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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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injured. but we are told he is recovering. this is an interesting series of events that led to the arrest of joshua mebane. the question tonight is why? why did he do this alleged horrific act? gunning down these people. he is not a student. he is not employed. he lived in the area with his parents and authorities have traced that semiautomatic weapon to prince george's county but it was a tip from metropolitan police, an assist from them if you will when they were able to tie some forensic information from the murder of the cab driver for which mebane and his 17-year-old boyfriend were arrested -- girlfriend were arrested. tied back to this area. so once again tonight, 17-year- old joshua mebane of waldorf taken into custody at hiss parents' home. -- his parents' home. there's no motive, nothing was
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taken from the victims. i asked authorities tonight the reaction of the husband whose wife was murdered. they said he was understandably very emotional but very happy. >> all right, thank you. more possible fallout tonight from the david petraeus sex scandal. >> revelations of the affair already cost him his job and now a promotion is on hold for the top u.s. general in afghanistan. >> investigators now combing through his e-mail communications with the tampa socialite who prompted the investigation that forced david petraeus to resign. danielle nottingham brings us the latest. >> reporter: the pieces are slowly coming together. and lawmakers here on capitol hill are concerned the fallout will interfere with their investigation into the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. the pentagon is investigating general john allen, the top
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u.s. commander in afghanistan. in connection with the scandal that took down cia director david petraeus. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: the fbi gave the penalty gone more than 20,000 pages of -- pentagon more than 20,000 pages of e-mail communication with allen and tampa socialite jill kelley. she went to the fbi with anonymous threatening e-mails and agents traced those to paula broadwell and uncovered her affair with petraeus. one defense official describes them as flirtatious. another official tells cbs news some of the e-mails were more than friendly exchanges and may have crossed the line. general allen says he did nothing wrong but for now the hearings on his promotion are delayed. >> at the request of the secretary of defense the president has put on hold the promotion to supreme allied commander in europe.
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>> reporter: both allen and petraeus wrote letters of support for her sister in a custody battle. even though david petraeus resigned lawmakers returning to washington want the hear what he has to -- to hear what he has to say about the giddily attack on the -- deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> i think it's absolutely imperative that general petraeus come and testify. >> reporter: some congressional leaders have also called for a joint house senate probe into the petraeus scandal. the white house says the president was surprised to hear about the petraeus investigation. and the president thinks highly of general allen's work in afghanistan. in washington, danielle nottingham, anita back to you. >> the details just keep coming. thanks danielle. the fbi is preparing a timeline for congress about the investigation that led to the discovery of the affair involving petraeus. some lawmakers have said they should have known about this earlier. coming up in just a few minutes we're going to hear from the "washington post" editor who helped write the petraeus book
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with broadwell. we've got some breaking news on a major announcement by d.c. schools chancellor henderson. she just released a list of nearly two dozen schools she is planning to close. matt jablow joins us live from mcforland middle school in northwest d.c.. matt? >> reporter: lesli the school's chancellor didn't pretend today that closing more schools in the district is easy on schools or parents but she insisted it has to happen absolutely. mcfarland middle school in northwest washington was built in 1923. >> it is a prosal. >> reporter: if d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson has her way the school will close in 2013. >> this is about using our resources wisely. >> reporter: earlier today henderson released a proposed list of 20 schools throughout the city that will close their doors for good after the current school year. >> these decisions are difficult, they mean
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transition. >> reporter: henderson says the schools including mcfarland middle are chosen because of low enrollment. the percentage of the buildings that are actually being used. and the condition of their buildings. >> we want as many of our young people to go to school in a modernized building as possible. >> reporter: when students from the schools that are closing go to the new schools for the 2013/2014 school year, the average school enrollment in d.c. will increase 15% from the current 376 to 432. >> if we reduce the number of our facilities we'll be able to improve the programs that we offer, we'll be able to utilize our staff more efficiently so that we can concentrate on the things that we know move things for kids. >> reporter: though some parents we spoke to at the affected schools like this woman at the high school understood the need to consolidate -- >> students just is off the hook in the school and i don't think half the teachers in here really do their jobs. >> reporter: most parented were stunned -- parents were stunned
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and angry. >> we need all the schools open for the young black youth. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: she has children at two schools on the proposed cut list. the high school and mcfarland middle. >> i might cry, this is really emotional day for me. that's -- why? >> reporter: over the next few weeks several public hearings will be held on the proposal to close the 20 schools. the first hearing will be held next thursday, november 15th, at the d.c. city council. lesli? >> certainly a tough decision to make matt. and we've got the entire list of schools slated to be closed on our website, derek? former chair brown spent his day in custody after two court appearances for violating bank and campaign finance laws. our introduce johnson -- bruce johnson has the story. >> reporter: this is file footage but right now about now kwame brown is being released from the custody of deputy u.s.
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marshals. he was giving a one day sentence in federal court today by judge richard leon. the conviction was for bank fraud. kwame brown also given six months' home detention with a curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the former chair won't talk to us, can you share with us how is he feeling? what's the disposition? >> oh wow. you know i mean he's obviously extremely disappointed. you know first in himself. and the situation that he finds himself in. and all it means. i mean he's really unhappy about this. absolutely. >> reporter: the 42-year-old former chairman of the d.c. council was also given 480 hours of visible commity service. after that he must serve two years supervised probation. >> that was bruce johnson reporting. meantime there was a startling development today in the case of the man police call the east coast rapist. that suspect aaron thomas had been expected to accept a plea deal today in prince william county but instead he changed his mind and told the judge he
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was not sure exactly what he was doing. thomas had been cooperated to pled guilty to -- expected to plead guilty to rape and abduction charges from 2009 but now the stage is set for a possible trial in january? prince william county and also accused in a series of rapes all along the east coast. and testimony is underway in the murder trial of a former bowie state university case. alexis simpson accused of killing her sweetmeat mo than a year ago -- suite mate more than a year ago, dominique frazier. the defense says-a case of self- defense, that's more they say simpson was the target of bullying and harassment. that trial is expected to run through thursday. new information and more fallout tonight from the d.c. fire chief's plan to pull all the advanced medic units off the graveyard shift. it could cost lyes. bruce leshan is live with the
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latest on this. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, the plan is to pull all the advanced life support. the a. l. s. or paramedic units off the streets between the hours of 1:0and 7:00 in the morning. the fire chief says that there are far fewer calls during those hours. but firefighters say it is that one call, that one heart attack, that one baby having trouble breathing that they are worried about. now, there could still be paramedics on the fire trucks and there would still be basic life support or emt unitth units on the -- units on the street. the civilian paramedic union thinks that might be okay. but the union that represents firefighter paramedics thinks there are all kinds of scenarios where it would be a terrible idea. >> a natural disaster just seen sandy come through mt. middle of the -- in the middle of the night. a high demand. a fire in an area of the city that border area of the city.
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such as east of the river. and the medics that ride the fire engines are tied up on the fire ground. they're not able to provide advanced life support. >> we also have seven ems supervisor who is don't put out -- visors who don't put out fires. in addition to that our firefighter emts are capable of providing you know, some basic life supports as well. >> reporter: fire officials say they get a total of between 40 and 60 medic calls between those hours 1:00 and 7:00 in the morning city wide. that is far fewer than they get during the rest of the day. and the chief says changing the shifts for those medic units will mean that there are more of them available on the streets when they are really needed. but the city council has to review this and the fire chief says if it doesn't work he'll change it, back to you. >> you can imagine why there are concerns. the new express lanes on the virginia side of the
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beltway is almost over. drivers can pay a toll or join a carpool to improve their travel times over 14 new miles of roadway. construction of the four new express lanes two in each direction, began in 2008. >> there's a lot of good news with this project. it's pumped thousands of -- excuse me billions of dollars in the economy. and put thousands of people to work. it will begin this process of undoing some of the gridlock up here, getting consumers and travelers a real choice. >> now the beltway express lanes in northern virginia will officially open to the public this saturday. well coming up a water main break right near san francisco turns some neighborhood streets into rivers of mud. >> yes, a big reality check. more like november tonight. we'll talk about windchills and also look ahead for the rest of the week and the weekend. we've got the terps in town and the redskins in town. >> but up next, a landmark
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fishing pier destroyed by superstorm sandy. gets a new lease on life. we'll be right back.
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the mayor of ocean city says a landmark fishable pier destroyed -- fishing pier destroyed during hurricane sandy will be rebuilt in town in time for next summer. we tell the daily times of salisbury some pilings left standing have since been taken away and they don't pose a hasrd to boaters -- hazard to voters. north carolina drivers can if -- new jersey drivers can fill up the tanks again. the gas rationings ended this morning. -- rationing ended this morning. that started november 3rd in the wake of hurricane sandy. others didn't have fuel and power but now the supplies are plentiful again in new jersey. that gas rationing though does
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continue along long island. heavy rains have triggered deadly flooding in central italy. emergency crews are using choppers to air lift people from communities completely isolated. three people were killed when their car literally fell off a collapsed bridge. rivers burst over the banks and flooded tuscany and neighboring towns. it's part of the same system that hit venice over the weekend and caused historic flooding. there's also increasing concern in southern itly now where the -- italy now where the flood waters are heading for rome. a massive water main break just south of san francisco has left the streets a big wet muddy mess. >> as bigad shaban reports -- >> reporter: residents are using shovels to clear the streets in daly city. a water main break flooded the neighborhood with about 45,000 gallons of water and a whole lot of mud. >> that was my first car, i want to just cry. i can't believe it's like
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halfway up there and can't even -- can't even get out of it. i don't know how they're going to clean it. it breaks my heart. >> reporter: the water started bushing early -- gushing early this morning. the pipe broke about a mile uphill. as the water poured down, so did the dirt and debris. >> part of what we're doing right now is determining and assessing the safety of the hillside at this point. so there's obviously no immediate threat at this point. but we wanted to get those people evacuated where the flow had occurred keep them out of the area until we can get the debris cleaned up and so on. >> reporter: officials tell us the pipe is more than 80 years old and that age is likely to blame. >> it's going to disrupt everything now for a while. and we don't even know when we can get back and check on the stuff and things like that. >> reporter: four massive vacuum trucks are working fast. to suck most of the mud and water out of the neighborhood. bigad shaban, cbs news. >> now officials say no one was hurt and they don't believe any
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homes were damaged. but insurance adjustors are still assessing the impact on the cars and the houses in that area and boy, they can use some relief around there top? >> that's unbelievable. >> no kidding, rainy cold morning at the bus stop today. >> yeah. little reality check? >> little sunshine later though. >> beautiful this afternoon just rather chile. we lost about 20 degrees and show you what we lost if you factor in the windchills. i told you-week-old be talking about -- we'd be talking about windchills today. we are. low 70s yesterday. a distance momentary. a live lock outside. it's our michael & son weather camera. the sun is down. and going down now at 4:56. so just a little side note there for you. temperatures, 47. dew points in the upper 20s and a drier air mass. winds still howling northerly at 15 and we had a wind gust at 35 today. one of the days too where the high temperature goes in the books at 65 that occurred gist after midnight. we know the temps were not that
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warm during the day. here's the temperatures and how much we lost this time compared to 24 hours ago. all right? 23 degrees colder in leesburg and 25 degrees colder in gaithersburg and 22 degrees goldener manassas and about -- colder in manassas and about 20 degrees colder downtown. temperatures in the 40s. 45 rockville and 44 great falls and vienna. 44 fairfax and 46 burk and also college park and 44 bowie. now let's factor in the winds. it feels like the 30s through most of the suburbs. 38 gaithersburg. low 40s manassas and d.c.. if you factor in the winds lost about 30 degrees because we were in the low 70s at this time yesterday. so we've lost 20 degrees but we're going to remain dry through the week. need a jacket tonight. windchills will be in the 20s if you're out late. and they're already in the 30s now. and you'll need that jacket all day tomorrow. so for tonight, clear breezy cold. one to two blanket night. lows in the 30s and winds northerly 10 to 20. by morning very sunny and
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bright and brisk. grab a jacket or coat. 30s or 40s. now northeast winds 10 to 15. still breezy and that little breeze will cut through the skin tomorrow. so mostly sunny breezy chilly. keep the coat handy. high temperatures will struggle to get to 50. next three days the 9 weather alerts are green, green and green. so chilly but nice on wednesday. 50. cool but nice on thursday. at low 50s. and still cool on friday but we're back in the mid 50s. which is pretty close to average by end of the week. next seven days, saturday looks great for the terps' game. temperatures go back into the mid 50s. now the weekend a little bit up in the air, looking at the possibility of a storm it may say offshore. if it does the redskins game may be dry. right now rain developing upper 40s kind of chilly. returning partly cloudy on monday. we're back in the low 50s. and tuesday partly cloudy we're also in the low 50s. want you to take a moment and look at this best shot. could be the best one in the
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last three, four months. pat olmer columbia, this is the park at tridelphia reservoir and well, when they took the picture they sunk to their knees in the mud. but they got a heck of a picture. >> wow. >> that is quite a shot. >> they did everything right so you want to do that just -- you don't have to sink your knees in the mud but go to the website, click on the weather tab. and upload the picture and of course include your name, location and description or i boom it out. we're not going to say that personal physical sacrifice doesn't influence the choice right? coming imelection day was only a week -- up election day was only a week ago but metro is already planning for the inauguration. >> what they're going get to buy this year and what retailers are offering to get you into their stores.
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in tonight's consumer alert a preview of retailers' holiday offerings and a jump-start for you. according to the survey or a survey by the national retail federation people have already started plotting their paths to the deals and steals and here's a look at what they're buying. nearly 60% will splurge on fashion apparel and other
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accessories, about 59% are going to give gift cards as presents. 45% will purchase toys and more than 22.5% will surprise that special someone in their life with some sparkly jewelry. all right, since retailers have leaked their black friday deals this early now you will have even more time to figure out what you want to do and this season is all about integrating the holiday shopping experience. here's a checklist that you actually might want to keep. wal-mart is offering same day shipping in select cities. northern virginia is part of the demo. toys "r" us will let you buy something online and pick them up in the store. macy's releases its black friday ads this week but you have to download the macy's app to get them. target on the other hand has already put their ads out on facebook and kohl's may have the masspriesting idea -- most interesting idea. they have qr codes on the shelves to scan your items, purchase the item and ship the item in front of the item to
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your home. changing the game a bit this year guys. >> i'm already overwhelmed. i'm serious. >> that sounds a little serious. meantime the transportation security administration is deeing up for the busy holiday travel season. >> it's the screeners at reagan national and other airports that have some new risk based measures designed to get passengers through the security check points more quickly. >> we look forward to expanding the known and trusted populations in 2013 always mindful of the latest intelligence, of terrorists attempt to do us harm. >> that known and trusted thing is a good deal to me actually. the tsa is adopting new procedures this holiday season that ought to reduce the need for patdowns of airline crew member as well as younger and older travelers. >> we all support that. coming up, with antibiotic resistant infections going up, what medical experts say we all have to do when it comes to taking those pills. >> also ahead, is somebody you know was away from work or school today?
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said they were sick? well, they may have been home playing that brand new video game. we'll talk about what's behind the call of duty cra cra. >> but next we're going to hear from the ghost writer of paula broadwell's autobiography of david petraeus. what he did and did not know before the scandal broke.
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the local journalist who was the ghost writer of paula
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broadwell's now infamous biography of general david petraeus has broken his silence. "washington post" editor vernon loeb never suspected the two were having an affair. >> andrea mccarren has the look at the post's interview and she has more on broadwell'sed with. >> i was dumbfounded when i heard about the affair. >> reporter: vernon loeb worked with broadwell for 16 months on thing into and she did all the -- the book and she did all the reporting and he crafted the narrative. >> why general petraeus was granting paula broadwell the kind of access he granted her. >> reporter: a question among many. since broadwell had never written a book and had no journalistic experience. loeb speculates petraeus viewed her as someone he could control. >> she got a lot of face time with the general. you know, during her reporting trips to iraq. he was the commander of the war. she spent hours interviewing him, through him she obtained
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access to all of his commanders. >> reporter: loeb believes broadwell had no idea the affair was going public on friday. she and her husband wither in virginia celebrating her -- were in virginia celebrating her 40th birthday with a party planned saturday night in d.c.. her husband reportedly canceled it via e-mail hours before. >> i'm sure both of them look back on what is now transpiring in real life and both made the biggest mistakes of their lives. >> reporter: the scandal has not surprisingly boosted the sales of her book. it went from a modest ranking of 796,000 on friday when general petraeus resigned to a ranking of 159 today. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> president obama will not only have to nominate a new cia director, he will also have to choose his next secretary of state. there hillary clinton has confirmed she will leave the post and cbs news learned u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations susan rice is resigning as well. she's been criticized for her assessments that the attacks in benghazi were prompted by a spontaneous protest rather than terrorism. metro already focusing on the inauguration. today the system started taking online orders for its commemorative 2013 inaugural smart trip cards. they feature a picture of president obama. the card comes with preloaded for a one day pass offering unlimited travel on metro rail on the day it is first used. the cost? $15. you can also use the smart trip as a flash pass for unlimited metrobus travel on inauguration day. ♪ doesn't it look fun? the game is called call of duty black ops 2 but the real name of the game is making money.
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this video game is not only expected to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, but since the game came out last night at midnight, some are expecting a possible sickout by gamers you see them lining up there who may have spent all night in front of the xboxs and ps3s. here to shed some light on the game itself and why it just may help reinvigorate a suffering industry mike snyder is tech reporter at "usa today" newspaper. mike, thank you so much for coming 234. we appreciate it and -- in. we appreciate it and we should note that while the game is called black ops 2 it's really call of duty 6. what's it about this one that makes it so successful? >> what's tough is every year they have to do something bigger and bigger and every year they're getting into more billions and billions of dollars. it's just kind of gone steadily up and i think this game can outperform the ones in the past even if it's by little still going to be millions of dollars. they've really tried to do a really good story and bumped up the things you can do in
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multiplayer. got the huge extra totally entirely separate zombie game that's bigger than ever. it's just you know a giant package of entertainment. >> all right but now the fact is, video game numbers in recent months have not been so good. in fact last quarter i think sales were down 25%. how much -- how much help will this game be to the industry and why do you think the industry is suffering? >> well, this will be the biggest bump to the industry that they can actually get you know. it's been months like ten months in a row sales have been down. but those sales numbers also don't take into account digital sales like if you're playing ogham on the phone, if you're -- a game on the phone. if you're buying downloadable content or buying games straight on kennel. actually the industry is growing with the number of people playing but the money's coming in it's kind of holding stale. what's very they believe louse about that -- nebulous about that. >> i had my own theory about that. the improvements have been so incremental. it doesn't look that difficult from today's brand new blockbusters. >> this game may look a little
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bit better it's hard totem. they're really focusing on story in the game but what's coming down the road is there's new game systems. the wii u is coming out on sunday. it's got the first high definition games from nintendo. then last year expecting maybe a new xbox and playstation 3. that will maybe make you want to open your wallet a little bit more. >> can the industry survive? like halo 4 which also just came out when they don't seem to be able to just churn them out on a regular basis? >> the games cost so much to make. if you watch through black ops 2 and watch the screen credit it's like watching a pixar film. cost into the tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars possibly. it's become blockbuster based but what happens if you're online you also get the downloadable games which are like independently made. so they're going to have to balance th out when the new systems come out. >> oh mr. snyder it's been a lot of fun talking with you. i have to go home and play.
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thanks a lot. >> good see you online. [ laughter ] lesli? >> we know why you won't be here tomorrow. all right. there's smashers news now. breaking news the man who -- some serious news now. breaking news now. the man has recanted that story. maryland native kevin clash took a leave of absence from "sesame street" to challenge the allegations and today attorneys for the accuser say in a statement quote -- he wanted to be known that his sexual relationship with mr. clash was an adult consensual relationship. clash says through a spokesman that he is relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. coming up on 9news now -- the founder of the mcafee antivirus software is in hiding amid questions about the murder of his neighbor. >> but up next, a driver who passed a stopped school bus serves her sentence amid complaints she's not taking her
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punishment seriously enough. >> and don't forget we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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humiliating punishment for a woman caught on tape being an idiot. 32-year-old shena hardin could
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be seen holding up a sign today reading only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. she did that. you may remember hardin was videotaped doing that earlier this year. that's her car. but some are complaining she's not taking her sentence very seriously. >> she's leaning against the post. if that was community service there'd be a guard standing there making sure she's doing what she's supposed to be doing. she wouldn't have her headphones on and not be allowed to smoke. >> the sidewalk is for pedestrians, it's not for cars to drive on. poor decision. >> no kidding. in addition to holding up the sign for an hour today and tomorrow, hardin's license has been suspended for 30 days and she was ordered to pay $250 in court costs. five people are dead in toledo, ohio, the result of an apparent murder/suicide. three children, their grandmother and an uncle were found with a car and a hose leading from the exhaust pipe. the children were 5, 6 and 10 years old. police say the children's grandmother had been their
5:40 pm
primary caregiver for years and she was upset that their parents were trying to regain full custody. well, the verdict is guilty in the case of a houston day care owner accused in the death of a child in her care. a jury convicted jess that tata on a -- jessica tata on a felony murder charge. the toddler died in 2011 when she left her house with hot oil cooking on the stove. she was shopping at target when a fire broke out. tata is also charged with felony murder in the deaths of three other children. computer software pioneer john mcafee is in hiding tonight. the 67-year-old founder of that antivirus software used on tens of millions of pcs is described as a person of interest in a murder case. mcafee it turns out lives next door to the victim in belize. greg powell had a single gunshot wound to the back of his head and they had been at odds for some time arguing over
5:41 pm
things like noise made by mcafee's dogs. >> he has not brought about any tangible conclusion of yet. so we -- the motive has not yet been established. >> but it turns out this is not mcafee's first uncontinuers with the authorities -- encounters with the authorities in belize. est innocence of the -- he is innocent he tells wires magazine. three nfl quarterbacks left their games with concussions this mast weekend. still ahead how they are watching the injuries and particularly with young kids taking to the field. >> but first, new guidelines designed to encourage moms to breast-feed their babies. what hospitals in maryland are doing now.
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in tonight's health alert the state of maryland gets on the breast-feeding bandwagon. many hospitals are already moving away from offering new moms free formula and other giveaways that encourage the bottle over the breast. and today, at shady grove adventist hospital maryland's department of health issues new recommendations that acknowledge moms need support from the moment a baby is born.
5:45 pm
>> it's not easy. it sometimes doesn't come naturally. sometimes babies don't feed on demand. it's a learned behavior both by the mom and the baby. and there's nothing more important than a nurturing environment with a coach and some dedicated cheerleaders get you through some of the humps. >> among the new recommendations help -- this weekend, a quarter of the nfl quarterbacks who took the field left with concussions. doctors, trainers and coaches have started paying closer attention to the cumulative brain injuries sustained from concussion and what they mean not just for the pros but for our kids. passionate about staying in the game. football is america's sport. and christian stevenson's 12- year-old son is enamored with it. >> he gets up two hours before practice, he's got his uniform on. he can't walk when he gets off
5:46 pm
the practice field because they've worked him so hard but he's smiling. >> her experience has been far different. after suffering repeated concussions playing the game he loved, he knew it was time to quit. >> my memory is still kind of off. >> because of growing concerns that some of the damage from repeated concussions doesn't go away, one leading boston researcher proposed very tough guidelines for the youngest athletes. >> we believe that kids under the age of 14 shouldn't play collision sports as they're currently being played. >> and dr. kent recommends no full body checking under age 14 in ice hockey and for soccer players, not letting the younger kids head the ball. >> the young child is particularly vulnerable to brain injury. >> at the pro level, greater recognition of the long-term effects of brain trauma prompted the nfl to enact new rules on concussion that is dictate when players can get back on the field. the nfl players' association
5:47 pm
even formed a traumatic brain injury committee of which dr. jim eckland is part. >> and a numb things to help -- number of thinks to help protect the players as that game's gotten faster and more -- more aggressive and the athletes have gotten more powerful. >> he says making tackle football off-limits at the youth or pop warner level seems a bit rigid but young athletes need to be taught how to tackle correctly and one thing at every level of the game? players need to stay out for at least a week after they're symptom free if they lose consciousness he recommends two weeks rest. >> especially a child who isn't totally recovered from the first concussion can have a relatively small second concussion and develop severe brain swelling that can be life- threatening. >> that's something he didn't want to risk after one particularly violent play.
5:48 pm
>> i just remember hitting him head-on. and i'm walking away from the hit and all i see is white. and i'm like -- oh my god. where am i at right now? >> the doctor says the danger of second impact syndrome remains controversial among docs but what's not is that the brain must have time to heal after being bumped, rattled. bruised and shaken. signs of a concussion include -- athletes should be symptom free for at least a week before going back on the field. and there's more evidence tonight that as the nation we're popping too many antibiotic pills. and it's making common infections more dangerous and tough to treat. the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections are not responding to drugs the way they used to and the cdc says certain states still have far greater antibiotic prescription rates than others, west virginia is among them. we parents also have had -- patients also have to do our part. take the right dose at the right time and take all the
5:49 pm
pills and don't save any leftovers for later. and we have an update -- on the apartment pharmacy linked to the deadly outbreak. according to congressional investigators federal health inspectors wanted show out the down the -- to shut down the place ten years ago. but they deferred who reached an agreement with the compounding pharmacy to settle safety concerns. more than 400 people are sick from contaminated steroid shots dribbled by the new england -- distributed by the new england compounding center and at least 32 deaths are linked to the outbreak. we could call today the big dipper. we literally went down with the temperature. >> 20 degrees. that's straight temperature. the good news is we started in the low 70s. but we started in the 350s we'd be freezing. but -- >> we're still kind of freezing. >> still kind of freezing. we'll talk about windchills. the good news is though bright and brisk as we like to say it. a live look outside through the
5:50 pm
live michael & son weather camera. temperature, 47 now. the highs were in the 60s today because of the midnight temperature thing. and it will probably be in the 30s tonight. just before midnight. remember the high and lows at 24 hour deal. dew points upper 20s and winds still out of the north at 15 and pressure still rising and getting kind of high too. 30.39 inches of mercury. we had a wind gust today of 35 miles an hour too. low to mid-40s everywhere. 43 great falls and 42 vienna. 42 fairfax and 44 in burke. 43 bethesda already and 43 bowie. now let's factor in the winds. feels like it's in the upper 30s and 38 in gaithersburg and frederick and 37 leesburg. even downtown it feels like 41 and that's indeed a develop of 30 degrees temperatures from yesterday in terms of what we feel. we've lost 20 degrees straight but it's going to be dry through the week. you need a jacket tonight. windchills already in the 30s and going to be in the 20s later tonight if you're out
5:51 pm
late. you need the jacket all day on wednesday too. can't quite shake the breezes tomorrow. tonight clear and breezy and cold. lows in the 30s. winds out of the north at 10 to 20. now tomorrow morning still breezy. mostly sunny though. bright start. breezy and cold. kids need a jacket at the bus stop no doubt. 30s and 40s and winds now turn a little bit northeasterly at 10 to 15. by afternoon, still says breezy and because of that mostly sunny and kind of chilly. keep the coat handy and highs near 50 and winds out of the northeast at about 10. so about 10 degrees below average and the winds are going to make it feel chillier an that. only 33 tomorrow in oakland and 42 cumberland. 45 hagerstown. not quite 50 in man sis and fairfax probably 49 or so. 50 downtown and low 50s into southern maryland. with those breezes small craft advisory for the bay and tidal
5:52 pm
potomac. you head knot up 270 -- next three days, well we're going to keep it green alerts across the board. i mean chilly but nice. 50 tomorrow and cool but nice. 52 on thursday. and still cool on friday. sunshine and 54. next seven days, saturday is going to be great for the terps' game. 55. sunday i'm holding the rain off until late and quite frankly i think this storm is going to miss us and stay out to sea. right now we'll say a chance for some rain, 49 and it might actually end up being dry during the redskins' game. it looks much better today than it looked yesterday. and then returning partly cloudy on monday and low 50s. tuesday sunshine and low 50s as well. so the cold front isn't staying but that's going to stay bite and brisk for a while. three months ago katie ledecky took the gold at the london olympics. >> today she hits the water again but this time maybe just a little less publicity. >> our kristen berset is live
5:53 pm
at the school where think kicking off the season. hey kristen. >> reporter: hey guys yeah an exciting meet here. just a different atmosphere going on. i tell you katie's already swam three times today and got one more left and i overherd the parents and speak traitors saying there's katie ledecky. she's in the lead right now. everybody seeing an olympic gold medalist. something that doesn't really happen very often. we take to you one of the events today. katie actually smacked two of her own individual school records tonight. one in a 200 im and also in the 100 butterfly. but you know despite all the media attention, and success it appears katie is just flipped right back into being a normal teenager. with her team here at stone ridge. you would think this would be a distraction with all the fanfare. you know people like us showing up in her first swim meet. but i talked with the head coach bob walker earlier today. he said that's far from the
5:54 pm
case. if anything katie's win provided the area with some inspiration. >> i think it's brought a lot of media attention to our sport. which is a great sport. it's brought a lot of attention to our area. girls here in our school that aren't swimmers want the find out what swimming is all about and she's just a normal, normal person that has a great gift in swimming. so she's a fun person to be around. >> reporter: now there's two more events to go and if it finishes with -- it finishes with her in a 400 free relay. we'll talk with her afterwards and that interview coming up at 6:20. live in bethesda, i'm kristen berset, guys back to you in the studio. still ahead, national anthem. they're a staple at the olympics but why they want to cut the zinging a save -- singing to save a little time. >> the paula broadwell and general petraeus story has a link to the other washington,
5:55 pm
little washington right here in virginia. i'm peggy fox, i'll have the story coming up. >> and up next, times may be a girl's best friend -- diamonds may be a girl's best friend but you'll have to pool resources to get this one. >> maybe layaway?
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
you are looking at one of the most famous and desirable diamonds in the world. and someone bought it today for the low, low price of $21.5 million.
5:58 pm
christy's auctioned off the arch duke joseph diamond today. an anonymous bidder set a world record for that price with the 76-carat sparkler. it's pretty. panel not playing the national anthem before a game. oh say with you see what a stink that idea might raise? well, it did exactly that up in pennsylvania. uh-uh see a youth hockey league up there recently sent out a directive to nearly 200 high schools in western and central pennsylvania. it discouraged playing the national anthem because they need to save some time and allow more games to be played at rented ice rinks. >> the national anthem should not be played only because of the time constraints. okay? it's not that we're not patriotic. that's the furthest from the truth. >> well, the league commissioner says ice rinks rent for $300 an hour and some games have been cut short with long pre-game ceremonies, just the same as you might imagine plenty of backlash on this one
5:59 pm
and they are reconsidering the no national anthem idea. well, motor trend magazine is out with the latest car of the jeer and for the first time -- year for the first time the winner is an all electric job. too bad we can't afford it. it's the sesla model -- tesla model s.. base price $50,000 until you realize the extras push the sticker price to nearly six figures. is the new love triangle shaped a little bit more like the pentagon? tonight, the sex scandal that already led to the resignation of the head of the cia is spreading to involve one of his family friends and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. emily schmidt has more. >> reporter: in simple terms this a story about a former top general david petraeus. his successor john allen and two women, biographer paula broadwell and jill kelley family friend. unraveling the connection


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