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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2012 10:55pm-11:30pm EST

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thomas, our campaign manager, thank you. he is a loyal and trusted leader,-- >> former virginia senator george allen defeated today. tim kaine is the winner. it has been a long, hard campaign. >> it is a very closely watched senate race in the country. they are going to be replacing jim webb. we have been watching this all night long. we will win this election. we will finish what we started to 2008 and remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. >> this is about america, the can you be the we love. it is in trouble. it needs our help. we are going to take it back and make sure is that america remains the hope. >> a challenger aim to go stop
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him. it's been a long road for him. >> if you think the government is bed holden-- >> speeches. >> it took the president 14 days. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> i am sorry, i-- >> they had spins. >> turn out to vote for me. >> and now finally the voting by us and our neighbors to choose a president. this is 9 news now. good evening on this election neat. what seems like the longness next is all but done. it really looks like president obama is going for a second term. here is a look at the vote so
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far. 50% of mitt romney, 48% for the president. and now to the electoral vote, 272 to win, mitt romney with 187 an obama with 148. but again, some key swing states seem to be going to the presidents direction. >> and we should note we saw both president obama and mitt romney campaigning quite a bit in virginia and that is because it is a battleground. they have 13 votes up for grabs and they are both trying to get the voters support. tonight, peggy fox and andrea yeah richmond are out there. first to peggy. >> reporter: well, first of
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all, if you have been watching you saw governor george allen con seed to tim kaine. so excitement, joy here at the democratic head quarters but not too much because we are waiting for the results to come in and home that obama can pull it there. think is the democratic chair of the payty hawaii are you thinking now? --party, what are you thinking now? >> i am very happy. tim kaine is a great man. he was the mayor of the city and he is going to be a great senator. >> reporter: but we are still waiting for the numbers to come in on the presidential race. it is so tight. 1% between the two. but the pre-stints still out are very important. 70 in fair fax county.
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>> and norfolk is a democratic city. so we are expecting a big vote there. so we are waiting. fair fox county is coming through again, so we still have a chance. >> reporter: what is the percentage that you need to northern virginia? >> well, we were getting close to 60% in northern virginia. and in some places, better than that. the race is going tighten. >> people vote. >> reporter: very good. >> terrific volunteers.
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that's why you're going to see them tonight, respond tonight. people really excited. we'll talk more about that, united states senate race and tim cain being the winner. back to you all. >> the republican party also close returns. andrea mccarren joins us fromrichmond. is there still hope there that mitt romney could pull this out? andrea? >> reporter: . [ no audio ] >> we'll try to get to her in a moment. we look at the presidential race in maryland. with 61% of the resix reporting, no -- precinct reporting, no surprise with obama leading. also take a look at the presidential numbers from washington, d.c. 48% of the precincts reporting, look at
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this. overwhelming, 92% for barack obama to 7% for mitt romney. again, no surprise. 40 minutes ago, a winner was declared in the u.s. senate race in virginia. democrat tim kane, as we told you, state republican george allen. we heard some of george allen's concession speech. kane will replace democrat webb who is retiring. democrat john delaney beat out republican incumbent roscoe bartlett this evening. >> the polls closed hours ago. some folks, believe it or not, are still out there in the cold waiting to vote. ken molestina at potomac middle school in virginia. how long is the line now, kenny? >> reporter: well, i have to report, derek, it wrapped up just moments ago. the last vote was cast shortly after 10:50. what a long night it was tonight for everyone involved. this was an unprecedented turnout, and it was testament of americans who truly want to come out and support the selection. like a never-ending string of
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spaghetti lining the inside halls, these voters packed in one behind another and stood in line for what seemed like an eternity. >> it's absurd. my wife is at the next district down at the senior high. she dropped me off, realized she was in the wrong place. went down herself voted, came back and stood with me for two hours. >> reporter: poll officials here estimate the wait time was four hours at its peak. greg jackson works at the poll and was the last person in line when the clock struck 7:00 p.m. >> compared to 2008, there's a lot of people here for this precinct. >> reporter: officials say 5,000 people are registered to vote here. they set up six electronic voting machines, but clearly that isn't enough. in virginia they must have one machine for every 750 people. an election official who spoke to me on background only tells us a lack of resources and an overwhelming turnout led to the unprecedented long lines. >> i've been voting 20 years
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and never missed an election. i wasn't going to miss this one because some bureaucrat screwed up. >> reporter: despite efforts to keep everyone in line comfortable many ditched the wait and went home. those who toughed it out. >> it was worth it. >> reporter: an election official i spoke to on background says they had six voting machines here, but could have used 8 or 10 and that would have avoided the long wait. the last vote cast ten minutes ago. ken molestina, 9 news now. >> also critical issues marylanders voted on today. one of the most controversial, gay marriage. if this passes the state will be the first to approve same- sex marriage by popular vote. the dream act ballot, if it passes undocumented immigrants would be allowed to pay in- state tuition at local community colleges. question 7 would allow for a casino in prince george's county and table games in five other gambling venues in maryland. >> a closer look at those
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races. here are the latest results on the same-sex marriage vote. it is winning, 51% against 49%, that closely mirroring polls we saw late in the race. debra alfarone is in baltimore tonight. she's got a group there hoping this ballot issue passes, and i can hear in the background that they're in a good mood right now. >> yeah, they're having a good time right now, absolutely, derek. really, the state of maryland is hurdling towards possibly a historic moment tonight. people are very excited, big, big crowd here. [ cheers ] >> reporter: again, you can hear they're very excited. i don't know if you're going to hear me. [ cheers ] >> reporter: let me let them have some fun here. they could be joining connecticut, iowa, new
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hampshire, vermont. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the party is on here. look at these people. very excited. again, we are possibly gunning for a break-through. i've been checking the numbers every moment, refreshing my screen on my ipad. 51% for. 49% against at this point. let me take a look right now. it looks like at this point, again, 51%. now 48.8% against. really, if i can do quick math here, 40,000 votes actually. 40,000 votes right there. that's the difference between a yes and no here. a lot of craziness going on here. that always has to happen in a live shot. we'll keep on these numbers. we are waiting for the governor o'malley. this is his baby. the referendum might possibly pass tonight. it's the latest from baltimore, debra alfarone, 9 news. >> certainly a history making
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movement there. >> let's move on to question 4, the dream act. if it passes undocumented immigrants would be allowed to pay instate tuition at community college. 47% against, 43% for. a greater margin there. tonight matt jablow is in maryland, supporters of the dream act. matt? >> anita, it's not official yet but it certainly looks good, very good now, for supporters of the dream act. one of the driving forces behind the act joins me right now. executive director. your thoughts about the results as they're coming in? >> we are very excited. more than 50% of voters in maryland say the dream act is very important for our community, very important for the state, regardless of imallegation, many will welcome everybody while you are here. it's about education and then it's about comprehensive immigration reform. that is the next step. we are going to the white house after this to celebrate but
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also to demand the president to pass comprehensive imallegation reform. >> it seemed going in tonight this was going to be a close one. it doesn't look that way now. are you surprised? >> not at all. the numbers are very clear. maryland is a very progressive state, a state that welcomes everybody, regardless of the color of your skin, your immigration status. they say yes, we welcome the latinos, the immigrant community right here in the state of maryland. >> why is this good, not just for undocumented immigrants and their children but for the entire state? >> because we are going to pay more taxes, have more educated people, making additional contribution to the nation and the state. that's the reason request it's not only good for latinos and immigrants but for the state of maryland. >> congratulations on what looks like a resounding victory. back to you. >> to virginia now where the
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battleground in our backyard is too close to call. there is plenty we don't know about election 2012. >> we have lesli foster to help crunch the numbers. the key races, ballot questions and the big prize of the presidency, how it might shake out when the last votes are counted. >> reporter: i'm joined by my partner in crunching, bob kettle who's the dean of the school of public policy at the university of maryland. let's take a look at two swing counties in virginia to get a bit of a picture. loudoun and prince william county. at last check, in prince william county it's almost a dead heat there. romney gets 48.6 to the president's -- in loudoun with more than 97% of the precincts reporting, president obama gets 51.4% of the vote to governor romney's 47.1%. now, when we compare that to 2008, you can see that the president won loudoun by 53.6%,
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and then prince william county by 57.5%. what do all these numbers tell us, don? >> what's going on here is that the president is looking not comfortable, but at least perhaps well enough to win virginia, but he has lost support in some of these key swing counties compared to where he had been back in 2008. so it's a sign that he's slipping away, and he needs to hold on just enough to be able to take the state if he is going to try to win virginia's electoral votes. >> we're going to talk about the losses because part of the narrative includes big losses in white men and also independents, a big 8% drop from 2008 to now. how do you explain those losses? >> if you look at this, what's happened is the president compared in the exit polls to 2008 has lost 8% of his standing among white males and independents. what's going on here? part of it's the economy, where it's clear that men are now increasingly worried about the weakness in the economy, especially by comparison to
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four years ago. we had conversations being in a post-racial america. it's not clear we've quite made it there yet. there are lingering concerns about some of the underlying value issues that romney pushed very strongly, pushed hard, but apparently perhaps not quite strong enough to be able to take virginia at this point. >> before we let you go, we've got to talk about the ballot questions in maryland. close vote on gay marriage. dream act appears to be on the move to pass. but the casino question, that's a big one. because the state of maryland has to make a decision and prince george's county has to decide whether they want this in their county. take a look at the numbers here. 51.5% voted for the expansion in the state. 48.5% voted against it, but in prince george's county, the county that could see vegas style casino, 58.6% of the voters said yes, they do want this expansion. 41.4 said no. when you take a look at this, got to ask the question about what this could mean for the
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reliance on casino revenue and what this could mean for the economy in maryland. >> a lot has been made about jobs and whether the money will go to jobs and whether it will go to education. >> we're talking about first, if it passes, and it's looking good in prince george's county, question what's going to happen statewide. there will be construction jobs for building the casinos if it passes. there will be jobs for people working in the casinos and more revenue to the state, but the question is overall in the long run what will happen with the state's reliance on gambling and wall be the overall balance. because if you go to nevada right now, it's clear in times of economic downturn that might be a weak foundation to build the state's revenue structure. we might be in the process of raising fundamental questions about where the state will go in the long run in terms of its budget. >> there will be more conversation throughout this show. on the other side of the casino issue from those who don't want this to happen. that's it for us. derek and anita, we'll perk up the coffee pot and hope for more results soon. send it back to you. >> all right, we are going to
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take a live look here at the podium at tim kane election headquarters, where the man who will be tim kane's fellow senator from virginia, senator warner is introducing. he's probably celebrating just a bit. in a few minutes, we're going to hope it happens in a couple of seconds, tim kane, the victorious senator from virginia will come to the podium for his victory speech. we already heard from george allen, a concession speech. very gracious saying, hey, our ideas must county. it's been a tough campaign but also a joyful one. we are waiting to see tim kane hopefully come from behind that curtain. there he is, the man of the hour in virginia right now. tim kane, it's been a long race. a dead heat for most of the year, and now tim kane steps to the podium victorious, the former governor, very popular, just like george allen was. both of them very popular in the state. tim kane has won the election. now ready to sort of reap the benefits and celebrate the
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glory. >> a very closely watched race across the nation for the u.s. senate. and as you mentioned, derek, both very popular and somewhat moderate. and even in the final hours of the campaign, some of their ads were much more positive than some we saw in other races. >> very good point, anita. they started off very negative and there were negative ads throughout but at the end both men trying to make the case that they were the moderate ones, who could reach across the aisle, who were against all the partisanship in washington. i thought one of the more effective ads were when tim warner and tim kane in that ad, tim warner a popular ex governor himself saying tim kane is my man. it might have pushed him over the top. now we hear from the senator elect, tim kane. >> thank you all so much. thank you all so much. it is a great night to be a
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virginian. [ cheers and applause ] [ speaking spanish ] >> in 2008. [ chanting tim kane, tim kane, tim kane ] >> thank you, guys. what a great crowd. >> tim kane, tim kane, tim kane. >> you know, in 2008, virginia made some wonderful history by sending a fiscally responsible former governor to the united states senate and helping to put barack obama in the white house. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, the night is still young, but thanks to you, we're already halfway there to doing it again tonight. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> actually, we're more than halfway there. nbc just called. the presidential race. [. [ cheers and applause ] >> four more years, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations after what was the most expensive senate race this year, more than 80 million dollars spent. he is the next u.s. senator for virginia. >> two democrats from virginia in the u.s. senate, can't remember when that happened last. as we go to break, a reminder
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for election 2012 analysis you can follow@wusa 9. >> election night bulletin. president obama has won a second term. as president of the united states. in the last few moments, cbs news has projected that president obama would carry the state of ohio and with that, the president has amassed more than the 270 electoral votes necessary to win. repeating now the president has won re-election. this is the presidential race map as it stands right now. 270 electoral votes needed to win. president obama has 274. that is it. it is done. this is the scene in chicago at the president's victory rally. as you can see, quite a large
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crowd, quite an enthusiastic crowd, having just gotten the news that the president has been elected to another four year term. bob schaffer. >> president obama, despite the state of the economy, has become the first president re- elected since fdr with an unemployment rate this high. >> it's a remarkable victory, and i must say it is a tribute to the strategists on president obama's campaign team. while mitt romney mitt was talking about how he was the expert on the economy, they said every hour we're not talking about the economy and jobs is an hour lost. while they were doing that, the abam ma team was going into the battleground states and defining mitt romney in their own terms. and their terms were this guy is not somebody who's going to fix the economy. this guy is just trying to keep
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taxes low for his rich friends and that is what did it. >> as we watched the president's campaign rally in chicago, let me show you now the popular vote, as it's being tabulated all across the country. this is interesting. have a look at the popular vote now. mitt romney has a million more votes than the president roughly. this is the popular vote. 40 million votes for mitt romney. just under 39 million votes for the president. but the president has won re- election. now, these votes will continue to be added and tabulated as the night wears on, but at this snapshot in time, mitt romney has a million more votes than the president, but the president has won in the only tally that matters, and that is electoral college votes. >> and i need to be checked on
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this, but if memory serves, we have never had a president re- elected who lost the popular vote. now, george bush when he was a candidate, of course, lost the popular vote in the race.
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>> an eruption in celebration when president barack obama was elected. >> tonight, bruce johnson is there once again. have they heard the news there that cbs has called the race for president obama? ♪ ♪ >> i think it may be a little too loud and bruce johnson was having trouble hearing us. >> we're talking -- how are you feeling? >> awesome. >> how are you feeling? >> amazing. re-election. >> how are you feeling? >> amazing. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm doing real good. outstanding as a matter of fact. >> how do you feel? >> awesome. >> were you surprised? >> not at all. >> was it ever in doubt? >> no, not at all. >> there was some nervous people around here earlier. >> not at all. >> they were waiting on florida, ohio, virginia, the
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west coast to come in, this place erupted then. how do you feel? were you surprised? >> i feel like a winner. we won. >> these people headed over to the white house. was there ever any doubt? >> it is amazing. it gives us so much hope, the hope that we voted for four years ago. it's funny that i'm saying this, because i'm not even an american citizen, i can't vote. but i just really -- >> we were waiting on virginia, ohio and florida. >> ohio, that's all that matters. enough said. >> right. >> period. >> ever any doubt in your mind? >> never any doubt. no doubt, absolutely none. we finished what we started. >> you never believed that it was close? >> it might have been close, but we knew we would win. >> okay, i got you. i can't even hear you guys back there. [ cheers ] >> most of this crowd headed over to the white house, just like they did four years ago. they said there was never any doubt here. i don't know, there was some
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nervous moments coming in, but barack obama wins another term of the back to you guys. >> bruce johnson, live at u street, not exactly a surprise at the u street crowd in the blue city and blue suburbs will be happy to see that barack obama managed to win re- election even though it was a tough fight. >> let's move on to a rather red crowd. at republican republican headquarters in richmond. andrea? >> reporter: anita and derek, talk about a stark contrast to where bruce johnson was reporting on u street. this ballroom in richmond is like a huge balloon that quickly deflated. it went from a gathering of hopeful, optimistic, jubilant republicans from all across the state of virginia to a room that is quickly thinning out. even the waiters are taking the small candles off each of the tables. there are people hugging. there is just sort of a sense
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of gloom in the room. when george allen took to the podium to tell the crowd that he had conceded the election to tim kane, someone shouted out, no. no. there was an audible moan. so this room, this state party has been subjected to a double whammy. first, they saw george allen take to the podium with his family. thank god, thank his wife, thank his children, talk about how it has been a long and difficult campaign, but also a joyful one. and then he really got the crowd going when he said to great applause, as long as they don't kill you, you keep fighting. he said he had no regrets about the long and difficult campaign that he ran. but so the room had to deal with that first. and then the news that barack obama has won a second term, well, look behind me.
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just a couple of dozen people left in the room. very some bear gathering right -- somber gathering right now. back to you. >> live at richmond, virginia, where hopes ran ahead early but fell behind late. as you say, some despair as president obama has managed to win re-election. we move on to one of the biggest stories of the night lock callie. that was question -- locally. that was question 7 in maryland. it seems like it has passed. table games like blackjack, roulette, casinos throughout the state, as of now with 68% of the precincts reporting, 52% are for. 48% are against question number 7. we take it live to bruce leshan who's been following this story for us all night long. bruce, what about the mood where you are tonight? >> reporter: i tell you, the mood is absolutely overjoyed. it is a little tentative still on the question of expanded gaming, and this is supposed to be a victory party for gaming
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here at national harbor. they aren't quite ready to call that, but i'll tell you what. when cbs and the other networks called obama wins a second term, huge roar went up throughout this crowd here in prince george's county, and among the people roaring was the man who's standing right next to me, the lieutenant governor of maryland, anthony brown, an iraq war veteran, a guy who has been campaigning for president obama all around the country. what's your mood now that this has been called for the president? >> look, i'm excited. i really am. this is clearly the most important election today, put aside question 7, 6, 5, 4, and even the senate races in maryland, this clearly was the biggest one. we'll now continue moving america forward under the president's leadership. you mentioned my iraq war status. look, i'm proud that the president made a commitment to end the war in iraq, and he did that. he made a lot of promises that he kept. he made a promise to expand health care and he did it. he made a promise to level the
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playing field between wall street and main street, and he's done it. he's been fighting for america. america saw it, and the election result reflects that. >> in the second term, are we going to see some answers to these big questions facing america? is he going to have this great solution to the debt crisis and spending and doing it in a balanced way and compromising with the republicans? >> sure, i mean, the president has made during the campaign a five-point plan. also the jobs act, advanced manufacturing in america. it's an energy policy. but it's going to require for congress to work with the president. that's our form of government. i would really hope that now that we are beyond the re- election, that the republicans in congress who set out as their number one priority to beat the president, they no longer need to have that as a priority. he won. let's get beyond that. let's come together as a country in a bipartisan way, get america back to work, pass the jobs act and support that
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kind of agenda that puts americans back to work. >> i think a lieutenant governor is feeling pretty good tonight, not just about president obama's re-election, but also about the dream act. >> very good about the dream act. over wheeling majority -- overwhelming majority of marylanders are saying we've got to educate all of our kids, whether you're here, whether your family has been here for ten generations or whether they've been here for ten years. if you're graduating maryland public school and you're ready to go to college, we need you to do that. we need to do that at affordable rate. we'll do that at in-state tuition. >> the lieutenant governor is the child of -- >> jamaican, raised in a poor neighborhood by his grandmother. he came to this country, first in our family to get an education. he went to medical school and spent his entire career seeing and treating people in the neighborhoods where i grew up. that's what a college education does and immigrants as well as generations of americans who
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have been here for generations ought to have access to affordable college so they can do the same thing. >> lieutenant governor, thanks so much. expanded gaming too close to call, but looks like a good night for the lieutenant governor, for the governor and democrats around the country. back to you. >> bruce leshan live from the national harbor. let's look live at the scene from chicago. this is where president obama spent a few days, played basketball, did a few interviews. he was perhaps a little nervous about the outcome but not anymore. he has been declared the winner. he is the president elect supposedly as the votes are counted tonight. as you can see, tremendous excitement in chicago tonight. it sort of bee lies the sort -- belies the sort of campaign, it got low, nasty, hardly recaptured the magic of 2008. yet this time and across the blue st


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