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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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already weary from super storm sandy. residence dealing with the cold and darkness, sandy struck more than a week ago and they say that they are at their breaking point. >> for this to happen very soon is so frustrating. >> reporter: wednesday's storm interrupted the recovery process across new jersey and new york and also caused hundreds of thousands of new outages. many, they had just gotten their power back, only to see it knocked out again. >> all of a sudden, boom. and there we are. back in the middle ages. >> reporter: officials say it could have been worse. >> the snow was helpful, believe it or not. because it wasn't rain and so it helped on the flooding side. >> reporter: here in hard hit rockaway beach, it's not snow, but sand that's a big problem. they have been working all day to clear mountains of it from the streets. >> and help take a look at it. >> reporter: the latest stayed behind for his parishioners when sandy hit. >> i hugged them and they cried
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into my arm. >> reporter: he said some church goers who lost everything planned to move away. >> we encourage them to come back again and again. we don't give up. >> reporter: and as the rebuilding continues, the weather should be better with temperatures in the 60s by the beginning of the week. and now the gas shortage, it will continue to be a problem. mayor saying only 25% of the gas stations are open to the cities, so beginning tomorrow, the city will begin a gas rationing plan. >> a message that is too early to know. they might be able to get the power back on for all those folks. >> reporter: in some areas, people just don't know yet. and in the area of long island, the utility company hopes that it will be back by thanksgiving, lesli. >> oh my goodness. boy, that is just really. i mean i don't have any words for that. we talk about the power outages
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and that really sort of crystallizes with what they are doing there. thank you. >> wow. topper. that's the reaction from all of it in here. do you know of any other stuff coming down the pike? >> no, they will be jumping for joy over the weekend, up in the new york area. but we still have winds to deal with as they pull away. look at the winds. they are still gusting up to 28 in boston. it is a pretty wide area. it's pretty big. 29 miles per hour wind gusts downtown. and in the ocean city. that's the good news. they will subside. and close in view. so the temperatures in the 50s right now, if you go out, go and dress for the temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. and the wind gust at 25 in manassas and in the 40s. even down towards frederick when you go to 23 miles per
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hour. 52 downtown. upper 40s in frederick and gaithersburg. and for tonight, clear, breezy, cold. one to two in the pros. the northwest at 10 to 20. and we'll let you know a nice weekend over the weekend. people are learning some hard lessons from super storm sandy. among those struggling to recover is our own bruce leshan who is trying to rebuild after a tree nearly wiped out his home. he is hoping what he is learning helps others. >> reporter: a week ago, i lived in a forest of this view. but all the way around the neighborhood now, the chain saws are buzzing. the cranes are ripping the logs out of people's backyards. my neighbors, they are all scared about what happens to me. that it might happen to them. and so they are taking out this
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screen now later in the afternoon. this one, they will come down and then that one over there will come down and my next door neighbor over here has already removed three. three huge trees. this is a tree house that i built for my kids. and it actually survived the tree falling initially. it balanced the tree up on the corner of the house there. but the portion from my house and about 11,000 pounds. and the crane, they just could not hold it. so when they cut it off my house, the log is going to collapse on here. one more little bit of destruction. >> luckily my wife, they had decided to ride out the storm down on the basement. because this was my bedroom, which suffered the worst of the damage. and now south river restaurant, they have packed up almost everything that i own and they have started the process of
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demolition by removing off the roof views. i started talking about rebuilding and my adjustor from nationwide insurance says anyone who owns an older house might want to think about having something called a law and ordinance rider. my current insurance, they will only pay for what was here with the law and ordinance rider that they would pay to upgrade me to the current building code. they convinced me that my friends and neighbors are the best ever. they helped me move into this house just a few blocks away. my wife and my kids are all thinking that this sunroof will be a real nice place to spend the winter. >> we're going to keep checking in with bruce as he rebuilds and share it with you as they say that it might be just a matter of months. let's hope so. police are on the look out
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tonight for a man that broke into an elderly woman's home, assaulting her. it happened yesterday. and that is where our own matt jablo joins us live with details. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, police are on the scene gathering evidence. the search for the suspect intensifies. it was broad daylight, right around noon when police say that a man broke into a rear window at this well kept home in the 3500 block of mckinley street. >> as far as i'm concerned. >> when the suspect came up upon the home's 81-year-old owner, he assaulted her. >> i think she will be ultimately fined. >> stole some unidentified items from the house and took off. >> this is concerning to you? >> yes. >> joe says for the most part it's a good neighborhood. there has been a rash of robberies here recently. >> we have a lot of burglaries
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that we don't have many assaults. but they have been picking up just a little bit over the past few years. you're asked to call crime stoppers at 1-866-had 11-tips. our callers will remain aonian mouse. the next piece of the news out in that neighborhood is that someone has been busted. thank you so much, matt. it started today at the state of the university student. accused of killing her roommate, dominique frazier on september of last year. they alleged that she killed frazier over the music being played on an ipod, but simpson claims she was acting in self- defense. opening arguments are scheduled to start next tuesday. and the driver of the interstate bus that crashed on i-95 in virginia last may was found guilty today of killing four of his passengers. he faces up to 40 years in prison. convicted of four felony counts
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of involuntary manslaughter. he plead not guilty even though he admitted to the cops that he fell asleep while driving the sky express bus, which is on its way from greensboro to new york city. he'll be sentenced in january. in a city that has seen more crimes than most. even the top police brass in baltimore are calling the crimes outrageous. 11 people mostly young women, kidnapped, robbed, raped. scott broom is in baltimore where the suspects are now behind bars, scott? >> reporter: well behind me is the university in the heart of baltimore. and what is even more chilling about these crimes is that the two predators that have been arrested, they were working the neighborhoods around the state and in six cases. targeting the college students. they are two men accused of kidnapping and terrorizing women near colleges in baltimore between august and october. they targeted the west baltimore neighborhoods near the university. often targeting women at bus stops.
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forcing them at gunpoint in your gold ford explorer and taking them away. by getting two extremely dangerous people off the streets. today police in baltimore announced the arrest. >> that's the thing they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> the young women were forced into the suv. and at gunpoint and driven to a nearby apartment complex. where they forced her at gunpoint to perform several sex act. >> reporter: in all there were 11 victims. six of them at the local colleges, including the baltimore community college. and one was only 17. >> it is very surprising. >> reporter: some of the crimes happened in daylight on the busy streets. >> i mean, it is everywhere. the busy streets like the one i'm standing on, the parkway, right in front of the university, a lot of traffic
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around. even more chilling about this. and the suspect in this case, they told the victims that they had stolen their ideas of the cell phone and track them down if they ever reported that crime. both suspects are behind bars. police here in baltimore say that it should be a warning to the college students everywhere. and live in baltimore, 9news now. >> you think that it won't happen, but it does. thank you. thank you for bringing that report. coming up, the former congressman, face-to-face encounter with the man who shot them on their judgment day. and also ahead, dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, they come true for some military brides right here in our area. and moving the election over, lawmakers turn their attention to the looming fiscal clip. in washington with the story coming up. every day in one form or another, we face challenges. and the purpose of the local news organization is to better equip us to face the challenges. by tracking the important
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events and saying they unfold. alerting us to the information that we will need, when and where we need it. protecting us from those who may not always have the best interest at heart. preparing us for the days ahead. and don't face the life challenges alone. 9news, they will be everywhere you need us to be.
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there is a bit of a potential showdown brewing
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between the white house and capitol hill. not the first time either. they will go back to washington next tuesday and they won't have any time to wait. >> other else we all face automatic spending cut tax increases that threaten to endanger the economy. they spent the day on capitol hill. >> now that the election is done, lawmakers are scrambling to avoid that dreaded fiscal clip and the deadline is coming fast. >> the congressional leaders started looking for an opening to move them away from the so- called fiscal clift. >> they stand ready to work with you. >> compromise is not a dirty word. >> reporter: without a deal before the end of the year, families will see their taxes go up $2,000 to $3,000. they will see their budget slashed and they could climb above 9%. it's tough medicine for an economy still in recovery. >> it is very likely suffering deep recession. and i don't think that is the
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way that we want to go here. >> reporter: and they drove themselves to this clift when they approved the budget cuts to force themselves to deal with the cut. it comes as they are set to expire. >> and after years of punting on the major fiscal challenges that we faced, 2013 is going to be different. >> reporter: and there is still some major roadblocks. the speaker says he is willing to find the new tax revenue, but he will not race couples on the small businesses, making it more than $250,000 a year. and newly re-elected president obama campaigned on the pledge to raise taxes for those higher income earners. and the decisions congress makes will affect the economy, the u.s. credit rating and the national debt. anita? >> that's staggering. all right, thank you. speaker boehner favorites simplifying the tax codes by limiting the number ofexemption.
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it's one day after about 100,000 people took to the streets and protest. the demonstrators tried to stop the lawmakers from passing a new round of budget cuts. but they back up the measures to save them from bankruptcy. they fired the water canyons with the demonstrators. it was the biggest rally there in over a year. and stocks flipped again in this country. while it was not as dramatic as yesterday, investors, they are still concerned about the potential for gridlock. but they finished the day down 120 points to close at 12,811. >> all right, not too bad out there. a little sunshine, which is the big view as you would say. >> and things to come over the weekend, right? >> yes, it is. it looks warmer than what it was. up to 30 miles an hour that made it look cooler, but they would die down tomorrow and they will be on the way. >> yes, that's what i thought.
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we're looking at really, pretty much the clear skies. and the temperatures, 52. dew point at 12. that will be one low dew point. they are way down there at 20% as you can looking there and you will be shocked on your favorite family member and your skin will start to crack now. remember to put humidity back to your house and that it should have been off and you'll put them back into your house to put some cream on your hands. that's the low dew point. they are still northwest at 10 to 15. and satellite pictures combined. look at how nice it is. essentially from the ohio valley all the way to the plain state. you'll get real stormy in the rockies. it's going to stay stormy out there for a few days. that's good. we're almost done with this nor'easter as it is still sitting and spinning off the coast of new england. still some pretty good rain, a little sliver of rain across northern and central sections
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of a part of vermont and also new hampshire. so it is almost pulling away as far as we are concerned. they will not die down completely until tomorrow morning. maybe 9:00 to 10:00. we have clear skies in great shape. we're looking at a chilly night, okay? again if you are going outside, dress for the wind. temperatures are not going to be that cold, but it will feel like they are in the 10 to tos tonight. it's one of the cooler readings. 50 in rockville and bethesda. 59 at college park. 49 in vienna. 51 in burke. out towards ash burn it's 50. 5 it over in manassas. so the winds diminish slowly. still breezy to windy tonight. dress for the 30s and 40s. a chilly start tomorrow. it's going to be bright, but you'll need a jacket in the morning with a milder finish though on friday. good news is tomorrow temperature wise, it will only be a few degrees warmer. but it is going to feel a lot warmer because we'll have no wind in the afternoon. clear skies tonight, breezy and cold. 1 to 2 blanket night i would say. lows in the 30s.
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winds northwest to 10 to 20 occasionally gusty. by morning, sunny, breezy early with a chilly start. grab a jacket. winds are northwest at 10 to 15. and then by afternoon, winds die down, a gorgeous friday. i mean a great way to finish the week. especially compared to how we started it. mostly sunny and milder. winds diminish. winds are out of the northwest, but only at 10 miles an hour. the zone forecast, it's sunny from the mountains to the coast. only 40 in oakland. but 48 in cumberland. mid-50s in hagerstown. maybe upper 50s for culpepper. making 51. not quite 60 in warrenton and leesburg and manassas. but it will feel much warmer tomorrow, even though they are just a few degrees up. 60 downtown around charles county and down to st. maries county. not quite 60 up 270 through rockville and gaithersburg and frederick. manassas, 58.
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i'll tell you what, it's going to remain breezy through the all morning, through all of friday morning so take it easy if you go out on the water. your day planner. cold to start in the 30s. and cool by evening. but look at that, not a cloud in the sky. temperatures are 55 to 60. it will set at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. and the next three days, the nine weather alert. green, green, green. cool, but nice tomorrow, 60. we kind of made them pretty easy to remember. milder, 65. warmer on sunday. 70 degrees. wow. the next seven days. >> i think that we'll hit the 70s again. and as you can see the veterans day. that's pretty nice. showers will come in on tuesday with some rain. dropping to about 60 in the wake of that cold front, it will be a little cooler, but nothing out of the ordinary. upper 50s on wednesday and then sunshine on thursday and temperatures, near 60. okay, now before the storm,
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this is taken on the 27th of october, okay? and this is a great thing. and this is often that you see it at night, okay? when you get them around the noon. and also around the sun with the high clouds that come in. and it also means precipitation in the next 24 hours. it will make it very nice. thank you. >> and do you want to send something to us? go to our website, click on the weather, and be sure to include your name, location, and description. we have great flooding pictures in the wake of sandy that i couldn't show them because i did not need to know where they were or who sent them. >> but she did the right thing? >> yes. >> okay. you're correct. coming up, the lawmaker will be exploring the possibility of a very different look to downtown d.c. but coming up next, they caught on tape, roughening up the store clerk.
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not too bad for the slurpies.
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we've got a holiday weekend coming up and commuters should expect big delays this veterans weekend. all metro, especially the
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orange line. through closing monday. the ballston and virginia square stations will be closed. trains will also be single tracking between the east falls church and vienna station. expecting delays up to 45 minutes. they will be single tracking on the red and green lines. police are out with surveillance video today. they are hoping that it will help them catch a couple armedrobbers. it's the day before halloween. and police say that one of the suspects jumped over the counter in the middle of the night. and the other one grabbed the clerk, threatened them with the gun. that poor clerk was pushed out of the ground, but it was not serious. anyone who knows who these fellows are, alexandria police would love to hear from you. a new fight is brewing over the height restrictions in the district and whether they should be lifted. the buildings in d.c. have been limited to about 12 stories for more than a century. well today the republican of california announced a study of
5:25 pm
height restrictions that will start next month. advocates say easing those restrictions slightly could open up the new development opportunities, but preservation is vowed to fight any changes to the law. people living around the glenmont neighborhood will be a long time coming. those recommendations called for the concentrating new developments in and around the station. and the shopping center, which is at georgia avenue in randolph road. they would also have new houses and more path for people to walk and bike. a local non-profit is slicing the pie, all for a good cause today. they are hosting a community pie day in support of the thanksgiving campaign to benefit people that are critically ill. the campaign, a slice of life. they fund the nutritious home delivered meal for people in need and this year's goal is to deliver over a million of those healthy meals. today's kick off took place at the square.
5:26 pm
welcoming up, a brazen break-in. robbers on motorbikes ride all the way into a shopping center. this is an incredible jewelry store heist. designer dresses donated to military brides. i'm surae chinn with that story coming up. getting life to sentence in prison without parole. we'll have that story coming up.
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the man who shot gabrielle giffords in the head and killed six others was sentenced to life in prison today. >> we've got a report from
5:29 pm
tucson, arizona where they faced loughner today one by one. >> reporter: police escorted him to prison. the former congresswoman faced her shooter for the first time in court today. her husband, astronaut mark kelly helped her to the podium. telling loughner that, "you tried to create a world as dark as yours, but you failed." you may have put a bullet in her head, but not a dent in her spirit. loughner showed little emotion. susan was shot while trying to save her 9-year-old neighbor said you pointed a weapon and shot me three times. now i walk out of this courtroom into the rest of my life and i won't think of you again. ron barber was also wounded, serving out the rest of the congresswoman's turn. >> i turned to mr. loughner and i said, "i hold you, hold no hatred for you, but i'm very
5:30 pm
angry and sick about what you did." >> reporter: when the judge sentenced him to prison, his mother put her head down and cried uncontrol blue. uncontrollablely. he leaded guilty in order to spare the victims. >> i believe i can find peace and closure in meaningful positive action. and in compassion and forgiveness. >> reporter: loughner has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. it's unclear if he will serve his time in a prison medical facility like the one he has been in for a year or federal lockup. edward lawrence for cbs news, tucson, arizona. >> and the county prosecutors could file charges against loughner, carrying a possible death sentence. major new developments tonight in the week key wikileaks case. at a court hearing today at ft.
5:31 pm
mead, he is accused of leaking government secrets to wikileaks. he could get life in prison as soon as it hits. a former worker pleaded guilty today to setting fire to a nuclear submarine. they said that he admitted to setting up the fire to the uss miami back in may. he had said that he suffers from anxiety and set the fire because he wanted to go home. it took more than 100 firefighters to stay at miami at the naval shipyard. the fire caused about $450 million in damage. now switching gears. how about a wedding dress to say thank you for serving overseas. qualified military brides got to pick out their gowns for free in the national brides across america program. and we both know how much a savings that could be for sure. surae chinn was there when the women said yes to the dress.
5:32 pm
and in manassas, virginia. >> i still like that. >> reporter: her fiance has nine months left in the deployment. in the meantime, she is searching for the one. >> that will be good. >> reporter: and she thinks that she found it. >> i think this is it. >> that's the fun? all right. >> this is yours. it is exactly what we wanted it at the top. >> and these beautiful dresses have been donated by different companies. costing anywhere from $1,000 on up and these military brides get to take them home for free. >> i'm not comfortable. >> reporter: the air force captain is just hoping for the perfect fit. >> this is it. she just returned from afghanistan, her third tour of duty. and that somebody has seen the service that a lot of those women have done. and that is the whole thing in the past as much as it should. and so this will be really cool. the first dress that they tried on, and you can see the smiles
5:33 pm
that we have not seen in a long time. it will be so happy. that she's got six months to prepare. stepping off the battlefield and could concentrate on walking down the aisle. >> they are crying if they do it every time. it brings the tears. seeing her air force daughters now on cloud 9. >> i'm not crying. i'm not happy. and it really means the world to me. >> surae chinn, 9news now. >> good luck with the wedding and the marriage. the brides across america, they have donated more than 8,000 wedding gowns since they started five years ago. they are the only store participating in the area and now the program runs through november 24. >> to the wedding story, even you guys could appreciate. and now preparations are underway for the big inauguration. workers on capitol hill started constructing the platform that they will take the oath of
5:34 pm
office again. and there are a series of meetings plans to talk about the cloud control. last year or four years ago it was the largest ever on the mall. this year the public ceremony is being pushed back to january 21 because the 20th falls on a sunday. and drivers ran into big traffic headaches today out on river road. it wasn't because of the crash. but because the british actress, they are in town filming a production. it was some back ups around them this morning as drivers were slowing down to check out the filming about 40 cars and trucks were involved in that production. there could be more headaches tomorrow and there will be more filming tomorrow. coming up, a deer decides to do a little more than just shop in one business district. tom? >> we're looking at temperatures in the 40s to the 50s. but the wind is making it feel cooler than that. let me show you the temperatures. we still have 52 downtown, but 48 in gaithersburg and frederick. still 50 in leesburg and
5:35 pm
manassas. we'll come back and talk about what the winds might feel like and looking ahead to your weekend. temperatures are going up. >> it sounds good, topper. coming up next, new video shows you what happened when the murder suspect tried to peel the plane away. and don't forget we are always on stay with us, we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, dramatic surveillance video, trying to steal a plane last july in utah. they were wanted for killing his girlfriend and investigators say he used his bicycle and then a rug to get over the barb wire fence and break into the airport. once they got in there, you can see them backing away from the terminal. but they clipped one of the wings, making the plane unfit to fly, smashing up the cars and just kept on going.
5:39 pm
caught on video committing one of the smash and grabs. >> the suspects were armed with axes as they get off their bikes and run towards the store. they then smashed the windows towards watches and jewelries before taking off on their bikes again. they were found abandoned, 15 minutes after the robbery. no one was seriously hurt. >> and they now have a movie deal. >> they don't stop them before they get there. also caught on tape. in pittsburgh. this is yesterday morning after the postal worker spotted the suspect in a nearby bank robbery. here comes the police as they need to make the run and an attempt to cut off the suspect. they slammed into the tree and in front of a school. yeah, it looks like they caught them and they dragged them and he is not running anymore. >> no. >> dragged him into custody. >> the stolen money was apparently scattered in the driveway along with the gun. nobody hurt there either. >> and also in pittsburgh, a
5:40 pm
deer caught in the headlight, they ended up getting caught on the carpet. this is the surveillance video, darting across the street before smashing through the window of the carpet store. the employee said that they hit while they spent about 15 minutes running around, crafting things down, demolishing everything in the storeroom. it's a helpless feeling. you know that there is nothing done to get that done. at least i wouldn't know what to do. >> who would know what to do? they finally managed to call the cop. and they played a little cat and mouse with them. hiding in between the rack. and eventually the deer exited the store on their own. no one hurt. >> how did they pick the location? >> just too many details. >> too many deer. >> that is the woodland rats. >> all right. still ahead tonight, knowing the real from the rip off before you start shopping
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for the holidays. but first taking the proper steps before you decide to try out one of those new workouts that looks super cool, but could end up getting you hurt. spspsports announcer♪
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[announcer] eric has always been different. ever since he was a child friends and family have had to deal with what's wrong with him. and as much as ucp has done to help eric lead a more independent life, he'll always fall under the same label. [eric] "touchdown! 28 zip, baby!" [announcer] he's a cowboys fan. [man] "a little humility wouldn't hurt." [announcer] help change attitudes. help change lives.
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have you seen those infomercials. or maybe your girlfriend just swears by a new cross training group. and some work out could be dangerous to the uninitiated and you could end up getting hurt. >> it was a fitness boot camp. >> and they were more tempted to try it because it was offered at a lower cost, thanks to the internet daily deal that so many of them get it and it started last april. they suffered a big tear in her knee. >> and we needed to have knee surgery as well as they came to think about how much money they have been spending as opposed to getting involved in that boot camp. >> not to mention being sidelined by what left her unable to work out at all, gaining back with what she
5:45 pm
wanted to lose. >> and that they have seen more cases of the overuse injury. plus problems from them trying to embrace the latest workout trend like p90x, cross fit, and insanity. a lot of these programs will be manned for people that are in shape. >> and that they would try to work out at the beginners level. >> you could ease into it. and to see that person. you can do less as they try a new trend. he decided to ditch that for these vibrant fingers. the minimal footwear that will talk about running barefoot. to change the idea from the heels to the eliminating show on the joint pain. >> but it was just the opposite for michael, even though that he broke those shoes in overtime. >> i gave it about four months.
5:46 pm
of just walking them in everywhere and taking my time, not forcing the issue. the more and more we ran in, the more they started to hurt. it was worse and i got to the point that they would come down and i don't need the pain. and that the comfort will be typical depending on the foot type. if the pain exists, you need to stop using the show. and they were doing lunges in that boot camp was not so lucky. work up your cardiovascular fitness first. taking power walks. doing a little jogging. that's sexier and not as exciting as p90x, but it gets you in shape. as they mentioned, they work up in your repetition and intensity. and walk lunges, upper body, all great for you, but the body risk injury as you get tired. don't try to max the level of the instructor of the video or
5:47 pm
the person running your booth camp. one session with the personal trainer at the gym who could set up the individualized workout. and you know what i'm talking about here with this? >> i do. i hurt myself in one of those intense classes. went to physical therapy for this hip and i still have hip issues that i have to have looked at by a specialist. i mean that's really serious. if you're not ready and you don't know where you should be in those intense classes, you might want to give it extra thought. >> even if you are ready. you've been doing it for a while. >> sometimes you don't know you have hurt yourself, which is what happened with me, so i kept going. like anita said, be careful before you jump into those programs. >> yes. that's right. >> i won't sign up for any of them. [ laughter ] >> all right. golf is okay. >> and that works too. you can hurt your back. >> yes, you can. i have done that before. we have a day up at 56, sounding pretty nice, but the winds made it feel cooler than
5:48 pm
the actual temperature. we'll start with a live look outside. the it's our michael and son weather cam. temperatures are falling now. 52. look at the dew point, 12. good hair day. that's for sure. you look forward to that tomorrow. winds are northwest at 13. pressure rising 29.96 inches of mercury. humidity only to%. here's what's left of our nor'easter. it is still hammering maine a little bit of snow on the backside. but most of the snow will be over with. i'll tell you what, like three inches in central park and7 p inches -- 7 inches out in jersey. pretty impressive november storm. winds are about 40 miles per hour. 54 miles per hour wind gust recorded in nantucket. for us it's cool. 49 in bethesda. we still have winds to deal with too. if you go out, dress for the30s and 40s. 50 in college park and 49 over in bowie and 50 down here in
5:49 pm
waldorf. still breezy and windy tonight. dress for the 30s and 40s. it's a big part of the friday night. we'll dress for the 20s and the 30s. it will be real cool coming in. chilly start for them on friday. and then milder finish. you will need a jacket at least the first part of friday and start with the kids at the bus stop. clear skies, breezy, cold. one to two blankets. lows in the 30s. northwest at 10 to 20 and by the morning, pure son, breezy early in the morning with a chilly start. grab a jacket. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. winds are still northwest at 10 to 15. that's better than 15 to 30, which is what we had today. by friday afternoon, mostly sunny, milder, winds diminish. a very nice day. high temperature near 60. and winds are out of the northwest at about 10. and the zone forecast, remember all six zones on our website, 40 in oakland, but you jump the divide. 48 in cumberland. 61 at culpepper and 49 in warrenton and probably, i mean
5:50 pm
59 in warrenton. upper 50s as you head up 270. sunny and 60 tomorrow. 65 on saturday. 70, yes, 70 on sunday. next seven days. now veteran's day is sunny. but it will probably be at 70 again. clouds come in, but it will be dry. rain, showers on tuesday. in the wake of that cold front, not bad. upper 60s on wednesday and thursday and maybe a morning shower on wednesday. but pretty nice. a heart walk on saturday. brings you home on sunday, what a weekend we have, enjoy. >> oh, we will. and all those people off of that long weekend, you've got to love it. thanks, top. still ahead, they are having trouble clearing out the flooded tunnels in and out of new york city. we'll take you there. if congress doesn't stop the fiscal clip, get ready for half a million job losses in this area alone. i'm peggy fox. coming up, i'll show you how everyone feels the effects.
5:51 pm
and the u.s. postal service gears up to give santa a helping hand during the holiday season. that's coming up next.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
in tonight's consumer alert, amazon's wine business and wal-mart jump started black friday sales. but first some of santa's helpers kicked off the holiday delivery season. they want you to know that neither rain or snow or night will keep the mail service from delivering your holiday
5:54 pm
packages. they were decked out the friendship heights branch to announce this year's pick up and delivery service for the holidays. the postal service believes that there will be a record breaking year for door-to-door mailing and shipment. >> the postal service this year will deliver over 365 million packages this holiday season. and that is up 20%. over last year. >> and they said that they also expect more than 30% surge in the economy. and also mark these dates on your calendar, december 17, it's the busiest shipping day for the postal service and december 22 is the last day for express mail. so by now you probably know that you don't need to wait until black friday to get the holiday meals. they just announced today if you are a shop your way member that you can stock your car five days earlier starting in october 18. but if you want to work off your turkey mail, wal-mart will open up their doors at 8:00
5:55 pm
p.m. on thanksgiving. this is a first for wal-mart. they made the move because customers want to shop earlier so they could have more time to sleep later. well clothes, food, electronics, now wine. amazon, they said today that they are going to ship wine to 12 states and the district from a new store front. the company is offering more than 1,000 wines from all across the country at price points between $10 to more than $100 a bottle. and the online market leader says that shipping up to six bottles will cost you about $10. and so let's see. there is 46 days left until christmas. and 29 days until the first night of hanukkah. and people are starting to pull together their holiday shopping list. of course going online is becoming a favorite way to snag a great deal. but not all internet merchants are created equal. as jessica doyle reports, those low prices could blind you from spotting a fake. >> reporter: americans love
5:56 pm
designer items. clothing, shoes, handbags. among the most popular items, so do your homework. >> before you go ahead and jump on that deal, check out a merchant, especially one that you're unfamiliar with ahead of time. go online, put in a merchant's name and search engine and rip off and complaint and see what other people that have dealt with them are saying. >> reporter: and look for security features, like the seal or a sticker that a real manufacturer would add that is hard to reproduce. some major labels will offer advice on avoiding counterfeits on their company's website. beware of low prices that seem simply too good to be true. and use a credit card for purchases. they can offer greater protection than a debit card in the event of fraud. if you do get duked, don't try to resell the merchandise. >> even if you tell somebody that this is not a real handbag, but it is still a great bag, you are still liable. you could really get in trouble. don't resell it. >> reporter: if you think that you have purchased a fake, you
5:57 pm
want to start by demanding your money back from the merchant, regardless of the return policy. and you also want to loop in your local or state consumer protection agency. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. >> and so if you think you have purchased a fake, you definitely want to start by demanding your money back from the merchant regardless of the return policy. and also try to loop in your local or state protection agency. all right topper, we're talking winds around here? yeah we are. the good news is it will die down, but not until tomorrow morning. we'll show you the winds across the eastern sea born. this is the wake of the nor'easter. they are still gusting to 23 miles an hour in new york and 23 at ocean city. and even downtown where the highest gust was 32. we are still gusting to 23 and even down here. they are still gusting to 17 miles an hour. a close in view. again, winds at 17 from the northwest. north-northwest of leesburg. 17 in gaithersburg. still 21 miles per hour up in
5:58 pm
hagerstown. looking at the 24 miles per hour wind gust down here as well and 24 miles per hour wind gust. this is driving in some colder and really much, much drier air. humidity levels are way down. temperature wise in the 40s and the lower50 -- lower 50s. 48 in frederick. 46 right now in leesburg. 52 in manassas and 51 downtown, even andrews has dropped to 49. our friends down in fredericksburg come in at 53. so the dry air mass, in fact, the winds are doing it in favor. if they were to go calm, we would probably be in the 20s tonight. they will add a windchill, but keep the surface temperatures up into the 30s for the lows. for tonight, clear, breezy, cold, one to two blanket night. lows in the 30s. and again the winds will continue to be breezy all night long and they will stay out tomorrow afternoon. we'll come back and talk about your weekend. winds are going down. and temperatures, they are going up. it looks pretty good.
5:59 pm
we'll have your detail forecast. don't go anywhere. 9news now at 6:00 will be here. we kick things off with breaking news on a story we brought to you at 5:00 p.m. i'm matt jablo in west washington where in the past hour, d.c. police announced the arrest of the 18-year-old man from southeast washington, now accused of assaulting and robbing an elderly woman in her own home. >> the nature of the crime, it's a heinous crime. >> reporter: it was broad daylight, right around noon when police say that a man broke into a rear window at this well-kept home in the 3500 block of mckinley street in northwest washington. >> as far as i'm concerned, he's a coward. >> reporter: when the suspect came upon the home's 81-year- old owner, he assaulted her. >> i think that she will ultimately be fine. >> reporter: stole some unidentified items in the house and took off. >> this is concerning to you? >> yes. >> reporter: joe lives


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