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tv   Charlie Rose  CBS  February 20, 2013 12:00am-12:35am EST

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sand when you see the other nominees is there part of you that says "i could act circles around that woman." >> meryl streep. (laughter) so you say you'll be at home relaxing, no big party or anything? >> no, no. >> dave: it's a lot of pressure and i know it doesn't get easier. the second time is no easier than the first nor the third, is it? >> it's an out-of-body experience. i bring my best friend. >> dave: who's your best friend? >> her name is busy phillips. and me we met on "dowson's creek". >> dave: she was also an actress on the "dowson's creek?" >> yes she was. >> dave: you go to award shows? >> yes, so much so they we've started a rumor -- actually, we did not start the rumor. (laughter) there's a crazy rumor. >> dave: i have to start my own rumors. you don't have to. (laughter)
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>> alan: >> dave: hey, you hear that about me? what's the rumor? >> that we're more than friends. >> dave: well, is that bad? >> well, we are more than friends but -- no, actually, i was -- (laughter) >> dave: but people want it to be somehow -- what do they want it to be for heaven's sakes? >> she's married and she has a kid but that doesn't stop me, apparently. (laughter) >> dave: well, good for you, i admire your energy. (laughter) this is lovely. it's like the arc of sirius there. >> exactly what i said. >> dave: is it four little piercings there? >> there's no piercings involved at all. it's a clamp. >> dave: it's a clamp? >> you could wear it. >> dave: i could wear it? oh, well, stop me. (laughter) now, listen, have you been around the world doing press for your "wizard of oz" movie in
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>> only los angeles so far. >> dave: it's before t wizard of snoz >> correct. >> dave: and what's the story that leads to "the wizard of oz?" it's a carnival in kansas, right? >> this is how he gets to the land of oz. >> dave: and he's a carnival con man in kansas. >> exactly. >> dave: what kind of things are people wanting to know about you and the movie when you talk to the press. >> everybody's very kind. it does tend to be the same questions that you get -- >> dave: do you get bored sometimes? >> we play a game to stave off the boredom which you could probably play with your guests. it's a word game. because you sit in this room in a dark room for four hours -- have you heard about that? >> dave: i've heard about this and you're right there and they go okay here comes somebody from the "des moines register." here comes somebody from the munich "der spiegel" and after a while you just get dizzy, don't you? >> you do, you go on autopilot
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and you check out a little bit but not if the you play this game. >> dave: what's the game? >> there's a crew behind the scenes, somebody operating the camera and doing the lights and the sound so before the person comes in they give you a word. and you have to find a way to integrate this word into the three questions that they would ask you. >> dave: i love this. >> it's a very fun game. >> dave: for example? >> pumper nickel. >> dave: so this's the word and you have to use hit in the thing. how do you get it into a conversation with a member of the press? >> they asked me what it was like to fly and what it was like to be in the harness. thank god they asked me because i said you can't eat a loot of pumper nickel sandwiches. (laughter) >> dave: and they just think that's fine? >> well, i think it's easier on the international press stage because they can imagine there's a translation issue. certainly she doesn't mean pumper nickel, she must have
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meant pumpkin pie or something >> dave: couldn't possibly be pumpernickel. other words that you were able to work? >> astro glide but i had to -- >> dave: astro glide? lafs >> astro glide. (laughs) >> dave: oh, really. is now how -- (applause) all right! good lord, look at you people! where are my astro glide people? (applause) how do you do that? >> glide is easy. i was able to glide into set everyday wearing my dress. astro was a mess. they asked me what my favorite -- this is embarrassing. they asked me what my favorite past time was i liked to drink coffee it's like a trip to outer space, it'ss a federal. i had to reach on that one. but i didn't want to let my guys down behind the scenes. >> dave: these folks are getting their money's worth on these
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interviews. >> the hardest was big foot. >> dave: that doesn't seem that hard. >> really. how would you drop that into a sentence? >> dave: now you know who i had to share a cab with coming to work today? (laughter) big foot. (laughter) he wanted to borrow my astro glide. so how did you manage big foot? >> it took me three interviews. part of the fun is getting it immediately. >> dave: it's supposed to be in one interview you get one word and the next you get senate to >> but big foot, it's hard. and then luckily somebody asked me if i were a magician what would my magician name be and i saw it shineing in front of -- (laughs) the amazing big foot. >> dave: the amazing big foot. now tell me about james franco. because he's been on the show many times and i find his
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intelligent and energy fascinating and puzzling. am i close to something there? >> i thought he was so fun to be around. i didn't really go to school, i didn't go to college, my high school diploma is a little bit question so -- >> dave: no, wait a minute, you're kidding me? you didn't go to high school? >> no, i didn't. >> dave: you've got to go to high school! >> i know, that's what i tell my kid everyday, or you'll turn out like me. >> dave: your daughter is like seven years old? >> yes. >> dave: wait a minute, high school, come on, how did that happen? >> it's a long story, dave. i was acting from an early age and then i got emancipated. >> dave: what does that mean? >> it means you divorced your parents. >> dave: really? (laughter) you make that sound like it was contentious. was it? >> no, that's just the most abbreviated way. >> dave: so it was amicable?
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>> yeah, it was an amicable divorce. >> dave: so you left your home at what age? >> 15. >> dave: to do what? to be on dawson's creek? >> i did. >> dave: where did you move? >> i moved -- i lived in montana grew up in montana. >> dave: that's right! for god's sake, you lived in montana. that's tremendous, why would you leave montana? (laughter) >> pirpl my parents said the reason that we left is the last winter that we spent there it didn't get above 30 below for 30 days. >> dave: (laughs) that's great, isn't it? i just think that's fantastic. (laughter) you were born on the rocky mountain front. >> i was. i was. my -- yes. is (laughter) we share a small town thing -- >> dave: you're damn right we do. so your folks said you go, you save yourself: we'll stay here. >> there was a transitional
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period in san diego and i moved to los angeles when i was 16. >> dave: but this high school thing, are the police looking for you? >> no, just my parents. >> dave: but then you got one of those -- >> i got an actual diploma but it was from the back of the magazine. (laughter) and i look in magazines sometimes now to see if you can still get your diploma from a.c.s. and you cannot. >> dave: but is it a valid diploma? could you get into a college? you should get into a college. >> no, i couldn't. >> dave: why don't you? >> i would like to but i can't get into college, i couldn't get into college because i don't have the -- >> dave: well, james franco is always in a college. >> he could get me into a college. >> dave: james franco could get you into a college. he's always down there at n.y.u. pretending to go to class. i feel bad for you about this. >> it's okay. my daughter has said she would like for me to go to college with her. (audience reacts) >> dave: now there you go. >> and i'm sure that she won't change her mind. (laughter) >> dave: you know, my roommate,
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mom. but that's a lovely idea. >> it's a very lovely idea. >> dave: i'm broken hearted. i don't know why. i'm having a bad reaction here. (laughter) i want nothing but good things for you in life and you got some sort of -- it's like draw the donkey and you become an artist. i don't know. this -- (laughter) i mean, you can count and you know colors and stuff? (laughter) >> i have been struggling with some of her grammar home work recently. >> dave: hey, i understand you play the glockenspiel. that's me doing the word game on you. (laughter) you're a lovely woman, they should nominate you for academy awards every year. this movie is "oz, the great and powerful." this is a 3-d film. >> it is indeed. >> dave: we have a clip. michelle, what will this be? oh, i loved that marilyn monroe show. >> thank you. >> dave: it was fantastic. what are we going to see here?
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(applause) >> thank you! this is a clip at the -- glinda is -- my power is water, mist, bubbles and i was able to make a protective bubble around my kingdom and we're about to go through. >> dave: is this a great huge fantasy with wonderful special effects and things flying and blowing around? >> it is visually stunning. >> dave: let's take a look "oz the great and powerful." >> hey! is that a wall? >> of sorts. it protects us from harm. >> dave: but we're headed straight for it. >> yes, we are! >> dave: and going very fast. how do you -- does this thing have any brakes? it's going too fast! i'm going to die! you needn't worry, wizard, it's a magic wall and all the honest soul cans pass through. >> i'm going to die!
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watch out! >> dave: whoa, beautiful. absolutely lovely. this is michelle williams, ladies and gentlemen. (applause) one day she plans to go to college. >> (laughs) >> dave: with dave's help. thank you so much and enjoy the academy awards for the comfort of your own home. thank you so much for being here. (applause) we'll be right back with chris o'donnell, everybody.
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♪ ♪ >> dave: thank you and thank you again. ladies and gentlemen, if i was a washington lawmaker i would introduce legislation limiting the number of actors and actresses to maybe like five. >> paul: yes. you could have five actors? >> dave: and they would make good movies that we would see every year. >> paul: that would be fun. >> dave: michelle williams would certainly be one of those actresses. (applause) >> hey, boss, you got any recycling? >> dave: i'm sorry, tommy, what? >> got any reich snlg >> yeah, geez, i'm sorry. there you go, there's that. (laughter) very nice, very lovely. >> all right. >> dave: i was surprised she had not been to high school and this one right here. there you go. >> all right. (laughter)
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>> okay, i'll get the rest later. >> dave: thanks, tommy. and she's from montana. you know, gary cooper, old actor famous actor -- >> paul: excuse me. i can't help but notice you had an awful lot of garbage. >> dave: yeah, they didn't come last week. (laughter) you know who's on the program? we'll be right back with chris o'donnell. he'll be right here, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause)
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...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined.
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i ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause) >> dave: wow!
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that's show business right there. >> paul: that's show business right there. >> dave: our next guest stars on the very popular television show -- oh, my god is this a popular television show. "ncis: los angeles." duh, hello! (laughter) you can see it tuesdays-- that's tonight. well you've -- i guess you saw it. (laughter) right here on cbs. ladies and gentlemen, here's chris o'donnell, come on out. (applause) ♪ ♪ congratulations on the success of your blockbuster show. how long have you been on the air, in "ncis: los angeles". >> this is our fourth season. >> dave: nice going, everybody doing well? the family. >> yeah. >> dave: off big family, am i right? >> we have five kids, yeah. >> dave: good for you! >> yeah, yeah. >> dave: now you came from a big family? >> i'm a youngest of seven.
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>> dave: whoa! youngest of seven. >> irish catholics, what can i say. (laughter) >> dave: is it good to be at that end or better to be at the other end. >> i think it's great to be at my end. i for sure was the spoiled brat that came last. >> dave: you're the baby. >> but there are benefits. well, that's a good benefit, i think. my parents, by the time they got to me it was -- they were so done with raising kids. (laughter) >> dave: (laughs) there were no curfews, they'd seen it all, it was nothing i was going to do that was going to shock them. >> dave: not sure if it was six or seven but we're going to guess seven. >> if he looks like one of us he's probably ours. >> dave: this is a great picture. what are we looking at here? is this one of your kids? (laughter) look at this guy. my goodness. and then look at this guy. this is al pacino. we don't know how old he is here but he's quite youthful looking there. and then look at you, for god's sake. how old are you -- what are we talking about here? >> that's about 22 years ago.
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>> dave: and what was -- >> this is the golden globes. he had just won the golden globe. >> dave: "scent of a woman"? >> yeah "scent of a woman" exactly. (applause) >> dave: amazing. and he stopped at your kool-aid stand. (laughter) honest to god, you look like you 1250er years old there. >> well, i was playing a 17-year-old. >> dave: what was that like being at the golden globes and there's al pacino and you? >> that was fun. it was the first time i had been to any of those shows. i was nominated as well for a golden globe so that was fun. i went to the oscars but i was so green about the whole process. i mean, i went in and the movie's nominated and al's nominated, i didn't have a publicist, i just walked right in. i didn't do the red carpet, the whole thing. i remember sitting in the audience as al is accepting his award and he's going "and i want to thank my -- my --" and i'm going, my god, he doesn't know my name. this is embarrassing.
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>> and he goes, my, my, my -- and he's looking at me and i'm almost going to yell my name out. and he goes "my chris! my chris!" and i'm thanking thank god, he remembered my name. >> dave: do you stay in touch with him? he was here a couple of weeks ago. i think he was here. (laughter) >> you know, it's funny, the last time i saw him, of all places, was in a kids' shoe store in santa monica. (laughter) we have kids the same age which when you saw that picture i didn't think we'd be at the shoe store picking out shoes together but -- (laughter) >> dave: i always have the feeling that to work with him might be vexing. what was it like to -- for a kid, a 17-year-old actor working with al pacino. was it odd or not? >> it was amazing. it was -- and i knew at the time it was going to be the best experience i'd ever have acting and it's lived up to that. but he's not only so intimidating because you know who he is in his history, just
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the way he goes about it. i remember sitting in my dressing room-- and we had rooms right next to each other-- and i'd hear him running lines with people in the room and i'd go "we're not doing that scene today." and he's yelling and screaming and i better start working on that. but when you meet him he's very soft spoken and a quiet guy. then all of a sudden he -- i always say he's like a member of the orchestra. he plays this crazy instrument and when he gets on camera it's just a powerful instrument that he plays and it's overwhelming. >> dave: is that typically speaking good for the aassembled cast or off putting for the assembled cast? >> it was amazing for me. i just kind of went wherever he went and tried to react to it. it made my job that much easier. it was like being on a -- playing on the same basketball team as michael jordan. >> dave: well, that i understand but the this case if he's getting loud and crazy then all of a sudden you think well, i'm going to get loud and crazy, too. but that's not your character. >> that wasn't my character.
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and he would do that. we would be in scenes we he would just start yelling out my name the real life to get reactions out of me and -- >> dave: (laughs) >> fortunately, even though i was young and green i'd worked with enough good directors that i knew to stay in character and go with it. >> dave: you directed an episode of ens? >> i did. >> dave: how does that happen? i tried to direct this show. i say "please, somebody let me direct an episode of this show?" no. (laughter) >> paul: let him direct! >> dave: biff doesn't want you taking his job. >> it's something i wanted to do and we're doing our 89th or 90th episode right now and i figured they'd give me a chance to do it so it was an opportunity to look behind the camera because it's something i wanted to do but never had the opportunity. >> dave: you used your family a it will until the show? >> i've had three of my kids on the show at one time or another and this time when they found out i was directing my wife -- not my wife but my wife's friends said "we want to be on the show." (laughter) oh, dear god. and so i said to my wife, i'm
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like are you serious? she goes "they really want to do it." and i'm telling them it's not fun being an extra. you're there all day and it's a long day, not fun. but if you want to do it, fine. so we were filming a scene at the biltmore hotel in l.a. -- a bar scene and this man's going to get killed and i stuck their table -- >> dave: really fun! >> real family fun. we stuck them on the table behind the guy that gets killed and all the extras are there with their fake cocktails and there's my wife with her friends drinking real champagne. (laughter) having a grand old time. >> dave: not good. >> we do the first take and i see the director of photography comes running over he's like "chris --" and i go i know, i saw it. one of her friends gets up -- and someone just got shot, you're running out and panicked, she's got a big smile, she's laughing. she's running by the camera. (laughter) and i'm like we're going to go again, here's the deal. someone got shot.
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and this is serious >> dave: yeah, it is kind of serious. >> this is my job, you need to be good. >> dave: you shouldn't be drunk. but thanks. (laughter) >> dave: well, it's a big, big hit and here's the reason. chris o'donnell, "ncis: los angeles," tuesdays at 9:00 p.m., give my best to tom. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> dave: we'll be right back with von grey, ladies and gentlemen.
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captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ ♪ >> dave: this is wonderful, paul you know what we're doing here? >> paul: yes. >> dave: this is fantastic. our next guests are a a talented quartet from the state of
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georgia and they're all sisters, all related and this is their upon mouse e.p. it's von grey. did you ever see "the sound of music?" (laughter) >> paul: yes. >> dave: it's based on their life story. (laughter) >> paul: this actual group of sisters is based on the movie "the sound of music?" >> dave: they fled from germany and ended up in georgia. (laughter) >> paul: wow. >> dave: and tonight they are making their network television debut. we had to make sure their paper were all in order. (laughter) >> paul: yes. >> dave: and they are. we're lucky to have them. please welcome von grey." (applause) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ another morning another sunrise get up and go
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