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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and now these parents are making pepco handle the dangers. i'm lesli foster. i'll grab jan and we'll get this newscast started. but first, we begin with two cops caught on the wrong side of the law and tonight, one of them is dead, another under arrest accused of a prostitution operation being run out of his apartment. we have team coverage tonight. andrea mccarren has the latest on an apparent suicide of an officer accused of child porn and why he was not being actively monitored. first, we begin with bruce leshan where the officer now charged with two minors have been ordered held without bond. bruce. >> yeah, jan, the judge just ordered this officer move to the treatment side of the jail so you can imagine where the defense may be headed here.
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officer barnhill has been on the force for decades and it looked like he was wearing his police utility pants as the marshals led this huge guy into the courtroom in handcuffs and leg irons. officer barnhill has his arms around two girls in the photo on his myspace page. one of his alleged victims says the cop was prostituting as many as a half dozen young women. police were looking for a 16- year-old run away last week and say they found her in his apartment on stanton road in southeast where neighbors are furious after learning police had just arrested the cop. >> you look up to police officers. >> yeah, that's what we are supposed to do. look up to the police officer, you know, now it's like, what do you think of? >> an upstairs neighbor who was too afraid to go on camera says barnhill told her the girls coming into his apartment
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were his nieces. >> constantly going in and out of there. and men coming in after them. you saw that. saw one man. >> white guy. >> white guy. >> police now say they found a second young victim. a 15-year-old who says the cop stopped her at a bus stop and asked her if she wanted to model for him. she told them she was 15 and knowing that, she says he still arranged for her to have sex with a 40 or 50-year-old white guy named don. officer barnhill allegedly told the 16-year-old he would buy clothes to her an rainbow, a used clothing shop. he allegedly split the prostitution payment with her, she got $60, he got $20. barnhill was on leave from the drug unit at the 7 district police station, but investigators say when they found him and the two teenagers in his apartment, he was
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smoking pot. jan. >> all right, bruce. unbelievable. just one day after the apparent suicide, some new questions are emerging about the electronic monitoring system that was supposed to ensure he never left his home. a body of 32-year-old mark washington was pulled from the water in southwest last night. andrea mccarren is in the satellite center and andrea, now the big question now, if the officerrer had an electronic monitoring device, how come no one even realized he left his house? >> well, jan, you may be surprised to learn that it's very rare for a defendant to be monitored around the clock. in fact, on any given day in d.c., there are 375 defendants who are awaiting trial that have been equipped with those gps monitoring devices. but most are only closely tracked during business hours. mpd officer, mark washington, was equipped with a gps monitoring device and under
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home confinement as of yesterday morning. but less than 12 hours later, his lifeless body was plucked from the frigid waters of the potomac river. >> it was an unattended vehicle left here on the scene and the body and water was not too far away. >> several sources tell us it is treedgesly rare to monitor a defendant 24/7, unless that person is a flight risk or a public safety threat. in most cases, pso's or pretrial service officers won't even learn a defendant violated their home confinement until the next business day. when an alert is sent via e- mail. the head of d.c.'s pretrial services agency told us while the supervision technology is good, it's not foolproof and not going to make some people do the right thing all the time. ironically, court documents reveal that an officer washington's case, the government asked the court to detain the defendant without bail pending trial.
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it was a request that was denied. the washington case remains under investigation. but based on standard procedures, it is unlikely his child pornography charge would have made him a candidate for around the clock surveillance. >> and one other note, those pso's are not routinely issued smart phones. they wouldn't necessarily get those e-mail alerts. once again, dc already trying to keep track of about 375 defendants every day with the gps tracking devices. in addition to another 4500 without them. back to you. >> all right, andrea. the chefs of staff for tennessee senator, lamar alexander is under investigation for child pornography. this is video of authorities raiding ryan's home here in washington. senator alexander says he is surprised and disappointed by the allegations and that he placed on administrative leave
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without pay. >> a murder case that made headlines in our area and across the country went back before a virginia judge today. lars for former university of virginia lacrosse player are asking for a new trial. huguely is serving a 23 year prison sentence for killing his former girlfriend, yeardley love. authorities claim the original judge made mistakes during the trial. >> it was an emotional day for the thousands of people who lined up to view the body of nelson mandela. derek mcginty is in south africa and was in line with them. >> the body of nelson mandela was delivered here as south africa's first black president in 1994. today, mourners from all over the world converged here once again to pay their final respects. police escorted nelson mandela's body here where he will lay in state until friday.
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ingly feel sad. when came here, that's when it hit me hard that he's gone and never coming back. >> i'm so sad to lose a person like him. >> mandela's oldest grandson was on hand to receive the casket. the family was the first to view the body followed by other dignitaries and in the afternoon, the public. >> he was a great president. he may rest in peace. >> some came draped in national pride. young, old, black, white, the diversity of the crowd would have made madiba proud. the emotions ran free on this day. the somber mood at the government buildings was a stark contrast to the streets. there, south africans sang and danced as they waited for their first glimpse of nelson mandela's body. >> i believe this old man, he took us away from apartide. >> as many as 2,000 people per
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hour filed past the casket. many say it's really a celebration. the ampitheater has been renamed in honor of nelson mandela. in south africa, derek mcginty, wusa9. >> controversy today over a sign language interpreter at mandela's memorial service. the federation tells cbs news the man who provided translation during president obama's eulogy was not a registered translater, but a quote, complete phoney. making up strange gestures which had no meaning. and there are reports the man has been hired before to translate other speeches and we have reaction today from the head of the interpretation department. >> for a number of years, interrers have thought to make sure we are present and available for people who want to have communication access to an event, so it is very
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important cultural event, such as this is. it's significant to see this. while at the same time, i know the response from the community about rage just because of the fact that the qualifies of the interpreters have come into question. >> vice president joe biden was among those attending a memorial for nelson mandela this morning at the washington national cathedral. and we will have highlights of today's service arranged by the south african embassy coming up at 5:30. >> the quarterback is in full rotation at redskins park, right? curt cousins had been named the teen's starter this sunday against the falcons. >> and get this, robert griffin iii won't even be his backup. dianne roberts is here with the latest on this drama. >> there's a lot of stoves going on at redskins park. i haven't seen the crazy recently, at least, in the 13 years i covered the team. the pr staff was diligent. media and extra media. they were clambering for all information possible over rg
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iii and curt cousins who will be under the spotlight sunday. >> took snaps today, franchise quarterback, robert griffin iii, will be enactive against the falcons. >> the coach decided to shut me down for the rest of the season. we talked, he talked to me about it and i express my desire to play, you know, of course i want to be out there and finish the season with my guys, see it through. >> certainly, you'll have a heightened sense of urgency now that you know, but it shouldn't change anything that i'm doing this week to get ready. >> we heard the relationship between owner, dan schneider and rg3 is too close and undermined head coach, mike shanahan. we heard mike shanahan wants out and is forcing schneider's hand by starting cousins and it's also been reported the pressure was on coach shanahan to get rid of his son, offensive coordinator, kyle shanahan. >> i don't want to get fired.
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i'm not going to call up dan schneider to ask his opinion. and if he says no, i'm not going to go that direction. >> how do you not wonder if you're being used in some sort of power play here? >> because you can't, you just can't think about it that way. at the end of the day, we got three games left and my teammates don't need me to think about it that way. they don't need me to bring that kind of environment in the locker room. >> i talked to dan schneider a week ago, talking about the amount of hits robert has had. and any time you are hit, as many times as he has been hit, i thought it was in his best interest, the organization to talk about if we should continue playing robert, if he's hit as many times as he has been hit. >> so much fascination conversation coming out of redskins park today. we'll have more from shanahan, that's coming up later at 6:00.
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wow, truth telling there, huh? >> some truth telling and lots of stuff. lots of stuff. we'll look forward to that coming up at 6:00. >> it is touted as a natural way to shed those extra pounds. weight loss regimen some are calling it a miracle pill. top. >> well, cold now, but it's going to get colder, believe it or not. we'll show you temperatures, not too bad. most folks above freezing. down to 38 downtown. 34 in gaithersburg, 36 in leesburg. we'll come back, might be surprised by how low we go tonight and talk about saturday. another wintery mix is on the way. >> but up next, a string of animal deaths and other incidents at the national zoo has some insiders questioning its management.
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a cbs news investigation has revealed concerns about animal care at the national zoo. the national zoo tells us the recent deaths of three animals and zebras attack on a keeper happened because the zoo's
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resources are stretched too thin. but some insiders are questioning the qualify of the zoo's management. >> the national zoo is a leader in animal care and the cute photo op. but behind the scenes, five sources with more than 35 years combined experience at the zoo are raising concerns to cbs news about recent animal injuries, deaths, and escapes. >> started an intensive search for rusty, the red panda. >> the sources don't want to be identified for fear of retaliation. problems began last year when the zoo doubled the population of the cheetah conservation station adding a half dozen new species with no extra space. >> sometimes i call it prey. you pray the project will work out. >> animal biologist was an independent reviewer of the
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2005 investigation. we found them to look at the new complaints which blame poor planing for a rash of incidents. these horn bills were kept in an indoor shack for eight months because their exhibit wasn't ready. a red river hog became malnourished and died of an infection. a vulture temporarily escaped. overly aggress i have when mixed and some were injured in vicious fights. >> it's no surprise to me as a field biologist that so many of them do not work out. they are just too hastily put together and they are not well thought through. >> two animals, the gazelle and a pregnant kudu died after they got spooked and broke their necks in the confined spaces. pamela baker is the zoo's spokeswoman. she says the zoo meets the highest industry standard, that the animals have appropriate space and the best care. >> we take great care in
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introducing our animals to these various habitats and transitioning them. ideally, these things wouldn't happen, of course. >> cbs news has learned the zoo can mean a task force to investigate complaints, but they won't release the report. >> this is a public facility, don't you think the public has a right to know these processes going on at the zoo and not have to wait until someone finds the reports ready? >> we are more than happy to do that. we have to do it in a thorough and process oriented way that makes sense. >> for now, their public focus is on the upside. like the tiger cubs that went on display last month. >> and joining us now live from here in washington is cbs news correspondent, sharyl. thanks for your reporting and thanks for being here with us tonight. dennis kelly, the director of the zoo is saying that the resources and staff are
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stretched too thin. i'm wondering what your sources are saying about that and whether they think that contributed at all to some of the deaths and incidents at the zoo. >> it's interesting because i've been communicating with the zoo for a week and they never once raised that issue in any of our conversations nor in the on camera interview. the first i heard about that was today or last night that they were saying there was a resource issue. the insiders who work at the zoo have these concerns, say that's nonsense. it's not a resource issue, in their opinion. they said if you had thin resource, then why would you choose to double the size of the animal population, bring in new species. that would continue to indicate what they see as poor planning and perhaps mismanagement. >> so, they are saying too many animals at one time exhibits that just aren't ready. are they concerned other animals may be at risk? >> well, they said that they do think the zoo, in light of the complaints and the media attention, is and will be paying more attention to these problems. the zoo is aware of them and
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was taking some actions according to the zoo, but of course, we can't see the report that fully details what they have done. even though it's a public facility, they are withholding that report from us. >> i know you pushed to see that result, that report a good deal. and the spokesperson you talked about said there were some changes as a result of this internal report. do we know what changes were made? >> they basically said they didn't do anything wrong, they meet all the proper standards and yes, there's room for improvement as there always is. they said they changed some protocalls. they have changed some spacing and habitat issues with the animals. again, we don't know a lot of details unless we see that report, which should be public, because your tax dollars go to support the zoo. >> all right, if we know you, we know you're going to keep pushing. we look forward to seeing more of your reporting on this and others, good to see you. >> thank you. >> the only station with weather alert days, wusa9's
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first alert weather. >> all right, still cold right now, but i mean, not too many problems on the road. >> coldest night, believe it or not. >> i'm distracted by this lovely tie you have on. >> i'm attending a christmas party. >> it doesn't scream christmas, but it's christmas. >> that is nice, topper. >> thanks. let's take a live look outside. we have a couple days to catch our breath before another system rolls in here. 38 downtown. the temperature is going to fall quickly tonight. relative humidity only 57%. winds out of the south at 6. they will turn around and become northwesterly after midnight. in fact, we'll zoom in a little bit. a little clipper bringing down snow through chicago, plus the upper midwest into detroit. behind this system, the arctic blast, doesn't set up camp and loosens the grip friday, saturday, and also into sunday.
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so that clipper goes by tonight, a few clouds go in. temperatures 32 in white oak. 32 in reston. 33 in springfield. and still 38 in college park and 39 in waldorf. so, more refreezing tonight. we knew that was coming. the bus stop temperatures tomorrow, 18 to 28 and this time with the windchill. so, dress the kids for the teens and twenties. even colder on thursday, and then still seasonally cold on friday. even though temperatures go up a little bit on friday. so for tonight, becoming partly cloudy, breezy, very cold. winds pick up northwest at 10 to 15. after the cold front rolls through. 18 to 28 for lows. now, we'll do it hour by hour for you. these are downtown temperatures. 28 by 9:00. 29 by 11:00. and even if you're walking to lunch at 1:00. temperatures still not above freezing. now the next three days, we're okay tomorrow, 32. we're okay friday, but that's still seasonally cold. 40. yellow alert on saturday for a morning mix for rain.
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temperatures in the upper 30s. next seven days, sunday we may have a left over morning snow or rain shower. and then just seasonally cold on monday, back to 40. almost 50 actually next tuesday and then wednesday, 42 with sunshine. it's only two weeks until christmas. got to give joy today. very easy. but i was on there a long time. it was fun. and i made little cards, it was fun, too. >> you get sucked in. >> we have the cutest little card that i'm going to read at 6:00. because a lot of little kids sending cards in for the other kids. so adorable. thank you. and coming up, some new video and new information on the deadly crash landing of an asiana flight. signs of improvement as more americans sign up for insurance. we have the new numbers after the break. yñ ñzçzçzç
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there's a little boost in the number of americans signing up for insurance on the white house says 260,000 people enrolled in november. that's more than double october's number and brings the
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two-month total to $365,000. still, well below the obama administration's original expectations of $1.2 million. health and human services secretary told congress today the website is functioning much better than when it launched and she is calling for an investigation into the disastrous rollout. >> the moment asiana flight crashed on the runway in san francisco at the airport there. it shows the rear of the plane striking the sea wall just short of the runway. three people were killed. another 180 hurt in the july accident. at a hearing today in washington, investigators say the boeing 777 was just traveling too low and too slow as it approached the runway. pilots tried to accelerate and abort the landing, but it was too late. federal safety officials are looking at how pilot training in the cockpit could have played a role in that crash. house republican leaders
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are signaling support for a bipartisan deal to end the budget stalemate on capitol hill and avoid another government shutdown in january. the two year agreement replaces some of the across the board spending cuts known as sequestration with more targeted cuts that reduces the deficit while not raising taxes, but some conservatives complain the deficit reductions don't go far enough. some democrats seem less than enthusiastic. debate in the house is expected to begin tomorrow. >> plenty of us are looking for that quick and easy way to lose weight. when celebrities claim success, some of us, we tend to jump on board. we are testing one of the hottest trends coming up. >> i'm surae chinn at the washington national cathedral where hundreds, including vice president joe biden, other lawmakers, dignitaries, and entertainers pay tribute to the father of south afri
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>> here's a quick look of some of tonight's top stories. a d.c. police officer who ran a prostitution operation from his apartment is being held without bond. lynnwood barnhill is accused of abusing teenagers. mark washington's body was pulled from the washington last night. officer washington was facing
5:31 pm
child pornography charges in a separate investigation. robert griffin iii will be enactive for this sunday's game. head coach, mike shanahan named curt cousins the starter. rex grossman will be his backup. shanahan says benching rg3 will keep him healthy, but there's speculation that owner, dan schneider, could fire shanahan at the end of the season. and it was an emotional day for tens of thousands of south africans who lined up for hours. the former south african president will lie in state for the next two days. he will be buried on sunday. meanwhile, hundreds came to pay tribute to the late nelson mandela at a memorial service right here at the washington national cathedral today. >> vice president joe biden, other lawmakers and entertainers attended the service to remember mandela and surae chinn brings us more.
5:32 pm
>> . >> nelson mandela taught us trust is possible, reconciliation is possible. justice is possible. >> vice president joe biden, secretary of state, john kerry, and other dignitaries came to honor the life and legacy of nelson mandela. >> nelson mandela's values are eternal in time. universal in space, and enduring in every circumstance. >> lawmakers, actors, activists, and ordinary people pay their respects because of their love for madiba. the father of south africa. >> i came because i love mandela and everything he stood for and i could not have not been here today. >> he may be gone in body, but he will never be gone in terms of spirit and principles and values for which he stood and every one of us will reflect on the service and see it as an opportunity to become better
5:33 pm
people ourselves. >> mandela spent his life fighting and becoming the first black president of the country that sent him to prison for 27 years. he ended up forgiving the people who persecuted him. >> you must be so angry. >> he looked at me and said no, my jailers were only doing their job. they became my friends. >> many who came here to pay tribute to nelson mandela say they want to carry on his legacy of fighting for equality. >> the power of a man and his forgiveness, and charging us all to go forth and if we're going to carry out his memory, do it in the name of justice for all. >> inspired by him and moved by him. must continue the long war. >> at the washington national cathedral in northwest, surae chinn, wusa9. >> looks like a beautiful celebration. more than 1500 people attended
5:34 pm
the service hosted by the south african embassy. >> time magazine has picked pope francis as his person of the year. the magazine's editor said the pope is the person who has the greatest impact. time says pope francis changed the tone and the perception of one of the world's largest institutions in an extraordinary way. nsa leaker, edward snowden, came in second. everyone wants that to trim the belly and there's a natural weight loss remedy based on an indian food. andrea roane asks how it works and if it really works. >> i would like to lose about 25 or 30-pounds. >> i just needed something that might give me a boost to lose belly fat. >> it may be the simple solution, to lose your belly fat for good. >> it was backed by dr. oz. >> a middle age pill that can
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trim inches off your belly. some manufactures claim it can help you lose weight without exercise. us by celeiebrits like britney spears and kim kardashian, this mystery aimed a ton of popularity, but does it work? $148 for three bottles worth of pills. >> i was very disappointed. it wasn't doing anything. >> dana is pleased with her outcome. >> my results were actually losing about 8 inches through my waistline and my belly. >> what gives? why is the outcome so different for certain people? >> it's not that easy to get the right product. >> dr. harry of georgetown university in his team conducted a study in india with the actual fruit. data shows they found amazing results from those who followed the correct regimen with the proper diet and exercise. the active ingredient blocks the conversion of carbs into
5:36 pm
cholesterol. but many of the supplements offered here in the states are missing that active ingredient. >> many of the products out there actually do not have the proper amount of acid. >> called aca for short, the effective product should have 50% of the active ingredient per serving. >> i'm not seeing enough here that is making me buy into it. >> certified nutritionist says this won't work for most people, because there are many different reasons for weight gain. >> possibly it might work for someone who tends to gain weight very easily from too many carbohydrates in their diet. >> dana lost inches, but she also eats well and started exercising. >> would that have come off anyway from the diet and exercise alone? was the supplement really a part of that? >> mike saw no change in his from using the product. but he didn't alter his diet or
5:37 pm
exercise. >> since i got rid of that stuff, i lost 11-pounds. watching what i eat, i've been cutting out bread and pasta and sugar. >> people will ask me and say i don't want to diet and exercise and i'll say, well you try this, it's better than nothing, but if you want the best results, you will attempt to diet and exercise as well. >> andrea roane, wusa9. >> a report from consumer lab shows less than half of the supplements contain a proper amount of aha to make it effective and it's worth noting that the health blogger that you saw there, dana, she wrote about her experience with the supplement on her website where she later also received some money from one of the supplement companies, although she does say it did not sway her opinion or her blog. of course not. coming up, a price list discovery. now the person who found it is looking for its rightful owner. top. >> all right, cold right now,
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but even colder air waiting in the wings. let me show you the temperatures. more arctic air on the way. one below in minneapolis, only 12 in chicago. that cold air is moving in here and we'll talk about that and whether or not that sets the stage for another winter event over the weekend. >> but up next, the national archive celebrates the opening of its new gallery with a display of an original document that inspired the u.s. constitution. and don't forget, we are always on at and the wusa9 app. stay with us.
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a new museum gallery at the national archives is likely to draw big crowds this holiday season. a new permanent exhibit called the records of right features the only original copy of the magna carta in the u.s. philanthropists donated $13.5 million. the magna carta was the first english charter to directly challenge the british monarch. >> from a priceless document to a priceless discovery. someone in maryland went home with a christmas tree, but left something much more valuable behind and volunteer, shirley grand, was raking a pile of
5:42 pm
branches in some needles in millersville when she saw something shiny in the dirt. turns out, it was a diamond encrusted ring. >> probably somebody taking the gloves off to look at the tree or something and it has fallen off. definitely the love ring. it's an intertwined ring. i would assume that it meant something to somebody. >> so shirley is now on a mission to find the rings rightful owner and she says there are some names engraved on the outside that she hopes will help to identify it. we want to help you find the perfect gift to put under your tree, at least a perfect toy. we have a look at our picks of the day. >> it's only two weeks away. first, afo llow up on a wusa9 investigation into your risk of being electrocuted just walking down the street. how one family is calling for action now, up next.
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we are following up now on my investigation that found deadly electrocution hazards. the family is trying to hold pepco's feet to the fire on the issue and scott broom reports they are asking the montgomery county council to help.
5:46 pm
>> there you go. >> it's 2011, wusa9 documents the danger on the streets of washington. poorly maintained street light fixtures emitting dangerous voltage out in the open. >> it's a problem we have seen across the nation. >> 14-year-old, deana green was killed at a softball game in baltimore when she touched a fence that was in contact with a failing underground wire. sense then, maryland's public service commission stepped in, requiring utilities to survey their system for hazards and fix them. today, deona's parents stood in front to demand accountability. >> we were under the impression that we would get results. >> family and utility watchdogs claim pepco has not released the results of its survey so far. >> we don't know if they have done the testing. >> we have been told the testing has occurred, but we don't know. >> are you afraid they've done nothing? >> i don't know that they've done nothing, but i don't know that they've done something. >> in a written statement, the
5:47 pm
utility is in full compliance with a contact voltage rules handed down by the commission and says quote, we test all of our facilities on a three-year schedule. the deadline for pepco is april of 2014, but the family of deona green says now is the time to reassure the public that pepco has been working on the issue by releasing its results so far. in washington, scott broom, wusa9. >> and deana's green hopes the council will force pepco to release its information immediately. >> keeping your family safe. wusa9's first alert weather. >> question for you. and for everybody else. >> is it a trick question? give us a head's up. >> on this date -- no, why is it important to follow me on twitter? >> because you have the most accurate forecast known to man. >> that's one reason. let me show you the other reason. >> it is ritorical question.
5:48 pm
>> let's go to the computer. it will be more fun. there's my boy. the flexible fire. we found snow today, went sledding. i might have freaked him out a little bit, but if you have a flexible flier, if they are rough and put wax paper on them. >> would you put your dog on that? >> no. >> i didn't send him down the hill or anything. he was actually pretty happy. he played in the snow. that's one reason to follow me on twitter at topper's weather. okay, live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperatures are falling 38. high was 43. relative humidity pretty low at 57%. the winds are still out of the south. they will change and become northwest when the front goes through. satellite picture, radar combined. a system will pass to our north producing some snow in parts of ohio. i think some of these clouds
5:49 pm
will get in here tonight, but also usher in the arctic air. temperatures, some areas below freezing. 31 in white oak. hovering right near freezing. bethesda 33. 31 toward reston. 33 in springfield. and 33 out in bowie. 38 in waldorf. so temperatures are going to fall again. a little bit of refreezing tonight. be careful walking. i almost took a spill. you know where you can spill? let the water out. if it's in the shade, it's a sheet of rock. bus stop temperature, 18 to 28 and with winds tomorrow, dress the kids for the teens and 20s. even colder on thursday. and still seasonally cold on friday, although temperatures go up a little bit. so for tonight, becoming partly cloudy, breezy, very cold. northwest winds pick up 10 to 15. low temperatures 18 to 28. so we'll break it down for you. 20s even in the city. 29 by 11:00. 30 by 1:00 p.m. fair amount of sunshine, but it will be breezy. keep that in mind.
5:50 pm
next three days, 40 on friday. so that's better than tomorrow, but still seasonally cold. average high of 48 and 38 on saturday and a morning mix to rain. some indications are the mix may move in late morning as opposed to early morning and issued a yellow alert day for saturday. next seven days, sunday, the storm departs, left over rain or snow shower, low 40s and monday 40. not bad. almost 50 on tuesday and then seasonally cold next wednesday with highs in the low 40s. >> okay. get ready to get your groove on and take off with our hot holiday toy pick today. jan, this is the disco robo superstar. this is ruby and when you played music, you turn it up. look, she dances, i know it's kind of loud, but the louder the music, the more she dances. >> it doesn't matter what kind of music. you can put your own music. and i'll go down and say come
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on, ruby, she moves when you clap, when you snap, lots of fun. >> you can tell her to get down. >> i don't know if she'll do all of that. she does not twerk. this is child friendly stuff. best for kid does 4 and up. $80 for this size, but there's a mini size that is $40. >> i don't know if people can see this at home. she winks. she has this eye thing going. now i'm going to stop her because if i don't stop her, then she'll keep making noise and we won't be able to look at our other toy. this is for ages 2 and up. this is the rocket made by green toys. the draw of these toys here are 1, you know, you can open the little doors here which are great. comes with astronauts. and, it's powered by your imagination. the best thing about these toys, they are made in the u.s.a. and made from 100% recycled plastic. so, a lot of families, parents,
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enjoy giving these toys because they know they are safe. none of the bad stuff. all of the good stuff. this is $25 and great for 2 and up. so, made in the u.s.a. >> made in the u.s.a. two very fun toys. yes. we got to go bye bye. wave. >> she winks. >> she does. >> all right, toys are a great way to help wusa9 give joy this holiday season and you can still give a gift, donation, or a card to the program of volunteers of america, just by logging on to our website, check out this card from j.k. he writes, i'm 13 years old and i wish i could meet you. i want to give you a big hug that i care about you and your family. family is the most important and treasured gift in the world. i wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year. how sweet is that?
5:53 pm
>> we love his card. we were talking about this yesterday and how much we really like the card and the fact that kids are getting it. >> it's so cool because all you have to do is go on to our website and sit at the computer at your house and you can send a card directly to any of the children that you might find on our website that is part of these programs. some kids previously homeless. and you can send a card with your child to these children. >> fantastic. >> they are so grateful. we'll check in now with bruce johnson. he has a look at what we're working on for wusa9 news at 6:00. >> hey ladies, a local neighborhood is dealing with dozens of slashed tires. we'll have the latest. plus, plans to address education in maryland and virginia. also, the budget deal that could mean higher costs the next time you fly. we'll tell you what the head of one major airline plans to do if fees do go up. plus the latest from redskins park coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. >> still ahead tonight,
5:54 pm
another former child star making headlines with some questionable behavior and comments. talking about what demi had to say next.
5:55 pm
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a multitasking model, questioning comments from another disney star and the start to the awards season. u.s.a. today, entertainment reporter is here for our weekly look at some hollywood headlines. welcome again. let's start with demi. very surprising comments. >> when she went to rehab, we knew there was a problem, but we didn't know it was this. she did an interview recently and she said no, i was on cocaine and she got very explicit and graphic and said i couldn't go 30 minutes or an hour without doing more cocaine. the amaze thing to me is she had a sober coach with her. she said the sober coach is with her 24/7 and she admitted. e was so manipulative. i was able to trick everyone, including my sober coach. >> i read she was able to smuggle it on airplanes and do it right in her seat. everyone around her was
5:58 pm
sleeping. we're talking about a 21-year- old here. >> this is her late teens. she talks about being in an airplane and having a sprite bottle full of vodka and she realized she was at rock bottom. we are happy she is healthy and happy again and you know, doing well. but this is crazy. this is all before she turned 21. all right, another big talker today. this photo. mr. brady of the patriots and she is breast-feeding her daughter all while, you can see her team of stylists getting her ready for a modeling shoot. and explain first of all, why this is drawing so much attention. her daughter is one years old. >> there's a lot going on. the glam squad is surrounding her while she is breast- feeding. what i love about this photo is it looks like it's out of the pages of vogue. it's a perfectly framed and shot picture and she just looks so glam and she looks so happy and comfortable being a mom, you know, there's a great
5:59 pm
position there where there's the mundane and the marvelous happening all around her. some people are like, what are you doing? >> kudos to her for breast- feeding. i wish we all had the luxury where we could bring our child to work, but that's not the way the world for most moms in america. >> that's not a nursing room at your office, you know, this is a luxury hotel suite or something like that and yeah, she has the luxury to do that. >> most have to pump. 12 years, that's leading the awards right now and you think that it also could lead golden globes as well. >> i think 12 years will go all the way. oscars, evhiat is sort of a sur there. so super excited for that movie, great director, great actors. we also have the butler in the mix and dallas fires club and august. this is such an exciting time of the year. the beginning of the award season where we'll see all these nominations come out and see what's going to go to the oscars. we have golden globe nominations and we'll see a
6:00 pm
repeat, but maybe some surprises, too. >> what are your surprises? >> i think august osage county, it got a lot of nominations. it hasn't been on the radar. so -- >> all movies i have yet to see. i wait for reward season. with a child, i'm watching cartoons all day. >> i'm sure you've seen frozen. >> all right, back to you guys. good evening, i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson sitting in for derek. let's get started with a check on the most important stories in your world in 90 seconds. ntsb investigators say asiana flight 214 was traveling too low and


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