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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  December 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> reporter: it also stranded thousands of the dallas fort worth airport and briefly grounded planes in philadelphia. power outages continued in the south and midwest. and as the next wave of arctic weather pushes down from the north, millions could find themselves facing a treacherous monday morning commute. allison harmelin for cbs news, new york. >> in case you're curious, minnesota saw the coldest temperatures. in some place it is hit 35 degrees below zero. it almost makes it seem like our 30s are down right balmy in comparison to that. back to you. >> 60-degree difference. thanks, jess. >> thank you. the question of the morning time now. it is 4:30 on the nose. according to oceanic and atmospheric administration or noaa, what is the number one- related killer in the united states? >> is it snow, b, floods or c, heat. post
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4:33. a weather advisory south till 7:00. d.c. and areas west till 10:00. i don't know if it will last that long but i want to show you the forecast because we still have light freezing rain showers and showers. this afternoon a lot better. highs in the low 40s. we'll do a lot of melting but very slick this morning, especially in the lesser
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treated streets with the moisture continuing to stream in from the deep south from alabama, georgia all the way up toward new england right now. locally the pink areas are all light freezing rain that we're seeing moving through now. up north you notice how it's breaking up some, become willing spot -- becoming spottier in nature. still very slick as we've been reporting. toward i-81, nice and quiet at the moment. steadier precip is off to the south as you go through fredricksburg and still pockets of light ice mainly richmond. this is traveling to the northern neck with temperatures this morning which are still in many areas below freezing. 30 in fairfax and dulles. it is 31 rockville. dumfries, manassas 32 and even waldorf 32. i just got a report from deb in broondzywine. -- brandywine. her neighborhood is still slk. be careful. with more on the road situation, we go to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. i just got off the phone with virginia state police about a crash on the beltway in tysons. i first want to give you the information on trees down
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around our area. in poolesville, route 107 has been closed at wootton avenue. bethesda boulevard at hillmead road and that's a very highly traveled roadway. in the district 16th street between alaska and cal mia -- kalmia road. our app will help you zoom in right to your street and locate incidents and construction, delays, anything you need to know before you head out the door if you missed my traffic report. for example, you can see the slow traffic right now coming in on the dulles toll road and right here on the outer loop of the beltway to an overturned tractor-trailer i just told you about at route 123. virginia state police say there are no major injuries involved but the truck was carrying tires. it's overturned. it will take a while to offload it all and clear it up. an hour and a half to three hours before that's cleared up on the outer loop at route 123.
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the two right lanes will get you by. let's show what you it looks like route 109 southbound 270 where there was an accident involving two tractor-trailers. slow traffic getting by there. we'll go to another live picture this time to route 50 on the eastbound side of route 50 at route 301 in bowie, there is a crash. now an accident on the southbound side of 95 coming into college park ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. we're going to end with a live look in virginia where 95 you can see is quiet. the interstates look okay. where i want you to be most careful is coming out of your neighborhoods this morning. back to you guys. thank you, monika. from what you've heard from monika and howard, you can understand why it's a red alert weather day. of course we have team coverage. >> indeed. one of the hardest hit areas so far, especially with ice, we're talking some cases close to an inch of ice depending where it's landing. peggy fox is in annan dell. >> reporter: good morning.
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-- peggy fox is in annan dell. >> reporter: good morning -- annandale. >> reporter: good morning. this is what you'll find as you get outside this morning. a lot of ice around. ice on your sidewalks. ice on your driveway. ice on any kind of plants, trees, and that will be causing a problem this morning with branches falling. i drove over a branch on my way over here this morning, a fairly large branch. fortunately no damage to the car but be careful out there because i think things will be falling. this is pretty heavy ice you can see. we're here on little river turnpike just east of columbia pike because there's a transformer that has blown. if you can see across the street there, this is the intersection of pine crest vista and 236 also called little river turnpike. you see those flames in the woods? i went up and took a look at them and they are branches on a wire. they just keep burning. been burning about an hour now.
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beyond that is a transformer. we're told by the rescue crews that were here a little bit ago that a transformer blew. i imagine there are power outages and there are outages around the area. a lot of things to deal with this morning. i know my kids were celebrating last night when they heard fairfax county schools were going to be closed today. that's good. that will keep people off the roads so we can get this cleaned up later today. but i'll be here out in annandale all morning checking out the situation for you. back to you. >> at least things seem to be cool. we do have power outages for a lot of people in our viewing area this morning as the freezing rain moves in, that number is expected to grow. right now pepco is reporting about 104 of its customers without power. dominion power says more than 23,500 of their northern virginia customers are powerless. and bge has about 70 cups hers without -- customers without power. if you do lose power, you can
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still watch us online or the wusa9 ipad app. make sure to check those out. we'll
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just moving across the bottom of our screen, montgomery county schools have now decided they are going to close this morning. so you can stay in bed and watch us and watch howard's forecast. >> yesterday afternoon i'm home. my son has a friend over. he wanted to do a sleep over. yeah, there won't be school. his mother was, are you sure? >> i'm 99.9% sure. there's always that little tiny -- but he didn't sleep over.
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enjoy the day, kids. for the parents, well, that may not be so enjoyable. depending on your situation. let's be honest. we still have some issues in the form of light freezing rain still making for some very slick areas, especially the untreated roads, your neighborhoods, the sidewalks. even heading out of your house could be the most treacherous part of your day. we do have decent visibilities in light of the precip that's falling. we'll have the light rain showers on and off through mid morning. by lunch time things will taper down. look at the temperatures. comfortably above freezing by. noon 39. perhaps a peak of sun. 42 for the high at 4:00 p.m. back in the upper 30s by 8:00 with mostly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow promises to bring maybe a little bit more snow to the area. this morning still warnings. winter storm warnings d.c. metro and areas west of 95. this is new. they just dropped the advisory
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for calvert, st. mary's due to the fact that no longer an icing issue but in charles county down through fredricksburg, you see those areas still winter weather advisory till 7:00 a.m. the main threat the light freezing rain, the pockets of freezing rain we're looking at across the region, especially north and west. around baton rouge through birmingham all the way up wrapping around the great lakes, what a system we're looking at that totally overperformed yesterday. 8 to 9 inches of snow to the north near the maryland- pennsylvania border, up in southern pennsylvania. you thought it was bad at fed ex field and worse at baltimore, they got clobbered with the snow during football yesterday. all the areas in pink, still the light freezing rain. you see a few pockets of it in southern maryland. most of it from fauquier county, prince william north up toward northern maryland, western maryland. still isolated pockets of freezing rain from romney and paw paw out in toward myersville. i got a facebook friend in
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myersville. he said he had an half-inch of ice up there. that's the biggest total i've heard about so far. quarter inch totals in purcelville, montgomery village across the river. the this is on top of the snow. this morning again around colonial beach, king george, dahlgren watching light freezing rain. all of this moving to the east, northeast. oxford, cambridge, you may be in a lull at the moment but more rain coming your way the next few hours. finally starting to see a little warm air through to the cold air. charleston at 39. 37 novembering for be. 40s along the coast with temperatures in the low 50s but still freezing in manassas and alexandria leesburg. rockville it's freezing,
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andrews, upper marlboro this morning and also waldorf. so that's why we have brandywine, watch out for the slick spots. on our weather camera, a little bit of low clouds. 34 with light rain at national airport. just light rain but a miserable light rain. looking at the satellite and radar combined, here's the moisture coming in from the southwest. on and off showers through mid- morning. it will be better later on. here it is at 6:00. by 9:00 most of the rain on our futurecast is east and southeast of us with a peek or two of sun in the afternoon. then tomorrow we'll watch a system perhaps throw a little snow our way. here we are at 7:00 a.m. for the daytime but with temperatures in the mid-30s, i think the roads will be just wet in most areas with minor consume layings on the grass. 42 -- accumulations on the grass. 42. rain showers tapering off. tomorrow 37 with the rain south and east with the snow d.c. north and west. again an inch or so mainly on the grass is what i'm thinking at the moment. yellow alert day for tuesday. wednesday sunny and cold, 36.
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as we head toward thursday, very cold, 31. some showers later saturday and another cold shot with snow showers on sunday. here comes monika samtani, timesaver traffic. pay attention. there are a lot of issues already. >> there are. even though the major thoroughfares have been treated, we still have incidents like this. by the way, look at all the ice on camera here. you can see it on the grassy areas as well. what this is a crash involving two tractor-trailers on the southbound side of 270 at route 109 in high yachtstown. the main lanes seem to be open squeezing one lane here. volumes are light. we just heard montgomery county schools are closed so that's good news in terms of traffic flow as well but we still have lots of incidents out there. let's go to our next live picture and show what you it looks like if you're planning to head elsewhere. 95 northbound in virginia, this is final. got a little bit of volume. everybody is moving slowly. i was just looking at our ipad feature on our ipad app.
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it tells me everyone is going about 10 miles an hour here. in fact, let's take a look at the feature here and show you a crash on the outer loop of the beltway at route 123 where there's been an overturned tractor-trailer for about an hour now and virginia state police tell me it's going to take about at least another three hours before they can clear it up. outer loop at route 123 in tysons corner, watch out for the accident activity. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. it is 4:47. two senators are pushing for new regulations to make riding trains samier. we'll tell you what they're asking for right after the break. >> the snow is gone but freezing rain could mean some major issues on the roads and power situations as well. the first alert forecast is
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4:49 on this monday
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morning. moisture continues to stream our way. still cold enough that lots of areas still, this pink that goes down here to north carolina, still pockets of light freezing rain that will be the case for a few more hours. you see it across the metro. not much going on at the moment towards the blue ridge but more moisture out there. the on and off showers through at least made, if not late morning will be with us. as we look at futurecast, it's going to push things up to 7:00 a.m. upper 20s to low 30s. we have to watch out north and west here through 7:00 a.m. after that, look how the futurecast scoots this moisture to the east. temperatures by 9:00 above freezing. so conditions by mid-morning and late morning will be far better than this morning when many neighborhoods and side streets are still rather slick. by lunch time maybe some showers still lingering out south. this afternoon believe it or not low 40s and i think we're going to get into a little bit of sunshine here and there. so that's going to be a lot better. let's go over to monika now with timesaver traffic.
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i'm going to refer to our premium traffic feature on our ipad app which is giving us real time information on incidents, especially on a morning like this morning, a great feature to have on your ipad. for example, this crash that's been ongoing for a while now on the outer loop of the beltway at route 123. it's telling us that three lanes are blocked on the outer loop. that's southbound 495 at route 123. this is an overturned tractor- trailer. i've been on the phone with virginia state police all morning long. they tell me right now only one lane gets by. they need to offload the truck that was carrying a load of tires. it's going to be a while before it clears up. keep this in mind. as you head out the door, especially your neighborhood streets, the major thoroughfares seem to all have been treated. back to you. >> thank you, monika. two senators want to make riding trains safer by adding cameras to monitor engineers and the railroad tracks. new york senator charms schumer and connecticut center richard bloomenthal pushed for changes at a press conference at new
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york's grand central terminal. this comes after a week -- a week after a commuter trail derailed killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. the engineer said he briefly nodded off right before the crash. the railroad supports the use of cameras and cabs to further improve safety. the 85-year-old u.s. veteran who was detained in north korea for weeks confirmed what was reported weeks ago he was not in a jail while he was there. merrill newman said he was well fed, kept comfortable and in a hotel room. he also said the video apology that was released through north korean state media was not his english. newman was detained and accused of applying hostile acts against north korea. we'll
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4:55. still light freezing rain in areas. watch out for that. it's going to get a lot better by mid-morning as we get above freezing. that's d.c. at 35. still pockets at 3 32. we'll all be above freezing. 39 for lunch. fewer showers, even a peek of sun this afternoon. our highs in the low 40s. that will be better. a few more hours of this icy junk that we've got to deal with. montgomery and loudoun and many areas you'll see school closings scrolling at the bottom of the screen through most of the newscast and also for the complete list. there's the moisture continuing to stream toward us. light pockets of freezing rain.
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still all these areas in pink. south and east they've canceled winter weather advisories for calvert and st. mary's. mostly rain there. notice how it's breaking up some in winchester. it will be on and off the next few hours. temps in the 30-degree range. heavier rains around richmond. a quick look at temps. 32 manassas and leesburg. rockville, ashburn, fairfax 31. prince george's county 32. bowie and baden at 33. even to our east we have to watch out for some pockets of slick areas. speaking of pockets of slick areas, here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> what it's causing is slipping and sliding. i'm noticing that a lot of bigger vehicles like trucks and accidents as well this morning. right now there's a crash on the southbound side of 95 on the ramp to the inner loop to the beltway right here in college park. that's heading southbound on 495. there's also a crash hopefully
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clearing up now on the eastbound side of route 50 at route 301 in bowie. let's take a look at our next map. this is going to be on our ipad feature where there is -- traffic feature now and you can see in real time what's going on on roads even in your neighborhood. i've been looking at the crash on the outer loop at route 123 tysons corner involving an overturned tractor-trailer. virginia state police tell me it's going to be a while before they can offload the tires it was carrying and clear up the accident. so in the meantime watch out for the crash on the outer loop here at route 123. seems to be affecting the toll road as well so be aware of the delays caused by this crash. i of course will keep you posted as well throughout the morning rush hour. let's take a live look outside. southbound 270 here at route 109 in hyattstown. it's an accident involving to tractor-trailers. the arrow board is set up. traffic is moving slowly by here and we'll end with a live look in springfield on the
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northbound side of i-95. just a little heavy as you approach the beltway. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot, monika. we're also checking the roads around the area a little further to the east. >> we have on the line with us vernon from the prince george's county road command center. thank you for being with us. what are you seeing on prince george's county roads right now. we've been hearing about ice and rain. what do you have? >> primary roadways are in great condition. our secondary roadways are in good condition. what the citizens have to watch out for, mainly in the colder areas is icy spots. i would advise all the citizens to drive with extreme caution. safety first. >> when you talk about those in the colder areas have more to worry about, what neighborhoods, what communities are you speaking about? >> i'm talking about mainly the areas up to the northern end of the county.
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again they are a little bit colder so we have over 140 pieces of equipment out treating the roadways as needed. >> did you all pretreat before the storm started? did something like that help you? >> yes, we did pretreat the fed ex field area and it did prevent the ice from bonding to the roadway because if you look around now, if the road surface hasn't been treated at all, you will seeice covering the sidewalks, et cetera. >> what will you be doing for the rest of the morning? we hear that temperatures are going to be going up so that's got to be good news for you but they're going to plummet again tonight. what are you going to do to prepare for ice overnight? >> well, our main concern now is since temperatures are hovering around 32 degrees, we are out with 140-plus pieces of equipment treating all roads as
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needed. as soon as the operators see a slick spot or they see a glaze on a roadway, they will be treating it with salt. >> all right, vernon sims with the prince george's county road command center. thank you very much for being with us. you and your drivers be safe today. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. good morning. thanks to all of you watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. this is a red alert weather day. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. that means it's definitely going to make an impact on your delay. there are school delays and closings all scrolling at the bottom of your screen. monika will talk more about it. >> it's busy. >> quite a storm. three phases. the snow phase, the sleet phase and now the freezing rain phase but that's just about winding down. a few more hours to deal with the freezing rain and rain. the afternoon much better. we'll dry out here by midday.


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