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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news. american university students ordered to shelter in place for more than an hour earlier tonight after campus police reported a possible gunman on campus. they even released a picture of two people. >> just a short time ago,
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students were given the all- clear. cops say there was no danger. we're on the scene right now to help us sort all of this. >> reporter: it turned out to be a big misunderstanding. that's after a student here at american university mistook on off-duty policeman for a campus gunman. there. >> we train students if they see something to say something. that's what happened tonight. >> reporter: what a student thought they saw was a possible gunman on american university shuttle bus. what did the cops tell you? >> they say no, can't go here. >> there was no crime. no one injured. there was no display of a weapon. it was something with a hole ster. >> reporter: that someone wassance off-duty police officers. they say a student spotted a gun hole ster and reported it, fearing he could be a threat. >> we've seen what happened at
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other schools. so better safe than sorry. >> reporter: d.c. police arrived by the dozen, saturating the campus. >> people get concerned. >> reporter: going building to building searching for what they believed was an armed man on campus. any students they saw walking outside were ordered to go inside to a safe building. now, we have since learned that that off-duty officer is a cop with the d.c. police department. back to you. >> i got a question. about the picture that was released. we didn't show it this time but earlier, campus police released that picture. you can see that off-duty officer clearly. could identify him also his date. why did they release that picture? >> reporter: before they knew it was an off-duty police officer, when the search here on campus was still active, they were pursuing what they believed was a gunman on
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campus. so it was precautionary as they -- as they pursued that gunman but since then we've learned that -- that he was innocent and committed no crimes. so that's the reason why we chose to blur that because of his innocence. >> that sounds like a mistake by campus police. thank you for the report. >> thank you. another big story tonight -- a d.c. police officer sitting behind bars charged with pandering of a minor. >> we're live with the details of a cop being accused. >> reporter: according to court documents we saw today we're learning more about what police say officer lynnwood varnhill did tonight. he's still sitting behind bars. according to court documents one of the officer he's accusers said he was prostituting a half-dozen young men. his myspace picture showed us pictures of his arm around two girls who we cropped up.
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a. >> we're supposed to look up to the police officer. >> reporter: police say a second victim has come forward. the victim claims she was approached by the officer at a bus stop where he convinced her to model for him. court documents say he knew her age and still arranged to have sex with a man named don. >> constantly going in and out of there girls, and men coming in after them. you saw that. saw one men. >> white guy. >> reporter: back at his apartment, neighbors told us barnhill tried to pass the girls off as his nieces. he's being tried on the treatment side of the jail. police tell us when they found barnhill, they found him with the girls in his apartment. he was smoking pot. we're live in the satellite center. back to you. >> thank you. another d.c. cop, mark washington was facing child
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pornography charges. last night he was pulled from the potomac river at hanes point e died, taking his -- point. he died, taking his own life. with a tracking device, how could washington slip out unnoticed. on any given day in d.c., there are some 375 defendants awaiting trial equipped with those tracking devices. most are only monitored during day business hours. the threat to leave the house at any time and no one would know until the next day. a senator's top assistant is behind bars charged with possess something and distributing child porn gray firefighter. he's the chief of staff for tennessee senator lamarr ax exander. investigatorred -- lamar alexander. investigators searched his home. the senator issued a statement saying he was stunned by the developments. he placed him on leave and has removed him from the government
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payroll. serious problems and questions surrounding the national zoo tonight. a sign language interpreter at nelson mandela's interpreter. a fraud. here are the most important moments in your world in 90 seconds. ♪ >> nelson mandela! >> 2,000 people per hour. that's how many mourners officials said would pass through the union buildings to view the body of nelson mandela. >> we love you. we're not going to forget you. >> side by side, dreaming the same dream. >> but this sign language interpreter at the service was a fake according to the deaf federation of south africa. they claim he's had no formal training. the signs he's using are not used in south african sign language. the deaf community is outraged. shocking new info has come to light that three animals have died in the past year at the national zoo, two that we didn't even know about. now the zoo's director admits this is an ininindicator that
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-- indicator that staff is stretched too thin. it's cold but it will get colder. another blast of air rolls in and could set the stage for more over the weekend. investigators say asiana flight was flying too low and slow. this is the rear of the plane striking the sea wall. the asiana pilots told the investigators the pilot light was partially on. and this woman, so precise. i decided to put my tiny camera away from the target. >> water bought. >> no. oh, my goodness. it's a decision that's got everybody talking today. rg 3 benched by mike shanahan. >> dave owens, these guys have
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been giving shanahan grief. you know i got questions. if you are gonna bench the guy, why didn't you do it at the beginning of the season? >> why did you play him in the snow season, all of those things. it's an embarrassment. this looks like, smells like a disaster. shanahan said reps were the most important thing for griffin. but now he's changed his mind. references health and the big picture -- referencing health and the big picture. shanahan said the bench was the best play for him. not an easy move to describe but he tried. >> i thought his hits were piling up on him. giving his a toll. i was afraid we would set him back. >> he explained to me his reasoning and at the end of the day, the coach's decision is what we go with and that's what it has always been. >> now, griffin ran scout team today.
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think about that. he wasn't in the huddle with the starters trying to learn, get better, develop, he ran scout team. any of you have been weighing in throughout the day, you will hear from a redskins individual in the news cast and get his take in the decision. >> one more question if you are gonna be here next year as coach, it might make sense to bench of the guy right now. you guys say he won't be here next year. what does he care? >> well, first of all, i think there's a lot of people who feel like this it is a power play going on between him and dan snyder. this doesn't make sense. there's no reason to bench him. he needs reps. this isn't peyton manning at the end of the season when the team is going to the playoffs. this is a guy who needs the reps. it doesn't make sense. i think it's mike. a lot of people think it is mike saying i'm the boss, you are not dan snyder. i think that's what people feel. >> all right. well, the rich, powerful,
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famous and family, all filed by nelson mandela's casket, the first of three days, his body will lie in state. we're live in pretoria, south africa and was with the people as they waited in line to say goodbye to their beloved madiba. >> reporter: how long would you wait to pay final respects for the man who freed your country? that question was put to the test as thousands of mourners stood and waited to say goodbye to nelson mandela. some people had to wait for hours to wish madiba well on his final journey. totally worth it. >> i never got a chance to see him and even in person when he was still alive. that's what as close as it could be. >> reporter: his hearse arrived in the union building but the public was not admitted until noon, and that left thousands of mourners time to reflect hon
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why they came and why they stayed. you came all the way from uganda? >> yes, i did. he's a very good person. we look up to him. some of us are what we are because of him. >> reporter: because never ever stopped mandela from fiing the good fight, though now south africans must learn to fight on without him. >> he was covered with a beautiful south african flag. beautiful. sad. nothing we can do. we must accept. we'll never forget him. >> reporter: one bomb noted mandela went to prison for us for 27 years. surely we can wait to see him this last time. >> for me to be in such a place to experience, watch and seeing a man as great as nelson mandela with my visual eye, it will only encourage me to be a better person as an individual. that's why i'm here.
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>> i love him with all of my heart. i love him. >> reporter: the amphitheater on the grounds where the viewing is taking place has been renamed in honor of nelson mandela. in pretoria south africa, wusa9. and here in d.c. some folks were literally singing the praises of nelson mandela. ♪ nelson mandela now is walking with you ♪ >> music, prayers and tributes filled the day at washington national cathedral. it was a memorial service held in conducks with the embassy. joe biden spoke and he told the audience we always remember a man who did what is seemed impossible. george zimmerman will not be charged following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. he was arrested november 18th at the woman's home in florida following what was described as
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a heated fight. now, according to police, the girlfriend claimed that zimmerman broke a table with a shot gun, then pointed that gun at her. zimmerman denied the ail galts- - allegations. earlier this week, the girlfriend said she may have misspoken about what happened. pope francis has been named "time" mag steen's person of the year. this comes at a time when the church seems to need a burst of energy. the pope asked the 150,000 people gathered at st. peter's square to pray for him. following the pope in the top five were nsa leaker, edward snowden, edict windsor, syrian president and senator ed cruz. how can you tell a genuine gold bracelet from a fake? [laughter] >> i can't.
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jewelry is a hot commodity during the holiday season. the questions you need to ask to get
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sparkles, dazzles top many hoyle wish lists this time of year. unless you are a gemologist, you probably can't tell if the
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bracelet is fake or the ring is fractured. >> a lot of guys are thinking we hope you can't tell us. leslie fox tells us what you need to know. >> few purchases are as emotional as fine jewelry but shop with your head and you are less likely to overpay. amman dock walker says you can get a great deal on jewelry. >> fine giulianiry -- fine jewelry is one-of-a-kind. you need to know what to look for especially if you shop online. >> how pure is the gold in that piece? maybe it's not real. gems like emeralds are often enhanced with oil. and a diamond can appear more brilliant. this also makes diamonds more likely to shatter. so you have to be careful when they are repairedded a cleaned.
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>> if the jeweler can't or won't tell you if it's treated, , you should probably shop somewhere else. >> the top tip for protecting yourself, deal with a reputable company. members of the gem society must provide by a strict code of etics. >> you go to the to find a reputable one. >> reporter: whatever you buy, get the details in writing. experts say you should also consider an appraisal from a certified jewelry appraiser and make sure the return policy gives you at least enough time to return something if it isn't what you expected. there's still time to take part in the wusa give joy drive. we want to thank you for delivering toys. we're still taking donations
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for warm winter clothing. if we have one more day like yesterday, they will need the clothes. go to the website, wusa did -- kevin said, i'm 13 years old. i hope your gifts are a new bed, home, clothes. i wish i could meet you. i want to give you a big hug to show you i care about you and your family. family is the most important and treasured gift in the world. i wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy near yoo. near-- happy new year. and topper spent time on the tight today. >> i did. if you go on, you want to give more than one gift, you can go back, click another gift and it will appear in the cart. that freaked me out earlier. >> the cold is what we have to
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worry about now. >> yeah, until saturday. saturday is interesting situation. nothing like last sunday. let's start with a live look outside. 43 today was the high and temperatures right now, not crazy cold but the arctic air is still on the other side of the mountains. it will roll in overnight. notice the winds are calm. the winds will pickup and become northwesterly at 10 to 15. we'll notice that all day tomorrow. plan for the teens and 20s in terms of dress for the kids. it's 2 above in chicago. it's one below in minneapolis. we're on the warm side of this air mass. it will sink south and east overnight. even 29 already in nashville and 15 in st. louis. so this is pretty good arctic air. 16 in buffalo and 27 in boston. they are not as cold as they are gonna get. bus stop temperature, 18 to 28. breezy all day with the windchills in the teens and twenties. that's what i would focus on.
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season will be cold on -- seasonably cold on friday and we're tracking the mix for saturday. it appears to be snow and then turn over to sleet and then eventually rain. it's not an ice ing situation. partly cloudy, breezy. very cold overnight. 18 to 28 and winds out of the northwest at about 10 to 15. now, if you are headed out tomorrow, it will be in the 20s. 11:00 a.m., 29. at 1:00 p.m. it's 30. most of us will not make it above freezing on thursday. so we got 32 on thursday. seasonably cold on friday. but back up to 40 and then a mix of rain to saturday. temperatures holding in the upper 30s. the next seven days, we're looking at a leftover rain snowshower or snowshower. not bad. 40s on monday. kind of chilly. almost 50 on tuesday. and then kind of cool, chilly. high temperatures in the low 40s. i said it earlier, two weeks before christmas and i'm not
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freaking out. >> i cannot believe it. it's almost as crazy as what happened in the press conference. >> i have more questions. >> i'm ready to answer. even if you don't like the redskins, you have to admit what's transpired out there, it's rivetting television. it really is. we'll touch on all aspects this country was built by working people.
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game on with dave owens. all right. we're all culpable, we drank the cool aid way too soon. i'm sure there was a point in rg3's career and said this story can't be this good, can it? the marriage between the shanahans have been cripping. today, the coach decided i'll putting you on the bench for the rest of the season. think about it. after claiming him healthy enough to start week one after seven months from being removed after knee surgery, after playing him that week in a snowstorm, all of a sudden
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shanahan is concerned about long-term health? >> when you take a look at a quarterback, your franchise quarterback, he's future. if you miss two offseasons in a row, it would be the hardest thing to do to recover from that. i would like him to that have experience. but at the risk of setting him back where he doesn't go into in an offseason, i think that would be devastating to him. >> you do the plays that are called. you do what the coaches tell you to do. at point, he's telling me to shut it down. i can't fight that. >> today was the culmination of really a weird three days. a story leaked that shanahan was unhappy with the snyder empowered rg3. he never refuted the story. some wonder does that guy really want to be the coach here? >> you always want to finish something you've started. always want to. and dan and i will sit down at
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the end of the season and i will give him the things that i believe it takes to get to the next level and i'm sure he will give me his viewpoints. >> on this organization, guys have been around for a while, you want to see those familiar faces when you come in the building. it's a tough time for everybody. who knows what way it will go? at the end of the day, we have to keep it rolling. >> back to the benching deal, as you can imagine, everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject. the mere fact that a coach is sitting a player down who needs the work because he might get hurt, you just don't hear that that often, much -- much less get a hall of fame opinion. >> i think you have to admire what mike is doing. nobody knows what his future is. it's speculation he will be done. when you lose as many games as the redskins has loss, there's a chance he may be gone. he's trying to protect the quarterback, a guy he drafted ,
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to be able to give him a chance to have an offsee on to go to work. i think it's somewhat admiral he's trying to protect the franchise and this young man from the beating he's taken over the last five weeks. >> i respect joe. i just don't agree with him. all right. terriors, irving barking like a dog. he's a terrier. bu up by 9. the cologne yules rally. that's sabbage. i name. there you go. >> any chance shanahan is right? rg3 will come back healthy, sound, better quarterback? >> i think by cousins starting this week, i think mike shanahan is gone at the end of this year. that's my personal opinion. dan snyder wants him out there. he's not out there this week. i mean, griffin --
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>> if kurt cowsen does well -- >> it's lose, lose. now you got a quarterback controversy on your hands. >> the question is, is it good for the team if shanahan goes? a whole new coach, a new system? is it worth it? >> it a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru
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all right. that's it for wusa9
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