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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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velocity that the truck was going. he did a fabulous job of keeping control of the bus. the kids of course a little exciting today. >> fortunately, none of the students were injured. the driver of the pick-up truck suffered minor injuries and taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. >> any talk of charges on that driver? >> reporter: not that we know of yet, no. >> thank you for that. meantime tonight, president obama is weighing in on the scandal that took down the head of the cia and threatening the future of one general. >> the entanglement is overshadowing economic issues. >> and we have team coverage tonight on the patraeus scandal. talked about the media circus that has converged on their neighborhood. first daniel has the latest from the white house.
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>> reporter: the president opened news conference with talk of jobs, economy and fiscal cliff. >> first public comments about the scandal involving david patraeus. >> provided this country an extraordinary service. we are davis because of the work he has done. >> he resigned from the cia last friday after the fbi uncovered he had an affair. >> i have no evidence at this point that classified information was disclosed that in anyway would have had negative impact on our national security. >> the scandal is threatening the future of general john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. looking into e-mail communication with jill kelley. complaint to the fbi
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revealed the patraeus affair. >> obama is holding judgment about why he didn't learn until last week. law makers want answers. >> nothing happening for 6 months and the week after the election one event after another. it doesn't add up. >> top fbi officials met with law makers wednesday. senator diane fine stein described it as. also agreed to testify about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the new details are still being worked out. >> the president added that he had an extraordinary career and by his own assessment that he did not meet the standards of his job. at the white house, daniel. >> continues with our peggy fox. neighbors are reacting to the
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media stake out at broadwell's brother's home. >> reporter: this is where paula is staying and photographers and photo journalists are standing out here camping out waiting for paula to come outside and say something. it's been like a came of cat and mouse. she came out early this morning in the 5:00 a.m. for an early morning run and gave most photographers the slip. >> it's just crazy. it's like a small big town. >> the stake out the paula's brother's home includes a dozen of photo journalists. >> i thought it was a movie set. >> some are on the sidewalk and some are in the public alleyway behind the house. that's where we met marian. >> we all love the big yellow house. but nobody knows just how much it has an infamous
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history. >> the photographers who took pictures through a window say she had to have known they were there and even looked as though she was posing at times. >> you do things in private and all of a sudden everything has ramifications. it's a lot to process. there's no such thing as a private life. >> led to changes in equality. >> 1841 park road has been in the news before. back in the 1920s, dr. robert dean was the first african american to move into mount pleasant. >> now the concern is on the national security level and not just neighbors who are wondering what secrets paula may be hiding. >> i don't think the general was thinking clearly and i don't think there was any kind of, you know motive on his part or obviously a slip up could happen and that's of course the scary
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part. i wonder what the woman's motives might have been. >> reporter: so the neighbors we talked to are understanding that journalists need to be here until we get some more answers about this scandal. just a few moments ago, we did see a neighbor come with some kind of basket of food and go up the steps and over to the left. the stake out here continues. back to you. >> on any other given day, could have done that without the cameras. now not so much. >> as we said, president obama also addressed the impending fiscal cliff. the president said the economy cannot afford a tax increase on all-americans and called on republicans to support an extension of existing tax rates for householding earning $250,000 or less. >> there are two pathways available. option one, if congress fails to act by the end of this year, everybody's taxes
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will automatically go up, including the 98% of americans that make less than $250,000 a year. and the 98% of small businesses who earn than less than $250,000 a year. that doesn't make sense. >> the president said the nation's top priority right now has to be jobs and continued growth. and while he says he's open to compromise and new ideas, the president said he will not accept lowering tax rates for the wealthiest americans. >> there was a bizarre and frightening shooting at a wal-mart in maryland. the cops have some unusual clues they are working on even as we speak. >> reporter: this store's overnight shift manager was brought out into this parking lot after a robbery at 4:30 in the morning and shot. >> the shift manager survived the shooting but that was not the end of it. the investigation moved quickly to this townhouse development where
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a mysteriously burning car was found. >> there was a fully engulfed vehicle in the area. we're treating that as possible suspect vehicle. >> police have the case and just released these photos of the suspect walking in the store. white man with dark clothing and a mask covering his face. >> jesse is a co-worker who said the gunman came in the store pushing a cart. he asked where he could find a heater. instead he went on to rob the store at gunpoint. >> watch my back. you just never know . >> the shooting at this anchor store in the community has shaken shoppers. >> this is a family store. you see a lot of families in here. you wouldn't think something like that would happen. >> the shift manager was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. tonight police say they are looking for the suspect who they believe is
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a white male. 9news now. >> and we've got an update now for you on a triple shooting at a northeast dc gas station that left a man critically injured. happened last night at bp. that suspect's vehicle a mercedes has been recovered. it was found in the 1500 block of blain street also northeast. two men and a woman were shot after some sort of dispute. the shooter then ran off. the shunt on for that suspect. no word on why he might have done it. >> the man suspected of killing a boy back in 1979 is under indictment. pedro hernandez is suspected in the murder of etan. sparked massive search and a movement to publicize cases. his lawyer says his client is mentally ill. a nanny accused of killing
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two children is indicted tonight. 6 year old girl and her two year old brother on the west side. the nanny is still in the hospital with self inflicted stab wounds. expected to be arraigned via videotape. >> more dough if you use the dulles toll road. raise one way rates by 50 cents. the hike had been expected because more revenue is needed to finance the second phase of the metro rail extension. >> coming up, a man convicted of grabbing women's private parts learns his sentence. we'll hear from a woman who relives what she said happened to her. >> we'll tell you how cold it's going to be night and we have an interesting look on the weekend. i'll let you know if it's going to be dry for both games. >> law makers demand answers in the deadly meningitis out break.
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sky 9 over a morning rush hour crash that injured a 14-year-old boy and his mom. governor bridge road and route 424 in maryland. the car the two were in crashed into a tree. the boy was taken to children's hospital. the 35-year-old woman was flown to washington hospital center. investigators now trying to determine why the car left the road in the first place. >> the house committee is investigating the recent deadly meningitis out break that's killed 32 people across the country and made more than 440 others ill. >> the owner of the new england compound implicated in the out break appeared before the panel as did one of the widows of the victims. >> the owner of the company
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linked to the deadly fungal out break refused to answer questions on capitol hill. >> what explanation can you give to families who have lost their loved ones? >> i decline to answer on the base of my consty constitutional rights. >> the out break killed 32 people and sickened more than 400 others in 19 states. one of those victims was judge eddie lovelass whose widow came to the hearing looking for answers. >> and i've come here begging you to do something about the matter. >> the out break is slowing down with fewer cases being reported. 14,000 people are thought to have been exposed. >> the company had a well documented history of problems. nearly a decade ago the food and drug administration wanted to
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shut it down. instead, the fda deferred to state regulators who allowed it to stay open. >> this out break very well might have been prevented. >> the agency needs more authority and funding to oversee compounding pharmacies. >> as it is, our authority overcome pounding is limited unclear and contested. >> the new england compounding center is closed and officials are in the process of revoking its license. cbs news, new york. >> and the senate will hold its own hearing on all of this tomorrow. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says she plans to stay in that role. she will run again for the leadership position. no word yet opposable competition. she noted the diversity of the incoming congress and the caucus will be made up of the majority of woman and minorities.
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>> anger workers staged a protest over government spending cuts and tax increases. the largest demonstrations took place in spain. made the economic crisis worse. hundreds of flights were canceled and train service was disrupted. other large protests took place in greece, france, belgium, portugal and italy. a top leader has been killed in an airstrike. part of a major offensive launch. the commander of military wing was killed when his car was hit by a missile. that commander was on israel's most wanted list. the israeli military says it ordered the airstrike in response of days of rocket fire into i rayleigh territory. >> bringing back to life after super storm sandy. all but two have reopened. harrington
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manner and swallow falls remain closed. a total of 11 state parks had to be closed in the aftermath of sandy. and the virginia department of transportation wants drivers and local leaders to know they are ready for the winter. vdot officials showed off new equipment in preparation for the severe weather that is probably on the way. one of those new tools, a web application that allows citizens to see how well their neighborhood is being plowed. >> once there's more than two inches of snow on the ground, that web application will be open to the public and the public will be able to see whether we started plowing in the neighborhood or whether plowing has been completed. >> that's if there is any snow. there may not be any. if there is, you can access the site. >> have we wiped up the drool
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yet? >> he's excited seeing the plows. >> that was pretty cool. >> he needs a winner. >> we're going to have winter outlook next wednesday. working on that now. >> give us a heads up. >> no, no. all under wraps right now. let's talk about something cool. northern lights we don't get to see them here. if you go up to the north, this is in minnesota, i believe. check this out. >> a little further north. >> quite a spectacle. electromagnetic storms of the sun create quite a little show up in the north. that would be cool to sit out on your porch and have a nice tea and look at that. gorgeous. >> okay. check this out. we have a new camera. looking from crystal city across the river. it's our new michael and son weather cam. temperatures on the chilly side. in fact, these temperatures are really more for the average of early december.
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45 right now. winds are calming down. we have high clouds coming in. and the pressure rather high. 30.47 inches. satellite picture radar combine combined. a little pes key disturbance. high clouds back into the southeast. these clouds will play cat and mouse with us later tonight and tomorrow. all the showers though and the rainfall will stay from raleigh eastward and charlotte south and eastward. but we see high clouds coming in. even though the winds have died down and the clouds are coming in. going to be a cold night. are trading no windchills for lower temperatures. kind of pick your poison really. currently, mainly in the 40s. 39 already in gathers burg. 43 in great falls. 43 in arlington. 45 in college park . and low 40s out to the west. all right around
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42 or 43 degrees. so staying crisp. the breezes diminish tonight . you'll need a jacket. no windchills but just cold. now, still a little chilly on thursday. but the good news is no winds to speak of. and a nice finish to the week on friday. very nice. for tonight, clear skies early and cold. but high clouds come in late. 28 to 38. winds northeasterly at 10 . you are inside the beltway downtown and mid 30s. but rockville 30. 29 in gathers burg tonight . freezing in college park and 29 in sterling. and 28 in leesburg and manassas. partly cloudy and chilly. by afternoon partly cloudy. still high clouds. and a little bit chilly. highs around 50. the good news is the winds are manageable at about five to ten.
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next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green, green. and a little wilder on saturday. we're back up into the mid 50s. and again, with no wind, it will feel comfortable. next 7 days, we're monitoring coastal storm. following all week. it's too close to call. the storm will develop. the models can agree on that. what the models can't agree on is the track. light rain in the forecast late sunday. if all goes according to plan after the red skin game and into early monday, cold though. upper 40s sunday. low 50s monday and sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. back into the 50s. great weather for the turks game. if you are going to tailgate, temperatures mid 40s to mid 50s. >> great for football though. >> it's that time of year. coming up , a double amputee takes part in a history making sky dive. >> up next, toyota announces
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second major recall for millions of its vehicles.
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in tonight's consumer alert, thousands of generators recalled. a worldwide recall of millions of toyota vehicles.
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facebook stock sores. 12% as the lockup period ended today. first employees and investors a chance to unload 800 million shares. the social networking company stock lost half its value since going public in may at $38 a share. another recall tonight. toyota is recalling back 2.77 million vehicles around the world. and the defects could affect your steering or the water pumps in various models. so 670,000 of those vehicles are impacted in the u.s. by the steering issues and then another 630,000 vehicles for a defective water pump. now to the generators. 7700 of them made by power mate sold at home depot are being called back. a fuel leak problem with the sx 500 model. stop using it.
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contact the company to receive a repair kit. all of it on our web site. wusa >> the white house honors a local library today for contribution to community. parkview high school library and media center is one of ten across the nation to get the national medal for museum in library service. got the honor for guitars on the go concerts which students can take part in before school. extraordinary exhibit about the civil war. it opens monday at the library of congress. commemorates the 150th anniversary of the war. more than 200 items on display there. many never before seen by public telling personal stories of a nation torn apart and a conflict to help shape nation's future. >> it was a red white and blue affair out today. 6 sky divers
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including one marine double amputee jumping out. the jumpers are part of a team of retired service men from cincinnati. one of them holding the largest american flag to ever make a free fall jump. all 6 sky divers got down safe. >> great view there. coming up, learning to walk again. a device that helps people leave wheelchairs and walkers behind. >> people magazine states what many female fans at the movie magic mike already knew. >> a judge sentenced a man convicted of grabbing women's private parts. i'll have the story coming up.
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a dc superior court judge has sentenced the man convicted of grabbing women's private parts while riding a bike past them. >> 31-year-old oscar pena got 180 day prison sentence. one of the women says she too was victimized by him. >> the court case was based on the sexual assault four women he confessed to. there were potentially more victims including a young woman who felt compelled to write about the attack. >> i was shocked. >> on a sunny july afternoon in
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broad day light, liz was walking in a neighborhood. >> i didn't see him coming. he reached up my skirt and fondlied me. and then biked away while laughing. >> disgusted and horrified, she felt compelled to write about it. launched a public outcry including two women that were connected to oscar sentenced in superior court. >> there were as many of 15 to 20 who dealt with in theory the same guy. >> pena is a college graduate from -- a woman sitting in his lap and working in the industry. >> of course i'm disgusted. >> in addition to the jail sentence, he was placed on three years of probation. and ordered to undergo sex offender and
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mental health treatment. he was also ordered to stay away from victims and the neighborhood. andrea mccarren, 9news. >> and he may have more trouble in his future. he could face deportation when his jail sentence is done. >> in tonight's health alert. news for people with chronic migraines. this affects about 15% of the population. more women than men. and woman with chronic migraines have a higher risk of developing brain legions. show up as bright spots on an mri. new research shows these brain changes don't cause any cognitive loss or damage. >> there was no association between having these lesions and whether or not somebody could function cognitively which means performance on test of memory, speed of processing and concentration. >> the research indicates
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migraine sufferers don't need to worry about damage or controlling or treating the pain caused by these bad headaches. >> most of us tend to take walking for granted but for some the dream of walking is a dream. an amazing device that's helping those dreams come true. >> it was april 3rd, 2011, i was in a single car accident. >> daniel nearly lost his life as a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated driver. the carolled down an embankment where he nearly drowned. >> in the accident my neck was broken. i'd say about 90% of the time i was in a wheelchair. >> many weeks of rehab helped him move from a wheelchair to a walker. the distances he could go still very limited. >> i was able to walk 200, 300 feet before i would not be able to walk any more due to fatigue. i would constantly have leg
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spasms. >> then he got to try technology. the brace wraps around the leg and connects to a censor. the brace sends an electric pulse to help patients lift the foot when walking stimulating a more complete step. >> i have been able to leave behind a chair. >> this device is appropriate for patients who have an injury to their central nervous system. some of those impairments would be spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis. >> she was diagnosed with ms in 2002. four years later she could barely walked. >> i walked slow. i would drag my feet like foot drop. >> she started getting help from the l 300 last april and take a look at the difference. here's her walking with the l 300 activated. and here she is
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with the device off where she can barely stay balanced. no wonder she uses it all the time. >> she's able to climb stairs again for the first time in years. >> we're very happy both from reeducation and exercise stand point. >> i haven't fallen since april which was pretty amazing. it was common i would trip on anything. >> the l 300 is used at several rehab facilities including national rehabilitation hospital. it's available to buy for home use. systems are available at lower cost. our first patient daniel got his as a gift from his church. >> actor channing tatum has something in common with bradley cooper, brad pit and george clooney. named sexiest manning alive. his first thought was yal are messing with me. the 32-year-old star is married.
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his film rolls are magic mike, 21 jump street and up coming movie box catcher. >> a college student finds his twin hanging on the wall. we have some explaining to do. >> we stepped outside. it is chilly. the good news no wind. bad news it's going to get cold. here are the temperature s right now. mainly in the 40s. 30s showing up. 39 already in gathersburg. and 44 down towards the river. we'll talk about clouds moving in and look ahead to the weekend. >> first, you won't believe who is behind the wheel of this scary crash and what the driver was accused of doing before it happened. we're always on
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caught on tape, a one type doctor of the year now accused in the scary crash. check out the video taken last friday in massachusetts. this is a car driven by dr. christine howard speeding from a super market parking lot going airport over the median and slamming into two other cars. the 78-year-old man in one of those cars was hurt. >> it was like a bomb went off
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in the car. and that's all i really remember. i was in total shock. she hit me like i just thought it was all over. >> did she appear confused? >> it was not all over the doctor did plead guilty of being drunk. she told them the car had a mechanical malfunction. the judge did release her and she's been fired from her hospital job for allegedly prescribing drugs to herself. >> a news chopper captures the end of the police chase this morning on i 75 in florida. officers were chasing three alleged bank robberies when the car slammed in the back of another one and crashed. the suspects took off. they are trying to climb a nearby fence. but officers were able to take them down. no word on any injuries. >> a college student recently became across his look alike on the wall of an art museum. >> they say we all have a twin.
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>> they were walking around the medieval armor section when she spotted his dead ringer and he didn't believe it. that was until he got a look at the photo she took. >> in which case there's no denying the resemblance there. >> i'm bigling and it's dead silent. >> that photo has gone viral. the portrait was of a noble man painted 450 years ago where max's grandfather's family is from. >> sounds like the pretest to some sort of scary movie. >> coming up, you do not want to miss what we were just saying about cheating spouses, the other woman and what happens when you are crazy in love or just plain crazy.
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we are just saying this whole patraeus thing is just a hot mess. anita, leslie is here. let's get started. any number of big time men seem to think if they cheat, they are the ones who won't get caught.
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what is going on out there? >> you should read something about this in usa today. >> i did. i read something about it. some men think they are so above this. but we've seen this happen time and time again. i don't think i'm surprised by this in particular. i'm more surprised by the tactics they went to to conceal it. >> he went all out to make sure he didn't get caught. >> top spy doing what terrorists do and still didn't work. >> you talked about this last night. and let's be real. we admire fidelity but like the idea of scandal and romance. this happened so many times. these are big players on the big stage and the whole nation is interested. this can be in any neighborhood going on. >> when you say we like it, you are saying the media? >> no, it's whole different. let's be real. >> my point was we do not
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encourage it in what we do or advertise. we don't encourage monogomy. if you look around our society it's not helpful toward it. >> well, i think that a lot of people really right now are tired of this. they don't care about what he did in the dark. his wife cares, his children cares. he made a fool of them and that's the unfortunate situation. in terms of a powerful man, why do they do it? because they can. because they are powerful. they've been told they are powerful and they believe it. when you have that kind of feeling, you feel you can get away with it. that's the main thing, you don't think you are going to get caught. >> let's move on to the other woman. we do know women do decide. and this one knew what she was doing. she had her own husband. why would women agree
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to do that? >> you know what, i think some women are drawn to powerful men. we've seen this with the athletes, the musicians, politicians. any time certain women are drawn to that kind of thing. this has been going on since the beginning of time. >> you have the access here. the woman who is acting as a biographer putting him up on a pedestal. and that's very flattering: you see this in hollywood too. it can carry over to real lives. >> look at derek. >> derek could never do anything. why this is problematic because people say at that level you should know better. >> always like to somehow draw me in this conversation. put me on the spot. >> you get to help us pivot.
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>> very quickly. folks begin to act bizarre and crazy. you have to think general patraeus never in his wildest imagination thought this woman would begin sending these e-mails to the other woman with whom apparently he wasn't involved. >> i'm thinking about the astronaut who wore a diaper and drove around the country because somebody was dating. it was crazy. one of those things where some people flip and they do things maybe they didn't think they were do. something just happened. >> and who would think would be an fbi investigation. how on earth did this woman in florida get an fbi agent to get this. my husband works for the department of justice. he was saying he can't get the fbi to look in his cases. what is going on? what is her access?
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was that really appropriate for it to become an fbi investigation? >> there was the fbi agent sending pictures with the shirt off and took him off the case. >> everybody exercised poor judgment. >> we have so many issues right now we need to be concerned about and this should be at the bottom of the list. >> this is way more fun to talk about than any of those other things. >> you never think there will be an affair involving the pentagon. and four star general and the head of the cia. >> what about his wife? that's the person that should be concerned about this. >> about holly patraeus, should she stay with her man? been with him 38 years. go stand by your man? what do you think if it were you? >> if it were me? are you asking me? what do you think? >> i think he's toast. >> that's a personal decision that each woman has to make. and i would not say she needs to
5:49 pm
leave him. if he were my husband he'd be gone. >> like that reba show where she stands there and the husband says i have an affair and i'm standing here and telling you i'm leaving his lying cheating butt or something. but life doesn't always imitate the sitcoms. this is deep stuff. when there's an affair it cuts to the soul of you and you want to hope people can work it out. that's really tough. >> and there are children involved and you've seen women stand by public figures. an thoughy's wife standing next to him and you can see the pain in her face but she's standing there. her reasons are her reasons. >> and she was pregnant at the time. becomes much more complicated. do we lose site of the pain these kind of things cause? because they become so outlandish.
5:50 pm
there are human beings end up suffering. >> i hope that we don't. dealing with an affair in private can be difficult. so imagine what it's like to be on this kind of stage. we only hope this entire family will heal at some point from this and all remember there are human players in this saga. >> and not just the patraeus player. but several other families involved. and just being toppled by this. >> it feels like a caution nary tale in here. but a lot of people will never pay attention. we're going to tell this story again and again and again. ladies, i thank you. we're just saying and i'm throwing it to topper. >> we're looking at a new shot. wonderful view of the jefferson. and we're looking at temperature temperatures on the cool side. michael and son live weather cam looking across the river. it's 45 right now. closer to early
5:51 pm
december temperature. winds have calmed down. pressure steady 30.47 injuries. satellite picture radar combined. weak system not even at the surface at least right now. surface reflection tomorrow. a lot of high clouds. and we'll have some of these high clouds move in tonight and tomorrow. in terms of precipitation, the showers and rain will stay east of us. charlotte south and eastward. the clouds will roll in later tonight and not going to do much of our temperatures. not going to be that lucky tonight. it will be a cold night. right now, 41. 39 in gathersburg. 37 already in l attensburg. 41 fairfax. 45 in college park. now, staying crisp. breezes diminish tonight. need a jacket tonight. still a little chilly on thursday. thankfully not windy and a nice finish to the
5:52 pm
week. high clouds come in late. 28 to 38. winds out of the northeast at 10. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, chilly. 30s and 40s primarily. wind rz calm tomorrow. and by afternoon partly cloudy. a bit chilly. keep the coat handy . highs around 50. winds out of the northeast at about 5 to 10. winds are generally on the light side. next three days our 9 weather alerts are green and why wouldn't they be? going to be chilly but nice tomorrow. 50. more sunshine on friday. cool but nice and on saturday a bit milder. very nice temperatures back up to 56. getting close to average by saturday. next 7 days. sunday we're still watching this coastal storm. got to keep at least a chance for light rain or showers. if we're lucky after the game. going to be in question for the redskins game. could be rain late in the day
5:53 pm
and night. that shower may spill over into monday. and back in the mid 50s on tuesday and wednesday with sunshine. and no matter what the coastal storm does, it will be chilly. so a strong finish to the weak and a good start to the weekend. back to you. >> still ahead tonight, one of this area's most prominent universities loses a spot on an academic. >> before you sit down to a chicken dinner. what you are really eating and what she's promising to do to make your food safe.
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the redskins have an extra week to think about that embarrassing loss to the panthers. >> now the team is back from the bye and preparing for a showdown on sunday. >> christine is here with more on a team say can't bust a grape. >> thanks. i don't know what to say to that. the redskins are 3 and 6 heading into the second half of the season with five opponents left to play. as diane roberts reports, even though washington finds itself in a must win situation, they have a chance to turn things around in the division. >> this is something redskins fans haven't seen in a while. they could use the number one
5:57 pm
wide out as philadelphia heads on sunday. only played one division game. if they can roll off five wins, good shape to make a playoff run. >> obviously, wish we had a better record. the division is still wide open. and there's still a great opportunity. >> all things aside, being 3 and 6, we're in a pretty good position. go out here and take it one game at a time. >> if we don't take care of our own business, we're not going to be here. >> everyone calls the match up a must win game. >> the redskins last win was before the bye week against the panthers. they lost. >> if we lose this time, no chance. pretty much done. it's like a must -must win. >> the redskins have been in this position before. reeled off 4 wins against the 2007 season. santana moss was on
5:58 pm
that team. >> glad i was around for all that. i'm not playing. i forgot. i don't think about it. what's done is done . right now, what could i do about this. you know what i'm saying? it was fun going through that. >> the redskins can only hope there will be a repeat performance of those good times and begins this sunday when the eagles come to town. i'm diane roberts. >> we'll have much more on the skins/eagles prep and the latest on the injury front coming up later in sports. >> this is 9news now. >> there's only one way to solve these challenges and that is to do it together. >> president obama holds his first press conference since the election and tries to set the stage to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. as emily reports, he was pelted with questions not only with that but the sex scandal. >> i hear you have questions for me. >> at a press conference where president obama want today focus
5:59 pm
on plans for his next four years, the first question arose for the past few days. >> general patraeus had an extraordinary career. >> his resignation following the exposure of an affair was based on a personal decision. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed that in anyway would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> next topic, the fiscal cliff where tax hikes kick in. >> i'm open to new ideas. >> while holding his ground on one of the biggest sticking points. we should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy. >> republicans is mixed. >> the elections are over with and this is an opportunity for us to turn the page. that means the president of the united


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