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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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grief. >> this was a beautiful vivacious young woman and she was lying in bed completely still. >> robert and deedee had the audience on the show the doctors hanging on their every word as they recall the night their 19-year-old daughter shellie died after attending a rave at a d.c. nightclub. about 2:30 in the morning day day goldsmith on -- got a call on her cell phone. >> shellie had passed out, had a heart attack something. he didn't know exactly. >> afterwards we found out they were all taking this drug molly. >> by 8:00 p.m. shellie was dead. >> she did everything right up to this point. she made one bad decision and it cost her her life. >> that case came through our poison center. >> dr. kathleen clancy here in
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d.c. says paired medics -- paramedics called them for advice after learning they've that she had taken molly. they have taken 48 more calls. >> people come in very agitated with rapid pulls rates and very restless sometimes schools call us because they took molly and then date or two later they're feeling restless and not feeling themselves. >> several had to be hospitalized for a few days but they recovered. dr. glance si says goldsmith is the only death in d.c. so far -- clancy. >> i think people are using drugs and don't know what's in them. i think education is the best place to go from here. >> that's why the university of virginia has produced this video on molly and put it on youtube. >> molly is a drug that is also known as ecstacy. >> these rave parents have dedicated themselves to spreading the word about molly so they're bright light their
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shooting star would not have died in vain. >> she was a great kid. >> and she was beautiful and full of life. >> she loved life. she absolutely did. >> and we'll be putting a link to you tube video on our website >> shawn. >> all right. audrey, thank you. >> now to a news alert in the district police are investigating a series of bump and run carjackings. the latest happened this morning. a woman stopped at a light. her car was burned from behind. when she got out one of the thieves jumped in her car and took off. police aren't sure if this is related to other carjackings in recent weeks. >> 25 years in prison is the sentence for the man who planned a mass shooting at a conservative christian lobbying group. floyd corkins walked into the family research. building and shot the unarmed manager who wrestled the gun
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away from corkins. prosecutors asked for 25 years. >> today was the first full day back on the job for civilian workers at the washington navy yard following monday's shootings. crisis counselors will be there to helping -- help anyone. 12 people and the gunman were killed. we talked to employees and they told us what it was like to be back at work. >> i think it's an eerie feeling to get back. >> it's solemn you know everybody is still trying to get a feel for is it safe yet. >> a lot of the people in 197 all their belongings have been scooped up and brought into the other buildings and people are checking in to get them. >> tonight we're learning more about the timeline of what happened inside building 197 on monday morning. the f.b.i. director says shooter aaron alexis drove on the base with the gun in a bag. he went from floor to floor
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firing randomly. maureen umeh joins us with the details. >> f.b.i. director james comey says surveillance video makes it clear aaron alexis was not targeting individuals but was intent on shooting as many people as possible. >> comey says alexei end terd building 197 carrying a bag and went to a fourth floor bathroom -- entered building. he came out the bathroom and started firing immediately with no discernible pattern. the f.b.i. director says alexis had additional team nation in his pant's pocket and event shael ly ran out -- additional ammunition in his pant's pocket and eventually ran out there. are no signs this is linked with terrorism. at the navy yard admiral french is aware of concerns about a lack of adequate manpower and resources at the base at the time of the shoot ug. >> the secretary of navy and
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defense directed that security procedures across all of the department of defense will be reviewed as well as access procedures so it will be involved and reviewed as part of that process. >> emergency family assistance center has been set up on the base for active duty and civilian workers. the f.b.i. director is trying to understand the depth of the shooter's mental problems. >> coming up how you can check out florida beaches without leaving home. we'll take you along on gooding apps latest project. >> we have an update on metro silver line. find out when you can be riding the rails. >> 
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if you're one of those people who loves how google brings the world to your fingertips with
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street view just wait till you see beach view. >> take a look. >> just when you thought you've seen it all on the beach there comes the globe bobbing through the sunbathers digitally recording everything forever. >> batteries, hard drive, got a modem up here, push play, we're ready to go. >> it's like pristine tracking. >> how is this working out? >> i am loving it. >> shawn and david are google trek customers. they pound the sand with google hardware and the globe with 15 camaras shooting every angle of the beach. >> i feel like magellan, lewis and clark mapping it out is a once in a lifetime thing. once it's happened it's happened. >> google is mapping all 800 miles of beach. it allows you to see every
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building from multiple angles to the shoreline where cars can't go but trek customers can taking 10,000 panoramic picks a day. >> you can virtually tour the state before you get in the plane or car to come here. what a great tool to make a good decision about your vacation time. >> they're mapping the grand canyon, the top of the tallest building in the world, and japan mount fuji and this up and down the coast combob -- job has ups and downs. >> yesterday was the first time i'd ever been to a nude beach and i don't think i'll be back anytime soon. >> not as good as you thought. >> no. the fantasy -- fantasy died yesterday. >> the trek customers get paid $30 an hour and they will have taken 2 million 62,000 and 500 steps the upside is life is a beach. >> in vero beach florida, phil
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keating fox news. >> sue palka might consider being a trek kerr -- trek kerr. >> from the perfect age to the rising cost of postage here's will thomas with your fox 5 top five. >> hi, shawn. up first breaking the age-old myth. number five if you can be one age for the rest of your life would you be 18, 25, 30, how about 50? surprisingly lay recent poll found it would be 50. 18 to 36-year-old chose 38, 36-48 year olds wanted to stay at 49 the overall age is that magic number of 50 years old. >> number four you might not be happy foy hear the u.s. postal service wants an emergency increase in postal rates -- they're expecting to lose $6 billion the board of governors could decide on a rate hike next week. >> number three now is the time
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to apply for a holiday job. kohl's is planning to hire 5,300 associates for the holiday season. seasonal employees can work a few hours to more than 20 hours a week. most jobs will be filled by mid-november. >> number two bloomingdales is trying to make sure you don't buy their clothes wear them a few times and return them. retailer is attaching chunky three inch black plastic tags to dresses that costs more than 150 dollars. the tags are attached invisible places to make them hard to hide when the item is worn. number one phase i of metro silver line extension in virginia is scheduled open in early 2014. back in july the airport authority announced there would be an eight week. delay for testing. a new line will run from falls church out to reston. it's slated to open in early 2014. that is tonight's fox 5 top
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five. >> forget the bulk toilet paper or tubs of peanut butter a cosco? -- in arizona is selling this scots. -- scotch. mcallen 60-year-old single malt scotch will run you $17,000. only 400 bottles were made and there are 72 up for sale in the united states. by the way 17 grand might sound like a lot of money but apparently that's a steal if you know this kind of scotch. that breaks down to $1,000 a shot. >> i'm sure they will sell right out. >> run to arizona and get them right now. $1,000 for a shot. >> all right. it better be really good. >> we're not scotch fans so we don't know what we're talking about. let's talk about the weather. >> it's been a glorious week. weatherwise and we're going to finish it up on a nice note.
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it's going to warm up. are you ready for 82. flashback to summer. we'll be living in the moment as we finish this week on a real soft like summer like note. it's beautiful around the region. tonight it's not nearly as chilly as it has been the past few nights. our temperature warmer. 78 degrees. the high temperature today. still some heat on the weather map. st. louis 72 degrees. little rock 93. wichita 93 degrees. but then look at this back toward fargo and casper, wyoming you kan scan see where it gets cooler. this is where did frontal boundary is collecting moisture and rolling through our area saturday. it doesn't necessarily get a lot cooler behind it but it will be wet out of it and that wet day will be saturday. although i don't think we describe it as a washout there will be showers and storms. i think we'll start looking for those afternoon and continue
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into the evening. temperature 66 degrees. real comfortable across the region the not seeing many places across the region. the suburbs will head down the 50s but it is going to be a warm finish. our friday looking to come in at 82 degrees. beautiful day. showers and storms in the forecast for saturday with temperature of 79 degrees. the front though keeps on moving which is an improvement over yesterday when we thought it might stall and give us more showers sunday. it's going to be dry for the redskins game. keep your fingers crossed. 76 degrees sunday. so cooler once the frontal boundary gets past us. this is where that front is tonight. it will be getting closer tomorrow. we might see an isolated shower or storm in the mountains but it's saturday when we have a line of showers that we're going to have to dodge. after this front spins -- swings through we dry out and high pressure is going to settle in for next week. i wanted to show you that planner and futurecast so you
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get an idea where we're looking over the next 48 hours. clear skies for the moment right now. notice that there are a couple showers and light storms that might pop up off to our west so thunder will be out toward to ohio area but we will be dry again tomorrow. a spotty shower only farther south and west. here's the way we were looking on saturday. we start clouding up saturday morning. the morning should be dry. by the noon hour see the line of showers and storms out in the mountains that is going progress in our direction and by 6:00 we've got showers around and maybe some rumbles of thunder. keeps on moving. saturday night at 11:00 if you're still getting wet along the delmarva and southern maryland and sunday we're going to pause this at 2:00 o'clock. sun is back life is good we get to play football that will be on a dry field for a change. unlike what the nats might have to deal with saturday. 79 degrees with showers and storms and much of next week right now looking delightful and
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also kind of dry. we could use rain but i'm sure the nats would rather not deal with it saturday. speaking of the nats i think that's what scott is talking about in sports. here's his report. >> well with 10 games to go to the national had clenched a playoff spot. this year they need a miracle. the nats sat 5 1/2 games behind the reds. a statistical improp bilth ty -- improp guilty. first inning nats down 1-0 -- improbability. bryce harper three-run blast. harp apps 20th homerun -- nats get all the run. geo gonzalez very good six innings gets nifty defensive help. 4-6-3 put out and not everyday we show you a strike out by span but this ends his 29-game hitting streak.
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a standing ovation from the nats crowd. they hold on for the 3-2 win. remain five games behind the hide dell reds. span talked about his streak coming to an end. >> you know i scuffled a little bit at the beginning of the season as well as the middle of the season and it was just good for me to get going and also you know just contribute and help my teammates get going as well by starting the game off with hits and getting on base and scoring runs. so you know i hope that i can just continue to do that and tomorrow i'm going to try to start another one. >> the orioles trying to keep their wild card hopes alive in boston. this is not a good way to do it. stephen drew in the first inning. and that opposite field takes chris tillman over the green monster and left. the sox would score three in the first. john lackey took a no-hitter into the seventh but it ended up with a adam jones homerun. that one over the green monster
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and the sox win this 3-1. >> well he led the burgundy and gold to three superbowl to it also the and his former players roast him tonight. >> ast him tonight. >> this is an rc robotic claw.
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my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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well the redskins continue their preparation and a handful of guys were limited during practice including meriwether.
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steven bowen with a knee injury and kendrick goal sten -- goal continue with an abdominal injury. >> the defense has been getting the bulk of the blame after allowing 71 points in the first two games. the second highest total in the n.f.l. and some of that goes back to fundamentals like more tackling. >> from coaching perspective obviously i got do a better job in getting these guys to tackle because we had way too many tackling issues over the first two games. i take full responsibility for these two games because i run the defense. whether it's getting your swagger back or working at practice and we're going to work at the things we got to work at and get better. >> swagger. thursday night eagles hosting the chiefs and donovan mcnabb apps jersey and former eagles
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coach andy reid -- the home fans did not to like this michael vick his past tip and the chiefs lead 10-0 early first quarter but vick would make ammens later in the quarter takes a snap, stands in there like a champ, fires, perfect spiral to jason avat for the score -- right now the chiefs lead 23-16 about three minutes away from starting the season 4-0 -- 3-0 we should say. legendary coach joe gibbs was in the cross hairs of the celebrity roast. >> i probably spent more time with joe gibbs than anybody in this room and i can tell you it was not pleasant. >> he would get up in these meetings and his voice would get higher. it was almost like somebody was
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choke ag rooster. -- choking a rooster. see he always wants to be in charge. this is the way our relationship was. anytime i tried to offer any constructive advice shut up and run it. that's all i would ever hear. >> good stuff. >> that's sports tonight. we're back with more news edge after this. >> and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job.
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who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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 happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> lebron james is more famous then some of the biggest tourist attractions in rome. >> all of the tourists are taking a picture of lebron james. not the huge, cool building they should be taking a photo of. >> they look like they're taking pictures but i think they're on wikipedia thing. what is that black thing? [laughter] >> you know grand theft auto made $800 million yesterday. >> everyone's doing this. >> you should try it. >> i want to. >> when you get in different car, there's different radio stations. you get in mexican gangster's car, venice music. >> subaru outback plays indigo girls. >> mark zuckerberg. >> who makes dressing down more popular, you or russell simmons? zuckerberg has the full nerd-on walk when you lean back you walk. [laughter]
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>> scott eastwood. he is a new model. happens to be the son of clint eastwood. >> he dated my roommate a while. >> he like blondes or brunettes. >> would you dye your hair for him? >> no. >> you mean un-dye her hair! [laughter] >> welcome to "tmz" roma! we got the colosseum and we got at the vatican and the 6'8 black guy. oh, mamma mia, that's lebron james! >> lebron james is on his honeymoon right now. he's over in rome. they are out sightseeing but all of the other tourists are sightseeing lebron james. >> would think they never saw a giant black man in front of the national monument to the first king of unified italy. >> all of the people are taking a picture of lebron james, not the huge cool building they should take a photo of. >> they like lebron, hey? but they have to relax. it's not like he's going to
11:31 pm
dance for them or anything. oh, no, here goes. >> guy a serious funky chicken leg for him. the guy can move for a big guy. >> his wife takes him to the tour he's not into. >> boring and on the honeymoon! bringing him to places that are famous. >> i didn't see that! >> i hate women! >> we're in italy. make you look at this [bleep] stupid, women! >> hey, he loves women! he just has a horribly way of showing it. one last thing about lebron. somewhere are we sure they know who lebron james is? >> they look like they're taking pictures but i think they're on wikipedia. >> maybe they never got up close. don't know. >> ignorant. >> so visit italy, where the motto is, one treats you like the other -- country! and the bread sticks aren't limited. congrats, lebron!
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>> hello, akon. >> we got akon leaving bossa nova. he wrote a lot of songs about being in love. >> how do you respond when a girl says i love you but you don't feel the same way? >> i say thank you. >> thank you, really? >> thank you is really horrible. >> what else did he say? >> tell her you have h.i.v. and then leave the room. [laughter] that was so bad. >> what the hell? >> hey, does that not work? >> oh, my god! >> can you not do that? >> we are making fun of -- >> i'm not making fun of it. what i'm saying is actor, so he has herpes. he used to be a woman. >> why can't you just say you're going to prison or something? >> that's not going to work. she might love through prison. tell her you love her too and you love her so much you want to wear her skin. [laughter] >> like that one. >> done. >> that's a good one. that's a good one.
11:33 pm
>> all right, akon. >> see ya. >> and now damn, he's got mad nerd swag! facebook founder,mark zuckerberg! >> he's got nerd swag! >> we got mark zuckerberg in washington, d.c. >> interesting. what was he doing there? >> something really, really important! or nothing not important at all. >> you can never tell with him because he's never dressed like he's going anywhere. he could be going to a huge meeting or going to play ping-pong, you never know what he's doing. >> yep. for some reason this guy wears stuff at raw for less and makes billions. this guy does it and makes people roll up their windows. is mark the only uber under successor down under? h, russell simmons, the only
11:34 pm
guy who accessorizes his suit with a yankee hat. >> who makes dressing down more popular, you or russell simmons? >> its facebook versus def jam! >> never thought we would say that. > what do you think, mark? >> have a good one, mark. >> walks into the building, doesn't say anything. >> oh, no, he said it all, with his! >> full on nerd-walk when you lean back a little bit as you alk. they're trying to talk to him and he's like -- >> have a good one, mark. >> which is probably the reason for all of his success. that or the idea he stole from the two nerd twins. thanks, nerd! >> what's up, marcus? >> we got r.j. mini outside -- >> it's mini. >> i think you guys have been saying it wrong. >> mint. >> no, it's not. >> we have r.j. from "breaking bad. >>


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