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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 13, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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gunned down a couple walking their dog friday evening on a waldorf footpath. 40-year-old teresa bass was murdered, her husband critically injured. this afternoon the police department was able to tell him they had arrested her killer. >> the sheriff was the person who broke the news to him. he was, again, very emotional and very happy that we caught mr. mebane. >> reporter: the arrest involved metropolitan police who shared ballistics information with charles county about the murder of a d.c. cab driver last week. the suspect in that case, joshua mebane had ties to waldorf. in that case, mebane allegedly committed the crime with his 17- year-old girlfriend. >> we are all committed to safety. just know this. we are confident we have the guy and he is in custody. >> reporter: he's charged with first degree murder and
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attempted murder. what investigators don't know is why. andrea mccarren, 9 news. the scandal surrounding former cia director and general petraeus is getting deeper and that much tougher to follow tonight. now they're investigating general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan and investigators say allen exchanged thousands of e-mails with july kelley. she is the -- jill kelley. she is the woman who claims the biographer petraeus was having the affair with sent her threatening e-mails. capitol hill hearings on allen's promotion have been delayed. >> at the request of the secretary of defense the president put on hold general allen's nomination as supreme allied commander of europe. >> despite his resignation, they still want petraeus to testify about the consulate
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attack in benghazi. first of all, how bad does it look for general allen? he says he didn't do anything wrong, but there's talk of these e-mails as being flirtatious, whatever that means. >> reporter: exactly. sure, 's been a tough few days for general allen since the fbi probe implicated him. some defensive issues with the pentagon told us that these e- mails were flirtatious and we've been turned over to the inspector general. they came from the fbi and the implication is there was no suggestion of any criminal conduct, but you might have some uniform code of military justice violations like conduct unbecoming of an officer or service discrediting or adultery. these are all crimes under the military code before you make it sound as though allen could be in danger of more than just losing his promotion. he could be in the same kind of trouble as four-star general petraeus. >> perhaps more so herself because he's still an active duty officer and subject to the uniform code of military justice. so i think based on my conversations with the pentagon
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today, that is where the investigation is leading at this point. >> a lot of people are wondering whether or not this is just a one off, an out liar or is this -- outlier or a window into what goes on all the time in the military that we civilians don't know anything about. >> reporter: the woman at the center of the scandal, jill kelley, really offers a window of what's going on in tampa. in tampa the air force base, the headquarters for u.s. central command, so there's major military power players down there. this has given us kind of a window as to what goes on down there when they're not on the clock so to speak. >> it appears as though the military has a lot of rules that almost seem old-fashioned to a lot of folks. adultery is against the law, for example. does anybody in the military think, you know what? it's time for some of these things to change. >> some people think that, but i don't think that's a real serious discussion that's
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occurring, because the military is a very fundamentally coer change doesn't come very quick l. i think they'll stick with that for now. >> what's next on the agenda. >> reporter: the d.o.d. inspector general is looking at this. i don't know whether that could take take weeks or two months. they will forward to the secretary of defense who will take a look at whatever they find and make some kind of recommendation. >> to be continued. andrew tillman, thank you so much. we'll probably be talking to you again. meanwhile, we are learning more about the woman paula broadwell. she was an ambitious north dakota high school president, also a star athlete and homecoming queen. washington post editor vernon lowe worked on the petraeus biography along with broadwell for 16 months. >> she got a lot of face time with the general during her reporting trips to iraq. he was the commander of the war. she spent hours interviewing him. >> lowe speculates he viewed
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her as someone he could control. she had no idea the affair was going public last friday. no plea deal tonight for the alleged east coast rapist. today in a prince william county courtroom, he told the judge he wasn't sure what he was doing. investigators believe thomas is responsible for 17 attacks all the way back to 1997. unless some sort of deal is reached soon, that case will go to trial. nearly two dozen area schools are on the chopping block tonight. at a press conference today, d.c. school's chancellor released a list of 20 d.c. public schools she would like to close after the current school year is done. the schools were chosen because they've got low enrollment and a percentage of the buildings actually being used and the conditions of those buildings as well. >> if we reduce the number of our facilities, we'll be able to improve the programs that we offer, will be able to utilize our staff more eintelligencely so we -- efficiently so we can concentrate on the things we know and move things for kids. >> for the complete list of the
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schools schedule to be closed, go to our website, public hearings are also going to be held. here's a live look outside. right now, it's a little chilly, though it's clear. topper is at the weather center. what about the rest of our night? >> hmighty have fallen. 30 degrees cooler if you factor in the wind chill. let's start with how many degrees we've lost since this time yesterday. we go back 24 hours. we track the temperature loss. we've lost 20 degrees downtown. 29 degrees colder up in frederick than it was at this time yesterday. also in leesburg, 21 degrees colder in andrews and 25 degrees colder in manassas. now, you factor in the winds, we've lost closer to 30 degrees. feels like it's 44 downtown. in the 30s in gaithersburg and leesburg and 37 up in frederick. for tonight, clear, breezy and cold. in the 30s. one to two blanket night. winds out of the north at 10 to 20. if you're headed out now dress
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for the 30s. later dress for the 20s. >> cold night ahead. thank you, topp. they are the men and women who make sure veterans are cared for in clean conditions. nearly 300 janitors at the walter reed national medical center say they haven't been paid in two weeks. supporters came out to support the janitors today at a rally in bethesda. 9 news spoke yesterday with one of those frustrated employees. >> i have done the job. i have complied with the regulations. and everything, but i'm not getting paid. >> that is not good. escalp enterprises, the federal contractor that employs those janitors says they haven't been paid by the government and that's why they can't pay the workers. 16 afghan civilians senselessly shot to death allegedly by staff sergeant robert baal. that was back in march. the death penalty was recommended for the 39-year- old. several soldiers testified bale
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came back to base covered in blood saying i thought i was doing the right thing, end of quote. former d.c. council chair brown spent his day in custody after two court appearances for violating bank and finance campaign laws. a superior judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail but then suspended that sentence. a federal judge sentenced him to one day behind bars followed by six months of home detention. right after the break, a surprising trend when it comes to texting. plus, imagine what it is like for a teenager who got to compete against an olympic athlete. back in the pool for her high school team. i'm thinking she won.
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>> here is one you probably did not see coming. for the first time ever, americans are actually texting less. yeah, the average person now sends 675 texts per month. that's compared to about 700 earlier in the year. it's not a huge decline, but it
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is a decline. instead, though, many of us are taking advantage of some of the more cost-effective methods of communication like skype, google voice and the ever popular facebook messenger. three months ago, katie ledecky shocked the swimming world by taking the gold at the london oolympics. today the bethesda native was hitting the water again, but this time the opponents were just a little less formidable. >> reporter: i'm kristen berset. she got back in action with her former gator teammates. what a return to the pool it was for the 15-year-old. she broke 2 of her own personal school records. this being her first meet and her being a gold medalist, there was a lot of extra fanfare today. i talked to katie to find out how this whirlwind has been since bringing home the gold. she said it's been exciting but she's just good to be an
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inspiration for others. >> it's great people are getting into swimming. i feel like if i can inspire a few people, that's a great thing. they all think it's a reallyexciting thing. a lot of people were interested in that. it's a great thing to be a part of. >> reporter: aside from her swim meet, katie is still training extra hard with her club team. she has her sights set on 2016. i'm kristen berset, 9 news. >> i don't think there were any swimmers in that picture with her when she finished those races. we're looking live outside on a chilly november night. topper is back after the break. he's got the full forecast. plus, there's a very good chance you are hanging on to at least one useless piece of technology. after the break, how to get rid of your expiring electronics, but do it the right way and why you should do that. we'll have it for you.
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>> in tonight's green alert, they tell us the average american household now owns 24 electronic products and many of them are old and collecting dust because consumers just don't know how to dispose of them. we have the answer and why it's worth the effort. >> reporter: as part of the geek squad is my old motto can fix just about anything that clicks. >> she said it freezes. >> reporter: but more and more, customers don't want to fix their electronics, they want to replace them. >> today, you might buy a
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tablet and you may use it and then who knows. six months down the line there may be another tablet that might have additional features. >> reporter: what happens to that old tablet is the problem. americans have 5 million tons of outdated electronics gathering dust which is why more states are requiring manufacturers and retailers to boost their recycling programs. americans recycle only 25% of their old electronics but it's easier than you might think and it could pay off. chains like apple or best buy calculate what the item is worth so you can trade it in for a credit. if it has no value, they'll send it for recycling. yesterday's favorites arrive by the truckload at the plant. workers erase and destroy old hard drives and refurbish products for resale. older models are stripped for parts like the precious minerals in memory cards.
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leftover pieces are resold as commodities. sims processes ewaste each year. >> we're here to help society get rid of the materials. >> reporter: it's a profitable business, but profitable for the rest of the company, too. it keeps toxic lead out of landfill. >> that's a great piece. i have got so much e-junk up in my spare bedroom that is just sitting in there. i've got to take it somewhere. >> they have an electronics section and you can dump it there. >> all right. 55 was the high today technically. it was after midnight. we were nowhere near 65 the rest of the day. thee cleared out nicely this afternoon. we're generally clear. it is still breezy. this is a michael and son weather cam. 44 right now.
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winds west/northwest at 15. pressure 30.35 inches of mercury. pressures don't get high until we get more in the fall and winter. colder air is denser, it weighs more. 41 in rockville. 40 in great falls. 37 in gaithersburg and 37 in latentville. even down in arlington, 41. 42 in college park. and look at that, buoy checking in at 42. when you factor in the winds, it feels like 34 in leesburg. it even feels like it's 37 downtown. that's why we said if you're going out early dress for the 30s. if you're going to go out late, dress for the 20s. we've lost 20 degrees, but good news. dry through the week. need a jacket tonight. wind chills in the 20s and 30s. you'll need a jacket all day tomorrow. it's going to be bright but brisk tomorrow. it will look imarm warm -- warmer than it is. winds in the 30s. winds turning out of the north
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10 to 20. tomorrow winds are sunny, breezy and cold. you'll need a jacket and coat. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. high temperatures near 50 and winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15. zone forecast, remember all six zones are on our website, only 33 in oakland tomorrow. 42 in cumberland. upper 40s in winchester. maybe 51 in culpeper, but leesburg, warren, manassas, fairfax, 48 or 49. that's about it. downtown 50. low 50s into southern maryland. the wind, small craft advisory for the bay and in potomac, temperatures in the upper 40s. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green and green. chilly but nice tomorrow, 50. cool but nice on thursday. still cool but not a bad day at all on friday. temperatures in the mid-50s. the good news is on thursday and friday, not much wind to worry about. the next seven days, saturday looks great for the terps in
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town. mid-50s, not much wind. on sunday, keep the chance for rain or showers late in the day. i think the redskins game will be dry now. we can go back in the low 50s monday and tuesday. more and more confidence that the storm stays out to sea. >> that's good news. you know, last night youtube singer bono delivered the keynote address at geor atgetownhe global initiative. he speculated a bit as to what it might be like if colleges which are pretty competitive started doing attack ads of their own. take a listen. >> we're georgetown, we approve this message. >> let me say a few words about some other fine schools you might be considering. uva, thomas jefferson, what have they done to you? syracuse, a school whose mascot is a fruit. duke, a school that worships
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the devil. >> the blue devil at that. >> they deserve it. i hate duke. we're back. i6
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in the mailbag tonight, the david petraeus scandal, as we now know the sex capades may go far beyond the general. frankly the whole thing has descended from national security fiasco to plain old soap opera. karen from alexandria writes this is the pentagon after all. who knew post 9/11 military worship would spawn a culture of general groupies. i have to wonder if there was a national security risk as a
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result of the distraction. this continuing drama may have made the best case for defense cuts. well, maybe. but maybe not, karen. i think however this is surely more evidence of america's schizophrenic nations about sex. we utilize hot sex with young beautiful people in our entertainment and advertising but claim to value old- fashioned virtues like month nothing gappy and -- monogamy and self-discipline. perhaps it's hard to have both. then there's this. topper keeps telling us about the terrapins and redskins weather on saturday and sunday. remind him d.c. united has weather, also. weather has been very significant to the team recently. there are people who follow soccer, football in this area and your broadcasts and they might need to know the weather for their team. i asked topper about that. and he says he does talk about the d.c. united weather. just not as much as the redskins and other are other more popular teams because
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other teams are more popular. he does have love for the united. he just has more love for the redskins and terrapins. that's all. we hope you send us an e-mail or two. the address is that is our report. we'll be back at 11:00. log on any time you like at have a great evening. we'll talk to you later on. bye-bye. ♪ "e.t."
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the monica lewinsky connection to the cia love triangle. america's top spy. his mistress. her on-camera denial. >> i'm not in love with david petraeus. >> tonight, we're breaking down the anatomy of an affair. >> you need a road map to understand everyone involved. >> the mistress' home raided by the fbi and how monica lewinsky is connected to the whistle-blower. "twilight's" kristen stewart and robert pattinson with me. >> i'm really feeling it. >> we're taking behind the scenes. 2,000 people camped out for four nights and we are the first on the black carpet. then -- ♪ >>


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