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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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our parallel, but some of this will wrap back around. we're seeing a little precipitation primarily west of town. this is not reaching the ground in frederick and leesburg, but we are seeing some returns romping the ground out towards prince george's county -- reaching the ground out towards prince george's county and essentially east of 95. the dividing line of mixed precipitation across into dover. we could see makes of snow later on tonight. light rain or snow tonight, stays dry in the western suburbs, dry morning commute and keep your jacket handy for tomorrow. temperatures 39 gaithersburg, 45 downtown, so even if we were to get snow, it would not stick in the metro area. we'll come back and talk about when temps finally get above average and the weekend. neighborhoods in new york and new jersey are still reeling from superstorm sandy and they're getting hit by that nor'easter tonight. theresa garcia joins us live
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from rockaway beach, new york. >> reporter: good evening, anita, and what you see now is snow and plenty of it. behind me the waves of the atlantic ocean, some of those waves are breaking at 8 to 10 feet and all along the new york and new jersey coastlines forecasters are saying the storm surge is expected to be around 3 feet. so couple both those together and you've got a big concern for coastal flooding. this nor easter is pretty typical this time of year, but what makes the big difference is how vulnerable this area is after superstorm sandy. snow started to fall at the top of the empire state building as the nor'easter blew into new york this afternoon. residents of a new jersey store neighborhood were evacuated aboard school buses as the storm damaged coast prepared for rain, snow, possible flooding and wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. >> i'm waiting for the locusts and pestilence next. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie thanks
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first responder. inland towns and higher elevations could get as much as 6 inches of wet heavy snow tonight. plow trucks, road trucks and sanders were standing by in bougthon, new jersey. >> 20% of the power still is out hire. those people's tempers are running a little short as you could imagine. >> reporter: this hard hit neighborhood in rockaway beach queens is under evacuation orders, but some residents, even those without heat or electricity, are refusing to leave. >> we've been through this for eight or nine days now. i mean we're not going anywaywhere. we didn't leave for sandy. we're not going to leave for the nor'easter. >> don't give up on where you live and just grin and bear it. >> reporter: four nursing homes in the area also evacuated patients moving them to higher ground. the storm is expected to clear out by thursday afternoon. now aside from the concerns aboucoastal flooding there is a high wind warning in effect through tomorrow morning. those high winds could cause
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more power outages and, of course, you've got those people staying put here dealing with no electricity, but they're making due. for example, here in rockaway 1,000 heaters have been delivered to the community and mayor michael bloomberg is urging those residents to go to the shelters and are providing transportation to help them out as well. >> hopefully they will take advantage of that. the weather has forced new york's major airports to cancel hundreds of flights. back in our area we're not expecting any major problems, but road crews are on the ready. the d.c. department of public works has loaded some trucks with salt and sand that will only deploy them if things get messy. the maryland state highway administration says most of their preps are taking place north and west of our area where their snow is more likely to fall. it's urging drivers to plan for longer commutes as the storm moves in. a ninth case has now been linked to the serial groper in fairfax county. he's struck women from 15 to 42 years old since september.
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the latest incident happened last thursday about a half hour after another incident on the same day near hibbling avenue in springfield. that's why we find our surae chinn live. >> reporter: these women were going about their business, going to the grocery store, to work, picking up their kids when these incidents happened and these victims share a similar description saying a red baseball cap and point to this sketch here, a man who attacked them, who fondled and groped them. >> and i caught the bus earlier this week and i was very aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: christine kenland and nearby residents are on high alert after the latest attack on hibbling avenue near dunwoody street in springfield. >> i'm going to walk home in a few minutes and i'm a little scared now. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim was disturbed but delayed telling anyone because she didn't know the process of reporting a crime. >> i believe english was a bit of an issue and she was
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unfamiliar with how to make a trotter to police, but she was talking to a -- a report to police, but she was talking to a friend who urged her to call police and so she did. >> reporter: a woman said her mother is one of the nine victims attacked back in september also on hibbling avenue. she doesn't want to be identified. she was scared? >> yes. >> reporter: she said the man grabbed her mother's breast. she screamed and struggled to get free. >> that man is crazy. >> reporter: all nine cases happened in the springfield franconia area of fairfax county. this latest incident was one of two cases that happened on the same day within half an hour of each other and blocks apart. officers have increased patrols in the neighborhood. police are trying to determine whether a 10th case is connected. a victim in falls church last month told detectives the man in the sketch grabbed already buttocks and wouldn't let go until she screamed. fairfax county police are looking into a possible link. >> it was kind of creepy because we live here so we
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could walk a lot of places and now we really can't. >> reporter: police believe there could be more victims out there just like this latest case that happened here that she didn't even know there could be a link to all these other cases. the bottom line is police really want to catch this man before it escalates into more cases. live in springfield surae chinn, 9 news now. from a story about one creepy guy to another, a teen is telling a horrifying story tonight about being attacked in an arlington library restroom. police say it happened at the thomas jefferson library on arlington boulevard just before 9:00 last night. a 17-year-old girl says she noticed a man had been watching her, so she ducked into the restroom. as she says, the man followed her and that's where he assaulted her. library staff called police. the man somehow got away, but the staff members say they have seen him in the library before, but they say there have been no other reports of assault. president obama spent the hours right after his big election night victory making some calls.
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he was reaching out to congressional leaders. now the results of last night's presidential race show the country still very much split down the middle and both sides today talking a good game about compromise. tara americaner in is at the white house where the obama administration -- tara mergener is at the white house where the obama administration and the congress better reach an agreement soon. >> reporter: the same problems remain and essentially the same congressional makeup. president obama is headed back to washington after a bitter battle to win a second term. he used his victory speech to reach out to the other side. >> in the weeks ahead i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> reporter: mitt romney also called for compromise. >> in a time like this we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. >> reporter: voters put president obama back in the white house, but they also
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chose a divided congress recreating the same recipe for gridlock. democrats are hanging onto the senate where majority leader harry reid says he'll work with republicans but won't let them push him around. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. >> reporter: republicans are keeping control of the house and speaker john boehner is standing his ground. >> the american people this week did give us a man date to simply do the simple thing. they elected us to lead. they gave us a mandate to work together to do the best for our country. >> reporter: both parties will have to compromise by the end of the year to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. if they don't, the country faces a rollback of tax cuts as well as big cuts to defense and social programs. and there will be little time to celebrate for any of the winners. congress is set to convene next tuesday and the main topic of
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discussion, that fiscal cliff. >> lot of work to be done to keep us all from falling off. thank you. wall street, they went into a free fall in the day after the election. stocks for businesses that may have faced easier regulations under a romney administration are taking the big hits and investors are worried that president obama and the congress will not be able to reach a deal to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. the dow finished dow today to 12,932, nearly 300 points. virginia's outcome in the presidential race came down to the wire with president obama pulling out a win with a three- point spread. both democrats and the president won handily in most of the heavy populated areas of northern virginia. in prince william county kaine received 50% of the vote. he said receiving 50% of the demographics in virginia has turned the state purple making
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the commonwealth a politically important state for years to come. >> if anybody had a sense after 2008 that virginia going blue was just a fluke, last night demonstrated that it's not. >> senator elect kaine says his first task is to find solutions to the looming fiscal cliff budget cuts we're all talking. about at 6:00 peggy fox will explain how he plans to do that. elsewhere in virginia in a critical battleground county there is some reflection today on what transpired. some voters believe the process could have moved more smoothly. andrea mccarren reports from prince william county tonight. >> reporter: roughly 20,000 more voters in prince william county cast their ballots in this election than in 2008 and that high turnout led to long lines and short tempers. >> it's absurd. >> reporter: this was the scene at one of the polling places where voters waited in line as long as five hours. >> this is the longest line that i've ever seen. >> reporter: one day later some old campaign signs remain, but the anger has subsided.
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in fact, those who waited in line earned the admiration of some neighbors to the north. >> i would never do that. i mean you should vote but not that -- i mean that's a lot of time to take out of your day to do it. those people are dedicated and i appreciate them voting, but i never would have done that, no. >> it's pretty remarkable. i have a 6-year-old daughter and she had an opportunity to experience that important privilege that we have. >> reporter: not everyone had an unpleasant experience in prince william county. >> we got there about 6:30 and we were in line for about an hour and a half in the cold but good conversation, plenty of laughter and then she had the chance to go into the voting booth. >> reporter: the prince william county board of elections will take a look at what happened this election and consider some solutions for next time. one idea? buying more voting machines. in woodbridge andrea mccarren, 9 news. >> so even though the polls closed at 7 p.m., anyone in line then was allowed to vote, but that meant that at some
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precincts in prince william county people were still casting their ballots as late as 10:30 last night. coming up a fire breaks out in a row of townhouses just a block away from where another set of homes went up in flames just a month ago. >> nor east not done yet, may see rain or snow tonight. we'll talk about that and your morning commute as well. >> one day after maryland voters approved the same sex marriage bill gay couples across the state are planning their weddings. i'm matt jablow, that story straight ahead.
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front pages across the nation proclaim the results of last night's presidential election. newspapers from all 50 states and the district lined the front entrance of the museum where they're already offering up a special inauguration day viewing package. for $100 visitors will be able to view the inauguration on a
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giant screen. they'll have a warm spot to watch the parade along pennsylvania avenue where the museum is located. ticket goes on sale tomorrow to museum members and next thursday to the general public for the inauguration. meanwhile the celebrating is well underway for supporters of a maryland's question 6. that is the same sex marriage referendum. >> as matt jablow tells us, it was one of three highly charged ballot questions approved yesterday by maryland voters, but quite possibly the most emotional issue for those involved. >> it's one of the happiest days of my life. >> reporter: sarah morgan and kayo gamber have been together more than 20 years sharing a charming home in takoma park and a talented 19-year-old daughter. >> it's just been a long, long time coming. >> reporter: but they say they have never felt more like a couple than they do today, one day after maryland voters became the first in the country's history to approve a same sex marriage referendum. >> it feels like you are
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legitimate and you are here. you're not an embarrassment. >> i'm so proud of this date and i'm so proud this happened, especially since it's the very first time. >> reporter: as a result of yesterday's historic vote, gay couples in maryland can start getting marriage licenses on january 1st of next year, less than two months away. >> it is overwhelming. >> reporter: kayo and sarah say they plan on being among the first in line for their marriage license on new year's day. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and then plan on getting married sometime next fall. right now they're still in the early stages of planning the big event, but kayo says she knows one thing for sure. definitely no wedding dress for her. >> absolutely not. >> perhaps a tunic with pants. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9 news now. >> until yesterday's vote in maryland same sex marriage
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referendums had been defeated in 30 states. for the second time in nearly a month a fire broke out in the same anne arundel county neighborhood. sky 9 captured the scene in the 2000 block of kintore circle. there were no injuries but dozens of families are out of their homes. a neighboring building was badly burned in another fire last month. investigators do not believe the fires are related. a water main break left the streets of baltimore looking more like rivers. it happened at 8:00 this morning in the intersection of charles and 20th street. the department of public works says line that burst could be as large as 60 inches. the basements of several homes were flooded and at least one building has lost all of its water. >> wow. that's bad news indeed. that was pretty big, but did that flood anybody's house? i can deal with the flood in the street. the flood in the basement is a
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bigger problem. up north we got snow. around here not so bad? >> i want to take you up live to a place called wall, new jersey, which is in south central new jersey and it's snowing to beat the band up there. >> you were you were there, don't you, top? >> sort of, yes. i mean i wish that -- i'm glad it's not december or i'd really be mad if it were snowing up there and not here. they got a couple inches up there. [ audio difficulties ] >> top, we cannot hear you, man. all right. [ audio difficulties. [. >> 3, 4 inches already on the ground in parts, so that's -- all right. let's take a live look outside, okay, and we will look at the white house. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. it's just chilly outside, dew
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point 20 weight, everything starting to fall a little bit. -- 28, everything starting to fall a little bit. this microphone looks fat. i need town button my coat. dew point in the 20s -- to unbutton my coat. dew point in the 20s, pressure going up now. snow in new jersey, belong island, central park and hartford, massachusetts. i don't think we'll see more than a few flakes east of town. some of the prince -- precipitation wraps back around. if you're heading out 50 towards annapolis, you'll have a wet commute going home, but if you're going out towards leesburg or warrenton, i think you'll stay dry. close in view, a little rain toward bowie and up towards annapolis and baltimore. maybe some flakes later tonight, not a big deal. 39 in gaithersburg, 41 in fairfax, 42 in college park and
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41 in bowie. so tracking the nor'easter, a little light rain or snow tonight, but it stays dry in the western suburbs, dry morning commute. keep your jacket handy. next three days guess what, 9 weather alerts are green, green, green. windy tomorrow but decent, 52. cool but nice friday, 59, sunshine and look at this, saturday, mostly sunny, in the upper 60s and it just gets better. yes, it does. check this out. i'm going 70 or near 70 on sunday and on monday. we have the heart walk on saturday, anita and howie there. please participate in that. ravens are at home, 70, 70 on monday, maybe showers on tuesday. we're back in the 60s and a little cooler next week, nothing crazy, partly cloudy on wednesday, highs in the mid- 50s. so again the storm up north, gusts 45 miles per hour at islip and 35 in laguardia. so it's really insult to injury there. i mean if you didn't have power
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and it was snowing, how bummed would you be? >> very. >> deeply bummed. >> completely. coming up just in time for the holiday season wegmans is hiring in virginia. we'll tell yore more just ahead. >> up next -- you more just ahead. >> up next penn state's former president has his day in court on charges connected to the sandusky sex abuse scandal.
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new developments stemming from the sex scandal at penn state, the school's former president appeared in court today to face charges he lied and concealed child sex abuse allegations involving jerry sandy. 64-year-old graham spanier denied these allegations and was released on bond. spanier let penn state 16 years before being forced out by the scandal. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year prison term after being convicted on 45 counts stemming from the sexual abuse of boys that lasted years. greeks angry about the new austerity measures clashed with riot police today again in athens. it happened outside parliament where the lawmakers are talking about ways to cut spending, cut even more spending in order to receive another eu bailout. police used their water canons and tear gas against tens of thousands of demonstrators.
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the debate inside the building was interrupted when parliament employees went on strike to protest the cuts to wages. recalls in this post election day consumer roundup, 37,000 master foreign four burner gas grills sold at lowe's are being called back. the hose that connects the gas to the regulator isn't installed properly and could lead to a fire. check your grill for the model number gd4825. if you have any questions, caught company at 888-584-3 -- call the company at 888-584- 3648 for instructions how to install the hose. at&t is going to distribute $700,000 you could get some of that money. a computer error forced some smartphone users to pay for the monthly date plan. in 2009 the company made its subscribers move to those plans, but it wasn't supposed to charge existing customers who had to replace their lost
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or stolen phones through insurance or warranties. the fccs if this happened to you, at&t has to restore the old plan and give you a refund of up to $30 a month. if you've got some kitchen skills or are looking for a part-time job wegmans is hiring accepting applications for its virginia locations. those stores are in sterling, fairfax, fredericksburg, gainesville, leesburg and woodbridge. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in charlestown, west virginia. coming up after question 7 in maryland expanding gambling. what's next here? >> but first long lines, allegations of fraud and voter misconduct. could the united states voting system be a little better? we'll have some suggestions for improvements coming up next.
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we will win this election and we will finish what we started in 2008 and remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth! >> a president aiming for four more years. >> this is about america, the country we love. it's in trouble. it needs our help. we're going to take it back and make sure america remains the hope of the earth. >> a challenger remaining to stop him. it's been a long road for them and for us. >> in america we celebrate success. we don't apologize for success. >> if you reject the notion
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that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder. >> the convention speeches. >> took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi anarch of terror. >> he did -- an act of terror. >> he did, in fact, call it an act of terror. >> you said a little while ago we should still have troops in iraq. >> the post debate things. >> i need iowa. >> you know where i stand. turn out to vote for me. >> and finally the voting and the president reelected. well, as americans we do like to think of ourselves as exception ark but as we discovered during our -- exceptional, but as we discovered during our voting systems last night, we are exceptional, exceptionally bad like afghanistan-type bad. bruce leshan has been looking into things we can do to perhaps make it a little easier on the populous when they want to exercise their public obligations. >> yeah, their duties and
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responsibilities as citizens. in almost every other democracy, tell you, what even in third world democracies, you get the results almost instantly. an independent national agency counts the ballots quickly, racketly with few allegations of -- accurately with few allegations of fraud or voter suppression. so why can't we do that? >> this is the longest line that i've ever seen. >> reporter: all across america on election day. >> i got up early this morning and i went to cast my ballot and now they're telling me that my vote is not going to count. >> reporter: voters complained the system had failed them. >> when an individual would press the romney button, it would come up obama on the printed record. >> reporter: couldn't it be easier? in new jersey in the wake of the super storm the state let voters cast ballots electronically by e-mail, by fax, not that it worked perfectly. even in the former soviet republic of astonia online
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voting is now the norm. >> the technology is getting smarter. the security is getting better. >> reporter: although there are risks there, too. >> if an election is hacked, we don't really have a way to undo it. >> reporter: even the tradition of tuesday voting dates back to the days when americans had to get to the polls on horseback. tuesday avoided the sabbath and market day. many democracies now have an election day holiday and spreading voting out over days or weeks might also ease those lines. >> they make us stand here until after 8:00. a lot of people left and they won't come back. they can't come back. >> reporter: some states now allow everyone to vote by mail, but the fact that d.c., the 50 states and thousands of counties all have different machines and different rules only contributes to the confusion. >> our electoral administration system is a scandal. it is an obscenity. we should be embarrassed before the world that americans waited
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four hours to vote. that does not happen in canada. that does not happen in australia. >> reporter: now other countries have voting scandals, but not very often like those hanging chads from the 2000 election and, of course, you know they're still counting those votes in florida today. part of the problem really is money. experts say we are just not spending enough to ensure an efficient process, efficient elections and tell you. what there's some conspiracy theorists who think that there are some entrenched politicians who think that inefficient elections are good because maybe they discourage poor people who cannot afford to go out and spend six hours waiting to vote. >> another problem. if it only happens every two years, we don't think about it very much. >> that's true. well, guys, in maryland the multi-million dollar bet on question 7 paid off and now local officials are hoping expanded gambling in the state will provide even bigger
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payoffs. >> this is a good thing for the state, that if we're already in the gaming business, we need to be competitive nationwide and to have a destination resort that can bring in an additional $200 million to the state and $40 million additional revenues to prince george's county was a good thing for all of us. >> now whether you're happy about this depends on where you live. in jefferson county, west virginia, one local leader there said the maryland vote to expand gambling is a potential kick in the teeth to their local economy, that county about 65 miles northwest of washington, is home to the giant hollywood casino which is now making some stiff competition for maryland. scott broom is in town with reaction tonight. >> reporter: penn national gaming which owns charlestown here spent more than $40 million trying to stop question 7 in maryland because there is no doubt its passage and the
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construction of a big new casino on national harbor is going to hurt here badly. >> everybody place your bets. >> reporter: it's not just the casino that's a loser. today jefferson county's emergency service department was busy saving the life of a man who fell from a rooftop. the department's entire $2.1 million budget comes from -- you guessed it -- gambling revenue. the director is doug pittenger. it was gambling revenue that built the new emergency services building, gambling money that supports schools to the tune of $5 million a year, gambling money that makes up 25% of jefferson county government's entire $28 million budget. >> we are too dependent on gaming funding. >> reporter: patsy nolan is president of the county commission. how important is this gambling revenue to this jurisdiction? >> it is very important. it's grown in its importance to jefferson county and we are
5:36 pm
going to have to learn to do more with less. >> reporter: turns out gambling revenue here is actually life and death issue. unemployment here in jefferson county is far below the national average at 5% thanks in part because of the huge casino complex. it's an unemployment rate some now here fear may rise. in charlestown, west virginia, scott broom, 9 news now. believe it or not it is not against the law to strip naked in public in san francisco, but if one lawmaker has his way, the city by the bay will have to put some clothes on. >> but up next two western states vote to make it legal to smoke fun, just for fun. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back and we'll explain that last piece, too.
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voters in two western states voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana. starting december 6th it will be legal for people over 21 to legally posses 1 ounce of marijuana in washington state. a ballot measure to decriminalize pot was also approved in colorado.
5:40 pm
supporters including travel writer rick steves say yesterday's vote is the first step. >> this is the beginning of taking apart prohibition one step at a time. that's how they did it 80 years ago against alcohol. that's how we're going to do it now against marijuana. >> the governor of colorado still says marijuana is an illegal drug and supporters should not break out the cheetos or goldfish too quickly. los angeles voters passed legislation requiring performers to use condoms while making x-rated movies. the measure was backed by the aids healthcare foundation as a way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease including aids in the pornography industry. the legislation was opposed by a coalition of porn provide do users who say the measure will force them out of l.a. california has another interesting piece of legislation today. it is legal now, but a lawmaker in san francisco is backing the proposal to ban public nudity
5:41 pm
aimed at the so-called naked guys who let it all hang out in the castro district, but the supervisor named anthony weiner, really, that's his name, says he's seen enough. >> it doesn't mean that anyone can do anything they want anywhere at any time under any circumstance. there are always some basic standards for our public spaces. >> we're born this way. this is your true expression of self. >> yes, for the decoration of independence. yes to body freedom. >> okay. his name is scott weiner which is hardly better. the nudity ban was approved by the committee monday. the full board of supervisors will vote later this month. i'm against it. okay. the baltimore ravens found themselves at the middle of maryland's same sex marriage debate this season and coming up we'll sit down with the player who started the debate about sports and politics. >> but first what's in a name?
5:42 pm
the debate over whether to give winter storms an identity next.
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man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. this year, more than 27,000 children will be diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. their wishes are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at [ flippers slapping ] i'm not sure whether it's one word or two, but nor'easter
5:45 pm
-- >> we don't like either one of them. >> i love nor easters. i live for nor'easters in the winter. >> you're all by yourself. >> now. howard is with me, too. we're going to talk about where it is and, in fact, we'll be hard pressed to see anything in terms of light rain or snow tonight, primarily east of 95. up in philadelphia different story, though. let's start with a live look outside, pretty quiet. they actually reported a trace of snow today at national. i called and checked. they said there was a couple flakes and sleet mixed in with rain, that constitutes a trace. 45 now, winds northerly at 14. they become stronger going through the nighttime hours and continue tomorrow. pressure steady 29.90 inches. mercury. here's the rain and snow, tremendous amount of snow through new jersey, most of long island up into new york, connecticut and even up into southern vermont and new hampshire. we're talking about 4 inches of snow in new britain not far from hartford and a couple
5:46 pm
inches of snow in central new jersey and more on the way. we have a little bit of light rain primarily east of 95. this is not rifing the ground. so ignore -- reaching the ground, so ignore this. if you're going out 50 past bowie to annapolis, you'll have some light rain and later tonight you might see a couple flakes in that vicinity, anne arundel county and northern prince george's county is the best chance of seeing a couple flakes. temperatures are cold, 39 in laytonsville and gaithersburg. remember our average high is 62. these norwhere near. 41 in great falls, fairfax, 42 college park, 40 in bowie. so tracking the nor'easter, light rain or snow tonight east of town. today is dry in the western suburbs. dress for the 40s even though we are saying low 50s. it's going to be chilly. here's the futurecast. there's a little light rain indicated in green. watch what happens. when this goes away, all the
5:47 pm
snow continues in southern new jersey and a little snow in the delmarva. that's not going to stick, just too warm. of that we clear out. by morning we're -- of that we clear out. by morning we're -- after that we clear out and by morning we're looking at partly cloudy skies and by evening we're talking pretty much clear skies. so we're going to improve. also in terms of temperatures we'll improve by the end of the week. mostly cloudy tonight, windy, cold, light rain ending by dawn primarily east of town, lows in the 30s, winds northwest 15 to 25 and gusty. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, winnie, cold, 30s and 40s -- windy, cold, 30s and 40s, highs low 50s but again dress for the 40s. it's going to be windy all day. next three days our nine weather alerts all green, 52 tomorrow, 59 friday. look at saturday, milder, sunshine and 68 degrees. next seven days it gets better. 70 on sunday, monday, some showers tuesday, got the heart walk saturday.
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please join anita and howard and ravens in town for a home game, temperatures around 70. we call these storms nor'easters, much to my chagrin. some folks are beginning to name them. for more on that here's meteorologist erica grow. >> we obviously like naming these storms. a few years ago there was snowmageddon and carmageddon and we just experienced superstorm sandy, but does that mean these names should be official? earlier this year the weather channel announced that it will give names to winter storms that in their words will produce significant effect on a populated area. their theory is if a storm has a name, it will be taken more seriously by the public. the network is not sending any specific guidelines such as snow amounts for these storms, but they'll get names like brutus and plato. this is the furr time a national company has -- first time a national company has attempted to name storms, but some local stations in hartford, connecticut has been
5:49 pm
naming storms more than 40 years. wssb says the station will only name a storm if it's expected to bring more than 6 inches of snow or at least 1/2-inch of ice to their viewers. today's coastal storage doesn't make the cut and dixon said his station won't be calling it athena either. so what if a storm named after a greek god or goddess ends up being an epic dud? we'll find out sooner or later. the weather channel has decided to ignore the storm names here altogether. i have a bulletin from the national weather service earlier today please refrain from using the term athena in any of our products and the other tv stations around the country owned by the same company as the weather channel are staying clear of this naming game as well. >> it's a little goofy. it's one sight to name a storm in hindsight, but to name it ahead of time is a little goofy and i'm not so sure people will
5:50 pm
take the warnings any more seriously. >> snowfall is so tough to nail down, which areas are going to get impacted significantly, whereas with the hurricane they're flying airplanes into it and know how strong the winds are. >> right. they check those for days. back to you guys. what are some of our politicians doing the day after election day? celebrating the stride d.c. public schools and government has made in serving healthier less processed foods at lunch. mary cheh and kenyon mcduffie were at mckinley high school for a garden table cooking demo where the students are encouraged to start gardens of their on and spend more time in the kitchen. this is the american heart association's national eating healthy day. so why not join howard bernstein and me at another good for your ticker event. the greater washington heart walk kicks off at 9 a.m. this saturday at nationals park. there's a link on our website
5:51 pm and we've got the recipes you just saw as well. please join me tonight on 9news at 11:00 for a special health alert about the dangers of some trendy but intense workouts. you've seen the ads and infomercials, maybe even tried a new workout as part of a daily deal you got in an e- mail. >> i had to have arthroscopic knee surgery and there were other issues in the knee as well. i can't even begin to think about how much money i spent spending on fixing my knee. >> what are the most dangerous moves and how can you tackle a workout trend safely, all that tonight at 11:00. one of the more controversial issues decided by maryland voters yesterday, question 6, the same sex marriage referendum. >> one of the issue's biggest supporters is a linebacker with the baltimore ravens and our kristen berset caught up with him today. >> thanks, guys. ravens linebacker brendan ayanbadejo has been quite vocal throughout this entire election campaign. he's quite overjoyed today that voters passed question 6, but
5:52 pm
he says his work isn't done. this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> when i first started talking about it, people didn't really want to talk about it. >> that was 2009, now three years later voters in the state of maryland passed question 6 approving same sex marriage. one of the issue's top advocates is linebacker brendan ayanbadejo. >> i think it's amazing maryland voted and decided to choose on the side of equality and love, but at the same time it's not an issue that should be up for popular vote. equality is equality. >> ayanbadejo campaigned until the very last moment from videos to rallies to election day stops. he made sure no stone was left unturned. >> definitely excited, but we have a lot of work to go to get it done nationally. >> reporter: despite his passions for equal rights he knows the issues don't sit well with his teammates. center matt birk spoke out
5:53 pm
against gay marriage in his homestate of minnesota, but ayanbadejo says this issue helped them become closer. >> he does so much in the community, nfl man of the year, but i think this is just one issue where he's wrong, but that's not going to change the way i feel about matt birk, still love him to death and fight with him every day on practice and every day sunday. >> reporter: although ayanbadejo isn't gay himself he learned to embrace diversity at a young age growing up in california. so for him yesterday's vote is the biggest win of his career. >> i feel like i won the super bowl or something. all my friends e-mailed me, tweeted, texted and called and saying congratulations, you did such a good job, but i feel that i just did the right thing. >> brendan has been working with vikings kicker chris kluwe and former new orleans linebacker scott fujita on this issue around the country. next brendan says he'll shift his focus to florida where he lives during the offseason and california, which is his homestate. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in richmond. can senator elect tim kaine
5:54 pm
build bridges in washington like he did story? >> this is bruce johnson. coming up there's a new d.c. council member, the first time an incumbent has lost since 1998. i'll have that story. >> but first the role of the social media in this year's election.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
just like in '08 this election earned plenty of attention all over the world, but perhaps more than '08 there
5:57 pm
was the world of social media and joining me now to talk about that, our social media editor simon landou and one picture in particular got a lot of attention. >> we talk so often about the power of images and what you're looking at here is a tweet sent by barack obama's campaign. if you can kind of look in there, just says four more years and it was a photo of the president hugging the first lady, but this became the most retweeted tweet in history of twitter. now that happened in just 22 minutes according to the social networking site. >> wow! >> yes. it's really incredible. think about this. it was retweeted over 225,000 times in the middle of the night in 22 or so minutes. so shocking stuff. >> obviously it's the emotion and the power of this thing that caught a lot of people's attention. we, of course, were tweeting like crazy here. maybe we didn't get a quarter million out in 20 minutes.
5:58 pm
did it show up on our social media? >> yeah. we were doing a really cool thing last night which we do so often which i kind of call the virtual flyer system which gets you involved into sharing on our facebook and twitter accounts. we were taking breaking stuff and putting it together with graphics so that you could share with your friends on your facebook. if you look at this breaking report when president obama won reelection, this got so many sharessen and it was really good -- shares and it was really good to see everyone coming out on our facebook and twitter. i urge you all to join the fun and like us on facebook. >> absolutely. thank you, sir. as always, fascinating stuff. back to you guys. by the way, you can always keep us with 9news at we've got a facebook page, mobile site and twitter feed. it's all at this is 9 news now.
5:59 pm
our great day here is just a glancing mow from the nor'easter -- blow from the nor'easter our 9 weather team is tracking tonight. our topper shutt is in the weather center. >> the good news is everything is going to stay to our east. we might see a couple wet snowflakes east of town. it will be windy and coal a day or, so but we're -- cold a day or, so but compared to what's going on in new york and new jersey we're lucky again quite frankly. you can see quite a bit of snow in new jersey, new york, mainly rain on long island, interior sections of connecticut, long island and southern sections of vermont and new hampshire. all of this is not reaching the ground. there's a little bit of light rain east of town. prince george's county and anne arundel, if you're going out 50 towards annapolis, you'll have a wet commute. if you're going up 270, it's going to stay dry. out 66 it's going to


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