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continues. it's a crowd that favors the mayor. tommy wells, jack vincent, all council members running for mayor along with candidates. by the way, we just got sound from miriel. here's what they had to say. >> i was really elated. i'm excited. i said the mayor is doing a great job and i am ready to support him for four more years. >> we have been focused since march 23ment 23. i was the first person to get in the race because that's how important it is to talk about our future. we learned from residents that they want desperately a fresh start in the mayor's office. so it hasn't really mattered to us who got in the race. we have been staying focused on our message and we are confident that we are going to have a new mayor. >> okay. yvette alexander holds the seat that vince gray once held. it comes as no surprise she is
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supporting the mayor. >> the other candidates are talking about a fresh start, that sounds like they will be focusing on that 2010 campaign. how much trouble do you think the mayor will have overcoming that? >> tommy wells says he doesn't deserve a second chance because he ran a corrupt campaign in 2010. that will be the issue. he has done a great job. the issue will be that campaign and that may not exclude him from winning. he is the only candidate from east of the river. you give him 7 and 8. probably going do very well. 4, which will be a battleground, which bowser has to win. there's the possibility we could have our first white elected mayor since the beginning of roam rule if bowser and gray split the american rule vote. this may be the most exciting campaign. >> mayor has his own website. this reelection website very up. are these donors that have been on the sideline until now wondering whether he was going to jump in? are we going to see a lot of money going into this race starting now?
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>> in a nutshell, yes. they will be jumping in with big money and they will have to pick sides at this point. they have been waiting to see what the mayor will do. >> as you said, an exciting race. thanks, we'll do it again soon. >> also tonight, imagine you order something online today and it shows up at your door in a half hour. >> is that a dream? >> it would be. >> maybe it is a dream. we'll have more on amazon's plan to use drones to deliver packages in just a moment. first, here's a look at the most important moments from your world today in 90 seconds. >> crews used large cranes to lift the topple train cars back on the tracks. the national transportation safety board is analyzing the recorders. >> the train was traveling at 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30-mile an hour curve. >> the brakes were not working properly. >> we believe this website is and will function effectively. >> president obama's technology troubleshooters say
6:03 pm can handle 800,000 each day. >> the success or failure of healthcare reform sexfected to -- is expected to be critical in this year's election. >> there's a spot waiting for me. >> a new food truck lottery took effect. for the rest of december, eight popular locations, 95 spaces are reserved for the lottery winners. >> the stock market kicked off the month of december with a loss. even though a record number of people came out to stop over the long thanksgiving weekend, they spent less for the first time in nearly seven years. >> blackberry's ceo says the one-time leader in the smart phone industry is no longer for sale, but that the struggle company will focus again on delivering. after months of speculation, d.c. mayor, vincent gray will run for reelection. >> everybody will ask about this federal investigation. talking about the 2010 campaign, for which the u.s. attorney said there was a
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corrupt campaign. the mayor said all along he has done nothing wrong and obviously, he feels there is nothing coming his way. did you spend part of this cybermonday shopping online? how soon do you need those packages? amazon is experimenting with same-day delivery and as bruce leshan reports, they are considering a delivery system that could get your packages to your door in just a half hour. >> let me show you something. >> oh man. oh my god. >> critics called sunday night's 60 minute story on >> this is, these are octocopters. >> he did break some news. >> we are talking about delivery here. >> there's an item going into the vehicle. i know this looks like science fiction, it's not. >> unveiled its experiment &tall delivery drones.
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prime air. amazon hopes within the next four to five years, to deliver up to five pound packages in a half hour to anywhere within ten miles of a warehouse. >> these are -- you give them instructions of which gps cured cured that gpscoordinants. we have been unable to really use it. both because of legal restrictions and because of d.c.'s no fly zone. amazon would have to deal with the faa's drone restrictions and then there are questions about safety. >> imagine one of those 5- pound packages dropping right on your head. and then there are questions of privacy. imagine a drone flying over your head looking in your
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windows. aviation experts say it is doable and the faa tells me it is committed to the safe, efficient, and timely integration of unmanned aircraft into the nation's air space. but it is not allowed now and it will likely be 2015 before the faa even issues rigs. so you can't put off ordering aunt mildred's presents until christmas eve this year, wusa9. >> fedex chairman, fred smith, told wired magazine four years ago that he wanted to switch from trucks to drones as soon as possible. but that he, too, was waiting on the faa. that commuter train turns out it was traveling 82 miles per hour as it was rolling up on a 30-mile per hour zone. it's too early to say whether human error or equipment failure led to this weekend's deadly crash. four people died, dozens of
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others were hurt in the bronx. some says the latest on the victims, the survivors and the investigation. >> among the four fatalities of sunday's train derailment, 54-year-old, donna smith. >> donna was a wonderful person. she was kind, neighborly, friendly. >> in addition to those killed, at least 67 were injured. >> i became aware of the screeching metal and i realized, this is a train crash and this is happening. >> investigators and survivors now have the same question. why? >> obviously, there was an error. something went wrong. >> key to that answer, the data from a vet recorder recovered. data from one was down loaded by the ntsb today and the other was sent to washington for analysis. just after 7:00 a.m. sunday, the train was heading towards grand central station. but ten miles north of manhattan, it came to this curve. all seven passenger cars and
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the locomotive derailed. >> we were, you know, grinding along the ground for, i don't know, 50 yards or something. a very fast pace. >> the curve calls for a reduction to 30. the conductor says he applied the brakes, but the train didn't slow down. in july, only 1700 feet away, there was a similar incident. a freight train also derailed around the same bend. >> it's not about the turn. something else had to happen and we want to find out what it is. >> today, workers started to move some carriages upright in search of what exactly that something else could be. in washington, wusa9. >> and the ntsb says it isn't aware of any proble with the brakes, but investigators are now interviewing the train's conductor and crew, looking for clues as to what actually happened. >> a former teacher has pleaded guilty to second-degree assault. prosecutors say he inappropriately touched two 11- year-old girls. that former teacher is 31-year-
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old timothy. under a plea deal, he will serve three years of supervised probation and he will never be permitted to teach any students under the age of 16 again. coming your way, the salvation army found itself $10,000 short after burglars broke into the headquarters. >> a lot of clouds today, but temperatures close to average. let me show you the numbers. we got to 50 today. low is 41. ravage is 51-36. record high 73. record low, 15. we'll come back and talk about when the showers arrive and when the 60s arrive. but up next, cybermonday sees a surge in visitors to the obama care website after this weekend's decloration by the white house.
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the white house is reporting a dramatic improvement in the performance of the healthcare website. but, people are still experiencing delays. the obama administration says there were 375,000 visitors to just by noon today. that's about half the number of its users that the technology team working on the site declared it can handle each day. >> we executed hundreds of software fixes and hardware upgrades and the site is now stable and operating at its intended capacity with greatly
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improved performance. >> the department of health and human services says the system failures have fallen from 6% in october to less than 1% and response times for the web pages are down from 8 seconds to less than 1. the technology team warns too much traffic could still overwelm the system. >> well, hawaii is staying aloha to gay marriage. six couples tied the knot just after midnight. hawaii is now the 16th state to allow same-sex marriage. the hawaiian marriage law allows couples to register and be married on the same day and that makes it convenient for tourists. coming up, the story behind this shower of money at the mall of america on black friday. >> but up next, a leading republican lawmaker says he will not stand in the way of raising d.c.'s building height limit. a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: enthe vironment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. a top house republican suggests he is open to changes to the law that governs building heights in d.c. congressman, darryl of california leads a panel that heard testimony today on possible changes to the law. it generally requires that buildings in d.c. be no taller than the width of the streets
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they face. today, he is open to allowing taller builders on the edges of the city away from historic monuments. the salvation army could come up short on its fund raising goal this holiday season. >> it's all because of grinches. a couple guys who burglarized the city's charity headquarters right here in d.c. >> i'm scott broom with salvation army bell ringers in washington working today to recover from a sunday morning burglary that targeted red kettle donations. bells ringing more urgently than ever after the early sunday morning burglary at the core community center at 2300 martin luther king avenue in anacostia. >> you want to give up on people, but you can't. >> they broke through a glass door to find the offices where the safe were cleaned out. a security guard confronting a suspect had a knife pulled on him. the suspect escaped. >> we have put kettles back out on the street. we are moving forward.
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the real victims in this incident happen to be folks that live right here in ward 7 and 8 that the salvation army serves out of this building. >> in washington, scott broom, wusa9. >> the minnesota man got in a bit of trouble over the weekend, just trying to spread some holiday cheer. a thousand $1 bills off the upper floor of the mall of america on black friday. you see, surge himself have been having a rough time. he gave away all that money, or the little bit he had would come back around. >> my last effort of pay it forward, and i thought, you know, i can't keep up with my bills. i'm losing everything. might as well have my last little thrill. there was a guy in front of me. he was yelling, fake, fake money, you know, and i would reach in my pocket, and say no, it's real money and throw it.
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>> it's quite a story. surge was throwing that money while the choir was singing, let it snow. the cops sited him for disorderly conduct. a mall of america spokesperson said he disrupted the performance and folks will stampede and go crazy when there's money afoot. >> i see both situations. surge was trying do a good thing, but you throw money out in this time and people are going to clamber for it. >> any time. >> yeah. also trying to get rid of money so he has less money to split up. i don't know. i'm just saying. >> good karma. not bad karma. it's good karma. >> no good deed goes unpunnished. temperatures near average. we're going to be in the 60s before the week is out and make that man quite happy. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperatures in the upper 40s downtown. and humidity is still high. 66% and winds out of the
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northeast at 7. we've been talking about this. winds will have an easterly component through wednesday. that will keep clouds around. all right, satellite picture, radar combined, a good storm. we showed you earlier snow in fargo. going to snow like like crazy through montana and north north dakota. that's going to put on the brakes and actually just sort of stall. we'll see some milder air before we turn colder over the weekend. a lot of clouds, yes, one system passing offshore, but notice there are no green blobs, so no rain showers. temperatures, low to mid 40s. 46 in bethesda, arlington. 45 in fairfax. 46 in college park and 47 down in waldorf. still 44 in annapolis. so, a milder to warmer week. a lot of clouds tonight, but we stay dry. chilly and dry at the bus stop.
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30s and 40s. and then by tuesday and wednesday, we are in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. we could be in the 60s by thursday and friday. so 30s to start, low 40s by mid- morning and upper 40s just before lunchtime. probably a good idea to take a jacket for lunch and low 50s by 1:00. a lot of clouds. we're mid 50s tomorrow, mid 50s wednesday. a couple sprinkles or showers. 65 on thursday. some showers by evening. but that's still a pretty good deal temperature wise. next seven days, we pay the piper on friday, some showers and rain. nice on saturday. temperatures around 50. and then we got the redskins in town. the ravens in town. we could see a mixed good, cold, cold rain. highs in the 30s and shine on monday with highs near 50. >> hold own. we're going up and down. >> roller coaster. >> all right, let's get to jan jeffcoat. she is in the newsroom with what is ahead at 7:00. hey jan. >> derek, tonight in your only local news at 7:00, a lesson
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from autocorrect. plus, word of more delays for the silver line and do you trust the people around you? how we're becoming a nation of distrusters. tonight at 7:00. and also want to take this moment to remind you how easy it is to help needy kids and families this holiday season with the click of a button. you can give a gift, donate, or send a holiday message from anywhere with our wusa9 joy drive. we have some incredible feedback already. she wrote, this should be nationwide. hope other metro areas pick up on this. and i do, too, diana. between now and mid december, log on to to learn how you can give joy this holiday season. i love seeing all these people come together. >> very exciting stuff, thank you, jan. that's exciting, but last night was not very exciting for
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redskins fans. >> and an admission may make them
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now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> the nfl admitted the referees in sunday's game made the mistake at the end of the game signaling a first down for the skins when it wasn't one.
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whether or not you think the controversy affected the outcome of the game, the redskins came out on the losing end. today, dave owens takes a look at the question surrounding this offense. >> it has unraveled. >> so frustrating. >> welcome to redskins reality. in a passing league, they don't pass well. only one team is worse when it comes to completions of 20 plus yards. and today, mike shanahan was asked this question. what's the long-term stainability of an offense where there seems to be more sideways options than down field pitches. >> this year, we're not there. we're moving the ball fairly well on the ground. we're not where we want to be in the passing game. we are working to improve that, and we have fallen short to the last two or three games. >> late in the game, griffin decides to run, get sacked.
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>> have to make plays and we weren't doing that in the second half, and that's why some of our drives stalled. >> eli manning who won't win many foot races stands in the pocket with the defender draped all over him, delivers a strike, moves the chains, and the decisions of mike shanahan are being dissected. why did alfred morris disappear? why, why, why? >> questions, questions, questions. that's life of an nfl coach where you are 12 games under 500 overall. mike shanahan better win one soon or those questions are going to continue. from redskins park, dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> but that's okay, because mike shanahan doesn't answer any questions. >> well, he answers them, he just doesn't answer in the way you like. >> cbs evening news is next. >> and i'll be back with jan
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jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00 and is alwan.ys o yñ ñzçzçzç
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>> pelley: tonight, much too fast. late today we learned the speed the new york commuter train was going before it jumped the tracks. jeff pegues, don dahler, and michelle miller are on the story. >> reporter: how scary were those few seconds? >> scariest moments of my life. >> pelley: today the health care web site was supposed to be fixed. wyatt andrews on how it's working. amazon experiments with delivery by drone. mark strassmann on the coming wave of pie letless planes. and jim axelrod introduces us to math genius john urschel who sure knows how to divide a defensive line. >> i feel like it's what i'm here to do. >> reporter: which one, the football or the math? >> both.


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