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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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government shutdown in 17 years. the greater impact will be here than in any other area of the country. thousands of federal workers sent home, famous tourist attractions will be closed. ken molestina has been following the politics. he reports republicans still determined to delay the start of the obama health care plan. democrats are just as determined to stop him. ken? >> reporter: bruce, it's that kind of posturing that you're talking about that has brought us to this stalemate. you see the senate is effectively closed until tomorrow afternoon when members are expected to return to return to these negotiations. but in the meantime house republicans saw it fitting to press the absent lawmakers in hopes of a compromise. >> treat each other equally and treat us fair, mr. president. >> reporter: the senate chamber was empty on sunday. meanwhile on the steps, the group of gop leaders pointed fingers at president obama. saying if they don't accept
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their most recent amendment, the democrat-lead senate would be to blame for the impending government shutdown. >> there's two bodies in congress for a reason. just because one body has not done their job, doesn't mean the other doesn't want to. >> reporter: under the affordable plan or obama care would be delayed for another year. gop leaders say if they agree to this, they will compromise on a budget to keep the government running and paying its bills until december 15. the latest action puts the future of the government shutdown in the hands of the senate. it's a move that harry reid has described as pointless and even stupid. there's similar sentiments that enrage this woman who crashed the republican-lead rally. >> it's infuriating. they are disingenuous people. >> reporter: she took aim at the group. >> you have individual constituencies and you have made your constituencies right with republicans and the rest of the country is fed up with you. >> reporter: the tough talk came from all sides including
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the republicans who jabbed at the visibly absent members of the senate. >> when they don't show up for work today, that's a bad sign. >> reporter: and speaking of signs, there's none at this hour that the senate will agree to the republican's terms. the stalemate continues. of course, bruce, monday at midnight, that's when the shutdown will officially begin. we're live in the satellite center, ken molestina, wusa9. >> okay, ken, thanks a lot for that. tourism pours in billions of dollars into the local economy. if the government shuts down, tourists might stay away. hotels and restaurants would feel the pinch, and of course, local governments could lose millions, if not billions of taxes. >> as we do towards all the national parks. if i'm not working, i'm going to be at home and it's going to hurt. >> reporter: this new york bus driver wants to remain anonymous. he brings visitors to d.c. by the bus load at least three times a week. for
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>> you know we need to put food on the table and pay rent. >> we're going to have to improvise. pointing things out, making the best of the situation. >> by shutting down these museums, we're going to lose all of our clients. >> reporter: james dupree has been a bus driver for nearly four decades. busing people on historic tours and international parks. he brings thousands of tourism dollars to d.c. while the city he helps tries to find ways to take them away. >> i was hoping that they would get this together. and to look out for me and my family and everybody else also. >> reporter: the national zoo would be one of those smithsonian casualties that would shut down if the government does. and the people who are visiting d.c. this week have that in mind during their trip. >> these are some of their great features that the d.c. area has to offer with the zoo and, you know, the museums and things like that. so when they shut down, they really take away from things that the families can do.
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>> we're going to try to get in as much as we can today. >> reporter: daniel smith is here from san diego. >> we scheduled it a long time ago. not knowing what was going to happen as far as the shutdown. so we're here. we're going to take advantage of the moment. >> there are so many other things that you'll continue to have access to that we don't want to frighten any of the families that are planning on coming in. >> reporter: vivian pompellai says that the trip insurance will not cover the government shutdown as a reason to get a refund. >> that's not going to happen. and the amount of money that you're going to have to pay to reissue your ticket could run as much as $200 a ticket. nobody so far has hit the panic mode and said to me we're going to cancel, we're going, we're not coming into washington, we're not going on our travel. so let's all stay positive. >> reporter: in washington, surae chinn, wusa9. >> now here is what may or may not be affected in about 24 hours if the federal government does shut down. mail will be delivered.
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social security and medical benefits would continue to flow. food assistance programs could shut down. active military would work, but their paychecks would be delayed. americans, they would still have to pay their taxes. also article i section 8 of the institution gives the congress -- constitution gives congress authority over the district of columbia. lawmakers will apparently not try to shut the d.c. government down. mayor vincent gray informed that he plans to keep all city workers on the job and the d.c. council on tuesday will approve emergency legislation to pay those workers from the city's reserved funds. stay with wusa9 for the continuing coverage of the looming deadline. we'll have the latest developments for you 24/7 on and of course the wusa9 app. the burgundy and gold had to go on the road to oakland to find the cure, but tonight the team has their first win. dave owens is here to tell us. >> i don't know if it's the beginning of something great if it didn't start well and ended
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better. we were talking about it early, it wasn't pretty. it won't go down as one of the prettier wins, but the redskins are flying back to washington with big smiles on their faces. you don't get the extra point for style in the nfl, but robert griffin and the gang saying all the right things. we're not going to panic, we're going to get the jobs done. now early, the raiders were scooped. just like that, it's 7-0. raiders jumped up 14-0 and then the redskins got it going. slipping this one into a tight window who was balling today. that's the go ahead score. then the move came on in the lead and just went wild. he went over oakland's defender. washington gets in the win column, it's not pretty, but it's in the win column. 24-14. >> i was really pleased with our guys. we fell behind 14 points. it was very easy to look at the game going the other way, but
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our guys didn't let that happen. >> we came in here knowing that we need to come in 1-3 and we had to make the best of the situation. going into this bye week, guys will be able to enjoy the bye week a little more after the win and then we came back as we need to get back on a winning streak to get back to where we want to be. >> enjoying the bye week, an early bye week already. but bruce, you saw a lot of offense. we're going to talk about defense as it was a big part of the win here today, and they were able to rally. >> yes, you've got to be worried. >> they are feeling it next week that they're in trouble as they are rough right now. >> all right, thanks a lot. the early morning crash in fairfax county leaves one man dead, two other people hurt, including a pregnant woman. it happened early this morning on the fairfax county parkway. police say the 44-year-old abraham arragon was driving the wrong way on the parkway when he struck a toyota avalon head on. the driver of the toyota and his pregnant wife were taken to the hospital with non-life
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threatening injuries. but the couple's baby was born prematurely and doctors deny saying that the infant, a girl is now in serious condition. in chicago an argument between two friends escalates and ends with the suv crashing into the restaurant. it happened on the city's south side at r.j.'s chicken and fish. the driver tried to ram his friend with the vehicle. the friend and a bystander were hurt. the suv slammed into the restaurant. >> one of those guys, they jumped towards his suv car and he pulled his car back straight to that guy. >> surveillance video shows after the impact the driver tried to pull his injured friend into the suv, but eventually gave up and took off. police were still searching for him tonight. both victims are hospitalized in serious condition. tomorrow, a retrial of amanda knox gets underway in florence, italy. she'll be at home in seattle,
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washington. knox served two years in the italian prison for the murder of her roommate before the appeal's court found her not guilty. but italy's supreme court found inconsistencies in that appeal, so a new trial was ordered. an interview earlier this month on the british television. knox says she's not going back. >> people may say why not go back if you are innocent and you have nothing to fear or hide, why would -- why would you not go back? >> i have plenty to fear. i was already in prison wrongfully, convicted wrongfully. >> reporter: knox's lawyers will represent her in court during the trial, as she would gladly take a lie detector test to help prove her innocence. cooler temperatures overnight. what to expect as we head back to work and school monday morning. we'll go outside right now with the first alert meteorologist erica grow. >> reporter: temperatures will be on an upward swing as we head into the new workweek. the dry stretch of weather
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looks to continue despite the cold front making its advancement towards the d.c. metro area. here is a look at your wake up weather as you have reduced visibility south and west of town. areas of the fog to start out with temperatures in the 50s at 5:00 a.m. by 7:00 that fog will start to lift 49 to 56 for your temperatures. and partly sunny skies by 9:00. the temperatures between 54 and 60 degrees. it's going to be another pleasant monday. i'll tell you if that cold front has a chance to bring us any rain which is coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. back to you, bruce. terrifying moments for terrorism on board the boat that catches fire. stay tuned for the full story
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weekend traffic on the chesapeake bay bridge comes to a standstill after a barge catches fire. the fire started around 6:00 this evening on the barge beneath the new span of the bridge. that caused maryland's transportation officials to shut down all lanes of the bridge. a fire boat put the flames out and the bridge was reopened about an hour later. in london 30 people were rescued when the tour boat caught fire. passengers jumped into the water to escape the flames as
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the vessel made its way past the houses of parliament. they were quickly picked up by passing boats. one woman and a child were taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. three taser robberies in as many days in the northwest washington neighborhood. tonight police are asking for your help in locating the suspects. the latest robbery happened around 3:30 this morning in the 1300 block of 12th street. police say three persons of interests can be seen on surveillance video. the robbers are armed with tasers, say police. they may have escaped in a gray colored vehicle if that helps at all. anybody with information is asked to contact d.c. police. dozens of people are dead in iraq today following the latest wave of violence there. the deadliest assault occurred when the attacker blew himself up inside the jihad mosque during the funeral killing at least 25 people and wounding 40. officials say the bomber was linked to al qaeda and iraq. in northern iraq, twin suicide car bombs killed at least six
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curdish troops. more than 3,500 people have been killed in iraq since april. nasa's new delivery service made their first international delivery this weekend. this morning the space agency's partner orbital sciences completed their first flight loaded with 1,300 pounds of food, clothing, and experiments. it was the first craft launched by orbital on the rocket from virginia. in downtown washington a 24- hour fitness marathon is now underway near the white house to raise awareness about cancers that attack women's reproductive organs. ♪[ music ] >> this is just one of the many fitness classes that are taking place during the 24-hour event. participants are also walking, running around the white house to call attention to below the belt cancers. the globe-a-thon is taking place in 80 countries around
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the world this weekend. a california native has a one-man mission to change the world with kindness. armon young sold all his possessions and walked from california to new york and now he's walking from new york all the way back to california. >> i took this bamboo pole out of my yard. i told my friends i was going to walk around and change lives with this and my friends thought it was funny, they didn't believe it. but three days later i got rid of everything and started walking across america. >> we believe we're talking 7,200 miles thus far. he has carried hundreds of u.s. flags on his bamboo pole. half a million people have signed those flags and agreed to perform acts of kindness. coming up tonight on >> he was feeling different as you can reach over and hold their hands. >> you're going to like this story. a couple in love getting
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he married his bride today at the donut shop in washington. the couple met in their senior citizen complex after the friend suggested that he asked them if they needed a ride home. >> they take the same charges as she does, which is clear back from louisiana. so if they get together, then they could. >> he said i cannot get back up. >> i might have made it back up. >> we didn't see that wedding coming, but we saw them developing. all of a sudden they were holding hands with her walker and the cain.
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that's cute. the newlywed took off on the honey moon. if that doesn't put a smile on your face, then what will? >> that's good stuff. i don't necessarily need the rain, but do we have any rain in the forecast? >> it'll be a while off as we can enjoy the beautiful workweek before it arrives. >> all right. >> overnight tonight, the patchy fog is developing. especially if you are coming in from the south and the west of the district. right now we're still clear on the michael and son weather cam. especially as they mention it before in northern virginia and out of the southeast. now, the flow out of the northeast, that was bringing all those clouds, the marine
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layer as we called it, they have finally moved off to the east. it's such a weak cold front that we are just going to see clouds and not any rain here in the d.c. metro. temperatures, they're going to get warmer, even after they pass. as it will be mighter and might -- milder and milder and the dry stretch is going to continue as we turn that calendar over into october. the current temperatures are down in leesburg. it's already 54 in gaithersburg and martinsburg. and down in 50 right now, which is a chilly night for some parts of the d.c. metro, which will be allowing them to develop. but here comes the cold front. dissipating as they make their way here. they will help to see some of the showers and the thunderstorms developing again as we head into monday afternoon. we'll see lots of sunshines and
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the showers developing along that area. but the mountains, they're going to bring out the last little remanence that will be left with the cold front. so as they make their way towards us here, we'll be completely dry. overnight tonight. patchy fog as we mentioned. 49 to 56 for your overnight lows. out of the southeast. so very light wind speeds. helping to allow that fog to develop. as we step out the door tomorrow, partly sunny with temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. pretty nice. winds are being more southerly there for them and as they move on through, you'll get that off the mountains, helping them get up to 83 degrees with partly cloudy skies. high pressure will move back in with the high of 83.
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definitely feeling like late summer. a lot of sunshine, staying with us. the system will be with us on friday. that'll bring us a chance for the isolated thunderstorm. but the bulk of the rain will be arriving here on saturday as it looks like we could see the heavier rain. the timing is not good, but we're going to enjoy a beautiful workweek before it arrives next weekend. >> okay, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. in pittsburgh, they crowded this weekend. to witness the arrival of the giant rubber duck. they made their way under the bridge, to a crowd of anxiously awaiting fans. some came dressed in their garb. others came with the duck calls. but everybody was eager to greet them there. >> and do you believe it? it is actually happening. >> we saw it about a month ago as she started telling people as they gave them the strange look. >> it's great. oh my gosh. i cannot believe that.
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>> it's funny. and it's a project that's about joining happiness and also about connecting people and over the globe. >> we just know what their response is and here we are overwhelmed. >> the giant duck is a part of their rubber duck project, which was created to create the harmony across that globe. so far they have made their way to amsterdam, belgium, australia, china, and now pittsburgh. next, redskins, they win, rave [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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well yesterday my esteem colleague said if the redskins lost today the season was gone. i think she was on to something. yes, it's much to be desired and dallas has won two if there was a time to get moving, then today was it. washington and oakland, never easy to go in there. this is how they did it with the defense. cashing it in as they had seven stacks today. the offense was not that great. but right there for them. washington, they will get their first win of the campaign, 24- 14.
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much more coming up on game on overfull-time for them there. that's a big pick, which was too much for them to be overcome for them and their performance this afternoon. really they're leading that team for a big record. as he says, hey, i'm not dying. we know that. you can hear more from them coming up. lots to get to in just a second as kristen berset joins me in just a second. >> want to recap for us?
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>> sure. lots of sunshine by the afternoon on monday. keep that in mind if you're driving to work tomorrow morning. >> okay. thank you for watching. have a great week everybody. bye.
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coming up next. >> and the pass is intercepted at the 43. >> another slow and painful start for the burgundy and gold as they finally breakthrough. what should their focus be during the bye week? >> yeah, that will be for the full 60 minutes. to talk to our guys before. fortunately we caught for it for 60 minutes. >> we didn't fight well. we didn't play well at all. >> a rough day for the purple and black. still, one of the worse games ever as we break down both games. and where do the teams go from here? >> he put the nats on top. >> reporter: the nationals will wrap up their season and take the sign to davie. game on overtime starts right now.


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