 71 and then most of thursday will be fine. clouds may cool in late, maybe a late day -- come in late, maybe a late day shower. friday temps around 70, a little cooler saturday, terps in town, homecoming for maryland and howard university but a nice day, a little cooler, mid-60s and back in the 70-degree range sunday, maybe a sprinkle and 75 next monday. >> that's staying nice. >> thanks. it was the play that was seen and heard all across redskins nation. i think people are still talking about it right now. >> it will probably be remembered for a while, too. it was an exciting play. worried about those cringe worthy moments with rg3, but
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yesterday was exciting, electrifying, but rg3 wasn't the only reason the skins pulled out the w. mike shanahan today talked about what earned the game and it wasn't just the rookie quarterback. >> plus baltimore ravens received awful news today regarding two of its defensive stars. i'll have that report for you in sports next.
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i'm anita brikman with this health alert and surprising news about organic foods that are often more pricey.
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a review of hundreds of studies by stanford university found organics are no safer or nutritious than conventionally grown food. they did find nonorganic fruits and vegetables are more likely to have more pesticide residue but not at unsafe levels. >> this health alert is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america.
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> redskins receiver aldrick robinson woke up this morning and tweeted being off on monday is the perfect way to start the week. i bet some of you and us wish we had that same perk. the redskins enjoying a much deserved victory monday after an impressive team effort on sunday. they upset of the 4-1 vikings and even though it wasn't a perfect game, all three facets of this redskins team did their job. rg3 was electrifying. special teams was solid and the one-man gang himself lorenzo alexander finally picked up the first interception of his career. in all the skins won the turnover battle and coach mike shanahan is extremely pleased with that. >> once you get to the playoffs the teams that win the super bowl are usually the best in the turnover area. so that's always an emphasis. that's something we've been talking about the last couple years. this year we're a lot more successful in the turnover ratio which means it gives you a chance to be better for the
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season. >> reporter: up bythe -- up by points, the purple and black had the game in their sights, but the game winning field goal just went to the left. the boys rushed for 2 to 7 yards, the most this ravens defense has -- for 227 yards, the most this ravens defense has given up in franchise history. so considering the lack of defense what was the key to this big win? >> guys stepping up in the face of some real serious adversity. we had some injuries especially on the defensive side. we were in a fistfight the beginning to the end and they threw a lot of haymakers at us and our guys stepped up and found a way to win the game. >> coach harbaugh mentioned
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injuries. cornerback ladarious webb tore his acl on a noncontact play, but the worst of all is losing team leader and star linebacker ray lewis done for the year with a torn right tricep. time to reveal our latest toyota game of the week poll. among your choices this week across town montgomery county match-up between a black and blair, marshall at thomas jefferson in fairfax county, big rivalry there, anacostia, georgetown prep, dciaa and private school match-ups. go to usatodayhighschoolsportsexpense >> ray lewis gone for the season? >> that's a luge loss. >> that's it for us -- huge loss. >> that's it for us. >> derek is back at 7:00 with our area's only local newscast. we'll see you back at 11:00. >> have a good night.
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