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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and tonight prince george's county chief of police says he's concerned about the issue plaguing law enforcement agencies all over the country. live in clinton where the message is life and clear and quite sad. >> the message is buckling up. strange thing is a lot of police officers think that will slow them down. make it harder to the catch the bad guys. in this case, in this crash right here the impact was so intense it is far from clear that even a seat belt would have saved officer bowden's life. >> - - f riends struggle to convey their grief. >> he was that officer who would look at you and say, everything is going to be all right. he was the voice of confidence
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for everyone. >> reporter: the cruiser cut almost in half. he was on his way home, hoping to see his 11-year-old son, maybe his 5-year-old daughter. >> he wanted to make a difference, that's why he took the job. >> reporter: a woman was here, red light, officer bowden was here. had a green light. the woman for reasons unknown suddenly decides she has to go from the right left to the left lane and make a right. she clips dr. bowden he goes right into the pole. officers believe that officer bowden was speeding and was not wearing his seat belt. neither was officer morris ejected from his vehicle in august. nor was corporal jensen who
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skidded on ice and into a poll in march of 2010. >> we can't take those risks anymore. we just can't. we have to wear our seat belts. >> reporter: now the 61-year- old driver of that suv is still in the hospital. she is expected to be okay. it is going to be up to the state's attorney to decide whether to charge that woman in officer bowden's death. derek. >> no idea police officers could be so reluctant to wear the seat belts however maybe this is the wake up call, thank you bruce. >> one will hope so. we have an update now on the trial for two prince george's county police officers accused of beating a university of maryland student. the jurors started deliberating in the case against baker and jeff this afternoon. a judge threw out the most serious charges against them earlier this week saying prosecutors had not met the standard for first degree assault. the officers still face second degree assault and charges of misconduct. >> prince william county police
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are hoping you can find the man behind a brazen assault. it happened near fuller road. officers were out canvassing for any information today after three women say they were walking and they were approached by a man with a gun. he tried to rob them then grabbed one woman. pulled her away from the others and assaulted her. police released a sketch of the suspect this afternoon. if you have any information in this case please call police. in the district, police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted a woman near the intersection of good hope and naylor road southeast. this happened wednesday shortly before midnight. that woman told police the suspect used some sort of liquid to make her lose consciousness. that suspect described as a black man between 50 and 60 years of age with a mustache, beer and 4-inch bush hair style. if you have any information in this case, officers would like
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to hear from you. that man accused of throwing a bottle with a flammable liquid inside a mall was in court today. >> reporter: the suspect was not answering the judge's questions. his initial appearance took just a few minutes. this is the man authorities say caused chaos inside the bottom common's mall thursday. a criminal complaint aims witnesses saw leon trail throwing a molotov cocktail into the food court. he's also accused of leading three other potential explosives inside a bag. police say they have no known address for trail and don't know why he prompted the scare. but federal authorities have since charged him with arson. >> it was a brood, crude, incendiary device. >> reporter: if convicted trail could get a minimum of five to a maximum of 20 years in jail. trail's next court appearance is scheduled back here on
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monday. at the federal courthouse, in alexandria. 14 more days before voters head to the poll. today president obama brought his campaign for another visit to virginia. and the president says that romney is suffering of what he is calling romnesia. >> from a local pastor. >> our suffrages. our civil rights. >> i have a very simple answer because i have a daughter. >> reporter: talk was on wooing the women voters. >> and in the 21st century a woman deserves equal pay for equal work. >> reporter: i love his focus on women, it's about time. but the crowd pleasing moment came when president obama coined a new term for romney. >> we need to name this
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condition he's going through. i think it's called romnesia. >> reporter: accusing him on flip-flopping on major issues. >> i do want to go over some defenses with you. because i want to make sure nobody else catches it. here's the new, obama care covers preexisting conditions. >> polls show romney has narrowed the gap among women voters. both candidates are courting the highly sought after female demographic of undecided female workers. >> he stands for what i believe in which is equality for women, health care affordable for everyone and education for my son. >> reporter: women are not only key in this race but also as conely puts it the commonwealth and primed and center. >> you are in the epicenter of this campaign. >> reporter: some polls showing mr. obama with a razor thin lead. >> it's the nature of america
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to live for something bigger than ourselves. >> reporter: romney rallied republicans in leesburg. the president's rival has few paths to victory without taking virginia. so you can see how crucial the commonwealth is in this election. in fairfax, chinn, nine news now. >> mitt romney had no public schedule today. he's due to hold a rally in florida tonight. coming up at 7:00, find out why a pregnant mom and her baby were kicked off a bus and forced to walk to the doctor's office. >> all right, we'll see you then derek. still to come in this half hour. getting a job after graduation has been a hot topic during the campaign trail. a look at what major may lessen your chances of success. >> and we still have some thunderstorms out there. take a look at satellite and radar. you can see that active weather
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moving through the beltway area but it will start to clear out and head through the next couple of hours. we have up to 76 degrees today. i'll tell you more about the clearing and cooling in that seven day forecast. >> but first we've got a look at some roads and metro stations to avoid because of work. stay with us.
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back no with a couple of commuters alerts. the maryland state highway administration plans to close two lanes of rockville high. this is so clues can repave the road near tuckerman. those closures should run from 9:00 until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. so watch out on rock well mike. on metro, along the red line buses will replace trains during 10:00 tonight and when the system closes on sunday on the orange line, the east and west falls church stations will be closed during the same amount of time. when it comes to road hazards, potholes are one thing. people pelting you can rocks that's a whole other thing. that's what's happening alon some streets in southeast dc. people are throwing rocks at metro buses. particularly the w6 and w8 buses as they roll through two residential neighborhoods. next week metro will hold a meeting on a proposal to avoid
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these areas after 8:00 at night. it's a battle between the public safety and your right to privacy. the mta says it has begun recording conversations between bus drivers and passengers as a security measure. audio equipment was recently installed on ten buses. the, mta hopes to mic up half of its fleet next summer. still ahead, justin timberlake gives jessica beal something in a box. but it has nothing to do with that infamous skit.
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it's probably no surprise that a study earlier this week in a connection between kids getting more sleep and behaving better now that they're in school. manty matter started a petition to start the move of high schools back to 8:15 or later. the petition has gathered more than 3,500 signatures in the last week. we'll have to watch that one carefully. does maryland equally fund
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its historically black universities and predominantly white colleges. reporter gigi barnett has the story. >> reporter: these are students from four of the state's historically black universities, they rally in front of the court building, come with a message. >> all we're asking for is for equal funding. >> reporter: authorities are asking too. morgan and the university of eastern shore are asking for a combined $19 million. they say it's money the states never paid after desegregation even though the state required it. they said the campuses are still without quality buildings. >> if you have quality facilities with quality programs and variety of unique
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and highly demanded programs then students will come. >> reporter: craig thompson who represents the state told the judge maryland is making an effort to enhance historically black institutions. the state's failure to restructure is not what this state is about. it's about the removal of segregation policy. >> you know our future. you know our presence. >> i would like to just see acknowledge that hbcs have not received equal opportunities. >> reporter: a decision in this case could take days even weeks the judge's verdict would also affect the funding of other historically black universities nationwide. college costs leave plenty of students in high debt these days so when you choose to study you want to make sure that it's going to pay off well how does it? according to the center on education and the work force at georgetown university, the worse college major as far as
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those pay offs is anthropology or archaeology. low earnings and initial unemployment. other majors, film, video and photographic art, fine art, philosophy and religious studies and liberal art round out the top five. see the rest of the list at he brought sexy back now he's off the market ladies. justin timberlake and jessica biel released a statement that they tied the knot quietly in italy. family and friends were present. >> i always think when celebrity couples do things like that quietly it's they're really into each other and not so much into the public spotlight that celebrity marriage gets. weather for the weekend. >> much -- better than it is
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outside right now. let's take a live look at that right now. you can see this activity is very limited. it's really just to the north and northeast of dc moving toward baltimore, but where the showers are falling they are heavy. there have even been a few reports of small pea sized hail with that system that's moving through the columbia area right now. the other one you see there on the radar screen is near wood bridge. it's along i95 heading up toward dc. that will also move through as we head through the next 15, 20 minutes or so in the district. you will start to get that rain again. not a lot of lightning with these. but there is the potential for even penny sized hail with that storm that's down in the wood bridge area. it is moving to the northeast at 40 miles per hour. so it's screaming along that's why we're not expecting a lot of downpours that could cause flooding, doesn't look like it's going to be a big issue for us. right now 70 degrees at reagan national. with a dewpoint of 57 and the
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winds have become westerly as this cold front sweeps on through. behind the front a great weekend we're going to see a return of the sunshine, cooler and less humid conditions moving in as we head through the next couple of days. but as we head back to work and back to school the warmer weather moves in once again. right now we are in the 60s in leesburg but still in the 70s at andrews air force base it's 71-degree. 71 in baltimore as well and 73 degrees in pax river. so the cooler air is moving toward us. this system which is the backside of the larger storm system that moved through last night. this is going to move to the north and west of us so we're not going to have to deal with that rain as we move through the overnight hours. overnight tonight just partly to mostly cloudy skies. 44 to five # -- 55 degrees overnight. just a slight chance for a sprinkle most of us stay dry through the entire day.
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we'll get up to 67 degrees in both easton and cambridge tomorrow. looks like a pleasant day. partly to mostly cloudy and pleasant and i'll have more details on your seven day outlook when nine news continues at 7:00 a.m. this is not the kind of news redskins want right now. >> things have been so positive around redskins park. the redskins learn a valuable lesson of transparency. they will get the word out about rg3's concussion carrying a heavily penalty. and who saw that coming? and who would have thought that, we're talking terps next.
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well the bill collectors coming to ash burn. you know the nfl has a will the of rules including when players have to speak to the media, how high their socks have to be on game day. teams must update tv networks when a player gets injured. the skins violated that one. let's go back to week five. robert griffin iii gets knocked
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out. the redskins announced that he was questionable but did not update it after they found out about his concussion. so they will have to pay a fine today. rookie quarterback curt cousins will have to do the honors on sunday. meanwhile this is good news if you're a redskins fan. the giants might be without their best running back. pierre garcon's disease i guess and he is questionable for the game. everybody needs to pick up a pen and write an apology letter -- maryland can write a clear message to the rest of the conference we are for real. a lot of tension being paid to the quarterback he's pretty good. but how about maryland's qb
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terry hills who was rushed into service because of injury. turns out the kid is all right. >> just take a look at perry hills you know in the fourth quarter, you know he's been 34- 35 for 390 yards and two touchdowns. so when the game is on the line he's performed you know at his best in the fourth quarter. all right time to announce our high school football game of the week. we have 18,000 plus voters that's pretty good. thomas jefferson statesman meets our coverage 18,000 of you voted this week. outstanding we will have that tonight. all right nhl lock out update number 9,000. still arguing, both sides dispute the others claims games are now cancelled through november 1st which is about the first month of the season. all right and you've got a chance to win these beautiful jerseys here. ray lewis this week, all you
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have to do to go to our website and tell us why you deserve the ray lewis jersey. we have a couple coming up in the next few weeks. ray lewis is coming up next week so go to our facebook page and tell us why you should be the winner and we'll give it to you. there you go. >> our seven day forecast. >> well, much improving weather in our forecast. all right maybe a stray shower tomorrow but for the most part we're keeping it dry all weekend on. looks good for the terp's homecoming game then it gets downright warm. look at those temperatures guys near 80 degrees as we head toward the middle of the workweek. >> last blast of the summer. i kind of like that. >> stay with us for the cbs evening news that's next. and derek is back at 7:00. then we'll be back at 11:00 as always we're on
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