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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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president and lawmakers agree on a new plan. >> i'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: but the president says any deal must include asking wealthy americans to pay more taxes. >> and on tuesday night we found out that the majority of americans agree with my approach. >> reporter: when the republican speaker of the house comes here next week, he'll tell president obama he disagrees. house speaker john boehner says his party is ready to compromise when it comes to eliminating some tax loom holes and deductions -- loopholes and deductions, but raising tax homes is still off the table. >> the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans is that more an half of them are small business owners. >> reporter: the president is asking the congress to sign off on an extension of the middle class tax cuts right now while both sides work to reach an agreement on the more contentious issues. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. >> the white house says the president will veto any bill
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that extends tax cuts for those making more than $250,000. state and local governments are preparing for the fiscal cliff. virginia's governor directed all state agencies to identify 4% of their budget to cut out. that would affect northern virginia schools, of course, 14% of the fairfax county school budget coming from the state that. would be impacted. >> we're going to be concerned about any cut in funding given how tight our budget is. i think especially given the fact that we feel the state is underfunding us now. so to take anything from that would not be good. >> so in addition to the school budgets that would be affected we're talking about massive layoffs that would lead to vacant buildings and a reduction in commercial tax revenue, a large source of funding for local governments, more reasons than we need to avoid this fiscal cliff. following mitt romney's sound defeat top republican officials take stock of what went wrong. members of the gop tell the
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washington post they plan a series of polls and focus groups to find new ways to appeal to more voters. could it lead to more cooperation with the white house? we put that question to former house speaker newt gingrich. >> i do think the problems we face are so large that it's irresponsible for the two governing parties to just start out by saying let's have four years of gridlock. they should at least try to find is there a common ground which is compatible with the values of both republicans and democrats that at least moves the ball forward 50% even if neither side gets 100% of what they want. >> newt gingrich and his wife callista were here during our noon news to promote their two new books. there is a lot of talk today about a video just released by president obama's campaign and it features a rare emotional moment from the president who we all know is known for keeping it cool. >> because what you guys have
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done and the work that i'm doing is important. i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you and -- and what you have done. [ cheering and applause ] >> was that a tear or two from president obama? i think it was as he thanked his mostly young campaign staff after they helped him get reelected this week. a manhunt is underway for the man or gunmen behind an armed robbery that endewith more gunfire at the white house. it was near the white house around 6 a.m. this morning at 18th street and jefferson place northwest. surae chinn talked with one of the victims held at gunpoint. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northwest washington. i talked with a man who said he was held at gunpoint. the whole ordeal ends with gunfire near the white house. >> that's when i saw the gun and he was like hold on. do not move. >> reporter: a businessman who doesn't want his face shown.
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>> when i hit him, he tried to reach out to grab this arm. >> reporter: says he thought it was a joke until he saw the gun and his two other friends pushed to the ground also with guns pointed at them. you elbowed the guy? >> yes. >> reporter: the victim says there were a total of four men, one in the get-away car, the other three each with guns. they were watching, waiting to rob them. they got away with some cash and cell phones. they all had masks on except one. >> i saw his face and i know how he look like. >> reporter: he got into a car to get to safety ahead of the gunmen while his friend got into a black suv to follow the crooks unintentionally sandwiching the suspect's car. that's when a gunman opened fire hitting the suv near the white house at madison and eighth street northwest. in northwest washington, surae chinn, 9 news now. reports out of chicago say lawyers for congressman jesse jackson jr. are in the midst of negotiating a possible plea deal with the justice
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department. the feds are reportedly focusing on whether or not jackson used campaign money to renovate the family home in washington, fly a mistress to chicago and buy a $40,000 rolex for a female acquaintance. his office says jackson is being treated for bipolar disorder at mayo clinic. despite his absence for the last five months from public view, jackson was reelected this week. he got 63% of the vote. there is new information coming in about the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus. in turning in his resignation letter, president us where admitted he'd had an extramarital a -- petraeus admitted he'd had an extramarital affair according to the associated press. it's not clear what the fbi was looking for or when it discovered the affair or when the affair even happened. petraeus has been married 37 years, though, and he issued a statement today calling the affair a case of extremely poor judgment and unacceptable behavior. from a lunchtime culinary
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wasteland to abound an of riches d.c. food trucks have -- abundance of riches d.c. food trucks have exploded in the last number of years, but now the city is proposing new regulations. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in d.c. where some popular food trucks say some proposed regulations could drive them out of business. >> if the public did not want us here, we would not be here. >> from the curb to the end of the sidewalk how much face do we have? >> reporter: the city's proposal would ban food trucks with less than 10 feet of unobstructed space on the sidewalks. we found eight out of 10 of the most popular food trucks spots where customers want food trucks to be would not be legal under the proposed regulations. >> it has nothing to do with trying to limit their ability to conduct business in the city. >> reporter: they are making money, paying taxes, employing hundreds and feeding thousands. >> i've only had a bite of the chef special, but it was very
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good. >> i think they're really convenient. >> i love the food trucks. they've got delicious food. they're where you need to be for lunch. >> reporter: the question is whether they will be able to stay. in d.c. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> the city is giving people until next tuesday to comment on the proposed regulations on all those food trucks. looking for a new career? coming a is the:hock how america's owe -- coming up at 7:00 how america's obesity epidemic is spawning thousands of new jobs. still ahead in this half hour a soldier story, a vietnam vet comes to washington to honor the men he left behind. >> only a couple degrees higher today but without the wind, it felt more pleasant. officially 58 and 39 go in the books, averages still 61 and 43, record high 79 and the record low 26. we'll come back, talk about the weekend, let you know if the 70s are still headed our way. >> plus new york finds a way to
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help ease long lines at the gas pump, those stories and more just ahead.
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it's good if you have an odd license plate in new york city on this first day of gas rationing in new york city and long island. cars are supposed to fill up on
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alternate days and so far it appears to be working. >> i think it's great. it's moving great. >> i've been in line hours before this odds and evens. now the line is only five minutes long. >> so new jersey started rationing last weekend after superstorm sandy disrupted fuel deliveries and created long lines at the pump. state officials say they are suing several stations for price gouging. some owners were charging 59 cents more per gallon during the crisis. coming up on 9news going airborne. >> reporter: scott broom in largo, at 6:00 wait until you e this astounding flying machine that just might win. this group of university of maryland students may win a quarter million dollars.
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it's an elusive prize some experts said no one will ever claim, but this week in largo some university of maryland students claim to be very close to claiming a quarter million dollars and making aviation history. today they showed scott broom their amazing human powered helicopter. >> reporter: i'm here on the indoor track at the wayne curry sports and learning center in largo and this is likely to be
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the most ungainly flying machine you've ever seen. >> we've got to make that shorter. >> reporter: today a team of university of maryland clark school of engineering students just may be on the cusp of making aviation history. >> yes, we are close. >> reporter: with a machine they call the gamara2 that for all its size weighs only 90 pounds. the idea here is to get a 130- pound athlete, that's freshman duncan enersen, to pedal hard enough to spin four giant rotors and give this ungainly machine into the air, a human powered helicopter. this is the gamara2 earlier this summer unexpectedly flying 10 feet into the air after some dramatic redesigns that cut its weight by 30 five pounds. >> it's an absolutely huge vehicle. to come off the ground almost effortlessly is absolutely amazing. >> reporter: the summer flight brought the team tantalizingly
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close to winning a prize, to fly a helicopter 60 seconds at 10 feet of altitude and under control enough to stay inside a 10-meter box. no one has come this close in 30 years of trying. >> would woo! >> it's a chapter of aviation history, taking down the sakorski prize that has been there 32 years unclaimed is a big deal. >> reporter: right now the issue is controlling the machine. they're trying to solve the problem with brain power and some epoxy. if they, do they just might claim a legitimate place with charles lindberg and the wright brothers. in largo scott broom, 9 news now. >> right here in our backyard, congrats. by the way, the gamara is named after a japanese monster movie turtle that looks somewhat like godzilla.
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sunday is veterans day, a day the nation turns its eyes to washington with much focus on the vietnam veterans memorial known as the wall. a disabled vet from new jersey says he will honor his fallen colleagues there all weekend long. daniel gill with his story. >> terry bart ling. >> reporter: as the names are read at the vietnam memorial, james malone walks and remembers. >> it's amazing. you walk through here 40 years later and walked through the valley of death and walked out with no scratches other than personal scars of managing to survive for two years in a hostile rumor. >> reporter: he 20 two years in vietnam where he rose to become a sergeant. >> all the people that served with us made it out alive. people i served with that were part of my battalion's names are on the wall here.
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kids i grew up with, kids i went through basic training with and veterans day is my time. i'm the veteran. i'm alive. i choose to come here and spend it with my fallen comrades from my war. though there's a sadness there's an inner peace because you're here. it just brings me in focus with who i am. >> reporter: while ballard is 100% disabled veteran he knows. >> there are other people worse off than i am and i'm out here for veteran's every day i can. >> want to know more? park staff offer interpretive tours of the vietnam veterans memorial every day on the hour from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. we've got a great weekend on tap. >> we do, we do. nice for your walk. howard will join you tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning nats stadium. >> a fantastic finish to the weekend. we'll celebrate veterans day monday.
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monday will be okay. we've introduced a shower monday. let's start first with live look outside. it is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. after a high of 58 we're down to 53, clear skies, relative humidity kind of in the middle, winds under control now finally northerly at 5, pressure now rising at 30.20 inches of mercury. temperatures a lot of 40s in the burbs, 45 in gaithersburg, 46 reston, 47 in fairfax, but still 51 in arlington, college park, 46 in bowie, but still 51 in laurel. so 40s and 50s if you're going to do that high school football thing. right now we're looking at low 50s, 50 at 8:00. these are sort of downtown temps, subtract a couple degrees for the burbs. by 10:00 the temperatures will be in the 40s. thankfully no winds to speak of. becoming milder, cool to chilly for high school football, milder saturday, warmer on sunday and still mild on veterans day, just a few clouds
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coming in laker but temperature- wise a bargain. tonight -- late, but temperaturewise a bargain. tonight clear and chilly, 44, wind out of the northwest by 10. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, chilly, mild by lunch time, temperatures in the 30s and 40s, light wind. by afternoon a gorgeous day, mostly sunny, milder, beautiful, highs near 65 and winds out of the south, southeast at 10. zone forecast, remember you can access this on our website even oakland gets near 50 tomorrow, 58 in cumberland, 66 culpeper, hagerstown 60, 64 in leesburg, warrenton, manassas, downtown mid-60s, mid-60s into southern maryland and 66 in annapolis and no small craft advisory for saturday. there could be one for sunday as those south, southwest winds pick up. 64 in gaithersburg and 64 saturday in frederick. next three days our 9 weather alerts all green, 64 tomorrow, 70 sunday, warmer and then 67 monday. again, a few cloud come in,
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maybe a late sprinkle, but upper 60s, a pretty good veterans day, especially compared to 1987. rain and showers tuesday with a cold front. in the wake of that front it gets cooler but nice, bright but brisk, mid-50s wednesday, thursday and friday under mostly sunny skies. >> oh, yeah, enough said. got some big college basketball games to not. >> we're making that transition from -- tonight. >> we're making that transition from football to basketball. it's early season, but a night of tests for local basketball teams, big games, maryland heading to brooktown, one of the most anticipated games of the early season and georgetown, anchors away, my boys, not exactly but close. the u.s. navy warship next.
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and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> tonight one of the coolest nights you're going to see in college hoops, first maryland, the terps versus the kentucky wildcats in brooklyn's new arena, yeah, that kentucky that seems to reload with freshmen of year, a good barometer for maryland who got a big boost this week when the ncaa dealed
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d es wells eligible to play and we'll look at keyshawn howard who was poised to have a breakout year last year. now he's coming back from a broken foot, long road back. >> once you get back into the flow it's all bing. you do a lot of work in rehab -- all instinct. you do a lot of work in rehab. i can't think about it. i just play. i'm trying to get back into a rhythm and make sure i can help my team out as much as possible. >> that's not the only game in town. this is the uss baton here being an amphibious assault ship in jacksonville, florida, where georgetown plays florida gators tonight. the u.s. navy transforming its warship into a basketball court. the game is outside, some wind, game time temps about 58 degrees. the coach, good luck with that. >> i thought about as we were getting ready for this having a couple practices outside, you know. i thought about dropping the temperature in the gym just to see, but we're just going about
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it as normal. >> watching that last year was unbelievable. being able to have the opportunity to actually participate in one of these games is going to be so cool. >> it will be cool. turning to football now, this is what maryland's injury report sounds like, out, out, out and out as in 12 guys out for this week's game or the season including stefan dibbggs out on injury. it's almost unfair to -- diggs out on injury. it's almost unfair to lose this many key players to injuries, but randy edsall says stop feeling bad for us because we don't. >> there's no what if or if this didn't happen. there's a saying okay, what do we got to do today to get better? what do we got to do to win? it's our mantra, all win all games all season and everybody has taken heed to that.
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>> playoff time high school football our toyota game of the week, good drove at loudoun county, courtesy of 20,000 total votes yesterday and last evening. highlights of this one leads our coverage tonight. all right. finally it's the wusa9 game on jersey give-away from now till the end of the football season. we're giving away a jersey to our facebook fans. go to our facebook page and like us. tell us why you deserve the jersey and you'll be entered to win. the winner is randomly selected and announced on game on saturdays at 7:00 this week, ray rice jersey. so good luck. ravens taking on the raiders this week. ray rice, great guy, great engineers. >> i we're just so happy we don't have to put -- great jersey. >> we're just so happy we don't have to put that on you today. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back with our area's only local newscast at 7:00. have a great weekend. >> good night, everybody.
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