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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breese in for howard bernstein. it is chilly outside but not as bad as yesterday. >> we are still dealing with cool temperatures. we are having clearing of the skies, but the temperatures really dipped. we are sitting in the 20s right now, but it is feeling more like the lower 20s. satellite radar bringing in a lit bit more cloud cover. we are going to mix the clouds and the sun for the first half of the morning. around 11:00 we will become completely overcast for the remainder of the day. right now 30 at reagan national airport, a chilly 31 in manassas. futurecast is going to bring the opportunity to see cloud cover move on this. i think that happens middle of the day. afternoon a pop of moisture is possible but not likely. for most of us by midnight though, those who will be celebrating out and bearly tomorrow morning a light rain
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or snow shower will pop on through. green weather alert for today and tomorrow. by wednesday, we are mostly sunny, little cooler as temperatures remain in the upper 30s. on the northbound side of 28 coming out of manassas, manassas part to get past i-66, since the early morning hours before 2:00 a.m. the fatal crash investigation, traffic is able to get by single file on the left side of the roadway northbound 28 this also makes for a slow travel down 66. otherwise the volume has been light on the interstate both in virginia and in maryland. 35 open to the 14th street bridge. police responding there for the motorcycle crash. maryland beltway i-27 0
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corridor checking out the drive at the american legion brimming. back to you. >> to me it is just incredible. isn't the first time the redskins have been champions since 199. the sky is the limit for this team not only this year but for the future. we are definitely looking to capitalize this year. >> thank goodness f the rookies. rg iii had 166 total rushing yards. morris three td as the redskins bet the cowboys to win the nfc east. delia gonzalez is live with fan reaction to the victory this morning. >> reporter: paul lefter behind the camera, if you could only see his bloodshot eyes. he has been up all night long. he claims he is going to do it again, we'll see. staying up late and waking up
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really early. he says the game was worth it. anyone who stayed up to watch the game, they were not disappointed. what a fantastic game it was last night. we were here earlier at this diner. i'm so excited. but this diner was packed about an hour ago with folks still trying to recover from last night's big win. let's look at video shot last night with the big win. you can look at how folks were excited. a lot of the partying going on at bars in the city, the redskins claim their first division title since 199. rg iii says he was only nine years sold back in 1999 and alfred morris was just a kid too. >> reporter: the dance is coming to us. the dance is coming to washington. it is the biggest game in 20
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years. i couldn't be happier about it and we are going to the super bow . >> reporter: no one can contain their excitement. however they have got to hold on for another game. we play seattle next sunday here at home. another big game again in one more week. back to you. thanks delia. trying to get reaction of the two people that are still up. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital this morning. she has a blood clot. doctors discovered this clot during a follow-up exam she had sunday. she was already being treated for a concussion. clinton's spokesperson said she will be in the hospital the next 48 hours so doctors can monitor medication levels for this ct. former president george h.w. bush remains in the hospital in
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houston. the 88 yelled was moved out of intensive care and into a regular hospital. he had been in icu, trying to get rid of a persistent fever. former president bush has been hospitalized since november 23rd with an illness that started with a bronchitis related cough. a 23-year-old indian woman who died after being gang raped and beaten on a bus was cremated yesterday. hundreds gathered in remembrance. the death of the young woman has drawn nationwide protests and rare debates about violence against women. >> we need to raise our voices. we see anything wrong happening we need to raise our voice. if it is happening with us, we need to raise our voice. something happening, we need to raise our voice. >> at tackers are now charged with murder. meanwhile police are
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investigating another suspected gang rape and death in the country. we are now just hours away from going over the proverbial fiscal cliff. the two sides don't appear to be any closer to a deal if republicans and democrats can't come to an agreement taxes will go up on all americans january 1 and there will be spending cuts in just about every government agency. vice president joe biden is going to take the lead for the democrats. mitch mcconnell for the gop. congress has come to an agreement on one issue. leaders of both parties announced sunday they have reached a deal to extend the 2008 farm bill for at least one more year. without a deal the agriculture secretary says americans would have been force today pay as much as $7 if a gallon of milk. but again, that has been averted. we are watching your money. i know you are sick of hearing it but over the next few days
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the words fiscal cliff, you are not going to be able to avoid them. whether or not you think congress can pull off some sort of a compromise, one thing you need to be prepared for. for many of you, your paycheck will go down in the new year and here's why. the payroll tax was cut by 2 percentage points over the last two years. experts are saying that tax holiday is coming to an end. the center on policy and budget priorities says it is about $100 billion. goldman sachs says ending the tax holiday would shave percentage points off economic growth next year, not predicted that strong anyway. let's say you make $50,000 a year. that works out to be $20 a week.
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if you add it up, it comes out to be a thousand dollars less that you are taking home in 2013. >> and that is just the beginning. >> that is not even the tax increases we are looking at. this is just what is taken out of your paycheck. >> we are going to keep looking for it and have the answers for you, coming up rg iii and the redskins are nfc east champs, heading to the playoffs. >> that's right. coming up dave owens is one-on-one with the rookie quarterback after the big win last night. stay with us. on
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we are starting off with part pli cloudy skies there morning, we'll turn overcast this afternoon. still highs will have the opportunity to make it into the lower range 40s with southwest winds. and we are checking out the ride for folks north on 28. the ongoing crash investigation still with us, northbound 28 and the i-66 interchange only single file on the left gets by. you can see a lot of activity here. this impacts eastbound 66 with a slow merge on to 28. your lanes are open to get down to 66. back to you.
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nine people are dead more than 20 hurt after a tour bus crash in pendleton, oregon. investigators say a charter bus slid on the ice on a major highway, went through a guardrail and down a steep embankment. president hugo chavez is recovering from cancer surgery in cuba and his vice president says his health remains delicate. chavez suffered new complications. he first announced he was battling cancer in june of 2011 and had been undergoing treatment in havana. kanye west is expecting his first child with girlfriend kim kardashian. he made the announcement at a show in atlantic city, new jersey. kim kardashian is still legally married to kris humphries, although she has filed for divorce. redskins beat the cowboys
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last night 28-18. >> the skins, led by a pair of rookies, earned their first title since 1999. >> some guy named robert given iii has joined me. r.g. iii, you say no pressure no diamonds man. you come out here tonight, an outstanding performance from the entire football team to get this win? >> it was. most guys on this team, it is safe to say all of them get the glory and the fame. tonight it was alfred. if we win the gym, that is all that matters. >> reporter: talk about that big back behind you 33 carries two bills three touchdowns. he sort of bailed this team out tonight didn't he? >> i think the best running
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game. when the team knows they have to stop the run, they are going to play different defense. >> reporter: how much of that is because of the knee, how much is because dallas played solid defensive football? >> dallas played solid defensive football. usually i get questions about running when people talk about my knee. the problem has never been throwing. they played tight coverage all game and i think our receivers will learn from there game. >> reporter: talk about the toughness and mentality of this football team. seven or eight weeks ago you guys were left for dead. now all of a sudden nfc east champions. >> it was a mind set change. everyone came in with the mind set that every game was our last game. you can see it in practice and with our defense. giving us a lot more opportunities and keeping us struggling. >> reporter: nfc east champions. i have no more questions for you. i would love to keep you all
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night long. anything you want to talk about ask me any questions? >> no we are good. i think i want to go home now. >> rg iii is welcome to come join us anytime. if you have a redskins scarf you may want to wear it this morning. it is chilly out there. >> i think we are going to see a lot of the burgundy and gold winter weather gear on this chilly start to our monday morning. we are watching up the year. that is always a good feeling in the weather office. we are looking at a pretty decent start. it has been cool. overnight we had a lot of clearing of our cloud cover. we are now beginning to pull more clouds back in, but the temperatures really dipped. most of us are sitting in the lower 30s, a lot of areas are in the 20s, mid to upper 20s, but it is feeling cooler than that. winds today will stay out of the south and southwest. that is going to help us in the temperature department. if you have to go out this morning, be prepared. right now it is 30 with
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overcast skies. a highlight around 44 degrees for reagan national. that should be between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. in all though, satellite radar, i put it on longer loop this time. you can see how much clearing we have had. now the cloud cover is starting to move on back in. overall though, i think it is going to be a fairly calm day for us today. our dew points have been fairly low, our winds have backed down significantly and we have made the shift from a more northerly chilly wind to a milder southwest winds. our temperatures will be fairly uniform across-the-board. here's the timing of moisture, i think it is going to come in later on during the overnight period, nothing to be alarmed of. we might see a mix of wet snow neighborhoods with a -- snowflakes with a little bit of spotty showers. we definitely will be overcast.
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but then celebrations should remain dry. futurecast trying to pull in a little bit of moisture coming up from the south. most of us will stay dry after the morning hours, but some of that moisture will come on north from norfolk and richmond and move in toward southern portions of the area. again it is knotted going to amount to too much. things will start to die down for us though as we head into the wednesday forecast and by thursday, we are chilly but dry. 44 the projected highs today for college park and reagan national. we should see 42 for arlington, 43 for rockville and 4 for sterling. overall it is a good picture. green today tomorrow and the next day with an opportunity for a little bit of moisture moving through. no accumulation expected tuesday. cooler wednesday. by thursday, sunshine not so bad but chilly and breezy, into those 30s.
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40s for saturday and sunday. beverly? >> reporter: ole about, we have lighter volume overall. we are in pre holiday mode, if you will. not the federal holiday it feels like for most folks. the exception northbound 28. you leave manassas to get up toward 66. this is what you are dealing with the ongoing trash investigation single file to the left, but it will take extra time. also extra time on 66 east trying to get through centerville because of the slow merge on to 28 past the accident scene. that is to go north. southbound 28 all your lanes are open. no limit to your access to 66 itself. as far as the 95 corridor and 35 is concerned, everything opened for you. there is a crash on the outbound memorial bridge as you leave the lincoln memorial.
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the three lanes are inbound toward the cemetery toward constitution avenue. as you travel the maryland beltway, that is light volume i-27 0, the bw parkway and incident free in maryland. your next timesaver traffic 625:67:89 mike jessica, back to you. time now 6:19. we are going to look at the question of the day. the redskins have played the cowboys 106 times, including last night. how many times have they won? >> 42, 47 or 54? >> here's a response you posted on the fan page. tony blue says 20 in nfcchampionship games. everything else doesn't matter. >> we'll have more of your responses coming up in about 30 minutes.
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>> i don't think i have ever been 3-6 and ever had seven in a row. i don't think so. never anywhere close to that. it was a great feeling. i can't he is reflecting on the terrific turn around of the team this season. >> the team was tied for last place at 3-6 after nine games, but now they have won seven in a row. nfc ease championships this morning
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welcome back. we are starting to build in cloud cover, going from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy through midmorning. that means our temperatures, well they are going to be fairly uniform, move through the 30s and maybe hit the low 40s by early afternoon. a high of reagan national airport. and then overcast skies tonight a little bit on the chilly side
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though as we go back down into the 20s and 30s once again. >> nfc east division champs, wrap your mind around that. the redskins completed a mission that began seven games ago. it culminated right here at fedex field with a 10 point dramatic win over the cowboys. >> everything that was on the line, feels good for us. but you know, this was definitely for the coaching staff, mike shanahan, he deserves it. >> nobody goes into a season thinking oh we just want to make the playoffs. the goal is to win it all. if you don't win it all, everybody is losing. >> we are going to enjoy this. it is something that probably i was once afc champions when i
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was in new york. to be here as long as i have and fighting man it feels good to really you know, finally get over that hump. go in the playoffs and do damage. >> reporter: as the fourth seed the redskins will host seattle right here next sunday at 4:30. rg iii versus russell wilson. can't wait. back to you guys. >> hail to the redskins. >> fedex field and all the bars in and around dc rocking last night. still celebrating the burgundy and gold's big win. coming up, we are going to hear their excitement about finally winning another division title. how are the ludes roads looking beverly? >> for the most part, volume out there. is lit. but we have an ongoing crash investigation near the i-66
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interchange. only one lane squeezes by to the left. a complete look at time safer traffic at 6:30, you are watching 9news now. we'll be right back with you
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i would like to shout out to my husband michael station the at ford meade. i love you and happy holidays. welcome back. this is the place you can always get your weather first at 62:00 this new year's eve morning. a bit chilly, below freezing there as we look at the
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jefferson memorial. did you know he was the third of ten children? >> i did not know that. >> thanks for starting your day with us. i'm mike haiduk. >> and i'm jessica doyle, andrea roane is off today. olga is in for howard. over to you. >> reporter: it is a little chilly out here. temperatures down in the 20s and 30s. good news the winds have died down a little bit. light winds at 7 miles per hour at the airport. we'll get out of the 30s into the low 40s. most of us top out between 44 and 46 degrees and then it looks like we are going to see moisture move in overnight tonight. but your new year's eve celebration should be dry. we are letting people know about an ongoing crash investigation. overall volume has been light
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around town. right near the i-66 interchange, that has just been resolved. we can see you are moving once again. only one lane of traffic that getting by. no longer the caution for you. in centerville, making the merge on to 28 northbound, good news for you, southbound you were never impacted on 28. that is our big trouble spot and that is resolved. travelers into springfield your lanes are open onto the 14th street bridge. earlier the crash has been cleared. no issues here. looking good at the wilson bridge and on the outer loop heading into prince george's county. back to you mike jessica. time to see what is happening at r bs this morning up in new york. >> we went to say good morning
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to you and happy new year's eve to you this morning. >> reporter: we are talk beg secretary of state hillary clinton who is hospitalalized after doctors find a blood clot. we are going to ask about the possible health implications she might suffer. also we are following the last minute negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff in washington. plus we are going to take a look back at the biggest stories of 2012. we went out and did what we said we were going to do. we within seven straight, won our division and now it is up to us to decide how far we want to go. >> wow, some people were writing them off earlier in the season. robert griffin ii and alfred morris combined as the skins beat the cowboys and they win the nfc east.
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our 9news delia gonzalez had a massive smile all morning long. live with reaction from the fans, i love the play by play you had with paul lester this morning. >> reporter: i think he is on his second cup of coffee. third cup. look at that. it is going to be a long morning, i'm in for it, he is going to be really hyper. i only stayed up for the first quarter, i have to go to bed, some of us do need our beauty rest, paul lester. fans really were up all night party asking a lot of them aren't actually heading home for some much needed rest, we were here at the diner, talking to a lot of fans who were screaming out, but now they are home, hopefully get something rest. let's look at video from the height of the celebration. finally something to cheer about. this is the first division
6:34 am
title for the redskins in 13 years. fans say a lot was riding on this game. and the skins did not disappoint. we spoke to one fan outside of the diner here in adams morgan, here is what he had to say i don't i think it brought back you know the flavor of football to watch them. we have a long tradition of football and you couldn't ask for anything better. dallas cowboys, and rg iii and the rest of the young guys, they have exceeded everybody's expectations. >> jordan was a worker here inside a diner, came out to talk to us, even though he was excited and had lots to say, he looked like he was tired didn't he? i'm sure plenty of redskins fans feel the same but it was well worth it, don't you think? >> for sure. have four more cups of coffee.
6:35 am
whatever it takes. >> power through. thank you delia. it has been more than two weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage and adam lanza's body has been claimed for burial. the paper wasn't able to learn from the medical examiner who took him. lanza killed his mother at her home nearby and police have not given a motive for the shootings yet. last night the house and the senate both went home without a deal, when it comes to trying to avert the fiscal cliff. senators are leading the negotiations and they have until midnight tonight to come up with a compromise before massive spending cuts and tax increases kick it. that affected university about every one of us around the country. senator harry reid expects us to reconvene this morning. sue rae chin has more. >> reporter: member of congress left meetings on capitol hill
6:36 am
sunday without a deal hours before the nation is set to fall off the fiscal cliff and negotiatations continue. >> reporter: if republicans and democrats can't strike a dell before midnight monday, taxes will go up for almost every american. automatic spending cuts will kick in and millions will lose unemployment benefits and i'm billing to get this done. >> reporter: republicans introduced but quickly withdrew a proposal to cut the deficit by slowing the growth of social security. but senators say there is some movement as both sides try to pro mize about which americans should start to pay a higher tax rate. >> republicans don't want to see new revenues, in other words democrat tax increases used for new spending. >> reporter: in an unusual move, republicans called on the nation's number two democrat gyp joe biden to help.
6:37 am
>> they say their biggest prior is making sure we deal with a deficit in the, this a serious way. but the way they are behaving is making sure tax breaks for the wealthiest are protected. >> reporter: democrats want to introduce legislation to keep tax rates for couples earning up to $250,000 a year. time right now is 6:37. a am watching your money. believe it or not, it is the last trading day of the year on wrlt. everybody is going to be watching the fiscal cliff. on friday the markets closed down as investors watched those negotiations lead nowhere. the dow dropped 158 points. >> falling below the 13,000 level. the nasdaq finished the day down 25 points. investors will get a string of economic reports when the new year begins. the latest numbers on spending
6:38 am
will be released, and on friday the latest employment figures come out. the job market has improved in recent months. analysts expect the unemployment rate to stay at or near 1.7%. the cover reads #last print issue, letting people know the magazine is now only online. newsweek was first published back in 1983 i can't it is the way things have been going. >> it is. we are this a digital age but it is sort of sad. i do read it online. i'm still a fan. this morning we are hoping to get hired through dc >> the u.s. marine corps is hiring a business analyst. you need three plus years of experience for us. to find out more go to
6:39 am when you return, olga will have your weather first. (bell rings)
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tile time right -- time right now is 6:43. do not freak out, you are going to see a snowflake, but olga is here. it is winter. going from december to john. as howard said, we had two inches of snow last year, we could use a little. >> it fits for us for right now. we don't want any complications for people's new year's eve celebrations or new year's day gathering. people have tomorrow off and you want to spend sometime you really love to do. the forecast definitely is going to cooperate with that.
6:44 am
mainly partly cloudy skies. a little bit of daybreak, orange on the horizon from our camera over the capital. however cloud cover is going to take over later this afternoon. temperatures are chilly. lower 30s. right now we are partly cloudy, we'll be mostly cloudy by 9:00 or 10:00. we are almost overcast. into the evening many of us reach temperatures 44, 45 degrees then things will back off significantly after sunset. looks like a cool start. 28 in bethesda. these are the actual air temperatures. a little bit of breeze from the southwest. overcast skies, we are starting to see the cloud cover move on
6:45 am
through. for your planning purposes here's what you need to know for the day. in the afternoon overcast skies completely with a high of 44 for reagan national. dress accordingly, it is going to be a very, very chilly day. just a transition for us with the cool air. the increasing clouds looks like we are in for a dry celebration top and new year's day will feature a mix of we want try precipitation. we are sitting in the 30s and 20s, it is feeling like the lower 20s for most of us. overall the craft outlook for the next seven days, not too bad. 44 today about as warm as it gets for the next stretch. tomorrow a mix of wet snowflakes early in the morning, late in
6:46 am
the evening. no accumulation expected. what happens though wednesday through friday, overnight lows dip down in the 20s. olga the big traffic story of the morning is no longer a traffic story thankfully. everything open on 28. from the early morning hours it had been shut down and only one late getting by. everything is open to get past 66. seen 66 remember today is not the federal holiday. just kind of feels like that. the volume has been so right. 95, 35, fredericksburg into stafford, woodbridge, springfield heading past duke street and the 1st street bridge. on i-27 0 incident free, making
6:47 am
your way down toward german town and shady grove road in the beltway. your next timesaver traffic at 6:58. back to you guys. the national archives kicked off a special exhibit this weekend. from now until new year's day visitors can see the original emancipation proclamation. the document, which grand freedom to slaves, was signed by president abraham lincoln. to mark the anniversary, the national archives will have live entertainment and historical reenactments. , exposure to light can damage t the national archives will have special nighttime viewing of the proclamation today from 1:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. tuesday. and also from 10:00 to 5:00 tuesday. one of the hallmarks, of course of new year's eve is a
6:48 am
big ball drop in times square in new york. and they are getting ready. from the celebratory perspective and of course security as well. new york will have thousands of extra patrols on hand, bomb sniffing dogs, counterterrorism teams and plain clothed officers. this weekend crews also tested the confetti used for the celebration to make sure it is air worthy for the big night. >> air worthiness is our way of finding out on new year's eve when the 2,000 pounds of confetti gets dumped, it is going to work. we are on broadway ask 7th avenue and we want to make sure when we drop it, it works i can't people from each year
6:49 am
around the world write their wishes on pieces of the new year's confetti. all of it is made by hand and strategically placed to flow with the wind. >> that is lovely. we hope all of your wishes come true in the new year. it is hard to believe but 2012 is almost over. new year's eve is the big night and that can be big business for local business and his bars. but they aren't the only ones getting ready. one local program is making sure your celebration ends safely. more on the new year's eve preparations. the countdown is on. it is time to say so long to 2012 and welcome to 2013. it is not new year's eve without parties and celebrations. >> it is a champagne toast,. >> reporter: monday these tables will be replaced by game
6:50 am
tables. hundreds buy tickets and of course that means more staff will be called in. >> people typically will be all hands on deck. >> reporter: restaurants bars and hotels say new year's is always a big night. there is a different sort of sell brigs. noises of families come out for first night alexandria. >> reporter: you have 20 different indoor venues, more than 100 performances. there will be plenty of alcohol flowing on new year's eve, and one local program called sober ride is offering free cab rides to make sure people get home safely. >> we average over 600 rides on that evening alone. >> reporter: the organization teams up with local cab company to offer the service. kirk erikson says the program works keeping drunk drivers off
6:51 am
the road. >> some people say if i call for a cab, am i going to have to wait 30 minutes? or whatever. not any longer than any other cab. >> reporter: so however you choose to spend your new year's eve, this program is helping keep you safe as we head into the new year. time now to answer the question of the day. of course after the big win last night the redskins have played the cowboys 106 times in their history. how many times have they won the match up? >> 42, 47 or 54. >> jamie johnson says 92. she was right the answer is 42. stay with us.
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i'm colonel willborn stationed in kabul. to my wife and kids in northern virginia i love you and i miss you.
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good morning. time now is 6:54. definitely looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. overcast skies headed into the afternoon. highs should make low to mid-40s. it will be a chilly night tonight if you are heading out to celebrate. here's a check of the news before you go. the season went from oh maybe we'll make the playoffs to let's do this. nfc champions. delia is live with redskins fans reaction. >> reporter: that's right. talking to a few fans heading toot diner here gearing up and resting after a long night of partying. the redskins beat dallas in the playoffs. the time right now is 6:55. one last check of weather and traffic, right after this.
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our temperatures today will make it into the 40s. but we'll get the cloud cover tonight dry for the new year's eve celebrations. a little wet mix tomorrow. olga, the earlier centerville crash is completely gone. looking good around town. back to you. wall street is on fiscal cliff watch. so is cbs this morning and they are going to have secretary of state hillary clinton as a topic of discussion as well. olga is going to have weather updates over the next 25 minutes. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning, hail to the redskins. happy new year.


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