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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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animals. but gas shortages are hampering recovery efforts. stations with gas have lines stretching for blocks. in new jersey one station is using an old fashioned hand pump. >> we can have hot water and take hot showers. >> reporter: new jersey officials expect the gas shortages to ease this week. staten island, new york. new york city is opening schools today for the first time. tuesday is election day so generators are being brought in and polling locations are being moved so ravaged sections of new york and new jersey residents will be able to vote. it remains unclear if the preparations are enough to avoid depressed turnout in communities which still lack power or people have been forced to leave their homes. new york city's transit system remains a problem in the
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days after superstorm sandy. yesterday governor cuomo suspended tolls in the rockaways. the loss of train service makes it especially hard for residents to get back and forth. the suspended tolls will remain in place. today and tomorrow fairfax police testimony is going to collect food and clothing for the victims of superstorm sandy. >> matt jablow has more. >> reporter: captain laura kenyan is the head of the criminal investigation division of the city of fairfax. >> my co-workers rally. >> reporter: during more than 20 years as a police officer she has witnessed all types of tragedies. >> but none apparently that prepared her for the video she
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saw on television last week of the almost unimaginable damage among the highly populated coast lines of new york and new jersey. >> i cried and i came into work friday and i thought about what could i do to help. >> reporter: inspired by the heartbreaking images of the pain inflicted by superstorm sandy, captain kenyan moved quickly into action, organizing a food, clothing and supply drive that began on sunday at the city of fairfax police department. >> i just think it is time we all just pay it forward. >> where people stop by all day long in a show of generosity that captain kenyan says has truly reaffirmed her faith in humanity. >> it has been heartwarming, amazing. people are good. >> reporter: the food and clothing drive continues at the city of fairfax police department. all day long, monday and
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tuesday, everything that is collected has been expected to be driven up to the new york area early monday morning. mat jablow -- matt jablow, 9news now. president obama will travel to three swing states today before heading to chicago for election day. governor mitt romney will stop in virginia, florida and new hampshire before returning to boston. susan mcginniss has more. >> reporter: president obama did a little dance in cincinnati where stevie wonder induced him. -- introduced him. also at ohio, mitt romney talked about the president's chances of winning. >> it is possible, but not likely. >> reporter: the candidates have been burning up jet fuel crisscrossing the country. sunday president obama was in new hampshire, florida, ohio
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and colorado. >> i know a bunch of you have voted. but if you haven't, there is still time. >> reporter: today he will hit florida, colorado and ohio before heading home for election day. mitt romney's battleground sunday included ohio, iowa, and pennsylvania. today he will visit florida, ohio, virginia and new hampshire. >> you are tired of being tired. not justton but all the time. >> both candidates saw huge crowds at their rallies this weekend. and both realize at this point it is all about getting as many people as possible into the election booth goos that is what is going to decide this. there is very few undecided voters left. >> we are props. ultimately, it is up to you. you have the power.
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>> reporter: a power voters will exercise tomorrow. susan mcginniss, cbs news, washington. today a fairfax county judge is expected to offer a ruling on a lawsuit over new rules when it comes to poll workers in virginia. the rule stipulates that poll watchers cannot leave their seats or talk to voters inside the voting sites. both parties have poll watchers which are typically there to answer questions about ballots. more than 5 2,000 dcvoters voted early. early voting turnout was more than double those in 2010. at 4:35, here's a look at some other things making news now. a preliminary report on the deadly crash of an atlanta police helicopter is due out
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this week. saturday night the chopper hit the top of a power line pole before crashing onto the street. two officers on board were killed. they were searching for a nine-year-old run away, who was later found unharmed. an absolutely awful story out of pittsburgh. the death of a three-year-old boy at the pittsburgh zoo is now under investigation. a toddler fell into the exhibit for african dogs. 11 dogs surrounded this little boy and attacked and killed him. investigators are trying to determine if the boy died from the fall or from being mauled. a man has been missing for two eks. his family says he wandered off before but has never been gone so long. coming up at 4:37, we are in for another chilly yet dry day. howard is back with your
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forecast. >> reporter: sandy being felt. prices at the pump continue to fall. >> 9news back in two minutes.
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chilly out there this morning. you'll need a jacket and gloves. we should get a good deal of sunshine today. mostly sunny, chilly though. 46 by lunch time. perhaps 51, 52 for that high. by 6:00, it will be dark already with a temperature of 46 degrees. looking at election day, got a nor'easter to talk about. right now here's monika with traffic.
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>> reporter: no issues to report as you come in from centerville here. traffic is moving well. i'll be back with more, coming up at 4:47. jessica doyle is here and we all talk about how lawmakers won't do anything. >> wall street is not going to do anything until we know the outcome of the presidential election. tuesday night, wednesday morning, thursday in a month and a half, who knows? wait and see. stocks fell friday. shares of airline and insurance companies led the sell off. the dow stands at 13118 after sinking 114 points the nasdaq was off by 30. some of the nations biggest banks have extended their waivers on season late charms for residents in states hit hard by sandy. this is all part of an effort to offer some relief to customers
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scheduled to make bill payments. jp morgan chase, city group, wells fargo, bank of america are among the institutions offering the waiver extension. most deadlines will remain in place until november 7th. sandy is also putting a dent in the auto industry. many dealers in the northeast have been unable to reopen businesses because of power outages. manufacturers are taking steps to get the industry back on its feet. nissan is extending employee pricing and discounts to eligible customers in hard hit areas. general motors says customers who lost vehicles because of the storm can get an additional $500 discount on cars bought or leased through the end of the year. and here's some good news, relief coming at the gas pump. the average price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped 21 cents every the past two week. the average price of regular is
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at $3.55 across the country and in the washington area, prices are down 22 cents to $3.53. we will take it. >> the heating oil is going to balance that real soon. >> heating oil is going to be bad. >> if we have the winner howard is looking ahead and seeing. a valid question in maryland is creating quite a controversy in a local county. >> we are back plus howard's weather first, in two minutes
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it is 4:44 this monday morning. how cold is it? we've got freeze warnings in some parts of our viewing area. >> freeze warning up for just about everybody. i'm not going to worry about that too much. little concerned about the day after election day, especially
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wednesday night, some of the models are indicating about the possibility of snow here wednesday night. >> are we talking about where we live and call home? > >> reporter: yes, don't go crazy. we have a nor'easter. >> you know the god thing about that, it will get rid of the dang stink bugs. >> reporter: i don't think a little snow is going to get rid of stink bugs, sorry. they are all in my house right now. montgomery is off today. they have a professional day, they won't be going back until wednesday. but for those going, we have a partly sunny morning, clouds that will be passing quickly. 30s and 40s. bundle up. there is your sunrise at 6:40 this morning. you see at clouds -- the clouds down south, a chilly start, down to our south low 40s,
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alexandria, springfield along with andrews. upper marlboro is 39 and 41 in college park this morning. outside on our michael and son weather camera, good visibility. the wind chill is 37 here in town. some of the wind chills in the suburbs low to mid-30s with humidity at 53%. across the country, we have a storm system trying to throw a little moisture in the midwest, which is going out to see. we are watching this guy here coming through iowa or missouri. little bit of -- of snow. that is good, upper level energy. when you see that, you know it is coming to the coast, you know it is going to make the turn. that is going to develop into a nor'easter come wednesday night and thursday. unfortunately coastal areas will be taking age pounding from this nor'easter. it is not going to be sandy but they certainly don't need this. we are looking at clear skies
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today and tonight, mid-20s in the cold spot tonight, tomorrow it looks like a good deal of sunshine. now in the battleground states on election day, nevada into colorado look at that nice sunshine there. 83 vegas, 16 in denver. western iowa looks fine. in dubuque looks wet and chilly. around 40 ohio. no excuses there for voting. same in new hampshire. it will be cold in 30s and 40s, wilmington and asheville and even charlotte may be looking at rain before the day is over. in western florida the weather looks good, jacksonville down to orlando. wet showers and thunderstorms on election day. 52 today, tonight 20s and 30s. tomorrow around 30 on election day. wednesday nor'easter, 45.
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there is potential, not saying it is set in stone, but want you to be aware that late wednesday night we may get wintry weather we'll have to deal with. look at this, we are going to warm up nicely. we should be back well into the 60s. the heart walk saturday morning, looking forward to that. monika, time save traffic? traffic moving really well this morning. traffic is good on the beltway, we are going to zoom in on the northbound side from triangle all lanes are open. in fact a live look a little further north on to 395 at at the 14th street bridge northbound here's what it looks like, no problems to report. across the bridge span here and into the downtown area, all of your potomac and other river crossings look like this. leaving aspen hill, wheaton, burton hill, everything looks fine will you college park.
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270 no issues in from frederick. this is what it looks like at new hampshire avenue. back to you guys. election day of course is tomorrow. one of the most contentious local issues is really heating up in montgomery county. >> andrea mccarron takes us to the middle of the battle brewing there. >> reporter: it is called question band it is pitting the county government and police chief against union members and their families. >> she is actually far stronger than i am. >> reporter: montgomery county police officer matt infrastructure ska is talking about his little girl, lucy. the three-year-old is braving a daunting array of medical conditions. >> i want to be able to protect her and take her to her appointment she needs to do, as a father, without having to worry about this nonsense. >> reporter: the county says it would force the police chief to check with the union before
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making any management decisions. the fraternal order of police says the county has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to repeal 30 years of bargaining, which ensures things like advance notice on shift changes. videos posted to youtube are intensifying an already bitter fight. this one allegedly shows young people, paid by the county, to lobby for question b. >> the law said in maryland you cannot spend tax dollars on political activities. the definition of political activities is promoting or opposing a ballot question. >> reporter: this afternoon the county fired back, says bargaining has cost taxpayers a lot of money over the last 30 years and it is appropriate, not illegal, to use county resources
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to advocate for question b. >> the fraternal order of police has asked state prosecutors to investigate when federal funding was used for campaigning. they have said emfatly it did not. people with several clogged arteries fare better with bypass surgery. in a recent study doctors compared treatments of diabetics and looked to see how many of them suffered a heart attack, stroke or died. only 1% of the bypass group had. one of those conditions versus 27 of those given stents. researchers are researching a device that could save
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patients from surgery, especially children, who live with pacemakers for years. the pacemaker is powered by the electricity in the heart. a new review backs up the american heart associate's recommendations to limit salt to less than 1500 milligrams a day. most people consume more than double that am. less salt can cut the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. limiting the amount of time children spend in front of the tv can help bring more families back to the dinner table. a new study looked at two groups of parents, those who were counseled about reducing tv time. children who eight while watching tv tend to eat larger portions and less healthy food. >> that is true in our house. time for the question of the morning. >> the average american does this 256 times a year. is it blow their nose?
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donate to charity? or cook a meal? love to hear what you think. we will be right back.
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welcome back. 4:55 your weather first on this brisk monday morning. got some clouds out now. overall a good deal of sunshine today, maybe a little cloudier earlier than we are showing. 47 by 1:00. we'll make a run toward 52, north winds at 10 miles per hour. bundle up, could have issues wednesday. right never over to monika with timesaver traffic. >> this is what it looks like all the way up into springfield and the beltway.
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i'll be back with more details at 5:01. back to you guys. 40,000 people were expected to run the new york city marathon this weekend. instead thousands of runners volunteered for an unofficial trek to raise money for hurricane victims and other charities. some made a loop around central park. they carried backpacks full of splices to help storm victims. >> these aren't -- supplies to help storm victims. >> these aren't even neighbors. the charity continued in hoboken, new jersey where chefs donated their time to cook warm meals. video game and cartoon enthusiast, the number one
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movie at the box office this weekend. the largest opening ever for a disney movie. flight was second, argo placed third. films and tv shows put on hold by superstorm sandy are on again. >> industrious sa garcia -- teresa garcia has that and more. >> reporter: bruce springsteen is traveling with president obama today. their stops include madison, wisconsin and then ohio. their final event, des moines, iowa. new york officials plan to start reissue ewing permits today
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that will allow films and tv shows to shoot in exterior locations. superstorm sandy shut that down all last week. samuel ljackson will be one of the presenters at the naacp's 22nd annual theater awards tonight in hollywood. special awards will go to actor james pickens jr., who has a recurring role on "grey's anatomy." and just in time for the holidays, the animated story of how santa's youngest son saves christmas. arthur christmas comes out on dvd tomorrow. that is your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk.
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those ads are almost over. glad you are with us. i can't they are nightmares in your sleep. >> had a nice weekend,. >> daylight savings time, we turned the clocks back. now we are going to potentiallien joy some days with midnight madness. >> let's get your day planner going. cloudy right now and 43. by noon 46. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest at 10. high today 50, maybe 52 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature back to 47. and the sunset today is just


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