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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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slightly from 7.8 to 7.9%. romney told voters in wisconsin he can do better. >> this is not a time for america to settle. we're four days away from a fresh stuart. >> in ohio, president obama made the case he is moving the country forward. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering ain't it. >> danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> unemployment is sure to be one of the hot topics as the candidates swing through the battleground of virginia in the last few days before the election president obama is scheduled to hold a rally in bristol tomorrow night with former president bill cline toned and singer dave matthews. mitt romney will be in fairfax monday at george mason university. a judge heard argument today over policy for poll workers. both parties have poll watchers and they are typically there to
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answer any questions voters have about what's on the ballot. a ruling is expected before tuesday, election day. the most recent polls show the senate race between george allen and tim kaine too close to call in virginia. a survey just wednesday by roanoke college gives allen a five-point edge but another poll released the same day by cbs news, the "new york times," and quinn anyipiac university was also released. tim kaine revved up the crowd. a relationship kaine's opponent, george allen is trying to portray as bad thing. >> we want those dreamers. >> reporter: likewise, kin's campaign is trying to do the same with allen's ties to romney. the senate candidates are closely aligned with the presidential candidates on most issues >> i'm one who is a strong
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proponent of affordable, personal, and portable health savings accounts. >> the insurance companies can no longer use the preexisting condition club to be we're going to happened it rate back to them if we repeal the affordable care act. >> reporter: this year virginia's legislature approved strict regulations on abortion clinics. >> it's an attempt to end run roe v. wade but government shouldn't be in the business of making women's healthcare and moral decisions for them. >> i think medical services to women, there should be safety and cleanliness in those, so that's up to the states. >> reporter: since the virginia tech shootings gun laws have not changed despite efforts by victims and families. here's the mother of a wounded student trying to unsuccessfully convince george allen to get rid of the gun show loophole. that allows private sales with no background checks. >> as far as private sales, no, i'm not for it. >> certainly background record checks at gun shows and i'm
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very open to the notion that these high-capacity magazines in weapons that are just meant to harm people, that, you know, we ought to be looking at those. >> no, i'm not one who wants to take away the rights of law abiding citizens to protect their feamsz or themselves. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9news now. >> you can see peggy's other stories on these candidates, particularly their stances on spending and economics, at tomorrow is the last day for virginians to vote absentee. today is the last day to cast an early ballot in maryland. you have until 9:00 p.m. to make it to a polling center. in montgomery county one of the key ballot questions would modify collective bargaining with the police department. now, the county argues that it would force the police chief to consult with the union before any management decisions are made, but the fraternal order of police says would it repeal
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30 years of all the kinds of bargaining that sure things like advanced notice of shift changes. our andrea mccarren is taking a closer look at this issue. watch her story at meantime, as one guy in our office put it today, you don't ask for a union card when a firefighter shows up to rescue you from your burning apartment. but apparently that is exactly the sort of reaction some utility crews are getting as they head up to new jersey to help in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. crews from northern alabama say crews in new jersey told them they could not start working in the garden state because they're not in the union. so last night they turned around and went home. more than a million people are still in the dark in new jersey. we'll have more on the recovery efforts after the storm coming up at 6:15. new information tonight about a series of attacks on women in northern virginia. fairfax county police believe the same man wanted in seven groping attacks struck yesterday afternoon for an 8th time. this time he grabbed a woman waitaccount at a bus stop in
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the 7200 block of commerce street in springfield. now, the suspect description mahes this sketch that was released after the earlier incident. if you know any information that can help police, give them a call. in fauquier county tonight police are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in fauquier county. an incident that started with a car crash where you see the blue car right there but ended in a deadly shooting down the street. >> there's been a few accidents, you know, at that intersection is and i was thinking that was probably the case. never thought in a hundred years that somebody had been shot. >> reporter: investigators say alcohol may have played a factor in the accident near garrisonville in fauquier county. officers were investigating the car crash where you see the car right down at that ditch right there. that's when investigators were led down the street off tackets mill road and confronted the suspect.
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>> is after stafford deputies entered the residence an altercation ensued with a 17- year-old male who was wielding a knife and attacked one of the deputies. the male subject was subsequent shot and died at the scene. >> reporter: the injured deputy was treated at the scene. >> the officer did receive a wound are the knife. >> times are changing. >> reporter: surae chinn, 9news now. >> district police say they were forced to shoot and kill a man who afaked an officer earlier this morning. it all began with police receiving a call that a map was assaulting his grandfather in the 3500 block of 17th street northeast. investigators say 2-year-old justin lionel turner fired shots. the is in three pipe bomb attacks in northern virginia was in a montana court where a judge set bail at $2 million. stewart was arrested in montana
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after a nationwide manhunt. stewart is accused of trying to blow up the homes of law enforcement sphirns virginia. he is also accused of throwing pipe bombs in the paths of officers chasing him. coming up, a maryland hospital helps overweight kids debt because on the healthy track. a great story, derek. see you soon. still to come in this half- hour, a late breaking development about the new york city marathon after anger in all five boroughs. top. >> well, a little chilly today. high temperatures held in the low 50s. let me show you temperatures right now. temperatures are in the 40s to around 50. 47, or 49 as you get out to the college park area, 47 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and tell you what the windchills are and look ahead to the rest of the weekend. but first, one of the worst bridges in our area is getting some attention, and it could put a detour in your weekend travel plans. we'll have that after the
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a commuter alert about major work on one of our worst brimin the area. the bridge carrying washington boulevard has been rated poor in the past so now work is getting going to improve the inter change. that means this weekend columbia pike will be closed between south quinn street and south orem.
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if you need to be in that area find an alternative way to get around. in bethesda part of rockville pike will be closed between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. one northbound and one southbound lane will close around cedar lane. then starting at 9:00 a.m. one southbound lane will be closed between straesmore avenue and cedar cross lane. it wouldn't be a weekend without some work on metro. buses will replace trains on the blue and orange lines while the rosslyn and arlington cemetery stations are closed. trains will single track on the red line between twinbrook and grovener. the latest jobs report today shows more businesses are hiring but the unemployment rate is up. what does it mean for the presidential campaign? that's tonight on the cbs evening news.
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for the first time since superstorm sandy hit new york the skyline is expected to be lit up tonight. mayor michael bloomberg says utility companies are hoping to have electricity restored to most of manhattan by mid night but more than 3 million people along the eastern seaboard are still in the dark. in maryland we learned of a third death from the storm today after a man died shoveling snow in the western part of the state. back in new york mayor bloomberg announced work to secure that crane dangling
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above the 57th street is expected to begin tomorrow. the goal is to make the area secure enough so people can return by monday. in the last hour mayor bloomberg announced that the new york city marathon is canceled. the decision comes after residents, particularly those hit hard on staten island, had reaction like this. >> we are far from fine and the fact that the mayor wants to have a marathon this weekend when we have people who are like lost their entire house, it's unbelievable. >> organizers said they weren't sure how runners would get to the starting line. even though limited ferry service had resumed. the owner of at least one hotel on staten island said he will not be honoring runners reservations if it means having to kick people who lost their homes out of their rooms. so what do you think? was this the right decision to cancel the marathon? tell us your thoughts on our
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wusa 9 facebook page. crews from dominion power left virginia bound for new york and new jersey this morning. they represent just a fraction of the workers coming from as far away as hawaii and california. >> right now there's 65,000 primarily linemen and tree cutters. because you've had everything in this situation. you have a situation where you've had a lot of trees come down on top of lines. we have water in the electricity system and the underground system in manhattan. you have two feet of snow in west virginia that you have to clear out before you can get in there. >> reporter: long island fires? >> long island fires, right. >> reporter: this is unbelievable. >> we've had everything but the locusts. >> you can hear more about the restoration efforts this weekend on "platts energy week." it airs sunday morning at 8:00 on wusa 9. you don't have to work for a power company to help those hit hardest. wusa is donating a dollar to the sandy relief fund for every
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person who likes our facebook page. so please consider logging on and giving us a like. the d.c. government is getting ready for winter at rfk stadium. the mayor joined more than 1,000 workers from the public works and transportation departments. hundreds of drivers are getting familiar with snow routes and support teams. they ran through their paces to get ready. >> it's not easy driving those trucks. i've driven one. but it's a bunch of fun. >> yeah? when it's dry or when it's wet? >> the guys that do that like to plow snow. believe me. it's not all about the money. they like to plow snow. oh, i love it, it's great. hopefully we will have some snow to plow. >> whatever makes you happy. >> garrett county is pretty much cut off. 30 inches of snow still on the ground. a lot of folks cut off from their individual communities. it's a big mess out there. for us, we'll start with a live look outside.
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it's our live michael & son weather cam. we have some clouds. unofficially the high was 5 3, 10 degrees below average. right now it's 50. dew . is upper 20s. so we've got some colder and drier air moving in. i think the pressure has come down a hey, 29.85 inches of mercury but generally on the way up. wind gusts, 23-mile-per-hour gusts in gaithersburg, 26 downtown. a 2 miles per hour wind gust at andrews. windy conditions tonight. windy conditions tomorrow. so you really want to dress for the windchills as opposed to the temperatures. a little bit of rain and snow shower activity again in pennsylvania. couple sprinkles pushing through parts of the metro but for the most part we are dog deal with wind and clouds. right now 46 gait ears berg, 46 leesburg. remember those numbers. factor in the winds, feels like it's 41 in leesburg. if you are headed out for any reason, high school football, just out to dinner, dress for the 30s.
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the windy again, cold for high school football. windchills in the 30s. cold start tomorrow. will you need your jacket and sunglasses. tonight partly cloudy, windy and cool, a one-blanket night. by morning partly cloudy, breezy d chilly. you need a jacket, 30s and 40s. winds northwest at 10 to 15. hope to see you out on the mall. we have the walk now for autism speaks tomorrow at 10:00. check in at 9:00. 9th street between madison and jefferson, essential across from the natural history museum. please no pets. a beautiful walk this time of year. for the terps game, yellow jackets untown, upper 40s to mid-50s, winds northwest 10 to 20. dress for the 40s. if you are in the shade, it is going to be a chilly game. by afternoon partly cloudy, windy. still need a jacket. highs low 50s. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20. next three day, 1 weather
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alerts green, green, green. low 50s tomorrow, low 50s sunday, low 50s monday. we can deal with that. next seven days we have kept tuesday, election day, dry with highs in the mid-50s. not too bad. we are still watching a nor'easter. in fact, i was peeking at new information, kind of cool. it does appear it's going to roll in on wednesday with highs in the upper 40s, but then behind it, it will be mild, if i was and 60s. so a nor'easter is not really what the east coast needs right now. >> no. >> but maybe wednesday or thursday for us and the northeast. >> roll it in and out quickly. >> yes. >> we need a win this weekend. >> and it won't be easy. carolina is coming to town, 1- 6, but watch out. won't be easy. washington or carolina, which team will turn around their fortunes on sunday? if washington's defense has anything to do with it, it won't be burgundy and gold. and how hurricane sandy is
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impacting d.c. united. that's coming up.
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redskins defense on pace to give up 5,000 passing yards this season. let that marinate. no team has ever done that. a lot of reasons for the foul smelling defense. defensive backs who don't cover well, all of the above so would do you do with cam newton as he
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comes to town? last year's rookie sensation has morphed into this year's sophomore slumper. he's still dangerous. we know he's got legs. the redskins don't stop anybody which has jim hazlet turned gone and he certainly knows that. >> we've given up too many yards, big plays, and then the rush, you know, we haven't had as many sacks as we did last year. i thought we did much better last week. we could continue to improve and be better in those areas. >> milking cows in the background there? what was that? we know maryland has put the p in patchwork offense this year. four quarterbacks lost to injury which means the only conceivable way they win tomorrow is to lean on their defense. georgia tech's triple option is a test and head coach randy edsel certainly knows it. >> that first series is very
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critical, because, again, you want to try to get off on the right foot. you tell your guys, hey, it is going to be a lot faster in the game than it is what you saw in practice, and you've got to get used to the from the beginning. >> all right, no milking cows there. five good games going to be featured tonight. jeb stewart versus falls church, the aforementioned bell game. thanks to the 4,000 who voted this week despite those hurricane conditions they all got out good. we've heard the jawing about the new york city marathon and why it shouldn't be rub. i agree by the way. washington, d.c. sports sim pact. d.c. united plays its first playoff game in five years. quite a turn around for the mls's most prolific franchise. they play new york. hurricane sandy has forced the game here. so game one, rfk stadium, tomorrow night, pretty cool. >> we're happy to be here. but, you know, for us, it was -- the goal was to get into the playoffs, then after that, we
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want the cup so we're in position to make some noise in these playoffs. and another casualty of the nhl lockout, the league announcing today that the winter classic has been canceled. it is played annually right around new year's in an outdoor arena, but logistics for the game just became impossible. go to our facebook page. the ryan kerrigan jersey, we are giving it away. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and derek is back with our area's only local newscast at 7:00. we hope you have a great weekend. you certainly did he serve it after a weak like this where sandy came and hung out for awhile. >> a long while. >> good riddance. >> is always on.
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