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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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leaders of both farties to mote thening -- parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> reporter: he believes the country can come together. >> despite all the hardships and frustrations of washington i've never been more hopeful about the future. >> reporter: president obama returns to the white house this afternoon. bigad shaban, cbs news, chicago. >> people across the entry erupted in spontaneous celebration when the victory was announced. >> bruce johnson was live along u. street in northwest. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in the middle of u. street in northwest and you should have been here last night. this place erupted when barack obama was declared the winner. [ cheering and applause ] how are you feeling? >> awesome. >> how you feeling? >> amazing. re-election! >> i love it. >> so much on the line and i'm just grateful to be out here tonight celebrating our president for another term.
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>> we are in -- >> thrilled. >> we never lost hope. >> there was a moment where we were just very unsure. very nervous and very unsure, but came 11:00 we just knew. >> i'm really excited obama four more yores, i'm -- years, i'm really excited. >> extremely close. i was -- i was very nervous. you knew -- all along. no doubts here. >> reporter: there were lots of tweets in the area -- police in the area. they responded and sealed off the streeted to make sure -- streets to make sure nobody got hurt. this is bruce johnson for 9news now. >> that is until the results started rolling in. peggy fox was there and she shares this story. >> reporter: at 10:30, networks began calling the race for tim kaine. >> the next junior senator -- [ cheering and applause ] tim kaine and holton. >> reporter: he had 30 so forthers on stage -- supporter on stage and family members
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including lynnwood holton, his father-in-law who was a republican governor of virginia in 1970. >> it is a great night to be a virginian. >> reporter: kaine railed against the expensive campaign, $80 million worth and the outside interests. >> we were able to overcome the influence of the negative ads and prove once again the strength of people power, grassroots campaigning. >> reporter: he now joins another former governor in the u.s. senate. there wasn't a lot of celebrating throughout the owning because tim kaine remains behind george allen for most of it. until the large northern virginia precinct began reporting. while tim kaine was at the podium giving the victory speech, networks called the race for president obama. >> nbc just called the presidential race for president obama. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: in richmond, peggy fox, 9news now. >> at the virginia gop gathering in richmond what
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began as a night of optimism and hope quickly deflated into one of defair. >> not just allen's loss to tim kaine for the u.s. senate seat and also the second term given to the president barack obama. andrea mccarren was there. >> it has been a long and difficult campaign. it's also been a joyful one. >> reporter: george allen's concession speech was met with stunned silence until someone in the room yelled "no." >> we're not happy with the results but we're still alive and as long as they don't kill you you can keep fighting. >> i'm trying to remember back in 2000 -- where were we? were people saying god it's all over i'm so sorry and then wow we've got a shot. >> reporter: this was not tonight the virginia republicans had envisioned. >> it's not over yet. there is hope. >> you wouldn't be in denial would you? >> no. we haven't heard from florida. we haven't heard from over states. >> reporter: many in the crowd
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say this is reminiscence of the 2000 presidential election and they are holding on to a glimmer of hope until every vote is counted. >> really isn't over yet. i mean i do hearken back to 2000 when hey, they were reporting, i went to bed at 3:00 a.m. and when i woke up the next morning it was in turmoil and we were at the supreme court you know. standing out there and leading the way. so you never know. >> reporter: one thing to which both parties agree, the steady drum beat of campaign ads in virginia is over. in richmond, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> in maryland, after two decades in office, congressman roscoe bartlett will no longer hold office. last night he was defeated by democrat john delaney. >> now bartlett's loss and the victory is directly connected to an oddly redrawn congressional map in maryland. surae chinn has more. >> john delaney, your next member of the congress of the united states.
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>> reporter: democratic candidate john delaney sweeps the competition causing an upset for the historically conservative stronghold of maryland's sixth district seat held by ten term republican incumbent roscoe bartlett. >> i'm just very excited to have the privilege of representing the sixth district and i promise to work very hard to make a difference in peoples' lives. >> reporter: to include a big chunk of montgomery county like gaithersburg and jermantown. >> i think our message got through to voters. i think we worked very hard and it worked. >> reporter: supporters delighted. >> i think that's going to be really great for everyone in maryland. >> reporter: and one of his biggest fans, his father never doubted victory. >> i know when john puts his mind to something, he usually accomplishes it. >> reporter: delaney a newcomer to politics is a georgetown law grad, a husband and father of four daughters ages 5 do 20 yores old. >> it's just been such a journey since january and we defied all odds and it was a really beautiful thing to win
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this. >> reporter: republican incumbent bartlett the second oldest member to the u.s. house is defeated and for the first time in 20 years, a democrat takes hold of maryland's sixth district seat. at the boulder center in potomac, surae chinn, 9news now. >> the congress the president will have to work with will be largely the same. the democrats retained control of the senate and the republicans retained control of the house. here's a breakdown of the 113th congress -- the gop controls 211 seats in the house, the democrats 155. the democrats control with 53 senate seats and that number includes two inbents. the republicans have -- independents, the republicans have 47. but a record 18 women will be serving in the u.s. senate come 2013. just can't get enough of 9news now coverage of election 2012. it continues on our website. log on to find all the results from the race to the presidency all the way down to the local school board race.
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there's some other news one week after being displaced by sandy, thousands of residents have boarded buses and searched online for alternative polling places to cast their ballot. voter turnout remains strong despite the devastation in new york and new jersey. >> polling stations were relocated throughout the new york region. alison harmelin is in queens and she has more. >> reporter: bill left home on his bicycle in search of a place to vote. >> we were just circling around figuring out where the biggest spots were where people could be. >> reporter: these tents mark the spot where residents of new york's devastated rock aways are casting their ballots. election officials brought in generators to power the polls. a giant relief for voters who thought they were out of luck. >> scared to death i wasn't going to get an opportunity to vote. i actually thought they were going to pass on the voting for the whole entire area. >> reporter: as night has fallen there are additional challenges for one the lighting isn't good in some parts of the feint and some voters -- tent and some voters are complaining
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they can't see the ballot. in addition it's freezing but that's not keeping people from lining up to vote. without power, poll workers struggle to spread the word about their makeshift location. but voters streamed in steadily all day. >> we don't want sandy to take away anything more than she already has. >> reporter: the system held up despite moments of confusion. the governor said you could cast a ballot at any polling place you could reach but still they were turned away. >> every little vote counts and i was trying to cast mine. >> reporter: thousands of new york residents have lost their homes and many more are living without heat or hot water. but election officials report heavy turnout. voters saying the disaster made them more determined than ever to cast their votes. alison harmelin for cbs news, rockaway park, new york. >> in new jersey they were told they could vote by e-mail or fax and they still encourage people to get to the polls in person if they could do that.
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we are putting your money -- we're putting our money excuse me where you like it. with sandy relief. just log on to facebook and like wusa9 on our facebook page. and for every person who does that we will donate $1 to the american red cross. for every like our page gets. it is 4:39. a dry morning, we'll give way to a wet afternoon. howard is back in two minutes with your wednesday forecast. >> at 4:41. jessica doyle is going to recap the key races and the election night when it comes to the district. >> 9news now returns in two minutes.
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4:41 this wednesday morning, it is cold outside. we've got some sprinkles already to richmond and patuxent river naval air station. only 43 for the high and some jackets and gloves and this afternoon a mix of rain and wet
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snow. best chance of that is east and northeast of town. hopefully get to the snowfall prediction map for the first time this season. let's take it over to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. still moving well on the southbound side of i-270 here at route 109. a good example of what it looks like down to 121 jermantown, rockville and the split. back with more a few minutes coming up -- in a few minutes coming up. back to you. 9news now' special coverage of election 2012 continues. >> jessica doyle joins us at the election wall with a recap of election night. having the results from the district. good morning jess. >> good morning to both of you. and good morning everybody. one of the biggest headlines coming out of elections in the district of columbia, the fate of michael a. brown. district voters ousted brown from the d.c. council after a string of revelations about his personal and political finances. just another episode for d.c. voters growing more concerned about ethics and local politics. let's take a look here at the ipad results. these were two city at large positions that were up for
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grabs. vincent orange of course ruling the day here getting 36% of the vote. but david grosso actually coming in at 20% versus 15% for michael brown. this really became an election about character and we didn't just see that with these two men running for that particular office. it also came with the question a charter amendment, charter amendment number 5, voters said yes to allowing the council to expel a council member for gross mission conduct. let me show -- misconduct. let me show you this here. on question 5 the amendment, 86% of voters in the district volted in favor of that against 14%. it also came up in amendment 6, this would be disqualification from the d.c. council. 22% against and 76% for it. and one more question. amendment 7 which would be disqualification as mayor of the district if you were convicted of a felony. 78% of voters voted for that
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and 22% were against. now let's take a look at some of the other results. city council chairman that's a big one. we saw mend ellison carrying the day with 72% of the vote against gurley who was his closest competitor at 27%. also taking a look at the u.s. congressional delegate, this of course went to eleanor holmes norton yet again a democrat carrying 89% of the vote. for a list of results nationwide and in elections in your own backyard, check us out at there will you will find on our website. all of the results you're looking for. back to you guys. all right, thank you jess. voters in maryland approved several key initiatives last night. >> if most watched among them was question 6 the legalization of same sex marriage. 9news now returns in two minutes.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. 4:46. will he be pulling out the
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bread o meter? >> no. not for this one. >> that's good. >> not for this one. it is going to be kind of a cool raw day and there's going to be some wet snow flakes around and northeastern maryland is going to get some snow in grassy areas. but looks like up into delaware and new jersey they're really going to have much bilgier problems than around here. the bus stop forecast, back to school after one if not two days off for some where we've got cloudy and chilly conditions. maybe a couple of sprinkles well south of town. patuxent river naval air station and richmond some sprinkles. the afternoon features some rain showers and some wet snow mixing in especially east of town. as temperatures top out midday around 43 and drop into the upper 30s tonight. with those northerly winds picking up to 10, 20 miles an hour. it's a brisk day. dry air here and in fact a lot
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of the metro area is not reaching the ground. i told you patuxent river naval air station reporting only sprinkles. the echoes really pick up along the coast. this is the doppler out of dover, delaware and it's off the new jersey coast and delaware and maryland we have quite a bit of rain offshore that will be coming back into the colder air. there's a snow concern north and east of us where york this morning is 34. dover currently 40 and their temperatures will drop and we've got 34 winchester and 42 fredericksburg and here in the district we've got 41. here's our michael & son weather camera. still good visibility under cloudy skies. 41 but with a north northeast wind at 13 the windchill this morning, definitely a factor. it feels like 34 out there. satellite and radar combined, we've got some energy on the backside here but this is the nor'easter that is developing and strengthening and it's really going to hit the coast very hard. there could be some gusts over 50 miles an hour later today. tonight along coastal areas that just don't need it. our futurecast showing the big
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area of low pressure well to our east. the moisture being thrown back toward the coast and the form of snow here even by midday across central new jersey, northern delaware. feeling some rain showers and there may be a couple more rain showers closer to us by lunchtime. then in the afternoon remember northeasterly winds coming around the low that's going to throw moisture back here. rain d.c. east, may mix with change into some wet snow north and east of us, this is where we'll have some snow even into tonight. 11:00 still snow falling on the eastern shore up through new jersey. southern new york and parts of new england. then tomorrow you know this low is barely moving and still going to be throwing rain to coastal jersey and long island but around here tomorrow morning a few clouds and we should be clearing out by midday. so that's -- that's it for you. got to show you the winter storm warnings up to the north and east. even into maryland and as far as snow potential, you know we could maybe see a dusting to an inch on grassy surfaces here. baltimore north and east and
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they have the better chance of actually seeing some accumulating snows maybe even 2 inches or more far eastern maryland and certainly jersey is going to have the brunt of it with 4 inches or more. here's the forecast. 43 today and 30s tonight and the rain/snow mix especially east. 51 tomorrow with the snow returning. milder yet on friday as we turn to 59 the yellow should be today. green tomorrow. and then to saturday, 65 the heart walk in the morning at 70 on sunday. still sticking with that. monika? you made that happen didn't you? >> yes. >> just for yourself. it's going to be great on saturday and in fact it's great this morning as well. in terms of the road conditions. most of your construction is cleared up and there are no delays right now on the northbound side of i-95 from triangle to dale city across the river here in woodbridge into springfield you're looking great. a live look there coming up from route 644 this is what you should expect right on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. all lanes right now are open and the hov lanes as well
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incident-free. back to the maps this time the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly looking great. this is actually incorrect there's no delay on the northbound side of bw parkway or route 50 northbound to cheverly. you will be okay out of the northeast corridor. college park on the beltway looking good in fact that construction on the inner loop near university boulevard should now be clearing up. and i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:55. mike and andrea? voters in maryland approved three key initiatives last night. none was watched more by the entire nation than question 6 which involved the legalization of same sex marriage. maryland, maine, washington state became the first states to approve same sex marriage at the ballot box. 32 states have voted on same sex marriage since 1988 and until last night all 32 had a posed it. -- opposed it. o'malley celebrated the victory. >> i want to say thank you to each and every one of you. you were out there at the polls and you were out there another work every day -- at work every
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day. you're at your churches and hour mosques and your synagogues and you were carrying the banner of human dignity in this important question forward. >> the ballot initiative in minnesota to add an amendment to the state constitution which would ban same sex marriage was voted down. however, same sex marriage will remain illegal in minnesota because of an existing law which is already in practice. how much money must be at stake the big money casinos are willing to think about $100 million to expanding gambling in maryland. >> that's a lot. last night voters approved ballot question 7 which calls for building a new casino in prince george's county and also allow table games at the other state's slot palaces. bruce leshan with that story. >> reporter: fireworks at national harbor. as leaders in prince george's county celebrate victory in a fiercely fought battle of gaming giants. >> so happy. >> reporter: supporters of expanded gambling promise
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thousands of jobs. and millions of dollars in new tax revenue for schools and roads. >> it's going for health care and jobs and jobs and jobs. >> but we've heard those empty claims before. >> reporter: critics say it's all a mirage, there's no guarantee the money will actually go to schools. >> it's going to lead to political corruption. >> reporter: but voters sided with supporters and the pan who developed national harbor promises an $800 million resort casino on a hill overlooking the potomac. a destination resort more like something you would see in las vegas. >> we're going to by the you something that -- give you something that you will love and prince george's county really needs is an economic development plot. >> reporter: supporters say marylanders are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars at casinos in states like west virginia and delaware. they hope that a casino here
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overlooking the potomac might bring some of those dollars home and suck in people from all across the country who think this might be a good spot to gamble the night away. at national what are were, bruce leshan, 9news now -- harbor, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> of course the dream act was a major one too. this allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges. under the law illegal immigrants can pay those in- state rates if they attend maryland high school for three years and they or the parents can show they filed state income taxes during that time. maryland is the first state in the nation to approve the dream act by a pop already vote. our coverage continues online at our website. log on to find the results of every race from the presidency all the way to the local school board races. 9news now returns in less than two minutes.
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first. 4:56 on this wednesday morning. you'll need a heavy jacket today. maybe some rain gear. we're going to have some moisture moving the later this morning. only about 43 for the high with a brisk north wind with windchills in the 30s. this afternoon some of the rain is going to change to wet snow especially east of town. high temperatures by the way, high temperatures only in the low 40s falling into the 30s. there's another look at your day planner. i'll be back during 9news now at 5:00 explain hag you can expect for the rest of the -- explaining what you can expect for the rest of the week, now over to monika for traffic traffic. on the northbound side of 395 at the 14th street bridge. looking good across the potomac river. so is 295 at the 11th street bridge and the anacostia river. back with more traffic in a few minutes. back to you andrea.
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thanks monika. the economy was the key concern of voters this election cycle. and exit poll survey of voters by the associated press shows six in ten voters say the economy is the top issue facing the nation. about four in ten say they believed the nation's economy is on the mend. more say things are getting worse or as bad as stagnant. a quarter are better off than four years ago and nearly half say the blame for the economy should be shared with the previous administration. six in ten voters say taxes should be increased and half of the voters favored repealing some or part of obama care and 43% want the health care expanded or left as is. on the subject of immigration, three in ten say most illegal immigrants working in the u.s. should be deported. nearly two-thirds say illegal immigrant workers should be offered to chance to apply for legal status. as the projections came in last night thousands of people and pro obama supporters laced
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up their shoes and went to the white house. >> ken molestina was there in the middle of the celebration. >> reporter: i'm ken molestina outside the white house. where the pro obama celebrations continue following the victory. ♪ the people have spoken and now the victors celebrate. flush [ people chanting ] for those obama supporters, the jubilation signifies the end of a highly contested battle between president obama and mitt romney. >> the greatest day for me in america ever. even greater than 2008 for me. >> i'm glad that it's over and i'm glad that obama has another chance to show everybody that he has it in him. >> reporter: just as the electoral votes reached the necessary count to reach the victory the crowds of mostly young adults began showing up in front of the white house. first there were dozens and then hundreds and in an hour thousands showed up to partake in an event that means as much to history as it does to them. >> such a big victory for the
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gay community. i mean barack obama's predecessor wanted to pass a constitutional amendment against us. this president wants marriage equality for us. we're so excited to be here. >> reporter: as they rejoiced many chanting the motto that's become synonymous with the presidential re-election. four more years. >> we got this. obama's got it. >> reporter: mitt romney said he would pray for president obama hoping he would do right for the country. outside the white house, ken molestina, 9news now. >> well, interesting and the president has said he wants to meet with mitt romney to talk about going forward. we'll see what comes of that. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> hopefully you got a lot of sleep. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. thank you for joining us. hey monika. >> the roads are light and i guess they are getting some sleep. >> that's good and we have weather coming our way. >> yeah we do, wet streets here later on and even if we see some snow flakes here this afternoon in the evening i


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