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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 16, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> one officer is a veteran of three years. the other is a ten-year veteran. we'll have much more on their story tonight at 11:00. it's a gamble for the defendant and it paid off because -- [ inaudible ] >> shock at the bowie state community. we're talking about the murder trial of alexis simpson accused of killing her roommate dominique frazier which was closely followed on social media and everywhere else. andrea mccarren was at the courthouse last night when the verdict came down. >> reporter: here on the bowie state campus, there is a mix of emotions. shock, sadness and relief that this high profile murder case appears to be over. >> a lot of students are disappointed. looft people are shocked. when i saw the news, i was like wow. >> reporter: the bowie university strap pus is healing after a violent fight it roommates ended in death and traumatized the school
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community. >> i heard she was bullied. in a scary situation like that, you're going to try to defend yourself. >> reporter: alexis simpson admitted in court that she plunge add knife into the neck of her roommate dominique frazier but she testified it was out of fear, an act of self- defense, a rare and risky defense. everybody was surprised. >> it was a gamble and paid off. i did it because my life was in danger. i did it in self-defense. >> reporter: administrators were among those disturbed by testimony that both young women kept fives in their dorm rooms. >> it's definitely a violation of university policy to have weapons of any kind in the rooms. the fact that they were there certainly a disciplinary matter that would be dealt with if it had been known. >> reporter: still unanswered is the family of the murdered victim will file a civil suit against the university or
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alexis simpson. bowie state says it has not been served with any legal papers. andrea mccarren, 9news. a not guilty plea from the high school principal accused of participating in some sort of assault on a former staff member at a homecoming game earlier this month. thelma jarrett was in d.c. court earlier this afternoon. her lawyer claims it's just a case of sour grapes. >> what we know is the complainant was disruptive and caused a problem and had been terminated from that school. what this appears to be is someone with a clear ax to grind taking her revenge out on people who were just simply doing their job. >> jarrett was released on her own ring so distance but was -- own recognizance but was ordered to stay 100 feet away. former general petraeus testified on capitol hill today. he said he believed all along the terrorists carried out the
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attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> the original report -- [indiscernible] >> lawmakers also wanted to know why u.n. ambassador susan rice called the attack the result of a spontaneous protest five days after it happened. democrats say rice was simply using talking points signed off on by the entire intelligence community. petraeus meantime insisted his resignation was the result of his affair with paula broadwell and had nothing to do with benghazi. democrats and republicans sat down today for the very first meeting concerning the fiscal cliff. first meeting after the election that is. lawmakers have to find some sort of budget compromise before the end of the year and astaire a mergener explains, leaders say they're confident -- and as tara mergener explains, leaders say they are confident. >> we're not going to embarrass them with cake because we didn't know how many candles were needed but--
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>> yeah, right. >> reporter: by all accounts, the atmosphere stayed friendly as the president and congressional leaders started hammering out a budget deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. if democrats and republicans don't find a compromise, huge tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in january 1 that could sink the economy in another recession. >> it was a constructive meeting. we all understand where we are. >> we all know something has to be done. there is no more let's do it some other time. >> reporter: president obama wants individuals making more than $200,000 a year to be taxed more. republicans say absolutely not. but the g.o.p. may be willing to lower the number of tax deductions rich people can take. >> to show our seriousness, we put revenue on the table. as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. >> reporter: lawmakers are pushing for a deal before christmas. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. >> now more comprehensive tax
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reform could be put off till the new year. get this. a new poll shows 51% of americans, a majority, do not believe the congress and white house will get that deal done. a six-month old baby girl found alone in a motel room and tests positive for cocaine. all this according to the toddler was found tuesday night at the motel 6 on warrenton road in fredricksburg. the girl's mother kristin fay clark showed up about an hour after the deputies got there and was arrested. deputies also found a crack pipe in the room. clark is apparently pregnant with another child. your next commute could be a little less congested. the 495 express lanes from braddock road to tysons corner will be open tomorrow. santa claus was out there today giving it a test drive. there he is. anybody who has an e-zpass or smarttag will be able to use the lanes. of course you'll be charged a toll. if you're driving with more than three people, consider getting a flex pass. that will allow you to ride for
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free. what do you think about the new express lanes? are you looking forward to an easy ride to work or do you think it's fair that those who can afford to pay the tolls get to deal with less traffic? send us an e-mail. we might use our comments in our next broadcast. a live outside even as we speak. cooling off a bit even though it was sunny earlier. topper shutt is on the weather terrace where the temperatures are going down but are going to go back up tomorrow. >> nothing crazy cold which is nice. nothing crazy cold right now. current temps 55 was the high. ath below average. we're -- a little below average. we're down in the 30s in the burbs. 48 downtown and still 43 in leesburg and manassas. the satellite picture, radar combined smrks sprinkles a-- combined, some sprinkles across the delmarva. we're looking at generally clear skies for the next 48 hours. clear, breezy and cold tonight, a one to two-blanket night. winds will pick up north, northeast at 10 to 15.
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we'll come back and talk about weather for the terps game, weather for the redskin game and weather for the all important travel day wednesday of next week. >> all important. thank you, topper. israel tonight calling up 16,000 reservists for what could be a possible ground invasion in gaza. israeli warplanes war dropping bombs on hamas targets and militants were firing right back with a rocket aimed at tel aviv which ended up landing in the sea. israel said if hamas continues firing missiles at them, they may send the tanks into gaza. steve colbert says there are only a couple of differences between him and the brand new fax figurine revealed today at madam tusseaus here in d.c. the real colbert says he's already broadcasted naked from the waist down. couldn't get away with that on this show. bruce leshan reports there's yet another difference as well. >> ladies and gentlemen, one, two, me.
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>> reporter: stephen colbert plays a right wing pundit on comedy central. like anyone vain enough to appear on tv every night. >> i may be a news junkie but i also got to have my story. >> reporter: he just cannot get enough of himself. ah, self-love. colbert said the artist painted him in dots and measured him with calibers. >> i even sent them a dvd of my latest colonoscopy. >> reporter: ey missed one detail. >> i'm american. >> reporter: tried not to be a pompous tv guy myself. how do they do this? do they dip you entirely in hot wax and it pulls all your hair out and everything. >> most of the time they actually murder the suspect. >> reporter: they didn't murder dan rather but they did relegate him to the gift shop
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to make way for colbert's man crayole. he called himself the latest wax american. >> it reminds me of my infancy. >> looft spitting up. >> reporter: the guy who's run for president a couple of times refuses to divulge his secrets for solving the nation's problems. >> i'm not going to tell you. you have to elect me first. why buy the cow when you can get the answers to our nation's problems for free. >> reporter: he hopes the house speaker will join him soon. >> john boehner, he always has a waxy quality to himself. >> madam due sow says colbert will be on permanent display in the media gallery. the comedian worries global warming could leave the wax colbert a melted puddle. most of us believe recycling is good for the environment but how do we
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incorporate recycled materials back into the economy? one company just may have the ant and we have -- have the answer and we have their story. >> after the break, the end of an era. hostess shuts down. what are we going to do?
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. twink can i lovers all a-- twinkie lovers all across america sad tonight because the company that makes them is going out of business. the latest strike crippled them to do their business and today we caught up with some fans who are stocking up. >> reporter: where are you going to put all these? >> i have no idea. we live in a small townhouse. >> reporter: hostess twinkies. >> she must really like them. there is a reason to hope, snack lovers. there's a chance, however small, that another bakery will
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buy the hoss tess brand -- hostess brand. if you're feeling adventurous, we actually posted the recipe on our website go ahead, give it a shot. homemade twinkies. a live look outside. topper will be back after the break. right after the break, incorporating recycles materials back into our economy. we'll show you how it can be done.
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in tonight's green alert, unusual weather like hurricane sandy are fueling climate changes. recycling is a part of that equation and how to incorporate recycles terms in our economy. we have -- materials in our economy. we have a look at one company that's riding the wave. >> reporter: when it cooks up its designer countertops, recycled glass is the main ingredient. at a recycle factory in the old navy yard, they mix glass with concrete and pigment. the glass has to be super clean so it comes from unused extra bottles of companies like snapple and busch. >> they crush the glass into art specifications. >> reporter: this is what the recycled glass looks like when it arrives at the factory. the factory has used ten million pounds of it in the past decade. glass is ideal for recycling because it can be crushed and
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reused over and over. americans recycle three million tons of it a year. recyclable glass goes from companies and cush side toses pro -- curb sides to these plants. clear glass gets the highest price. managers wish they had more. >> we believe about half of the recyclables that people are asked to put in their recycling program still end up in the trash. >> reporter: recycled glass is mostly used to make bottles but here it's turned into high design. >> there aren't any petrochemicals in the product. it's not coated with a plastic coating. >> reporter: a greener trend which i-stone is banking on. randall pinkston, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> interesting. climate change or not, the climate does change, by the way. we can't recycle enough. that's all i have to say. everything has to be recycled.
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everything single thing. >> it's coming along good slowly but surely. what about our weekend? >> it looks good. you want to bike ride, you can. you want to take a nice walk with the dog, you can. temps agent bit below average but without much wind it will feel comfortable. this is national airport t. is our michael & son weather cam. the high was 556789 right now its -- 55. right now it's 48. it's clear and pretty nice. wins are north, northeast at 9. pressure has gone up a little bit. 30.40 inches of mercury. satellite picture, radar combined, we'll zoom out west. this is where all the storminess is. that's why it's going to be so nice in the east this weekend. i'm showing you this because it's going to look like this on wednesday. if you have any travel plans to get to the west coast on wednesday, that will be the only trouble spot. clear skies right now but a few clouds early but they whisk out of here early this morning. we were left with a fantastic finish to the week. temperatures primarily 40s
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although a couple of 30s sneaking in here now. 39 gaithersburg. 40 vienna. 41 in fairfax. i'm just going to throw out burke. it hasn't moved the last two hours. arlington 43. 39 bowie and 39 at andrews and 41 toward waldorf. a nice weekend ahead. a little chilly for high school football. nice for the terps game. you'll need your sunglasses all weekend and it will be nice as well for the redskin game. tonight clear, breezy, cold. a one to two-blanket night. 28 to about 38. winds will pick up a little northeast 10 to 15. by morning mostly sunny with a chilly start. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. winds calm down tomorrow morning which is great. going to the terps game, prepare for 48 to 54 for temps. mostly sunny, a bit cool but certainly please sanction. -- pleasant. if you're in the sun, you'll be hot. in the shade, you'll be cool. another fantastic day.
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winds reasonable east, northeast at 10. going to the redskin game, very nice as well. partly cloudy, pleasant. light jacket a good idea. temperatures 512 to about -- 52 to about 57. nice on saturday 5, 4. nice on sunday 55. seasonable on monday and 57. wow. next seven days, a few showers still possible on tuesday. then travel day wednesday is great. we're looking at sunshine, temperatures in the upper 50s. yes, derek, i did it. i put 60 for thanksgiving and i put 62 for friday. are you kidding me? >> sounds like a great long weekend. >> it could be. >> let's hope it holding up. let's get to our weird news file tonight because you need to be a pretty big wine lover to give the next one a shot. to japan. these folks in a pool infused with wine celebrating the launch of the 2012 nouveau season. the french wine hits the
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shelves midnight ahead of the third thursday in november. sunbathers? there are obvious problems with this. number three might be does anyone have to take a long, soapy shower before they get in the pool? we don't want to talk about numbers one and two. we'll be back.
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in the mailbag, i am surprised but perhaps i should not be as to the volume of reaction to my guest last night, a man named howard bloom whose book purports to explain how what he sees as a god lses universe -- godless universe was able to create itself. >> one viewer says he defending his points of atheist but for as long as time people have needed to believe in something as all cultures illustrate. how can we counter so many
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believers? we can't. a whole lot of people believing in something does not necessarily make it true. everybody a whole bunch of folks used to think the sun was being pulled across the sky in a chariot. but i do get your point and so does robert from herndon. your guest has indulged in the belief that if he could trace the origins of the material universe back far enough, can he replace god. without opening the cover of the book, i can deduce this logic has to exist to enable any mechanism he proposes for the creation time and space. whatever you think of mr. bloom's beliefs, he's an interesting guy. while he may not be able to explain that, robert, i would love watching him try to do so. then there was this reaction to a question i posed yesterday on the david petraeus scandal. are you a, riveted by it, b, starting to get bored with it, c, you wish we'd move on. one viewer responds a, there are so many unanswered
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questions. while roselle is the opposite. i say c, move on. who really cares about goes up. please, who cares about gossip? some good gossipers is the closest any of us will see towards an irresistible force. you can't kill t. it has to run out of gas on its own. that is our broadcast. i'll be right back at 11:00 along with anita and topper. we'll see you then. is always on.
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♪ "e.t." lindsay lohan. blindsided on live tv. >> just today, there was news that you allegedly have a new half-sister. >> i didn't even hear that. so, thanks for the news. >> lindsay lohan's surprise sister. >> her father finding out on a talk show. >> michael is ashley's father. >> now, dina lohan comes to "e.t." revealing what she knew. >> the woman actually called me, the mother of the child, crying. jessica biel's first interview about her wedding with justin timberlake. >> our ceremony was really beautiful. i just feel bubbly and sparkly. plus, is selena gomez back with justin bieber? where we caught the exes out together. then, "e.t.'s" power list with jessica simpson. our all-new interview. >> people were banging on the car and i felt like a beatle.


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